Things worth despising

Some British nationalists are trying to stir up some controversy because SNP MSP James Dornan said on Twitter that he despises being a part of the UK. Cue major harrumphage from the usual suspects, those British nationalists who are always the first to claim victimhood status in defence of the right of the British state to rule unchallenged. That vile cybernat MSP says that he hates every single person in the UK. He hates the baby prince. He hates little babies! Help, help, we poor British nationalists who are not nationalists at all are being oppressed by that horrible and nasty separatist. He’s saying nasty things about us!

It’s perfectly justified to say nasty things about a state which does nasty things. When someone condemns the actions of the British state, only a self-serving fool would believe that the condemnation extends to every single person in the British state. But Twitter is full of self-serving thin-skinned fools prone to anger, and so is British nationalism. Put the two together and you have a recipe for outraged idiocy.

James made the comment in relation to the UK government’s treatment of the Windrush generation of migrants. A cohort of people who arrived in the UK from what were the Colonies, having been told that they were British, having been told that the so-called Mother Country needed them. They arrived here to discover that their lives and opportunities were blighted by racism. Then that British failure was compounded by a Home Office which, in order to placate the howling bigots of the right wing press, told them that having lived and worked in the UK for almost all their lives that they were no longer welcome here. People who worked in the NHS for decades were told that they were not entitled to NHS treatment. People lost their jobs and their homes. Families were split up. All because Theresa May wanted to create a hostile environment for migrants, in pursuit of the approval of racists.

James has a point, and he’s certainly not the only one who despises being a part of an uncaring, xenophobic, and increasingly parochial Disunited Kingdom which prides itself on nothing but an exceptionalism which is entirely imaginary and is based on distant memories of a cruel and rapacious Empire. The truth is that the United Kingdom is and always was an exercise in exploitation. The UK began its life in 1707 as an invitation to the Scottish establishment to join with their English equivalents in the theft of resources and people, from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. British imperialism was based on the exploitation of working class people in Britain and Ireland, and on the exploitation of those countries which it pleased the British state to call its colonies.

British imperialism expressed itself in Scotland and Ireland with the imposition of an religious-ethnic hierarchy in which people of Irish and Gaelic Catholic origin were firmly at the bottom of the pile, for generations denied opportunities, jobs, and decent housing. The fact that the major working class expression of British nationalism in Scotland and Northern Ireland is still the bigotry of an Orange Parade tells you all you need to know about the nature of the British state. British nationalism in Scotland and Ireland is not and never was an exercise in inclusivity.

We live in a state in which people dependent on state aid are demonised and vilified, yet a large majority of people receiving financial help from the state are employed. We live in a state where it is not possible to work your way out of poverty, where the gap between the rich and the poor is amongst the widest in the developed world and is a chasm which yawns increasingly wider. 60% of families living in poverty are headed by people in work. We live in a state whose housing policies have created a generation of young people who are increasingly unlikely to ever own their own home and who will rely for the rest of their lives on precarious private rentals because that same state has destroyed the stock of social housing.

People don’t support Scottish independence because we think that the UK is a wonderful place. We support it because we believe it to be a dysfunctional state which is incapable of reforming itself. We support Scottish independence because being a part of the UK is damaging to Scotland’s interests and this country could do so much better if it were not shackled to a state which does not have Scotland’s interests at heart, and which lies and dissembles to the people of this country. We support Scottish independence because we despise a British establishment which creates its own wealth and privilege at the expense of the majority. We support Scottish independence because we seek a remedy which works for Scotland, a remedy which can act as an example to the rest of the UK.

If the British state wasn’t despicable, we wouldn’t be seeking to leave it in the first place. The reason that British nationalists hate the desire for Scottish independence so much is because Scottish independence isn’t driven by a belief that Scotland is better than anywhere else. Its motive force is not a hatred of the English or anyone else. The campaign for Scottish independence is driven and motivated by the failures and inadequacies of a British state that doesn’t work for all its citizens and all its constituent parts. It doesn’t work for all its citizens and constituent parts because that’s precisely how the British state was set up to work.

But rather than look at the legion of sins of the British state, rather than atone for its many victims, the poor, the dispossessed, those suffering the racism of the Home Office, the generation of young people who will never enjoy secure employment or accommodation, apologists for British nationalism would rather carp about those who condemn the failures of the British state. They have the utter gall to imagine that they are the victims instead of those whom the British state victimises. That’s pretty despicable.

