Defending democracy

Today, Sunday, came the news that the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has been arrested by German police acting on a European warrant issued by the Spanish authorities. Puigdemont had fled to Belgium after Spain announced that it was seeking to arrest him and members of his pro-independence government. Spain filed an international arrest warrant against him, but he appealed the warrant in the Belgian courts because Spain had charged him with rebellion, a crime which does not exist in Belgium. This resulted in the Spanish authorities withdrawing the warrant. As the warrant had been withdrawn, he felt free to travel elsewhere in Europe, however the Spanish authorities reactivated the warrant upon hearing that he was in Finland. He was rearrested on his return to Belgium as he was travelling through Germany.

The Catalan digital newspaper Vilaweb is reporting that leaders of Junts Pel Sí, the leading Catalan pro-independence party, are calling for the use of all mechanisms in order to prevent the extradition of Puigdemont. It is thought likely that an appeal will be made against the extradition request and it will be fought all the way through the German courts to the highest possible level. This may be more difficult in Germany than it was in Belgium as unlike in Belgium rebellion is recognised as an offence in Germany.

In a tweet this afternoon, Fransesc de Dalmases of Junts Pel Sí said that Germany now has an opportunity to reconcile its history with Catalonia. Quim Torra Pla, a Junts Pel Sí deputy in the Catalan parliament, said that Puigdemont’s arrest is not just a German matter, but rather it’s the whole European Union which has responsibility now. Meanwhile Carles Riera, who is a deputy in the Catalan parliament for the pro-independence CUP said, “Let’s hope that the German state demonstrates a truly democratic will and not repressive and anti-democratic connivance with the Spanish state.”

The Asamblea Nacional Catalana has called for a demonstration outside the offices of the delegation of the European Commission in Barcelona to protest the arrest of the former president. Demonstrations are also being planned in Tarragona, Lleida, and Girona. Another 500 demonstrators assembled on Sunday afternoon in Place de Schuman in Brussels, outside the seat of the European Commission.

Puigdemont’s arrest follows the imprisonment of a number of other senior Catalan politicians, including the former vice president Oriol Junqueras and the former minister of the interior Joaquim Form who have been in prison since the second of November on a charge of rebellion. The former speaker of the Catalan parliament, Carme Forcadell, was imprisoned on the same charge on Friday. Two senior figures in the broader independence movement, Jordi Sànchez of the Asamebla Nacional Catalana and Jordi Cuixart of the cultural organisation Òmnium Cultural have been in jail since October last year. Amnesty International has described the imprisonment of Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart as excessive and disproportionate. Both have been charged with rebellion and sedition.

The Spanish Supreme Court is now pursuing charges of rebellion, misuse of public funds (because of spending on the Catalan referendum), and disobedience (a charge roughly similar to contempt of court) against 25 senior figures in the Catalan independence movement. The Spanish Supreme Court is acting against the Catalan independence movement because, according to Judge Pablo Llarena, they were warned of the risk of violence if they proceeded with the referendum, but went ahead with it anyway. Think about that for a moment, the Spanish Supreme Court is prosecuting the leaders of the Catalan independence movement because they were warned of the risk of violence from the Spanish state. Officers of the Spanish paramilitary Guardia Civil under the control of the Spanish interior ministry in Madrid were responsible for the violence, but it’s the victims of that violence who are facing court action because of it. It’s like the story of the man who was charged with damaging police property because a policeman scuffed his boot after kicking the man in the head.

In a sign of the growing anger amongst some sections of the Catalan independence movement, Judge Llarena’s home in the Catalan region of Cerdanya has been targetted by members of Arran (meaning ‘level with’ in Catalan, not a reference to the Scottish island!) the youth organisation of the pro-independence left. The street outside Llarena’s home in the village of Das has been painted with graffiti calling the judge a fascist, and saying “Llarena, fascist, not in Das, not anywhere” and “Liberty for political prisoners.”

