The day that Spain died

Can you imagine the outrage and shock if Westminster imported 6000 armed police officers from the rest of the UK in order to prevent the people of Scotland peacefully and democratically exercising their right to determine their own future? Can you imagine those police officers causing hundreds of injuries? That’s exactly what’s going on in Catalonia today. When the response of a state to a demand on the part of some of its citizens for a referendum on self-determination is violence, you’re no longer a democracy.

Today’s the day that Spain died. The concept of Spain as a liberal democracy is dead. This is supposed to be a modern liberal democratic state where the right to freedom of expression and freedom on opinion is sacrosanct. You can’t claim to be a democratic country when police fire rubber bullets at people who are peacefully queueing up to vote. You can’t claim to be a democratic country when your answer to the voicing of an opinion is a cosh over the head. You can’t claim to be a democratic country when the ballot box, the symbolic altar of democracy, is charged at and forcefully removed by armed paramilitaries. You can’t claim to be a democracy when you make voting illegal and voters are dragged kicking and screaming from the polling station, coshed on the head and abandoned bloodied and bleeding in the street.

In Catalonia masked and armed paramilitaries have been marching into ballot stations and forcibly ripping the voting papers from the hands of the people waiting to express a legitimate and peaceful democratic choice. Those are the actions of fascists. Those are the actions of a state that is afraid of its own citizens. Those are the actions of a state which believes that citizens have a duty to listen to the state but the state is under no obligation to listen to the citizens. It is fundamentally anti-democratic to refuse to allow citizens in a modern European country to express their peaceful opinions in the first place.

The Spanish government claims that the Spanish constitution makes an independence referendum in Catalonia illegal, but constitutions are supposed to serve the people, the people aren’t supposed to serve the constitution. The correct response, the democratic response, of a state which claims that its constitution forbids a peaceful independence referendum on a part of its territory is to allow that peaceful vote to go ahead and then to negotiate afterwards, to deal with the political consequences in a mature and calm manner. By refusing to concede that anyone in Catalonia could express their view on the future of Catalonia, Madrid took a problem and converted it into a crisis. Now they’re converting it into a tragedy. The blood of the Catalans is on Rajoy’s hands.

A government which refuses to recognise the right of a national minority to self-determination has no right to call itself democratic. Spain is telling the Catalans that they are a minority and that they will forever remain a minority, that Catalans don’t have the right to determine the future of their own nation. And if the Catalans don’t have the right to express themselves democratically, then neither does anyone else in Spain.

Any state in which a large part of its population wants independence from that state is a disorded state, and dysfunctional state. It’s a state which has problems. Scotland has its independence movement largely because of the failures and shortcomings of the British state. If we were all just thrilled with Westminster rule we wouldn’t be campaigning for a Scottish state, a state in which we can do things better, in which we can remedy the shortcomings of British rule. It’s exactly the same in Catalonia. Catalans want independence because of the shortcomings and problems of the Spanish state. Ignoring those problems won’t make them go away. Violently repressing those who seek to exercise a right to self determination won’t cure what ails Spain. It only makes the situation worse in the longer term. It’s the politics of anger, the politics of desperation, the politics of a state which has nothing to say and nothing to offer. It’s the politics of a state that has only achieved the appearance of democracy, but not its essence.

Mariano Rajoy has signed the suicide note of the Spanish state that existed until today. The Madrid government with its repressive and violent actions has shown that there is no space in Spain for peaceful and democratic dialogue between the state and supporters of Catalan, Basque, or Galician independence. There will be no compromise. There will be no dialogue. There will only be rubber bullets, batons, and a bonfire of ballots. Hundreds of thousands in Spain who were previously undecided on the question of independence will be looking on today’s appalling and unnecessary events and saying that there is no space for them in Spain either. All that happened today was a retrenchment and reinforcement of the independence cause, not just in Catalonia but also in the other Catalan countries, in the Basque lands, in Galicia, in the Canaries. Before they were determined. Now they’re determined and angry. Madrid’s iron fist is choking the democracy out of the Spanish state.

The Spanish state can continue to oppress the Catalans with force and violence, but the desire for Catalan independence is not going to go away. The Catalan independence movement isn’t going to go away. It’s going to continue to challenge Madrid. The great danger now that Madrid has closed down peaceful and democratic avenues of protest is that some will resort to other means. That would be a tragedy for Catalonia, a tragedy for Spain, and a tragedy for all of us.

