Cataclysm George rides again

George Cataclysm Roberston rides again. Not content with making a bit of an arse of himself the first time round with hyperbolic threats and dire warnings of the apocalypse, the man who thinks that Scotland has no culture or language of its own is game for round two. George was born on Islay, you’d think he might have noticed the Gaelic language, but apparently not. Just when we were beginning to forget that he existed, the former Labour defence minister and head of NATO popped up this week to purse his disapproving lips and renew the claim he made during the independence referendum of 2014 that Scotland was headed for catastrophe if it voted Yes.

All sorts of horrendous things were going to happen. Our currency would be reduced to worthless pieces of paper. We’d lose the Triple A credit rating. There would be a rise in right wing extremism and racism and xenophobia would be normalised. Ships wouldn’t get built on the Clyde. Tax office jobs in East Kilbride and Cumbernauld would be lost. Austerity would get worse. The economy would take a hit that it might never recover from. Scotland would be ripped out of the European Union and isolated from the rest of the world. Scotland would have no voice or influence in any international body and would be unable to have any influence on UK government policy either. The United Kingdom would be a smaller and diminished place that had become the laughing stock of the rest of the planet.

Oh. Wait …

The strange thing about all the dire threats made by the British nationalists during the referendum campaign of 2014 about the consequences of a Yes vote is that they’ve all come true following the No vote that they were arguing so vehemently for. Scotland is expected to shut up and suck it up. Pointing any of this out counts as grievance mongering, which is what British nationalists call it when you have an actual grievance. In Westminsterworld it’s a far worse to air the fact you have a grievance than it is to be the cause of the grievance in the first place. It’s a bit like robbing someone’s house and then complaining because the householder goes to the police. But then British nationalists believe that the British state has an absolute and invoilable right to rob Scotland’s house.

The parties of British nationalism have no solutions or answers to the calamities that have befallen Scotland as a consequence of the No vote in 2014. This week Ruth Davidson, leader of the Isn’t Ruth Davidson Great Vote Ruth Davidson for More Ruth Davidson party, said that she was worried that Brexit might lead to a “short term economic hit”, one which “we won’t bounce back from”. This sounds an awful lot like an economic hit which isn’t short term, but then espousing contradictory views simultaneously is pretty much Ruth’s stock in trade. It’s something she learned from the Labour party in Scotland.

Ruth has no solutions to this short term economic hit that could very well turn out to be permanent. Well, no solutions other than repeating “Scotland doesn’t want another independence referendum” to her press pals at the photo op. Conveniently, this is also Ruth’s policy on the NHS, education, transport, and the economy. She’s certainly not about to order her MPs who were elected as representatives of the Isn’t Ruth Davidson Great Vote Ruth Davidson for More Ruth Davidson We’re Only Conservatives With a Small C party to vote down the Tory government’s insane drive for a hard Brexit. Ruth’s acolytes were not elected in order to hold Westminster’s power to account on Scotland’s behalf. They were elected to enable it. They were not elected to represent Scotland in Westminster. They were elected to represent Westminster in Scotland.

A series of leaks of internal government documents this week has shown that the Conservatives are still bent on a hard Brexit. Worse than that their internal documents contain a number of elementary errors which show that the British government doesn’t understand the basic facts of Brexit. The Home Office paper on Britain’s post-Brexit immigration policy was dismissed by Steve Peers, a law professor from Essex University who specialises in EU law, as “highly misleading and inflammatory. In other words tabloid bullshit.” The British government’s paper on the Irish border was described as a fantasy by EU representatives.

We’re being led into this disaster by people who are more interested in scoring points with the Daily Mail than achieving anything realistic. The papers leaked this week were internal papers. They demonstrate that this government is deluding itself as well as the rest of the country. These were not papers for public consumption. There was no need to lie in them, yet they contained one falsehood after another. That can only mean that this Conservative government has all the nuance and understanding of the consequences of Brexit as a Daily Express leader writer. No wonder the UK is the laughing stock of Europe.