One of those facing prosecution is Clara Ponsatí, who was the Catalan education minister. She is currently in Scotland, where she had a post at the University of St Andrews before being appointed to Carles Puigdemont’s government. She fled to Belgium along with Puigdemont, and later returned to Scotland. According to reports, she is now also facing a European arrest warrant and Spain is seeking her arrest and extradition. The Spanish press reported yesterday (Saturday) that the Office of the Procurator Fiscal has acknowledged that it has received the European warrant against her, but in a statement to the Spanish media said that it would be inappropriate to comment further.

Speaking in an interview with the Catalan television channel TV3 on Saturday, Clara Ponsatí commented that she had believed that Spain would react with a lot of violence and said that the actions of the Spanish state were provoking fear amongst some pro-independence politicians and affecting their activities in parliament. “We have received a great thumping,” she said, “We have to recognise that after the huge success of the 1st of October the rest has been a great setback and it will cost us to recover.”

She denied the accusation that the Catalan parliament had disobeyed the Spanish courts, saying, “What does it mean to disobey? The Parliament never disobeys. We are accepting the language which is being imposed on us by the authoritarianism of the Spanish state and the courts.” She added that she was at the disposition of the legal authorities in the UK, and was confident that she would not be extradited because the warrant against her was politically motivated.

On Sunday morning Police Scotland tweeted, “We can confirm that we are in possession of a European arrest warrant for Clara Ponsati. We have made a number of enquiries to try to trace her and have now been contacted by her solicitor, who is making arrangements for Ms Ponsati to hand herself into police.”

Meanwhile in the UK we have discovered that Scotland, which voted to remain in the EU by a very large margin, is being taken out of Europe on the basis of a majority vote in the rest of the UK that was achieved illegally by campaigning groups which allegedly broke electoral law and who based their campaigns on lies and false promises. Does this invalidate the result of the EU referendum? In any normal world it would. Does that mean that the UK government will have to run the referendum again? Will it buggery. The British government is going to continue with its reckless wrecking path to a senseless Brexit, and will continue to use something that the people of Scotland voted against in order to destroy the devolution settlement, something that the people of Scotland voted for.

We may not be facing the overt oppression that Catalonia is struggling with, but democracy in Scotland is every bit as threatened. The Spanish government is using the courts to tackle what is a political problem, and with the recent decision of the UK government to challenge the Scottish Parliament’s EU Continuity Bill in the courts, the British government seems determined to follow a similar path. We have to demonstrate our opposition using every legal means, and we must demonstrate our solidarity with Catalonia. The only way to defend Scottish democracy is with Scottish independence.

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83 comments on “Defending democracy

  1. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Solidarity with Catalunya.

  2. mogabee says:

    It’s a battle we are in and a war that we must win or we can assuredly say Scotland’s chance of Independence is gone, along with every progressive action that has been taken by OUR parliament to better our lives.

    Nothing more fundamental than that. Now we have to show what we are made of – shortbread or girders.

    And that goes for the people of Catalan and their future.

  3. benmadigan says:

    the Spanish policy of “using the courts” reminds me of the British policy of “criminalisation” in Northern ireland.
    And we all saw where that ended – Hunger Strikes to the death – and the british reputation in tatters worldwide.

  4. alanm says:

    I’m sure the Westminster establishment will be following events in Spain with great interest. If Madrid succeeds in quashing the Catalan independence movement by jailing its leaders, what’s to stop a written constitution being introduced here in the UK which makes “rebellion” a criminal offence punishable by 30 years in jail?

  5. Well said, Paul.
    Following Spain’s logic, half the Scots population should be clapped in irons, and all pro Independence politicians, and that wee dug of yours; well, we already have the nonsense of a sheriff deciding that a wee pug was inciting anti-Semitism!
    This year we’re not off to sunny Spain.
    Perhaps we should throw Mundo and Ruth in gaol for rebellion and sedition against the Scotttish state.
    We need to trigger Indyref2 now, and express our total support for the jailed Catalan leaders, and condemn at Government level the Francoist regime in Madrid.
    I don’t see any Homeland Security guards frog marching Clara Ponsati onto a flight to Madrid from Edinburgh, do you?
    They’d need to get through a cordon of thousands protecting her from the Brit Nat Storm troopers.
    Rise up, Scotland. now’s the day.