The world is watching. If we are silent in the face of this injustice we are part of the problem, we are on the side of the oppressors, on the side of the violent ones. There will be more tears, and more pain, but one thing remains – the unstoppable will of the people of Catalonia to express their right to self-determination. They will have their say. Their voices will not be silenced. Independence for Catalonia will come. Because of the violent and oppressive response of the Madrid government Catalan independence is now more certain than ever.

Visca Catalunya lliure.

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114 comments on “The day that Spain died

  1. Bill Dale says:

    Absolutely brilliant post Paul. A sad day for democracy, but possibly one which will lead to a greater understanding of the importance of challenging colonialism in all its guises. Thanks.

  2. Willie John says:

    Let no one think this could not happen here – miners and Thatcher come to mind,

    • David Smith says:

      Exactly, Willie.

    • Ian W says:

      You beat me to it Willie

      • wm says:

        Brings back memories, she spent milloins at the time on transporting police and stocks of coal around the country.(probably hundreds of millions in todays money). Never under estimate how low the tories will stoop, and at what ever it costs the public purse. Just think DUP.

    • Guga says:

      It already happened here! Remember what happened with the Red Cydesiders, the English government confined all Scottish troops to their barracks, and sent 10,000 English troops, along with tanks, to suppress them.

      A fascist government is a fascist government. The English have always been fascists towards any of their colonies that wanted freedom (e.g. India, which if it had been left to that fat fascist bastard Churchill, would never have been given their independence).

      The Spanish government has always been a continuation of the fascist Franco regime, and will not give freedom to any groups in Spain without a lot more bloodshed.

  3. Eileen Harris says:

    So true, so sad. Thank you for this and your other posts which I now follow with great interest. Your blog matters. Please keep up the good work.

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  5. hettyforindy says:

    Good article, well said. For Spain to use such brutality against the peaceful people of Catalonia is a sad day indeed. Now does Spain expect the Catalan people to actually WANT to be part of this dreadful opppressive regime called Spain? You don’t win over the people by violently attacking them. Spain sends in the paid thugs to attack peaceful people, so that means they are not fighting real crime in meantime. A depressing day for us all, that a so called modern civilised country can stoop so low. The scary thing is the thugs attacking peaceful people, are highly trained, no sorry brainwashed into seeing anyone and everyone as a personal enemy, a danger to them. Cowards in armour is what they are. Imagine beating up an innocent person and feeling good about it, that is not a human being, not in 2017 Europe.

    I just hope that the ballots are counted, no one is killed and that Spain respects the will of the people of Catalonia. So far that is looking unlikely. Very sad.

    • Saor Alba says:

      As George Kerevan said in the National today “The ghost of Franco has returned from the grave”.

      The Catalan police and firemen courageously and with tears tried their best to protect the Catalan voters from the fascist Spanish police.

      The Rajoy Popular Party (minority) Government is the direct linear descendent of the old Franco regime. In Madrid, fascist youth has taken to the streets with their Falangist salutes borrowed from their Nazi friends. The rhetoric is changing fast in Spain and Fascism is on the rise once again. Rajoy’s PP is an abhorrent and evil regime.

      After today, I have my reservations about the EU after their cowardly inaction.
      However, the fluff from the Uk is not exactly what I expected. I am so disappointed in the EU.

      Our impressive First Minister gave an unequivocal condemnation of the events in Catalonia, which I also expected.

      Evil exists, because many decide on inaction and failure to condemn.

      • Saor Alba says:

        My fourth paragraph should read

        ‘After today, I have my reservations about the EU after their cowardly inaction. Article7 of their constitution should be applied. I am so disappointed in the EU as it is not what I expected. However, the usual fluff from the UK is exactly what I expected’.

        Apologies – my anger got the better of me so that I did not proof read before submitting.

  6. AllyPally says:

    Well said. I am truly shocked today, not only by what’s happening in Catalunya, but also by the lack of reaction from the Labour leadership and the EU.

    • heathermclean19 says:

      Labour totally disgust me!! Whether you agree or disagree about rights or wrongs of Catalonian independence, any decent human being would condemn what’s happening in Catalonia!! State violence against its own citizens is an utter disgrace and an affront to democracy!
      This issue has become more than just a vote for independence – it’s whether people have a democratic right to vote! By refusing to condemn the actions of the dictatorial Spanish government, Labour condone the violence and the assault on democracy!!

