All you hoped for

A guest post by Samuel Miller

Two referendums in two years, the backgrounds of which this site and many another have gone over pretty extensively. Two winning campaigns roundly criticized for their negativity, lack of clarity, lack of honesty and ultimately their ability to deliver on their pledges and assurances. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m sure there’s a pattern forming.

Brexit is an unqualified and unquantifiable mess right now and that’s before the UK gets to the nitty gritty on how it plans to earn a crust in the world with a much reduced circle of trading partners and basically sweet fanny adams to trade with other than superb jam. The blame game is in full swing across the media at this point as you’d expect, with both sides claiming intransigence and only one of course being right. From the EU’s perspective, they aren’t going anywhere. They didn’t force anyone to do anything and didn’t kick anyone out, but they do have rules (as does any club). So far as they are concerned, those rules help ensure and facilitate peace, trade, access and rights between all of its member states. The remaining twenty seven nations agree to live by those rules and enshrined at the core are the four freedoms. They break those rules to accommodate the UK’s wish list and what point the EU?  So, no. No I can’t see them breaking the rules, that every other nation in the EU adhere to, in order to sort the economic, political and societal headaches which the UK brought upon itself. The simplest of questions – Why is that supposed to be their responsibility? Their responsibility is to the European Union and the remaining twenty seven member states surely?

But, y’know, the UK is back in control and it has sovereignty and … stuff. The world will queue at our door to do business (even though we told it to fuck off for being too furren) and the EU won’t just cut us loose because they need our trade (even though they’re furren too and we decided we didn’t want to play with them anymore). They’ll come round to what we want. Wait and see if they don’t.

That is the common perception of the Brexit vote you know? That it was, if not driven by, certainly tainted by more than just a hint of xenophobia, isolationism, protectionism and selfishness. It doesn’t matter whether, as a leave voter, that was your driving issue or not. THAT is how the Brexit vote is perceived and not just in our own press. You look at the comment sections beneath any Brexit story in today’s UK media (though dear God, do NOT go anywhere near the Mail comments) and it’s hard to argue otherwise. There’s a lot of that attitude on display.

‘Course no one seemed to consider the economic repercussions much during the campaign. Just what effect removing entire demographics from the tax and investment base might do to the UK economy? No one thought much about those furren firms who based their manufacturing units and their brass plaques in UK cities specifically because of those existing trade agreements or because they wanted access to EU markets. I don’t suppose it crossed many horizons either to think about research facilities, university programmes, subsidies, grants, even low paid industrial or rural economy jobs many wouldn’t do themselves. The perception is that few even considered the wider effect on society. On people, human beings.

Is it all they hoped for so far d’you think? The movers and shakers of the Brexit campaign/narrative. Is the reaction from the EU, the individual nations of the EU and near half of the UK’s population what they expected? It’s not done yet. Not by a very long way.

Across the UK there are around three million people of continental origin resident. Some 190k (119k from accession states), of those are resident in Scotland. About now, they have every reason to feel more than a little concerned. They have more than a little reason to feel betrayed by UK central government and the wider UK population. They absolutely have more than a little reason to wonder what comes next? They just had the ground ripped out from under their lives and their belief in some things they thought to be certainties has been more than a little dented. Those feelings sound familiar to anyone in the YES movement?

These people are Scottish citizens, new Scots if you will, but Scottish citizens. Individuals, families, people who have done us the honour of selecting our nation to either work or settle in. They chose us. They chose this nation and this land to make their home. It doesn’t stop there though, does it? What of nationalities from all over the globe who have chosen to make Scotland their home? People who have chosen to become Scottish citizens. How do you feel about Westminster parliament deciding who your friends are? Who gets to stay? Who gets told to leave? Who has rights and who doesn’t?

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not entirely happy on being labelled a bad host. I’m definitely not big on turning away friends or those in need. Maybe that’s just me though.

Scotland, Scottish citizens. Quite a concept, eh?

