Gutted like a fish

“Well that was totally unexpected and absolutely no one could have predicted that it would happen. I never saw it coming,” said the guy who walked out into the middle of the M8 during rush hour and was run over by a fish lorry. That’s pretty much the response of Scottish Conservative supporters to the news that Theresa May’s government has sold out the Scottish fishing industry in order to secure some progress during the Brexit negotiations with the EU. This is a development that everyone who isn’t a supporter of the Scottish Conservatives was warning about. You can’t trust a Tory with a Scottish interest. They’ll only either sell it, betray it, or shoot it. Or sometimes all three. Just ask Bambi’s maw.

The fishing industry is important politically and psychologically in Scotland. As a contributor to the UK economy it’s pretty dwarfish and the UK’s Brexit team thinks dwarfish is a type of mackrel, a wet fish they’re using to slap Scotland about the face. There was never the slightest doubt that the Westminster government would sell out Scotland’s fishing communities in order to gain some traction for negotiations on matters that they actually care about – like the right of the City of London to keep money laundering for obscenely wealthy Russian kleptocrats, or selling bombs to the Saudis so that they can drop them on Yemeni hospitals.

The little cohort of Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ at Westminster are doing a not entirely convincing impression of impotent rage. They’re going to bring down Theresa May’s government if they don’t get their way, according to some of the headlines in a British nationalist press that for once isn’t able to blame the SNP for what has happened. If only the Tories had poisoned the fish stocks with Novichoks, then they could run story after story about Thatalicsammin having a telly show on RT. Instead they have to put up with Adam It’s The Law! Tomkins looking like he’s chewing a wasp, which to be honest isn’t that much different from the look on his face every time he tells Holyrood that everything is illegal. However back on planet Earth we all know that there is as much chance of the Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ voting down Theresa May as there is of Nicholas Witchell taking a dump in the Queen’s handbag.

It now transpires that no one in the Scottish Conservatives was told in advance that the government they support was going to sell them out on the issue that saw many of them elected – the promise that Scotland would regain control of its fishing grounds after Brexit. However since the only one of them who enjoys cabinet membership, David Mundell, the Secretary of State for Stuffed Toys and Gutted Fish, wasn’t even invited to the UK Government’s Brexit planning talks, it wasn’t exactly earth-shatteringly unexpected that no one in Westminster could be arsed enough to keep Ross Thomson in the loop. The great Russian writer Tolstoy once wrote that when we dig down into the very deepest and darkest recesses of the human psyche, we discover unpleasant little things that ought to have lain there unnoticed. He was clearly thinking about Ross.

The Tories broke the only significant promise that they had made to Scotland during the general election of 2017 as soon as they were elected when they backed proposals for Westminster to seize control of the devolved power over fisheries from Holyrood, and now they’ve broken it again because the EU will retain control over fishing quotas during the transitional period after Brexit. Only it’s much worse, during that period the UK will not be involved in negotiations to set quotas, it will only be “consulted”. As a member of the EU the UK is at least involved in the discussions to set fishing quotas, now the UK’s representatives won’t even be in the room when their future is debated. So now they know what it feels like to be Scottish. The UK will remain fully subject to all EU rules and regulations, but won’t have any opportunity to vote on them. How’s that taking back control working out for you?

But the UK will be consulted in the same way that Westminster consults with Holyrood over Brexit, so that’s OK right? But not to worry, Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ are now promising that after the transitional period they will definitely absolutely positively pinky promise honest to God deliver on it after Brexit when they have ensured that Holyrood can’t do anything about it and they won’t have any leverage on Theresa May. See? Sorted. You can trust the Tories. Bambi’s maw will vouch for them.

Some Tories are trying to salvage a little piece of dignity from this slap in the face with a wet fish from their own government by pointing out that the SNP want Scotland’s fishing industry to remain subject to EU fishing regulations. And that would be true. The difference however is that the SNP want Scotland to have its own voice and vote in EU matters as a member state in its own right, which means that Scotland would be involved in the negotiations and would have a vote and a voice in setting fishing quotas, and wouldn’t settle for a crappy deal as a squid pro quo for allowing the City of London to keep flogging financial products and luxury properties to dictators who’ve made all their money by theft.

The Tories promised that Scotland would regain control over its fishing grounds because they said that the current situation didn’t allow Scotland a say, but what they’ve actually delivered is even worse than the current situation. It’s a bit like a plastic surgeon who says that he can make you more handsome with a nose job, and then he amputates it. The Tories have cut off Scotland’s nose to spite the EU’s face.

