Ruth’s soggy bottom

Well that’s it. Time to give up and go home. I don’t mean the independence campaign, Scotland needs it more than ever now. I mean serious political commentary – although thankfully this blog has never specialised in the serious. How can you be serious when the biggest piece of political news in Scotland today is that Ruth Davidson is going to appear on Bake Off? That’s it. That’s Ruth’s Scottish Conservative contribution to the pressing issues of today, she’s going to go on Channel 4 and swap double entendres about soggy bottoms with Sandi Toksvig.

The Scottish Tories are like the Life of Brian what have the Romans ever done for us sketch in reverse. What have the Scottish Tories ever done for us since their amazeballs breakthrough (TM the Scottish Unionist Media) and supposed detoxification? Bugger all, except to prove that they’re really still as toxic as they ever were, an excuse for sectarian dog whistles hiding behind a douce net curtain in a middle class suburb, to which they’re now adding some Great British Bake Off double entendres about how stiff you can whisk your cream. Their achievements in Parliament have begun and ended with the demonisation of the travelling community and a call for more Union flegs at Last Night of the Proms.

An effigy of Bungle the bear from Rainbow made out of moist toilet paper would be more effective at standing up for Scottish interests in Brexit than our cohort of lamentable Scottish Tories. Although it is entirely possible that an effigy of Bungle made out of moist toilet paper is in fact our current Secretary of State. It’s certainly difficult to tell the difference. The Tories haven’t even managed to remove VAT liability from the Scottish emergency services, the only ones in the UK who have to pay VAT. They’ve been silent on Brexit, the biggest issue facing us today, content to roll over and insist that Scotland must comply with whatever their bosses in the cabinet decide.

What is the point of the Scottish Conservative party? Oh yeah, it’s willfully confusing devolved and reserved issues during election campaigns, and having no policies whatsoever except saying that they’d oppose a referendum even if a large majority of the electorate voted for parties which supported one. The only difference between Ruth Davidson and Mariano Rajoy is the cheery photo opportunities. Both have the same lack of respect for democracy, and both put their own party interests before those of the country. Rajoy doesn’t want a Catalan referendum because he’s happy to create chaos as a distraction from the many and varied corruption scandals that are engulfing his party. Ruth doesn’t want a Scottish referendum because she knows that opposing one is a convenient distraction from the truth that her party have nothing to offer Scotland except a damaging Brexit that Scotland rejected and a return to the sectarian and xenophobic politics of the 1950s.

There are two reasons why this self-publicist with no policies has a reputation as one of Britain’s freshest and best politicians. The first reason is that Conservative politicians are so woeful that Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg count as towering intellectuals for the sole reason that they know that people in Latin America don’t actually speak Latin. So it’s not difficult for Ruth to stand out from the crowd. When the crowd consists of Andrea Leadsom, David Davis, Michael Gove and Liam Fox, even one of the Seven Dwarfs would stand head and shoulders above them. The Tory party do have seven dwarfs of their own – Sleazy, Lazy, Greedy, Kooky, Grubby, Loony, Shameful, and Schlock. All of them are junior ministers in the Brexit Department. When you’re up against a shower of nasty weirdos all you have to do is to appear halfway normal and you’re already well ahead of the game.

The second reason is the pisspoor nature of the British press. Any investigative journalism that we do have in this country is drowned out in the tidal wave of right wing boosterism. The British press is widely regarded as being the worst in Europe, and regularly comes at the bottom of European wide polls asking people how much trust they have in their media. The Scottish press is if anything even worse than the British media as a whole. Ruth Davidson used to be a BBC journalist, and when she embarks upon yet another of her cheery cheesy photo opportunities she’s facing a press pack largely made up of her pals.

She’s rewarded with one free ride after another. When the SNP had their conference recently, it was Ruth who was invited onto the telly to discuss it. Well I say discuss, what I really mean is that she was given yet another opportunity to explain to us all how very very bad the SNP are and how no one wants another referendum. On the very rare occasions when she is subjected to the kind of rigorous questioning that’s de rigueur when it’s an SNP politician, she falls to pieces. But then Ruth rarely has to face anything more penetrating than making jokes about the filling in a sponge cake on Bake Off.