Maybe something to think about.


This will be my last post before our host and the dug return from a much deserved break. I’d like to take this oppurchancity to thank all the readers for bearing with the site and myself over the past couple of weeks. Your great comments and patience with yours truly are very much appreciated.

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  1. Marion Scott says:

    Thank you for standing in for WGD. As always I enjoyed reading your posts and disseminating them on Facebook & Twitter.

  2. Odet says:

    Thank you, Sam, for all the erudite fun of your posts; they’ve been a great read.

  3. xsticks says:

    The Home Office (misnomer if ever there was one) deportations from Scotland that we can do nothing about make me really angry. It’s up there with Trident. It’s the feeling of impotence when you see good folk like the Brains getting told by bureaucrats in London that they have to leave Scotland. Post indy we should bring them all back expenses paid.

    Thanks for the words while Paul’s been away, appreciated as always.

    • Macart says:

      I hear that. Keeping a restrained tone to a piece can be quite the challenge.

    • endrickwater says:

      I am watching what happens to EU nationals very closely, of course, wondering what the fuss is about. If they were here legally before 23 June 2016, what are the arguments about? It’s immoral to use them as bargaining chips. But the cases of the Brains or the Zielsdorf family running the Laggan Stores are the tip of another iceberg: who is going to look out for the “new Scots” who are not from the EU? Once EU migration is settled, the anti-immigration spotlight will fall on those of us from outside the EU. I have indefinite leave to remain — the so-called “gold standard” — but I am still worried. In an independent Scotland, would they automatically become citizens, or would there be tiers of visas to negotiate? I hope for the former, but expect the latter.

      • Moonlight says:

        I’ve always wondered about these deportations from Scottish soil. Does it not involve the cooperation of Police Scotland to enforce these deportation orders. Who controls Police Scotland, just asking!

        • Golfnut says:

          Immigration isn’t devolved, as you well know. Police Scotland don’t get a choice in which laws or statutes they have to enforce, and the SG don’t get a vote when it comes to UK statute. Just saying.

      • bonaparteocoonessa says:

        In an independent Scotland, which needs inward migration, why would there be barriers?

      • Macart says:

        Hope this helps. Scroll down to relevant area on citizenship.

        Caveat: This was the position as of indyref 2014.

        • endrickwater says:

          Yes, thanks, it does (even with caveat). And now I know the legal definition of “habitually resident”, which is another plus.

          And thank you, too, for your thoughtful essays.

    • As usual, Macart, what a great wee set in the absence of the Dug and Friend.
      European allies are starting to back Scotland within the EU, and why wouldn’t they?
      VW Plant in Bathgate?
      French Wine Warehouse in Perth?
      As it unravels, and it is now gathering pace, even Leave folk must be having second, and third , and fourth, and fifth thoughts about ‘tasking back control’. Of what?.
      Hit in the pocket, they squack ‘foul’ as though it was someone other than themselves who is slowly strangling them to death.
      They’ll blame the Scots eventually.
      Softlee softlee, catchee monkey.
      We are on the brink of the Great Uprising, chaps.

  4. wm says:

    Thanks Sam for all your posts in Pauls absence, a few more nails hit on the head again. Regarding brexit I just cant see a small unit like UK, competing in any way with the large markets of the rest of the world, where the EU is one of the wealthiest, not a bad bargaining position to be in. Will we ever learn that there is only one answer and that is indepenance, when we will be able to make our own decisions

  5. Robert Graham says:

    since the starting gun was fired , i dont know how long ago what progress has been made ? f/d if i know , it seems there have been talks about talks about talks , what has been made abundantly clear is the UK negotiating position is baffling everyone, they seem to want to be on both sides they want to ask the questions as well as answer them ,they seem to believe the EU will just sit and do their bidding in the time frame they set , frustration dosent even begin to cover that stance .

    you get the impression from David Davis comment about flexibility in some way he is trying to give the impression the UK are being open its those pesky europeans who wont play ball , the EU have set out a timetable for the talks to progress , do this and this then can happen , do that and that can happen so progress will continue , the UK appear to want to change the rules to suit them , the EU did not start the whole mess the tory party did , now they want the EU to roll over and do as they are told.

