Nation : Faroe Islands, the connected nation

Here’s the first episode of the new series I’ve made with Al of Phantom Power about the Faroes – one of Scotland’s successful and inspiring wee European neighbours.
I hope you enjoy it. If you do please share it – especially to friends and family. We are hoping to make another 4-5 films about other small, northern countries – Iceland next, then Norway & Finland. To do that we need to raise some cash. If you can share the link and maybe ask your branch/group to make a donation to our crowd-funder that would be brilliant. We were lucky to get some cash from a mystery source (itself launching in the next two weeks) which helped us make this first film. But we have no further funds to help publicise or distribute, no cash to get to Iceland (though we’ve booked flights!) and no Scottish broadcaster behind us. So we are relying on people power. No pressure!


Lesley Riddoch

To contribute to the fundraiser and help produce more of the best documentaries about the potential that can be unleased in a Scotland that dares to take charge of its own destiny, documentaries that you won’t be seeing on your national public service broadcaster any time soon, click here –

17 comments on “Nation : Faroe Islands, the connected nation

  1. garyjc says:

    confidence versus cringe

  2. […] Wee Ginger Dug Nation : Faroe Islands, the connected nation Here’s the first episode of the new series I’ve made with Al of Phantom Power […]

  3. heathermclean19 says:

    Truly inspirational and well worth watching! Can’t wait to see the next in the series!
    Well done Lesley Riddoch and Phantom Power!
    Thanks for sharing this Paul, everyone should watch this – Scotland could be so much more!!

  4. keith brown says:

    Wow just fantastic and uplifting sadly my spare pennies from my pension went elsewhere this month but I hope to send some cash next month.

  5. Az says:


  6. Walter Hamilton says:

    Where’s your camera, where’s your camera – BBC, where’s your camera B-B-C

  7. Robert Graham says:

    Thanks for posting Paul it’s refreshing to see how other countries do things when westmonster is not involved and well away from interfering in other people’s affairs .

    This is the kind of short clip that a lot of people in scotland would find interesting but we are lumbered with the BBC in Scotland well able to produce work like this but they must support the Union however bad it gets Union , Union first every time .

    Dont let the Jocks get ideas that would ruin 300 years of propaganda and occupation wouldnt it .

  8. Marconatrix says:

    Brilliant film, and well made too! So inspiring! The confidence of the people there! It just rubs off. There are simply no excuses left for Scotland once you’ve seen this. [Just don’t tell the Shetlanders, or they’ll be off and independent all by themselves while we’re still arguing over the pound etc. 😉 ]

  9. Simone says:

    The map arrived today, what can I say? It’s a lot bigger than I expected and very impressive. 😉

    • Liz g says:

      I was worried it would be too small…
      Haven’t got round to measuring the space yet using Paul’s measurements
      One of those “ye have to see it in situ things” ….but was really hoping that I could read the names without a magnifying glass….. It’s going to be a real talking point….Yay

  10. astytaylor says:

    Aye, good film.
    People with a bit of nous about them. Similarly for the Icelanders, the Norwegians, the Danes, the Swedes.
    As for Scotland; well, the jury is out… Perhaps the Shetlanders will go their own way. They also have a bit of nous about them.
    Onwards, Scotland. Don’t leave it too late!

  11. Robert Graham says:

    Slightly o/t . The BBC Scotland branch wasting no time or effort trying to stoke up the division trick ,its the top story on their website with the added spice of some Independence supporters join with their critics to rubbish the Growth Commission Report , Yeah look they are all divided ,
    Aye in yer f/in dreams BBC go and peddle yer pish somewhere else we ain’t rising to the bait .
    And a gentle reminder to some vacant YES supporters please don’t provide the Unionists with any more Ammunition it’s not really that helpful IMHO .Thanks .

  12. Alvaro De Melo says:

    I Was in the Faroe Islands In the 60s for repairs when trawling back in the good old days, can’t believe how much its change, 😂😂 Is more advanced than the UK. Independence please.

  13. Marconatrix says:

    Here as it happens, a fellow Scots blogger reports from arctic Norway … enjoy!

  14. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Excellent tunnel vision!

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