  7. astytaylor says:

    Catalonia/Spain. Scotland/England. Give us peace, and a decent life.

    • BEWARE Ruth DAVIDSON & T. MAY. Corbyn and Co.This can easily happen here. Be very aware. Davidso has been promised by Thrush that FM’s Job is hers when Scotlands present Parliament is crushed !

    • kasei10 says:

      Mixed comparison, if you changed either “Scotland/England” to “Scotland/UK” or “Catalonia/Spain” to “Catalonia/Castile” it would work though.

  8. Ian Murray says:

    Once a Fascist regime, reverting to to its true colours.

  9. ewenart says:

    With regard to Catalonia/Spain: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!”. … to borrow a phrase, and our world is aware of that situation, presently!

    • Irene says:

      Spot on. The world shouldn’t just sit back and let this happen. Time we supported the will of the people of Catalonia.

    • Therapymum says:

      Wonderful post WGD and every word is what I saw on social media today. What a disgrace that none of the TV or radio stations broadcast what we saw, thousands of peaceful Catalans, without a weapon between them being brutalised by Spanish forces and being resisted by Catalan police and people of all ages. Nothing from May or the EU leaders condemning Spain’s actions today. I’m just sick to my stomach.

  10. G4S to be given millions £’s investment and powers of arrest. The Brit Nat government will follow suit unless outrage is loud and clear from all.
    As ever, thanks for your blog, ever insightful into the reality behind the psycho op propaganda of our own overlord UK.

    • sydthesnake says:

      has Teresa Mays husband got ties to G4S?…..

      • Isn’t Lord Reid, that good Socialist, a Director, or Non Exec of G4S?
        They are in more pies than they have fingers, the WM Oligarchy.
        They’re like bookies, you never see a poor one.

  11. Keith Wilson says:

    Could spout on for hours, but to what end. How can I act? Well from tomorrow I will never buy a Spanish product until this is dealt with.

  12. Thomas says:

    A double own-goal for the Madrid based government – they have made themselves look appalling to the rest of the world and they can only have increased Catalonian desire for independence. The sooner they swalllow their pride and accept that Catalonians have to be allowed to decide their own future the better. I know that many Scots are angry abour how they are being treated by our Westminster government re independence (and justifiably so) but I don’t think that even our current shambles of a government would send armed police to Scottish polling booths if Nicola Sturgeon called a wildcat referendum.

    • Thank you for being so optimistic, But I can assure you that because of the inherent lies regarding Scottish government successes in dealing with the block grant “GIFTED” by London, there is nothing more sure in my mind of the lengths Westminster will go to in their endeavours to suppress the Scottish National Movement for Independence. We have already had claims of old bye laws being directed at peaceful citizens when walking across the SALTIRE bridge when our first minister was due to open it for business.

    • Kenzie says:

      Have you forgotten 1984? Miners strike mean anything?

    • John says:

      A bit late to reply, but the police in Scotland answer to the Scottish Government and the police in England have no legal jurisdiction in Scotland (unless requested to provide assistance by the Scottish police or government). There is no UK-wide police force equivalent to the Spanish one that went in so heavy handed. The army can only be legally used if the Scottish Government or a Local Council request it.

      So, while I’m sure the WM gov might like to do such a thing, they can’t.

      • Les Bremner says:

        The last time that the Riot Act was read was in Glasgow on 31st January 1919. The UK Government sent 10,000 English soldiers armed with machine guns, tanks and a howitzer to George Square.

        Note that it was English troops sent to Glasgow. The Scottish troops were confined to barracks.

        They can, and they will, do any damn thing they want.

        • That was before we had our own Parliament and our own devolved powers (such as they are), Les. I think (hope & trust) that things are different now than they were then.

      • That’s what I thought – but I wasn’t 100% sure … thank you – that’s a load off my mind!

  13. andimac says:

    I think perhaps also the day the E.U. died.

    • I think that depends on how they now censure Rajoy and Co. It is not enough that they say they cannot interfere in matters internal to a state – they have requirements for EU membership, and one is a functioning democracy.

    • Marconatrix says:

      Perhaps not quite yet, Andimac. But this could be a turning point. The day when the EU has to decide whether it stands for a “Europe of the Peoples” or a Europe dominated by mega-states, namely the UK (should it finally remain), France, Spain and not forgetting that massive reunited Germany squatting there in the centre.