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40 comments on “Things worth despising

  1. Simon Rodger says:

    You’ll need a bowl of cold water for your paws to cool down in after writing this one wee ginger. More blistering brilliance from the dug, fired with righteous fury. Loved it.

  2. Anne Martin says:

    In my Spanish class this morning the teacher asked us what the UK Government is doing to the people from the Caribbean who had worked in Britain for so many years.

    The class consists of one Mancunian, two Welsh and one Scot (me) and we found it extremely difficult to explain to her what is happening in this Brexit farce. The difficulty wasn’t because we had to do it in Spanish!

    I was interested to hear that a woman in Spain knows what is going on in the UK while so many Brits seem to be unable to see it.

    • Hamish Kirk says:

      This discussion will divert us from the important things like Football on the Telly and Strictly Come Dancing. Leav us to our Bread and Circuses !

      • Nicely put, Hamish. Bread and circuses paved the way for the downfall of the Roman Empire … we need to be out of the British version before it, too, descends into carnage!

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  4. mogabee says:

    I seem to be running out of words to describe the government in Westminster and their pathetic, snivelling, incompetent, cruel and heartless policies.

    They’ve bombed and destroyed nations and peoples around the world so attacking their own was obviously the next step, stands to reason. All that pent up fury had to be directed somewhere so why not target the weakest in society, or follow Thatcher’s “no such thing as society” to it’s final conclusion.

    And as for labour…could they shout a bit louder against all the atrocities because all I can hear is ‘let’s attack SNP alongside the Tories’…

    • Marconatrix says:

      When it comes to principled political leadership and any real sense of direction, Scotland almost stands alone within the UK. Both major English parties seem to up the river of excrement without a paddle, boding nothing but dangerous damaging chaos in the short-term. We can only hope that something good will emerge in time, surely there must be someone of stature out there somewhere? Or is that too much to hope? Will we simply get another chancer in the mould of Blair (heaven forbid!)?
      As an aside, I see that Caerwyn Jones has announced his resignation as leader of Welsh Labour, no idea who will succeed him or if they’ll be any improvement.

  5. Cubby says:

    A brilliant piece of writing.

    Your 7th paragraph ” People don’t support independence……. should be put up In
    lights everywhere during Indyref2.

    These sentences perfectly sum up why indepence is sought. Everybody should use them

  6. Sublime, Paul.

    This from a gander through the ethernet earlier.

    “Every year I speak at a ceremony in City Hall, at which we congratulate people who have lived and worked hard in this country, and who have become British citizens. They come from all over the world, and it is always moving to see the enthusiasm with which they sing the national anthem, and then have their picture taken with the big photo of the Queen. I always tell them that in becoming British, they have achieved something fantastic – and they plainly agree.

    What are we to tell them in the future, if the Scots vote to go it alone? That they have become citizens of the rUK (rest of the UK) and that they must uphold rUKish values? We could tell them that they were all now “English” – but that doesn’t mean quite the same in a city where 40 per cent were born abroad and where not everyone can have an “English rose” complexion.”

    Boris Johnson 08/09/14 The Telegraph, urging Scotland not to break away..

    An ‘English rose’ complexion and a ‘big photo of the Queen’ to bow and curtsey to.

    A despicable human being.
    I too despise their UK.

    • Marconatrix says:

      You can see their problem though. To the English mindset, ‘British’ is a vague open category to which outsiders can be admitted as sort of ‘associate members’, but to be English is to belong to a much more exclusive club. So without Scotland and NI (Wales is hardly ever noticed) this ‘outer fringe’ fudged nationality would no longer exist. But to admit a bunch of foreigners, ‘darkies’ even (shock! horror!) to the sacred precinct of Englishness, that I fear would just be a step too far for many.

      • This is very nicely put, and answers in part a question I’ve been struggling with for years – what does Britain mean to the English? It is literally a flag of convenience.

  7. Willie D. says:

    The Orange Order isn’t a major manifestation of British nationalism, it’s a very minor one, bearing in mind that it has its chief strength in Northern Ireland, where it has only 34,000 members out of a Protestant population of 900,000. It is even less significant in Scotland where it never succeeded in attracting more than 2% of its target population, even in its areas of greatest strength.If all Scottish and Irish unionists are automatically categorized as British nationalists, then the O.O. plays little part in this nationalism.