Majorities are so tight in the Westminster Parliament that Ruth’s unlucky 13 could have a real influence if they could be torn away from their other business interests and refereeing the fitba. They could side with the opposition parties and vote against the hard and xenophobic Brexit which their own party leader says is going to damage Scotland. But instead Ruth prefers to wring her hands and repeat her anti-independence mantra. She sought power, but having achieved it seemingly prefers to use it to further her own career within the Conservative party than to protect the interests of Scotland within this UK that she affects to love, even when she herself acknowledges that the UK government is set on a path that is going to damage Scotland. Her silence on this issue tells us all we need to know about her.

The storm is coming. The forecasts are clear. Yet the British nationalist parties aren’t trying to steer the ship of state to safety. They’re not even battening down the hatches. They’re not stocking up with supplies. They’re not readying the lifeboats. That’s the real catastrophe facing Scotland, we’re being led into disaster by a British nationalist political class that created this mess, and having created it refuse to acknowledge it exists. George Cataclysm Robertson is keeping his pursed lips firmly closed about that one.

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48 comments on “Cataclysm George rides again

  1. Andy Anderson says:

    Everything you write is true Paul. The number of articles and news post over the last week alone paint a very grim economic future. Not to mention immigration issues.

    We should call the British nationalist parties the ostrich parties as their heads are in the sand or up their a***s.

    BBC reporting is so poor on Brexit. They are not informing the people. Only the other day Sarah Smith gave a WM supporting report slanted against our government. She should have been reprimanded for its bias. Very poor.

    Even Reuters has an item out today saying the WM is so poor it is chaotic.

    I am not religious but if I did believe in a God I would be on my knees praying for independence and some miracle to wake up my fellow Scots to what is taking place. A worry indeed.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      That’s the britnat press they hate Scotland and its elected government like j Johona jamason hates spiderman in the marvel comics but with less ranting didn’t have much in the way of bais to compare to so I used that comparison

  2. fillofficer says:

    & when it all finally goes titsup, they’ll all bugger aff to Trumpland, nae doobt

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  4. Another excellent post, Paul. It needs to be pointed out more widely that all the “dire prognostications” which were made about the fall-out from a ‘Yes’ vote in 2014 have actually come to pass following the chicken-hearted ‘No’ vote! These facts are irrefutable … more capital needs to be made out of them.

    As for the “Isn’t Ruth Davidson Great Vote Ruth Davidson for More Ruth Davidson We’re Only Conservatives With a Small C party” – your point that they are there to represent Westminster in Scotland rather than the other way round also needs to be given a much wider currency. It is time and more than time that Scottish voters remembered that an MP works for THEM (not the other way round) and it is his/her job to “represent” the electorate in their constituency – not to represent the Westminster Party to which they belong!

    • AnnieM says:

      It’s just more proof, if proof were needed, that there is only one genuine ‘Scottish’ political party and that’s the SNP.

      • Robert Harrison says:

        Exactly as in this point in history they are the only ones lifting a finger for Scotland but yet the haters still hate and want Scotland to be ruled by england instead of itself like the other world countries do themselves

  5. Robert Graham says:

    Oh gee a nightmare from the past Robertson, if ever there was someone who was promoted way beyond their ability it was Robertson , a total non entity and a deadweight that was used to drag everyone down to his level, devoid of personality wit and usefulness to anyone in this country . And assisted by his friends Broon & Darling , The English are not the problem it’s Scots like them .

  6. Clapper57 says:

    Once again Paul you have hit another nail on the head ……may you and others like you be a thorn in the side of those who try…..but fail…….to fool all of the people all of the time.

    If only those people who support the Union were able and willing to see through Ms Davidson….for example what on earth is the point of her NOW highlighting negative impacts of Brexit on Scotland when she had EVERY opportunity post Brexit result to maintain her ‘Remain’ position and actively oppose Brexit instead she opted to toe the party line……and hid behind the now over used and popular Brexit phrase ‘The people have spoken’ and the ‘The democratic will of the people’ …..while knowing full well that those very ‘people’ had been misled and misinformed by those involved in the ‘Leave’ campaign.

    This is the very reason why we should distrust politicians like her who lack consistency and who surrender support and commitment to something she previously promoted and campaigned for …….and all because her political party at HQ dictated the official position of the party i.e. Pro Brexit……and for what reason was she swayed… win votes in any subsequent election where ardent Brexiteers could , it was predicted, dictate the result and also to try and negate the position taken by the SNP who, unlike her, were consistent in their support for ‘Remain’.

