Standing firm for Scotland’s interests

Westminster is using Brexit, something that Scotland didn’t vote for, in order to undermine something that Scotland did vote for. Those were words which Mike Russell used in Holyrood yesterday, words which I’m proud to say first appeared in this blog. That’s the fundamental issue here. Westminster is using the results of the Brexit referendum, which Scotland voted against, in order to undermine the result of a referendum which Scotland voted for, the devolution referendum of 1997.

There are a couple of ways of describing what’s happening with the matter of negotiations between Holyrood and Westminster about the EU Exit Bill’s power grab of devolved powers. You could follow the bulk of the Scottish media and say that the SNP stands alone in its opposition to a deal with the Welsh government has accepted. All of which kind of implies that Theresa May is considerate and conciliatory and the current impasse is all the fault of those nasty separatists. Or you could say that the Scottish Government is standing firm for Scotland’s interests in its opposition to the Conservative government’s attempt to use Brexit to undermine the devolution settlement, which puts the blame where it belongs. I prefer the latter.

There is far greater pressure on Wales to accept a deal from Westminster. Unlike Scotland, Wales voted in favour of Brexit. The Welsh government cannot allow itself to be seen to frustrate the Brexit process, a political imperative which is not felt in a Scotland where public opposition to Brexit is solid and remains solid. Support for independence in Wales remains at a fairly low level. The Welsh government cannot realistically use the threat of an independence referendum if Westminster doesn’t agree to Welsh demands. Cardiff is in a far weaker negotiating position than Scotland. The Welsh Senedd, which has fewer powers than Holyrood, also has less to lose.

But there’s another reason why it’s important that Holyrood continues to resist the attempts of Theresa May’s government to use Brexit to upend the devolution process. Holyrood and the powers it enjoys and exercises of behalf of the people of Scotland was hard earned. Holyrood does not have the power that it possesses because Westminster in its infinite wisdom willingly and freely gave them to Scotland out of the kindness and goodness of its heart. Holyrood only exists because of a long and arduous campaign. Scotland’s civic society had to fight Westminster every step of the way.

It took decades to wrest the devolved powers that Scotland does have out of Westminster’s grasping maw. Even when a Scottish Parliament was finally established, its powers fell far short of what was originally envisaged. That is why, to use one example, Scotland’s parliament does not currently have powers over broadcasting. Such a power was in the original white paper, it was proposed by the campaign to establish a Scottish parliament, but it was wheeched away at the last minute by a Westminster which is jealous of its power and which is unwilling to share any more of it than it absolutely has to. In that case it was Labour MPs who refused to concede the devolution of the power.  All the powers that Holyrood has were wrestled out of Westminster’s unwilling grasp.

We saw the exact same grudging unwillingness during the Smith Commission discussions after the Scottish independence referendum. The anti-independence parties used the Commission as an opportunity to compete with one another to see how many of the promised new powers they could take off the table without bringing the entire teetering process crashing down. They treated the Smith Commission as a game of devolution Jenga. We were told we were getting, in the gushing words of Jackie Bird in her infamous interview with Alistair Darling, “so devo max then”, and then Holyrood got powers over road signs and some limited powers over income tax which the Scotland Secretary boasted were a trap for the Scottish Government.

It’s important to understand this background, because Westminster wants us to believe that it will freely and willingly restore the devolved powers back to Holyrood after a period of time. History tells us that it will do no such thing. History tells us that if Westminster grabs back a power for itself then it will not return that power without a fight. We are where we are in these negotiations because successive Westminster governments have proven that as far as devolution and promises to Scotland are concerned, they cannot be trusted.

The Tory deal proposed that Westminster would exercise the devolved powers currently exercised by Brussels for seven years after Brexit, and would then return them to Holyrood. Pinkie promise. It’s a Vow. Honest. During that seven years, Westminster would have a free hand to decide for itself what it wanted to do with Scottish fisheries, Scottish agriculture, and Scottish interests that ought to be devolved. Westminster is not proposing that any such changes should be made and implemented with consultation with Holyrood, never mind with Holyrood’s consent.

