Daein it fur oorsels

It’s coming. You can feel it in your bones. You can smell it in the air. You can almost touch it. Things are changing. Things are developing. The seeds that the British establishment was so convinced it had buried in 2014 are germinating. A tightly coiled bud that has been guarding and maintaining its strength and its energy is about to burst, fed and nourished by hopes and expectations. It’s been well manured with the dung of a British state that doesn’t care and doesn’t care who knows that it doesn’t care. We’re reaching the end of a stormy winter and the green shoots of a better country are about to sprout. A movement is about to make a move, and when it does this land will change forever.

It won’t be political parties which change Scotland. It won’t be national leaders or organisations which transform it. It will be thousands of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. It will be the talents and skills of punters who’re punting the old lethargy and lassitude out of the park. We’re making a revolution, and we’re doing it with Yes picnics and Yes hubs, with tea and scones and laughs and dreams. We’ve not had our tea. We’re cooking up a future, and it’s tasty and mouthwatering. The ingredients are enthusiasm, energy, and hope, and those simple ingredients are going to cook up a dish that Westminster will choke on.

You can wait about for leadership. You can sit on your hands and guard your tongue. You can be passive and acquiescent, resigned to dreein a weird that doesn’t come much weirder than Jacob Rees Mogg and Michele Mone having more of a say over Scotland’s future than you do. You can endure in long-suffering silence and thole the fate allotted to you. You can take refuge in cynicism, or burn yourself with anger, raging uselessly against the machine that consumes you. But none of that changes anything, none of that will make a Scotland that you don’t need to feel angry or embarrassed about. All it does is to make those who have power believe that they are invincible. Silence makes you complicit in the crap that’s heaped upon you.

But even if it were to come along, this leadership we’ve been waiting for, this solving of all our problems by someone else, this magic wand that will wave away all the obstacles, it risks us ending up being stuck in the same passivity that we’ve always had. It’s the passivity and quiet endurance of a country that’s been told and taught to substitute a cringe for a culture that has led to the Scotland of injustice and inequality that drives our desire for a better place, a more equal place, a more just place. We’ll maybe end up with a Scotland where we have all the same inequalities and injustices as we’ve always had, just all tied up in a pretty tartan bow that restricts and confines a passive people who’ve learned not to engage and not to upset old certainties and old cringes.

We’re taking the old culture of the gaunie no and the naw ye cannae and replacing it with the aye a’m gaunie and the youse cannae stop me. We tell the British nationalists in Scotland, your cringe does not define us. Your fears do not chain us. Your limitations are yours alone. When they tell us that we can’t, we reply, “Watch us.”

People are realising that Scottish independence is the radical notion that the cringe is a lie, that we’re more than just scenery, that this green and wet and heart-achingly beautiful country in the far north west of Europe is every bit as good as anywhere else, that the people of this land are every bit as capable as anyone else, and a damn sight more competent than the British establishment which has got us into the messy humiliations of Brexit. Scottish independence is the dangerous belief that a country is best governed by people who actually give a toss about it. It’s the conviction that the only sovereign body in this country is composed of the people who live in it. It’s the heresy of believing that Scotland can be a normal country too.

All over Scotland extraordinary ordinary people are saying to themselves, feck this fur a gemme o sodgies. There’s got to be a better way. There’s got to be a different way, a more productive way, a way out that leads to something worth dreaming about, worth hoping for, worth leaving future generations. There’s got to be a Scotland that is more than a recepticle for the fag ash of British nationalist vanities, doubting itself as we’re filled with the wreckage of Britain’s bad and nasty habits.

And they say to themselves – I’m going to make it happen. I’m going to do it for myself. I’m going to be loud. I’m going to be annoying. I’m going to stand up with those beside me and create the better Scotland that we all deserve, because nae other bugger is gaunnie dae it fur us. This is the DIY referendum. If independence is to be about anything meaningful, then it starts with independence of the mind and independence of the spirit. Independence means that we realise that the political is personal, and we start with the declaration of our own personal independence.