    The fact that she is never held accountable for her opinions and actions will ultimately be her downfall….there is only so far contrived photo shoots , a big cheesy switched on grin and a neverendum chorus of ‘No more divisive referendums’ will suffice…..eventually she will need to come up with progressive costed policies, real counter arguments to oppose SNP policies ,stop twisting the truth, quoting dodgy stats , not fit for purpose ‘list’ MSP colleagues……. and…….for a change……….present a strong positive case for maintaining the union ( may struggle on last one….actually so far she has struggled on all points)…….in other words she needs to get on with the day job and cut the crap…..however at present she knows none of this is required thanks to the ‘nothing to see here’ with the Tories in Scotland……..but ‘look over there’ at the SNP ….. MSM.

    As to George … defies belief that he actually thinks he is helping the unionist side and deterring independence when he utters what can only be described as comments that one could easily attribute to a person under the influence of some powerful hallucinogenic drug……there is a reason Robertson and Foulkes have same first name… is a Labour condition that if named George one speaks before engaging one’s brain……however I must concede in fairness that there is evidence that there are others with different first names , but from the same political party , who also suffer from this incurable condition……..however impossible to list all of the first names of these culprits as far too many to mention.

    Know you did not mention anything about Mr Rennie Paul ……… and his party……. but any of my above comments and observations that I attributed to both Ruth and George can easily also be applied to him ……and his party too……that is the party who ‘Do not want Brexit’…..’Do not want out of Single Market’ and ‘Who want a second EU referendum’……………..however……….Not for Scotland thank you…………. Doh !!!!!!!!!

    • Saor Alba says:

      Excellent, clear, logical and rational discourse Clapper57.
      The 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraphs highlight clearly the dishonesty and hypocrisy of Ruthie and the deceitful blue Tories as well as Georgie and the untrustworthy red Tories. The last paragraph has reminded me of the totally useless and inept Wee Willie and the la la land Liberals (should that be Lieberals?) Their common link = LIES.

      • Clapper57 says:

        The biggest Tory hypocrisy being that Ms Davidson ignored , nay totally disregarded, the will of the Scottish people in the Brexit vote…… she found it so so easy to deny Scots a voice when it so matters ……..not so much fighting for Scotland and it’s people ……..more like lying down and conceding the fight to maintain the xenophobic part of the union she so loves.

        As to the red Tories and the Lib Dems….. well there is nothing that distinguishes them from the Tories within Scotland because they too are slaves of their respective HQ parties and also to the Union………… so they will NEVER EVER represent me or mine.

        Frankly Saor Alba……….if all voting Scots cannot see what we have clearly seen and realised long before now , then forever more should they collectively shut their, sorry it has to be said, willingly gullible , self induced ignorance and poorly informed mouths when the proverbial Brexit shit eventually fully hits the fan…………..and if I never ever hear the word ‘mitigate’ and ‘SNP’ again in the same sentence quoted by a Unionist politician…….then I will , not be happy, but will at least control my blood pressure that rises each time I hear this crock of scapegoating shit.

        Rant over……for now…………..Have a good evening.

  7. Macart says:

    Just to be perfectly clear to the British Nationalists. It isn’t grievance mongering if there is an actual grievance to answer and about now the list is long and getting longer by the day.

    Pretty much everything in that second paragraph? THAT!

    In your own time mind you, but that whole better togetherness that was promised? It may be worth your while revising when or if that’s ever going to be delivered. So far (and I’m going out on a limb here), I’d say it has been a catastrophic failure of vision and delivery. That’s being kind by the way, because it assumes that some of your leadership had the intent to deliver in the first place.

    The YES movement and the Scottish Government have been fairly patient to this point, but as of today with the debate over the Great Repeal Bill and Henry VIII clause, that patience is about to come to an end. All of that second para is a mere preamble by comparison to the real and present threat of the removal of our rights, 40 years worth of accrued EU rights. The threat to new Scots livelihoods and residency and the explicit threat to Scots law.

    Grievance? You’re damn right people should be aggrieved. Every member of the Scottish electorate has the absolute right to be.

