The false flag patriotism of the Tories

This blog isn’t patriotic enough. It needs to be published with a red white and blue background and a rousing chorus of Rule Britannia ought to start automatically whenever you load the page. Andrea Leadsom said so. Asking questions about the negative consequences of Brexit means that you’re in cahoots with Brussels and are a purveyor of fake news. Whenever anyone in the British government mentions Brexit, the only appropriate response is to click your ruby red white and blue slippers together and say “There is no place like outside the EU” three times, while waving a union fleg. In fact, really, you ought to have one tattooed on your face so that you can display your patriotism at all times. While you’re at it, you can also get plastic surgery so you can get union jack buttons implanted into the back of your head. All the easier for Tank Commander Ruth to parade in uniform all over your brain.

Tories are very keen on parades. Well, at least certain kinds of parade. The Tories don’t mind Orange parades, because Orange parades don’t question the status quo. But they especially like military parades, and the reason the Tories like military parades so much is becase soldiers have to obey orders. The glorification of the military means that the focus is on the instrument and not on the intent or the purpose. They stop us asking what the UK military is for, why we spend so much more on it than other countries of a similar size, why it is prioritised over other issues like providing decent homes. Patriotism and pageantry mean questions don’t get asked and rights don’t get asserted. The fleg waving and bunting is what the Tories think that public involvement in a democracy should be, and not the parades of angry residents of London estates protesting that their homes are too dangerous to live in. In the Conservative world view, the role of the citizen is to march obediently in uniform, or to wave a flag and cheer.

Andrea Leadsom’s comments about patriotism give us an insight into what the UK so narrowly avoided. Had Theresa May won the crushing majority she’d been looking for, the British government would indeed have crushed all opposition and marginalised all criticism. It would have had the power to define Brexit entirely by itself, a Brexit designed to destroy the regulations, rules, and standards that allow those of us who aren’t blessed with great wealth rely upon to ensure that there is a basic standard of decency and humanity. Pointing out that living standards, jobs, and public services were at threat would have been given much the same reception by the government as a reporter from the Sun at a convention of Liverpool fans.

The reason that Andrea is so keen to silence criticism of Brexit is because Brexit is shaping up to be a disaster of epic proportions, and all the innovative jam on the planet won’t get the UK out of the jam its in. The country is lurching from one crisis to another as the consequences of Tory, and previous Labour, mismanagement catch up with us. Cuts to councils and inadequate fire regulations and inspection lead to housing that’s unfit for habitation. Cuts to policing exacerbate the risk of terrorism that’s inflated by a vain and aggressive foreign policy. Cuts to the civil service, and there’s no one left to negotiate a path along the yellow brick road of Brexit to the land of Out.

During the EU referendum the constant refrain from the leave campaign was that leaving the EU would allow the UK to make its parliament sovereign again. It was about taking back control. It now transpires that they really meant it was the office of the Prime Minister which was going to take control. Brexit means the final reduction of the Mother of Parliaments to the Smother of Democracy, a rubber stamp for decisions made by the Prime Minister. England had a civil war over an attempt by the monarchy to seize absolute power, but when the Prime Minister seizes absolute power it gets fawning praise on the front cover of the right wing newspapers. That’s not patriotism, that’s the theft of democracy.

Theresa May wanted to use Brexit so she could seize power for power’s sake. The Tories have no visions, no dreams, nothing for us to hope for. All they can offer is more of the same, more austerity, more private gain at public expense, more axes taken to public services, more broken families, more restricted horizons, more tears and hunger. Now the only reason she’s still in office is because no one else wants to take responsibility for damage that will be wrought by the tempest that’s looming on the not so distant horizon. This is what happens when politics has been debased to the extent that it’s simply a means for political parties to put their own interests first and foremost.

There’s the patriotism of the Tories, which is a false patriotism and a false participation, controlled, directed, and serving no ends other than the reinforcement of existing power, or there’s real patriotism. Real patriotism means being engaged with your country. It means getting informed. It means debating the issues. It means getting angry at politicians who take you for granted. It means having a voice and using it to ask difficult and awkward questions. The Tories don’t like real patriotism, but then they don’t understand the difference between patriotism and jingoism.

