Mushroom farming the population

A guest post by Samuel Miller

From the lack of serious Scottish political news out there you’d be forgiven for thinking that bugger all is happening. Not to mention you may be feeling a bit frustrated, anxious or downright borderline paranoid. Perhaps worth remembering, that one way or another this is going to be a fairly important year for Scotland’s population. There is a lot going on in political and legal circles people aren’t normally privy to and won’t necessarily understand the necessity of, (there always is). It’s also WHY we have a political class. They are there to administer and manage the process/procedures of government. They are there to deal with and within these legalities, adhere to their mandated pledges, and work in the best interests of the population in their care. That is to say, a duty of care without fear or favour. The REAL day job.

This lack of knowledge does NOT make the public stupid. A little explanation now and again can go a long way for people who aren’t anoraks, but who do feel anxious or afraid (bit of a theme of mine this week). You can see why it is also where the less altruistic, or less ethical, elements of establishment parties and the mainstream media find this lack of knowledge or engagement fertile ground. Mmmm… and by less altruistic and ethical,  I mean pretty much all of them and the horse they rode in on. (And do we really need to revisit every scandal, fib and theft in parliamentary history followed by a blow by blow account of the Leveson inquiry? Not to mention the sheer animosity displayed over the past several years by the vast majority of the UK media toward the concept of independence, the Scottish government and YES movement?)

Ignorance is their friend as we’ve seen time and again. They use people’s lack of political engagement and knowledge on say; constitutional law, the Scotland bill settlement, devolved and reserved issues, the nature of the Barnett formula, to basically confuse at best or make shit up at worst. They also create memes, project definitions and narratives to harm or hinder demographics and opposition as required (see under ‘Nat’s’ and YES movement’s major motivation apparently being hatred of the English and generally just being unpleasant, blood and soil, tartan terror, most dangerous wummin, blah de blah… sigh). Like chimps on a sugar rush, they chuck pooh in all directions knowing some will stick and become a set myth. Finally, these reckless, (some might say idiotic), elements have apparently limitless access to similar elements within a mainstream media which appears only too willing to disseminate and/or give credence to their guff. Oh, and the popular market saturation to spread it far and wide. The detrimental effect this has on wider society? Well, they don’t seem too bothered about that. A win’s a win and they can always create another narrative to sweep the scraps together at a later date when they need a vote or two. People will understand. It’s not personal. It’s just politics.

Charmers one and all really.

So here’s the pitch. People fear the unknown and as we’ve previously noted, not everyone is interested in politics or will be engaged by it. They just want it to work and have someone to blame when it doesn’t. These are the people who need to hear the opposing view and be provided with access to information and opinion which is counter to an often alarming mainstream narrative. New media sites like this, video media sources such as Phantom Power, Livestream, Truly Scottish TV and hardcopy voices such as the National and iScot, are the only balance and representation near half of Scotland’s population have at their disposal. The only opportunity to shine some light in those dark corners and dispel needless or callously engendered fears. Spookily though, even with all their power, access and wealth, the establishment are still fearful of such relatively small voices. That should really tell you something.

I mean, could it actually be that this new media does have a knack for cutting through wonk speak and metro babble? Might it be that butterfly effect thingy has some legs right enough? Clearly for some that would never do. Tut! Maybe also worth a thought readers, but with knowledge fear of the unknown lessens. Once you have seen or learnt a thing for yourself, it cannot be unseen or unlearnt. I’d say that without question and if it was at all possible, there are political and media elements who would deny people even this route to representation and self expression. Some folk apparently don’t like competition for their narratives. Who knew?

This year, of all years, with Brexit looming, austerity ideology still in full effect and a central government seemingly set on deconstructing a devolution settlement IT created to suit its own ends. This year, we need to focus on keeping these lines of communication open. Call it a hunch, but I think we’re going to need every means of reaching people we can get our hands on and in the not too distant future.