    • Jason Smoothpiece says:

      You are right Jack we need to stand with the people of Catelonia just wait till the Unions and the Labour party mobilise on this……

      Actually lets not bother with those folk to their shame they have been silent.

      Do not holiday, buy power or bank with Spanish companies.

  6. 100%Yes says:

    If we can protest in order to protect our parliament surely we should protest in order to protect democracy for the parliamentarian in Catalonia after all the citizens voted for a referendum and the government officials followed the will of the people come on Europe stand up for these EU citizens.

    • weegingerdug says:

      There is a demonstration being organised in Glasgow today (Sunday 25) at 6pm outside the German Consulate at number 1 George Square to show support for Catalonia and to protest the arrest of Puigdemont.

      • 100%Yes says:

        Well done to these that attend sorry I am unable it such sort notice but if there is a petition both my wife and I will sign.

  7. Macart says:

    They’re using the law (rather creating laws and crimes) to avoid foreign governmental and overt political interference. It’s probably also why the EU seem to be sitting on their hands. They will cite chapter and verse that they will not interfere in the internal judicial matters of a sovereign state.

    So? Criminalize those you wish to stifle and use international legal process to do the rest. Rule of law… what we’re all supposed to live by in a civilized world.

    Laws however, can be unjust, unfair, immoral and unethical. History is full of utterly repellent, repressive, but entirely ‘legal’ actions. Right now, in 21st century Europe, we’re seeing people who used peaceful, democratic means to achieve their mandate, being jailed and those of their people who hold the same beliefs of peaceful democracy vilified and demonised.

    In 21st century Europe!

    There are days when humanity really, REALLY, needs to get a grip. We’re giving higher functioning mammals a bad name right now.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      The whole situation is sickening. No progress since WW2. Franco’s followers still rule Spain.

      • Saor Alba says:

        Exactly Jan. I posted a while back about Franco’s spirit being alive and well in the very corrupt and hypocritical Spain. Spain is Fascist. Of that there is no doubt.

    • Well said, Sam. Spain has only ever had a thin veneer of “democracy” – underneath that, all its institutions and most of its politicians are true Franco-style Fascists. Their use of “legal process” to crush political opposition would not be out of place in China or Russia. We MUST be on our guard here. I have no doubt that Westminster is taking notes ….

      • Macart says:

        I’m no expert on Spanish attitudes and so wouldn’t care to comment on the feelings of the Spanish population, but the actions of their ruling party do speak volumes. If they see what we are seeing? How could they condone such actions?

        Hard to fathom in this day and age, given what we know of the 20th century.

        • I would not, could not, accuse ordinary Spaniards of being pro-Fascist, Sam. Like you, I don’t know enough about them … but like you, I have to wonder why they calmly accept what it happening. Or maybe they don’t? Maybe their news media are as biased as ours and just don’t report any dissension?

          • weegingerdug says:

            The Spanish language media in Spain is even more biased than the UK’s. The broadcast media in particular is a blatant propaganda arm of the Spanish government.

            • Thank you, Paul. I guessed that was the case. Spaniards don’t complain for the same reason that so many Scots don’t complain … they don’t know what’s going on, thanks to a thoroughly biased MSM.

  8. Ziggy M says:

    Someone mentioned today Germany doesn’t have the crime of rebellion either.
    Maybe some hope.

    • Does Scotland ? Does the UK ? At least Clara has a good lawyer in her corner, and not a UK Police State appointed BritNat one

      The EU has been shamed today – they were set up not just to facilitate free trade, but to keep the peace in Europe following WW2, which has been the case until now. Fascism is alive and kicking in Spain today and our EU masters have suddenly decided to have very short memories

  9. Gavin C Barrie says:

    My plea is to the Scottish judiciary – please do not shame us. Do not extradite Clara Ponsati to Spain.

    Repeating myself – Rules (laws) are for the guidance of the wise, and the obedience of fools. Please don’t make fools of us.

