Stooges of the Kremlin

There was an editorial in the Guardian yesterday titled “Tackling the troll state”. For a wee moment I thought it was about Theresa May’s government trolling the people of Scotland, but then reality kicked in and I realised that this was the Guardian. It was really about Theresa May and the Russians. No one in the British media gives a toss about the unilateral dismantling of the devolution settlement by the British government. Not so much nerve gas as they’ve got some nerve.

For most of the Scottish media, the Salisbury nerve gas affair gives them another excuse, as if another excuse was required, to attack Thatalicsammin. This is after all what the British nationalist media in Scotland lives for. They’re even more upset than Thatalicsammin is that he’s no longer an elected politician in a position of power. The webpage of Thursday’s Herald contained no less than three prominent stories about the single most important story in the whole of Scotland, the fact that a former politician has a telly show on a niche channel that hardly anyone watches. The Tory unilateral power grab and destruction of the principles of the devolution settlement? Not so much. That only merits a whatever and a shoulder shrug from the British nationalist media in Scotland.

The Scottish media is natually devoting equal coverage to the even more important fact that Ruth Davidson received a substantial donation from the wife of a Russian oligarch who was Vladimir Putin’s deputy finance minister and chair of a Russian state controlled bank. That would be the Ruth Davidson who is currently a political leader serving as an elected politician in parliament and who is not a former political leader without any elected position.  Lubov Chernukhin, a Russian donor who has given the Tories £253,950, bid £20,000 to have lunch with Ruth, at an auction at the UK party’s Black and White fundraising ball earlier this year. Ruth is of course being hounded by the Scottish media in order to give answers as to why she thinks that accepting £20,000 from the family of a Putin crony is acceptable and why it’s a good idea for the leader of the Scottish Tories to schmooze with the family member of a Putin pal over an expensive lunch. Oh no wait. The other thing. There is equal coverage of Ruth’s accepting cash from Putin’s pals as there is of the whole Salmond RT thing, but only if you define equal coverage as “scarcely a mention”. There’s more pressure being put on Katy Perry to explain why she kissed a contestant on American Idol.

The Tories have received £826,100 in Russian money since Theresa May became Prime Minister. You might think that that’s a greater threat to our democracy, but apparently it’s far more important to criticise Thatalicsammin for appearing on RT on a show he produces himself without editorial interference from the Kremlin. Because you know, choices. London is full of Russian oligarchs, and full of expensive properties purchased with Russian money. London is one of the main financial centres used by the kleptocracy of Russia to launder its cash. Brexit serves that purpose well, it means that Russian kleptocrats will be able to continue to use London as a laundromat for their dirty money without having to worry about EU financial regulations. The Tories are keen to keep that cash flowing.

Vladimir Putin may be interested in weakening and undermining the British state, but as far as he’s concerned that can be filed under “job done”. The Tories did that for him with their EU referendum and their subsequent single minded pursuit of a hard Brexit. It doesn’t stop the British nationalist media from trying to paint the Scottish independence movement as being stooges of the Kremlin, but it’s not the Scottish independence movement that’s being courted by Russian oligarchs flush with large cash donations. That would be the Tories. If you want to know where Russian influence is being exerted, follow the money. It sure as hell isn’t in a Scottish independence movement that relies on grassroots funding and bucket rattling.

Putin most certainly doesn’t want the example of a small nation taking its own destiny into its own hands and making a far better job of it than the state which once controlled it. People tend to imagine that after the fall of the explicitly multinational Soviet Union that ethnic conflicts within Russia were ended. That’s very far from the case. The Russian Federation contains around 145 distinct ethnic and national groups, some of whom like the Volga Tatars number in the millions and who as recently as the 1990s were attempting to assert their sovereignty, others like the Chechen and the various peoples of Daghestan have active – and violent – independence movements of their own. An independent Scotland would give them an example that Putin would prefer to avoid.

The reality is that the Scottish independence movement is seeking to undo some of the damage that Kremlin influence has wrought in the UK. The rest of the UK can choose to go to hell in a handbasket, isolating itself from the EU and the rest of the world in pursuit of some fantastical post-imperial dream of Empire 2.0, but the Scottish independence movement seeks a prosperous and self-determined Scotland with strong links to other countries in Europe, and which acts as a strong advocate for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. That’s precisely what Putin doesn’t want. A strong independent Scotland which acts in unison with its European allies doesn’t serve Russian interests. A weak and powerless Scotland which is controlled by a weak and isolated UK begging for money from Russian oligarchs does. That’s the kind of Scotland which people who write anti-independence Novichokkablogs advocate, not independence supporters.

