A few wee bits and pieces

iScot magazine is doing a subscription and fundraiser drive. There are over a million and a half supporters of independence in Scotland, yet collectively we spend vastly more supporting a media which actively campaigns against independence than we do supporting those few media outlets which do support independence or at least give it a fair shake of the stick.

iScot magazine is precisely the kind of publication that we need in order to reach out to soft No voters and undecideds. It’s a glossy features magazine, professionally produced and well-presented, which talks about Scotland in a positive way. It is well worth your support, and it’s definitely worth a subscription. You can find out more about iScot’s Spring 2018 subscription offer by clicking in this link. www.iscot.scot/offer

An annual subscription costs just £71.88 and will deliver a print copy of the magazine through your letterbox every month. As a special FREE offer, you’ll also receive a Scottish Passport Holder.

If you would like to make a donation to help support iScot, just type http://www.paypal.me/iScot/ followed by the amount in pounds that you’d like to donate, into the address bar of your Internet brower. So for example if you’d like to donate £25, type www.paypal.me/iScot/25 or if you’d like to donate £10 then type www.paypal.me/iScot/10 – or just click on the links just given.

We don’t know exactly when Scotland will have another independence referendum, but we do know that Scotland will have one. It’s imperative that we nuture and nourish or pro-independence media in the meantime, so that it’s fit and healthy and ready to make our case during the campaign ahead.

Wee Ginger Quotes

As you know, I’m planning to produce some Wee Ginger merchandise this year. I’d like your help. I’m the world’s worst judge of what’s good and what’s memorable in this blog, so please help me out by putting your favourite Wee Ginger Dug quotes in the comments section below. I intend to put them on T-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise.

Dug watching

And finally. I’ve not visited Spain since my late partner Andy passed away in 2014. I am seriously overdue a visit but don’t have anyone to look after Ginger while I am away. I hope to get away between June 3 and June 11, so if you’re interested in looking after the dug, please get in touch at weegingerbook@yahoo.com. Ginger needs to stay with a dog lover who doesn’t have any other dogs. He’s very loving and affectionate with humans, but he’s not good at all with other dogs.


The Wee Ginger Dug has got a new domain name, thanks to Indy Poster Boy, Colin Dunn @Zarkwan. http://www.indyposterboy.scot/ You can now access this blog simply by typing www.weegingerdug.scot into the address bar of your browser, the old address continues to function, the new one redirects to the blog. The advantage of the new address is that it’s a lot easier to remember if you want to include a link to the blog in leaflets, posters, or simply to tell a friend about it. Many thanks to Colin.

gingercartoonWee Ginger Donations & Speaking engagements

You can help to support this blog with a Paypal donation. Just click the donate button.
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Or you can donate by making a payment directly into a special bank account, or by sending a cheque or postal order. If you’d like to donate by one of these methods, please email me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com and I will send the necessary information. Please also use this email address if you would like the dug and me to come along to your local group for a talk.

Many thanks.

25 comments on “A few wee bits and pieces

  1. How’s the dug wi’ cats Paul?

  2. Couldnae eat a whole yin! 😂😂😂

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  4. SandyW says:

    Sorry Paul, would love to look after him, but I have a dog.

  5. Norma says:

    I have met him , he is a lovely dog and I would love to have him, but unfortunately I have a rather grumpy Cocker Spaniel!

  6. m biyd says:

    I rescued an English Staffie bitch (not just her gender) who’d been stuck at the SSPCA Edinburgh before they moved her to Angus for some Nat mug to find her 18 months later. Anyway, shortly after I discovered she and my cross collie jack russel could be friends I got a couple of feral kittens who now run the house. If you think yer dug can last a day in my house then i’d be happy to help. I say this on the basis that according to the experts neither the cats nor the Staffie could be re homed with dugs. But dugs can find away..

  7. astytaylor says:

    Jings! Having met Ginger before (in Corpach), and knowing what a great dug he is, I’m tempted to fly over to Scotland in June. We could do a wee road trip around the Highlands and Islands. I’m sure he’d be fine in a rental car. Many undecided voters would be influenced by his doggy charm.

  8. Thank you Paul for your shout out. I’m very grateful to you. Yours aye Ken

  9. William Oliphant says:

    Awfy doon in the smooth that sae mony replies tae the wee ginger dug are in the Inglis tongue. Can ye no write at least a wee bit in Scots??????

  10. grafter says:

    Time to get out of your comfort zone indeed. Now is the time to stop paying the state propaganda BBC regime. Forget your soaps, bake-offs, and all the other “Great British” this or that. Let them know where you stand. You cannot continue to pay these corrupt people and continue to support Independence at the same time. Don’t be afraid.

  11. Robert Graham says:

    Paul Best of luck with your search for a good short term dug sitter , it probably won’t be easy but I believe you’re many friends will help .

    A bit o/t but as the Empire never sleeps it’s relevant , just caught SKY news out of the corner of my eye , and probably a glimpse of tomorrow’s headlines in our Scottish media that will no doubt be extensively covered by the BBC ,

    The biggest money laundering outfit on the planet The English government has just announced a crackdown on dirty money flowing through Britain , and by pure chance Scottish limited partnerships are the first to be mentioned , now out of all the squillions of pounds on route daily the only one that is mentioned is connected to the Scottish government shock horror , who would have thought that now .

    They are so bloody transparent and obvious it’s becoming tedious now this relentless tsunami of total Pish , used for one reason only Protect the Union .