    In a cold political assessment, Spain has no hold over Scotland, no leverage, nothing to offer other than friendship -at risk(?), and dare Westminster to overrule the Scottish judiciary with their “Supreme” court.

    In my retirement years, what a time to live eh?

    • alanm says:

      Standby for the Scottish people to be made fools of (again). EU rules give judges no discretion.

  10. Macart says:

    Statement by FM

    Add http:// before address.

  11. stewartb says:

    “We may not be facing the overt oppression that Catalonia is struggling with ..” Well, not yet!

    There are a number of upcoming issues that could bring things to a head if our Scottish Government needs to act counter to what the UK state decides:

    (1) legal challenge to the Scottish Parliament’s Continuity Bill/Act
    (2) imposition of ‘common frameworks’ – essentially new constitutional arrangements to suit the UK Government
    (3) continued rejection of the democratic mandate of the Scottish Government to hold IndyRef2 under an Edinburgh Agreement-type arrangement.

    The HOOP event last Friday was wonderful – great symbolism and a great turn-out, all things considered. However, somehow, we need to get to several tens of thousands of people regularly onto the streets of Scottish cities – and ensure that public support for our democracy and for self-determination cannot be ignored by Scotland’s media and the less/not engaged parts of the population.

    Next time:

  12. Walter Hamilton says:

    HOOP might have had a better turn out if it had been held at a weekend. The EU will never challenge any member states judicial system. The more I hear of what is happening in Europe the less I would like Scotland to be fully in the EU, that said, I believe we should make that choice in a referendum after independence. I am finding myself more and more at odds with SNP thinking on NATO, on Russia, and the EU, we really do need after independence to have a really good talk with ourselves.

    • Anne Martin says:

      I agree with you Walter, but the key thing before anything else is discussed is to gain independence. Without that everything else is academic.

    • Golfnut says:

      The EU has a problem though with UK law, it doesn’t exist. The Berwick acts of 1746 determine the jurisdiction of Scots and English law, the Lockerbie bomber trial recognised Scots law jurisdiction internationally despite stiff opposition from both Westminster and Washington.
      The upcoming court cases are going to be interesting.

  13. m biyd says:

    The SNP are finished if they let Ponsati be arrested and extradited from Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon knows that criminal law was reserved as part of the 1707 treaty. Meantime, Germany gives more and more the impression of reverting to post January 1933 type if the Puigedemont case is anything to go by.

    • Macart says:

      See my link to the FMs statement above. The Scottish Government cannot intervene. This is a matter for the Crown Office and the judiciary.

    • panic not, m biyd.
      It is not within Holyrood’s powers to prevent WM Homeland Security extraditing Ms Ponsati; The English parliament and ‘Home’ Office are chucking tens of thousands out right now. Denying EU nationals who have married Brits, bore children, worked here paid taxes contribute to our society the Right To Remain.
      But Spain is the only EU country which still retains the non democratic ‘law’ of ‘rebellion’.
      The rest of us call it democratic right to be different.
      Germany has decided; Spain can go and sing.
      Over the next few days, we’ll doubtless have Professor Two Jobs WATP ‘It’s the Law!’ Adam Tomkins trying to blame that BAD SNP and Nicola Sturgeon for this poor woman’s plight.
      As I say, I’ll join the ring of protection around her if the Thought Police try and ‘rendition’ her back to Spain.
      My God, the Yoon Brit Nats would love it if they could chuck us in jail for daring to want Freedom.

    • Nicola Sturgeon’s statement clearly lays out the reasons why it is not possible for the Scottish Government to intervene. If they break International Law it will be fodder for Westminster to use against them … they cannot let that happen!

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      Just time for the BBC News and BBC Scotland to inform us of the same in the 10 O’ Clock ‘News.’….

      hmmm… it seems not… ?

      Maybe we might hear something about it in tomorrow’s News then (but it won’t be quite as new News then) would be refreshing to actually get some proper News for a change, especially when so much of it seems to be happening these days

      . and maybe even perhaps ‘something’ on the person in the UK (indeed Scotland) the Spanish Government are so keen to to extradite.

