The Power Grab

POWER GRAB – The Threat to Scottish Democracy. 20 years after devolution and the creation its own Parliament, Scotland now faces its biggest challenge in the form of Brexit and a hard-right UK Tory Govt determined to centralise power. Former MP, MSP and Presiding Officer, George Reid, was involved in the 1979 devolution vote won by Yes but lost on a controversial technicality. George Reid played a key role in overseeing the building of the new Holyrood Parliament. The parliament was symbolic of a changing, more powerful nation. It came under constant attack during its difficult birth and almost threatened the devolution process itself. George reflects on the Parliament building, its inner workings and how, against the odds, Holyrood has now become the centre of political life in Scotland. As a gradualist, George sees opportunities in a hard Brexit for a realisation amongst the Scottish public and political parties that independence in Europe is indeed the next natural step for Scotland. Alan Bissett is a playwright, author and activist who played a leading role in the independence referendum of 2014. During that campaign, Alan made a prediction of events following a No vote that proved uncannily accurate: A Tory Govt heading for a hard Brexit Scotland never voted for has created a new situation. Alan considers how this threat is already playing out and the future dangers posed to Scotland by a Tory UK Govt off the EU leash. The stakes have never been higher. The power grab is underway. You can support Phantom Power here:

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  1. AnnieM says:

    I’ve just watched this on WoS. Another brilliant video from Phantom Power.

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  3. Stan Wilson says:

    I so like the quote

    “No voters will say why isn’t the result of 2014 being respected. It is, Scotland is still in the UK.

    Democracy is a process not an event that only happens in one day and that result on that one day invalidates any future democratic motions which come after that. We decided democratically to hold a 2nd Referendum. The fact we have to ask permission to have a 2nd referendum, makes the point.”

    Pure magic.

  4. Excellent video … thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  5. Lizzie55 says:

    Wow. That was powerful. How can we ensure all in Scotland see it.

    It’s scarily true. A must watch for all Scotts.

  6. crabbitgits says:

    I’ve been banging on about this for the past 3 years. It’s maybe even the real reason Cameron and the Tories introduced the Brexit referendum; although that would give them far too much credit. If we don’t get independence we’re finished and deservedly so I’m reluctant to say! Share this as widely as possible. it’s exactly what the movement needs and George Reid’s voice is a very powerful and welcome one, especially for persuading the “mibbies aye” people.

  7. Weechid says:

    I worry about using someone who claims to want independence but accepts a knighthood from the British Establishment. Leaves it open to criticism.

  8. Brian Powell says:

    We didn’t vote for Brexit we didn’t vote for a Tory Government for the last 50years but still Scots dither.
    I guess we have Tories for No, SNP/Yes for Yes, then a chunk of voters waiting for the Magic will come and save us and we won’t need to do anything Party.

  9. David Agnew says:

    The real sucker punch is in the last segment. A no vote was never going to be seen as an expression of support for the UK. It was never going to be respected. It was always to been seen as an act of abject surrender. What makes it so sickening is that so many see this degradation of their rights as UK citizens as what it means to be “British”.

    How tragic and sad. Britishness. Not something to be proud of. But something that proves that Scotland is shit and can never amount to anything. Its worse than appeasement. Its the terminal death rattle of an institution, whose supporters who find joy that at least Yes voters will suffer along with them, and take secret joy that Yes voters will feel it more keenly.

    So when their faces curl up with contempt and screech “You lost, get over it” – you realise that these shrunken souls feel that their no vote proved Scotland was shit and therefore, you are worthless shits like them.

    As I said here before. How could I ever want to be part of that. How could i vote for any British politician to represent me, knowing this is how he felt. I could never be part of a union, knowing they were part of that union as well. I can never be on their side. I have way more self respect for myself and belief in Scotland, to ever fall so low as they have.