    • Saor Alba says:

      I have to agree with you andimac.

  14. Jim Fleming says:

    I don’t have to imagine it, Paul. The motivation may have been different but the result of the miners’ strike was the same.

  15. Muscleguy says:

    Here is the Spanish consulate in Edinburgh’s email address:

    Send them a polite email expressing your outrage. I have done so. Be polite.

    • crabbitgits says:


      “Dear Senores y Senoras,

      I am deeply saddened and sickened to my core by the scenes I witnessed today going on your country. The violent suppression carried out by the authorities today in Spain make a mockery of the principles enshrined in the EU. The scenes of state police kicking, punching, pulling females by the hair, batoning and beating innocent and peaceful citizens, who were simply trying to exercise their democratic right to vote, was truly shocking and heartbreaking. Men, women, young and old were all treated in this terrible way.

      I am of the opinion that anyone who associates with this deplorable attack on human rights and whom supports it in the name of some political laws established decades ago under dubious circumstances, should be thoroughly ashamed.

      I hope you pass on my thoughts as expressed here to your government and make strident and urgent efforts to find a peaceful and reasonable solution to the problems affecting your country on this sad day.


  16. BBC News 24 justified the brutal intervention by the Madrid Fascisti in Catalan’s ‘illegal’ referendum by eerily commenting,’ well what else could Madrid do?’
    The BBC thinks that batons and rubber bullets are ok?
    I am in no doubt that Ruth Davidson’s ‘country’, that would be England and its conquered Territories, Scotland, N Ireland, and Wales, would send troops North to quell any ‘illegal’ plebiscite Up Here.
    The BBC interrupted their News Bulletin to go over to Colonel Davidson’s Conference speech, a vapid load of nonsense about spreading the jam outside of London, during which she constantly referred to the UK as her ‘country’, and ignored Scotland, the 62% Remain, or the fact that in electoral terms, her party was humiliated in our ‘country’ Scotland in T May’s snap GE, attracting only 13 out of 59 MPs, despite the MSM Unionist campaign.
    I am in no doubt that if it ever comes to it, Boris and Co., would ‘invade’ Scotland rather than lose our vast wealth and real estate.
    Spain has just signed its own death warrant.
    The sight of elderly couples, and a father with a small child on his shoulders, being manhandled violently by imported thugs will reverberate throughout the civilised world.
    I’d imagine it will headline in North Korea, China and Russia.
    Will they now invade Gibraltar?
    Alarmingly Davidson is being touted by the BBC as May’s Replacement.
    Someone should point out that she is not a Member of Parliament.

    • bringiton says:

      The problem Irish and Scottish unionists now have is that they want to be in union with a country (England) which has made it perfectly clear that they will not tolerate being in political union with anyone.
      That is what they mean by “bringing back control” and their clear intent to defenestrate Holyrood and Cardiff.
      So,Colonel Davidson and her fellow “unionists” are actually supporting a political structure which ignores and seeks to subjugate the other nations of these islands in order that Westminster can retain absolute power.
      For England subsitute Spain and for Westminster,Madrid.
      The intent and direction of travel is the same in England as in Spain,with authoritarian right wing governments in charge who will brook no dissent.
      Little wonder that England’s Tories were cuddling up to Rajoy’s party during our referendum,they share a common political view of a highly centralised state whose parliaments have absolute power over all they rule.

    • crabbitgits says:

      “not a member pf parliament” can be very easily changed. By the way I agree with you and said so this very afternoon. She is liked down there and would be used as another “hammer of the scots”.

  17. Brian Powell says:

    Of course the forces of the Brit State shot dead 13 UK ‘citizens’ on a Human Rights march on Bloody Sunday, on it’s own soil, but goes on as if it is a democratic state.

  18. Dan Huil says:

    British nationalists will be gleefully watching Madrid’s actions.

  19. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” (John F. Kennedy (attrib.).

    I hope not in this case, but I agree that the desire, the demand for independence on the part of Catalunya is only going to intensify now that the people there have seen – “up close and personal” – the lengths to which the Madrid régime will go.

    This is the small comfort we can draw from today’s attempt to eradicate democracy: unless Madrid sees sense and starts to negotiate in good faith and respect with Barcelona (and there’s no sign of that happening), then Catalunya will be free inside a decade, if not less.