The problem with this proposal is that, as Westminster is very fond of telling us, the decisions of one Westminster Parliament cannot bind the decisions of a future Westminster Parliament. Westminster’s sovereignty is absolute in what passes for a British constitution. After seven years have passed there will have been at least one Westminster General Election. That means there are not and cannot be any guarantees that this future Westminster will regard itself as being bound by an agreement between Theresa May’s government and what Westminster regards as a subordinate body. And remember, here we are dealing with a Westminster which has proven itself untrustworthy in its dealings with Scotland. How’s that Union of equals working out for you all?

Scotland must continue to resist Westminster’s attempts to unilaterally undermine the devolution settlement. We campaigned long and hard for devolution, we’re not going to allow Theresa May to weaken and undermine it because the Tories find it politically inconvenient. This issue goes to the very heart of the question about whether Scotland within the UK can get what the people of Scotland vote for, and that’s a question that increasingly looks like it can only be answered in the negative.

England’s vote in referendums must be respected, Scotland’s, not so much. That’s the democratic deficit of the UK for you. There’s only one way Scotland can get what Scotland votes for, and it’s not as a subordinate part of the UK.


Meanwhile, and on an entirely unrelated topic, there’s been a wee bit of discussion amongst people posting on this blog about ad homs. Here’s how to do ad hom.

We must have fallen through a hole in the fabric of space time into one of the more baroquely bizarre universes in the multiverse. Sometimes you want to be erudite and witty, but facts are facts and the fact is that Jacob Rees Mogg is an absolute bell end. Some people worry that Jacob is the kind of person that the British establishment and certain sections of the English press and public would accept as a dictator. He’s already part way there, he’s been a dic for quite a long time. Jacob is the kind of person who’d demolish your house and then complain about the noise and disruption caused by the rebuilding work.

Jacob makes you wish that you could invent a time machine so you could go back and bully mercilessly him at school in order that he’d be left with a lifelong crushing sense of inadequacy, and then none of us would have to thole that insufferably smug face of his and his reeking stench of entitlement. If the fact that this creature is being seriously touted as a leader of the Conservative party and as a potential Prime Minister doesn’t make you question the collective sanity of the UK’s politics, then bugger all will and there’s no hope left.

Jacob, who supported the repeal of the human rights act, voted in favour of the Conservatives’ anti-immigration measures, and who spoke at the annual dinner of the far right Traditional Britain group, apparently believes that the scandal of members of the Windrush generation being deported is all the fault of socialism. That’s the Jacob who fully supported Theresa May’s measures to create a hostile environment for migrants. You know what they say about lies. If you repeat a lie often enough then people start to believe it, or in Jacob’s case it becomes a headline in the Daily Mail. Although to be honest you don’t need to repeat a lie for it to become a Daily Mail headline, since they’re all lies to begin with.

There is however a kinder explanation, and that is that Jacob has confused socialism with “being a cynical appeaser of racists because knuckle dragging Daily Mail and Express readers have a vote too.” It’s an easy mistake to make, at least it’s an easy mistake to make if you’re Cuthbert Cringeworthy from the Bash Street Kids who grew up and joined the accountancy branch of the Gestapo.

With this self-serving politician on the make we have the living breathing proof that in the UK, an upper middle class background and the self-confidence that comes from an expensively purchased education will get you a lot further than actually knowing what you are talking about. You can sum up all that is wrong with the British class system in just four syllables, Ja.cob Rees Mogg. Jacob is famed for his impeccable manners, but just because you’re a bastard politely doesn’t make you any less of a bastard. It just makes you a hypocritical bastard. The fact remains that he’s an upper middle class chancer aping an aristo and like all chancers on the make he doesn’t get it quite right. The only bit of his schtick that’s convincing is that he does a very good impression of the devastating effects of inbreeding. Jacob is nothing more than a sixth toe in a double breasted suit.

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50 comments on “Standing firm for Scotland’s interests

  1. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Wastemonster has called wolf too many times for Scotland to be fooled again.