  10. Robert Harrison says:

    This is why I keep saying never trust the English every segment proved how dirty they are willing to be to stop Scotland bettering itself mandate of the 2016 Holyrood election Willie rennie there saying the snp didn’t win it alister darling silenced by jackie bird ruth davidson saying 50% is not a mandate even ex labour manager Kezia denying it was a mandate they claim we don’t respect democracy just shows labour torys and lib dems which are political partys of England feart of independence and will lie and cheat anyway possible to stop it from becoming realized

    • “This is why I keep saying never trust the English ” Could you please amend that to “never trust the English government”? You would be amazed how many of my English friends and family actually support Scottish Independence and are, like me, entirely trustworthy!

      • Anne Martin says:

        You’re right Wendy. A friend of mine, who was born in Swindon, is even more pro-independence than me, if that’s possible!

      • Robert Harrison says:

        Then why do the end up with wankers like them then all the time the English themselves if they cared half as much about politics as they do with the blasted fitba then I would respect them I’m 32 all I see is English voting for stupid fuckers like may corbyn etc and each being a self serving useless twats once they get in power and now the English don’t seem to give a shite they’re about to lose there human rights if the torys pass there bill so until they wake and actually do something why trust them as in my experience English talk the talk but don’t walk the walk

        • I am English – married to a Scot and having lived in Scotland for many years. I have been a member of the SNP for 25 years and, along with my husband, have worked for the party and for Independence in that time. Most of my family and friends still unlucky enough to live in England feel as I do, that Scotland has a right to self determination. On the other hand … a number of members of my husband’s family, Scottish born and bred, are BritNats. I find your comments utterly offensive and not a little stupid. Stop with the nonsensical racism, Robert. It isn’t true and it isn’t fair!

  11. Graeme says:

    I don’t know if these anti Scottish unionists or “proud Scots” as they like to call themselves realise that no matter what this union is finished
    because to be a union there has to be at least 2 participants and if we vote No again and we are
    out of the EU Westminster will destroy Scotland as a nation state politically & economically and
    ultimately abolish Holyrood not necessarily out of badness but because they have to put an end to
    the threat of Scottish independence for once and for all and another NO vote along with Brexit will
    give them a green light to do it and it will be brutal.

    The UK will become a one nation unitary state governed directly from Westminster with Scotland nothing more than a mere region of Greater England this is an existential threat to out our very existence as a country, independence is no longer desirable it is imperative or Scotland is no more

  12. Hazel Smith says:

    Excellent video from Phantom Power. Thanks for sharing it. All these unionist politicians denying Scottish democracy to try to prevent having another referendum vote.

  13. Excellent.
    The thing is, your bog standard Red Blue and Yellow Tory Brit Nat Unionist genuinely believes that they are backed up by the democratic will of the people, of their manufactured country, the UK.
    WM is the only Parliament which they will ever recognise, with Holyrood always viewed as an unnecessary appendage, foisted upon the Brits by a few antsy Scots ‘insurgents’.(q.v., Tony Blair.)
    Mundell Rennie, Davidson and Co, and whoever is minding the Branch Office for the Red Tories BritNats, have no problem is denying the ‘democratic will’ of the Scottish citizenry, whether it be the Holyrood Elections, the EU Referendum, or a snap UK GE.
    Among them they couldn’t muster a majority Up Here, so they fall back on th ‘will of the British people’ nonsense. Scots born in the main, they sell their fellow Scots to England for money, position and power.
    We shall hold Indyref 2 before March 2019, despite this ‘asking permission’ nonsense.
    I watch events in Spain with interest.
    WM will use the fascist tactics of Madrid on us if they got half the chance.
    Mundell, where are you?
    Go on, tell us again, that you FOTBID your fellow Scots Indyref 2. What a pathetic little man.
    Nobody drags us out of the EU against our will, and denies us the right to choose our destiny; no one.

    • bringiton says:

      Yes Jack,makes you wonder what is the purpose of unionist politicians at Holyrood.
      If their sole intention is to oppose the SNP and ensure Scotland doesn’t deviate from policies made in England,then should they succeed in ousting the SNP,they will no longer be required.
      We don’t need a parliament to decide on street signs and gun licenses.

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