The Tories want us to shut up and obey in the name of patriotism. Real patriotism means that we must continue to ask questions, continue to demand answers, continue to be engaged, to be involved, and to protest and complain. Real patriotism means that we remember that once democracy ceases to be an exercise in mass participation it ceases to be democratic. Real patriotism means demanding that citizens have a right to decent housing, to food for their families, to jobs and participation in an economy that doesn’t strip them of dignity. Real patriotism means remembering that Scotland is a nation that voted against Brexit, and insisting that Scotland has a say on its outcome. Real patriotism means resisting the jingoism of the Tories, the false flag patriotism.

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46 comments on “The false flag patriotism of the Tories

  1. Nick Aitken says:

    On the subject of patriotism and national anthems , how many other anthems in the world praise an individual (the U.K. Queen) rather than the country, its rivers and mountains? Nick Aitken Kingussie

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    • Seph says:

      The original words to the tune that is now the Deutschlandlied (German national anthem) were ‘Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser’, referring to Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor.

      I live nearby Hampden Park, and overhearing the recent Scotland vs England match I was struck by the different responses of the fans to their respective national anthems: O Flower of Scotland got a rousing response from the crowd, proudly singing along; God Save the Queen, otoh, had the England supporters mumbling along in an embarrassed sort of way.

    • Guga says:

      Don’t forget the verse in the English national anthem about “rebellious Scots to crush”.

      • Robert Harrison says:

        And yet we are still here the British are all talk by British it’s mainly the English and next time one of those bigots south of the border says we should f off as we are a drain im gona taunt them with you ain’t gonna do shit

  2. daveyone1 says:

    Reblogged this on World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum..

  3. douglasclark says:

    Your final paragraph sums up what I think exactly.


  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug The false flag patriotism of the Tories […]

  5. David Agnew says:

    The tories do not believe in society. A concept like community is alien to them. They can’t wrap their heads round a notion that someone out of a desire to do good, may be involved in some sort of public service or public office They cannot understand how a “nation” can be rich. But they do get the idea of selfishness. They understand the idea of rich individuals. They are a party committed to the idea of individualism. Or as one old wise man said, the eternal search for a moral justification for being selfish. Ann Raynd would be right at home here. If she had written “Atlas Shrugged” in the UK, the hero would be Nigel Farage. To them patriotism is nothing more than a tool. Something to keep the plebs in line. Marx said religion was the opium of the people. To the Tory: jingoistic militarism and the royal family is a far better opiate than any religion.
    What you get for your money is a poundland Grand Duchy of Fenwick, All the bunting, the UK themed chintz and a blurry weepy eyed vision of a green and pleasant land, with its airfix model kit history channeling an old Commando comic book. It has induced in me a powerful “British” cultural cringe. And I don’t even believe there is such a thing as British identity. Hell even the proud Scots but Brigade fiercely deny such a thing exists. I am hugely embarrassed by Britain. I am mortified by the idea of being though of as British. It increasingly feels like an insult. A slang term for something more offensive. But they’re British too. So it seems what they’re really doing is gloating that you are just as ****ed as they are…and honestly, who does that?

    There are times that losing the 1st Indyref feels like I won a shitty consolation prize of some Union Jack socks, some union jack Y-fronts and a Tea Cloth with the queens stern and grim fizog on it.

    What fresh hell is this I wonder? What exactly is the Union for? At a glance it seems like it was designed to annoy SNP voters. Which is dumb as they weren’t around when the Union got started. When exactly did this Union stop being useful and actively be rolled out like a bad joke in a Xmas cracker. “Who is too wee and too poor?” : Scotland! Oh hahahaha stop it Kez me unionist sides be splitting.

    Was the UK always this shit and up itself at the same time? Was I was too blind to see it? Or was it simply that having avoided the question for so long, the UK managed to distract so many of us from seeing how cringe inducing it is to be Scottish and part of the UK. A Union were Scotland is paid to pretend its British and ain’t that grand? How in the name of God can it be grand? What is so grand about believing that Scotland is so bereft of any redeeming qualities that we had to become a nation of Union Jack themed novelties instead?

    Now the tories are playing a patriotism card and ruthless Ruth is cos-playing as an Action man drag act. The OO are marching about Glasgow playing shitty tin whistle versions of Blake’s Jerusalem and celebrating their status as Chintzy quirky British folk that travel books would refer to politely as “local color”.