All over Scotland local groups are organising, they’re reaching out to their communities, forming alliances with others, and it’s all entirely self-direction and self-determined. This is the real grassroots Scotland, not the Scotland of the lairds and the landowners, the rich and the powerful who fund Scotland in Union. The independence movement is a movement of the people, and the people are ready to move. Scotland is heading for independence, and all the people of Scotland, all of us who were born here, all of us who have chosen to live here from all over the world, we’re daein it fur oorsels. Our destiny is in our own hands, let’s shape it. Britain is the past, Scotland is the future.


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75 comments on “Daein it fur oorsels

  1. john 59 says:

    Enthusiastic, Heart felt, and BANG ON Paul !!!!

    thank-you for that,


    • Molly McC says:

      Paul for some reason, known only to the folk in cyberspace, I didn’t get this email. I wondered where you were!
      On reading the Welsh piece ( super) I saw this off to the side.
      As you know I’ve been reading the Dug forever…THIS is your best …ever!
      If this doesn’t stir the ashes into a flame, God knows what will.

  2. astytaylor says:

    Absolutely agree.

  3. Bill Hume. says:

    Excellent. The people of Scotland are at the tiller, and we are steering a course away from the Westminster cabal which has narrowed and restricted our lives for so long.

  4. Dan Huil says:

    Nothing wrong in giving oorsels a wee boost. In fact from time to time it’s essential. Things are moving our way. Ticking along nicely.

  5. Going out leafleting tomorrow! XX

  6. fillofficer says:

    great paul, we need someone on the telly every day cheerleading for indy

  7. chocolass says:

    Thanks,Paul.Yet again I feel uplifted and enthused by your words- XXX

  8. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    What a rousing speech this would make! Long live The Dug!

  9. Anthony says:

    Wonderful and empowering! πŸ™‚

  10. Macart says:

    A people’s referendum. πŸ™‚

  11. Phyl says:

    God, I hope you’re right Paul, because we’re running out of time.

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  13. Margaret Tees says:

    Well said

  14. mbiyd says:

    Can’t see any change in rural Perthshire…sorry Paul. The SNP seem content to rest on their laurels. In fact, things are so bad my partner and I haven’t renewed our party membership. We are now content to sit back let the local libdem tory incomers run the village garden, block the access paths, stop the local planning- and tell the world told you so

    • Anne Watt says:

      Defeatist! That’s what you are! For goodness sake weaken up and feel th energy!

    • As the man said, it’s not upto the SNP – it’s up tae you, me, every one of us to get out there & get a Yes result. The SNP is the political vehicle to implement it, tae seize our assets fae Westminster, to negotiate settlements with the EU ( whatever our relationship with them is going to be)

      When did anyone achieve anything with your attitude ? Cancel your membership, that’s your perogative – in a way I can understand why you might do that. But if being pissed off with your MP/MSP stops you wanting an independent Scotland, then you didn’t want it very much in the first place

    • Jean hutchison says:


    • Andy Anderson says:

      Do you live Scotland mbiyd? If you do you will support Indy actively. I have helped seven people to the yes cause. Now get of your Ares and get one.

    • G says:

      Not this man from Highland Perthshire, nor any of my mates either or mybrither or my old boy just turned 74.

    • stewartb says:

      mbiyd, so you’ve read Paul’s blog and it only inspires this response from you – “content to sit back and let…” others get away with whatever! Really?

      Never mind ‘independence’, how does anything get changed for the better with that approach? It is tough but if you are ‘genuine’, then please think again.

      The SNP is but one part, and yes a crucially important part, in our journey to independence. I assume you’ve made your views known loudly at party branch meetings. If that channel is no longer attractive to you, that’s a pity but there are many other ways to work for the independence cause.

      One thing is certain, if you are just ‘content to sit back …” then you will be on the wrong side of history. And would that not be something to regret!