But you can only go so far with a photo op. The regular gallons of Jackie Baillie which is spouted by Tory MSPs and MPs is an embarrassment of such a degree that it’s even starting to embarrass the brass neck of Ruth herself. And that takes some doing. The party remains mired in third place in the opinion polls, and the Scottish party is privately panicking about the poor calibre of many of their elected politicians. Your average Tory MSP is a person who firmly believes that Gaelic road signs cause pot holes, and doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t ask parliamentary questions about your business interests.

That’s what you get when you select your candidates on cronyism and their personal allegiences to Ruth’s career progression while your sole answer to every single question about policy is to say that Scotland doesn’t want another referendum. No amount of glossy press presentations can hide the fact that there’s precious little content, and that content that does exist is as nasty and antithetical to Scotland’s interests as the Tories ever were. The Tories like to crow that Scotland has reached peak nat, the truth is that Scotland has reached peak Tory. The only way forward for Ruth is down. A career on light entertainment on the telly might await her, but she’s got as much chance of ever becoming Scotland’s First Minister as soggy bottom from Bake Off.

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64 comments on “Ruth’s soggy bottom

  1. Graham Niven says:

    “The Labour Party I lead will never, ever, support independence or a second independence referendum.” – Anas Sarwar

    At least with Ruthie its just “anytime soon” rather than “never”

  2. Dave tewart says:

    Lunchtime on radio Scotland, Subject being discussed was food banks around Aberdeenshire. Question to the interviewer was How often do the food banks around Aberdeenshire run out of food?
    Answer from the interviewer, I suppose maybe once a month!
    Response from the interviewee, Its every day.

    • Robert Graham says:

      exactly they haven’t a bloody clue , maybe one day it will dawn on the well paid employees at pacific heights , something is not right in this tory brittan , something smells , maybe if the stopped this vendetta against the one political party who are at least attempting to protect people , they would discover the root of the problem , and the common theme the tory and unionist party .
      save the union , what for more of the f/n same ?. naw thanks ,been there ,seen it ,done it .

      • Robert Harrison says:

        What you hoping for a miracle

        • Dave tewart says:

          no miracle expected, not even the media journalist responding to his own lack of knowledge on the subject and having a programme on the subject to record what is happening due to universal benefits roll out, not rs message today

    • The Silence of the Bams, Dave.
      We live in the world’s 6th richest country (the UK that is) or so we are told, give or take half a trillion that ONS seems to have ‘lost’, yet millions of our citizens rely on charity to feed them selves and their families.
      Of course that is the Blue Tory Way.

      Crush the peasants and drive them into slavery, which in modern times, means through the supply of money.
      Slave wages, zero hours, low skill, ephemeral work.
      JK Rowling and her mate Lord Darling are coining it in, while the tens of millions of slave wage worker bees and the poor are starved of wealth that is theirs.

      Davidson’s ‘day job’ seems to be an ego trip exercise in promoting herself and her chubby cheeky grin.

      Let’s face it the Blue Red and Yellow Tory Unionists warming their arses at Holyrood have contributed NOTHING to Scotland in the decade just gone, other than spout meaningless sound bites, and issue threats and downright lies to the Independence Parties and the Scottish Public at large.

      I have no doubt that their obliging mates in the Meedja share a pint in a Yoon watering hole and laugh at the Scottish Public for not twigging yet that we are now an oppressed subjugated English colony.

      Davidson has nothing to do Up Here, so she’ll at least be making some honest dough for a week or so. I know, Jackie Baillie poor joke!
      She has fallen to a poor third place in the ratings Up Here, beaten by a Red Tory Party without a leader. The Scottish Public prefer an empty chair to Ruth the HIGNFY smash Davidson.
      Goes she not realise that her every waking minute should be devoted to her ‘day job’ right now, as WM and her best pal Big T head towards a No Deal EU exit?
      Obviously not.
      I don’t think that the crassness of this TV gig demonstrates what a heartless besom some folk may think her.
      I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take any more.
      I want you all to go to your windows, and shout:-‘ I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take any more.’
      Je suis Peter Finch.

      • Dave tewart says:

        Thanks Jack for putting it in context, Mother Theresa flies off to Belgium for a Working Dinner ref Brexit, cost not disclosed but going by the work it created, plenty. Aberdeenshire always known as a well off area, voted in some Tory MPs and MSPs, can’t believe that.