    This mess gives an insight to the frustration shown by Nicola Sturgeon after her meetings with Mrs Mayhem , one of her comments when asked how a meeting went , was well i am as wise as i was as when i walked through that door, it sums up this tory government , you cant bargain with them its do as they say or be forced to do as the say no middle ground ,

    I for one am sick to the back teeth of an english government for thats what it is not a british government telling us , the other partner in this supposed union what to bloody do .There is no union just an occupation by a bigger country.if only fellow scots would waken up and end it .

  6. Paul Garbett says:

    As ever you have done a cracking job covering for WGD which we all appreciate. On the topic of Brexit I am still at a loss as to what the ‘end game’ is – there is an ‘end game’ isn’t there? It isn’t down to sheer stupidity is it? Yes nurse I’ll take my meds

    • Paul, they haven’t a clue. They are not ‘stupid’, but as the old Glasgow saying goes, ‘act daft and get a free hurl.’
      If the UK team continue to do nothing, the EU27 will be expected to do it all for them.
      This is a NO DEAL Brexit.
      Davis and Co will walk away with nothing settled, and hope the Europeans will pcik up the slack.
      There will be customs posts, 3 million EU ctizens will be on notice to leave, perhaps after a 3 year Transition Period, the UK borders will close, there will be a hard border between the North and south of Ireland, my wife will be deported to Dublin…whit!
      England will simply walk away, bills unpaid, trade and movement in utter chaos.

      • wm says:

        Was it not a combination of the english labour party and the english tory parties who managed the UK to near bankrupsy in 2007/8 when the shit hit the fan, and is it not the tory version who is negotiating on Scotlands behalf now? god help us.

      • Jamie MacDonald says:

        Yer old Glasgow saying Jack – Ha-ha, belter! You sound on good form, hope this is is the case..
        Thanks for your recent posts Sam, you keep the home-fire burning, I would really REALLY miss this blog if it was not updated for two weeks.. With all these events to be ka-booshed, you did a cracking job buddy, well done!
        O/T but heard a wee fingeron radio shortbread this morning talking of the death of princess Di, one expert guy went off tangent for a bit and started talking about what would happen when the Queen pops it!
        Everything is going to stop for a week he said, all the broadcast companies have signed some agreement to follow the proto col in the event of the death of a monarch.
        This has never happened since the death of her father he informed us, that was in the 1950’s, when there were next to no TV and radio channels compared to now..
        I imagined him next foaming at the mouth as he pulled the plug on the internet and even EastEnders!!!
        She is still going strong interjected Louise White in response to the voice in her ear (head)..
        Best thing I’ve heard in ages..
        Nae EastEnders ..ya dancer!

        • There’s always the Thick Of It Box Set, Jamie, followed by the Sopranoes, Only Fools…
          Och I could disappear into my bunker for twa weeks, never mind five days.

  7. Aikenheed says:

    Macart-you are extremely easy to bear with. (Or should that be to be borne?)

  8. John Lowe says:

    Loved your posts. All informative and entertaining. Hope to read more. Although I have missed the dug.

  9. […] Wee Ginger Dug All you hoped for A guest post by Samuel Miller Two referendums in two years, the backgrounds of which […]

  10. Thank you, Sam. I’m one of those other people you mention. I was born in the US, renounced that citizenship years ago, and am now a British citizen awaiting Scottish citizenship. When I became active in the YES campaign in 2012, I found myself welcomed into the campaign by Scots and by new Scots (English, Polish, Dutch, etc.). After 22 years in Scotland, I feel like both a guest and a host. I’m scared for my EU friends here–and a wee bit scared for myself if the UK continues to re-define who really does belong here. I think those of us who choose to live here do belong here. Onward!