    • East Neuker says:

      What’s your point? The Orange Order’s influence on stupid people goes way beyond its acknowledged membership. They encourage the unionist anti- catholic right wing bigots of Scotland to do what they do…. Encourage a hate fest against anyone who is pro independence, not a “Proddy” (though most of them would not be able to give a coherent description of what what that means), is Asian, Muslim, or anything else that isn’t their brand of knuckle dragging Sash wearing imbecile.
      There was one side at the Battle of the Boyne who had Papal Blessing….. That was William of Orange. That’s just an aside.
      I am a descendant of Ulster Protestants. I am not religious. I do not support sectarianism from any source.
      You are obviously an apologist for the OO. I saw what the importation of Belfast Orange b******s by Harland and Woolf did to Partick by the 60’s. The OO are poison. End of.

  8. chicmac says:

    Without the sanity checks and balances of a written constitution which embraces federalism and subsidiarity, a democracy will inevitably evolve into either a regionally tyrannical monster or a religiously tyrannical monster, having typically gone through a relatively brief class warfare episode.

    It is just a question of time, and the UK has had plenty of that.

    After a period where a class war between the greedy and the needy was played out in a fairly dispersed theatre, gradually a majority if the greed layer has relocated to the SE around London.

    There they find that they pretty well have large enough percentage of the electorate to establish a regional tyranny of the majority on the rest of the country courtesy of a democracy devoid of the checks and balances afore mentioned.

    They forget, however, that Scotland is not a region but a country, culturally, politically and legally.

  9. Macart says:

    Couldn’t agree more Paul.

    I posted most of this last thread, but it seems more suited to this one.

    The YES movement and the SNP Scottish Government have been accused of xenophobia and blood and soil nationalism many times. Its not only wicked demonisation, but tiresome. The difference for all to see these days, given the increasing regularity of headlines of systemic racism present within both the Labour party and the Conservative government, is that unionist politicians at the very highest levels actually practice it with near impunity. Policy and legislation enacted to the detriment of ethnic and religious minorities, mainly because they can, because it’s useful for them and because it’s deemed expedient.

    And people? Today, Scots (which includes all the peoples of Scotland) and those supportive of self determination ARE one of those ethnic minorities in the UK. You need only check out the headlines of the usual suspects in the run up to any ballot to see how Scots are regarded and used by the UK media and their chain tuggers. Used to affect the opinion of England’s electorate. Used as the bogeyman under the bed to terrify the weans. Who could forget Tartan Terrors, The most dangerous woman in Britain or the Thames running red editorials. Those who run the Westminster system in that cosy wee closed shop have discriminated for years along countless demographic lines. They live for the exclusionist strategy of the day. The worst offenders aren’t even true racists. They own allegiance to no flag or nationality. They use people like that to do their dirty work and take the headlines should it all go terribly wrong. No. Their motivation is power and wealth, pretty much end of. That’s just how callous these bods are. They use.

    So when folk are fed up of being used? That’ll be when we can call time on these creatures.

    Clearly there is also the historical context mentioned ATL. The Westminster UK government is no stranger to exploitation, ethnic abuse, exclusion and demonisation. They’re pretty much go to tools of the trade.

    UK politics as it is practised… even today.

    • After Brexit, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that Scots, or at least some Scots, will be excluded from British society. Why not, it’s already happened with EVEL? Access to jobs throughout Britain, promotion at work, licences for business, permissions for business. A sort of apartheid. This happened in the past in Scotland with Catholics and Irish in England. This would be both to teach us a lesson and to keep us powerless. Also of course, after years of anti-Scottish, anti-SNP propaganda, the English resent us and with all respect to them, don’t seem to like Scots, or Scotland very much either.
      EVEL was instigated without a word of protest from the English public. I don’t remember the British Labour party manning the barricades. The English are so brainwashed against us now by their media, that they most probably would welcome a Scottish apartheid. After Brexit, they will no longer have the EU to blame for all their ills. So guess who will be the next scapegoat? Yep us. Think the anti-Scottish bias has been bad up to now? That will be as nothing as to what is to come. We will be a Wasteland sucked dry, literally, by a voracious, populous England.
      Who is going to protect us. Would there be an outcry from the Scottish media? Aye right. There won’t be a Scottish Parliament, so no protection there. SNP MP’s? They can be ignored by the Tory government and their media. After Brexit, no EU Human Rights for us. The psychopathic Tories can behave as they like.
      Without Independence, this is our future.