    The sad part is… that not all of us are. Sadder yet, is that they’ll be last to see or acknowledge that those they hold in such contempt, are fighting for their rights too.

    As for Davidson and Robertson? This is their catastrophic shit storm. ALL of it. Their system. Their politics. Their pledges and assurances. They and every other politician who supported and directed Better Together.

    Well done them. Take a bow.

    How bad can this get? A rare piece of insight from the Guardian: HERE

    • Well said, Sam! I don’t understand how everyone is not as aggrieved as Hell!

      • Robert Harrison says:

        Because some like to look away and pretend it isn’t happening when it is

      • Macart says:

        Unfortunately I can. Setting aside the politically motivated such as the establishment parties and their support? I’d say the greatest threat to public safety is the equally politically invested media. Market saturation of an either mixed or misinforming narrative.

        How do folk think the first indyref would have gone with even half of Scotland’s media either supportive of the Scottish government or at least willing to provide a fair and balanced platform? A media willing to put out the good news as well as the bad. How about a media at least willing to challenge or scrutinize the unionist parties to the same degree they, day in and day out, challenge the Scottish government? That they don’t is a complete affront to democracy in Scotland.

        The media message is uniformly of trust in the establishment and the politics of the union (however appalling). A media environment of xfactor and celebrity lifestyle on the one hand and compromised politics and political narrative on the other. Carrot and stick for the masses. A tool to direct emotion and opinion as required and they know how to use that tool to best effect. They’ve had a lot of practice.

        For decades people have been force fed this diet through market saturation. Leveson had an effect, but not enough. Indyref had an effect and still not enough. The march of technology and societal reading/viewing habits has had an effect, but again, not enough.The media, though wounded, is still a monster which wields enormous influence in people’s daily lives. It is woven corporately and politically into the fabric of UK society. What they do, they do knowingly and willingly.

        There are good journos out there who do the work and try to make people think, but also not enough of them. They aren’t editorial rooms. They don’t make editorial decisions at the highest levels. They aren’t the publishers or owners and the vast majority of editorial output is very much in favour of the status quo, the orthodoxy. They are the status quo and the orthodoxy.

        The political and societal path we see the UK take today. The political and societal division we see in Scotland today, they did more than their fare share to create that. They’re absolutely no different from the self interested politician when push comes to shove. They place others in harms way for their own benefit. THAT is the bottom line.

        Without the media, the politics of the UK falls. Without the political patronage of the UK parties, the media loses its power and it falls. So they do what they do. They manipulate opinion and perception, because it is in THEIR interest.

        It is only very rarely in ours.

        • Alasdair Macdonald says:

          You have it entirely correct. There is a continuous torrent of proUnion anti-anything-else which spews out from every orifice of the media. It saturates the sports reports, the gossip columns, the traffic reports, all those ‘Great British’ entertainment paps as well as the political and ‘home’ affairs pages and bulletins.

          The presenters and reporters are selected because they are committed to the hegemony. It is so internalised that they automatically do things from the ‘British’ perspective. Sarah Smith etc present their reports in the way they do because that is the way they think. Alternatives are so alien that they either become frightened by them or just ignore tham because they cannot comprehend them.

          The difficulty for all of us, including those of us who think we have seen through their propaganda, is that we are exposed to it 24/7/365 for most of our lives and iot is difficult to get what the facts of the thing actually are.

          However, as they become more shrill and mendacious the cognitive dissonance becomes increasingly more obvious to most of us and change can occur. Of course, it is not easy. While they almost moralise about us abiding by the rule of law, they are very quick to ignore the law and stick the boot in via sections of the police, sections of armed forces, private security companies and racist, sectarian, fascist thugs.

          • grizebard says:

            Your 2nd paragraph says it all about the media, Alasdair. As Paul likewise says about the UK Government, their self-delusion has completely blind-sided them. They really have lost their bearings. I now more fully understand the ancient Greek saying “whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”.

            And on that thought, Brexit keeps reminding me of Suez. The same over-inflated self-regard that ended in complete ignominy. The best is yet to come, folks!

