The Great British Boak Off

You might be forgiven for thinking, given that the promise to stand up for the interests of the Scottish fishing industry was the only commitment made by Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ during last year’s General Election that consisted of saying more than “We don’t want another referendum”, that the Scottish media would now be hounding St Ruth Davidson the Messiah of Britishness and Saviour of the Union over her party’s abject failure to do so. All the more so since Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ were consistently branded as Ruth’s party and answerable to Ruth and to Ruth alone. However this is Scotland.

In Scotland there are 38 daily and Sunday newspapers of which 36 are constantly seeking stories to undermine the SNP and the cause of independence, and a broadcast media which takes its news agenda from that 94.7% of the press that is British nationalist. That would be the same media that has recently been tsking about the heavy bias in the media in Russia. Supporters of British nationalism don’t need Cambridge Analytica in Scotland. We have a constant diet of SNPbaddery.

Because the mainstream Scottish media is so overwhelmingly biased, supporters of independence develop a siege mentality. We are constantly attacked, belittled, criticised, and demonised by the great majority of the press. That has the unfortunate side-effect of making independence supporters intolerant and suspicious whenever another independence supporter, or one of the few pro-independence outlets that we do have, is perceived to be attacking other independence supporters or parties, or when they say something we disagree with. It’s perceived by some as a form of betrayal, and causes anger which is out of all proportion to the supposed offence. That’s precisely what anti-independence forces are hoping to achieve. You may not like it when Angela Haggerty, Cat Boyd, Stu Campbell, Bella Caledonia, me, or anyone else says something that you might perceive as being unhelpful to the independence cause, but when we attack one another we’re only doing the British nationalists’ job for them.

Angela and Cat come in for sustained criticism. I know both of them personally and have not the slightest doubt about their commitment to Scottish independence. You or I might not agree with what they say, we might not agree with their tactics, but they have a right to say it without being subject to the sexist remarks they constantly receive. There’s little doubt that as women they are given a harder time than men. Angela receives particular criticism because she’s achieved a public profile few independence campaigners have done. You might be rubbed up the wrong way because both of them can be contrarian, but let’s not help British nationalism by attacking other independence supporters with a different point of view.

It’s the same with the attacks on Stu Campbell, who is likewise a contrarian. I certainly don’t agree with everything he says, but constantly attacking him doesn’t help the Yes movement. He does a job that no one else does, and if you want to remove his influence from the movement you’re not going to do so by trading insults on social media. If you want to remove the influence of Wings Over Scotland, do the job Wings does, and do it better.

In other words, we all need stop carping about one another, and start rebutting the anti-independence media. God knows we need more of that. Independence is supported by about 50% of the Scottish population, but we only have 5% of the media on our side.

Diversity within the Yes movement means that it’s going to contain opinions and views that you or I find disagreeable. It’s going to contain people who have views that you vehemently disagree with. Let’s be calm and measured. Let’s disagree without being disagreeable. Let’s leave the hysteria to those people on social media with Union flegs in their avatars. Let’s focus our criticisms on those people who truly deserve our criticisms – that would be those people who support and sustain British nationalism in Scotland. That would be the anti-independence parties and the press which promotes them. It’s not like they’re not doing much which is worthy of our negative attention.

Pointing out the shortcomings of St Ruth the Redeemer of the Union doesn’t figure high amongst the priorities of the Scottish press. If it doesn’t involve calling on Humza Yousaf to resign because Gaelic place names on road signs cause pot holes, the Scottish press isn’t really interested. If it doesn’t involve gleefully reporting on yet another supposed division within the Yes movement, the Scottish media doesn’t want to know. If it’s not about screaming about how shite everything is under the SNP, the Scottish media doesn’t really care, especially not when those same public services are even more shite under the Tories south of the border because that’s not relevant. However on those occasions when public services are better in England, we get to hear all about it as then it suddenly becomes relevant. Because SNPbad.

