Twenty one thousand thank yous

The Wee Ginger Fundraiser on Indiegogo has now closed. I sought to raise £10,000 in order to ensure that for another year I can continue full time to write, blog, and give talks about independence all over Scotland. You have surpassed that target by an enormous amount. £12,540 has been donated via the main fundraising page on Indiegogo, and £8,525 has been donated via other routes – Paypal, direct payments into the bank, and cheques. That’s a grand total of £21,065. It’s a fantastic amount. I can’t thank all my readers and supporters enough.

I’m pretty overwhelmed by all the support. It is hugely appreciated. Blogging is by its nature a solitary trade, you sit and type away in your home, and it’s very difficult to guage the impact, if any, that what you write is having. Starting a fundraiser is quite literally asking people to put a monetary value on your creative endeavours, so it’s an emotionally fraught and tense undertaking. When you realise that so many people appreciate and value your work enough that they’re prepared to put their hands in their pockets and support it financially, it’s both humbling and gratifying. When they support you by over twice as much as the maximum that you’d hoped to raise, that’s overwhelming.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog. You’ve given a wee ginger dug a very waggy tail, and that tail will continue to wag, and continue to annoy British nationalists, for another year. I realise that not everyone is able to give a donation, but your readership and emotional support is every bit as valuable.

I’m proud that this blog is making its own small contribution to the cause of Scottish independence. It’s three years to the day since the first referendum, and the independence movement remains strong, vital, and full of energy. We’re not going away until we achieve our goal – a better Scotland, a Scotland that walks the path chosen for it by the people of Scotland. A nuclear free Scotland that strives for social justice, equality, and which stands as a beacon of peace and tolerance in this world. Together, we will do this. It’s coming yet for aw that.

The Wee Ginger Dug has got a new domain name, thanks to Indy Poster Boy, Colin Dunn @Zarkwan. You can now access this blog simply by typing into the address bar of your browser, the old address continues to function, the new one redirects to the blog. The advantage of the new address is that it’s a lot easier to remember if you want to include a link to the blog in leaflets, posters, or simply to tell a friend about it. Many thanks to Colin.

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Or you can donate by making a payment directly into a special bank account, or by sending a cheque or postal order. If you’d like to donate by one of these methods, please email me at and I will send the necessary information. Please also use this email address if you would like the dug and me to come along to your local group for a talk.

Many thanks.

33 comments on “Twenty one thousand thank yous

  1. 2p3rf3ct says:

    Given that I have referred subsequently ‘changed’ No voters to your blog, to WoS, to et al.

    Just keep doing it man.

  2. Alex Clark says:

    I’m so pleased for you Paul and chuffed that so many could support you, it’s people like you that really do make a difference. Not all of us have gone back in the box that much is obvious. Please just keep doing that what you do best, informing people and always with a lot of wit.

    I look forward to all your articles knowing that you will deliver. Cheers!

  3. You excel at the difficult job of writing serious commentary in an entertaining way. That allows us to refer the “Nos” to your blog knowing that they’ll find an easy but thought provoking read. Keep it up (and the roadshows, the last one in East Kilbride was excellent).

  4. Charles Maitland says:

    Paul, please keep doing what you are doing. It is very much appreciated and a great antidote to the Brit Nat biased media. Thank you.

  5. Diane says:

    I probably share WGD blogs more than any other indy page. Always humorous and always manage to say what I’m thinking but far more eloquently 😊

  6. Great that you’nthe dug will be solvent for a while longer. Am now about to donate to Craig Murray, another important voice.

  7. Stan Wilson says:

    Really pleased as Punch that you and Ginger are going to be blogging on our behalf for another year. Tremendous writing and humour with inspirational talks (as in the Stag at Forfar) and across this beautiful country. Again very pleased for you, long and good health to both of you.

  8. Jane Russell says:

    I’m so grateful to you, Paul. When my Indy fervour starts to fade under the onslaught of the unionist media, you’re there to boost it back up again. (To the great annoyance of my Yoon husband!)

  9. Andy Anderson says:

    And I will support you in next years fundraiser as well. Keep up the good work.

    Your blog also attracts very good comment, much of it educational. Thanks to those who comment also.

