A Q.E.D. moment

A guest post by Samuel Miller

It can seem, some days, that it’s a pretty grim old world out there for Scotland’s indy movement. An uncaring and intimidating central government dumping misery, general political chaos and legislation by diktat whenever the mood takes. See under EU omnishambles, devolution powers grab, universal credit scheme, bedroom tax, immigration policy… A REALLY big list! Mmmkay? (add your own pet theme). We also have a mainstream media of a fairly politically… assertive… nature, doling out pro UK/anti independence/anti Essenpee narrative on a near daily basis to be getting on with.

Mainly, (and as near as I can tell), ’cause them Essenpee and mad, cultist, indy cybernats are the evilest of the evil. What with their taking the pure pish out of esteemed colleagues and proper politicians like Ruth, Richard and thingy. Then there’s that marching and singing and laughing thing they do. FFS! They can’t even protest properly. There’s meant to be rage and general carnage in a proper protest. Shop windaes smashed, statues defaced and hunners o’ polis cars overturned. There should at least be water cannons involved somewhere. THAT’S HOW RUBBISH THEY ARE! Also? Just because.

Seriously though, this last few years has arguably seen one of the most sustained media/political assaults in post war UK politics that I can remember. And because the vast bulk of the media are so seemingly anti independence and SNP Scottish Government? It’s fair to say that pro indy views in the mainstream are somewhat of a rarity.

You can see where, over time, it may be difficult for people to accept that their political engagement has had any impact whatsoever. In short? If you are supportive of Scotland’s right to self determination, you can feel  pretty much as if you’re being kept in the dark and fed on….stuff. (We’ve covered this one previously) You begin to wonder if its all been worth it? If investing your efforts, your heart and your belief in a thing was a mistake after all these years. A general feeling of the mountain too big and the river too wide can begin to seep into your thoughts.

I think most readers will be familiar with some questions you’ll see recurring in many (BTL) comments sections: What good are we doing if we can’t reach people? How do we combat the blanket coverage of the mainstream media? With Westminster’s control of the narrative and all the resources it can bring to bear, how do we convince others that we have a case to answer? Good, honest questions to be fair.

Please take on board. This is NOT your fault, nor is it the fault of the current Scottish government. No. This piece of soiled cloth can be laid squarely at the feet of the media and Scotland’s media in particular. Their job is to inform, present both sides of an argument, investigate thoroughly and present evidence. Yes? No? If half of your nation’s electorate aren’t, (or do not feel), adequately represented, supported or informed by their media, then the lack of adequate representation is pretty much on that media and no one else. Their choice, which is fair enough I suppose. They have an ideological preference and the freedom to express same. What they cannot then complain about, is that others may have theirs and act accordingly.

Perhaps this snippet may help lift some of those dark thoughts and doubts. Some data released from the latest Scottish Social Attitudes Survey has caused a bit of a stir since last night. Aye, it seems there’s been a bit of a surge in support for an indy Scotland’s economy among other things. You’ll find a good commentary on Wings Over Scotland and it’s also featured in today’s National, both of which provide more detailed dissection.

If you check those articles out, you can see why both the meeja and the Westminster political class may have cause to break oot the antidepressants and camomile tea. You can also see why their ‘NO REFERENDUMS! EVER!’ rhetoric has been turned up to eleven over recent times.

There is no doubt however, that the swing is inexorably toward favouring independence. That there is a change coming. That confidence is growing in Scotland’s future governance being in the hands of those best placed to make decisions on the needs and aspirations of its population.

That’d be you mainly… Scotland’s population (cough).

Now this begs a question or two. Given that all of the above is reasonably accurate concerning Westminster’s political narrative and the meeja’s track record on all things indy to date. How did such fairly significant shifts in attitude occur in such a relatively short period? Fair to say that Westminster government’s own actions have had an impact and focussed a few concerns out there. Let’s face it, you’d have to be living in a cave in Cape Wrath to have avoided them. Also not much of a leap for many to conclude that this is probably the most shambolic, inept, isolationist and socially divisive government in living memory. Is that the whole story though?