The fact is that the Scottish media has given Thatalicsammin more negative coverage in the past week than St. Ruth Davidson has had in her entire career, and he’s not even a serving politician. Over just the past few days the supposed scandal of Thatalicsammin’s telly show on Russia Today has featured on Reporting Scotland four times, and on BBC Radio Scotland several times more. The Scottish media wants us to believe the fact that a former politician has a telly show on RT is far more important than the fact that the Scottish leader of the UK governing party has not only failed to deliver on the only promise that her party made to the Scottish people, but that her party has made the existing situation far worse. And moreover this Scottish leader was bummed up by that same Scottish media as being in charge of the Conservatives in Scotland, whose MPs would vote as a bloc to defend Scottish interests and who would personally ensure that Theresa May’s government attended to Scottish interests.

However whenever there is a spot of difficulty for the Tories in Scotland, the normally publicity hogging Ruth is harder to find than a Scotsman editorial that says something nice about Thatalicsammin. Yet today Ruth Davidson, lead singer of the Scottish media’s favourite band Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™, is back in the public eye doing what she is best at. What she’s best at is schmoozing with light entertainment presenters. On Wednesday in the Herald there was a wee piece about St Ruth which made a mediaeval hagiography seem overly cynical. It was a nauseatingly sweet digest of her adventures in British light entertainment and not a fish quota in sight. It was the Great British Boak Off.

Meanwhile Ross Thomson, MP for Aberdeen South – a city which voted by a larger majority to remain a part of the EU than it did to remain a part of the UK – appeared on a boat in the Thames alongside Nigel Farage, throwing dead fish into the river. It was a metaphor for the Scottish Conservatives’ promises to Scotland, but you can be sure that his exploits will be given considerably less coverage than Thatalicsammin.

We’re up against the Great British Boak Off. As independence activists our task is to highlight the many and manifest shortcomings of the British nationalists in Scotland. It’s to paint a picture of the better country that independence can achieve. That’s our day job. I’m going to get on with it. I hope you will too.

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52 comments on “The Great British Boak Off

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  2. I was perhaps too harsh in my previous post, but…
    Brewer and his team of Yoons, Taylor, Porter, and Carmicael, Hair, Thomson, were there to be shot down today. Ms Haggerty seemed reluctant to do so, and even implied that the SNP were hostages to fortune over their stance on th EU post independence.
    She could have reiterated Fergus Ewing’s stance on Scotland in the EU formulating Fisheries Policy rather than out on a limb with Empire 2.
    Brewer could not believe his luck, and it showed in his now unmistakable superior smirk.
    I have a sense that some Pro Independence punters are more interested in their careers than fighting the good fight, that’s all.
    Nuff from me.
    I apologise if I offend.

    • Cubby says:

      I don’t think you were too harsh in your previous comments. I am happy to stand by my comments re today’s Politics Scotland, even if the wee dug bites my ankle again.
      Watch the programme and make up your mind. As I said before Haggerty seems to being fed her lines now from Torrance.

      • cluthab says:

        When Haggarty is using her new found high profile to knock the Scottish government are we to sit on our hands?

        • hettyforindy says:

          No, we call out those whose message is counter to a pro independence for Scotland, in whatever guise they appear. The only ones standing up for, and working for the people of Scotland, re political parties, is the SNP. Not perfect, but, we need to be aware of fals eflag stuff and plants. i have seen them at demo’s the plants are there, be in no doubt.

  3. diabloandco says:

    There is a rumour going about that after taking part in the Boak Off , Ms Davidson is keen to trip the light fantastic too.

  4. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Getting on with the day job of promoting Scotland in a positive light, unlike the MSM.

  5. Graham says:

    Yousaf needs to accept that burja-comment-based apology and move on. He’s making himself and the SNP look bad over a petty trifle. Choose your battles.

  6. Graham says:

    Addendum: ‘burka-based.’

  7. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

  8. mbiyd says:

    I always think of the Scots Tories in much the same light as Edward Balliol and his adherents: trying to run Scotland against the wishes of the populace with a view to furthering their English estates and ambitions. It’s the end game for the English no French estates; no Irish plantations; no world Empire so its back to where it all began Wales and Scotland for English ambitions.

  9. Andy Anderson says:

    I agree with everything you have said Paul. You have raised this issue a few times over the years. People who support Yes should do that, support YES and stop attacking a person’s specific political biases about our future. That will sort itself out after we are free. All for one and one for all, please.

    • wm says:

      I agree Andy, there is no way everybody in the yes camp will agree on everything but if they start arguinng between each other the tories will achieve what they are good at, devide and conquer. They have been practicing this for most of the last century one stand out example being the 1984 miners strike. The cost did not matter..