    All the while Europe is looking at this cretinous Uniom jacked bedecked, drooling simpleton called the UK and wondering how soon they can get rid of the boorish bastards, so they can open all the windows and get the smell of Britain’s stupidity out of the seats.

    Me? Short of a 2nd Indyref, I am trying to figure out how to give this shitty consolation prize back.

    • FM says:

      I loved every word of that.

    • Keep that passion going, David. An excellent raging at the machine,sir.
      Paul’s excellent barb at Leadsom and the quite ridiculous and insulting sight of a wee fat person in battle fatigues serves to remind us all of just how little these very dangerous people think of the Scottish electorate.
      “Real patriotism means remembering that Scotland is a nation that voted against Brexit, and insisting that Scotland has a say on its outcome. Real patriotism means resisting the jingoism of the Tories, the false flag patriotism.”
      Brewer was at it again today on the quite risible amateurish wee Sunday Politics show.
      He kept banging on about Indyref 2 while banging on about the EssEnnPee banging on about Indyref 2.
      Well, Ian Blackford, new leader at WM was having none of it, despite Brewer referring to the dreaded EssEnnPee’s position on Brexit, and options for 62% Remain Scotland, if as anticipated, Brexit hits the fan as ‘ludicrous’..
      Good start, Ian, keep it up.
      At thew close of the programme Katie Grant and Kevin Pringle were encouraged by Just To Be Clear Gordon to agree with him that the EssEnnPee lost votes because they keep banging on about Indyref 2, and offered his completely unbiased and unasked for editorial, that the EssEnnPee should remove the ‘threat’ ,but the EssEnnPee would call that ‘an opportunity’, of Indyref 2, that Nicola Sturgeon should take Indyref 2 off the table until after the 2021 SGE, and perhaps not resurrect it until ‘the mid ’20s or beyond.
      God, this man has just simply lost it.
      We wait a decade, and see how crippling Brexit is for 6 or 7 years, before we even consider Self Determination as an option?
      Brewer, I know you read this site.
      Stop insulting half the population of Scotland. You are becoming an embarrassment; good for a laugh, in your pathetic attempts to justify Brexit.
      Their Man in Brussels gave us the low down on what the EU are up to.
      They’re pretty Together he revealed, but eager to do a deal with Britland. Aye, right.
      A wee piece on the CFP, with that chap who is always in photies with Colonal Davidson, positively salivating about all the money he’s going to make when the North Sea id a Klondyke once more.
      What a pathetic little sideshow BBC Politics has become.
      Well, Mr Brewer, the timetable remains. By October 2018, we shall know full well what Brexit means, and what is in store for us Up Here.
      It is ‘ludicrous’ for you as a so called political reporter/analyst to tout such Union Flag waving nonsense.
      We are not waiting any longer.
      There is a Brexit timetable, and a window to mount Indyref 2 within that timetable.
      Katie Grant was her usual Ultra Right Wing Unionist self (what the fuck is going on at Glasgow Uni? Is it a Unionist Enclave entirely now?)
      Kevin Pringle knew fine what Brewer was at and was having none of it.
      If you repeat the mantra often enough, you firm up our resolve to stick to the Scottish Government’s agenda, and time frame.
      There are tens of thousands of families living in fire traps in England, because Blair, Brown, Cameron, and May rewarded the rich, and weakened the Social Contract with the ordinary people in all 4 nations on these isles, rewarding the wealthy with more wealth, and buying Bombs, rather than securing the health, safety and financial security of the ordinary citizen.
      What part of political and social breakdown does Gordon Brewer not understand?

      • Stan Wilson says:

        Well said Sir, Gordon Brewer has turned himself into a joke, no longer a serious interviewer, his only claim to notoriety is as a Leasom propaganda outlet, (oops, sorry meant to say “patriot”). I must admit that I used to enjoy the program, but now refuse to watch any BBC political programs due to their blatant bias. Unfortunate that Russian political programs are considered to have less propaganda bias than the BBC, in my humble opinion.

    • That was thank you to both David, and Jack too.

    • Macart says:

      I think you’ve nailed it top to bottom.

      Very well said David.

    • Lizzie55 says:

      Exactly…every word just right. Thank you.