      • Robert Harrison says:

        The snp are just one cog in a large machine that is scottish independence and machines need more than just one cog to work the national is another cog in the machine so socal media and the local yes groups they are more cogs in the machine once the cogs in the machine fit in place the machine will work and the parts are slowly coming together thanks to conservatives south of the border basically taking a dump on the constitution and sticking the middle finger up at the voters because the voters to them are badically stupid.

    • Ealasaid says:

      If they are blocking access paths why don’t you take it up with the Scottish right of way people and see if they are breaking the law.
      Better than sitting back doing nothing or waiting for someone else to do it for you.

    • Saor Alba says:

      What a sad comment mbiyd. You have read this and totally missed the point.
      Oh dear!

  15. Gavin C Barrie says:

    Ask yourselves, and others as you canvass. What’s the alternative to Independence?

    A continuing Holyrood within the UK, and Labour or the Tories in government there? Statistics suggest that the SNP cannot indefinitely stay in government, and then, with the connivance of the Unionist Tories and Labour,a disabled Holyrood, reduced to a Parish Council? Leonard, Davidson, Rennie as the powerbrokers, really!

    No longer EU citizens, free to travel as the mood takes you across Europe?

    A privatised NHS? Look across to the USA, is that an acceptable option on health care?

    Just what has been achieved by voting in the baker’s dozen Tory MPs to Westminster? And just what use is Westminster to Scotland?

    I absolutely agree with Paul, let’s be independent in spirit and in behaviour. The very idea of Westminster “allowing” another referendum angers me. Who the hell do they think they are.

  16. The Scottish Play says:

    ‘O well done! I commend your pains;
    And every one shall share i’ the gains’

  17. Jim fraser says:

    Gaun yirsel the Dug.100%

  18. Anne Martin says:

    Moving stuff Paul and spot on as usual. I was reading a piece on Facebook the other day which said that we shouldn’t be talking about independence because we’re not dependent at the moment! We should be revoking this union which is not being respected by the other side.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Well what you expect the English to wake up and finally realize the world left them behind and that the days of empire is long since dead don’t bother they are still the same unwilling to listern nation they’ve always been because they still think they are the empire that the world used to fear hence why now they are a joke and the eu lost all calmness with the westminster all English negotiation team the conservatives sent to Belgium on the uks behalf which is still all about London and bugger the rest of us.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Which is why I agree Anne this union has to end england is unwilling to listern to the us and the other 2 brexits basically the conservatives getting the constitution and shitting on it and everything from the national debt raising to basic essentials is more costly somethings got to give and it won’t be pretty when it does best to leave the uk before this gets worse and the political dynamite explodes in london.

  19. Carol Gilmour says:

    I couldn’t agree more – I’m a bit perplexed by some who seem to think the Yes movement have gone to sleep on one hand then question our peaceful civic activism on the other.
    Anyone with half an ear to the ground KNOWS the strength of resolve, the organisation craetiveness and aye – quirkiness of us yessers- it’s what makes us unique – it’s what makes us tick and it’s because we are independent souls at heart

    • FM says:

      Indy app fell on its arse, that being my experience.

      • FM says:

        I still maintain that locally relevant leafleting on a Sunday morning is a part of the way forward. We need keen and quiet door people for that. Where is YES EK?

      • Richard James Robertson says:

        Tend to agree – I have however tried it again and await a response from the local Yes group.
        It is up to each individual to make it happen, too many looking for leadership.

  20. George Pirie says:

    Well said Paul.

    I’m an SNP member, but we can’t rely on the SNP to be in power forever, and independence is bigger than any political party. We have approval for IndyRef2 NOW from Holyrood and we should be grasping the thistle. The SNP are the vehicle to achieve a referendum but IndyRef2 can’t be all about them, it is for the people to decide.

    The longer any referendum is delayed the worse the circumstances will be. We will be out of the EU making rejoining more difficult. Post-Brexit WM power grab may turn HR into a toothless talking shop with power retained in London or handed to Mundell.

    If the SNP won’t be more aggressive and assertive in dealings with London it’s up to the people to take matters into their own hands. Waiting around for polls to hit 60% will just ensure indy never happens.