        • Alasdair Macdonald says:

          The Colonel has history with Bake Off, having appeared last year on the programme where ‘celebs’ are given the opportunity of publicity by mouthing vacuities about baking while being ‘joshed’ by supposed iconoclastic comedienne, Jo Brand, who indulged in ego stroking. We shall see similar arslikhan from supposed pointy-heidit iconoclast Sandi Toksvig.

          For some reason the Colonel seems to make the self proclaimed ‘progressives’ weak at the knees.

      • Aikenheed says:

        She IS doing her day job, acting as a distraction to real political observation and debate. The bigging up she gets is to enhance her for that role. She’s as likely to be leader of the tories as yesterday’s venison sausage.

    • That is shameful, is it not? Bad enough that it happens … worse still that no-one in the establishment or their meeja puppy-dogs knows (or cares) that it happens!

  3. Robert Graham says:

    Hard to put into words that won’t get me arrested for something or other ,

    Her media bubble won’t last it never does when the media are promoting an empty shell , go on do your jumpy miss hockey sticks performance all bouncy , like watching a case of someone with a bipolar affliction ,

    When the laughing stops most people start to question what is she for ,whats her purpose , what does the party who she has infiltrated have to offer normal people,

    The medias job is to scratch the surface and see whats hiding underneath , I guarantee they would be employed for weeks on this tory party , it they did their job ” no laughter at the back now ”

    Take a lesson from Kezia and how quickly she fell to earth , it’s coming you know it and we know it as well its just a matter of time , we can wait .

  4. Cloggins says:

    Ruth has my vote for “politician most likely to disappoint”

  5. Iona says:

    I needed that! Well said, Paul.

  6. jdman says:

    Maby she should have partnered Susan Calman on Strictly, it would have been a laugh watching them fighting to see who would lead!

  7. I all but puked on my keyboard when the “Bake Off” news broke, Paul. It shows how low the UK’s TV and media have sunk (no baking pun intended) when a jumped-up nasty wee besom like Ruth the Mooth is considered a “celebrity”! And don’t get me started on what it says about BritNat politics …

  8. Macart says:

    Oh, they serve a very essential role in Scotland alright. It’s just that it’s not a role which serves Scotland’s population.

    I very much doubt there’s one of them believes there’s a need for an empowered parliament of any description north of the border. The extra cash is nice though. Indeed it seems most are only too ardent and insistent that the only parliament worth a damn on these islands is situated far, far to the south in civilized lands. So what are they for you might ask? To further the ends of Westminster Conservatism.

    They are, to all intents and purposes, place holder politicians. Simple as that. I can’t honestly recall a single one of them who have ever praised our parliament, our politics or our democracy, (democracy being what they say it is). I don’t recall any being signatories to Scotland’s claim of right and pretty much all that exits their collective pie hole is condemnation of our government, our services and our institutions. That’s not holding government to account. It’s opposition for oppositions sake. Something you’d think our electorate would be all too familiar with.

    Y’know, the impression given spookily resembles folk who are actively seeking to undermine Scotland’s democracy top to toe.

    So in no particular order. They seemingly serve the Conservative and unionist party, the continuance of the political union, the primacy of Westminster parliament and their own political careers.

    What they patently do NOT serve are the interests of the people of Scotland, our democracy or our parliament.

    • 100%, Sam.
      They are a disgrace, and serve no one but the SE Oligarchy and its Scottish sub Branch.

      • scotsmanick says:

        They’re obstructionists, just like their capitalist heroes the Republicans in America. The function those vermin served when in opposition to Obama is very much what the Tory scum are doing here now. Pure obstructionism.

    • Hear! Hear! Well said, Sam! And the last item on your list of “what Scottish Conservatives are for” is probably the one that comes first in their own minds!

    • bringiton says:

      Despite what some naive Scottish voters may think,the representatives of the London based political parties are there to ensure that Scotland doesn’t deviate too far from mother England.
      That is their purpose in life.

  9. Alba woman says:

    Ruth’s ‘Im a really caring person ‘ act is a cover up for the darker side of her persona. Rape clause Ruth and her selection of her candidates in a deliberate move to legitimise sectarianism in her own country, tells another tale than that of her potential jolly japes in Bake Off.