  2. Macart says:

    Well said Paul. Also? That is absolutely how to perform an ad hom with style. 😀

    You know, you expect betrayal from the Conservative party. You expect that they will attempt to roll back devolution and declaw Scotland’s parliament. They kinda make no secret of their intent. They never wanted devolution (It’s also in their name – Conservative and unionist, duh!). They don’t believe in it and fought against it from the get go. That they’d deny Scotland’s population any kind of self determination over their own affairs therefore comes as no shock. Indeed, you sometimes wonder why they choose to stand for any office in Scotland’s parliament at all. Their single constitutional aim seemingly appears to be the eradication of that parliament’s existence. (shrugs)

    This however from Neil Findlay, Labour’s Brexit spokesman: “Reports that a deal was on the table, only to be vetoed by Nicola Sturgeon, would be a betrayal of the Scottish Parliament’s good faith.

    “The fact the Government of Wales has reached an agreement but the Scottish Government has not is a real concern.

    “It would be wrong for the SNP Government to play politics with devolution in order to further their goal of independence.”

    This would be the Labour of Dewar and Smith, yes?The Labour who never tire of telling any who would care to listen, that ‘they’ delivered devolution to the people of Scotland (all on their own and with no help from adults or anything).

    This would be the Labour, currently under the franchise leadership of Mr Leonard, who are once again flogging the dead horse of federalism? A Labour that endlessly assured Scotland’s electorate that devolution was a journey…. That Labour.

    Mibbies just me, but I’d say it’s time for THAT Labour to shit or get off the pot. Right now the only parties standing up for THEIR devolution settlement (and it is THEIR settlement, yes?) are apparently parties dedicated to a different and markedly more empowering constitutional choice.

    If the SNP, Greens and their support within the YES movement were anywhere near the people they are often touted to be by unionists and their media, you better believe defending Labour’s devolution settlement wouldn’t be the top of their to do list.

    But they’re not and as a movement we’re not the undemocratic clone army we’re often portrayed as. The Scottish government IS doing its duty as the mandated government of Scotland’s parliament and electorate and they are seeking to protect that parliament and the devolution settlement brokered by Labour politicians. They ARE doing as they were instructed over three and a half years ago by Scotland’s electorate and in a further three national ballots since.

    They’re protecting the interests of the peoples of Scotland using the powers of a devolved government. The ONLY powers at their disposal by the by.

    Labour really, REALLY, need to choose their next course very carefully. Who do they choose to back when push comes to shove? Their party? A Conservative government and Brexit they KNOW will be catastrophic for Scotland? Or the peoples of Scotland.

    Their choice of course, but were I them? I’d maybe take a moment to consider their fortunes from the last time they had such a choice to make.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Well said Macart – Makes you thankful for this Union dividend it gives every day.

      The only thing that this dividend gives is a bloody sore head to all of us who have woken up , the ones who are still in a coma or don’t want to hear wouldn’t know what day it was , and them being pished every day still think it’s raining .

    • What Sam and Paul say.
      It’s bubbling up nicely.

      Andy Anderson, keep your powder dry.

      Wait until we can see the bloodshot whites of their eyes.

      The EU 27 have already rejected May’s cherry picking free trade agreement/seamless Irish Border nonsense.
      What Mundell hummed and hawed through today during Scottish Questions was the death rattle of their Union.

      The only way now to bring this sell out of Scotland to full public exposure is through a second Referendum, once the full Eurmageddon of Brexit is known, by October 2018.

      Lies on shipbuilding, the enforced power grab, and Scotland enmeshed in a barbed wire perimeter fence barring access to Europe for work, travel, and settlement will be stark facts by then.

      Today at Scottish Questions Labour Lib Dem and especially the chinless Blue Tory Scottish MPs joined as one to attack ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ and her refusal to surrender to England’s invasion of Scotland. It is Nicola Sturgeon who stands alone between England taking over Scotland?
      Because this is what we are talking about.

      Clause 11 is the next significant step in destroying devolution.

      Neil Findlay is shoulder to shoulder with Ruth Davidson’s Party in attacking our social democracy.

      He is supporting the Rape Clause, the Universal Credit theft of income from the poor to give to his new rich friends in the top 10%. He is morphing into a bluer Tory.

      He is a champion of Rees Mogg and Boris ‘English rose’ Johnson.