    And I agree with Keith Wilson; I will now no longer buy produce marked as made in Spain unless I can ascertain without doubt that it was, in fact, made in Catalunya (or, indeed, Euskadi).

  20. Macart says:

    Well said Paul. The scenes from Catalonia are appalling.

  21. A brilliant post, Paul, which has me weeping as hard as your last piece had me laughing. Democracy was never more than a thin veneer in Spain, covering a violent and oppressive state which has by no means thrown off its Fascist past. If only people would realise that the more they seek to suppress any nation’s aspirations to Independent Statehood, the more likely that nation is to pursue that Independence by violent means. What is happening in Catalonia is sickening – what is sure to happen to the Kurds if Erdogan has his way will be no better. I stand with Catalonia and I stand with the Kurds.

  22. Lizzie56 says:

    The whole situation is frightening..what happens next when they declare independence. Will the UN step in? Not that it has much clout these days. Catalonia is waiting on the condemnation of the Spanish government from other countries. So far Scotland, not that the MSM would tell us, has condemned the violence as has Belgium. There has been nothing from uk government. Their too busy caring about themselves and the infighting. I see the casualties, as reported on RT, are above 700. It’s very worrying. Great words Paul. Thank you.

  23. Awful to hear there has been 460 people injured by police trying to stop the vote in Catalonia on their independence. One voter says ‘they are calm and happy, but also worried’. (Catalonia is the size of Belgium, 7m people.) Polling stations are being closed and ballot boxes removed. At least Catalonia has their own MEDIA!! with 5 tv channels – more than we have in Scotland which is zero or maybe 1%! No wonder London didn’t need to use force when they control 99% of the press and media in Scotland.

  24. Anne Martin says:

    I can only agree 100% with all of the above and say that I’m feeling very sad tonight.

  25. Jan Cowan says:

    Not having TV I watched some of these terrible scenes from Catalonia on Twitter. It seems the followers of Franco still hold power in Spain. Sickening.

  26. Graemeo Rab says:

    Although some may think it well beyond the British state to act in such a similar fashion in Scotland,let us never forget how comfortable Team GB feel knowing that they control 97% of TV/Radio and print media in Scotland and thus can threaten ,cajole and blackmail people without recourse. We as Democrats can not allow the British state to get away with interference in IndyRef2. For me The Edinburgh agreement was and is a sham. The people are Sovereign and we must show this .Then we will decide. Not the British State.

  27. Ziggy M says:

    “The bitch that bore him is in heat again” (Brecht)

  28. Macart says:

    No words required.


  29. JGedd says:

    Sick and angry at the scenes in Catalonia today. Watching people old and young being beaten and bloodied by the thugs of paramilitaries sent in by the Spanish Government makes me seethe. But i am so proud of, and moved, by those who stood against them bravely and peacefully. Democracy was crucified in Spain today.

    But I am also appalled at the sickening display of authoritarian solidarity shown by people in Labour, calling themselves the ‘left’, siding with the Madrid government and its actions. They show themselves in their true colours by their statements today. I always said that I did not believe that anyone could have remained in the Labour Party who was truly socialist and certain of them shamelessly showed that to be true today. Those British Nationalists in Scottish Labour who expressed support for the actions of Spanish government have demonstrated their true political affinities to those young people who were swayed to vote for them in the last GE. Read what they really think of democracy.

    And as for the cowardice of the EU……? Like other people today I am faced with reconsidering my former wish to remain in the EU. They also have shown themselves to be an Establishment which only protects its power and cares nothing for justice.

    Sorry, I am going to go off and have a drink or two – and I don’t drink. Again, I am more and more convinced that big countries really don’t work and real democracy can only come about in small communities. But big states don’t want to let you go, as today’s tragedy shows.

  30. Illy says:

    Well, I’m going to make a big leap and guess that the actions of the government in Spain will be found legal under Spanish law.

    Though that’s a bit of a tautology, since you’d have to be a *really* stupid government to not make what you want to do legal before you do it, or at least have a retroactive law passed the day after.

  31. WHAT’s Corbyn’s email address ???????????????

  32. Thank you for this well reasoned blog. The comparisons with our Scotland are well made. If martial law and direct rule are now imposed from Madrid, has our world got a mechanism of censure? Boycotting Spain hurts Catalonia too, although I remember the ANC asking UK to continue embargos on S Africa during apartheid. How we now support Catalonia becomes the measure of how, one day, we hope that they and others will support us.