The Tories took a bad situation and made it worse. Now the nearest thing that the UK has to a fishing policy is the fact that Michael Gove looks like a startled goldfish. Scotland would find that a dead goldfish stood up for it more effectively than Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™. It’s time Scotland treated the Tories like a dead goldfish, and flushed them away.

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82 comments on “Gutted like a fish

  1. That, pretty much says it all.

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  3. mbiyd says:

    I wonder why they want the non reserved powers repatriated from the EU to Westminster first? Is it constitutionally within Westminster gift to agree matters with the EU which are reserved to Scotland? M

    • Sandyw says:

      Westminster believes that the ‘unwritten constitution’ lets them do whatever they want. Hence why their arrogance comes unstuck when they meet someone that wants to stick to the written rules as the EU are currently doing.

    • Nancy Bailey says:

      Now, that is a very interesting question, mbiyd. Perhaps they are taking a leaf out of the WGD book, and have decided that if they believe (as they do) they have the right to agree on devolved matters over the head of the Scottish government, and they act as if they (of course!) have that right, then they will succeed in confusing the situation enough that folk acquiesce, therefore becoming (ta da!) the government in charge of these devolved areas. That they are wrong isn’t allowed to filter through.

      I suspect this is the inevitable result of a situation where the devolved administrations are only to be consulted and so, since they are not saying what the UK govt wishes to hear, no one cares to listen much to what the Scottish govt or the Welsh have to say.

  4. Clapper57 says:

    We are currently experiencing a blatant Tory damage limitation exercise re the great ‘betrayal’ of Scottish fisherman. The media are totally complicit in their false portrayal of both Ruth D and Scottish Tory MP’s as defenders of the Scottish waters ….sorry UK waters ….from the EU.

    We are expected to believe that fishing was not going to be offered as a sacrifice upon the Brexit altar even although the SNP have been warning of this very scenario and thus were condemned for voicing their concerns (and now correct predictions) by these very same Scottish Tories …..and right wing Brexit mad media.

    Life certainly does come at you fast .

    And just think how many times since the Brexit vote have we Scots been told that Brexit was a UK vote and is being overseen by the UK government . That being the case Scots fisherman who voted ‘Leave’ and also voted for a Scots Tory MP in the last GE should vent their anger upon those whom they placed their trust and gave their vote to i.e. their UK reps the Scottish Tory MP’s.

    So Britnat politicians, media and individuals ‘Now is not the time’ to try and somehow drag the Scottish government into this dirty Brexit promise breaking arena and try to somehow implicate that they, the Scottish government, have any culpability , responsibility or indeed , thanks to Theresa ensuring devolved governments frozen out of Brexit talks, any opportunity to somehow have any impact on reversing this fiasco for the Scottish fishing communities.

    You see this is what happens when WM Tory reps negotiate from a ‘British’ (English) perspective . One wonders what they will negotiate away next….if , as the Scottish Tories claim, they have betrayed Scottish fisherman, one wonders what other Scottish resources/produce they will negotiate away…..during both Brexit talks and post Brexit trade agreements.

    If all else fails , well they, the Tories, can always just continue blaming the EU…..that always goes down well with the en masse rabid Brexit mob.

    Over to Mundell……to continue doing what he does best…..that is fighting for ….. the Conservative party !

  5. Cubby says:

    Nicely said by the ginger dug.

    The big question:

    Will any of these silly fisherman stop voting for Tory promises or are they destined to be taken for mugs from now until eternity?

    • mbiyd says:

      For eternity they will simply say that an Independent Scotland would do the same

    • Two Jobs Tomkins says:

      Until eternity because they seem to be as thick as one of Nick the Witch’s royal handbag dumpings.

  6. crabbitgits says:

    Whisky. Beef. Water. Oil. Farming.

  7. Two Jobs Tomkins says:

    If Nick the Witch did take a dump in the queen’s handbag, the result would be as enlightening as a think-tank session with poor Ross Thomson and the rest of TankTop’s Westminster warriors.

  8. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Scotland should shut up and learn to know its plaice in the world. It has not and will never get a fair herring at the filleting table under the current arrangements – which cannot be described as brill – the UK government continues to flounder.

    Our valiant fishermen (and women) continue to bring the harvest home in all weathers, to this big country of ours, whilst our Secretary of State for … whatever it is,, does hee-haw about anything… for Scotland (he used to be the sole Conservative™) perhaps dabs away the meagre crumbs offered from the table, if alas, he was ever at the table in the first plaice.