  6. ockletycockletywitch says:

    BREXIT: What an overweight Yorkshire lass (not unlike myself) does when she sits down on a dodgy plastic garden chair!

    Brilliant piece, as ever, Paul. As for Ms Leadsom’s comments regarding the BBC – if Aunty were any more patriotic she would lose what little remaining credibility she has!

    • Happened to me several times, Wendy. In Acton, Ontario, beside my bruv’s pool, another time in Labenne in France.
      Plastic rubbish if you aske me!
      Nothing to do with my weight (at the time.)

  7. Guga says:

    I was watching a documentary on RT yesterday about North Korea. The people in the capital appeared to be utterly brainwashed drones that toe the party line, and kept on about how their country was the “happiest country in the world”.

    I’ll bet that if MayHem had got her large majority and used it to start her autocracy, she would be hoping that the hoi polloi here would end up like these North Koreans.

    However, the documentary did not show anything about the lives of the plebians living outside of the capital and in the rural areas, where extreme poverty and malnutrition are the norm, and which is totally ignored by the wee fat man in charge of North Korea.

    MayHem would surely feel at home in such a “happy” country, where the masses were ignored and treated like shit.

  8. AnnieM says:

    Gracious me, that Nicola Sturgeon is banging on about independence again. LOL!

    The Yoons aren’t going to like this thoughtful speech, but it’s just wee Nicola, as per usual, thinking about what’s best for her beloved country.

    • Damned if we do, damned if we don’t, AnnieM.

      It is clear from her article that our FM is still offering the hand of collaboration and partnership to the UK in describing a ‘joined up’ Negotiating Team, and indeed cross Party Alliance, as the way forward on Brexit negotiations now that May’s coup ‘d’état failed.

      Scotland voted 62% Remain, and the alternative Plan put forward by the Scottish Government, to remain within the SM, freedom of movement and employment in Scotland but under Scottish Gov control is doable; witness the hoops that May and her NBF Arlene are prepared to jump through to maintain open borders, ‘special’ customs and tariff rules, between the N and S of Ireland.
      If NS and the Scottish Government did a Pontius Pilate and walked away from the EU talks, or took Indyref 2 off the table, the Yoonsters would have a feeding frenzy.
      May will totter along until the summer recess, and nothing will happen during July August and September, unless Davis bumps into Junker on a beach in the Algarve.
      Incredibly there has been no formal rejection of the Scottish Government’s Plan for Europe, probably because the UK feels that there is no need for official rejection, because, well, it’s only Scotland.
      BBC Breakfast describes May’s imminent speech as her plans to ‘protect’ the right of EU workers in the UK.
      The five year plan does nothing of the sort of course.
      The iron curtain is being drawn across the shores of the UK as I write.
      This can only end one way.
      Engwalland out of Europe completely,holed under the waterline, sinking badly but inexorably, while Scotland maintains EU membership as an thriving modern independent nation once again.
      Brewer knows that, yet he still spouts Yoon pish on a Sunday, like Chemical Ali on speed.

      • AnnieM says:

        I think that Nicola, once again, has been very clever. By making absolutely no mention of independence (therefore neither ruling it in or out) and sticking to the topic of the moment, ie Brexit, she is lobbing the ball furmly into the Yoons court.

        Now that Colonel Harrison has decided to go for a ‘soft’ Brexit, she can’t really argue with this statement, although she will!

  9. Dave Hansell says:

    “but when the Prime Minister seizes absolute power it gets fawning praise on the front cover of the right wing newspapers.”

    Not just the newspapers, unfortunately, but also hordes of our fellow citizens who unthinkingly latch on to every lie and half truth. Preferring to fall for the divide and rule approach which scapegoats others rather than make the effort of thinking critically. Sometimes it feels like living on an island full of Uriah Heep clones, tugging their forelocks, doffing their caps and dragging everyone else down with the sinking ship. Without these gullible useful idiots with their double standards and hypocrisy the plastic patriotism of the one percenters would be going nowhere.

    This place is starting to feel like Easter Island before the extinction.

    • JGedd says:

      Excellent comment. I know exactly how you feel. Eloquently summed up. It sometimes feels like ” Invasion of the Bodysnatchers “. These are strange and disconcerting times, though this situation is probably as old as civilization itself. Ancient social behaviours are still inherent even in sophisticated societies, we ignore them at our peril.