  11. diabloandco says:

    Thanks Macart. I am with Paul – you should have your own blog !

  12. BobJ says:

    It is becoming clear that the only strategy the tories have is to make impossible demands and when they get refused and the UK economy gets walloped to blame those evil furriners for sticking to the rules. Sadly many in England will just suck up what they hear in the media and believe them.

    What is really beginning to piss me off is the continuing silence from the SNP about any kind of positive vision of what an independent Scotland could be like. There is a case to be made and I thought they had been voted into place to work towards an independent Scotland, not just manage the crap dumped on us by Westminster.

    Admittedly they are doing a good job of this but given the godalmighty clusterfeck that is bearing down on us we need a damn sight more than competent management, we need a bit more fire and conviction. They seem to be stuck in “mustn’t say anything that the Daily Mail might misinterpret” mode which is probably why so many votes were lost in the last election. It’s just not good enough.

  13. Going out with a bang, Sam! Brilliant and thought-provoking piece on which to end your stint in the chair – for which many thanks.

  14. Republicofscotland says:

    Alas, we are a colony and not sovereign, Westminster can do what it likes to North Britain.

    • That definitely demonstrates that Scotland is currently a colony and in no way a partner in a Union of equals. Hard to to take but obviously correct. Thanks for the link.

  15. Alex Clark says:

    Sam thank you for that a brilliant article that cuts to the nub. You’ve been a great stand in for TWGD as per and not surprised he trusts you with ownership while he’s away. All the best.

  16. Iona says:

    More than able stand-in Macart. Have thoroughly enjoyed your posts.Many thanks!

  17. Stan Wilson says:

    Sam, have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and along with many who follow Paul, definitely believe you should have your own blog.
    Thank you again.

  18. JimMc says:

    “About now, they have every reason to feel more than a little concerned. They have more than a little reason to feel betrayed by UK central government and the wider UK population.” – Totally agree, however not all EU workers understand the issues.

    I was getting my hair cut by a young Polish quine this afternoon and brought the conversation around to Brexit, and asked her opinion. She said “Oh, I’ll be OK I have a house here with my boyfriend and I have a job”. Her boss then piped up, laughing “We’ll be OK, who’s going to cut your hair if all the Polish go home”.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell them. 😕

  19. m biyd says:

    It’s embarrassing to be associated with this incompetence however unwillingly. Are there any Scots, Irish or Welsh members on the English, I mean UK, negotiating team?

  20. John Vosper says:

    I have enjoyed your WGD stand-in these last few weeks .Do you have a blog of your own ? I would be interested in signing up for it, if you do.
    Thank you.

  21. benmadigan says:

    Sam – you’re the tops at “minding the shap”!

  22. grumpydubai says:

    Once again another brilliant post. Thank you.

    Just one thing – to realise what you say we need YES and the SNP, especially the latter to get the ball rolling.

    Of course I expect some comment to these words but even at my age, my patience wears thin.

  23. Soar Alba says:

    Thank you Sam.

  24. Movy says:

    Thanks Sam. Really enjoyed your posts.

  25. john 58 says:

    Just plain and simple. Thanks Sam,

  26. Therapymum says:

    Excellent post Sam. And unfortunately, scarily accurate. The mess that is Brexit continues with totally incompetent negotiators from a totally incompetent government. Thanks for your posts over the last two weeks. Love your humour.
    Please carry on blogging.

  27. Alba woman says:

    Thank you so much for your excellent writing. I always feel I am reading the words of a caring, intelligent guy. Saor Alba

  28. Waiting for Scotland says:

    Thank you sir for your thought provoking essays.

    I have been thinking there is only one solution to resolving Brexit, apart from calling the whole thing off. The formation of a national government. It should have been convened on June 24, 2016.