    • Josephine Mackenzie says:

      Too true. But for long as the polls are owned by tories, we will never know the true percentage of support for independence. And they must NOT be allowed anywhere near the polling stations–we all know what happened the last time. I agree, the SNP need to be far more assertive–just calling out the tories, labour & lib-dems on their lies & pitiful past evasions would be sufficient. And while I understand the “reasons” why NS has appeared to agree with May’s latest Russian fairytale, I totally disagree with this stance.

  21. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    I sometimes think my fellow Scot’s could do with a wee taste of Tory or Labour government here in Scotland.

    Then I think no that would be cruel and needless.

    All our fellow Scots need to do is take a good hard look at England, controlled by the Tories and Wales controlled by Labour.

    We then have to realise the SNP simply cannot hold on forever when they fall we will know all about it only our stupid , too lazy to get informed selves to blame.

    Kids unable to go to university, private health care, private policing, personal care for the elderly costing a fortune, erosion of workers rights…. and all the rest.

    • FM says:

      You are correct but how do you get the message out? I know a taxi driver who is concerned about getting the best Brexit deal for UK. WTF? Indie Scotland better for him but it needs spelling out.

  22. Robert Graham says:

    Paul condense the above and I bet you can get crowd funded clip on phantom power a short clip just like the ones made for moving to YES , add the rousing background music and yer on a winner.

  23. Alba woman says:

    Out in the garden today…just tidying and looking at the plants peeking out of their pots.

    Spring is coming and I am trying like mad to get as fit as possible to be ready for the great adventure which will be indyref 2.!!

  24. hettyforindy says:

    Excellent article Paul, it’s what people need to remember, that Scotland is a fantastic country, with a great future. I think the ScotGov have the measure of things in functioning as an independent country, and that is what the British establishment cannot stand.

    We counter the Britnats’ lies at every opportunity, and we ask the questions, because there are too many ‘unanswered questions’ (remember that back in 2014?) when it comes to how the heck the so called UK is going to manage once their Brexit is done and dusted, and that could be any day.

    No more the 300+ years of English rule. The likes of the Labour party will need to buck up their ideas, because people had enough of the faux socialism and the fact they kept Scotland poor for a very long time. Why did you shaft Scotland, Labour?

    Independence is inevitable now.

    Ps did anyone see the news vid about a woman who stood up in a US court and started to name and shame the councillors and other officials there who were basically taking bribes from oil and gas companies.She was literally dragged out of the court! I hope it’s ok to share, I saw it on Common Dreams indy news in the US. There are a couple of articles on it, but the most striking is the jist of it, basically all human rights and land rights etc being dismantled and the big corps being in control of politics and politicians at highest level etc. Brrrrrrr.


  25. Robert Louis says:

    Aye, it’s time. Let’s do it. πŸ™‚

  26. Paul. I regularly view and classify your posts in superlative terms, but this one is special.
    Over the last few days, something has changed; in my world and clearly in others, as your post signals high and clear. I have these new and powerful urges to exercise my creativity, not just in terms of my own enjoyment but in ways that will bring joy to others. What form that takes I’m as yet unsure but I want to try many things and if they help to bring about a better Scotland and a better world in the process then they will have achieved an effect better than I can currently imagine. Anger is in itself an energy but it is one that is far better controlled and converted into creative passion. My first step is taking mine and starting that process of conversion. Thanks for a post that is even more inspirational than we have already been spoiled with in your blog!

  27. Fan-flippin-tastic, Paul! I felt a “Les Mis” moment coming on as I read this. “Aye a’m gaunie and youse cannae stop me.”! YES!!

  28. Andy Anderson says:

    Freedom only comes if you make it happen.

    Stirring stuff Paul. Thank you.