    • scotsmanick says:

      She is a lesbian who comes from a religious background, from a church that wasn’t kind to gays when she was growing up, and is a member of a party that wasn’t either. Like all Tories, she has a huge dose of self-loathing thrown through her, and her hatred of Scotland and how she may have been treated is manifested in her opposition to it, and slagging of it. She’s genuinely mentally unbalanced, pure and simple, a minority sexual being in a minority party that hates gays – witness Clause 28. She needs psychiatric help, not constant scream therapy in Holyrood.

  10. chicmac says:

    She’s a shoo-in for Star Baker on at least two of the weeks. The one where they have to make waffles and the one where the make pork pies.

    Hope Paul Hollywood counts his fingers afterwards if he has to give her one of his handshakes.

  11. Stephen Roney says:

    Maybe she could bake Tory Policy Tarts? What’s that? Why it tastes absolutely awful makes you vomit and is very hard to swallow. And makes you sick for a very long time afterwards.

  12. Sandra Hunter says:

    If Davidson had anything resembling a moral compass – she would be demanding that her bosses turn over their report which details Scotland is going to suffer catastrophically from Brexit. The one her bosses will not share. She should be demanding that the Scottish Government has copy of that report – because I imagine Ruthie has already seen it and knows what it contains.

    Instead of her MPs running the line at European football games and Ruth Davidson powdering herself up for Great British Bake Off ( I hope her recipes have plenty of turnips in to satisfy Chris Grayling) – she should be absolutely demanding that the Scottish Government has access to that report – NOW.

    • Very well said, Sandra! If she care one iota for Scotland she would be beating down the door of No.10 and demanding that report. Instead, she’s going to be beating cake mix and demanding that people praise her baking. Ye gods and little fishes!!!

    • Saor Alba says:

      Ruth does not have the guts to do anything honourable.

  13. tintochiel says:

    Another scorcher, Paul. Not good for my b/p though.

    I mix up Davidson and Calman tbh. They are like twins separated at birth who always have 30 pieces of silver in their handbags.


  14. David Agnew says:

    She is not First Minister. Nor will she be. For that we can be grateful. A woman who regularly makes demands that Sturgeon gets on with the day job of government, while she in turn gets busy with polishing the massive golden turd on a stick that is her ego. Davidson has to date held one constituency surgery. One. She has on the other hand been turning up everywhere else. Be it riding tanks, appearing on HIGNFY and now getting ready for the Great British Bake Off.

    She played the bigot card and the anti-Scottish card and got a party of bigots and anti-Scots “British” folk. Now Davidson is beginning to realise that while Scottish labour are a luke warm cup of Bailie, her party is resembling a cold cup of sick.

    Now she wants to cleanse her party of dead meat MSPs and fill the ranks with Talent. What Talent would that be? Does she think she has too many bigots and racists or not enough? Where is this massive pool of talent that she didn’t bother tapping into the last time? People who didn’t and couldn’t make the list last time. So basically replace her party of bigots with a party of ineffective room meat. Stacked clear to the rafters with tim nice but dim.

    Eventually it will dawn on her that her party is, to put it bluntly, a bit shit. But frankly…she should be used to that by now. She is a tory after all.

  15. Ruth Davidson conceitedly refers to ‘her’ Scottish Tory MPs as ‘The Formidable 13.’

    In truth, they are, ‘The Invisible 13’.

    But that too is inaccurate. Invisible is too benign an adjective for the Scots Tories. The Scots Tories would rather harm Scotland in order to retain their political power.

    In reality, they are ‘The Malignant 13’.

    Scotland must save itself by removing itself from the cancerous Tories forever. The only way to save ourselves is by voting for independence from xenophobic English Nationalism next time.

  16. scotsmanick says:

    I’d like to give her the Great British F–k Off, never mind anything else. Odious, angry, bitter, hateful wee self-loathing besom that she is, bitch and butch in the same body.

  17. Stephen Roney says:

    When she makes her tarts she can always make a cordial to help it go down easier. What about Bitter Orange? It makes you screw your face up, as if you are trying to swallow a wasp. She must regularly drink it every time she goes onto FMQ or indeed, anytime she enters Parliament.