            In the meantime, three cheers for old has-been George Robertson! His wild jeremiad in 2014 against indy was a blast, but not in the way he intended. On his own he probably convinced more people of the reality behind “Project Fear” than all the rest of his cronies put together. It was so laughably OTT it became a running joke. A meme, even. So more of the same anytime, George, thanks!

        • When you put it like that, it makes absolute sense. Whatever happened to “speaking truth unto power”? And what, if anything, can be done about it?

          • Macart says:

            Nothing, not directly. No one and I do mean no one can take these institutions head on. They have power, influence and pockets that build and destroy individuals, careers, parties and governments.

            What they are terrified of is indifference and challenge. You don’t need to take them on. You simply ignore them and change your focus of attention. Use their own force against them as fuel for a new media. Cherry pick the information they display and use it for your own purpose.

            The average bod has one advantage they don’t. People can talk to each other face to face. They can make contact and communicate on levels and in areas they can’t. That is what makes the indy sites invaluable for information and perspective which the reader can then carry away and impart in a street level personal fashion that commentators, publishers and broadcasters cannot. Their approach is volume and scattershot. Ours is personal and face to face. The empathy, understanding and flexibility they lack, the YES movement has by the truck load.

            Indyref 1 we came close despite all their advantage.Today we’re a damn sight better informed and forewarned. Worth remembering.

  8. Ian Clark says:

    Andy Anderson’s comment about ostriches parties, heads, sand and arses caught my attention. Apparently ostriches don’t put their heads in the sand. But plenty of Scots did in the 2017 general election in response to the 2016 SNP manifesto commitment and to the Holyrood vote on a second referendum. Britnats sticking their arses in the air to send a message to Nicola Sturgeon: “Democracy is not for the likes of us. We don’t want a vote”.

    Well, they and other No voters from 2014 who may still have their heads in the sand are going to become increasingly aware that the ground is shaking and that their heads are beginning to hurt. Over the next couple of years they’re going to have to take their heads out of the sand to find out what’s causing their discomfort. And when they do most of them are going to see a huge earth shaking Brexshit tank picking up speed as it moves towards them from Westminster.

    Those that recognise the danger will start to be thankful to see the voting booths they wanted knocked down just waiting there. They’ll become grateful for the chance to have their say in choosing whether or not to activate the gigantic constitutional tank trap that was put in place the length of the border in 2016-17. The sight and sound of the Brexit behemoth should get rid of any ‘voter fatigue’ and hopefully sharpen their minds about which way to vote.

  9. bedelsten says:

    Whether the leaked papers (on immigration policy) were draft positional papers, toe in the water testing papers, deliberate obfuscation papers, conspiracy or whatever, the UK mainstream media is, without exception I suggest, negligent beyond folly in not challenging the UK government (and opposition) over the mess that is Brexit.

    However, the Internet is a wonderful thing and alternative sources of news are available.

    including this video
    [video src="" /]

    Up north, in the peninsular north of Englandshire, where many of the natives speak more than one language, where there may, or may not, be a groundswell of opinion demanding Doric signposts for Doric speakers (Aberchirder = Foggie, Fraserburgh = the broch etc.), whether Brexit is a car crash or not is not of some passing academic interest because that car crash or cliff edge plummet will surely be the trigger for another referendum on whether Scotland should be a grown up normal independent country. Therefore, it would seem strange that the leader of the unionist party in Scotland who, one supposes, has the ability to influence this, does not appear to making much, if any, effort to do so. But, then, strutting about in uniform and girning on a Thursday afternoon may be more fun than grown up serious political activity.

  10. David Agnew says:

    How can I ever vote labour again?

    To hold the view that Scotland is some cesspit of evil that needs to be contained – is disgusting. That it comes from the mouth of a Scot shows you how utterly vile the Union actually is. To have reduced us to this state. A land of no culture or language. Something that was absorbed into a Greater England and lost its identity. But not the seed of evil that lurks in the heart of every Scot.
    An evil people who are; thank christ, only a minor and unimportant member of the great British family. We’re the uncle Fester of the UK. That awkward family member that people don’t like to talk about.