Without them? We go back to the days of mushroom farming and sleepwalking toward that cliff edge. Now I don’t know about you readers, but other than the aforementioned fungi, I can’t think of anyone who would appreciate being kept in the dark and fed on sh… manure.

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    • Alasdair Macdonald. says:

      A good article, Macart.

      However, the thing with analogies is that they can be interpreted in different ways, because, being analogies, they are not the real thing (whatever that is — but I will stop being philosophically pretentious here!)

      Mushrooms and fungi are nature’s way of recycling the biochemical constituents of dead organisms into new living organisms. And, as any farmer or gardener will tell you shite is very useful stuff.

      The Biblical story of the bees colonising the carcass of the lion which Samson had slain is another analogy of rebirth.

      So, while I think that you probably intended to present a pessimistic narrative in the hope of motivating people to open their eyes, it might be that blogs like this are the fungi/mushrooms which are recycling and recreating.

      “Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will!”

  2. Puzzled Puss says:

    You have once again hit the nail squarely on the head there. I’m really beginning to wonder now about the feasibility of crowdfunding some kind of court action to call the BBC in particular to account for its failure in its responsibility to report Scottish news impartially to the Scottish public.

    • J .Coogan says:

      Exactly we need to get on the front foot with corrupt brainwashing bastards, just think what the feeling in the country would be if we could show everybody what they are really up to.

  3. Dave tewart says:

    Wonderful balance on eBC and shortbread today.
    Stagecoach bus driver in Folkstone verbally abuses disabled passenger.
    Stagecoach bus driver in Prestwick takes disabled passenger across the road.
    The Chuckie embra is getting a new hip joint in a Hospital, strange that one , thought sailers just got a bit of rag to bite on and it was done in the kitchen.
    Bit over the top though to NOT go to the wedding.
    Meantime Mother Theresa promises to end the gender pay gap in a generation.
    Isn’t a generation considered to be 25 years?
    Just another of her promises like:-
    A proper inquiry into Grenfell
    A child abuse inquiry
    Stamp down on Bitcoin
    Stamp down on Internet use
    A vote on the Brexit deal
    £2 billion for afordable homes
    Sort out the energy market rip off
    Personally solve the housing crisis
    Maintain and improve animal welfare standards
    End fox hunting or maybe reinstate fox hunting, whichever is this weeks flavour
    Create a new generation of council housing
    Fast track asylum claims from refugees in Calais
    Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe

    SOme of the shi….sorry manure
    Good post Sam we all forget but if we copy and paste our computer doesn’t
    We need out of this

    • Andy Anderson says:

      The list of lies is longer than this. A good list though.

      • Dave tewart says:

        Thanks Andy
        I have a longer listing but it’s now Three Pages of A4 so I just put in a few of her empty promises.
        Left out the famous , No GE needs to be called, oops, have a GE.
        As Sam says we are being manipulated because they pelt us with manure, we’re not capable of dealing with more than 3 items of news at a time, so an empty promise is passed on by an empty press. They repeat old news , witness EBC and the Skye footprints, that was last years item.
        The submarine PM is lost somewhere, low profile like Truthful Ruthie and Mundell, she’s taught them well

  4. fillofficer says:

    jeez sam, i hope your hunch is correct. scotgov needs to use the mandate asap, else we’re fooked

  5. Marconatrix says:

    At the risk of being just a wee tad OT, here’s an interesting article from Wales about how you need to tell a good story to change attitudes and minds, especially with regard to Indy. Facts alone will often fall flat and fail to engage. We at least are a lot further on the path to nationhood than they are :

  6. Andy Anderson says:

    Communication, that’s it in one word Sam. Vision of a future, a realistic vision with broad facts and a few good catch phrases.

    Ruthie kept saying ‘no referendum’ and got votes. We need a few of our own.

  7. Ye’re doin’ a braw job, as always, Sam! I wish I could force-feed this post to a few folk I can think of ….

  8. Molly McC says:

    O/T….I just saw that England had been “mixed up” with The Gambia in the Commonwealth Games programme…now that’s an EXIT from Brexit…that they didn’t contemplate!