  29. Macart says:

    This is good. πŸ™‚


    (don’t forget the http:// before the address)

  30. Deelsdugs says:

    A flavour and a feast of what we can do to gain independence, a post to dicht the winter glaur…bring it on…

    On the other hand…
    A glimpse of the tv lies yesterday eve was really puntin the jeck at edinbra castle wi the to-be-weds… sadly some folks live in the ‘mist of romance’ and will embrace more expense with open arms. Then there was the stuff on more lies radio about queenie and the empire and who will take over the commonwealth after her demise. Really shoving this down people’s gullets at the mo…gawd in hell, I dread to think whit the daily mail lies front page will be displaying today. Brainwashing all the time.

  31. Iain says:

    You’re right, Paul, that we do feel it in our bones.

    There’s a weird end of days panic about everything British these days, whether it’s the union jacks being manically plastered over everything, “Great British” being used to describe any type of mediocre TV programme or the Loyal Jocks setting up twitter accounts and blogs pretending to once have been supporters of independence. In addition to the rampant corruption that encapsulates Britain or the UK or Rumpuk or whatever it’s called these days.

    The crazy clinging to the past is a sure sign that things are ending, no matter if it’s a couple of world wars, Trident missiles, digging up a dead king in a car park or a couple of celebs having a “royal” wedding.

    It reminds me of the last gasps of the old Ireland in the 1980s with its moving statues, anti-divorce referendum and bizarre Kerry Babies trial. The old elite recognised they were on the way out, and were throwing everything they could at the future to keep it at bay. The old Soviet empire tried its best to keep ordinary people in an obedient past too and failed spectacularly.

    It’s a terrible shame that so many people are going to suffer due to the British empire’s death throes, but since it’s going to happen anyway we might as well enjoy the pantomime and help the corpse on its way.

  32. Macart says:

    When it comes to what people want? There’s no such thing as can’t.

    Where there is the WILL, there is a way.

    The SNP Scottish government have used gradualism over the years to slowly build people’s confidence in our institutions. They’ve also used it to build people’s confidence in themselves and their capabilities. It’s brought us to the brink or tipping point, whichever way you prefer to call it, but to a point where we can choose. It’s been a truly exceptional and successful strategy. Events though, can sometimes make a nonsense of any strategy however exceptional. It may be that the SNP have run out of time to continue the process of gradually building people toward a natural conclusion.

    Constitutional crisis throughout the UK. Economic and political mismanagement on a truly eye watering scale. Utterly needless and reckless societal fracturing. All those, have brought us to a point where a leap onto that lifeboat, rather than a step, is required to avert hardship and suffering from being visited upon the population at large.

    No amount of mitigation by a devolved government will prevent massive loss or degradation of services in a Brexit UK. No devolved government will be able to prevent a Brexit UK government from repealing human and civil rights as and when they deem it advantageous for their own ends, or neutering the effectiveness of a Holyrood parliament.

    Voting rafts of SNP MPs and MSPs into office after the fact will only slow down inevitable hardship and voting for anything else will prove instantly disastrous. The past three and a quarter years should prove the mother and father of all QED moments when it comes to outcomes promised by UK gov and the reality of those promises ‘delivered’.

    Only the electorate can change that outcome. Only people who want to, can empower Holyrood properly to care for their needs. The good news is… they can. The population of Scotland, ALL of the population, have that option. They have the power to use it and make that option a reality.

    So what are we waiting for? What kind of country do you want to live in?

    • Lizzie55 says:

      I hear what you say and agree wholeheartedly, but unless the snp and greens start to push for the second referendum we will languish in a mess and withou a date and it will either never happen or it will be too late.

      We all need to see progress from our independence supporting parties now. They have a massive chance, it has better ot be squandered.

      • Macart says:

        The timing and final shape of the deal will determine the when for our government Lizzie. They are bound and compelled by commitment to various processes, legality and the devolution settlement. The when for the independence movement to start campaigning is as soon as we feel like and the sooner, the better. πŸ™‚

  33. Andy Anderson says:

    Paul here is a poem that backs up your sentiments exactly. It is in ourselves.