  33. Macart says:

    According to Rajoy, there was no vote today.

    If Spain died today, it’s swiftly beginning to rot.

    The Catalonian people have shown exceptional courage. Their peaceful vote and protest should be a moment of immense pride and an example we shouldn’t forget in my opinion.

  34. Robert Graham says:

    I don’t know what’s worse the images from Spain,or
    The silence from people who should know better.
    Or the disgusting comments from Labour supporters Brian Wilson & the other tossers supporting Spain’s rule of law, Labour I wouldn’t piss on them .
    So this EU protects its citizens , ok exactly where in Spain are they operating .in order to offer this particular brand of protection .
    Disgusting evil events, coming to a street near you unless we leave this Union .

  35. David Smith says:

    A ‘Croker Park’ moment if ever there was one…

  36. Mark Russell says:

    I can’t believe what Rajoy just said. Nor what the Foreign Office issued earlier. Have they watched the videos from Catalonia today?

  37. Dunkie says:

    Just put this comment onto the petition to Jean Claude Junker at

    The EU should not tolerate any of its member states using violence against its own people. If you are prepared to accept this behaviour and do nothing about it then the EU itself is hugely diminished as a Democratic organisation and a door is left permanently open for any member state to treat its citizens like this. It is not conceivable that the EU should let this behaviour go unchallenged. Positive European peace values built as a reaction to two world wars should be setting an example to the rest of the world. Europe is supposed to be the most democratic and stable part of the world. What example does failure to act in this case show except that violence is a legitimate way to conduct national affairs. Surely this in defiance of the very peace movement which led to the construction of the EU.

  38. […] Source: The day that Spain died […]

  39. Alastair Gunn says:

    I had previously thought that it was the UK’s government that was the master of the “short term, kick the can down the road, not really an actual solution” approach to difficulties but now I see that they are but bumbling amateurs compared to the government of Spain!

    They could, and IMHO *should*, have gone for the approach of saying the vote was illegal, urging the people of Catalonia not to bother voting and claiming the result (whatever it turned out to be) would be irrelevant and ignored. The hope for this strategy being that people who opposed independence for Catalonia would not bother turning up to vote, and if a result of e.g. 95% in favour of independence on a turnout of <50% results then you can easily claim the result is meaningless. It's still "kicking the can down the road", but if you handle it right and have a bit of luck you might manage to pull off looking statesmanlike whilst making the government of Catalonia look like petulant children.

    (This approach also means you avoid looking like a vindictive bully, and therefore hold out a little hope of maybe agreeing some kind of deal that gets Gibraltar returned to Spain.)

    Instead, with the approach they've gone for they might well end up with something that looks more like 'The Troubles' of Northern Ireland. That probably wouldn't result in Catalonian Independence either, but it would certainly do the economy of Catalonia absolutely no favours (and therefore not do the economy of Spain any good either). It could kick things off again with the Basque Separatists too just to really add to the problems. Now it might not get that bad, but what sane government would think an approach that could realistically result in that is the best one to go for?

    • Marconatrix says:

      They’ve just proved they’re not sane … just fascist in the true, rather than rhetorical, sense. Fascists cannot be reasoned with, they are all about force and force is all they understand. Hopefully they’ll all come to the bad end they well deserve, but sadly that probably means things will get a good bit worse before the get better. Ireland and later NI may sadly be the pattern that’s followed.

  40. 2dogs says:

    Well said, Alastair. This was the approach of the Iraqi government last week – it is telling when Iraq shows Spain how to be civilised.

    Now, if the Catalan rebels turn to violence, they will say that Spain started it.

  41. Robert Graham says:

    Here we go BBC at it very early- Questioning the validity of the vote, The news reader said the Catalan government states a majority voted YES , the BBC newsreader goes on to use the usual BBC phrase BUT , we don’t know how many people didn’t vote , aye we do we can find out sweetie , exactly in the same way as we find out how many voted in our election .
    Having spent recent weeks avoiding any reference to this vote the BBC are shamed into covering it because even they can’t hide this one .

  42. alanski54 says:

    Another great post Paul. Catalans will win in the end, Spanish state is in tatters.

  43. Macart says:

    Superb front page to the National today.