    She has effectively attracted and is catering for, all the bigot scum that used to vote Labour, (Racists, Sectarians, Homophobes, Anti-Disabled Idiots etc). That’s her legacy. Attracting the kind of dirt poor ignorant filth that supported Trump in the USA. What an epitaph for your headstone. “Here lies a Gay Woman, the partner of an Irishwoman, praised by Homophobes, Racists and Sectarian bigots”. What a turncoat opportunist you are Ruth. Hang your head in shame. “Oh the gift tae gee us, tae see oorselves as ither’s see us”.

  18. Albis says:

    Bake Off passed its Use By date some time ago, as indeed did Mz Davidson and the so-called ‘Scottish’ Tories.

  19. Republicofscotland says:


    This could change hearts and minds.

    As new warships will not be built on the Clyde, they will be built on Merseyside.

    • Macart says:

      Yep. Clocked that and pretty much expected it after the spending review was mooted a while back.

      Yet another in an ever growing line of QED/who knew? moments..

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Could be because they know we will vote Yes the next time and they wish a warship yard in England.

  20. Republicofscotland says:

    A chink of light for the Catalan’s.
    Spain fears Slovenia might recognise an independent Catalonia.

    Slovenia is waiting to see if Puigdemont openly announces that Catalonia is a independent nation before deciding.

  21. Republicofscotland says:

    @Macart @Andy.

    A quick recap.

    Sep ’14: 13 Type 26 frigates if you vote “No”, Scotland.
    Nov ’16: Only 8 but you’ll get 5 Type 31.
    Oct ’17: You’re not getting those either.

    I think we can see where this is going.

  22. Republicofscotland says:

    Mhairi Black tells it like it is, a future FM, I think, in a independent Scotland.

    Well said lass.

    • What a waste of all that Scottish talent at WM.
      Black’s contribution didn’t miss and hit the wall.
      We need Independence and we need it now.
      There is no doubt that English Tory and English Labour are twa fleas aff the same dug, and it’s no’ wee and ginger!
      Both philosophies rely on manipulating the Hoi Polloi, of exercising absolute power from London, backed by the Iron Heel Oligarchy, which cares not whether the Blue or Red Tories ‘govern’.
      As we know from experience, they all end up working for the Man after their stint in Westminster..

      I disagree with Ms Black’s call to halt the roll out of UCS rather than scrap it all together.
      One size does not fit all.
      It is not, nor was it designed to be, fit for purpose.
      It is a benefit cutting, staff saving Blue Tory attack on one of the pillars of the Welfare State.
      No man woman or child should starve, be without a roof over their head, or be inadequately clothed in this country, and by ‘country’, I mean Scotland.
      The Benefits system is a ‘safety net’.
      Many hundreds of thousands who will be forced on to the UCS scheme will never work again for a variety of reasons.
      Yet One Size Fits All ‘cos it’s cheaper to run.
      Never mind the hardships, the threats of eviction, citizens unable to pay for food, gas, and electricity.
      UCS encourages desperate folk to take one of the million zero hour contract jobs, does it? No it fucking well doesn’t. It terrifies people into taking any slave wage job offered or face starvation and homelessness, and perhaps seeing children taken into care.

      The English WM version of post Brexit Society. The population controlled by those in Power.
      Of course Ms Black omitted the fact that the Blue Tories, Ruth Davidson of Bake Off Fame, and the Barcelona Linesman and hobbyist, have cut benefits and allowances before they came up with the UCS level of payments.

      There is no Employment Support for disabled job seekers; a cut of 5p short of £30 a week.
      18-21 year olds are no longer getting the ‘rent’/ Housing Benefit of UCS.
      Ruth Davidson and the Barcelona Linesman hate the welfare State and any form of a caring civic society.
      They spend every waking moment trying to destroy civilised society in Scotland.
      There are the ‘Them’, the rich, the ennobled, the Top Dogs, the chinless wonders who waste oxygen in Holyrood every week for an easy £74 k pa, while following their ‘hobbies’ who quite like being in charge, while millions of their fellow citizens suffer and die of WM engineered serfdom.
      Then there are the ‘Us’
      Well, we ar4e not going to put up with it any more. We are not going to hang about waiting for Mundy’s ‘permission’.,
      Those of our citizens who require financial assistance from the state, ranging from ephemeral allowances between jobs, to severely disabled neighbours with special and financially burdensome needs cannot be melded into one ‘universal’ allowance.
      UCS must be scrapped completely.
      Millions will suffer, LA’s will run up 100’s millions in rent arrears, and Ruth Davidson will laugh all the way to Channel 4’s Pay Out Window.
      WE are on the brink of dark revolt, I fear.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Mhairi Black has my utmost admiration and respect.
      How refreshing to listen to this honest and compassionate politician.
      I am so proud of her.
      The SNP politicians we sent to Westminster fight so hard for us and completely show up the corrupt, self serving and arse-licking unionist MPs who are supposed to serve Scotland’s people.