  10. mbiyd says:

    From my earlier comment: Foreign secretary Johnson is actually comparing the World Cup in Russia this year to the Olympic games in 1936. Will the English team be saluting Putin. He might care to bear in mind his pseudo TurkoGerman English gob can only pontificate because of the sacrifices the Russians made to liberate Europe from the scourge of Nazism. And al because the World Cup went to Russia and not England! Should’ve got Sebastian on the team……

  11. Mark Russell says:

    Given the shenanigans unravelling in Westminster currently – and further afield – ‘keepin’ the heid’ and standing true and strong will win the day.

    Don’t fuck it up. Please.

  12. Walter Hamilton says:

    We must be heading for another Scottish referendum, the oil reserves have again depleted to a 40 year low, Oh no, that big black hole in the Scottish economy again.

    • hettyforindy says:

      There is masses of the dirty stuff in Scottish waters, really wish there wasn’t in fact. You can ask anyone who is not tuned into UK politics and Scottish politics in particular, where they think the massive cash goes from the oil, they will say, ‘Scotland’. I had to put an English relative right on that when he said, ‘wi-aye, but there’s nae oil left, so you’s’ll have nothing in the bank will you’s!’ Oh if only tiny, wee, stupid, backward Scotland, had used all that cash from their oil wisely eh!
      Wait, what, the revenues went south? All the £billions+++++? Oh, right, why is Scotland poor then? Hmmm.

      Still, it’s lucky we have the UKOK cash to keep us afloat eh. From their er, car factories and er…wait, what do they have?!

  13. Gordon Millar says:

    Well, yes but – – –

    I think that there are two separate issues here. One is the particular treatment of women like Cat Boyd and Angela Haggerty. It’s probably true that, as women, they are given a harder time than men and this is clearly wrong. And it’s also true that they have a right to put out their views without being subject to misogyny and sexist remarks. Nobody should be able to disagree with that.

    But then there is, separately, the independence question. You have the advantage of knowing Angela Haggerty and Cat Boyd personally but the rest of us can only make a judgement on the basis of their published work and what they’ve said on, for example, TV appearances.

    And I have to say that my impression of both, but particularly of Cat Boyd, is that they are much more interested in their own careers and public profile than they are in independence. Also, I believe that this is a view shared by every independence supporter of my acquaintance.

    And it’s been noticeable that when people in the independence movement attack other independence supporters it always seems to be (with the exception of Stuart Campbell and yourself) those in the list in your article who have initiated it. And, as they are presumably as aware as anyone else of the potential for helping British nationalism by attacking other independence supporters, why do they do it?

    Which then begs the question – if they are acting against the broader interests of the independence movement, why do the rest of us have to treat them as fellow independence supporters?

    I’m not convinced that they have as much influence as they would like to think and my own view is that we should simply ignore them. However, if people want to argue back (without the sexism and insults) then I also don’t think that they’re doing any real damage to the wider independence movement.

    • weegingerdug says:

      My call to people within the indy movement to stop attacking others refers as much to those you’ve mentioned (indeed more so given that they have positions of a certain prominence) as it does to people with no public platforms who just share their views on social media.

    • Robert Graham says:

      I watched ms Haggertys contribution to BBC Scotlands daily vendetta against the SNP ,
      And as Brucie used to say didn’t she do well ,
      Totally guaranteed a return booking ,
      If she is a Independence supporter well we are all f/kd ,
      For someone with a political background to say that the Tory party has Scottish interests at the forefront of their thinking and are making a better fist of it than the SNP , is either batshit looney or she believes the viewer is so bloody stupid to believe these toe rags at Westminster are going to vote against a English Tory government , even a child can see these liars have no intention of voting against their masters .
      As Paul has said at the top don’t attack other Independence supporters , sorry Paul there is a limit and if she supports independence well she hides it well .

      • hettyforindy says:

        Absolutely Robert. We have to obviously stand by each other, but be very ware of anyone or thing that dresses up as pro indy, when their actual message has an agenda, which seems counter to what we should expect from anyone pro independence. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, as they say.