  10. john 58 says:

    Paul I am so glad that you can continue to jab,poke and sting these Britnats. I, like a lot of readers here take comfort and at times healing from your writing, I have said it before and will repeat it once again, as Brexit unfolds and the power-grab bites along with a continual rise in the opinion Polls , Project Fear is going to go into overdrive with all the old favourites, currency, too poor, deficit etc etc etc but this time it may be too late for Unionists, we cant/wont fall for their shite anymore , Scotland will get her Independence !!!

  11. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Oh that is superb Paul!! So pleased my wee bit helped! So looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night (again) in Dingwall with 2 friends. I’ll bring a biscuit for Ginger and The Covenant for you to sign too!!

  12. Superb. You deserve every single penny. A consistently brilliant read.

  13. Davie Oga says:

    Scottish schoolchildren will read your blogs 100 years from now in their history class while the likes of Torrance, Daisley, and the like will be mostly forgotten but for the odd student doing a dissertation on the pernicious effect of the colonial media. You’re a class act. Thank you.

  14. Amanda McGinley says:

    Yer worth every penny dug x

  15. AnnieM says:

    So glad that you can continue, not only with this excellent blog but with your excellent talks around the country. Also glad to hear that there is enough in the kitty for lots of doggy treats for the dug!

  16. diabloandco says:

    You so deserve the support but for you quite a few of us would have reached wrist slitting time – so a bigger than sought fundraiser is a reflection of folks appreciation.

  17. That is excellent news – and as for thanking us, Paul – it’s we who should be thanking you! You keep us informed, motivated (aye, and entertained as well), and after the manner of a Wee Ginger Sheepdog, “rounded up and pointed in the right direction”! Goan yersel’!

  18. Och like yon fancy hair spray stuff…….you’re worth it 🙂
    And who couldn’t love wee Ginger (Molly swoons)

  19. Jan Cowan says:

    Many thanks to you and the wee fellow.

  20. Worth every penny, pal. The dug keeps biting the Yoons’ arses, we’ll keep sending the readies!

  21. Sooz says:

    You’re far too valuable to lose, and much too loved to disappear because of lack of funds. I’ll echo the others – we should be thanking you for the enormous job you do and for your insights, wit and general barkiness. 🙂

    Keep barking.

  22. Therapymum says:

    So pleased for you Paul, and the wee dug can have biscuits for a while. Richly deserved as when things feel really black you manage to put a smile on my face and hope in my heart. For that and much more, thank you.

  23. hettyforindy says:

    Fabulous. I can’t donate sadly, but really like saving WGD for late in the day, for sanity in a crazy, fckd up world. Informative yes, and the witticisms are a much needed antidote to daily lies from the britnats. Thanks.

  24. Electric blue says:

    Worth every penny!

  25. alasdair smith says:

    WGD is an essential part of the journey to independence. You words are an inspiration to all campaigners for a better Scotland. Always optimistic, intelligent and entertaining. thank you.

    • wm says:

      It has all been said above Paul, the fact is we all need you, it keeps us all together reading your more than competant posts and most of the comments are first class we need them aswell it lets us know we are not the only one thinking of indy. If we didn’t have Wings the National and people like you writing for us, the rest of us would be sitting in we groups of our pals battering our heads off the wall, with the pals still saying we are as much Scottish as you but. Please keep up the excellant work

  26. AAD says:

    You have a wonderful ability to give expression to what a lot of Independence workers are thinking. Like a lot of others I give out slips of paper with you at the top of the list of good websites.

    Thanks to you and the WGD.

  27. Davy says:

    You are a major voice in the new media of Scotland, you are one of the few that actually see’s our country’s future as a positive, forward-looking and modern Nation. Which is vastly different from how the old media portray Scotland as rubbish, third or even forth class, not fit to walk among the other individual country’s of this world. (Hard to believe most are Scots).

    You earned that money, and I hope one day soon when Scotland is finally independent , we have our own honour system. Not the knighthoods and other flipperary of the present system but a simple honour of “Servant of Scotland”, because by your writing, your humanity and the faith you project in our country, you have certainly earned that.

  28. Well done Paul. You deserve every plugged nickel.

    Your very modest goal of £10,000 (for one whole year) is excellent value in comparison with our 800 plus unelected Lords & Ladies with whom Scotland is stuck with until the day they die.

