Down in the oozing magma

Sometimes you wonder when the declining reputation of the British state is going to hit bedrock, but that implies that there’s some solid base to the British establishment. Then you realise that it went through the bedrock quite a long time ago and is now deep down there somewhere swimming in the oozing magma with no idea which way is up. Down in the very core of the planet there are radioactive heavy elements with half-lives measured in nano-seconds. Even they’re more stable than anything that the leadership of British political parties can come up with. They’re probably less harmful to your health too.

American politics has been likened to a swamp. Here in the UK we’re envious of the solid earth of a swamp. The worst thing in an American swamp is an alligator. We’ve got Jacob Rees Mogg, who predates alligators on an evolutionary scale by some 100 million years. There’s only one thing that really occupies the mind of a Conservative politician, and that’s how best to further his or her career. It’s the Conservatives’ single minded focus on short term personal self-interest that has brought the country to this sorry state. It’s not going to get out of the mess by more Tory short term self-interest.

It was just a couple of days ago that the Tory cabinet was performing a carefully choreographed cohesion dance, sticking to one another for support like drunk best friends leaving a party and plastered with a bonhomie that was as manufactured as Michael Jackson’s nose. It turns out that they didn’t even get as far as the kebab shop before it fell off and war broke out again. Boris wants a square go with everyone. Phil is plotting to hit David Davis over the head with an EFTA deal. SAS trained David is sneaking up behind Liam Fox planning to stab him in the back with the ballpoint pen he was intending to sign a trade deal with. Things are so bad that some of them are even talking to Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom has become credible again. You know it’s got desperate when some people are seriously thinking that the best way out of the Brexit crisis is with lashings of innovative jam.

The ostensible reason for the falling out is a difference of opinion on the length of the transitional period for Brexit. Tories can’t agree on whether they want to take two years to screw the country over, or four years, or whether they want to start doing it straight away. Boris and Phil are having a spat over who is reponsible for Theresa saying that the transitional period would be limited to two years. Boris is trying to paint himself as the saviour of Brexit, because he wants to push the country off a Brexit cliff and then rule over the wreckage. Phil is furious because he wants everyone to know that pushing the country off a Brexit cliff is a collective effort.

The real reason for the falling out is a difference of opinion on the length of time of Theresa May’s premiership. Tories can’t agree on whether they want to take a couple of months, or several months, to stab Theresa in the back, or whether they want to do it straight away. Many of them would rather that Theresa was still in the top job until Brexit officially happens in March 2019, because then she can get the blame for it. In the meantime they’re all jockeying for position in order to be best placed to replace her. All this is given far more energy, enthusiasm, and time than any effort that any of them are putting into planning for Brexit.

Speaking to the Observer newspaper on Sunday, Oliver Letwin, who was chosen by David Cameron to head the preparations for leaving the EU, said that he didn’t think work on preparing Brexit was being carried out with anything like the necessary intensity. There is still time, but it’s running out, and he added that the work is going to require “clear thinking and administrative competence”. So we’re all screwed then. The only thing that the Tories have ever shown any expertise for is destroying public services in order to extract the maximum private financial gain for themselves and their pals. With Brexit, they’re going to privatise the entire country.

Labour isn’t much better. It only looks unified on the Brexit question because the Conservatives are the standard of comparison. It’s a bit like saying that a broken down hovel with no running water and a hole in the middle of the floor for crapping in is fit for human habitation because you’re comparing it to a wet cardboard box which the arse has fallen out of. Labour has got away so far without spelling out its policies with anything approaching clarity, because the entire country is transfixed with the back stabbing horror show which is the Conservative position on Brexit.

Labour’s problem is that their surge in support in the General Election came largely from people who are opposed to Brexit, but Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are as much fans of a hard Brexit as Liam Fox and Boris Johnson. Labour’s policy on Brexit is a carefully constructed attempt to say as little as possible in the hope that no one will look too carefully.