      He is as one with the bigots Two Jobs WATP Tomkins and The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser, and his sidekick OBFA Jim Kelly is singing about rivers of Fenian blood and Up The RA celebrating the killing a poor working class lad from Gateshead pressed through poverty into a Brit Army Uniform.
      They have abandoned every social democratic principle to save the English Establishment’s Grouse Moor, and now sleep with the enemy and bite on a thong and think of England while the fascists in the London Elitist Establishment shaft them.

      We are at the threshold of New Scotland, guys.
      The campaign begins now.

      Soon all Scots will be aware of what’s happening, and Tom Gordon and Glenn Campbell will not stand in our way.
      A rage is bubbling up across this nation.

  3. Andy Anderson says:

    Thanks Paul, and Macart. Good information.

    As you know our lovely MSM media have been reporting the importance of this process in such a rare and poor way that everyone I know either knows nothing or very, very, little. This to me is criminal neglect by every news editor, be they on TV or paper scrolls.

    I regret that Wales has capitulated. Interesting that Carwyn Jones has just said he is going. Coincidence?

    As Mike Russell said yesterday we have two options to move forward. I think WM will ignore both. What then? Will the people rebel if things go pear shaped? No, because they are unaware. It is very worrying and for me unsettling.

    A gloomy day……..feeling a little sad.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      ad hominem

      An ad hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, means responding to arguments by attacking a person’s character, rather than to the content of their arguments. When used inappropriately, it is a fallacy in which a claim or argument is dismissed on the basis of some irrelevant fact or supposition about the author or the person being criticized.

    • “Interesting that Carwyn Jones has just said he is going. Coincidence?”

      It’s less to do with Brexit than with the scandal swirling around him and his clique regarding the sacking and subsequent suicide of one of his ministers Carl Sargeant. There must be an awful lot of shit waiting to be dug up to make him go right now (or, at least, in October which would give him and his hangers-on enough time to bury the evidence).

    • Macart says:

      Courage mon brave.

  4. Jimmy Giblets says:

    I wonder what title Carwyn Jones will choose in return for services rendered. Nice to see Labour consistency.

  5. I want to apologise.

    I want to apologise for the thickos who, in 2016, thought that they would be giving “the naaasteee Toooreees” a bloody nose…by voting to give the likes of Jacob Wee-Smug, Boris The Slider and their ilk total power over their future.

    I want to apologise for the fact that – election after election – most of these same people refuse to vote for a party which puts our country first “‘cos dat’s Faaaascism, iznet” and instead will either vote for a Labour party which has long since outlived any usefulness it might once have had or – and here’s the “Hello head, I’d like you to meet desk” moment – for a group of golf-club Falangists from Kent and Wiltshire.

    I want to apologise for the fact that the resulting government – led for a few months more still by a man who is so devoid of character that he wouldn’t even be recognised in his own living-room – has sold our entire nation down the Greater England sewer because (like some others we know of) the ‘Union’ (which in our case has never been a union, merely the result of invasion, annexation and assimilation) is their preciousss and all else must be sacrificed to its continuation, cost what it may.

    I want to apologise for the fact that we don’t (at least, not for a little while longer) have a genuine Nationalist party to focus our energies upon, as the one which currently claims that mantle can scarcely bring itself to utter the word ‘nationalist’ let alone the word ‘independent’, and has spent most of the last two decades sedulously keeping minority Labour administrations in office and doing nothing about that party’s notorious incompetence, nepotism and outright corruption because “…that would let the naaasteee Toooreees in!”

    I want to apologise for our supine political class in its entirety and for the people who vote for them time after time in an act born of an eternal sense of inferiority and servility.

    Dafydd Iwan once sang, “Dyw’r Werin ddim digon o ddynion, bois” (“The people aren’t man enough, boys”), He was right then and by hell he’s right now.

    Fight on, Scotland! Save yourselves from our wretched fate and show the way ahead.

    • Illy says:

      That’s the plan.

      Unfortunately for our nerves, Nicola’s having to wait on the starting gun. Lots of good reasons for that, but it’s still unpleasant.

    • Macart says:

      No need for apologies. The people of Wales have an all too understandable weight on their shoulders. Anyone with a shred of empathy can sympathize. We’ve walked a mile in those shoes ourselves and decades of media propaganda take their toll.

      On the other thing? It’s a work in progress.