Through all of the past four years, major elements within the UK media have still supported Westminster government and its narrative. In Scotland that narrative is often compounded with a distinctly pro union and anti indy narrative. So what has been the difference? What helps combat all of the influence of central government and mainstream media saturation?

Maybe just me, but in my opinion I’d say you and your continued engagement may have had something to do with it. You didn’t go back in your box. You helped grow and support your own media. You talked to family, friends, strangers in the street. You joined and supported pro indy parties and those who didn’t got involved any way they could. You gathered together in numbers and sang and laughed your way down high streets across the country. You did the job your mainstream media and political class would not or could not do.

You kept the opposing narrative alive and got it out there in any way you knew how. You helped bring people from no to yes and from no hope to the hope that we can be better than we are. You want to know what your continued engagement is doing? I’d say it’s changing attitudes where it matters.

I’d also say that should be considered quite the Q.E.D. moment.

No bad readers. No too bad at all.


This will be my last post before Paul gets back from his break. So as before, clean up the bottles and pizza boxes on your way out. Also? Many thanks for your company and comments. See you below the line and whatever you do, keep on talking.

46 comments on “A Q.E.D. moment

  1. Bill Hume says:

    Thank you for that. Arriving at Glasgow green wi’ ‘sair feet’ after marching through the streets you do sometimes wonder whether you are achieving anything.
    Still, newspaper journalists (sic) must also have doubts when they see their bile and misinformation wrapping a fish supper the next night. That of course is only those rags which are not returned, unsold, to be pulped for the next load of tripe.

  2. Craig Evans says:

    Brilliant and inspiring as always!

    We’ve never gone away, we have had a sulk, probably a good geeet then picked ourselves up.

    My solitaire and yes sign went back up a year ago

  3. Robert Graham says:

    Sam as I believe most people will agree is always a excellent custodian of Paul’s blog , this is reflected in today’s post .

    When this Dam finally bursts because it surely will the people who have finally woken up won’t be happy , because normal folk don’t like the piss being taken out of them and by Christ some whoppers have been told to protect this Union.

    The next time you see coverage of a party conference cast your mind back to the number of times you watched a SNP conference on the BBC and being broadcast live .

    I wonder if John Masons contribution to today’s resolution condemning Israel and their recent actions resulting in so many deaths of unarmed protesters , I wonder how the BBC will present this controversial defence of what was essentially Murder there is no other definition possible , when you involve Snipers in a civil disturbance where only one side suffers casualties because the other side has no weapons that’s difficult to defend, and conference made their displeasure known .I believe I remember some comments from the same person recently that caused a stir , it’s maybe time for John to consider his place in the SNP .

  4. Andy Anderson says:

    You can see the SNP conference on http://www.periscope.tv/thesnp

    I have noted a change in attitudes to Indy and Scotland for a good wee while now. So have others in my local Yes group. Good to see proof.
    Pity the Beeb are not reporting this.

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  6. Anne Martin says:

    A strange phenomena I have noticed recently is on TV quiz programmes. My husband and I love watching quiz programmes and in recent times the answers to questions are often SNP, Nicola Sturgeon or Holyrood. Do you think that the penny is finally starting to drop?

    • Anne, on Mock the Week last night the Anglo Irish Terry Wogan wanbee Diara O’Brien (spelling?) commenting on Cornwall and Scotland suffering most from food and medicines shortages within weeks of Brexit urged Scots in supermarkets to try vegetables,, which he pointed out was food too, to howls of laughter from the audience and his smug wee panel of BBC Jesters.
      Fuck off, Dara, you big fat racist shit.
      I heard Nicola Sturgeon bitch-slap a nasty curt wee Gary Robertson on Shortbread Radio today at the opening of the SNP Conference.
      ‘Yes but’ will figure large in the Brit Nat anti Scottish language from now until we are Free once more.
      I will not let up on them once the starting gun is fired.

      • Weechid says:

        I hope someone told him “Aye and potatoes aren’t the only vegetables in Ireland” Another comedian I won’t watch now.

      • Kenzie says:

        Jack, as soon as I see Diarrhoea O’Brain on the idiot lantern, I switch off.