Of the three main UK wide parties, only the Lib Dems have a clear and comprehensible policy on Brexit. It’s utterly hypocritical, but at least it’s clear and comprehensible. The Lib Dems want another referendum on Brexit because people were lied to during the first one. They don’t want another referendum on Scottish independence, because the Lib Dems were amongst those doing the lying.

What this all means is that the only UK political party which has a clear, articulate, and principled stand on Brexit is Ukip. That’s how low that British politics and the British state has fallen, when the nasty xenophobic British Empire nostalgia fantasists of Ukip are able to occupy the moral high ground. No wonder we’re all screwed.

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66 comments on “Down in the oozing magma

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  2. emilytom67 says:

    We are not much better off up here as we have the incumbent SNP gazing up looking down glancing sideways while we get shafted from Westminster,I have not heard one utterance of defiance from our elected SNP no way, they are it seems far too happy in their secure little world happy to draw their wages for doing fcuk all,we are being shafted again because we have no alternative other than to vote for them.Bring on the Common Weal and any other independence movements.

    • Douglas says:

      I certainly don’t believe that SNP politicians are inactive.

      Progress is frustrating at times but attacking the SNP only helps the British Nationalist cause. Divide and rule is the oldest trick in the imperial playbook.
      No two visions of an independent Scotland are identical but we need to work together to get to the point where Scots can choose.

      This is subtle but it is the endgame

      Things will come to a head very soon.

      • I agree, Douglas. Calling the SNP helps no-one but our opponents and frankly, I believe that they do the best they can with one hand tied behind their backs by Westminster. While we have nothing to do but propose and work towards Independence, the Scottish Government do actually have to pay attention to the day-to-day administration of Scotland …. “the day job”, as some would have it.

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Agreed Douglas

    • Therapymum says:

      I don’t think the SNP are looking around while we get shafted by Westminster. The single focus campaign run by the unionists for the GE hit the Independence movement and the SNP. For the first time in years, although the vote held, just, the numbers dropped considerably.

      They are in a difficult situation and I think they are right to step back a bit and regroup. The more Brexit unfolds, the more the damage becomes obvious, and that may concentrate people’s attention more on the alternatives. They still have a mandate for Indyref 2, but if they play it too early and it fails again, we will not get another chance for a very long time, if at all.

      It’s really important that the whole Independence movement get involved, as currently the SNP is taking all the flak, despite the good things they are doing. In the meantime they get on with running Scotland in the best way possible, so that people understand what can be done and Independence becomes the next realistic step.

      • Lizzie55 says:

        I am worried and angry in equal measures. I see on one hand the snp backing away from a fight they were voted in to champion. I also see how we will be clobbered by a hard Brexit, our devolved powers will be severely reduced and democracy in Scotland being ignored by its own citizens and a hard Tory right wing Westminster government. We elected the snp for a 3rd term on a unequivocal mandate to hold another referendum, this was voted through our parliament and then sidelined by the snp and I have to wonder why!

        I had faith in Nicola right up until the GE when she wouldn’t defend indyref2 against Davidson pushing and winning people over to the no side. Davidson and others dared the snp to even utter a word about indyref2 and guess what it worked. The snp didn’t defend the need for indyre2 they were to scared to even mention it and it cost them dearly. If the snp think the best way to help the Scottish people is not to stick to a referendum before we leave the eu then they are very wrong.

        They seem to think that if they play the good government in Scotland and let the the torys carry on making the massive mistakes then somehow the Scottish people will wake up and realises we are better off in an independent country. They should realise the Scottish government agenda has nothing to do with fighting for independence as the shape of a Scottish government post independence will possible be very different from what it is now. Perhaps that’s what Nichola is worried about. I would hate her and the snp to be like the torys and put their party before the country. The people of Scotland backed a mandate for independence and the time is now. We need to start the campaign and set the date. That date should be before we leave the eu.