While we’re all being distracted by accusations of Kremlin influence, the UK government is getting on with the task of undermining and weakening the devolution settlement and is not being held to account by a Scottish media that prefers to imagine that it’s playing a supporting role in some James Bond movie with Thatalicsammin as Blowfeld. The real supervillains threatening Scotland are not so super, they’re the ones in Westminster, but they’re not being tackled by a Scottish media that prefers to indulge itself in personal attacks on former politicians instead of investigating the very real links between Russian money and a Conservative party that’s destroying our futures. It does make you wonder who the stooges of the Kremlin really are.

There won’t be any updates to this blog until Tuesday or Wednesday next week as I’m off to London for a few days to visit with family.

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66 comments on “Stooges of the Kremlin

  1. Pentland Firth says:

    Well said.

  2. Cubby says:

    Stooge of the Kremlin = Boris Johnson. His name is Boris what more evidence do you need?

  3. Norma Ballingall says:

    According to David Torrance, we are not interested in what is happening to the Scottish Parliament with the Power Grab/Continuity Bill …….this is a direct quote from yesterday’s Politics Scotland….
    “If this is a constitutional crisis, then this must be the most boring constitutional crisis the world has ever seen… is incredibly technical, lawyers like Adam Tompkins, the conservative MSP will be loving the nitty gritty of this, but for your average voter, I would imagine, that if they were aware of it at all, it’s a massive turn off and the general sentiment would be, just get on with this….and it feeds back into the thinking about Brexit. What we’ve learned over the past year or two, actually is that where Scotland voted by a majority against Brexit, the general view since then, appears to be, just get on with it ”
    So just shut up and eat your cereal!

    • Norma, BBC Scotland, and its cosy coterie of British Nat Fascists, and fascists they are, are attempting a coup d’état.

      Torrance, Leask, Gordon Brewster, Campbell, Taylor, Eardley, Magnusson, Robertson, McKay, Taylor, and the Inner Circle of Dead Tree Scrollers have banded together, under orders from The London Oligarchy, to lie, cheat, disparage, and stifle democracy Up Here.

      They know what they are doing.

      They are all from identical ‘cultural’ backgrounds, and I have no doubt were brainwashed from birth to believe that Scotland is a Region, a colony, a dependency, of the Mother Country,England.
      They give not a phlegmatic spit what happens to Scotland.

      They are part of the Establishment, they have nothing but contempt for the ordinary Scots citizen.

      How else can we explain this quite deliberate and persistent attack on Holyrood, the sovereignty of the Perople of Scotland, and the grab back of devolved powers under the excuse of ‘taking back control’.

      When our farmers are undercut by US imports of beef, chicken, GM wheat and barley, when our Whisky Industry is destroyed as Jim Beam and Jack Daniels flood the world market with Fake cheap ‘Scotch Whisky’, when Harris Tweed jackets run up in a Bronx sweat shop finally kill off this ancient Scots cloth (are you listening, Brian Nuclear Wilson?), when our Fishermen are bartered away as part of a Shitty Brexit deal, when we cannot leave Scotland to venture abroad for work, rest, or play because an English Homemland Security armed guard will stop us, by force of arms if necessary, at our own borders, because the mother of all Quislings on the BBC English State version of RT pooh poohs our Scottish Government’s fight to protect us Scots from Westminster the English Parliament ‘Power Grabs’, then perhaps we Scots will rise up, and I do mean, ‘rise up’ and drive these traitors from of their perceived positions of power in an Independent Scotland..

      When a history of Independence is written, may these sad little collaborators achieve immortality as the evil Fifth Column that they truly are. They are the enemies of the Scottish People.
      They make loads of money being ant iScottish Pro London Establishment.

      This from The Mail 24th July 2014.
      “With a cynical grin, Russian business magnate Kirill Babayev told an audience of his peers how to inveigle their way into the British Establishment.

      The first step, he declared, is to hire a few ‘grey-haired’ members of the House of Lords to act as ‘consultants’, or non-executive directors, of your company.