  23. Republicofscotland says:

    Well said Jack, I can’t disagree with that.

    Meanwhile, the vote on whether to pause the roll out of UC, in the HoC tonight went like this.

    To pause-299

    To continue-0

    Most Tories abstained.

    Alas the vote is symbolic.

    Still I confident Mighty Mhairi’s speech had a huge impact, if only a symbolic one at that.

    • Anne Martin says:

      The bit I liked best in Mhairi’s speech was, “This Government can’t even incentivise it’s Scottish MPs to attend this chamber”.

  24. The Tories abstained?
    Surely they’re not all away working on their ‘hobbies’?
    The sooner that we get all that WM SNP talent back working in an independent Scotland the better.
    Well done, Ms Black.
    The UCS is not workable in any shape or form.
    But the Tories knew that.
    It is being fucked up to offer it to the City in the next phase of privatisation. Just like Cable’s selling off the Postal Service to his mates in the City at a billion pound loss to the public purse, they are hollowing out all Public Service organisations.The NHS(England) is being privatised, the Police and the Emergency services, and now the Welfare State.
    There are already billions of bucks going to the Private Lord Reid still a non Exec of G4S who run the some prisons in PFI buildings these days?
    The old Securicor element of G4S will be England’s Private Police Force soon.
    The Red Blue and Yellow Tories in England.
    Privatise everything, and join the Boards of the companies you sold our crown jewels to at a discount. They’ll be weighing your jobbies next and charging for sewage by the kilo..sorry..pound.
    England I worry for you.
    Well, we’re getting out.

  25. You may recall Murphy arguing that he had as much in common with a mechanic from Liverpool as he had with one from Glasgow; this was his argument for us being Better Together.
    Well, it seems that a shipyard worker in Glasgow has nothing in common with a ship yard worker on Merseyside.
    We are being punished for voting YEs, voting Remain, and for returning34 Unionist MPs at the last UK GE.
    BAE Systems are running down their yards in Glasgow, and Rosyth, dismantling their operation in Scotland, while expanding their business in Liverpool in Partnership with Camel Laird.

    HMRC jobs moved from Scotland to Crawley, Job Centres closing, Ian Davidson’s, Johan Lamont’s, Margaret Curran’s, Anas Sarwar’s, Jim Murphy’s, Douglas Alexander’s, and the biggest liar of them all, Alistair Carmichael’s, ( ‘Lord Portsmouth’ who appeared in a Portsmouth Rag declaring that the Portsmouth Yard would be ‘best placed’ to take the BAE Frigate work from Scotland if we voted YES), dire warnings that if we voted Yes, then shipbuilding would be dead in Scotland as England punished us for exercising our democratic right to self determination.
    Well, that worked out well for the No vote, didn’t it?
    I can’t imagine any Project Fear propaganda exercise next time, can you?
    Aye, right.
    Then we read the headlines in the Scotsman and the Daily Express today lying quite openly that paying every Scots citizen a Universal Basic Income would cost in excess of £12 billion a year, when the actual cost would be in the region of £3 billion, and Jackie Baillie gets print inches lying about the cost of the SNP’s not for profit scheme replacing the Major/Blair/ Brown/ Cameron/Clegg financial con that was the Private Finance Initiative saddling us all with £10’s billions in debt to line the pockets of the Money Men.

    Stu Campbell over on WoS is enjoying himself debunking the lies and lampooning the traitors.