        If we don’t start campaigning for independence then most people, and that is the people who don’t take much of an interest in politics and they are the majority won’t say they are in favour of independence. We will never see, what some snp MPs and MSP’s are expecting before taking the country to a referendum, a poll of 60% plus without hard campaigning. If our snp MPs really think people will be won over to independence by good snp governance they need to think again.

        The Scottish parliament was set up to fail. It’s starved of power and money and the Westminster government is set to reduce power and money even more and they will play on the resultant failures. The people of Scotland listen to our Scottish government short comings as Davidson and the rest highlight them constantly as our FM try’s to justify many of Westminster’s cruel policy’s. We are on a hiding to nothing.

        We need leadership and a vision for a better future than the one Brexit and Tory rule are giving us and the only party that can do this is the snp. They have the power and the money to manage what is required. We cant do this in small bands doted about the country we need the organisation of a large party.

        Most Scotts can’t and won’t have blind faith in the snp. The snp need to be seen and heard doing the job they were voted in to do, as majority in the Scottish parliament, Scottish winners in the Westminster parliament and overall winners in Council elections. What we need most of all is the guarantee that the mandate they were given for a referendum due to Brexit is given the proper urgency it deserves and not sidelined. We need to know the date for the next referendum is set before we leave the eu, followed rapidly with the coordinated efforts to hold innovative winning campaigns that involve the entire independence movement. We need to hear that this will happen and we need to hear it now.

        • That was “well said, Therapymum”, not Lizze55. You respond to one person and your response gets tagged to someone else! Meh!

          • Therapymum says:

            A’bh NicCoinnich
            Thanks for that! I have to say, I understand Lizzie’s frustrations too, but I also see Nicola Sturgeon’s dilemma. That single issue voting in the GE definitely hurt, helped enormously by MSM and SLab. She’s on a bit of a tightrope, not of her making, and particularly with the new poll on the SNP rejecting Indy as the primary policy, she has to come up with a comprehensive and cohesive plan for the future.

            • Aye, Therapymum. “The day job” as everyone seems so fond of calling it. I’d wager those same people who call her for not forging ahead with Independence fast enough would probably be the first to notice if she took her eye off the “day job” ball in order to do it. Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t ….

      • benmadigan says:

        “The more Brexit unfolds, the more the damage becomes obvious, and that may concentrate people’s attention more on the alternatives”

        Am a bit worried about how much time will elapse before the Brexit talks end.

        We have no guarantee they will continue until march 2019 when, come what may, the UK will be out of the EU according to all sources.

        If Indyref2 is to be held before the UK exits definitively, the campaign should be starting soon.

    • Alasdair Macdonald. says:

      Weasel words.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Can you provide us with facts to back up what you say emilytom67?
      Or do you just like chucking mud around?

  3. Macart says:

    You go off visiting rellies for a week or two and the world goes mental. Seems to be a pattern forming there Paul and couldn’t agree more with the post. Utter carnage and confusion. They have so many backs to stab and so little time. The broadest back however, appears to be the devolved legislatures and partners which make up the United Kingdom.

    Spooky though, that they are so sure of the effects of independence for Scotland, but haven’t the foggiest clue as to how to proceed with separation from the EU? We do know however that according to Mr Green, all those powers which were guaranteed by the Scotland bill and devolution settlement are supposedly now far safer in the hands of Westminster government… in the interests of unity you understand? It’s not a naked power grab with the ultimate aim of neutering all the devolved legislatures, oh no. No, it’s a means of ensuring the integrity, fairness and balance of the UK ‘single market’ (cough)… something, something, mumbles, pooling and sharing. Uh huh!

    So just to recap what a good number of folk have forseen across a good number of indy sites, including this one and we’re going back to indyref 2014 for some folk. The devolution journey was always about ‘power retained, not ceded’. Great repeal bill + Henry VIII legislation = Naked power grab.

    I’d say WHO KNEW(?), but really we’re beyond that point. From now on it’s about preventing this naked theft of our rights, our resources and our democracy.