  10. Robert Graham says:

    Excellent piece Paul gets right to the heart of things, your comments are exactly the wake up call people should be aware of , and the media including the biggest propaganda machine on the planet the BBC know this, their daily dose of total pish is meant to drown out anyone pointing out how bad this country is getting ,

    This morning We had a procession of Tory apologists defending Universal Credit a disaster of right wing ideological brain dead uncaring vindictive spite .designed to make all claimants life a bit worse than it was yesterday , it should be renamed Universal punishment for those who have the cheek to claim anything.

    All the idiots who support cutting welfare better hope they never get sick , never have to claim anything because the safety net they themselves helped to destroy will be gone , Unionists have never been good at thinking about the consequences of their spiteful actions.
    I am all right jack and f/k the rest of you, That’s Thatchers legacy in action .Well done chaps your playing a blinder.
    Vote Tory I wouldn’t pish on them , they are Evil .

    • astytaylor says:

      Yes, it all went off the rails with Thatcher, and people bought into it.
      I had a friend called Donald, who was a medical student. A staunch socialist.
      After a beer or two on a Friday night he’d kick the door of the nearest Porsche parked outside whatever yuppy wine bar in the West end of Glasgow. Donald went on to be a highly respected GP, caring for people. The yuppies went on to be millionaires, shitting on people.
      Maybe that is an over-simplification.
      However, I believe that we need to rediscover the common good that is in us all, and do the decent thing. See the bigger picture, and work together.

  11. crabbitgits says:

    !000% behind every word, every syllable! An absolute stonker Paul. Thanks for being you.

  12. Macart says:


    “Keeping Barnett formula ‘not appropriate’ after Brexit, warns Institute for Fiscal Studies”

    • I’ve just watched Mike Russell in full magnificent flow!

      Tomkins Findlay and Scott joined forces in a Better Together three pronged limp ‘attack’ arguing that if the Welsh Government folded and accepted that the English parliament could power grab devolved areas for at least 7 years, surely Russell should follow suit?

      The old Brit Empire ploy; divide and conquer.
      This was arguably Mike Russell’s finest hour.

      James Kelly, Graham Simpson, Jackson Carlaw were left tongue tied and humiliated.

      Again, the Presiding Officer allowed the tripartite to ask the Same Scots/Welsh schism question FOUR times.

      Has he abandoned his regulatory role?

      Or is he under Better Together/BBC orders to look the other way?

      As Russell quipped, if any member does not believe in devolution why the hell are they in the chamber?

      It is all coming to a head.

      So much for Brewer and ‘Sevvie’ at the week end assuring the grannies watching that a deal was imminent.

      I highly recommend that everyone watch Mike Russell’s stellar performance and evisceration one by one of the Yoons.

      I actually applauded at the end.

      No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.
      I believe that Russell is ‘English’. Why don’t I hate him?

      • Macart says:

        I suspect we’re just weird not hating English people because they’re English. (shrugs)

        Also? I’m guessing we’re probably the wrong kind of nationalist or some such. 😀

        • Caught the Jackie, Glenn, Toodle Oo The Noo, Eradley, Mundell, synopsis of Mike Russell’s excellent presentation to the Scottish parliament.

          Goebbels House on the Quay at its propaganda best ; SNP BAD by editing, voice overs, and omission.

          Taylor of course now reduces any reference to the democratically elected Scottish Government to ‘The SNP’, and opined that the SNP are ‘isolated’ now that Carwyn Jones has been forced out of office and his Labour colleagues have folded, betraying their parliament but being good Brit Nat sacrificial lambs besides..

          This is one of the many the essential bits of Russell’s remarkable presentation which Jackie, Glenn, Taylor ,Eardley , plus of course His Fluffieness missed out.

          Below is an abstract from Russell’s excellent speech. It’s a bit long, but bear with me.

          None of this section was considered newsworthy or fit for broadcast by Donalda and her EBC Glasgow Stockade team.

          “But there is still a way forward. In fact there are two possible ways forward and I have outlined these to David Lidington. The First Minister has now also outlined them to the Prime Minster

          The first is to simply remove clause 11 from the bill.