    How can you hold that view then have the brass balls to ask me or anyone else to vindicate that viewpoint with a vote? I can never vote labour again. Not after that. Not ever. I thought it would be difficult to come lower in my estimations than the Conservatives but Scottish labour have really excelled themselves. There is no bottom to the well of contempt I hold them in. The tories are just shit on the heel of my shoe. But Scottish labour? They’re something far worse.They’re parasites.
    They are only too willing to sit by and see the tories do their worst. To watch them beat Scotland and the UK in a bloody pulp, then feed on the anger and despair. They fed off anti tory sentiment in Scotland for decades but did very little to defend us from it, and then did heehaw about fixing the damage that was done. They once boasted they were the fighting 50. But most of us called them the feeble 50. One old commentator called them a shiver looking for a spine to run up. You look at Anas Sarwar and want to ask how much he charges to a haunt a house. The rest of them are room meat and spivs. And these cartoonishly inept chancers want us to bend the knee and accept that we are British.

    How can I ever be reconciled with the notion of being British? How can I ever vote for people like this to represent me? I could never be a part of something knowing they were in it. I’d hate the idea of knowing that I was on their side. For me to be British they would all have to leave and by leave I mean immigrate to a different country entirely. Thats my line in the sand and its a deal breaker.

    What more can we say about Robertson? They say the difference between a good man and a bad one is the choice of cause. The cause of Union is nothing more than an abject surrender of everything it means to be Scottish. Its a badge of shame that is meant to be worn with pride. As a Scot you worthless but thanks to the Union, if you play your cards right, you can get to bask in the reflected glory of a nation that is better, richer and more important than us. Look at me says Mr Robertson. I used to be Scottish and shite like you. But now I get to sit in the lords and be friends with really important people. Thats what the Union is. A slap in the mouth and a threat to mind your place and tug your forelock to your betters. Be grateful for the Kitchen scraps. If you abase yourself enough, well we might even let be 2nd class Brit. Be a craven and wretched kiss ass, and we will give you an utterly pointless bauble. Won’t that be nice?

    We’re getting mugged by this Union and Scottish labour are holding us down, while telling us we deserved it.

    I have stood in dog turds that had more character and morals than these treacherous fuckers.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      That’s where may mostly has to do what Cameron did in indyref1 and begg only this begging is to save her own neck from the tory daggers aimed at her back

  11. AnnieM says:

    This whole thing is descending into complete farce. If it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious and suitable for an episode of Yes Minister. What have the people of the UK in general, and Scotland in particular, done to deserve this shower of complete incompetents from all sides of the political spectrum?

  12. Lizzie55 says:

    And we wonder what and who drives Brexit! This ERC funds and drives a hard Brexit. It also funds dark money to the DUP and I’m sure all these “research councils” torys secretly run are corrupt and we pay for them! I’m disgusted that is allowed and I know it’s illegal and wonder what it takes for the NO brigade to see the light.

    Davidson and her cohorts become more arrogant and corrupt with each passing week and they don’t care who knows. Davidson supported and was part of the £425k donated to the DUP for Brexit purposes. Davidson will fight her way to the top of the torys by whatever means available to her.

    We need independence and we need it soon. Our society will fail without it.

  13. When reading Malcolm X discussing – ‘The Race Problem’ to the African Students Association at Michigan State University, USA, on 23 January 1963 (see below) replace Malcolm X’s phrase ‘the house negro’ with ‘Scottish No Voter’ (Robertson, Brown, Foukes, McConnell, Darling, Jim Murphy etc. etc.), ‘the field negro’ with ‘Scottish Yes Voter’ and ‘slavery’ with ‘United Kingdom,’ you see the sociological and psychological dynamics run along parallel lines:

    “… during slavery you had two Negroes. You had the house Negro and the field Negro.

    The house Negro usually lived close to his master. He dressed like his master. He wore his master’s second-hand clothes. He ate food that his master left on the table. And he lived in his master’s house–probably in the basement or the attic–but he still lived in the master’s house.

    So whenever that house Negro identified himself, he always identified himself in the same sense that his master identified himself. When his master said, “We have good food,” the house Negro would say, “Yes, we have plenty of good food.” “We” have plenty of good food. When the master said that “we have a fine home here,” the house Negro said, “Yes, we have a fine home here.” When the master would be sick, the house Negro identified himself so much with his master he’d say, “What’s the matter boss, we sick?” His master’s pain was his pain. And it hurt him more for his master to be sick than for him to be sick himself. When the house started burning down, that type of Negro would fight harder to put the master’s house out than the master himself would.