  9. AAD says:

    Get the word out. Leave the National in a public place, e.g. a library. My local library does not stock the National. Maybe need to contact my local councillor to find out why and get that put right.

    Get cards printed (about £12 for a few hundred) with a few good Indy sites and leave in library books, beside computers in libraries, on buses and hand to anyone who might use it.

    If short of cash handwrite a few slips of paper and distribute as above.

    Write to non-Indy supporting ‘newspapers’ with reasoned argument. Even if it is not printed you will have annoyed somebody because they had to read it before binning it.

    The important thing is to do something, however small.

  10. Andy Anderson says:

    This is of topic (sorry Sam) but it backs up what I think any regarding post Brexit trade deals.

    Brits could wait 26 years until key post-Brexit trade deals all come into force, according to a new analysis of international negotiations.

    An investigation into the average time taken for the United States, China, India, Australia and New Zealand to strike free trade deals shows the UK might be waiting until 2045 before all the agreements are in place.

    The anti-Brexit Open Britain group, which crunched the numbers, argues that International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has already admitted his department does not have the capacity to carry out multi-negotiations, meaning deals with key markets would have to be struck one at a time.
    According to the group’s analysis, that could mean it will be another quarter of a century until all the agreements are active.

    Tory peer Lord Patten, former EU Commissioner, trade negotiator and supporter of Open Britain, said: “Trade negotiations are nasty, brutish and long. After a hard Brexit the UK will not be in a position to dictate terms to major economies like the US and China.
    “Under pressure from ministers to salvage something after Brexit, ministers risk being taken for a ride by President Trump and others who will insist we lower our food and environmental standards – and possibly open up our NHS – so that their industries can get a foothold in the UK.”

    According to Open Britain’s calculations, the average length of trade negotiations are:
    India – 6 years and 11 months;
    China – 5 years and 9 months;
    Australia – 5 years and 1 month;
    New Zealand – 4 years and 7 months;
    United States – 3 years and 9 months.

    The Government has repeatedly said its trade priorities are to negotiate a comprehensive agreement with Brussels, and then secure the rollover of the around 40 deals the UK benefits from by virtue of its EU membership.

    • Macart says:

      Just to put things into further perspective given the impending Brexit. Here’s a link to a list of UK recessions and their effects on the economy, with 2008’s crash on the bottom. Worst Q was -2.2% in Q4.

      Bear in mind that on the back of 2008’s results we’ve enjoyed 10yrs of austerity ideology. Given both HMG and Scotgov’s impact assessments consider another 2% contraction is the best case scenario. What do you reckon the effect will be of a 9% contraction?

      Yet according to Mr Mundell, Scotland has the powers to sort out its economy. Question: If Westminster government, which has full control of the UK’s economic levers, took ten years not to sort out the entire UKs economic woes on the back of that year. Just what special zooper powers does Scotland possess to offset the biblical carnage of a 9% drop in GDP minus any control of its economic levers?

  11. Robert Graham says:

    The Media and the lack of Scrutiny of what this government and politicians are getting up to is becoming really serious , we have had trial by megaphone using every single media outlet and whoever controls the information everyone sees all with one message ” it was them” , we know it was them but we just cant give the details ,

    All this promoted every hour on the hour TV-Radio-Newspapers its relentless , but not one question of the small item of eh The Proof , just we know .

    I wonder if a poll was taken as to the public’s trust and belief in the garbage thats been presented it might just surprise a lot of people , this lot must have a good idea if the propaganda is working so it’s piled on until the mugs believe the government line , and for someone to say OH the government wouldnt do that is forgetting what past governments have done ,

    The Gulf of Tonkin was a outright lie that preceded the Vietnam War and has its 30 year anniversary soon , are we to believe governments have become honest all of a sudden , it’s a tried and tested way of whipping up the public to enable Physcopaths to do what they want .