    Made up of the leaders/deputies of the four nations, the members of the Privy council, and the respective Parliamentary Party leaders in Westminster, this should have been our response from the start. After all, these are the people we actually elected to run UKPlc. It should have been a joint effort across all parties. It is that important. Even Sinn Fein would have attended this.

    The fact that this did not happen, means Brexit will be the hardest of all possible Brexit’s. It will certainly result in a deep recession at the very least. Three to five years at a minimum. Depression level in the UK. If their is a need for another series of bank bailouts, it will trigger riots, if not civil wars.

    It has become the idiocy of our times that our futures are in the hands of a group of Eurosceptic cranks, who can’t even decide among themselves what they are doing. This is why it will be a disaster.

    For the New Imperialists and their allies, Trump and Putin, it will truly be mission accomplished – and back to the good old bad old days for us all.

    We must cut our losses and get out before they start putting our sons and daughters in harms way.
    I don’t think I could live with the shame of our people aiding and abetting such a future.

    ScotRef in 2019. Independent by 2021. Just in time for our Nation’s first truly national election of the modern era.

    Hey, a guy can dream 🙂

    • Again, Waiting for Scotland, I seem to recall that it was Dylan(Zimmermann) who mused:- ‘I’ll let you be in my dream, if I can be in yours.’
      It is no dream, it is happening. We are closing down their nasty little Union, and ‘taking back control’ of our Government.
      Let none stand in our way now.
      We voted for it, so it shall happen.
      Looks like Ruth Davidson has added non executive Director on the Board of one of the Big House Builders to her list of post political job appointments.
      The Dying Herald and Ruth the Mooth. What a combo.
      The Findo Gask Advertiser is about to overtake Magnus’ Mouthpiece in daily sales methinks.

  29. astytaylor says:

    Thank you for the posts. Macart. Always interesting reading.

  30. As you step aside, Sam, Davidson re-enters the fold via the obliging Herald Britland with her latest brilliant idea to build more council houses. The Tories are planning ahead. Build more council houses and slap a for sale sign on them at the next election.
    Vote Tory and buy your house on the cheap.
    Yet another ‘will say’, and ‘in extracts from her speech’ dross from what passes as journalists at the Dying Herald..
    Fourth Estate, Fifth Column.
    She’s been in hiding for two weeks while her rag bag of fascists perverts bigots xenophobes and racists are welcomed back into the fold by Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser.
    I wonder if a flute band played at the Welcome Back Ceremony.
    Was she locked up fo two weeks on a health farm getting trim for her next photo shoot astride some unsuspecting beast or another?
    Speaking of unsuspecting beasts, where has Wee Wullie been hiding himself?
    ‘In his speech today, the Lib Dem Front Man will urge the Bad SNP to stop being the bad SNP…’
    Oh, god, it’s September already…
    Thanks a bunch for a great gig, Macart.
    You can throw off your caution hat once more and dig your talons into this mob of freeloading evil wee chancers with renewed gusto.
    Welcome back, WGD. Put that ‘paper down, there’s much work to be done.

    We are all slurping coffee and typing at the same time now.
    The hour is at hand.

    • Macart says:

      Clocked some of this bullshit from Davidson last night Jack. Paywall and all, I’m assuming the following didn’t appear in the Herald piece. Y’know, the journalism bit?

      From Scotgov site:


      Over the duration of this Parliament we will continue to invest in regeneration activity to stimulate inclusive economic growth and tackle inequality in disadvantaged communities. This will include delivery of the £25 million Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (RCGF) in partnership with local government. RCGF projects funded to date are anticipated to support or create more than 3,000 jobs, refurbish and bring back in to use 75 buildings, including a number of historic and landmark buildings, create more than 55,000 square metres of business space and support numerous community facilities.