    • Marconatrix says:

      Diolch, Nigel. Efalla rhaid i chi dwad i’r Hen Ogledd 😉

      To be fair though, I feel sorry for the Welsh. It would have been good for them to have stood with Scotland, but I suppose we have to accept that they’re starting from a much weaker position. All the same it’s horrible to have to watch them do a humiliating deal with London.

      • I may have said it before, but were I twenty years younger and in better health, I would have come up to the Old North by now.

        BTW, the new party I’ve referred to here in the past is now approaching its launch. It already has a Twitter account:

  6. Robert Graham says:

    Oh god where to start ,

    The more cynical amongst us might say the Welsh Labour Party were leading us a merry dance , and their intention from the start was to bail out at the end , with the the immortal words we trust the government , Thanks a bunch friends .

    This open capitulation was a very political move and resulted in the usual pish from the Unionists ,Look the Welsh are satisfied ,its that Nicola that’s causing the problems , Aye f/n right our heads zip up the back as well.

    I remember the same crowd during the last budget discussion with our friendly Westminster government , Take it Take it its a good deal says Tory and labour , aye a good attempt at a 3 Billion £ theft by Westminster more like . So a friendly word to these Cretans shut the f/k up , you were wrong then and you are still wrong .

    I am starting to get sick up to the back teeth of these Unionist shenanigans , chip chip chip, it doesn’t matter , we know the final deal is going to be worse than we have now so why waste time , why go through all this rubbish. Every bloody day.

    I would be tempted right now to say F/k this and call a election in Scotland let’s get this bloody Farce over with, if people in Scotland are so F/n Dumb well that’s their fault at least the Indy movement tried , I would rather go down being defeated in a full on battle with Unionists than this slow lingering death by a thousand cuts .

  7. […] Wee Ginger Dug Standing firm for Scotland’s interests Westminster is using Brexit, something that Scotland didn’t vote for, in order to […]

  8. Cubby says:

    Wee ginger = king of the ad hom.

  9. astytaylor says:

    I would actually like to see Jacob Rees-Mogg become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
    And if it’s not him, then Boris Johnson.
    Farewell, Theresa.
    Jacob would wake us up. He would be the right man to be “in power” when the Scottish independence referendum was called.
    I mean, a lot of people can’t be bothered with politics and politicians. That’s a fact.
    But, when it comes to the crunch, and Scots have to decide Yes or No, to the question of, “should Scotland be an independent country?”, what better man to have as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom than Jacob Rees-Mogg?
    And what better person to have as First Minister of Scotland than Nicola Sturgeon?
    Who would you rather invite into your house?
    Who would you rather sit down and have a cup of tea with?
    Who cares about their fellow people?
    Bring it on, and bring it on, soon. Scotland needs to escape from Westminster.
    Mhairi Black, and all of our other MP’s, are wasting their time being stuck in London, in an archaic, ridiculous pantomime charade of “government”.
    And regardless of the failings of the BBC and the “mainstream” media, bring it on.
    David versus Goliath.
    Our aim is true.

  10. Clapper57 says:

    The Brexiteer ‘working class’ doff their caps to the likes of elitists such as Jacob R Mogg and bow down to his ‘gentlemanly’ ways . These ‘working class’ sycophants who have been so willingly brainwashed into believing that everything is indeed black and white and that there is no grey area , no need to empathise , sympathise , question, challenge, or indeed even fully understand the ‘finer’ points of Brexit . Only total acceptance and subservience is required. They fail to recognise the obvious, in that their support of a political party that traditionally promotes wealth and those who have it will ultimately end in their own downfall…..but hey Brexit !

    This is not surprising to many of us on here as we always knew there existed those who craved an outlet for their bigotry and hatred under the guise of ‘British’ or indeed ‘English’ patriotism . Brexit has provided the means to release the sleeping beast that lay dormant among the haters, the people who should be truly shamed in their blatant promotion of the false utopia of Brexit. The Brexiteers apparently aspire to be greater via their country and it’s a deluded superiority , a mantra as dictated by a political party who , through their political decisions, only aspire to keep them, the working class Brexiteers, in their place.