    But then you had another Negro out in the field. The house Negro was in the minority. The masses–the field Negroes were the masses. They were in the majority. When the master got sick, they prayed that he’d die. [Laughter] If his house caught on fire, they’d pray for a wind to come along and fan the breeze.

    If someone came to the house Negro and said, “Let’s go, let’s separate,” naturally that Uncle Tom would say, “Go where? What could I do without boss? Where would I live? How would I dress? Who would look out for me?” That’s the house Negro. But if you went to the field Negro and said, “Let’s go, let’s separate,” he wouldn’t even ask you where or how. He’d say, “Yes, let’s go.” And that one ended right there.

    So now you have a twentieth-century-type of house Negro. A twentieth-century Uncle Tom. He’s just as much an Uncle Tom today as Uncle Tom was 100 and 200 years ago. Only he’s a modern Uncle Tom. That Uncle Tom wore a handkerchief around his head. This Uncle Tom wears a top hat. He’s sharp. He dresses just like you do. He speaks the same phraseology, the same language. He tries to speak it better than you do. He speaks with the same accents, same diction. And when you say, “your army,” he says, “our army.” He hasn’t got anybody to defend him, but anytime you say “we” he says “we.” “Our president,” “our government,” “our Senate,” “our congressmen,” “our this and our that.” And he hasn’t even got a seat in that “our” even at the end of the line. So this is the twentieth-century Negro. Whenever you say “you,” the personal pronoun in the singular or in the plural, he uses it right along with you. When you say you’re in trouble, he says, “Yes, we’re in trouble.”

    But there’s another kind of Black man on the scene. If you say you’re in trouble, he says, “Yes, you’re in trouble.” [Laughter] He doesn’t identify himself with your plight whatsoever.”

    • MARY EDWARDSON says:

      It reads exactly as you say when you swap the words.

    • Robert Graham says:

      A very simple thoughtful description of a committed Unionist in Scotland today, a lost soul clinging to an invisible comfort blanket , I pity these people when they find out their supposed Union is a dream an illusion that doesn’t recognise their existence,The British Parliament have one aim and one aim only the preservation of England , the jocks don’t figure in their plans, we are only used as and when required to protect England, it might well come as a shock to them to discover this obvious fact . And ( EVEL ) drops all pretence of a Union ,it doesn’t exist .

    • Wow! The analogy is so striking I’m amazed that no-one has used it before. Well said, Bibbit. This deserves a much wider currency.

  14. Republicofscotland says:


    But could be significant.

    The Westminster Tories are attempting to have a majority of members on the committees of every EU Withdrawal bill, that lands on Westminster’s desks. That inturn will give them a final say on the bills disposal.

  15. Macart says:

    A QED moment on a post I made earlier concerning the media. The shock horror, hold the front page content of the story is bang on tbf.

    Take a wild guess though, which party in commons doesn’t warrant an opinion, never mind a quote?

    • Saor Alba says:

      The third biggest party in the UK and the biggest party in Scotia.
      Did I get it right Macart?

      • Macart says:

        Well beyond a joke at this point.

        ‘Lead with us’. That was the bullshit line three years ago.

        It hasn’t worn well.

  16. Brian Powell says:

    They have staunch allies in North Lanarkshire.

  17. diabloandco says:

    Regarding the Lord Robertson chappie I have always wanted to ask (very publicly)about the Dunblane D notice and if he is aware of the accusations on the internet.

  18. bringiton says:

    Thatcher created the myth of a Tory party which was working for hard working families and was entirely inclusive in that respect.
    That scam has finally been laid to rest by the present Tories who have gone back to their roots of exclusivity.
    For a short time they managed to delude a section of our communities that they were part of that exclusivity but that is about to come to an end.
    Robertson was just another scammer who went along for the ride.

  19. Gavin C Barrie says:

    A fool will say foolish things.Robertson was haun knitted for the Nato position, so proud of himself, never to question his orders, from Uncle Sam.

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