      Democracy is easily subverted if people themselves connive at it. Democracy does not necessarily fall, it can just morph incrementally into a mocking travesty of itself. In an era of mass communication people can be persuaded to give themselves up to ill-considered groupthink and the need to belong becomes unthinking tribalism.

      Complicated and reasoned arguments can be lost in the noise of simplistic ideas which can be sloganized. Think of Brutus and Mark Antony in the forum addressing the mob in turn. Writers before George Orwell were uneasy about how receptive people were to being cloned in a mob, to give up any critical thinking and surrender to simple, primitive ideas.

      In the recent general election campaign in Scotland, when considering the SNP campaign contrasted with the relentless, one slogan campaigning of the Unionist parties, I was reminded again of that famous scene with Brutus and Mark Antony.

  10. Macart says:

    They are trying to equate/conflate patriotism with their own party. If you’re not Tory, you’re not patriotic.

    Colour me NOT patriotic then. Not by their definition. Voting or supporting conservatism to not give a shit about anyone but yourself simply isn’t in me.

    I won’t vote for or support the greedy or self interested. I won’t vote so a party can marginalise, manipulate and sub divide their own population. I won’t vote for those who preach and practice the politics of hatred, wars of profit, patronage and entitlement. I certainly don’t equate Conservatism with the myth of prudent and business minded government.

    It is this UK which is mired in debt, social deprivation, has voted for isolationism and intolerance, right? A UK which has enjoyed the benefits of a two party hegemony for over a hundred years and who have managed successfully to always pass the buck for their own clusterfucks. For NEVER accepting responsibility. Quite a legacy they’ve left everyone.

    This is the UK which successive central governments created. Their practice of politics. Their idea of government and social order. No one else did this TO the UK. Our own political class, the system they support and of course… a public who allowed themselves to be told what their opinion should be.

    As angry as we should be at ourselves for allowing these bastirts to get away with it for so very long, we should cut ourselves some slack. They controlled the message and the messenger for all of this time. Control, or get into bed with, the messenger and you effectively control the opinion of the populace. Our guardian. Our watchdog. The fourth estate. Laydeeeez an ginnamin! Haygiffyooz, the messed(up) ranks of the UK media. They’ve done a bang up job of informing and protecting the public over the years, now haven’t they? Personally the words ‘aided and abetted’ spring to mind.

    So, no. No I won’t wave a fleg in support of this appalling government, or those who support it. I won’t have them tell me who I am or supposed to be either. That’s my job.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      Brilliant, Sam. Absolutely spot-on. We maybe can “cut ourselves some slack” but we need to bear a wee share of the blame, for all that. If we had done what we do a bit better, maybe we could have broken through the MSM bullshit a wee bit sooner?

    • Stan Wilson says:

      Sorry, but I copied your comment for ‘re-posting as it is so spot on, hope you don’t mind.

  11. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    OH WOW!!! Paul and everyone of the commenter on this blog should be given medals! What a wonderful, clear thinking group we all are! NOW the challenge… GET THESE WORDS OUT IN PUBLIC!! Sorry for the shouty bit but we are fighting for our very lives, all of our lives and our country! Blogs and comments like this should be pushed through every door in our precious land. We have to wake the people up!! Some of us are awake but, sorry to say so many are not! Paul I beg you to run this as your column in the National. I’ll buy every copy in my area and push it through each letter box in my area to try to get folks thinking!!!
    Well done everyone of you!!

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      Don’t apologise for shouting … I think it’s time we shouted a bit. Getting heard over the static from Yoons and MSM takes a wee bit o’ volume!

  12. Robert Graham says:

    Despite their best efforts to keep everyone in the dark about the negotiations, they will be published in full for all to see , the EU trust the tories as much as we do , Lets see how our press and media try and turn facts in favour of this tory regime , worth a laugh if nothing else .

    • Robert Harrison says:

      It’s already funny watchin them suffer right now davis and his English only team not looking like anything really gone there way plus the knifes are getting sharpened for mays back it seems by the cons as its rumored that another tory leadership contest is on the table with names like boris Johnson and even rape clause ruthie in the hat of names for the job ruthie was reported on the daily politics as 50/1 to be tory leader if mays out

      • Annie Martin says:

        Ruthie is not even an MP, how on earth can she be PM?