      For some reason the News we are getting is not quite as up to date, and indeed in many cases is completely absent?, as you might expect (especially if you have to pay to get this particular form of News) may be better in this free market society to shop around and get at least some News, proper News and up to date ‘new’ News and preferably at lower cost than the type that seems to not have any reporters available to report on the dearth of News we seem to have run into.

      • Macart says:

        Definitely a sign of the times and the state of our media.

        • Patience is a Virtue says:

          Here’s some proper News (source, the National 29.03.18):

          ‘The Crown brings the case on behalf of the Spanish courts. It could argue that the rest of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) charges such as ‘mis-appropriation of public funds’ allow Ponsati to be extradited because there are similar criminal offences in Scots Law, yet such secondary charges proceed from the main charge of ‘violent rebellion’ so the whole warrant must be correct or Spain’s case is lost.
          The only offence akin to rebellion in Scots law was sedition, but the first SNP government repealed the law on sedition in 2010, so the Spanish authorities appear to have botched their warrant.
          The rules on the EAWs are relatively straightforward and you would think the person who signed those rules – the Framework Decision of June 13, 2002, – into EU law would know them well.
          It was none other than president of the EU Council (Justice Home Affairs and Civil protection) Mariano Rajoy. Yep, him, What is the Spanish for ‘Oops’?’

  14. Genuine question:where the feck is David Mundell, our so called SoS for Scotland?

    Shouldn’t Brewer have been grilling him today on CFP, not that stammering sub which the Blue Toreis dug up from the Dirty Dozen?
    Some would call Mundo the Michty an insignificant little coward, and that is why he was given the non job in the first place. No hassle from Scotland when he’s the Grand Panjandrum.
    Some may say that; I couldn’t possibly comment.
    Also, the Brewdog again refereed to the dozen new Tory MPs as Ruth Davidson’s MPs.

    Somebody should explain to the Brewdog how Holyrood and WM work.

    They are WM politicians, Gordon.

    Davidson has no role in what they do for a living. They answer to their London masters and the Tory Whip.

    This was exactly the point which you were making to the Tory Placemat you grilled on today’s show.
    But Ruth’s the Darlin’ of Pacific Quay, so you continue to elevate her to a prominence she nevere had, doesn’t have now, nor will she have in any future WM Elite.
    She is toast, and even she now knows it.
    Where is she hiding this week?
    I am seriously considering applying for political asylum somewhere warm, the South of France, say.

    • astytaylor says:

      Hang in there, Jack, summer is almost upon you.
      We could do with some resolve before the holidays though, as you said earlier.

      • asty, I can but dream.
        In the Collatin household, we shall soon be in the ridiculous position whereby the Woman Who Lights Up My Every Waking Minute, who was born in Belfast and holds an Irish passport, will be able to jet off, or drive to, anywhere within the EU, no matter what Border solution Brexiteers broker, but I will be landlocked, and require a visa to visit Europe, which may or may not be granted by Homeland Security, but will certainly cost money.
        Of course if No Deal wins the day, the Common Travel Area MOU may lapse, and a hard border will be erected at Newry; in that scenario, my Everlovin’ may be regarded as an undesirable alien, and sent packing on the next Roll On/Roll Off ferry out of Troon.
        I’ll miss her.

        My camellia bush is about to burst into life. A sure sign that heat has returned to the Earth.

        The politics departments on TV and the Dead Tree Scrolls have already announced their Easter Break.
        Another 2/3 weeks when nothing will happen, and our future put on hold while MPs head for their holiday homes in the sun.

        • astytaylor says:

          Well, at least you do have a Woman Who Lights Up My Every Waking Minute, Jack.
          And a Camellia bush. Be thankful for small mercies.
          Here, Revelstoke BC, there’s still 3 feet of snow on the front lawn, and nary a sign of a crocus.
          But, the snow is melting, and life will return.
          Hope springs eternal.
          An Easter blue full moon coming up. It’s a good sign.
          Or am I just howling at my shadow?