      For just a few thousand pounds a month (chicken-feed to the average oligarch) they’ll usually agree to take a seat in your boardroom, Babayev said, providing an instant boost to a wealthy Russian’s prestige and contacts book.”

      Ruth Davidson is hosting a twenty thousand pound lunch for the wife of Putin’s pal,
      while her Dirty Dozen Tory MPs voted to take the very food from the mouths of a million bairns in England, to pay for the 5% tax break for JK Rowling and Lord Darling.

      We have reached breaking point.

  4. Dan Huil says:

    Well said, WGD. British nationalist hypocrisy is there for all to see… on the internet. The britnat media, like the Westminster government, is desperately ignoring the brexit disaster, along with the constitutional implications.

    They can all run but they can’t hide. The brexit disaster is coming and the so-called united kingdom continues to disintegrate. Read all about it!

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug Stooges of the Kremlin There was an editorial in the Guardian yesterday titled “Tackling the troll […]

  6. Clive Scott says:

    From what we know so far there was a botched assassination attempt on a Russian traitor and his daughter. It was not so very long ago that the death penalty applied to UK traitors – it was only repealed as recently as 1998. Traitors are invariably in deep doo doo with their home country. During “the Troubles” the UK had a shoot to kill policy, perhaps the most high profile incident taking place in Gibraltar. Mrs May’s toe curling response to Mr Putin has simply confirmed how weak the UK has become after the many years of Blue/Red Tory rule. We are now being told that the 23 being expelled are known Russian spies – so the UK has kept them in place until now? Answer is most likely yes because of all the dirty Russian money sloshing into Tory coffers.

    • Deelsdugs says:

      And just in case the private security companies are forgotten, Erinys Iraq HQ in London, (no idea if it’s still there) had traces of the very same chemical that was found in Litvinenko…

  7. Graeme Timoney says:

    Enjoy your break Paul and come back refreshed and ready to continue your good work, both on your travels and talks around the country and here in your blog. Your recent efforts have been some of your very best.

  8. Weechid says:

    Enjoy your break Paul and watch out for bowler hatted men with pointy ended brollies:-)

    • Weechid, neurotic minds think alike!

      • Weechid says:

        Aye. but as they say “Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get us”. I really worry a lot about the safety of prominent Indy supporters. I’d put nothing. absolutely nothing, beyond the realms of possibility where the UK establishment are concerned. They are evil bastards.

    • Robert Graham says:

      I wish you folk would treat this world changing incident seriously i mean the whole future of the —-tory party is in jeopardy – oops sorry i meant Britain & mankind , slip of the tongue there .

  9. Paul, brilliant as usual.
    Have a great break and avoid Ruskie types with rolled umbrella coming towards you from out of the crowd in Kensington High Street.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Aye thats a dead give away jack , an Umbrella on a sunny day , very suspicious dont yah think .

    • Guga says:

      I would have said avoid people with rolled up brollies coming towards you, especially if the brollies have the Butcher’s Apron on them.

  10. Robert Graham says:

    This drama thats been given top billing on every news outlet for the best part of a week , a piece of theatrical junk that couldn’t make a poor B movie , all the heavy equipment on show for what exactly , we have seen spaceman doing eh , doing what ,performing right next to squaddies and policemen with no protection , the director needs to get his act together and at least kinda make it believable .
    The sight of Mrs Mayhem paying a visit to the site of the dastardly deed is just putting the Tin Lid on it , maybe we will see her visiting without the full space suit just to show she is made of sterner stuff she aint afraid of these perky ruskies .
    This bloody melodrama surely even dim people can see through the tory party known for their over the top gestures and playing to the crowd have really surpassed themselves this time , never in the history of politics in this country have so many been f/kd and fooled by so few , a variation on Churchill’s WW2 speech after the battle of England , because they did it all themselves , no ruskies or poles or french came to help , and not a jock in sight .Just england standing alone . Pass the sick bucket please .

  11. diabloandco says:

    The whole thing is ugly farce and I cannot for the life of me understand why any SNP MP had to make comment – other than to re-direct parliament back to matters in hand.
    Actually , farce is wrong because the whole debacle raises not even a wry smile – it is utter ordure.

    Have a good wee break and hurry back refreshed and firing on all cylinders!

  12. Macart says:

    Well said Paul and couldn’t agree more.