    The Scottish Conservatives™, pouting in disdain, and, as ever, lacking somewhat in sole, will no doubt come up with some old John Dory about how all this mess is in fact the fault of someone else apart from them (indeed what is ms. sturgeon doing about their mess). They may, not surprisingly, have sold the fishermen down the river, witch is not surprising, and done them up like a kipper.. but in the end, hopefully, they may get a little lot more than they bargained for from all this.

    • Clapper57 says:

      Ah see what you did there.

      However If the Scottish Tories don’t stop carping they’ll soon be in deep water with HQ.

      It’s almost like they are fishing for compliments with all this ‘Defenders of the sea’ claptrap.

      No wonder we all feel so crabby….thank god the SNP had a different angle from the outset.

      I’ll cast off now.

      • Marconatrix says:

        We must surely go forward with a renewed sense of porpose, and to at least winkle out the truth of the situation. (Whoops! It seems to be contagious).

        • Patience is a Virtue says:

          The whole affair smelt a bit fishy, indeed a bit of a bloater or giant goby.

    • 😀 Aaaargh! This old trout is laughing salmon awful and nearly falling off her perch!

      • Patience is a Virtue says:

        Other sensible countries made sure they would never be in this situation in the first plaice and if ever faced by similar circumstances, would certainly mount stiff resistance, like The Ling.


  9. hettyforindy says:

    Selling Scotland down the river, once again. Poor untRuth, she fought tooth and nail for Scotland and fishing rights to come back to Scotland, what a trooper eh! Oh, no wait…she did fck all, but make a few quid appearing on very low level tv programmes. Sleekit hardly describes.

    I am convinced Scotland’s fishing is not the only thing they are using to get some of the dirty deals
    they want to line the pockets of Britains elite and their dodgy pals. Watch this space, Scotland is awash with resources and now er, gold, (being mined commercially by an Aussie company, called ‘ScotGold’,! but it’s the ‘first British commercial goldmine when you see the britnat rags bragging about it. 820.000 tons of Scottish rock to be blasted away very soon, and they are prospecting for more rare minerals in Scotland, woo hoo!). They will sell Scotland off bit by massive bit, and those deals are no doubt already being discussed.

    Get the hell out of the disgusting so called union and asap Scotland, otherwise the heavy UK boot on your head will get even bigger and heavier.

  10. Isobel Anderson says:

    Could be fun looking at NI quotas here too.

  11. Az says:

    Well, I laughed out loud while reading that (in public) THREE times!

    Great read. Marvellous.

  12. Jim Arnott says:

    Quite simply:

    The Scottish Tories are a laughinh stock.

  13. bedelsten says:

    With some approximation, fishing is worth £936 million to the UK or 0.049% of UK GDP. However, for Scotland, fishing’s contribution of £556 million is worth 0.38% of Scottish GDP, or ten times as much – based on 2016 figures. The on-shore processing side adds value increasing the overall worth of fishing to Scotland.

    It continues to surprise that anyone is surprised that the UK government will happily throw the fishing industry under a bus. This had been well signalled, signposted, publicised and promulgated and one would have to been out as sea for some considerable time without any modern communications aids to have missed this – or be very hard of herring. And it will happen again when whatever happens next in the Brexit charade is negotiated. The term negotiated is used here in a very loose and imprecise way, perhaps more in the way the terms surrender, capitulate, acquiesce and sacrifice are usually used. Useless cunettos

    Being thrown under a bus may change Scottish fishermen’s attitude to Scottish independence even though they are, instinctively, of a right wing conservative hue. The SNP have, I have been told, always opposed the Common Fisheries Policy and one may now observe a subtle shift of tone emphasising the benefits of Scotland being in the single market as opposed to the benefits of the EU per se. EFTA anyone?

  14. Andy Anderson says:

    I agree Paul, the final deal will still dump on the fishermen.

    Scotland in the EEA would
    have full control of it fisheries. Iceland which is in the EEA gets 90% of the fish in their water’s. We after decades of WM negotiation skills get 44%.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      SNP should push this with indy as we would be able to protect our land and seas. We could then get back some of the Yes and Leave votes. A full EU option could be put back and like Norway vote on this possibility every 15 years or do.

  15. Marconatrix says:

    “Nicolas Witchell taking a dump in the Queen’s handbag.”
    Oh please, WGD, I could well have done without that image being impressed on my innocent mind’s eye!

    • Two Jobs Tomkins says:

      It’s a scary and crazy an image as (let my imagination go wild here…) Nicky the Witch sitting on a lesbian in a TV studio. Beat that for mental… oh… hang on…

  16. Arthur thomson says:

    Presumably there are some Scottish fishermen/women who understand the advantages of Scottish independence. If so they need to organise and make their position known or at the very least disown their unionist leaders. As for those who are unionists – suck it up. London will never back you up unless there is money in it for them. No Brexit dividend for fisher folk – ever.