          • asty, I just looked up Revelstoke on wiki.
            MacKenzie Avenue looks ace in the sun with the lush green mountains as a backdrop.
            We’re not out of the woods yet as far as winter chill goes; but we are getting there.
            I note that you had to electrify the fence at the city dump to stop black and grizzly bears foraging for food.
            Now that’s not something we see every day over here; check that, at least four times a year in Glasgow we are invaded by rampaging green blue and white bears. Unfortunately we are not allowed to pen them in behind electrified fences; yet.
            Keep yourself warm and trust in the Runes.
            There’s a good day comin’ .

  15. Gavin C Barrie says:

    When the Vatican and the French King acted against the Knights Templar, on a Friday 13tth, wee Scotland gave security to those Templars who fled France. Scotland then stood on principle and we must again. And the Templars served Scotland well in years to pass.

  16. Macart says:

    Oh no.

    From yesterday apparently. (add https://)

  17. Robert Graham says:

    I really hope all obstacles are used to thwart this Spanish misuse of the European Arrest Warrant that is clearly being used as a tool to silence political dissent ,
    We have people here in scotland who in their misguided hatred of the SNP support this move by Spain , their short sightedness is breathtaking , dont they realise this wholly political manipulation of this warrant can be used against them ,
    The Spanish Government have made it almost impossible for the Catalans to voice an opinion , very similar to the westminster government but without so far the use of brutal police tactics , the Tory government will be following events as a guide to what to do here , what can they get away with , how far can they actually go in their bid to crush independence , a situation is developing regarding Holyrood and raises the question just exactly how far will westminster go .

    • robert harrison says:

      Westminster used brutal police tactics before to crush dissent the miners lost everything in the 80s because of the conservatives and there iron bicth leader at the time.

    • Well said, Robert. I don’t doubt for a moment that Wastemonster is busy taking notes ….

  18. emilytom67 says:

    Sturgeon and the rest of the SNP are just as bad as the rest of them any excuse to duck the issue and they will find it,hardly a mention from them on our fight for independance,are they quite happy with their wee at the moment secure jobs? if I had any choice at all I wouldn,t vote for them,if and it,s a mighty big if we get independence they will surely suffer.

    • Anne Martin says:

      When (not if) we get independence there will be no need for a nationalist party. IMO Scotland will return to being a proper socialist country.

    • astytaylor says:

      With all due respect emilytom67, you’re talking bollocks.
      And being the First Minister of Scotland is not a “wee job”.
      Also, if we do get independence, it will be largely down to the Scottish National Party.
      The clue is in the name.
      But yes, I sense your frustration. I too think we need a referendum soon. Like, before the end of March 2019. Let’s get on with it.
      And I don’t care who you vote for once we get independence, but getting independence is the big thing. So let’s all work together. (And I talk bollocks now and then also, we’re no perfect..)

      • Well said, Asty! I’m pretty fluent in bollocks myself BUT I try never to talk it where the SNP – the ONLY choice for those of us who want Self-Determination – is concerned. And yes … when – and only when – we have achieved our Independence the SNP will be largely redundant and the good folk o’ Scotland will need to begin a new Socialist party of their own.

        • Wendy, I’m sure that Nicola will lead the Eightsome Reel in a celebration Dance when we achieve Self Determination, and her Party has run its course.Job done.
          At the moment the SNP is an Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.
          Post Independence, there may even be room for a Reunification with England party.
          I wish them luck with that one, mind.

  19. BBC Reporting Scotland this week are apparently trolling groups on the impact Brexit in 12 months time will have on their lives.
    Already the Establishment broadcaster is framing it as a done deal. Scotland is leaving too, announces the BBC all this week.
    Big Brother at work.
    Apparently bar staff are all ‘EU Nationals’ according to the reporter.

    The last time I checked, we are all still ‘EU Nationals’, but already the BBC is othering Johnny Furriner. We are no longer EU Nationals.
    Tonight they asked waitresses and Car Valet Furriners what they thought of Brexit, and got suitably bemused Vox Pops for this wee digression.