      Through our Empowering Communities Fund we are supporting over 300 community organisations

      Housing, planning and social isolation

      Working in partnership with local authorities and housing associations, we will invest more than £572 million this financial year in the affordable housing supply programme. Local authorities have been allocated a share of £406 million grant subsidy to deliver more affordable homes for 2016-17, over £100 million more than the previous year. This is the start of our five-year commitment to deliver 50,000 homes with 35,000 of them for social rent. We will also continue to help people buy an affordable home through our shared equity programmes.

      The planning system has a critical role to play in supporting continued growth and investment and creating great places. Following the recommendations of the recent independent planning review, we have outlined immediate actions and will bring forward a Planning Bill early in the Parliamentary session which will maintain our commitment to a strong, high-performing system that enables housing and infrastructure delivery and supports quality of life of all our communities by promoting quality of place and the public interest. (ends)

      Or maybe Ruth is simply unaware that stuff happens without requiring her input?

      • But still the Dying Herald prints the Brit Nat shit unfettered by anything as pesky as fact checking, Sam.
        The Record View is at it today, hidden in among all their Soprana glorifying gangster stories, rapes and Fucking Magic Sellick and Ranjurs exclusives.
        Sturgeon should forget Independence because there is no oil revenue left.
        Somebody should tell Norway that one.
        Clegg and Company treat their readership as though they were as thick as pig shit. Bums and tits, Ranjurs’ ‘Stars’ scoops, and the Racing Card.
        Of course if they consider that they are writing to appease and fool morons, what class of hack does that take?
        No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.
        The oil is not running out, Clegg. Your Tory Pals are giving it away to their relatives on the boards of the Oil Giants.
        We know that. Why don’t you?
        Of course you do. You don’t mind England stealing our assets for the good of your Glorious Union do you?

  31. Andy Anderson says:

    Brilliant Sam, as always.

    Your Brexit comments are accurate. I see that idiot Liam Fox is blaming the EU for everything.

    In Germany on holiday at present. They on the whole cannot understand AM or why we voted to go.

  32. Macart says:

    Apologies for not archiving, but the independent always goes doolally in the attempt.

    Anyroads, yet another ‘who knew(?)’ moment.

    • If only we had told them in June 2016, Sam.
      Imagine being a ‘ex pat’ pensioner on the Costas watching as the pensions money in their GBP bank account dissolves before their eyes.
      And still they don’t know whether Spain, Italy, and Dordoigneshire will ship them back to Blighty with only the clothes on their back.
      1/3rd of a million pensioners registering with the English NHS at a stroke.
      I think I’ll invest in Zimmer and Co..
      Over this side, Homeland Security is merrily deporting everyone and anyone.
      Madness stalks the leafy lanes of England.
      Indyref 2 October 2018 is my bet.
      We shall be free.

      • Macart says:

        Killer blow Jack, was the assumption that this is happening because ‘Brexit has hit’.

        No. No it hasn’t. The UK is still part of the EU until the A50 talks have been concluded or abandoned in a stroomph. What we’re seeing now is merely the outer squalls of the shit storm. The water is still receding on the tsunami and very soon now it will crest on the horizon and then start travelling back toward the UK at a rate of knots.

        When Brexit does ‘hit’? You won’t be far enough inland.

        Believe it.

        • Perhaps I’ll pitch a tent atop the Old Kilpatrick Hills, Sam. Lots of creamed rice pudding and Guinness for two years should just about do it.
          You’re correct of course. We still have 18 months before the New Zealand Lamb and hormone infused Texas Bully arrives.
          This is the £ performing WITHIN the EU.
          In 12 months time, I doubt that many Scots citizens will think No Deal Brexit is an option worth considering. Many of our neighbours to the South may see the direction in which we are travelling, independence within the EU , and start migrating northwards over the next year or so..
          Vote Yes/Remain will be the theme of the Oct ’18 Referendum.
          A slam dunk by then.