    Much has been said about respecting democracy and yet I, as a Scot, living in a country which voted Remain, I am not allowed to voice dissent or give an opinion on Brexit as is my democratic right as a citizen of this disunited fake country ‘Britain’ that has forged a dysfunctional non union.

    The overlords of Brexit , whether they be politicians or hacks, have deemed any challenge to Brexit as treachery . So my democratic rights have been relegated to that of a second class citizen status ( usual for a Scot in UK) and as such I am not allowed to voice my opinion if it is in any way not in accordance with that of a Brexiteer. As to my country Scotland, well it is clearly not an equal with you know who , and is being treated as a mere irritant that seemingly actively seeks to prohibit the master country from achieving it’s goal of (England) Britain uber alles.

    The saddest thing in all of this is that there are Scots who are still willing to maintain the status quo and deny Scotland the chance to dodge the Brexit bullet. Like a captain going down with his sinking ship , some Scots believe this is the only credible choice. Whether through bigotry , lazy acceptance of MSM propaganda or just through their own self interest they have no concept or vision that there is an alternate path . Incredible as this may seem what is more incredible is that there are English people actively urging Scots to choose independence to avoid the madness of the rabid Brexit hysteria that has infested their own country and it’s people.

    As to the farcical figure head that is currently masquerading as the Scottish secretary, he has proven through his abysmal lack of effort and indeed inaction that he is indeed clearly only a mere WM Tory puppet . His bumbling and shifty interviews personify a chancer clearly uncomfortable in presenting what he knows are a parcel of lies wrapped up in soundbites, which is a skill the Tories are indeed exemplary in.

    We frequently ask what is Scottish Labour for ? Well now we should ask what is both the Scottish and shadow Scottish secretaries for when their roles exists only to promote a unionist agenda first and foremost , a role that is merely a Unionist puppet ( heavily favouring WM) existing only to dictate terms to a Scottish government as defined by their masters at Westminster , blatantly ignoring the Scottish remain vote in the EU Ref and justifying this stance via the Unionist mantra of ‘We voted as the UK’.

    Then we have the newly elected Scottish Tory MP’s , like their Maybot mini me leader Davidson , supporting a minority Tory government , feigning faux outrage at the fishing fiasco broken promises but only doing so because their collective arses could be at risk come next GE .

    The party will always come first with a Tory politician….to those voters in Scotland who elected them one hopes post Brexit that they appreciate and respect that any negative consequences that impact them directly via Brexit, then the Scottish Tory MP they elected should be the Tory voting Unionist’s first port of call when any shit hits the fan …..and not the Scottish government.

    If you voted for a Scottish Unionist Tory MP in the last GE then you must remember Brexit is deemed to be a ‘UK’ issue , so one should look for a Unionist Scottish Tory party MP to provide the solution and not expect a devolved government to rescue you from what is being presented as a UK (Unionist) decision, more so since the devolved governments have had no say or participation in any deals made with the EU re Brexit and in Scotland’s case voted against it .

    I suspect though that many Scottish Brexit farmers and fisherman WILL be pursuing the Scottish government and not their chosen Scottish Tory MP masters who have engineered and championed Brexit and who currently sit at Westminster .

    These unionists voters will be confident that both the media and political unionists will target the Scottish government to both act and offer solutions and expect SNP to mitigate any Brexit damage instigated by a unionist WM government via a ‘UK’ vote, which to a unionist voter is a win win situation.

    The hypocrisy of this position will of course NOT be highlighted by the media but will be used as a means to attack the SNP government’s lack of action. While Scottish Unionist parties will jump on this unionist bandwagon while ignoring their own party’s culpability in the farce that is Brexit.

    Devolution I fear is being used by some Scots unionist voters as a way of reaping the benefits as bestowed by the devolved Scottish government , that is the SNP , via free tuition fees, free prescriptions etc , however these Scots unionists also indulge in their own personal lack of vision for their country by continuing to vote for unionist parties in a GE, one could say, for them, tis a cake and eat it situation .

    Brexit however may burst their idyllic bubble to such an extent that not even the SNP will be able to protect and mitigate the economic mess that will surely ensue. It is currently of no surprise that the media are complicit in the protection of born again Brexiteers such as Mundell, Davidson and co because to expose them would be to highlight the hypocrisy that they represent and that in itself would expose the unionist myth of being better together .