          Both the Scottish and UK Governments could then agree, on equal terms, not to bring forward legislation in devolved policy areas while negotiations on frameworks are taking place.

          In fact in that way, the Scottish Government is offering exactly the same “certainty” being offered by the UK Government.

          And we could do so, as we have indicated, within a written and signed document which indicates that neither side would unreasonably withhold agreement.

          We believe that if such a voluntary agreement is good enough for Westminster, it must be good enough for Holyrood.

          This solution would also demonstrate equity of treatment in keeping with repeated assurances made to the people of Scotland during and after the 2014 referendum and as part of the 2016 referendum campaign.

          If the UK Government rejects this reasonable proposal there is another possible solution.

          We could agree to abide by the present system. In that system any regulations preventing the Scottish Parliament from legislating in devolved matters for a temporary period of time must only be introduced when that is agreed by the Scottish Parliament.

          That means amendments to clause 11 must make it clear that absolute Scottish Parliament consent is required.

          There must be no over-ride power for UK ministers in the EU Withdrawal Bill.

          That will be consistent with the way other order-making powers are currently exercised and with the devolution settlement and is the proposal we have repeatedly made to the UK government.”

          According to BBC Reporting Scotland, there is nothing to see here, move on.
          What a bunch of Lord Haw Haws.

          We are in the mix now.
          The storm clouds are gathering.

  13. […] via Things worth despising […]

  14. Alba woman says:

    A very powerful piece…so well written and right at the cutting edge of Scottish politics and social realities.

    I live in an area where the OO are allowed to march about frequently. The organisation’s reasons for marching are never questioned by those who grant permission to march.

    Time now for those folk in the councils who sign off these marches to request a detailed statement from the OO as to their motives for marching. At the same time the council folk who sign these these off could do some research as to the history, values,attitudes and actions of this organisation.

    A further consideration could the rights of communities and the Human Rights Act and legislation covering sectarian, racist, behaviour.

    There is always Hope.

  15. That is probably the finest piece of political prose I’ve read in a very long time … and there is not a single word with which I could disagree. Magnificent, Paul.

  16. grizebard says:

    We support [independence] because we believe [the UK] to be a dysfunctional state which is incapable of reforming itself.

    There it is in a nutshell.

    Thanks, Paul. Yet another “nail on the head” article.

  17. Geordie says:

    Magnificent article. Needs to go in the arsenal for Indy2.

  18. Angus Coutts says:

    ‘Howling Bigots Of The Right Wing Press’.

    That’s a good one worth keeping for future use.

  19. Robert Graham says:

    a bit o/t but not much – anyone shine any light on the rumour of our friends in Wales have thrown in the towel and backed down and are allowing Westminster to walk all over their continuity bill .

    If this is correct and our fair weather friends have indeed left us alone it dosent surprise me , I worked for an English company for more than 25 years every single time a dispute developed with head office in Kent ,we could count on the Irish to back us , the Welsh backed out every single time bought off with promises of Jam tomorrow they haven’t changed .

    I know its never a good idea to tar the many with the actions of the few , i know they are not all the same its just through personal involvement i make this observation .Also Labour are involved so i guess some arm twisting was involved . the Precious Union benefit in action once again .

  20. Robert Graham says:

    O/t again – For the good of your health and well being dont watch Scottish Questions , Watching Fluffy would make the best of us sick , what a useless artical and a disgrace he was appointed .

  21. ‘If the British state wasn’t despicable, we wouldn’t be seeking to leave it in the first place.’

    I would. The UK is not a dysfunctional state. Its function is to keep Scotland unfree.

  22. Jim Morris says:

    “People dependant on state aid”
    The Royal Family and everyone who works for them.
    The House of Lords, the House of Commons, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, N.I. Members of Assembly, and all those who work for these establishments and their individual members.
    All judges, magistrates, justices of the peace, court officials and all solicitors and lawyers and their staff who benefit from the legal system.
    All military personnel and the firms who arm and cloth them and provide other equipment and services for them..
    All police and security forces and their civilian support services.
    Everyone in the Diplomatic Services
    Everyone in a Government Agency, Department or service
    Everyone in state schools, colleges and universities.
    All local authorities, elected or otherwise and their various services
    All N.H.S. Staff and sub-contractors.

    Please feel free to add to the list as appropriate.

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