          • Yeah, autumn 2018 is my bet as well Jack.
            You know, the Tory “plan” for exisiting the E.U is going swimmingly. Have no plan, blame the 27 for the failure of the talks, and with the unstinting assistance of the British M.S.M, walk away from the sham of the negotiating table without the merest semblance of a deal in place.
            We are already seeing the beginning of the establishment propoganda machine in action with headlines in the Mail/Express castigating the nasty foreigners for their so-called intransigence, when they are merely defending the rights of their citizens.
            And now we have Fox using the emotive term blackmail, a description of the attitude of the 27 which is not only inaccurate, but also deeply insulting to the remaining members of the E.U.
            The end result will be an economic catastrophe for the present U.K, and it is indeed fortunate that we have an escape route, hopefully voting Yes to being an independent country once again, and taking our place as the 28th nation of the E.U.

      • AnnieM says:

        Tell me about it Jack. As that expat pensioner in Spain my state pension (not very big to start with) gets smaller every month. The only consolation at the moment is that the cost of living here is much less.

        I know that Spain have a bit if a habit of shooting themselves in the foot, but I can’t really see them throwing us out because, certainly in Andalucia, we are their ‘magic money tree’!

        Of course, whether we can afford to pay for private health care will be another matter.

        • O course there will be a reciprocal health deal, Annie. It would be impossible to manage health care on both sides otherwise. Given that something must be in place by March 2019, you’d have thought that sorting out the Health Deal would have been a ‘quick win’ as both sides would have been pushing against an open door in any negotiaitons.
          But, hey, it’s only pensioners; who cares about their future?
          Not the Blue Red and Yellow Tories at WM, that’s for sure.
          Look after the pennies, Annie.
          Hasta la vista

  33. emilytom67 says:

    SNP just another political party very little to say and even less being done,bunch of self seeking fearties.”not a sound was heard not a funeral march as the body was carried to the ramparts.”where if theres no revival will be dumped over the ramparts.

  34. Toni says:

    No patience required, Your posts are always entertaining and informative. Thanks.

  35. Robert Graham says:

    With David Davis in the good old US of A , and Mayhem and Fox in Japan , things ain’t looking good for a settlement with the EU , so will that make the channel tunnel redundant now ? It’s pretty obvious the media are gearing up for a quick Exit with the usual excuses to follow, they are not working on negotiations with the EU they are working on excuses, and every excuse will blame the EU .

  36. Just listened to Davidson’s garble on GMS. She really doesn’t have a clue about anything; and I mean anything.
    She is retreating into her ‘parish council ‘ Holyrood role. Brexit has nothing to do with her now.
    The Rape clause? Not me, gov.
    £1 billion cuts to Scots Public Spending? Nothing to do with me,gov.130,000 Scots pensioners living below the poverty line. Nothing to do with the Ruth Davidson Party.
    Single market? Freedom of Movement? Customs posts? Nothing to do with me ,Gov. I’m Ruth, filler of pot holes, Public Conveniences Guru, builder of New Towns to flog off as bribes.
    I have nothing whatsoever to do with the WM Tories leaving the EU. Not my pay grade.
    What new bridge?
    What a waste of oxygen this wee woman has become.
    Davidson, Your party is riddled with racists bigots sex perverts and Scotland Deniers, a vile little group of sociopaths whom you and your nasty little Holyrood gang actively cultivated.
    Crawl back under the stone beneath which you have been cowering for the past fortnight.
    You weren’t missed..

  37. Deelsdugs says:

    Great post Sam.

  38. Republicofscotland says:


    According to Mhairi Black in the National newspaper, Corbyn wasn’t even aware that Scotland has its own legal system, during his five day jaunt to the Scottish colony.

    Nor had Corbyn been aware of the £100 million the SNP government spend to off-set Tory cuts, when he shouted loudly to anyone who’d listen in the Scottish colony that the SNP weren’t trying hard enough to counter Tory cuts.

    • Both correct – he was either VERY badly briefed or he simply didn’t give a hoot what he said as long as it was “ESSENNPEE BAD”! He has really sunk in my estimation ….

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