        I take no prisoners these days, when it comes to someones message. If they attempt to divide people, who are all singing from the same hymn sheet, be suspicious. Haggerty? Would not trust her one bit, her message seems counter to being pro independence. That’s enough for me to not waste time reading her stuff.

        Paul, your blog is top notch, and it’s my go to each time you write an article.

        Sincerity is not hard to spot, no matter the plants or false flags.

        • Cubby says:

          I am sorry if Haggerty gets abuse on twitter or other forums. I have only seen her twice on the telly and do not read any articles blogs of hers and do not know her.
          The first time she was very poor in putting any case for independence. This time it wasn’t that she was poor at putting across the Independence /Scot government case – she actively promoted the Tories and strongly criticised the SNP/ Scot gov.

          With friends like this who needs enemies.

          IMO my reasonable assumption was that if she had supported independence she has sold out to advance her career or has joined the Tory party.

          The BBC minimise the number of occasions independence supporters are invited on to their programmes and we need people who will maximise the opportunity not people who are thinking about their own advancement.

      • crabbitgits says:

        If what Robert Graham says is true and I’ve no doubt it is, that Angela Heggerty said on BBC Scotland news this evening (I don’t go near it with a barge pole by the way) that “the Tory party has Scottish interests at the forefront of their thinking and are making a better fist of it than the SNP” then it’s totally unacceptable and deserves harsh criticism. Someone that says that kind of thing on national news can’t support independence for Scotland. no way. Sorry Paul, your post is admirable and I can see why you say what you did, but when is enough, enough?. If it’s not true then maybe someone can explain what she did say, cause I ain’t watching that shite.

      • Robert, By the 6.30 Reporting Scotland Bulletin, Ross Thomson had performed a complete U Turn.
        He will not be opposing the extended Transitional period, but will fight for Scotland’s/Britain’s Fisher Folk from January 2021 onwards.
        KIrstene Hair will bring down May’s Government if we are not out of the CFS by April 2019?
        Aye, right.
        Yet Ms Haggerty had nothing to say about this abject nonsense and tortured lies from our New Blue Tories.
        The opposite in fact. She argued that the Bakers Blue Dozen were seen to be fighting for Scotland in the Brexit barney, and that the SNP (not the Yes Movement?) were losing momentum by sticking doggedly to Independent Scotland within the EU and the C FS?
        I doubt her credentials,Paul, or is this just another ‘power play’ from an unelectable Far Left fellow traveller?

        • weegingerdug says:

          Look, I am not saying I agree with her. Neither am I saying that you need to agree with her. The point I was trying to make is that we should rise above perceived attacks on the indy movement from people who are supposedly pro-independence and concentrate on making our own case. The problem here isn’t Angela Haggerty’s faulty take on things. The problem is a Conservative party which is hell bent on reducing the powers of the Scottish parliament and which has just betrayed that Scottish fishing industry whose support it had courted.

          • I’ll shut up on this<Paul. You are correct of course. We are bickering among ourselves while Farage throws fish into the Thames.
            I hope to make the Night at the Dumbuck 29th.
            I owe you at least a pint and so much more.

            • crabbitgits says:

              WGD; I echo completely what Jack says. I support your post and everything you say. Simply said, it’s just so damn hard sometimes keeping yer mooth clamped. Without any sarcasm intende; I will do as you suggest. Thanks for being here and keeping us all in line and together.

              After all, we are all bette……….err…..erm.

              Aside: Crabbit what are you saying man?

  14. In principle, I agree with every word you say, Paul. In practise it is very hard NOT to call out the likes of Ms Haggerty when she appears to be praising our Westminster Lords & Masters and comparing them favourably to our own SNP Government. You are right, of course, but damn, it’s hard sometimes!

  15. From my recollection, such as it is, in the dim and distant Newsnet temporarily lost a lot of cred. when they published many articles by Torrance and even inserted editorial comment saying he was not a Unionist and that people should not describe him such.

    We’ll, it is a long time now since he openly admitted he was is it not?

    So who was right? The Imperial robe providers or the wee guys saying ‘haud on a minute’.

  16. Robert Graham says:

    Ok as many others have said subject closed , for those who have not seen Ms Haggertys contribution i urge you to judge for yourself , the last thing i can say it was at best a career move well we all need to progress so who can fault her for that .