      • Stuart Mcnicoll says:

        A rather concocted narrative from the UK media, Scotland produces a surplus of basic requirements, England less than 60%. One of two possible scenarios is happening here. That because of Brexit Scotland will rely on Englanders to feed it, there for don’t go for Indy, or Scotland’s food supply will be siphoned southward to feed the masses, think Irish potatoes famine.

  7. John Lowe says:

    Excellent again Macart. Thanks for your entertaining bliss while the Dug was away.

  8. Davy says:

    Aye, it appears the unionist’s and their media are left chewing their own shite after that latest Survey.

    We are the “peeple”.

  9. Catherine says:

    Just watched recording of John Swinney speaking at the SNP Conference. Absolutely fantastic. Full of admiration for him. So dignified, respectful, but .. just gets the point across. Great stuff and we are so lucky to have politicians like him compared to Boris, and the rest of the Tories at Westminster ……..and also the Tories in Holyrood too. Well done John Swinney.

  10. Catherine says:

    Sorry, also should have said a big thank you much to Sam for covering over the last week. Great, inspiring articles which I have enjoyed very much. Many thanks.

  11. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Thanks for your input Sam the Regime are starting to shit themselves.

    Despite all the control over the MSM the Regime are struggling as the less well informed Scots are waking to the nonsense being fed for so long.

    Cursed sites like this are disturbing the proles in their quiet acceptance of life under the unionists.

    Independence is coming when I’m not sure but its coming.

    The lies are wearing thin people are realising the BBC and newspapers are telling lies slowly folk are sitting up and realising they have been had for many years.

    The resistance from the Centre will increase as folk increasingly realise they have been had.

    Keep it up folks there is much still to do.

  12. Toni Young says:

    Thanks for your contribution while Paul and the Dug have been away. This latest one is a stonker,

  13. Sam, you are an inspiration! Thanks for the above and thanks for keeping The Dug’s basket warm with your usual aplomb. I needed to read this today after learning that the folk of Ontario, my current place of residence, yesterday elected a Donald Trump Wannabee to the office of Premier of the province. A political ignoramus and a corrupt bully who would make Mayhem look like a smooth operator! So thank you for giving me hope, once again.

    • Och, Sam, they just carry on regardless.
      On QT last Thursday yet another Brexiteer in the audience, a large lady with flowing red hair and Harry Potter glasses, urged the assembled carefully selected bunch of Exceptionalist Little Englanders to invoke the ‘Winston Churchill spirit’ and just Leave, while another chap suggested that ‘the United Kingddom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should just up anchor and ‘sail off’.
      England has gone stark staring bonkers; well 52% of them have.

      Their version of democracy seems to consist of ignoring the wishes of nearly half the English population, and firing ahead with Alt Right Free Market Eurmageddon.

      The sense that only full blown xenophobes will get air time, column inches, is palpable, and anti Europen bile permeates every channel, every newspaper, to the extent that they can produce a Northern Ireland ‘solution’ which is no solution at all, submit it to Brussels, and when it is rejected, use the Sarah Smiths and the Gordon Brewers of their Mad Mad World to blame the Johnny Furriner for not giving in to cherry picking England, that mighty land which once ruled 1/3 of the planet, doncha know?
      It is a safe bet that there will be No Deal now. There is no time left.
      Prepare the bunting, man the barricades; Indyref 2 is imminent and inevitable.
      We have no other option if we are to save our children and their children from the madness of King Boris.
      Great shift, btw, Sam.
      Thoroughly enjoyed Pauls’ ’empty’.

  14. diabloandco says:

    Sam , as usual sterling work filling the big boots of WGD.

    I needed a wee bit cheering up this morning so double thanks!

  15. John McLeod says:

    More and more people are just coming to see that ‘independence is normal’.

    • Marconatrix says:

      That I think is the meme we should be spreading now. So there’s a quiet shift of mindset. Subtle yet seismic in effect. So that Independence is felt to be the normal baseline condition. ‘Dependence’ is just a temporary aberration which no longer serves a purpose, if it ever did. Time to restore Normality 🙂

  16. xsticks says:

    Hi Sam, fort well manned in Paul’s absence. I’ve been enjoying your posts as always. Away off to the conference today and hope to catch up with many friends there who are all continuing the campaign one conversation at a time. We won’t fail the next time. And the next time may be coming sooner than we think.