    The past few days have seen the meeja and politicians chucking faux outrage and hypocrisy about by the metric ton. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this furore, Tories on hefty wages (plus expenses) take bread from the mouths of school children, drive a JCB through the UKs devolution settlements and attempt to hide the fact that they’ve been trying to hush businesses on their Brexit fears.

    On another note. Have a good break and a well deserved bit of RnR. 🙂

    • Andy Anderson says:

      That top link is scary Sam. They obviously know it is all going to be crap for the UK. They should be ashamed.

      • Macart says:

        Yes, it is scary and people have every reason to be afraid.

        As measure of comparison, the contraction of the UK economy in the wake of the crash back in 2008 was -2%. This saw the UKs debt soar and the introduction of austerity ideology, the backlash of which we still live with to this very day.

        Of the three Brexit options under discussion? The softest The LEAST harmful, would see a further contraction of -2%. Imagine if you will what -6% and -9% will do. Even short term, and by that I mean close to a decade at the very least. The effects of such contraction will be catastrophic on the population of Scotland. It doesn’t stop there though, now does it? That is a percentage contraction covering Scotland only. Regionally what will be occurring across the UK will leave a wake of economic devastation that hasn’t been seen in a very long time. There are regions of England’s NE set to be looking at double figures between -10 and -15%.

        So yes. Scary.

  13. Patrick Harvie and the Greens; The Stooges of the Green Brigade and the Union Bears.
    60 to 62 was the vote to repeal the OBFA,so somebody ‘broke ranks’.

    Tory justice spokesman Liam Kerr said the Act treated football fans “as some sort of homogeneous, malevolent, ignorant entity” and the offending behaviour in the Act was covered in laws which existed before it was brought in.”
    The evil Hitler saluting Mob running riot on our streets last Sunday morning are a ‘ homogenous, malevolent, ignorant entity’, Mr Kerr, but they are Brit Nats Union Jack waving ignorant malevolants, so that’s OK.

    Ruth Davidson’s Fascist Blackshirts, threatening violence, spouting hatred and sectarianism, just like many of her Councillors, MSPs and MPs.

    Patrick Harvie has single-handedly destroyed the Green Movement in Scotland.

    The first football related death, I will lay squarely at the doorstep of Kelly, WATP Tomkins, The Queen’s Eleven Fraser, and Pontius Pilate Harvie.
    They have just given the Rabble licence to Hate.
    How could a Social Democrat link arms with Unionist parties who would destroy Scotland for the greater good of The Brit Nat Establishment?

    • Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Very disappointed by the Greens my kids were attracted to some of their stuff met Harvie and were interested in the Green party.

      Not now they are shocked their old dad was right once again only one pro independence party. SNP simple fact.

  14. scrandoonyeah says:

    Tory poison delivered by the media and administered to the masses……and they fall for it.

  15. hettyforindy says:

    Great article. The Britnats agenda seems to be to keep distracting to do as they please. Scotland, er, what is that? It’s so fckd up, devolution. With home grown tories and Labour working for and in the interests of their masters in the country next door. The power grab is a real threat, and as you point out Paul, there are plenty of regimes who would rather not witness a country taking back full control and succeeding in one go.

    There is much at stake. Is it make or break in the near future, for Scotland, for the UK, for the world. Too many driven by sheer greed, let’s hope they do not get to wreck things for the 99%, but it looks like there are no rules on that score.

    Have a good break away. St.Pauls is always worth a look, used to love the whispering gallery, and climbing the dome, on the inside of course! or at least it used to be!

    • Andy Anderson says:

      I always enjoy your comments HettyfoIndy.

      It is nice to see a name with a NE England origin.

      • hettyforindy says:

        Thank you. I have recently met one other Geordie who is a very keen yesser. Hopefully there are plenty more! Always good to read comments, like having a family. Most of mine live in Australia. NE Eng been so shafted by WM.

  16. Abulhaq says:

    When a megarich Russian ‘oligarch’ fetches up in London and gets British citizenship it might be inferred that that person has cut links with Russia, Putin and the system. Putin crony, the favourite Brit press term, may well no longer apply.
    When Putin visited Scotland some years ago he seemingly knew about Scotland’s particular links with Russia.
    The Brit Unionist press enjoys dissing Putin and Russia. We need, in our case, to be rather more selective in our analysis.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Agreed. We need to see the proof that Russia did this. I can see why they are suspect number one but that is not proof. Guilty by media who are not questioning the UK Government. If you have read history about Russia you learn to understand.