    I took 3 Scottish ‘socialist’ life peers, at random, from the massed ranks of the Scottish Union Cringe, for the first 4 months of this year, which are the latest figures released. The Lords don;t sit every day of course.

    From January to April, the Lords only sat 56 days in total, 15 days in January,14 days in February, March 19 days in March and 8 days in April.

    In fairness to some Lords, some do not claim at all. e.g. Lord Smith of the post Indy Commission, does not claim anything at all. He is of course a multi-millionaire. Karen Brady from the apprentice does not claim anything either but these are very much a tiny minority and all the Scots usual suspects claim to the hilt.

    Lady Smith of Gilmerton – The BBC political editor’s Sarah Smith’s mother. She was installed shortly after her husband, John Smith, leader of the British Labour Party, died in the late 90s.

    Smith was a buried on Iona, the historic burial ground of Scottish Kings. Yes, we really were SLAB’s fiefdom back then! Could you imagine the British nationalists howls if the SNP thought to bury anyone in such a setting? Vanity or entitlement?

    Anyway, Sarah’s maw, who must have quite a good pension considering, on top of her LOrds shifts, has still to give her maiden speech, but this is what the ‘socialist Lady’ has pocketed for the few, not the many, so far this year:
    January 2017 £2700 plus £927 flights Edin – Lon – 10 days attendance.
    February 2017 £2,400 plus £921 flights Edin – Lon – 9 days attendance.
    March 2017 £2,700 plus £921 flights Edin – Lon – 9 days attendance.
    April 2017 £1,500 plus £614 flights Edin – Lon – 5 days attendance.

    Total Jan – April £12,683 for 33 days attendance but not opening her mouth once.

    So I have to reasonably ask myself, is Sarah Smith’s wee maw there, for our benefit or her own? She contributes nothing but rakes in the cash, month on month until the day she dies or can no longer toddle up the airline steps to fly down, first class clearly, to London?

    The mother of parliaments? The mother of all cons.

    Lord Foulkes needs no introduction, just another oxymoron ‘socialist Lord’. He’s got ‘raking in the cash’ down to a fine art:

    January 2017 £3,300 plus £1,067 travel expenses – 8 days attendance.
    February 2017 £3,900 plus £324 travel expenses – 13 days attendance.
    March 2017 £4,950 plus £1,326 travel expenses – 15 days attendance.
    April 2017 £2,250 plus £585 travel expenses – 6 days attendance.

    Total Jan – April 2017 for 42 days attendance £17,702.

    Then there’s Lord Alistair Darling, he was off on holiday for the whole of April but in Jan, Feb, March 2017 he cost us a total of £9,214. At just over £3,000 per month tax free, he’s definitely ‘Better Together’.

    But the most adroit at coining it in, is the ex Celtic Chairman Lord John Reid. He never misses a gig. An erstwhile communist (but only in order to get elected at student politics level then he ditched them) and described by former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish as ‘a patronising bastard,’ Reid takes the gravy train right to the end of the line:

    January 2017 £4,500 Lives in London so can’t claim travel.
    February 2017 £3,900
    March 2017 £5,400
    April 2017 £2,400

    Total £16,200 til April 2017. Goodness know how much he has been charging from April until September.

    Remember this isn’t just for 4 or 5 years and then we can boot them out. They are there for life whether we like it or not.

    The only way to derail the old socialist ‘patriots’ and rid ourselves of these scroungers forever?

    Vote YES next time. You know it makes sense.

  29. Each word worth every penny, Paul. More power to your quill. Just cannae wait to see Roofie’s face when the dug’s on the back of a Scottish stamp and she has tae lick his arse!! That one line still brings a big grin to my face.

  30. George Charles Brown says:

    You are a credit to the cause I wish more had your talent and tenacity thanks on behalf of Scotland.

  31. Stookie says:

    Bibbet @10:24
    I’ve no love for the people you mention re HoL expenses and to have been there for so long and still not made a maiden speech should be a source of embarrassment to her but in the spirit of Nationalist fairness (a concept they won’t understand) I fly weekly in the UK and although I’m sure they all could find some easyJet flights cheaper with a bit of planning ahead the flight costs look standard to me.

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