    • stewartb says:

      Agreed Arthur.

      The Scottish fishing industry is not homogeneous – the balance of benefits/dis-benefits of being in the EU or (just) in the EEA or outside both are not the same for all the different parts of the wild capture and processing sub-sectors.

      The benefits or otherwise for the various coastal communities – for which fishing is a key part – of being (a) part of the UK and outside the EU and EEA, versus being (b) within an indy Scotland and within the EU or EEA, are not necessarily nor simply aligned with the vocally expressed interests of Bertie Armstrong’s SFF, its arch-Unionist members and their Tory supporters.

  17. Robert Graham says:

    And all the while the BBC Scottish unit along with a complicit media make sure ordinary folk are kept in the dark ,
    The people who gain from this deception are in positions of authority they dare not allow Scottish people to find out what is blatantly being withheld and buried in this fog ,
    The contrived confusion the British state always uses to hide what’s going on , the latest being this apparent Russian involvement is a smokescreen to deflect questions being asked about this slow strangulation of the Scottish parliament .

    They won’t shut it just make it so ineffective it would be as well being closed , and Scottish labour will do what ? , they will sit on their hands having been bought off as usual and Denying all knowledge , I don’t know who is worse both act as one , Unionists Together .

  18. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Sadly despite the repeated attacks on Scotland by the Westminster parties, the Scottish media will say nothing.

    Sadly many uninformed Scots will read the Scots MSM and actually believe what is spouted and vote for the anti Scottish unionist parties.

    Sad hardly covers the situation, its a terrible thing that Scots dont read a bit more and make an effort to obtain information from sources other that the BBC and the piss poor newspapers.

    Its 2018, ignorance is a choice.

    • Cubby says:

      Jason spot on with your comment ” it’s 2018, ignorance is a choice” Hope you don’t mind me using your words elsewhere.

      • Jason Smoothpiece says:

        My friend they are not my words but I often use them to describe where we are in Scotland, please feel free to use them.

        • stewartb says:

          ” it’s 2018, ignorance is a choice”

          What a great, what a telling, what a useful phrase – many thanks Jason!!!!

    • Andy Anderson says:

      It is possible to open some peoples eyes though Jason. Being an optimist by nature I even try to make dedicated Brit Nats question the crap they read. You never know!!!

  19. Bill McDermott says:

    The essence of the Independence argument is that Scotland would not be outvoted in relation to the negotiations on Europe. England rules no matter the opinions of 13 Tories. This is living proof that the Union doesn’t work for Scottish fishermen.

    The SNP have an honest policy of rejection of the CFP. The entry of an independent Scotland into the EU will have this policy tested and I am sure the SNP will have an honest debate vis a vis the EEA option. They will not let the catching sector down.

    • Cubby says:

      The union does not work for Scotland – full stop. Unfortunately the Stockholm syndrome is strong in a lot of proudscotbuts.

  20. Lizzie55 says:

    May’s little helpers aka the Ruth Davidson party MPs will just blame the EU and as they are now saying…..utopia for the fishermen is just delayed.

    What utter nonsense. When the transition period is over and after 22 months of having no say, May’s goverment will bargain the Scottish fishing rights for a good deal with the financial or car sectors.

    The stupidity of Tory voters in Scotland never ceases to amaze… would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

    We need to be out of this dangerous union before spring 2019. Enough is enough!

  21. Annabella says:

    “Now they know how Scotland feels”Think its beginning to sink in yet? Never mind Jacob rees smugs gonnae row up the thames waving his fists in the air and sort it all out.

  22. That was a priceless piece of oratory (or whatever the written equivalent of oratory is), Paul. I laughed, howled and snarled by turns, although, like Marconatrix, I could have done without the mental images conjured up by the thought of Nick Witchell desecrating the Royal handbag! 😉

    • Perhaps we should arm ourselves, start a ‘civil war’ between True Scots citizens and the Loyalist colonists.
      Blow up a few statues honouring the Empire and Royalty.
      Drive incomers from their Holiday Homes/Pension Plans?
      Then perhaps we will get treated like Norn Irn.
      It looks like the ‘backstop’ option, Norn Irn borderless with the rest of the island of Ireland, still in the EU, with a CU, Single EU Market, freedom of movement throughout the EU, and subject to ECJ laws will still apply, just so David Davis can keep things moving on Trade Deals and Finance post Brexit.
      The threat of renewed hostilities Over There is reaping rewards.
      Our industries, businesses, laws, our Government, our Human Rights are being trampled into the ground by Mundell The Invisible, and the SFA linesman, and Ruth and her gang of unelected hangers on.
      Will it take armed insurrection to resolve this quite deliberate attempt to return Scotland to a militarily occupied colony.
      Is that what it will take? Thousands of deaths, country wide destruction, and a Reign of MacTerror?
      Let’s hope not. We are better than that, but our patience is being tested tot he limit.