  17. Ian Waugh says:

    It was good to be able to welcome the march to Dumfries last Saturday – and particularly the visibility it gave to emerging (minority?) local groups like English Scots for Yes and Pensioners for Yes, among other groups with local town/district names. A big thank you to all those who travelled from afar to make the march the success it was, witnesses nationwide.

  18. Ian Waugh says:

    It was good to be able to welcome the march to Dumfries last Saturday – and particularly the visibility it gave to emerging (minority?) local groups like English Scots for Yes and Pensioners for Yes, among other groups with local town/district names. A big thank you to all those who travelled from afar to make the march the success it was, witnessed nationwide.

  19. The biggest danger to Unionism is the slow burning realisation by the people of Scotland that independence is normal and we CAN control our own destiny. I think we will look back in history and see the 2014 “defeat” as the real beginning of that realisation. Unionists were so wrapped up in their victory dances that they completely misread the mood in Scotland. The massive surge in SNP membership and the almost total wipeout of Westminster unionist MPs in the months that followed should have been a clue. Now we have the people taking control and leading the way, AUOB, Yes registry and the many other groups taking control with one unified aim in mind, independence. It’s a great time to be alive! Let nobody kid you that the AUOB marches are a waste of time. People are going home from them reinvigorated and more engaged and determined to achieve independence than ever.

  20. George says:

    For all of the above reasons plus a few more is why I removed so-called BBC Radio Scotland from all presets. The constant wave of negativity regarding all things Scottish and in regard to Scotland sickened me.

  21. paul mccormack says:

    Excellent common sense article and common sense question.

    Part of the continuing answer may be that I was listening to Nicola on R4 yesterday morning. What a communicator. She was clearly addressing her answers and word choices to the usual hostile dismissive questioning, not directly to the ‘reporter’, but to the large swathe of undecided, maybe’s and no’s in Scotland. She is such a good politician and we have no idea how fortunate we are in having her at the forefront.

    The other reason i believe is that the green curtain is now well and truly drawn back to reveal the paucity of westminster in all its true colours.

    Thank you Macart and all contributors.

    • Weechid says:

      I had to come back on here and read something positive about Nicola. Over on the twittersphere Sky news have just reported her wee joke about English football pundits endlessly banging on about 1966 (which they do) as a “needles England with jibe over world cup”. The comments from our neighbours are truly vile and make me wonder whether we should allow them to vote in our next referendum – I think we’d win it.

  22. Robert Graham says:

    A bit o/t .
    We have just been presented with one of the biggest Own Goals in history , The Spite and vindictive venom directed at Glasgows provost for accepting a free Rolls Royce car with no cost or strings attached by a nameless benefactor.

    Well how embarrassing that the benefactor has had to reveal himself because of the negative media coverage.

    He is no other than that supporter of the Union.

    Mr Tunnock of Tunnocks confectionary, one of their own

    Let’s hope the people who followed with Gleeful hatred of the SNP finally see this Union for what it is ,petty and vindictive , small minded and backward looking defending a Union that does Scotland no good .

    Well done to the Unionist parties and their media they have just revealed themselves as useless self serving arse holes .

    • Torcuil Crichton won’t be getting an invite to the Tunnock’s Christmas Party.
      See his wee sly dig in his latest SNP THE BADDEST in the Daily Blah.

    • Thepnr says:

      Robert very well said. What arseholes!

      Sam loved the article, baby steps and each doing what we can is what will get us over the line.

  23. wm says:

    Thanks again Sam, could’t agree more with your posts as usual. Regarding the media, what can you say except they are a joke and a bad one at that.

  24. Macart says:



    The speech was a rallying call. On yer marks! Get set!… Waaaaait for it!

    Over to Westminster for the next two moves. It begins with the withdrawal bill.