    • Welcome back, Sam! Been missing your cogent and trenchant commentary … “Who knew?” – well, all of us did and it beats me how anyone can pretend otherwise!

      • Macart says:

        Ta much Wendy. Kept an eye on stories over the piece, but just settled back to the old laptop this morning.

        Wish I could say I missed it, but tbh I was enjoying the break away too much. 🙂

        • I’d recommend Marr, Smith and Brewer on a Sunday om I Player, Sam, as great R&R.
          I nodded of several times as the same tired old whores flogged WM and the Britnat Scots Yoons.
          Professor David Bell wi’ Brewer: Scotland is booming, sort of, with more jobs, investment up. So Brexit hasn’t harmed the Scottish economy?
          Somebody should tell these guys; we’ve not left Europe yet.
          Paul Sinclair with Brewe later: if only yhe SNP would take Indyref off the table, other Britsh Nationalist Fascists may work in partnership with them to get the best Brexit deal for Scotland whicvh voted 62% to Remain, and we ain’t leaving, Public schoolboy Sinclair.
          Paul the Sink admitted toa a fee paying education to justify Sarwar as a Socialist.
          It was all getting a bit tiresome.
          My Everlovin’ roused me from my slumbers with steaming tea, and two digestives jammed and buttered.
          Alec Rowley sweltering in Brighton in his heavy dark serge suit sounding like a satire show Union Rep from the ‘sixties was enough for me. THe Many not the few..the many not thew few.. nodded oof again. Very relaxing.
          Sarah Smith is fronting Sunday Politics. Usual WM bubblegum. Marr earlier has become a Charlie Hebdo caricature.
          They haven’t got a clue. Brexit will be a disaster, and Brewer, and his mates in the MSM pocket my money talking diversionary rubbish.
          By October 2018, Paul Sinclair, the SNP will not be shelving Indyref 2; they will be triggering it, as this will be the ‘democratic will’ of the Scottish People.

          • Macart says:

            They’re simply waiting for a necessary process to conclude Jack and then things’ll hot up fairly rapidly. Action and consequence. Procedure and process.

            The triple lock is still secure. 😉

          • Apologies about my terrible half asleep typing. I just caught up with Paul Sinclair’s headline that Indyref 2 would be as damaging to NS as the Iraq War was to Blair. Money well spent by his parents on a fee paying school right there.Killing 100,000’s of innocent men women and children is the equivalent5 of successfully leading a democratic party which has killed no one, nor never likely to.
            What a wee scuzz ball this man is.
            It makes it even more farcical that he and Brewer talked ‘scrap Indyref 2 and we Brit Nat Fascists will all love you’ nonsense on Sunday Politics today.
            Prof David Bell:- if you want to hold on to even the slightest vestige of academic credibility, stop appearing on BBC Scotland and spouting Brexit and Anti Independence pish. Seriously.

            • Macart says:

              Oh good grief!

              What an idiotic headline. This halfwit hasn’t so much jumped a shark as cleared the pier and the beach. It takes a special kind of empathy bypass to make such a comparison.

          • Weechid. says:

            Jam and butter – that’s just extravagance:-)

            • I’m still an invalid, Weechid. Or as my older brother used to say, I’m ripping the erse out of being no’ well.
              Paul Sinclair is a special kind of Brit Nat peddler of pish.
              This man really believes that Independence is as vile as warmonger T Blair’s mass murders in the Middle East.
              And Brewer cosies up to him today in the BBC Scottish Redoubt spouting more British Nationalist shit.
              As Macart observes, it will all unravel by October 2018.
              When we Scots are threatened with Brexit and all it entails, then will be the time for Indyref 2, not now.
              The Brit Nats would love the Yes Movement, which numbers probably one and a half million more than SNP members, to go ‘all in’ too soon.
              The Unionists mount referendums and snap elections without detailed manifestos or commitments. Then they get away with saying and promising anything, which they never deliver.
              We keep our powder dry, guys.
              We’ll know the ultimate Hard Brexit details by autumn 2018.