      If I was a cynical I could see this as a great deflection news story to cover up other failures.

    • mogabee says:

      It’s true to say that any oligarch of the Russian/Ukrainian variety who are enjoying the ‘protection’ of the Brits is no friend of Russia or the Russian people! That really needs to be made clearer…

  17. Macart says:

    This is a thread worth viewing and well said that man.

    (add https:// before address)

  18. Zorin777 says:

    Alex Salmond 15.03.2018 (concluding statement 3m14s – please watch the short video):

    “Don’t shut down TV-Stations because your standpoint is so uncertain that you must exclude other perspectives.”

    “Until next week – I hope”

    As usual media & press goes absolutely crazy about the poisonings and mostly ignores other pressing issues. I guess this will go on for weeks now. How convenient for the Tories – just at the right time when they are in need of a gigantic distraction and look what other, additional options and wonderful opportunities it serves them on a silver platter…

  19. Macart says:


    That would be an epic example of – WHO KNEW?

    • Andy Anderson says:

      So much news lately Sam of the WM capitulation on everything. It will be interesting to see the solution they accept to the Irish border problem.

  20. Nelson says:

    There seems to be some confusion between individuals of Russian origin, and the Russian government. And there is a place called the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, which has considerable sovereignty, where people seem to get along just fine, and Kazan is quite a wealthy city. The highlight is a rather spectacular mosque.

    As for the Russian government sending out messages with chemical weapons – remember they did a Ukrainian president with ricin, never mind an ex-spy in Salisbury.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Tatarstan attempted to assert its sovereignty in 1992. The new Tatar constitution stating that Tatarstan was a sovereign state freely united with the Russian Federation was approved in a referendum by 62% of the population however the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation ruled that both the referendum and the constitution were illegal and overturned them. At the same time the Russian Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal for the Tatar language (which is related to Turkish) to be written in the Latin alphabet and insisted tha it must be written in Cyrillic.

      The Republic of Tatarstan is legally a subject of the Russian Federation and does not possess sovereignty. It does not have the right to self-determination nor to hold an independence referendum. In 1994 Moscow agreed to devolve certain economic powers to Tatarstan, but reduced the remit of these in 2007. The powers were withdrawn entirely in July 2017.

      Both oblasts and republics are legally Federal Subjects of the Russian Federation. The main difference between them is that Republics are nominally home to an ethnic minority whose language has official status.

      • Nelson says:

        I wouldn’t take much 1990’s Russian politics seriously, Autonomy was another money-making scheme. In the 1990’s Russia was run by the Mafya/’Businessmen’ (the police and the armed forces, etc, etc, etc, were not paid and were expected to fend for themselves, but at least the armed forces were allowed to sell stuff and keep the cash….). Thankfully, Russians are resilient, and things have now changed a bit for the better. But thanks for going to the bother of looking it up after you wrote your blog, presumably on Wikipedia?

        • weegingerdug says:

          I have been interested in the language politics of the Soviet Union and its successor states since the 1970s, and have read widely on the topic in a number of languages. But thanks for your snide and patronising response.

    • Sam, this, in the Herald under a photograph of Adam Tomkins whom we in this constituency sent packing as the fourth placed roundly trounced loser at the last SGE,, but who gets the Top Job in Ruth Davidson’s Party because of the Old Boys’ List fiddle.

      “The Tories have proposed a sweeping amendment to the EU Continuity Bill which would prevent Scottish ministers doing anything to “impede or obstruct” the UK single market after Brexit.

      It would force Scotland to stay in lockstep with the rest of the UK on all “commercial, economic, social and cultural activity”.

      It is in fact an attempt by the Ruth Davidson Party to usurp democracy.
      The Scottish and Welsh Governments are standing firm, united in seeing off this ‘power grab’.
      There joint letter to the Lairds needs wider circulation.