    • Robert Graham says:

      Eh and by the way bob SKY appears to have reverted to the twisted map of Britain ,you know the one where it shows Cornwall being bigger than Sutherland , I wonder how they do that , I know why they do it , but it’s peculiar how someone actually wastes time trying to make us look small , a very satisfying task for someone I guess .

    • stewartb says:

      Just some more background on these Scottish Limited Partnerships.

      Firstly, this from Professor Richard Murphy in 2016:

      “The Scottish government cannot get rid of these corporate structures; they do not have the right to do so within current devolved powers and as such there is nothing the SNP government can do to prevent this abuse going on: it is down to Westminster to end it.”

      Source: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2016/08/25/time-to-get-rid-of-the-scottish-limited-partnership/

      And then the views in 2016 of Angus Robertson when an MP, from a Herald article:

      ‘The Prime Minister has come under growing pressure to intervene to stop controversial Scottish Limited Partnerships being used as “fronts” for organised crime. SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said the firms, whose owners can be secret, file no accounts and pay no taxes, were being used by money-launderers. The Moray MP demanded a meeting with Theresa May to draw up a joint plan to tackle the misuse of SLPs amid growing cross-party concern in Scotland.

      Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions and citing a number of revelations in The Herald and the Sunday Herald, Mr Robertson said: “Scottish Limited Partnerships were established by this House in 1907 and they are being aggressively marketed internationally, especially in Eastern Europe.”


      • Robert Graham says:

        Stewartb -Thanks for the information ,that simple explanation clears up a lot of the detail , after all the devil is usually in the detail ,

        Lets see how the BBC in Scotland present this ,will they give the whole background or will they do the usual SNP hatchet job
        This is when the SNP really need to get off their collective arses and pay attention , this unionist bloc are alert 24/7 ,They have to immediately make things clear even quoting your clear explanation .

  12. Robert Graham says:

    A lot o/t – just came across a item on The Canary re a Glasgow guy taking the DWP to court over the withdrawal of PIP payments he also sites the Scottish government as being complicit in his action , He then stated cutting funding to councils by the Scottish government is adversely affecting disabled people and is political in nature so people will support independence, I was with the guy up until that point , after a sharp intake of breath , my first remark was give us a f/n break yah dummy your being used and you can’t see it , or what’s worse you know exactly what you are doing and are acting with others in a point scoring game now I wonder who in Labour put him up to this little wheeze, eh Neil ? .
    They are so bloody transparent and believe that they are clever, honestly .

  13. diabloandco says:

    Great to hear you in Scotstoun tonight and to see the dug with the laughing face.

    Just a wee thought , could the National not lie and say they are sending the acceptable face of the independent minded to the BBBC then you could turn up saying so and so was suddenly taken ill and you are the replacement??

  14. Andy Anderson says:

    Brexit bombshell?


    Ford to cut UK and EU workforce due to Brexit

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Ford is considering closing plants in the UK and across Europe in response to Britain’s vote to leave the EU, as it forecast a $1bn hit to its business over the next two years.The US motor company, which is the biggest car brand in the UK, will also raise the price of cars sold in Britain before the end of the year. Bob Shanks, chief financial officer, said a rise was needed to claw back money lost through foreign exchange movements.Sterling has fallen by 11 per cent against the dollar since the vote on June 23, leaving companies that sell into the UK facing lower revenues in the months ahead.Ford warned of a difficult second half of the year for carmakers, with weaknesses in the US and Chinese markets adding to headwinds caused by Brexit and currency swings.

      The warning, combined with Ford missing expectations in the second quarter, because of weaker sales in China and the US, sent its shares down more than 9 per cent to $12.52 in late-morning trading in New York.Mr Shanks said a combination of sterling’s devaluation and an expected hit to the UK car market would cost Ford $200m this year and another $400m to $500m each year over the next two years.“We’re going to have to look more at cost,” he said. The company would find a way to “claw that back”.

      Questions have been raised over prospects for the UK’s car industry in the wake of the Brexit ballot, with analysts questioning whether the plants can win fresh work during a period of uncertainty over trade and the country’s position in the single European market.Ford’s two remaining UK plants are at Bridgend and Dagenham, making engines that are exported to other EU countries for final assembly. Ford then reimports many of these engines in completed vehicles for sale in the UK.

      Analysts have warned that some carmakers would be forced to close plants in the UK if it faces trade barriers with the rest of Europe after Brexit.Ford has already closed all its remaining UK carmaking plants in the past five years, as well as one in Belgium with the loss of 5,700 jobs.Asked if the group would shut its remaining UK manufacturing operations, Mr Shanks said: “Everything is going to be on the table across Europe”. The group is committed to achieving a margin target of between 6 and 8 per cent, he added.

      • Robert Graham says:

        Eh Head in the Sand comes to mind .

        One small point Andy its England not the ” UK or Britain ” i believe you are referring too , Linwood & Bathgate No More as the song goes .

        No offence intended simply an observation .

  15. Jan Cowan says:

    The iScot is an excellent magazine – great articles and beautiful photography. I look forward to my monthly copy arriving via post then pass it on to neighbours in the hope that they’ll be converted.

    I wish I could look after Ginger as he’s a fine fellow. However I have two dogs, so that’s that!

  16. Jan Cowan says:

    Only now watched the iScot promo and felt I must say that life without the BBC etc. is not just possible, it’s preferable.

  17. All your base are belong to us – that would look great on a T Shirt or mug with a natty graphic

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