    NS opened the first floating wind farm today, a scheme that will generate enough clean electricity for 20,000 homes just off the Moray Firth. The Statoil project, that’s Norway’s State Owned Energy Giant, involves working in partnership with the Scottish Government on this ground breaking world’s first.
    It didn’t even merit a mention on Reporting Scotland at teatime, but NHS waiting times for cancer, although the best in the UK, were shite…
    We need to keep hammering away at this…the hacks and broadcasters have sold out to their English and US Masters.
    They get to print and broadcast any old lie and distortion because they control the country, not us. Scots democrats it is time to rise up and drive this rabble out of our country, democratically if possible..

    • Stephen Roney says:

      Jack, As long as we have the BBC we will never get any positive reporting, even in an Independent Scotland. The BBC has to go after Independence. The need to lose their monopoly and they need to take advertising. How we deal with the lies from STV I don’t know. It will be harder to gain Independence with the BBC intact. That is to be expected. But our new born Independence, our baby if you like, cannot lie in peace next to a nest of vipers that is BBC Scotland. For Independence sake, it must go ASAP after Freedom.

  26. Sorry ’24 Unionist MP’s’.

  27. Macart says:

    You’ll like this. 🙂

    For those who had a bit of a sneer at Scotland’s contribution to the space industry.

    • Yes, we recall Professor Two Jobs unelected rejected WATP sectarian Bigot and Holyrood Freeloader Tomkins 14/07/17 twet:-
      “Back from holiday ( Ed. The Walk in Belfast? ) tot find that science fiction still dominates one half of Scottish politics.”
      This was Tomkin’s put down pf Scotland’s thriving space industry reported in the National that day.
      In a way it is the perfect example of the Blue Red and Yellow Tories constantly belittling Scotland, its achievements, and its workforce.

      “Scotland employs around 18% of all those in the UK that work in the Space Industry, bringing in almost £180 million pounds per year to the economy, and creating 7000 additional high end Jobs in hundreds of companies in recent times. Glasgow made more satellites than any other city in the EU in the last year, but hey its ok for clowns like Tompkins to make fun about it just to get an SNP hit on social media.”
      WATP Tomkins stood in our constituency and was humiliated in to the ‘also ran’ category.
      We rejected him for the chancer that he clearly is.
      Yet he still gets £1200 a week, plus expenses, on top of his Glasgow Uni wages to slag off Scotland and its successes in the Space Industry.
      This is clear evidence of the existence of Gravitational Waves if you ask me.
      Tomkins Fraser and Rowley fart through their mouths and slag off Scotland, but their lies and insults register as mere wobbly ripples in the ionosphere.
      We let them away with nothing from now on is.
      Jackie Baillie PFI pish.
      Shame on you, woman.

      • Macart says:

        They’re just people Jack, but what they do in full knowledge and how they relate to the public is pretty grim. Reminds me of a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt – “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”. Never a truer word really.

        Needless to say, they do NOT have my consent and I do NOT consider our population lesser than anyone and especially on the say so of politicians with neither imagination, integrity or even simple humility.

      • Stephen Roney says:

        Let’s send the good Prof on a one way trip to Mars. We can send him with tins of blue and white paint to paint the rocks. He can leave the dust red and turn Mars Red White and Blue for her Maj. I know I’m going O/T but there was even a recent episode of Dr Who where Mars was colonised on behalf of her Majesty Queen VICTORIA. The BBC can’t even leave Sci Fi programmes alone without injecting propaganda. And to think that many in England think the BBC is left wing. Oh, how my side hurt thinking of those poor deluded buggers down south that think the BBC is Liberal.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      We may be too wee, too poor etc but obviously not too stupid.

  28. Republicofscotland says:

    Frank Spencer, I mean Anas Sarwar, has point blankly refused to admit that he had anything to do with Better Together.

    However photos don’t lie.

    Meanwhile no mention whatsoever of the Type 31e ships NOT coming to Scotland on any Scottish news channel or unionist rag.

    Lets get out of this f*cked up union.

    As for Colonel Rape Clause Ruth-less Davidson and the bake off, she’s well used to dealing with fruitcakes and dumplings, her branch office is full of them.

  29. Stephen Roney says:

    I had Richard Leonard at my brothers door away back in May 2011. Seemed like a nice guy. But do we really want a nice guy to run Scottish Labour or do we want an absolute c**t? I really don’t know on this one. What would be better for us Independence minded folk?

  30. Stephen Roney says:

    Why is the Tory Party like a bowl of Muesli? Because once you’ve took out the fruits and the flakes you’re left with the nuts.

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