      • Marconatrix says:

        Mockery can often be more effective than violence. Rather than blow up statues, simply arrange for some late-night drunk to put a bucket over the image’s head 🙂

  23. If you want sick making, read Alison Rowta’s Love In on wee Ruth’s Great British Bake Off appearance.
    Do these journalists really believe that we are all so thick?
    What disgusting piece of arse licking Yoon Propaganda, accompanied by the Usual Suspects BTL comment s about that nasty Nicola fucking off to China to drum up trade.
    Our MSM, journalists, and broadcasters do not even make a pretence at balance these days.
    FYI,Ms Rowat, the cheeky wee chubby faced Poison Dwarf is forcing women who have been raped into humiliating submission.
    Your paper is dying, Ms Rowat. Good fucking riddance.
    Doubtless you’ll be on Brewer’s midweek nonsense, praising this nasty little fascist’s ‘charisma’ and pluckiness.
    After all, there’s nothing else to write about in the political sphere, is there?
    And they wonder why I call them the Dead Tree Scrolls….

    • Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Now Jack nobody’s paper is going to be allowed to die, in the interests of democracy you understand, the Regime is going to pump money into the print media.

      This will ensure we a!l get the message just in case you missed the propaganda on TV.

      This also has the positive effect of keeping us updated on the Royal wedding.

      To think some independent leaning types criticise the Westminster government.

  24. Macart says:

    Not entirely sure the Tories do irony tbh. How and ever the greatest irony was the reaction of hardline Brexiteers like Reesmoog, who considers the situation totally unacceptable. Wonder if he’ll remember that next time the Scottish parliament are being ‘consulted’ over something Westminster has already made up its mind upon? Doubtful.

    That’s EXACTLY what it’s like though folks. That is what a one sided partnership looks like. That is what the population of Scotland goes through all day, every day since the political union came into being. Westminster isn’t used to being the ‘junior’ partner and doesn’t like it one little bit. But you lot out there? You get back in your box, because it’s entirely different in your case and because… reasons. OKAY?

    Or… you can say no. No, mainly today I feel like not getting back in my box. Mainly today, I don’t feel like having you manage MY resources on MY behalf. Mainly today, I will be looking to a government a damn sight closer to home to manage MY resources, MY economy and care for MY society. Mainly today, I’d rather have someone closer to home talk to our other neighbours because you’ve made a complete arse of speaking to the world on our behalf.

    The United Kingdom is far from united. It is not a country as defined by the Daily Mail or any other right wing media outlet. It is an asset management exercise driven and run by those who frankly couldn’t care less whether you existed or not. Don’t believe me?

    Whether politics is your thing or not, spend some time looking in on Scottish questions, PMQs, FMQs and listen to the language, the attitudes of the speakers. You don’t even need to understand the issues or legalities of the subject in question. Simply look at how Scottish government representation is being talked to, treated (mistreated) by our partners. Ask yourself how much of that could YOU take?

    You want to know why the United Kingdom isn’t as united or equal as some would claim, then see for yourself how your equal partner considers your contributions and your very existence.

    Or… you could continue to accept what Westminster government tells you. You could continue to think it’ll all work out for the best because sumbdy wi’ plums in thir mooth, and an immaculately pressed suit. Who went to the right schools and who is clearly waaaaaaay more important than you, says trusssssst in me. Jussssst in me.

    It’s up to you.

    • I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take any more, Sam.
      We’ve heard nothing from That Other Dick, ‘The Scarf’ Leonard, whose 20 years’ experience as a shop steward will, according to him, stand him in good stead as he brokers a great deal with the EU, and that Other Wullie, Rennie of the Fumbles Five, and the hotch potch of list Blue red and Yellow Unionist MSPs, and the pathetic gaggle of new Yoon WM MPs on anything to do with Scotland in Europe..
      Nothing to do with them; a Big Boy did it and ran away.
      Yesterday, the Yoon Opposition, with the help yet again of the Greens, prevented Forestry being transferred to Holyrood; we are to have two ‘Arms Length Agencies’ instead.
      They fight tooth and nail to prevent Scotland ‘taking back control’ at every turn.
      Of course Labour’s Arms Length City Building, and City Parking, which are two examples of Labour Glasgow’s financial disasters, should serve as a warning that PFI type ‘contracts’ are a failures; but no, the Yoons, along with the Greens, have ensured that a load of jobsworths are about to hike up their wages to Footballer status, rather than trust to ‘civil servants’ to administer Timber in Scotland.
      I mean it. I’ve had enough of the Establishment through their Media burying the biggest political, economic, social, and environmental crisis ever to hit Scotland.
      We are about to be well and truly fecked by England if we stand by and let it happen.
      The Union is finished.