              • Robert Harrison says:

                They want us to go for it before brexit is at the coming into focus stage which is risky for them as well they have backed themselves into a corner yet don’t see it as now would be the best point yet as holding it off means we have time to set up the national investment bank Nicolas planned which would give us a means of more fiscal autonomy without westminster permission and kills the currency card they relied on until the vow came in stone dead now I see Nicolas covering all possible bases for indyref2 and they don’t see it hahahahaha

    • MollyMcC says:

      Good to see you back at the laptop Sam

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  5. Another excellent piece, Paul. Nothing one can add really except that I agree with every word you’ve written.

  6. Tony L says:

    I have had the good fortune to have lived and worked twitch the UK for theist 15 years or so. I have many friends (ex-pats, or more correctly immigrants) who look back at the UK now and simply can not believe what they are seeing happen to a once reasonably successful state. We are long past that now.

    None of them are considering returning to the UK, myself included. I had expected (hoped) that Scots would choose the only sensible option in 2014 and return to the world stage. That didn’t happen. When the second (and last?) chance arrives in 2019/2020 will we have the courage we were so famous for and grasp the nettle? There are times I despair that too many will bottle it again. (It’s then the Proclaimers song “Cap in Hand” comes to mind).

    The UK is heading for a dangerous place. This Tory government is not only the worst one I can recall (and I’ve lived long enough to have seen some dreadful ones) but the whole Brit-Nat media especially the BBC have led this country (Scotland) to a perilous place. Will we somehow get the message out to enough confident Scots (and I include “other” non-Scots born in that description) to take us forward?

    For the sake of my family, friends, and country, I hope so. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • Hear! Hear! Well said, Sir. ‘Twas the vision of what was to come that drove me out of the UK in 2013 and only a confident, forward-looking, independent Scotland will bring me back.

  7. benmadigan says:

    “It’s the Conservatives’ single minded focus on short term personal self-interest that has brought the country to this sorry state”.

    Beg to differ Paul.

    Brexit has been a very, very long term project that was sponsored and supported by extremely right-wing Tories to gratify and implement their vision of England.

    The tragedy is that Scotland and Ireland (North and South) have been forced into the “brexit dream fantasy” against their will and against their best interests.

    Time for us to find a way out of what is naught but a nightmare for us

  8. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    I fear very bad days are ahead for the UK, Scotland of course will suffer more, because it’s just a colony.

    What a shame the short slighted cannot or will not see what is about to befall them and their families.

    If we do not obtain independence I can see the Scottish Government slowly being closed down.

    After the closure what then look at Catalonia.

  9. Gavin C Barrie says:

    “If Scotland becomes independent, we are diminished”, are the words I remember.And if Scotland does not assume independence with IndyRef2 we will be diminished, and I will be thoroughly ashamed of my country. The 2014 result was understandable to an extent due to the false promises made by Better Together to people not particularly informed or interested in politics, and their caution over their personal circumstance. Brexit is and will increasingly give cause to vote for independence provided the population can be truthfully informed.

    Comments are being floated around that the SNP have become complacent, comfortable in their “cushy well-paid MSP and MP jobs”.If I were in a leadership/policy- making role in the SNP I would be trying hard to understand how, having delivered so many policies beneficial to the populace,never been found to cheat on expenditure, extending the hand of friendship to the Europeans amongst us, where had we gone wrong such that people voted Tory. I would be somewhat disillusioned.

    Events in Spain indicate that we can expect no help or encouragement from the EU.It is down to us to self start our campaign via Yes groups. Consider independence to be a process, not a vote on a particular selected day.

  10. Robert Harrison says:

    Why won’t those facists die they was near extinction after the snap election and council elections now they got the morale high ground oh shit britnats have to accept the uk is finished now it’s beyond doubt

  11. Andy Anderson says:

    Like all of you I am a bit depressed just now and a little anxious about the events of the last two or so years. I feel we need a public clear statement from the SG about what will trigger indyref2. Yes Brexit is a biggy but the repeal bill for Scotland is worse.