        Sorry, stupid question, this is the Tories we’re talking about here and anything goes with them as long as it suits their purpose!

  13. Andimac says:

    Apropos of “patriotism”, I see that the Tories have now concluded their pact with the DUP (Dinosaur Ulster Prods). I wonder how much – of our money – it has cost us to pay for this shameful pact. Surely a case of, “We were bought and sold wi’ oor ain gold – Sic a parcel o’ rogues in a nation!” I suspect that the DUP will lead the Tories a merry dance – and all to the tootle of the flute and boom of the Lambegs. Welcome to the UK – where it’s only 1690 and the future is Orange!

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      £1.5bn plus is what it will cost, Andimac. And nary an extra “Barnett” penny for Wales and Scotland because this bribe is deemed a special “block grant”. It’s a gift to the SNP and Plaid Cymru for all that, though! Properly used, it will stir up MUCH support for both.

      • Every DUP MP gets £150,000,000 to spend. And Colonial (not a typo) Davidson and her 13 Tories, plus newly elevated Lord Duncan of Laststrawcamel have nothing to say about it.
        They have no interest in the well being of Scots. They are mere puppets.
        Of course they are not there to represent and protect the rights of the Scots citizens who elected them.
        They’re there to represent the Far Right English Dominated alliance which is there to protect the interests of the Iron Heel London Establishment.
        They would close Holyrood tomorrow.
        We are at war in all but name now.
        Politically of course.

    • Guga says:

      I wouldn’t describe it as a “pact”. The correct term is a bribe, to the order of £1.5 billion. This is further borne out by the fact that neither Scotland or Wales will be getting any extra cash. The Tories just continue to steal money and resources from Scotland, and are now using part of their ill gotten gains to bribe the D.U.P.

      The people of Scotland badly need to get up off their knees, stop tugging their forelocks and waving the Butcher’s Apron, and to demand UDI, now.

      • ockletycockletywitch says:

        Right on the money (pun definitely intended), Guga. What a gift this disgraceful bribe should be to the SNP and Plaid Cymru, as long as we play our cards right!

  14. John Edgar says:

    Pacts have a habit of being betrayed or broken.
    This ungodly alliance between May, perhaps not even the Tory party, and the DUP, will collapse.
    The Tories are in purdah at the moment over the strong and steady leaderene.
    So, watch this space. It seems May and her faction are making a bolt for domination within the party. Chaos will ensue.
    As Labour under Corbyn is also ridden with factions, and Corbyn like May wants out of the DM and CU, then a Corbyn-May alliance too.Corbyn is sleekit, he dresses up leaving the EU as wanting to protect jobs and the economy, but does not say how in detail. He confuses outcome with process.
    So, the UK yoons at Westminster, the three stooge parties, are all riven and faction heavy. A recipe for chaos. I include the LibDems in the stooge set up because they will hang onto anyone while betraying their EU credentials. The Scottish ends of these parties are first and foremost Westminster-centrists, überyoons, so they will go along with their masters dahn sath.

  15. What David Agnew said.


  16. AnnieM says:

    If this £1.5 billion was not coming to NI anyway (and nothing to Scotland and Wales) how can it possibly be legal? This is surely blatant money for votes? How low will May stoop trying to get her own way?

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      As low as is (in her view) necessary for the preservation of Theresa May and the Tories, AnnieM! With this bribe she could pass under a snake’s belly while wearing a stovepipe hat!

  17. Paul, I’ve just read :-

    Policy paper

    The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union: safeguarding the position of EU citizens living in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU
    Published 26 June 2017

    Etiquette dictates that you get first dibs at this woeful wee document.

    59 measly obtuse paragraphs of mince a year after the Brexit vote. It was clearly cobbled together at the last minute last week.
    AnnieM in Spain will get a good laugh.

    The ‘EU27’ as this Discussion Document (it is certainly not a ‘Policy Paper’) labels the European Union will be rejected out of hand by the Commission.

    If I were a Silver Surfer on the Costas or Dordoigneshire, I’d be very worried indeed; not that our ‘expats’ get centre stage in this vague rambling 59 paragraph effort.

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