      Fuck off South if you don’t like it.
      I am a European, and shall remain so after March 2019.
      This is getting very serious indeed.

    • Brilliant, Sam! I have reproduced it elsewhere as I believe it deserves a much wider audience. I may be busy fending off Yoon Attacks on Facebook for the rest of the day!

  25. Clydebuilt says:

    BBC Radio Shortbread

    Tavish Scot wants amendment to Scot Gov Islands bill. That Scot Gov maps should put Shetland in its Geographical location.

    What does this achieve
    1. Reduces detail for mainland Scotland & it’s islands . . Including Shetland.
    2. Gets it into people’s heads that Shetland is a long way from the mainland. Promotes independence from Scotland. Makes Scots feel that Shetland isn’t really part of Scotland.

    By about 7am I’ve heard a clip of Ruthless. And interviews of the 2 FibDem island MSP’s Liam McArthur & Tavish talking down the Scot Gov’s Island Bill, how it won’t be acceptable without their amendments. Nothing from the SNP.
    Nearly forgot Labour’s Monica Lennon pretending Sanitary Goods for women is her idea. Still nothin from the SNP. . .

    • take comfort in the fact that it is dog whistle radio for a few thousand of the Scottish Branch of the London Establishment, Clydebuilt.
      We are within 12 months of being forcibly frog marched out of the EU by an English Occupying Force yet Tavish talks maps in boxes and James Kelly wants a million pounds to play with to tackle sectarianism which he has just decriminalised, now that the Yoons and Greens have got rid of perfectly good legislation contained in the highly popular OBFA.
      How many thousands actually listen to BBC GMS?
      Of course, they have refused to divulge ratings.
      I still don’t see the point of the Monica Lennons of the Yoon World.
      Glorified not very effective councillors. Can you imagine them governing Scotland?

  26. m biyd says:

    This is how i think Westminster will play this:

    Agree to EU access to Scottish Waters permanently; then devolve Fishing to Scotland and blame Scotland for the ensuing crisis in the fishing industry in the knowledge that Scotland in the UK won’t have the authority to negotiate International treaties and a Scotland applying for EU membership will have to accept the access to our waters that the UK negotiated with the added bonus that the lack of leverage (re EU negotiations for entry thereto) for an Independence seeking Scotland will strengthen the arguments against secession in the first place!

    I hope i’m wrong.

  27. Cubby says:

    Politics Scotland today.

    Angela Haggerty is now a TORY.

    Ross Thomson = Total Tory Bampot.

  28. Daisy Walker says:

    Dear Jack,

    When I feel my temper rising, I straighten up my spine, put on my most ‘patient, understanding, fake’ smile and counteract the crap with cold hard facts. It annoys the hell out of the Britnats, because it gives them no ammunition.

    It may not seem the most enabling of acts, but when you know it is your deliberate policy – an action, not a reaction, it empowers.

    Every yesser is an ambassador for our future and our country.

    Wild talk of violence, however understandable, has the potential in the current political climate to enable our enemies to close down sites such as this.

    We are all better and wiser than that. And we are close, very close.

    Aye we can and aye we must.

    • Daisy, I’m a lover not a fighter.
      Of course they would love it if eggs were chucked at one of the prominent Yoons. It would be the end of civilisation as they know it.
      Remember the nonsense when Murphy took to the High Streets deliberately provoking an adverse ‘menacing’ reaction?
      I know the politics and the history of the ‘Troubles’ in Norn Irn very well indeed, and would never advocate that we descend into violent insurrection.
      3,500 folk died needlessly for what?
      So Arlene and Gerry could strut their Kafflicks Versus Proddies stuff even to this very day.
      I am often in Ireland; there is still a palpable tension, which could snap if a ‘border’ between the UK and the EU is in the middle of the Irish Sea, and the North, in the Loyalist Eyes, is somehow subsumed into Eire, just so that Davis gets his way on Finance and Car manufacturing in England.
      There is no such powder keg frisson here.
      We are doing it at the ballot box.
      But I maintain that Mundell and the Brit Nat Unionists, especially the ProudScotsBut Fifth Column, would have no qualms about sending in the army if needed.
      They really are imperial fascists, who at last have admitted that Scotland is a militarily occupied colony, and that we the people of Scotland are a subjugated race.
      They continue to rape our land, for profit and the good of the SE., and for that alone, I shall never forgive my fellow Scots’ Collaborators and Appeasers.