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Robert I agree with you.

      The media are awful, on the whole, when it comes to facts. What gets me raging is that politicians feel they can lie and never get challenged (apart from A Carmichael last year). Look at Boris, our foreign secretary, a position almost at the top of the political ladder lying repeatedly here and in Germany about the nerve agent being proven to have come from Russia. It probably did but his assertion that we could prove it was the lie. Any biological chemist will tell you this is not possible unless each manufacturer were to put in an agreed marker.

      Then the Ferret a couple of days ago says the Tories lie 70% of the time in media releases etc.

  12. Macart says:

    Yet another Q.E.D. moment and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

    Scotland doesn’t control its economy and hasn’t for quite some time. Understanding Devolved and Reserved issues is going to be a must for any future Scotref I’d say.

    How and ever and for the removal of doubt. A wee link:

    Most folk should note which column financial and economic matters rests in. Scotland has competence over a budget, NOT an economy. The Scottish government can invite investment and economic growth, but it relies on Westminster to set favourable economic parameters. The SG can also stimulate growth in certain sectors, but again this relies heavily on the budget granted and economic conditions set elsewhere at the time. The SG have only a percentage of tax raising powers and zero control of essential resources and revenue streams. We have no treasury, no control of employment legislation or benefits and clearly no control over foreign policy, borders, trade or immigration.

    Effectively, being asked to grow an economy with your mouth gagged and your hands and legs tied behind your back.

    When a Scottish government in full control of ALL of the above fails, then they can have a wee gripe. Pretty sure we would too. Until then, it’s just another SNP bad headline and can be safely filed under bin.

    • Cubby says:

      Spot on. I regularly correct friends on this point. The Scottish Government will only control and be responsible for the economy when Scotland is INDEPENDENT. The media continue to mislead on this point. Some of the misleading media comments may be due to ignorance but the vast majority in my opinion are deliberate lies. The media play on the lack of economic knowledge of most of the population. We just need to convince more and more people that our media just lie and make up stories.

  13. Brian Powell says:

    Though one might think that a supposedly left leaning country, Scotland is about 75% leftish to left of centre, would have a enough clues and instinct to say ‘that’s total bullock’ to all of what the right wing press spew out.
    However there is the sad situation where the Daily Record, thepeoplenewspaper, hates the SNP so much to can’t tell lies fast enough about the Scottish Government, and witness ‘we created the Vow, we didn’t create the Vow, we did, we didn’t’, flopping around, trying to find the most detractive narrative.
    But ordinary people, with all the received experience about the Tories, might now think enough is enough.
    The breakdown of Labour becomes obvious in the attempts to resurrect the no confidence vote of 1979. Neil Findlay, Labour and Tories, spinning this story. Findlay saying it would make a pig sick the damage 18years of Thatcher brought to his constituents. Ignnoring the fact that general elections didn’t cease during those 18 years, in 1979 election year Labour lost the vote, Scotland voted Lab for the next decades but got Thatcher anyway. Labour just couldn’t win England.
    Findlay tried to create the SNP did it story. A willing idiot for the Tories.

  14. L’Unifolie is the official flag of Canada.

    Not a lot of people outside Quebec know that.

    In the English speaking UK the Canadian Flag is more commonly referred to as ‘The Maple Leaf’, as countless of Scots / Irish/Welsh and English travellers visiting exiled relatives in Canada since the early ‘sixties will testify.

    Returning tourists have carted millions of ash trays, key rings, placemats, tumblers, and bottle openers bearing the Canadian flag back home as souvenirs.

    However, the Royal Union Flag still remains an official flag in Canada, and Elizabeth of England is still the constitutional monarch of Canada.

    The Australian and New Zealand flags still have the Union Jack stuck in the top left hand corner, and the butcher’s apron appears on 33 of the 88(ish) Commonwealth flags.

    So even although these great nations are ‘independent’, Auld Liz is still Queen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and so forth.