    I assume that it was deliberate. The sample of EU workers did not include nurses, doctors, engineers, University lecturers; just the menials.
    God, they really are Boris’ Mouthpiece.

    • astytaylor says:

      Mis-Reporting Scotland makes me want to puke.
      I really don’t know how Sally, Jackie, and the rest can sleep at night, with a clear conscience.

  20. Gavin C Barrie says:

    Aye there you go, criticise the SNP, criticise Nicola Sturgeon. Create a bit of doubt and disharmony.

    Consider just what is going on right now in politics:

    Cambridge Analytica and it’s behaviour a concern to you? Could the Brexit referendum be invalid?
    The Skripals’ poisoning, a concern to you? The behaviour of Spain, a EU member state a concern to you? If the Scots judiciary decline to extradite Carla Ponsati are you in agreement that the “Supreme” Court based in London may overrule?Is a “Supreme” Court with authority over Scots law acceptable?

    Nicola Sturgeon was told by Teresa May that Russia is responsible for poisoning the Skripals. What can she do but accept that until events prove otherwise?

    She has stated that due judicial process must be exercised concerning Carla Ponsati.Do you disagree?

    I find the rush to blame, and to isolate Russia alarming. I find the behaviour of Spain disgraceful.I absolutely do not trust the British State.I am concerned that the SNP at Westminster have fallen in line with the contrived “procedures” of Westminster that are pointless and energy sapping, much of the time spent there they are wasting their breath raising issues. The SNP MPs arguably could spend less time of their week in Westminster and more at home campaigning and informing the public on the impending disaster of Brexit.

  21. Macart says:

    For the removal of any doubt.

    The important bits:

    “The fact that our justice system is legally obliged to follow due process in the determination of extradition requests does not change those views.

    “Under the Extradition Act 2003, Scottish Ministers have no role in the determination of European Arrest Warrants. Our police, prosecution service and courts are independent and are legally obliged under this UK legislation to fulfil their responsibilities. Scottish Ministers have no powers to intervene in this process.

    “However, the legal process includes the right of any individual subject to proceedings under the 2003 Act to oppose their extradition in the courts and it is vital that the integrity of this process is protected – for that reason the Scottish Government will not comment further at this stage.”

  22. Robert Graham says:

    o/t – A very good Independence live stream tonight with Paul as a guest speaker , he must have singlehandedly converted hundreds to support independence, and every time he speaks gives a welcome boost to the converted .
    Again support independence live they are doing important unpaid work help them out .

  23. George says:

    Just one wee point Paul. Like George Kerevan in today’s National, you say that the October 1st violence was perpetrated by the Guardia Civil. I have to say that in the vast majority of footage that I watched, the culprits were Spanish Policia Nacional, which in a grotesque kind of way is even more worrying. At least you’d expect rough stuff from the GC, but the actual polis?

  24. chicmac says:

    Madrid is on a collision course with human rights as enshrined in the ECHR and mirrored by the ECJ.

    EU politicians can and have ignored that, and for pragmatically justifiable political reasons till now.

    However, the hubris of Madrid has prevented it from seeing that their EU colleagues have merely given them a temporary space in which to do the democratically right thing. They have missed that one off opportunity.

    It has not happened and now the full force of EU law must be brought to bear on Madrid’s indefensible flaunting of those human rights.

    Whether Catalan remains in Spain or not, I cannot see how Spain’s ultimate exit from the EU (short of a remarkable and unlikely regime change) can be avoided.

    No, Spain will join the UK and Turkey as the third once major imperial power to occupy the periphery of Europe unable to come to terms with the loss of their imperial past.

    • Indeed, chicmac.
      I accessed BBC News At Ten, and Newsnight via I Player lsat night.

      No mention of the trouble in Spain and Catalonia; but those cheating Aussie rotters tampering with their balls in full view of the watching English cricket purists was deemed more outrageous than The Rape Of The Sabine Women.

      Bloody Convicts.

      Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser, the biggest political laughing stock in the History of Really Crap Scottish Political Failures took to twitter. and confirmed to the few left in any doubt what a sleazy scumball he continues to be, praising Spain and affirming that he will be holidaying there as usual this year.
      Up to his knees in subservient Fenian waiters?

      Ian Murray, of the three piece suit fashioned from The Butcher’s Apron fame, also shows his fascist Brit Nat Union colours, by backing Spain and their version of the rule of law.
      I wonder if he’d think it OK if I called ’round and beat him with a riot stick for no apparent reason. Thought not.

      We have a bunch of little evil men lurking slithering around in the murky dark swamps of Scottish politics.

      I have no doubt at all that they would turn their faces to the wall if WM unleashed the Storm Troopers on pro Self Determination marches accusing us of ”riotous assembly’ or some such charge.

      Spain, Turkey, and England. The Devil’s Triumvirate.

      We have 12 months to get out of their ‘precious Union’. Time enough, but only just.

      Brit Nat ProudScotsBut Up Here are growing more ugly and sinister by the day.

      • Dr Adalbert Moga says:

        For his own sake, I’m relieved Ian Murray MP wasn’t around in 1930s Germany, 1940s Poland, 1950s Hungary, 1960s Alabama. He would have been exhausted denouncing people fr not adhering to laws. Just as well he wasn’t around in Topuddle Martyr or Suffragette times.

  25. Macart says:

    Just wow!


    When it’s laid out like that….

  26. Macart says:



  27. Andy Anderson says:

    An interesting view on the independence debate. Yes I know it is from the BBV but still worth a read.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Andy – Thanks for the link to this eh Yarn ! ,When you starting position is I hate the SNP and your conclusion will be we at the BBC hate the SNP ,then the bit in the middle is just the cover story , a load of flannel to try and give the impression of objectivity so make the usual guff seem fair and balanced .

      I dont think i have believed anything that has come out of Pacific Heights since 2013 ,That government organisation trading as the BBC in Scotland and regarded by most indy supporters in much the same way as Pravda was viewed in Russia no one actually believed anything they said even their supporters laughed at the stories .

    • Firstly, I am not Brian Taylor’s ‘friend’. ‘Friends,’ indeed.
      It is the usual rehash we have come to expect from Brit Nats.
      The argument goes: 62% voted for BRITAIN to remain in the EU, it was not an ‘or else’ vote, and we must not assume that those who voted Remain and lost, will automatically plump for Self Determination as a European State as the lesser of two evils;- Independence is preferable to Brexit?
      Taylor argues that a second Referendum on Self Determination would be based solely on the In or Out of the EU argument, that we have forgotten all that Democratic Deficit, Self Determination, Government of the Scottish People, by the Scottish People, No Trident, no longer ruled from England by a Government for which we didn’t vote, arguments. It will be a fight to remain in the EU and nothing else? Aye, right.
      Her attempts the usual Divide and Conquer nonsense.
      Will SNP/Yes supporters who voted Leave still vote for Self Determination when they know that by doing so, there is every chance that we would still be within the EU?

      What’s more pressing for the Leavers? Self Determination, or a Brexit negotiated by a Far Right ‘Foreign’ Government.
      Taylor presents us with a tired old mish mash, concluding that indeed, now, if ever, is not the time, and asserting (sorry ‘there is a view’) that the SNP are crapping it, and back pedalling on EU membership, muttering about a Norway solution, blah be blah de blah.

      There is one way to shut up BBC Blawhards like Taylor.

      We go in October 2018, when we shall know precisely what the terms and conditions of Brexit are.
      The waffle that we won’t know the full extent of the disaster until after the Transition period, January 2021 is just yet another bought and paid Brit Nat Mouthpiece’s attempt to con us into hanging about until it will be too late, England has dragged us out of Europe, and having ‘taken back control’ crush any resistance from Scotland through their new found Imperial sovereignty.
      Taylor and Co are bought and paid for fifth columnists.
      Over by October, before it’s too late.

    • astytaylor says:

      Absolute guff by Brian Taylor. (No relation, fortunately).
      I am fair scunnered with the BBC. Good thing I have no TV.

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