      • Daisy Walker says:

        Some of those collaborators, etc acted – however misguidedly – out of the most conscientious of motives when they voted no the first time.
        300 + years of the worlds most advanced propaganda works!
        And the thing is, their vote is moving, moving to Yes. And when they do, it’s like weights being lifted from their shoulders and scales falling from their eyes.
        We need them, they are part of the fabric of this country. But best of all we need them as willing volunteers.
        There is no-one more devout than the re-formed smoker.
        And here’s the thing, when they change their view, they have the ear of all the other no voters, and they make it easier for them to change ground too.
        If you can’t forgive, and I know its a big ask, then please, allow the room for them to change their mind and make up for the first vote.
        We knew we were lied to, they did not, they have been betrayed and they are only just waking up to it.
        And if they send the army, there’s not a family in all of Scotland who hasn’t had family serve. They will be met with the most peaceful, joyful, welcoming committee, to look them in the eye and shake them by the hand and ‘nice’ them till they’re so embarrassed they have no option but to leave.
        Gandhi new his onions. We don’t have to invent the wheel.

        • Och,Daisy, I am not referring to the ‘30%’ who can be persuaded by argument and debate that Self Determination is the only way forward now.
          We all have had relatives who ‘served’: I’m not disparaging the unfortunates who would be ordered to do the Establishment’s bidding.
          Thousands were killed and maimed invading Iraq on a lie.
          My nephew patrolled the streets of Belfast and my wife hails from the self same streets.
          Mundell, Davidson, Tomkins and May, and their Red and Blue Tories speak with the voice of the Oppressor.
          There is no longer even a pretence of listening to the Scottish Government, or indeed, making any sort of concession to the 62% who voted Remain.
          It’s England’s Brexit, a Blue Tory Brexit, and we are ordered to shut up and take our medicine.
          I imagine you placing a red rose in the Big Gun of Ruth’s Tank, dressed in flowing Laura Ashley Hippy prints, and dancing barefoot in front of a line of soldiers singing ‘Aquarius’.

          We are a conquered nation. Our Robber Barons bartered our land away for money 300 years ago.NOwadays, they dress it up with the faux language of ‘democracy’,
          We are part of the UK, we voted in 2014 to Remain, forever apparently, so there’s an end to it. The 85% will always trump the 8.4%, so get over it.
          We returned 56 SNP MPs to WM, which should have been mandate enough.
          But now was not the time, according to an English PM.
          We have no option but to strike out for Freedom and Self Determination now.
          I’d imagine a great portion of the ‘30%’ who may have voted No last time, will change their minds as Brexit bites.
          Perhaps ‘harmony and understanding, peace and truth and love abounding’ just ain’t my bag, Daisy.
          They won’t of course send the army.

          • Daisy Walker says:

            You say…

            ‘I imagine you placing a red rose in the Big Gun of Ruth’s Tank, dressed in flowing Laura Ashley Hippy prints, and dancing barefoot in front of a line of soldiers singing ‘Aquarius’.’

            Firstly, I’m not familiar with the song aquarius… can you whistle it. If the tune is catchy enough I might (when in the mood put some new lyrics to it).

            Secondly, while my legs are fabulously shapely and very useful for getting from a – b… floral prints, ain’t my style, much more the raggedy jeans look.

            There’s every chance they will send the army, and in that event, how do you PLAN to respond?… not react. If you respond with words of violent intent, you will enable our enemies to close this, and other sites down.

            If you respond with acts of violence, you will ‘justify’ the armies presence and another NI scenario will ensue, with all the profits the establishment will reap, including martial law, while finishing the oil theft, and we are truly fucked.

            The advice/plan I offered up was not soft words of advice, it was absolutely a plan of operation for the worst of eventualities… and guess what, the actions I put forward are absolutely the hardest, most difficult and most profound to deliver, and they require the most self discipline and heroism.

            Dare you tae man up and meet that challenge.

            And guess what, if you chose to do so, you will be in the finest of company. Go oan, go aon, yeh know ye want tae.

            Be see’in yea at the tanks, I’ll be wearing a big rose… and raggedy jeans.

            Aye yes noo, the mair yes the merrier.

            Peace and love.