    This morning on BBC Hegemony, the Breakfast TV presenter referred to early CG medal success for the ‘Home Countries’ over on the Gold Coast, Queensland. (sic)
    Who needs Empire 2 when England can pick up where it left off when Brexit No Deal hits the streets in April 2019?

    Scotland is referred to as a ‘home’ country, which is an anachronism from the days of Empire.

    Unlike Australia, or New Zealand, or Canada, or Pakistan, or India, or Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka, or Bermuda, we are to be ‘lumped together’ with EngWaland, and Norn Irn as ‘one nation’ whether we like it or not.

    It recalls the shameless take-over of BBC London of the Glasgow Games.

    Sam is spot on.

    Most ‘ordinary folk’ are just getting on with surviving, and have little time for any of the nitty gritty ‘boring stuff’, some of which an anorak like I churn out on here.

    But it directly affects their lives, and increasingly politicians cannot be relied on to serve the people.
    The Davidsons and Mundells of this world are not servants of the people.

    They see themselves as holding ‘power’, and using that power to prop up the system that still has Auld Lizzie as Queen of most of the Commonwealth, and the Rich English Establishment ‘ruling’ Scotland.
    Democracy is an illusion, manipulated by the Rich, Royalty, Nobility, the Generals and Admirals, the Money Men, to keep the masses in their place.

    However, the ordinary Scottish punter is not too stupid, nor is he/she indifferent to their fate at the hands of Brit Nat Powermongers in both Parliaments.

    The Parliamentary system has broken down; Scotland has become more and more isolated and forcibly controlled from Westminster and English Rule.

    We are being dragged out of the EU against our express wishes.

    Our media is completely controlled by English proprietors who are in the pay of their US Oligrach Masters.

    Brexit will hit the fan in October 2018. EngWaland will become the US 51st State.

    It is at that point, October 2018, in the Article 50 timetable that the Final Brexit Deal will be known, and the EU 27 and WM will have a 6 months window to agree or reject the terms.

    The proposed but crucially still not agreed btw ‘Transition Period’ between April 2019 and December 2020 will not alter the terms of the Brexit agreement brokered by October 2018, as some MSM punters and Brit Nat Politicians would have us believe.

    There will be no Customs Union, no access to the EU Single Market, no freedom of movement and work for EU citizens and the UK will not be subject to ECJ laws on the Human rights Act. Employment Law, and Equal Opportunities Legislation by October 2018.
    The Blue Tories will have ‘taken back control’ of UK workers rights by April 2019, so good luck with that, Mr and Mrs Wage Slave.

    From April 2019 we will require a visa to holiday, travel, study,or work in Europe.

    We shall not be able to up sticks and settle in a little beach hut in Cap Breton or the Costats Del Inglesas.

    The estimated 1.2 million legal and illegal Siver Surfers in Spain, Francoist Spain, Gibratlar is Spanish Spain, will have no ECJ protection.

    They will not be ‘ex pats’; they will be foreign immighrants, with no health cover, and dubious propery ownership rights.

    Witness how UK Homeland Security, sorry, The Foreign Office is treating EU nationals working in the UK right now.

    The prices of EVERYTHING will go through the roof, and global companies will begin leaving the UK; by this autumn, not January 2021.

    The 21 months Transition Period between April 2019 and December 2020 is not to ‘fine tune’ aspects of the Brexit Deal.

    The final deal will have been ratified this autumn.
    The ‘backstop’ option on a Border between Norn Irn and the South will be implemented by April 2018.
    There will be customs posts at Holyhead and Cairn Ryan, and airports.
    The Good Friday Agreement will be shredded.
    Our farmers will lose their subsidies.

    The Transition Period is designed to give EngWaland time and space to set up Customs Posts, deport undesirables back to the EU, and to presumably set up Reception Centres for Brits chucked out of the EU and so on.

    I start to dither, sorry. But you get the picture.

    Even the most disinterested among us will sit up by October 2018, and comment, ‘hoi, haud on a minnit. When did all this happen?’