  17. Macart says:

    I barely know who this Angela Haggerty person is. Don’t follow Common Space (?) (shrugs). Ditto, I don’t read a third of the columnists on the National or SH. I don’t regularly visit a good many indy sites either these days, though I generally and initially pay a visit or two to a good number to read a post and get a feel for where the author is coming from. It’s a personal choice. It’s about finding those who speak to you. Not all of them will and that’s a fact. Also? I’m not good with people and authors who pigeonhole. Y’know the kind. If you’re left of left you read this site. If you’re centrist you read that site. If you’re right of centre you’re on another and so forth. Personally, I absofuckinglutely hate ists and isms. People are waaay more complex than that.

    (Equally, there are plenty I do visit regularly and simply read what that person has to say. Then there’s a handful I take some time to comment on.)

    I accepted a long time ago that not everyone on this journey will agree with me or I with them. That’s life. There is only one thing we need to agree upon in the end. I don’t normally comment on what one site/author has said about another. It’s a waste of energy. It’s a waste of focus. It benefits only one group and that group have a long history and a LOT of experience in exploiting the weaknesses and differences of others. IT IS WHAT THEY DO and it’s why we are where we are today. Nor do I have any control over what other people in the indy movement say. I can react to that and give it legs, or I can focus on what I consider to be the more imminent problems we face.

    I believe what we all want is bigger than personalities with brick laden handbags. It covers generations of children yet to be born. It’s a legacy of possibilities and free choice. And for my money, that goes beyond the small differences.

    Paul’s post is a call for common purpose to win out over all else. It’s not just a welcome call for sanity. It’s a necessary one.

  18. emilytom67 says:

    Just read the excellent Craig Murrays blog this will give you an insight into the workings of the British/Unionist Government it makes for scary reading,”none so blind as those who will not open their eyes”

  19. grizebard says:

    Well, there’s “contrarian” and there’s “giving succour to the enemy” (ie the BritNats and their ever-servile media). We in the indy movement may come from different places, but still, it shouldn’t be so very hard to keep an obvious common goal in mind. While it’s not at all right to insult people with sexist language, which is a shameful distraction, a genuine concern lingers that some people are only using indy as a bandwagon to push their own narrow political agenda. Frankly, “coming out for Corbyn” deserves to be attacked, not tolerated. Whether insidiously diversionary or just plain stupid.

    Maybe those who are inclined to take advantage of a helping BritNat media hand to be “contrarian” could learn much from Paul’s fine example instead. Even better of course would be to see people like Paul on telly instead, and we have to wonder why ever not…?

  20. Once again Nicola Sturgeon used Davidson as the bucket, Leonard as the mop, and Rennie as the suds, and wiped the floor with them at FMQ today.
    Davidson waffled through nonsense about how the Attainment Gap money was being allocated and spent,
    The Scarf Leonard yet again had to be reminded that Employment Law was a reserved power as he waffled on about former Carrilion workers being charged fees by unscrupulous agents to collect their wages, agents whom employees didn’t need to go through, and Rennie waffle on about Chinese Human Rights Record in advance of NS’ trip to China over Easter on a Trades visit.
    They really are a bunch of naysayers, wafflers, who will do anything, say anything, and lie about anything, to do down Scotland.
    Needless to say, Reporting Scotland did not ‘report’ on Scottish FMQ at all.
    Wonder why?

    • Robert Graham says:

      When Wullie stands up even his own side groan Ah Naw please sit down .

      Some of the questions asked of the First Minister are more suited to a council meeting maybe the opposition can’t think of a sensible question .

      This Tory party while very keen on pursuing the attainment gap , appear to distance themselves from any responsibility from their governments actions in Westminster , the havoc this lot are raining down on ordinary people rolling out their mantra of universal credit must be adding to some people’s already chaotic lives seems to have passed them by , nothing to do with us we are looking after the public purse , all their actions have consequences but they distance themselves from the real harm that they are doing .

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Recent data on the attainment gap. Good reading if you are a non unionist.