    I will not bother commenting much on Corbyn and Leonard since they both choose to sit on the fence and only jump off the fence dependent on popular opinion, and when they do jump off their message is incoherent and inconsistent with others within their party.

    In a nutshell the ‘broad shoulders’ of the UK establishment are , as predicted by those who voted yes in 2014, sloping. But it is expected that we, in Scotland, should just suffer the many consequences irrespective of any aversion we have to WM UK rule and now Brexit. It would appear that by voting ‘No’ in 2014 many have fallen into the trap that will always exist while we remain a part of the UK, and that is, that we in Scotland, will always be outvoted in a UK vote , only England’s opinion matters and our devolved parliament is treated and deemed as a mere puppet parliament to pander to and be dictated to by WM – I think in this sense ,we the Scots , know who the ‘many’ are and who the ‘few’ are in UKOK and no , it’s not Corbyn’s political soundbite vision of UKOK but the future vision of a Scotland remaining within the UK being overruled by and dictated to by a more dominant and populated country via it’s Tory fascist government indeed by any unionist government. But hey…Brexit.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Wow Clapper57. You must now have repetitive strain injury of your hands. Many good points well made.

      • Clapper57 says:

        More repetitive pain than strain….all things considered .

        It is like a carousel of constant onslaughts ….deja vu with the usual suspects .

    • Margaret McQuade McAuslan says:

      I agree that many working class people are subservient towards what they imagine to be ‘their betters’. However, I think that the vast majority of the lower and upper middle class are far more indoctrinated in the class system and much more subservient and forelock tugging towards the monarchy, the bishops, the lords and ladies and landed gentry. Give someone a double barreled name, a private education, and a posh accent and the middle classes will kow-tow to them regardless of the nastiness of the policies espoused by the likes of Jacob and his mates.

      • Clapper57 says:

        I agree , valid point Margaret , however the big difference , IMO, is that with a Tory government it will be the working class people who supported Brexit who will , as usual, suffer the most when money gets tight post Brexit….say when there is no Tory ‘magic money tree’ to be found. It is also because the rabid Brexit working class supporters believe that people like Jacob R M are superior solely because of their class and not because of any significant achievement they have attained.

        In respect to the social classes you mention their fawning is aspirational, their objective being to achieve equal social status to those that they enviously admire and perceive to be in a privileged and superior position to them .

        The class system in this country has a lot to answer for as has the misconception of private educated individuals schooled at elite establishments being the best candidates for prominent positions in society.

        If the likes of Boris and co are examples of this then it is indeed proof that one cannot measure the man merely by his educational background, indeed it is becoming obvious that these people are the least capable in holding a position in public office. Their selfishness, ruthlessness and self promotion are not worthy traits to have as a public servant …. I suspect their schooling reinforced what was inherent in their families….and that is that they are the ruling class and thus bow down to no one…..and serve no one but themselves.

        Don’t get me started on the royal family and Bishops…..

        Have a good day Margaret.

      • Hear hear, Margaret.

  11. Wow! What Clapper 57 said.
    Neil Findlay and that other Dick, Leonard, Up the Workers Socialist shams, are now in bed with Rape Clause Ruth and Universal Credit Tomkins.
    Fuck the workers, they are now nakedly open anti Scottish traitors who have sold their souls to their English Masters and have abandoned the ordinary Scots people to perpetual colonial subservience and penury.
    They are, like all Brit Nat ProudScotsBut, enemies of the people of Scotland.

    They have destroyed shipbuilding in Scotland by becoming good wee Free Trade Red Tory capitalists.
    Fuck them all.

    We have engaged the enemy. Scottish branch Labour are the enemy of the ordinary people.
    How do they sleep o’ nights?
    Great piece, Clapper 57.

    A good year, btw.
    Mundell is a bumbling dithering fool who will be reduced to a

  12. So what will be the next move by the Westminster Government.

    Perhaps they will use the MSM to place all the blame for non agreement with the ‘stubborn and intransegent SNP’ who are only doing this for petty party reasons and with the ultimate aim of breaking-up our precious union. The WG has 95 percent control of the
    print media and 100 percent control of broadcast media. It’s hard to see a full-on media onslaught not having the desired effect. The Scottish goverment has to somehow counter such an attack by explaining the dangers to the devolution settlement to a mostly
    disinterested Scottish public.