    Freedom, that everyone craves for
    Freedom of speech; deeds; religion; thoughts,
    desires; dreams; love & expression
    Where does actually this freedom exist?
    What is the degree of this freedom?
    People say each man is born with freedom and equality
    But is it a practical truth?
    If it is so why do we still crave for it?
    Why do we see dissatisfaction and disappointments?

    Freedom is not something that we need to find from somewhere
    but, is something within ourselves
    It does’nt exist in any legal or religious laws,
    but lies within us
    Is not being what people want us to be
    Is what we want ourselves to be
    Its not making others fulfil our dreams,
    but letting others fulfil their dreams
    It is one’s own acceptance of being oneself
    and resistance of letting others being themselves.

  34. Molly McC says:

    Positively your BEST yet Paul
    Inspirational, thank you.

  35. Charlie says:

    What a fantastic first paragraph! Thank you Paul for all your inspiring support of the indy cause. My main concern is that with all that has happed (or not) since the 2014 referendum, I can’t understand why we have to convince anyone!

  36. Ealasaid says:

    This is truly your inspiring best so far Paul and is a perfect call to arms for the PEOPLE of Scotland.

    This is NOT about political parties or flavours of politics. I hope there will be many more marches this year as the weather improves. The people who organise these are fantastic, but I feel they have missed a trick with slogans and in the later ones I saw political banners creeping in which could divide opinion and put some people off. There should be an eye on ‘all of us together’.

    These marches should be about Scotland, her people and Independence. Instead of ‘Tory, Tory, Tory, – Out, Out,Out’, how about ‘Westminster rule in Scotland – Out,Out,Out’. Or ‘Who is Sovereign – WE are!’

    You can also highlight likely results of Brexit with messages such as ‘It’s Scotland’s NHS not Trumps’.

    Don’t forget messages about the misinformation from our media. Some could be new words to old tunes, or even just a rendering of Flower of Scotland’. But many will be much better at this than me. Make it a sing song party rather than a Sunday walk.

    With groups scattered throughout the march who know the slogans and replies so that others around them can pick them up, thousands of the PEOPLE of Scotland, not party activists or even trade unions, could be marching the streets of Scotland shouting and singing our support for our country and for our Independence.

    If the BritNats are scared now how would that leave them?

  37. emilytom67 says:

    You are so right oh so right we can become a shining light in a very dark world and yes it won,t be done by any politician/political party they are all much of a muchness and this includes the the SNP bogged down by political think which eventually strangles them.I know of a bunch of guys that are developing alternative ways of creating clean cheap energy,they are restricted by the lack of backing from both government/industry but they will crack it.There are so many innovators out there just waiting to be given the backing green ligh,this country is on the threshold or if you are of the unionist persuasion an abyss,our choice.Saorse Alba

  38. Cubby says:

    Ross Thomson – total bampot.

  39. derek says:

    Is it time for a rally in support of indy ref 2 to show all that there is support in Scotland for another referendum?

  40. Rhisiart Gwilym says:

    Great stuff, Paul! I only take issue with one thought: It’s not Britain that is the past. Britain will always be here, till the Earth changes again. It’s the fag-end of the English empire that’s the moribund past; and it can’t die too soon. That will be a brilliant liberation for the poor bloody English too, to be finally rid of the English-raj class (the incorrigible re-smoggers!), as well as for all the rest of us in The Isles.

  41. Edward Rutherford says:


  42. wm says:

    The YES movement must get organised and somehow convince the people who voted NO and believed the lies of the better together media that Scotland was too wee and its people were too stupid to run the country’s bussinness. The fact is that two of the main ingrediants every successfull country needs is its people, and its natural energy to fuel all of the industries, and Scotland by far has more than its share of both, when you consider the oil, gas,coal,wind,solar,hydro and wave methods of producing energy. Lets get started and have indy2 by early 2019. If the rUK had this ammount of natural resources, we would have been hunted years ago.

  43. Macart says:

    Journalist Jason Michael interviewing our host. πŸ™‚

  44. Who mentioned bones?

  45. David Murdoch says:

    That Sir cheered me up…Thanks

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