      • “Some of the questions asked of the First Minister are more suited to a council meeting maybe the opposition can’t think of a sensible question .”
        You hit the nail on the head, Robert.
        The Opposition are united in attempting to reduce our parliament to ‘parish Council’ status, and indeed the Blue Red and Yellow politicians warming their bums on the benches are of local council standard, good at potholes and public conveniences, rubbish at protecting Scotland and its people from the Excesses of our overbearing English neighbour.
        Alan Cochrane writes up Ruth Davidson as though she were the ‘boss’ of the Blue Tory WM MPs, including laughably implying that , Mundo the Michty’s, the SoS for Scotland is accountable to this little attention seeker, rather than as a Member of May’s Cabinet, to the Prime Minister.
        She is nothing of the sort.
        She is a MSP and Branch Manager of the Blue Tory Colonial Outpost.
        If she had been any good, she would have stood in a WM contest.
        She has no influence in what May and her Cabinet decide; she has no ‘inside knowledge’, nor is she consulted (despite her assertions otherwise) about what David, Fox, and Johnson are negotiating with the EU27.
        She is promoted by the BBC and our Dead Tree Scrolls as a rising Tory star, and gets away with murder, held accountable for none of the Blue Tory Evil being inflicted upon her fellow Scots, but credited with everything from May’s ascension to the throne, to Scotland’s victory over Engurland the other week.
        She disappears off the face of the earth when the MSM are looking for answers following the latest Brexit farce, be it the Irish Border, Gibraltar, or the Fisheries debacle.
        Rennie and Leonard are completely out of their depth, and week in, week out, they are exposed for what they are, irritating flies at the picnic.
        Their role is to obfuscate, insult, clog up the workings of government, and , it pains me to say this, celebrate bad news about Scotland, lie and disparage any remotely encouraging news about Scotland, and rage at the continuing good governance of our democracy by the SNP.
        Can anybody seriously imagine Davidson, Rennie, or Leonard as FM?
        Jackie Baillie in charge of Finance?
        Adam Tomkins (a reject in our constituency) as Health secretary?
        We are indeed a ‘one party’ state.
        The Red Blue and Yellow Tories abandoned Scotland 10 years ago. What we are left with are the dregs who could not cut it at HQ down in London Town.
        If we had media who did their job, the standard and quality of Yoon politician would rise through sheer necessity.
        As it is, our MSM cup a helpful hand under their elbows and lead them gently through the next TV interview/debate/ wee chat.

    • I saw her making mincemeat of ‘Dick’ Leonard … Dick by name and dick by nature! Excellent!

  21. Macart says:

    Here’s a who knew(?) moment.

    Aaaand breathe.

    • ‘Nothing is agreed until everything’s agreed’.
      What part of that simple statement to the Brexit Brits and the BBC not understand?
      Perhaps Boris may condemn Spain’s treatment of Catalonia now?
      Thought not.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Over a year ago Spanish interior stated clearly they would stop a Brexit deal unless they were consulted on Gibraltar and a solution to the issue there was sorted.

      • Macart says:

        Pretty much Andy. Many an indy site made predictions on this very scenario t’boot.

        Many won’t/wouldn’t be told though. They’ll simply have to witness and experience.

  22. Gavin C Barrie says:

    I agree Paul, discuss by all means, but hold off from personal criticism. I no longer read articles by Cat Boyd nor Angela Haggerty, as I don’t rate their contributions. Haggerty’s interview with Brewer was not helpful to the Indy cause,and tends me to the view expressed by many, that she is career- driven not Indy- driven, and my purchase of the Sunday Herald will be up for review after a week or two of her involvement.

    Are women in public view given a harder time than men? Leonard,Fraser,Rennie, and Cole Hamilton may not agree? And yet,who was that Tory oaf with the NE accent so rudely talking over the SNP lady in the FMQ Time side discussion on the CFP, so ineptly handled by Brian Taylor?

  23. Stephanie Taylor says:

    As an independence supporter, I see you working your socks off. You write this blog and you’re at every meeting and event going. I read Wings as I like his style and his information. I try to avoid Cat, Angela and now Robin McAlpine too, although I can apppreciate Robin also works hard for what he believes in, he has ceased to resonate with me. I come across Cat in the National and Angela on Twitter, usually in some spat or other with other people she has criticised. I question the motivation of both and do not equate them in any way with the likes of yourself and WoR. No one deserves abuse of any description and I think we all agree on that. If we’re to achieve our goal of independence we must present a united front. Those who claim to be spokespeople for the movement seem to me to be the ones who need to recognise that.

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