    As for the rest of the UK meeja? They were slow off the mark over the past week, but just seen a review of the dailies and creditably a goodly number highlight yesterdays appalling scenes in Catalonia.Today, the Spanish government are finding out that with social media, livestream and the internet, there is no such thing as hiding the facts.

    As for the releases by UK gov and Corbyn’s belated weak arsed protest? A day late and a mile short springs to mind. Two elements of our political class haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory.

  44. And on the day when Franco’s ghost rises from the sodden putrid earth, Ruth Davidson demands that NS and the Scottish Government defy the will of the citizens of Scotland and take any notion of Indyref 2 off the table. Echoes of Madrid; ‘nobody wants a second Referendum’, because Tom Gordon, David Clegg and Colonel Davidson say so.
    So fuck you, the 62%: fuck you, the Scots electorate who returned 35 out of 59 MPs.
    Fuck you, Holyrood.
    Davidson demands from her Leadership Bid bunker in Blue Tory ‘Southern Powerhouse’ Manchester (oh how they laughed, not.) that Scotland bows down to our Imperial Madrid-like masters in London, and meekly accept the will of the English and be dragged out of the Single Market, and be ‘ruled’ from England for ever more. We are Davidson’s English colony; our vote counts for nothing.
    The Dead Tree Scrolls will continue to give unelected tossers like Tomkins and Fraser free rein to spout Jackie Baillie, and we, the people of Scotland, can take a running jump. When Davidson’s Solihull shouts ‘jump!’. Scotland is supposed to ask, ‘How high?’
    What England wants, Scotland is stuck with.
    I can imagine Davidson and Mundell and ‘Lord Ian Duncan, and the Red Tory Lords, Reid, Darling, Robertson, standing back while England despatches ‘militia’ North if we dare mount a second referendum without wee Fluffy’s permission.
    The Red Blue and Yellow Tory British Nationalists are about to do a Madrid…smash all opposition, crush the skulls of 79 year old women, crush the Independence movement by knockberry diplomacy and their friends in the media will cover the whole outrage up, and blame the bloody headed victims of 21st Century Iron Heel Fascism.
    It is going to get ominously bad sooner than even I thought.
    The outrage of Catalonia is being ignored by the Brit Nat politicians; now that’s the frightening part.
    It recalls the knobkierie thugs during Apartheid in South Africa.
    Just try it up here, Boris.

    • Gordoz says:

      Very well said

    • With you every step of the way, Jack. I won’t be one little bit surprised if Wastemonster try to take a leaf out of Madrid’s book in respect of the aspirations of Scottish people. I await with fear and trepidation the next step from Catalonia, knowing that the spirit of Franco is alive and well in Madrid.

  45. Rhisiart Gwilym says:

    Imagine the screeching hysteria from the English-imperial lamestream media if this were the Venezuelan or Cuban state powers violently repressing people’s will to democratic expression!

    The question whether Paedominster would try military repression in Scotland if it came to such a pass is still moot, despite what happened in Thatcher’s time, over the coal strike. The scammers in London have to ask themselves: ‘What would the Scottish regiments of Britain’s armed forces do? Would they mutiny, and actively oppose the English-state thugs trying to brutalise the Scottish populace?’ The balance here is different to that in Iberia.

  46. Anne Martin says:

    I was so sorry to hear on the BBC that a few Spanish police were injured yesterday. Poor dears, all they had was full riot gear, batons and guns to protect themselves against T-shirt clad aggressors singing the National Amthem!

    The BBC must have been watching a completely different occurrence to the one I was watching. I’m not a big fan of social media, but it really came into it’s own yesterday and the lying media can’t hide from what can only be described as an atrocity.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      BBC is used to twisting events Anne as you know.

    • Kelpie says:

      I saw the BBC report which said 11 police were injured and my question is Spanish or Catalan police? Because in some places they were facing off. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was Catalan police being injured standing against Spanish police and the BBC just reported ‘police’ without context and murkying the waters.

      I also found it interesting that the BBC report I saw tended to suggest that the Spanish police were being successfully intimidated and chased away by the Catalan people as they showed lots of footage of police retreating and very little of the police baton-charging or shooting at crowds.