  12. Andy Anderson says:

    You are spot on Paul. I have been trying to work out Labours Brexit policy but it keeps changing. Like the Conservatives it depends who is talking. Useless, all of them. They are only interested in votes for the next election and not in fighting for the single market and our economy. They should be ashamed.

  13. Macart says:

    Apparently Labour won’t be discussing Brexit at conference.

    The single most important issue affecting the lives of millions in the UK, across every aspect of society, politics and economy and Labour don’t feel it’s worth a mention at conference…… huh!

    Just wow.

    But wait! It gets better.


    and HERE.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Liars all of them Sam.

      • Macart says:

        It gets worse Andy.

        HERE – Johanna Baxter

        I’ve seen some disingenuous and dishonest speeches in my time, but OMFG! How long have Labour run Glasgow council? How many decades?

        There isn’t enough brasso in stock for that amount of neck. That wee rant is EXACTLY why they’re not fit to run any damn thing. Neither honesty or responsibility on show.

        It’s always someones else’s fault.

        Glasgow is well shot of them.

        • Robert Graham says:

          Just highlights the backing a compliant media gives to these Liars , PFI announcement at the labour conference gets a standing ovation , The Billion Pound annual interest payment on trusty Jacks only game in town deal , gets no coverage , as does the Edinburgh tram inquiry fiasco , nothing must attach any blame to Labour in Jockland .
          And this lot have the brass neck to deny any involvement , thats if they were asked in the first place , where is Smith of bbc scotland ? , is she asking probing questions is she f/k .

        • Ach, Sam, we are entering the world of Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’, or Orwell’s ‘1984’.
          It is frightening that this little woman can utter such distortions of history in the certain knowledge that our MSM, who should be there to challenge and ridicule fascist nonsense like this, fascist in the sense that it is malevolent Right Wing propaganda, presented as a tissue of lies reported as truth, will print and broadcast her utter rot as a true account of the social and political history of Glasgow and the WoS. It was all the SNP’s fault.
          As in the YES Campaign, the British Nationals spout out an array of Project Fear lies, and we on the Independence side spend nugatory hours refuting their malevolent bile.
          The Dead Tree Scrolls, and the Broadcasters, particularly BBC Scotland, happily churn out the lies, then sit back, job done for the Unionist Cause.
          So Baxter got front and centre. It’s the BAD SNP’s fault.(‘Critcs say’ is the MSM’s go to phrase these days when they want to bad mouth the Independence Movement. That way they can broadcast or print what they like.)

          Well, tiresome though it may be, I quote just one of the many historic FACTS about Glasgow Labour’s destruction of our City over the last, oh let’s narrow it down, to the last half century.

          In May 2016 the Glasgow Centre For Population Health produced a Synthesis Report in partnership with NHS Scotland, the University of the West Of Scotland, and University College London, explaining the excess mortality in Glasgow and the West of Scotland, in comparison to other post industrial cities like Liverpool or Newcastle.
          The report suggests that Labour Policies contributed to an additional 5,000 deaths a year in Glasgow, the researchers commenting that particularly during the Thatcher years the Labour Administration enthusiastically embraced Thatcherism, while Liverpool and Newcastle resisted the Right Wing surge, and followed a traditional Left Wing rabidly anti Thatcher
          programme of local government.

          5000 X 50 years. 250, 000 politically engineered deaths.

          Scottish Labour, the list of belted Earls is there as proof, embraced Thatcherism, which was the breeding ground for Tony Boom Boom’s takeover of the Labour Party, were, are, and always will be champagne Socialists, what’s in it for me chancers, and Sarwar, and the other privately educated Hopeful whose name genuinely escapes me as I type, are the Devil’s Spawn which emerged from the Brown Blair and Darling Years of the New Labour New Conservative Years.
          Labour is dead and buried in Scotland if Sarwar, the Cash ‘n’ Carry King is their Man of the People.
          Rant over.