            • I was quoting from ‘Hair’ the musical (I think) which shocked us all in Glasgow when the cast ran up and doon the aisles in the scuddy, during the Flower Power ’60’s. I overindulged my Free Child, Daisy; je suis desole.
              I’ve just watched the BBC Documentary on the two funerals in March 1988 in Belfast.
              The Gibraltar Three were being buried in Milltown Cemetery when Michael Stone attacked the crowd with grenades and a handgun, killing 3 and injuring dozens more.
              In the documentary he is still hailed as a hero TODAY by those taking part in the film.
              At the funeral of one of his victims, two soldiers in plain clothes were dragged from their car by a lynch mob and beaten viciously, stripped, and shot dead.
              This documentary clearly shows that the ‘Troubles’ in Norn Irn may be over but that the two communities are still divided.
              No border at Newry will reignite the flames.
              I know of this because my wife is from Belfast, and I am familiar with the City.
              My nephew was in the British Army and patrolled these self same streets.
              It could not happen here; of that I’m certain, despite the Loyalist Triumphalism in George Sq 19th September 2014.
              My original comment was that Arlene and 10 DUP MPs get a billion pounds, and have more say in Brexit talks than 36 SNP MPs, purely on the basis of the sickening violent past in Norn Irn

              On you raggedy denims: ‘And slips her hands in her back pockets, Betty Davis Style’. Dylan.
              I now have that image firmly in my mind.
              I haven’t a violent bone in my body;
              We fight with words, argument, logic and People Power.
              I am duly told off, and will ‘man up’ accordingly.

              • Daisy Walker says:

                I think we’ll have to agree to agree;)

                One bit of decency at a time, can’t go wrong with that, and they can’t take that away from us.

                Cheerie the noo

    • Very well said, Daisy!

  29. Cubby says:

    Angela Haggerty on Politics Scotland today. Bigging up the Scottish Tories and slagging off the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. She must be getting her lines these days from David Torrance.

    Politics Scotland a British Nationalist chat show.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Cubby – Looks like a shaky bridge has well any truly been demolished by ms haggerty , oh well everything and anyone she has links to will be tainted by her comments well done dear yer playing a blinder .

    • Kenzie says:

      In Haggerty I am reminded of the old worker’s song (to the tune of The Red Flag) :

      “The working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last”.

      • Cubby says:

        She now sounds like she has sold out. A phoney independence supporter served up to try and make out their programmes have some sort of political balance.

        Total contempt for this person.

      • She obviously was going on somewhere after her wee stint with the Brewdog.

        A cocktail party with the Yoons?
        Ross Thomson and Kirstene Hair announced that hey would bring down the Tory Government if we did not win back control of the High Seas by the end of March next year.
        Brewer and Porter tried to dig them out of this farcical and unsustainable hole into which they had dug themselves by suggesting that there might be some sort of ‘fudge’, that the EU 27 would let Ross and Kirstene sit in at the back of the room while the EU carved up Scottish waters between April 2019 and January 2021. Absolute nonsense that would never happen, but if they could con the wee grannies watching, job done.
        What a ridiculous wee midweek programme this continues to be.
        Angela Haggerty, Common Weal an’ at, agreed with the Brewster, who echoed last week’s ‘guest’ David Torrance, that the Scottish public weren’t really interested in the fine print of the retained 25 powers…Oh, ye gods. We’re too thick to realise when the Tories are going to flood our country with Jim Beam and texas Hormone st5eaks?
        She seems to have sold her soul.
        A column in the Times awaits.
        If she were ambitious, it was a grievous fault, and grievously has she answered for it.

  30. Robert Graham says:

    A bit o/t – Today Ian Blackford asked Mrs Mayhem about the Tory party links to this Cambridge Analytical , Mrs Mayhems answer was interesting she said ” as far as i am aware the government has no contracts with the company ” , she wasnt asked about the government she was asked about the Tory party who as far as i know has benefited to the tune of £700.000. Also numerous Tory party members number amongst it directors – NAW NAY link there nothing to see move on suckers .

    • Cubby says:

      Small point of detail – but important – the word current was used before contracts.

      • Robert Graham says:

        yeh word play , a favourite of fluffy who likes to change the odd word in documents to make any e meaning so ambiguous it changes the whole intended meaning like “not normally” that was inserted in the Scotland Act that was deemed worthless by the England’s supreme court ,i say England’s because like the English parliament Scots are yet again outnumbered and outvoted .
        When will folk in this country realise this is not a union , its a bloody occupation .

  31. Macart says:

    Oh for the love of….

    (just add https://)

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