    We must raise an army now. Legions of Freedom Fighters, prepared for battle by October 2018.
    To those who want to wait a few years ‘til Brexit really bites, I say, ‘now is the time’.
    We who hesitate are lost.

    • wm says:

      I am with you Jack, but mind the blood pressure

      • wm, I’ve got tablet for everything these days.
        We are taking on an Establishment that still has its claws into Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and most of the ‘Commonwealth’ countries.
        We need to mobilise now.
        The Brit Nats at Holyrood are the Enemy Within. They would rather celebrate and engineer an ailing failing society and try to blame the BAD SNP than work for the people of Scotland who elected them to serve, not destroy the lives of citizens of Scotland, and, it is no exaggeration to assert this, kill tens of thousands of their fellow Scots prematurely for wages and neo fascist diktat.
        We need to raise a YES army now. October is the End Game.
        I can taste cold steel and fire in the air.

        • Also, wm, the Red and Blue Tories have combined to take over Falkirk Council, to edge out the BAD SNP administration. What do the Red Tories have more in common with the Blue Brit Nats than they have with the SNP?
          They are at one in wanting Scotland to remain as a subjugated military occupied colony of England. They want to rape Scotland of its wealth and resources. They want to hold on to their thirty pieces of silver by destroying their country of birth..
          I hope Neil Findlay pops through and vomits on the floor of the Chamber at this Thatcher legacy.
          How any young Socialist can have anything to do with these bastards beats me.

          • wm says:

            Jack, I agree just about 100% with your comments, I wish I had your way with the written word. I could maybe try and explain these would be socialists to you, I don’t think they could spell the word. Mind you they are still ruled by the WM red tories where their party is still full of kiddie on socialists straight out of private education where they studied socialism, never having worked a day in their lives for example the likes of Blair, Mandleson, Harman the Balls ect.(I could go on but enough said). I do not know if I have more pills than you but I have the ones for my BP.

            • Stand up, Neil Findlay, all you fresh faced Militant Momentum Teenbots, and demand that the Labour Party expel these traitors from the party.

              Sharing LA power with the most Right Wing Fascist, Racist, evil Blue Tory Party in history is the final nail in the coffin of the Northern Branch Office.

              wm, never has this lot got my dander more up, but still at manageable BP levels.

  15. benj alexander says:

    Hi Doug, I just wondered your opinion on a matter that has perplexed me since 2014, after the result of the referendum I couldn’t bring myself to phone my Da for weeks eventually when I did the first thing he said is “ that was a fix, there is no way the people of Scotland would vote that way “. This is from a man who was a free mason and a rangers fan, but he always held Scotland above thease things and from an early aged instilled in me that I was Scottish and free and that no man or woman was born to reign over me, upon further investigation I have noticed many inconsistencies with the way the referendum was run ie no tallying of votes cast to electoral register, or ballot box tags to districts, single manned vehicles pickups of ballot boxes, no distinct markings on ballot papers, no exit polls and the English Supreme Court having the final say on wether the referendum was fair with no tampering, not to mention snp regions voting no , postal votes being sampled against the law ,an I just reading it the wrong way because in my heart I agree with my Da?

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Dave, Thoroughly agree with you,the complete list is true.A lot of what is going on at the moment is being used as a cover for the Dog,s Breakfast,(Brexit).Under the jubilation of Commonwealth games,the mysterious poisoning,the rush to risk a war,as promoted by Donald Trump on Twitter,taken up by by Theresa,how many will we kill now or later.While all this is going on,hospitals in England and Wales to sell of their properties,with a speed up clause in place,we the taxpayers will be buying this,to be sold on the cheap to her pals,selling everything including insurance,(London benefits),American involvement?? with T.T.I.P. To buy referendums?? Other distractions,2 weddings and a visit from Trump.She is also planning to change voting boundaries to suit,I thing she mind need some cover to hide behind.