      • and not one blood stained pensioner, the victim of Madrid’s jackboots.
        The BBC is a Fascist Propaganda Machine now, in the pay of the SE Iron Heel Oligarchy.
        The precedent has been laid. Jackboots, water cannon, and clubs are heading our way.
        May could not have been clearer. Scottish Independence is off the table now.
        Democracy is dead. Mundell and Co., are Fifth Columnists intent on destroying Scotland.

    • Well said, Anne. It was indeed an atrocity.

  47. Andy Anderson says:

    Thanks for the post Paul. I agree with it, every word.

    I am saddened but not surprised at the UK media.

    The voting figures are published already for Catalonia and they did not report it. I found them on a tweet. Over 30% votes missing, 55% counted and 89% of these for yes.

  48. Gordoz says:

    Jesus, tats powerful writing Paul.
    No chance of you getting posting to mainstream press?
    Herald / Hootsman ?

    You need to get such writing our to wider audiences – so powerful and in my view clinical in analysis.
    Thankyou and keep at it sir !

  49. Jonathan Southerington says:

    The EU now has a choice. Does it side with a Member State which is physically assaulting its own peaceful citizens? Or does it side with peaceful EU citizens who are being assaulted by a Member State? Mr Juncker et al, I’m with the citizens of Catalunya, are you? And well done Barcelona FC for showing who you side with.

    • This is going to be the big test of the EU, Jonathan. So far they appear to have been deaf, dumb and blind to what is happening in Catalonia. Very soon they will be forced to come down off the fence … who knows which way they will jump?

      • Robert Harrison says:

        The eu and Westminster are ignoring this claiming its an internal matter between spain and Catalonia even though rajoy broke article 2of the eu

  50. Robert Graham says:

    What next – The EU leaders will probably convene a meeting and announce a joint statement condemning the violence ,The Spanish Government will not be condemned but will be urged to show restraint , meanwhile those responsible for sending in storm troopers will set about rubbishing any result with the help of a media controlled by the few , they will point to the number who didnt vote , conveniently forgetting their space suited storm troopers played a part .
    The spanish government were never going to recognise the result so why the over the top out of control nutters who they call police or what ever fancy name they use for these psychopaths .
    Looks like Franco and his gang are indeed alive and well , and the leaders of the EU will continue to wring their hands , and do nothing .

  51. C Walker says:

    Remember 1949 when two million Scots signing a petition for home rule were dismissed as irrelevant by Clement Attlee; or 1919 when tanks plus12000 English troops were sent into Glasgow, to quell the workers rights movement in the Battle of George Square. The local soldiers were locked up for the duration.
    and much more…

  52. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    I was in Girona with Blether-In Forfar and thankfully we saw no violence at any of the polling stations we went to.

  53. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Well put sir, indeed Spain is dead.

    We must boycott Spanish goods and services including the banks and power companies.

    Not too surprised at the response from the Tory Labour party, but don’t recall any words of solidarity from our trade unions, how can that be?

    • Saor Alba says:

      A boycott is within our limited means Jason.
      I, for one, will purchase nothing made in Spain.
      I will not visit that country either.

  54. Great article Paul, sad that it was necessary for you to write it in the first place.

    I am very pro EU, so my comment maybe a little one sided.

    I would have been delighted had Junker condemned the actions of Rajoy’s state thugs and their brutality towards the Catalans yesterday. But, is it not way beyond his remit? (irrespective of his personal views he has 26 other countries to consider) – this should be seen as a good thing – ie more democratic, in that, decisions cannot be made by one man.

    We should be shouting about the lack of condemnation from many of the other 26 EU heads of state (deliberately ignoring UK here). I believe Alyn Smith is bringing this up in parliament this week – so let’s wait and see.

    Nothing would please Theresa May and her gov. more if we all became anti-EU. If nothing else it proves beyond doubt that the EU is far more democratic than Scotland’s place within the UK.

    If, nothing transpires this coming week then we get angry, but don’t do the Unionists bidding.. Rajoy is now in a very bad place, so it will be interesting to see those who side with or against.

    This could also be a good time to demonstrate just how bad the BBC & MSM are in their reporting. We all go on about SNP BAAD, but the reporting on these terrible events yesterday clearly demonstrate that the BBC and others are not fit for purpose.

    • Saor Alba says:

      I would urge everyone to add their name to the AVAAZ petition – links in above posts.

  55. poeturja says:

    “A government which refuses to recognise the right of a national minority to self-determination has no right to call itself democratic.” YES!

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