  14. emilytom67 says:

    soar alba it is there in front of you I do not need to furnish you with facts,they the SNP/Sturgeon allowed themselves to be constantly backfooted by a couple of duds in Roothie/Duglugs,we should defy Westminster we should bring to the table far reaching policies that will be to the benefit of the people of Scotland that will be seen by all,face them down act like you are a government in waiting,instead of hiding behind the “one arm tied behind our backs” plea,in other words get fcuked right intae them at every turn every time.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Tend to agree with you ,a lot of very impatient folk sick to the back teeth of the totaly distorted daily rubbish thats never contested by the media , a wall of baffling lies , they dont even try to hid any sense of being close to reality or indeed the truth now , Because no one is questioning the lies . Same shit different day .

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Yes I am impatient, frustrated and a little anxious. But I have hope.

        • Patience is a Virtue says:

          ‘The strength of feeling that the British people have about this need for control and the direct accountability of their politicians is one reason why, throughout its membership, the United Kingdom has never totally felt at home being in the European Union. And perhaps because of our history and geography, the European Union never felt to us like an integral part of our national story in the way it does to so many elsewhere in Europe.’

          It is difficult to find an example in Scottish history when the Country has conveyed its intention more clearly than in the vote to Remain within the EU-indeed Every constituency in Scotland voted by majority to Remain in the EU -so it would be fair to say that a substantial number of Conservatives, Labour, Liberals, Greens and SNP and Others voted to Remain.

          I am not sure who wrote the above speech, perhaps the PM, presumably with the agreement of her Cabinet -perhaps even with the agreement of the Secretary of State for Scotland? (you would hope that the Secretary of Scotland-the very Guardian of Scotland would be included in formulating such a key speech) and that he would be promoting the viewpoint of the electorate of Scotland, including those of his Conservative colleagues who clearly voted in significant numbers (in Scotland) to Remain, and of course for the entirity of Scotland that also voted clealry and overwhelmingly to Remain.

          So whilst the UK (and in particular England, and in particular English Conservatives may indeed not feel / not have felt ‘at home in th European Union’; it is not a fair representation to include Scotland in this statement.

          There is much can be improved within the EU – and in due course Scotland will ensure its voice is represented at the table, within the EU – Scotland’s opinion was recenlty aired in the Scottish Parliament where again by majority 69 to 59 the Parliament voted to have an Independence Referendum.

          It is very simple – there is a Mandate for such an Independence Referendum, and in chronological order Scotland (on the basis of the latest vote) wants to Remain in the EU,

          • Patience, well said.
            This arrogant woman reported to the world that we Scots never felt ‘really’ European.
            Whoever scripted that little xenophobic gem knew how we, and the Europeans, would react to such an insult.
            They attempt to muffle us completely despite the returns by the plebiscite.62%, 32 LA’s, 35 out of 59 MPs. They don’t give a tinker’s curse about democracy. We are a crushed people, a colony of England.
            The sight of Mundell sitting on Green’s side of the table opposite Swinney and Russell today summed it all up for me.
            We are an occupied nation, and there are many thousands of Fifth Columnists hell bent on subjugating and impoverishing their countrymen and women for power and advancement.
            I shall not countenance the notion that come April 2019 I will no longer be a citizen of Europe, but instead a suppressed colonial serf in chains to Greater England.
            Taking back control means exactly that. The English will not rest until Edinburgh and Cardiff join Belfast in the democratic bin.
            I refuse to let English citizens bar me from travel work and settlement in the rest of the Free World. That’s what Brexit means to us Scots.
            That in a nutshell is what we are expected to do by succumbing to the ‘power’ of our greater neighbour. Give in, submit, stop whinging, accept subservience.
            Over my dead body.
            I shall resist any form of Brexit, the Brexit which Jackie and Glenn, and BBC Reporting Scotland enthusiastically report as inevitable now, ‘with every fibre of my being.’
            If May Mundell and Corbyn really believe that 50% of Scots, and probably many more now will meekly walk into the hell of Brexit, then they have another very painful think coming by October 2018.
            We’ve tried the ballot box, and they laugh in our faces and ignore us.
            How do they think this is all going to end?