  16. […] via Mushroom farming the population […]

  17. Mark Russell says:

    Some good news amongst the madness of the last few weeks…

  18. Anne Martin says:

    Very good news.

  19. Rumour has it that there is an ancient, but deadly, secret chemical weapons development lab burrowed deeply into the mountains surrounding Glen Fruin.
    Try Google Mapping the area. You’ll find that there is nothing but a green misty blur.

    If The Lab is still there, can some bright Lab Technician develop a Truth Serum, a NomoLies virus, that when in contact with human flesh renders the victim incapable of telling lies.

    I nominate Ruth Davidson as guinea pig, patient zero, for the first field trial.

    The Lady has disappeared off the political map, save for a regular keep her face in the public eye pre-recorded speech for BBC Scotland uninterrupted, extolling the virtues of Fuck Off EU, and Badmouthing SNP Going On About Independence Obsession.

    She is a remarkable peddler of nonsense and lies on the Twittersphere of course.

    Today, adjacent to the Mail’s headline lie that from today one million Scots will pay more tax than their counterparts in the rest of the UK, she asserts that teachers and nurses and Polis earning £26,000 pa will be paying more tax under the BAD SNP One Party State.

    She is lying through her forked tongue of course, as even the fascist Mail reminds their readers that only those over £33,000 pa will pay slightly more in tax.

    JK Rowling will have commissioned her small island of lawyers and Accountants to write off this evil tax grab by the BadEssEnnPee of course.
    Lord Darling will be turning the Central Heating thermostat down a few degrees to make up for the loss.

    Could someone smear the door handle of Ruth’s office with an eye drop amount of the Nomolies virus?

    I’d crawl along the M8 on hands and knees from Clydebank to the Royal Mile and queue from midnight for a front row seat in the Public Gallery to witness Davidson, the Cunctator, stand up and admit that The Devolved Parliament is doing a remarkable job in fending off the worst excesses of her SE Party, and that she is really passionately in love with, in a sororal way of course, Nicola Sturgeon, or ‘Wee N’ as Ruth cries her in private conversations.

    Murdo Fraser’s doorknob next.

    ‘I am and have always been a buffoon’ would be a great tweet from the Born Again Truth Merchant..

    Those listening in at GCHQ: this is a joke post, honest.
    Sometimes it pays to spell things out for our spymasters.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Watching BBC 6 o’clock news tonight. The subject was the peak in knife crime so far this year. I was waiting to hear if it was the fault of the SNP or Eck. They never mentioned them so maybe things are improving.

      • Andy, I’ve just read Jamie Greene’s twit announcing that 43 countries are doing better than Scotland. He seems to think that Holyrood has Full Fiscal Autonomy. An easy mistake for a lad who hasn’t a clue about government, will never be in a position of power, and seems to get £1200 a week plus pension plus expenses for doing nothing but clacking out Cyber Brit Nat lies and nonsense.
        I find it astounding that this feckless inexperienced not too bright lad was the best of the bunch when Cunctator Davidson was handing out sweeties to the LisTory Boys. Is he really that thick? I fear so.
        This lad was the best of the bunch?
        What is the point of this young man? Why are we paying him?

        How any young Socialist can go into bed with the Red and Blue Tories beats me.

        Over 50 deaths in London so far this year, Andy.

        Young people killing each other in Hell’s Kitchen.
        No work, no education, no chance of University, no prospect of renting or buying a place of their own, staring across the street at Whities in their million pound houses.

        It is the Easter Holidays. School’s out.
        Six stabbing s of young folk in Hackney in the last 24 hours.

        Yet the English MSM do not a compare and contrast with Scotland’s success in tackling violent crime and knife crime in particular.
        That would show the SNP making a success in Scotland. BBC and the others would never permit it.

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  21. […] you can feel  pretty much as if you’re being kept in the dark and fed on….stuff. (We’ve covered this one previously) You begin to wonder if its all been worth it? If investing your efforts, your heart and your […]

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