    Just sayin’. 🙂

  25. Robert Graham says:

    Again o/t – by the way good sensible link Macart the message is keep it simple works for me

    Anyway Brewer on the Sunday politics propaganda show , this show is never available like all the other ones on the schedule on a Sunday its always held back for for viewing at a later time i wonder why ,
    Back to the Brewery his quoting the left in the “yes” movement is bloody comical aye right Gordon as if anyone who supports independence would confide in you or the BBC Pal ,

    His little unionist helper Haggerty speaking as if she is involved in anything to do with the “YES” movement ,They wouldnt piss on you sweetheart after the Herald jumped ship when you took charge .so please shut your gob dear and carry on working for your unionist chums .

    Brewer cant get his head round the growth commissions report being a proposal ,a discussion document , it isn’t Policy yah dope , you were told endlessly by Ian Blackford has your hearing failed , or just you want to endlessly push the division in the SNP pitch , Piss off we know what you and the BBC are up to ,

    Just like Smith in Aberdeen insisting on an answer to would you support England in the world cup from Delegates , At a SNP conference your so bloody transparent Smith .

    • Macart says:

      It is a wearisome bloody question right enough. Do Canadians support Americans, French the Belgians, or Dutch the Germans? Why should they? If your own team isn’t there (and I’m no big fan of football onywise), support who you fancy.

      On the link Robert? It’s all it’s ever been about – our right to choose. Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands. Like, y’know, normal countries the world over. It’s not and never has been dependent on personal policy issues, but about ALL the choices we can decide for ourselves.

      • My local has been gripped with World Cup fever, not.

        But they did spring to the expenjse of a looped bunting of all the flegs of nations taking part above the gantry, and word has it the local bookie has installed a deep fat fryer in the back shop and will be, wait for it, providing fish and chips for punters during the Goalfest.

        Since the turf accountant is an ‘English’ chain, I am assuming that the hot snack is to be provided as culinary ‘support’ for England, the ‘Home Nations’ team, whom, of course, we should all be supporting just like Murphy’s mythical Liverpool mechanic wha’s jist like us, ‘n’at.

        My local watering hole has applied white tape to the English flag thus obliterating the Red Cross. It is now a white flag among the colourful display.

        Iceland for me; near neighbour and future trading partner.

        Sarah Smith cannot even bring herself to acknowledge that Scotland leaves her Sunday Politics WM Bubble at 11.40 each week to join Brewer for the weekly 25 minutes of SNP BAD fare.
        Even Auld Andra bid us Sweaties goodbye evry week.
        She reallyu comes across as a bought and paid for Empire biscuit.

        Why am I not surprised that in a week when Davis threatens resignation, May’s backstop Norn Irn ‘solution’ is given the big E by Brussels, and Johnson, born in NY, still holds a Yankee passport, is secretly recorded predicting Eurmageddon, musing on the prospect of Trump taking over Brexit talks, and dismissing the Norn Irn border enigma as the ‘tail wagging the dog’, that BBC Stockade Glasgow didn’t seem to consider that Davidson, Mundo, Leonard, or Rennie, should be on the programme to assure us all that Brexit will be Beezer?.

        We had a Yoon Free 25 minutes.
        Just think, come Independence, every broadcast Up Here will be like that.

      • Robert Graham says:

        agreed Macart a simple message if we dont do the independence bit we can never get the rest , end of discussion its that simple , argue afterwards NOT during .

  26. Macart says:

    Wait! Scotland has beaten England at cricket?!? 😯

    Humza Yousaf must resign and the First Minister should dae sumthin’!

  27. Bill Dale says:

    England are the number one rated side in the One Day International format of the game of cricket. Very fair match commentary of Scotland’s victory was that it was historic. Perhaps we should ask Sarah Smith if she was supporting England in the match since they were only playing a side from an affiliated nation (the official description of Scotland’s status in international cricket).

    Oh and it was a top England side, with top stars, many of whom played very well, it is just that Scotland not only had the top scorer with 140 not out, but we bowled England out to win.

    As the SNP Conference came to a close, the very next day Scotland beat England at their chosen game. Along with hearing on the radio while driving to Aberdeen last week that this year’s must-have toy is a Unicorn, we seem to be making some progress!

    Choose Scotland – Big enough. Smart enough. Rich enough. And no bad at cricket either! 😉

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