      We now know that the Scottish Tories at any level of Government are Anti Scottish Placemen and Women, whose only role is to disrupt and destroy Parliamentary Democracy Up Here, for the greater good of England and their own grubby little pay packets.
      There is of course no internal ‘single market’ in the UK, a farcical construct that the Yoons and Broadcasters/journalist keep pushing every chance they get.
      I note that Iain MacWhirter had to slap Gordon Brewer down yesterday at the close of Sunday Politics.
      Brewer was touting that the two sides were close to agreement on Clause 11, which is of course utter nonsense, but par for the Brewer course; only moths ago Brewer was boasting about the ‘shedload of new powers’ that the Scottish Government would get back following Brexit.
      It is all about to kick off very soon now.
      I wonder what the Farmers and Fishers are thinking of Ruth Davidson’s Party of carpetbaggers now?

      • Macart says:

        On the former? Yes, that’s exactly what the power grab is all about. On the latter? The farmers and fishers are about to have a truly horrendous time of it. What they think of that and who they blame is anyone’s guess. We know who they cannot blame. Who they should not blame. That we do know and we also know that their calls for aid will fall on deaf ears in Westminster.

        They have a choice to make just like the rest of us.

        • The National’s headline today:
          “Davidson Accused of ‘Stealth Attack’ on Devolution.’
          I’d argue that they aren’t being that subtle. There is no ‘stealth’ in Professor WATP Two Jobs Adam Tomkins bluff and bluster.
          God help the poor students who are being taught this man’s version of Constitutional Law.
          They are floundering badly because of Brexit.
          By October we must be ready to leave their decaying little Union.

          • Macart says:

            Aaaaaand BOORACH!


            (just add https://)


            • ‘Ireland First’…oh der ,oh dear.
              Arlene will be spitting teeth. It looks like a border between the island of Ireland and the Mainland, a border in the Irish Sea.
              for the Transition Period, EU will enacy laws, and the UK, with no input, will be forced to abide by them…a curious form of ‘taking back control’.
              They are at it again.
              Success! But perhaps not……

              • Macart says:

                The border back stop solution should be good.

                Popcorn anyone? 😎

                • No thanks – but I’ll take a choc-ice! “Smiles contentedly”

                  • She Who Makes Sense of The Universe is upstairs now packing her battered old cardboard suitcase, ready to be transported by England’s Home Security to Cairn Ryan and deportation back to the Ol’ Country.
                    I’ll miss her.
                    Could they make a bigger cock up if they tried?
                    Belfast is going to be Boom Town as Car Manufacturers, Bankers, and jam makers flood into the Free Zone.
                    Over by October, guys.

  21. No sooner had I pressed ‘send’ than I realised that there is a whole gang of numpties, led by the Numpty In Chief Davidson, who will make even bigger cock ups.
    Since Davidson is the Branch Manager of the WM Party Up Here, and Mundy and his Dirty Dozen are answerable to the WM Whip, and Davidson is an MSP with absolutely no authority to give an opinion on, or can she be involved in Brexit negotiations, why is BBC Scotland giving her air time in a pre-recorded prime time slot to talk vacuous rubbish.
    There is Nothing that she or Tomkins and Co can do to stop May and Davis offering up Scotland as a lamb to the slaughter to get what England wants. And that’s what they are doing.
    Northern Ireland has been ‘let go’ too.
    Only England matters, and that’s what the Baker’s Dozen Blue Tories, and incidentally the Red and Yellow Holyrood Tories, are there for. To do England’s bidding and Fuck Scotland.
    Ruth Davidson is exposed as the pointless blowhard she’s always been.
    Indyref this year.
    Over by October.
    Freedom comes to those who wait.

  22. Andy Anderson says:

    I wonder how many of Scotland’s 12,000 fishermen plus their families realise the were shafted by the Tories.

    Hopefully those that can think will go for Indy and forget this anti EU hate frenzy. In their hearts all fishermen know that the EU protected fish stocks and allowed a smaller fishing fleet to thrive. Had the EU not done this they would have shat on their own nest and emptied the seas.

    Ruthy has no clout at all in London, she is a branch manager only.

  23. Grafter says:

    Sorry Dug but “cronies of Putin” is incorrect. These are the people who pillaged Russia in the years under the Yeltsin drunkard, aided and abetted by our good friends across the Atlantic. The whole Salisbury incident is nothing more than another white flag charade in which MI6/CIA are past masters.

  24. emilytom67 says:

    Putin and Russia not the enemy it is the USA but we are so much in the grip of them and the Israel lobby as is the rest of Europe there will be a reckoning some day,maybe it will come. once their “silk road” alliance with China and others is up and running.

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