    • It’s all that evil wee wummin Nicola Sturgeon’s fault, or so the headline writers, BBC/STV editors,and every print and broadcast journo and of course every ProudScotBut Brit Nat MP and MSP anti Scottish puppet of their English Establishment Masters keeps telling us.
      They actually believe that if they say ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ often enough, we’ll all crumble and give in to English Oppression.

  13. You do wonder where the figure of *7* years comes from.

    Do the Tories now predict defeat at the next Holyrood elections and have started planning for the ones after that?

    • Gina Woolridge says:

      Maybe it was in a prediction by mystic seer, John McTernan of the Conservative Labour Party.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Ach you’re all heathens in north britain..
      Mother theresa got it from the bible, everything works in Seven year cycles, says so in the king james version of the fairy tales from the middle east, you know the one where the palestinian, jesus christ, didn’t get a suntan, he was as white as the driven snow.
      TM is the new Moses of the nazi britainers, or no brainers

      • One for the film buffs; perhaps it’s Se7en years?
        To atone for our Deadly Devolved Sins.

        • Dave tewart says:

          Aye Jack
          she’s hi jacked some good stories in her time, but can’t keep the promises.
          She’s just come from leading the englandlanders out of the desert of the EU.
          Delivered the first of the new commandments on tablets of MDF to Nicola.
          Thou shall do what I command.
          Hasn’t the wit to see that the EU are about to do the same to englandland but it will be tablets of more substance, backed up with 27 2nil point” votes.
          A compliant media is already softening us up for the big fight, Atonement, Dunkirk, Churchill, weddings, child births, games and bread, If you can prove you’re entitled to it.
          ms Rudd didn’t tell us lies yesterday, she was just enconomic with the truth.
          Wonndering if mother theresa has thought she mght have bombed a decendant of jesus christ, the palestinian rebel, who fought the big bad nasty roman empire.
          Still think the chuckie embra was a bit rushed to get a new joint , just so he has a good excuse not to go to the wedding of some non royals.

  14. Gina Woolridge says:

    Maybe it was in a prediction by mystic seer, John McTernan of the Conservative Labour Party.

  15. Macart says:

    Grassroots… 😀

    (just add https://)

  16. diabloandco says:

    Paul , that CV you wrote for the Right Honourable Mogg is spot on.

  17. Macart says:

    Worth watching

  18. Macart says:

    These two tweets basically.

    Two who knew(?) moments right there.

    Yes, Westminster is going to shit all over the devolution settlement and may even win its court case in its own court, in its own back yard. How and ever, it brings the very concept of political union to an end.

    Now people, they will go one of two ways here. They will either bury their Pyrrhic victory so deep in the meeja, you’d require a GPS and a world class spelunking team in order to find it, or they will go loud on the SNP badness of it all and the pure personal humiliation of Scotland’s FM. Not our parliament. Not our politics. Not our rights. Only our FM and her party.

    Neither can be allowed to happen unanswered. Where they go quiet, the YES movement gets loud. Where they go loud with misrepresentation, we get louder with debunking. Interwebby, social meeja, and face to face in the street, the pub, the work, the livingroom.

    They want to quietly tear their union apart in favour of total dominance and assimilation. The first part of that cunning plan I have no problem with, the second needs loudly and peacefully challenged and with as much public awareness/access as we can muster.

    (Just add https:// to the tweets)

    • Robert Graham says:

      Any point in treading the same water , England assisted by Labour in Scotland will sacrifice Holyrood , Labour has lost any influence or control of our Parliament so nothing lost there , the fact that a ex labour MP Wells is involved with Scotland in Union gives the game away ,

      I believe Labour will commit the Ultimate betrayal and work with the tory party and stand aside while Holyrood is closed , the first step was made by labour in Wales as a precursor to the labour in Scotland move ,

      They are probably working the draft of the Scabby Weasel words right now.

      I hope Nicola and the SNP are off the mark quickly enough to head them off at the pass , and are preparing for the stab in the back thats sure to follow .

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Devious bastards……….

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