            • Oh, wonderfully well said, Jack! Your eloquence and passion are an inspiration. Thank you!

              • Anne Martin says:

                Ditto to that Wendy! Whenever I start to feel down about the chaotic state of affairs in the UK I just have to come on this wonderful blog and read posts like that to get my spirits right back up.

              • What intrigues me is the dead-eye delivery of Bird and Campbell when reporting the latest Brexit lies as the ‘will of the Scottish People.’ They are emotionless automatons.
                Union Good, SNP Bad.
                They promote an English Brexit agenda, yet live and work among us.
                Wendy, Anne, I turned 70 today. I have no patience left to even listen to BBC Propaganda and the meaninglesss meanderings of Mundell Davidson Rennie and the Labour Branch Manager To Be.
                To my ears they sound like Unionists pamphlets mouthed by simpletons, yet given credence by supposed professional journalists and broadcasters.
                Madness wrapped in the Union Flag.
                I repeat, do they really think that we’re meekly going to be led to the cattle trucks and shipped to England Sur Mer’s Happyland?

                • A belated “Many Happy Returns”, Jack. And, yes, I think they DO expect us to simply fall in line like good little sheep. I don’t think they can believe that Scotland’s people will resist the propaganda which is pumped at us daily. They’ve made such a good job of brain-washing the majority South of the Border that they really cannot entertain the notion that it won’t eventually work here.

                  • Anne Martin says:

                    Happy Birthday Jack. I turned 70 back in February and, like you, have lost all patience with Misreporting Scotland et al.

                    My Spanish teacher said to me today, “If Scotland get independence and stay in the EU, or at least the single market, English companies with lots of European clients will move to Scotland”.

                    Now, if a Spaniard can grasp this concept, why are so many Scots unable to?

            • Robert Graham says:

              jack , eh isnt fluffy on the wrong side of that table ?. I always assumed the Scottish Secretary was in place to represent scots in parliament , or has it changed to westminsters stooge in scotland , bit confused .

    • Andy Anderson says:

      I concur with your sentiments Emily. They got it wrong at the GE after a promising period just before that. They are however key to us getting independence. I hope a big push comes soon.

      The SNP are short on funds after all the elections recently. However this should not stop them attacking in the media when they have the opportunity. It is important that all of us support them to stay our SG and not sit at home like 450,000 of us did the last time.

      • cirsium says:

        Andy – “this should not stop them attacking in the media when they have the opportunity”. I don’t think the Corporate Media is going to give the SNP a platform to do this.

        Do you not question why the distortions, half-truths and lies in the Corporate Media are increasing? Why, for example, the ancient ‘the oil is going to run-out’ story has appeared again? Why, for example, there is almost total silence about the situation in Catalonia? We’ve got to keep our nerve at this point in time because this is the end-game.

        Thanks for the blistering prose, Paul. “The Lib Dems want another referendum on Brexit because people were lied to during the first one. They don’t want another referendum on Scottish independence, because the Lib Dems were amongst those doing the lying.” Skewered!

    • hettyforindy says:

      Err, that is what the Scottish government headed by the SNP are doing and I think you freaking know that because all it takes is a visit to their website, or facebook, or twitter, to see just what they are in fact doing, to keep Scotland afloat, and even moving into the 21st century.

      My anger, my contempt is purely aimed at the britnat parties, who are lying scheming gits, intent on attempting to deny Scotland to invest for the actual people, to thrive and to manage against hige odds, ie the WM administration.

      Scotland has a democratically elected government, who are working in the interests of Scotland and Scotland’s people. Not perfect, but the alternative in this UK so called union hardly bares thinking about quite frankly.

  15. Tess says:

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