Welcome to Tory Britain

The alarm goes off and you drag yourself out of bed. Drudge, trudge, nursing a grudge against the alarm clock that rules you. You got through another sleepless night, tossing, turning, sitting upright at every sound at every creak at every voice in the distant night. The nightmare of fire burns in your mind. You open the blinds and the fire risk rubbish remains piled up against the side of your block. You’d reported it to the council and the woman in the housing office shrugged her austerity shoulders. We all have to tighten our belts said the Tory MP, as his party tightened its belt around the neck of the poor. We need to free up business he said, as he slashed through the regulations that keep us all safe. Chances for the rich to make more money are more important than the opportunity of the poor to rest easy in their beds. Austerity is paid for by the low paid, those struggling in poverty, the disabled and the disadvantaged. They pay for it in sleepless nights, in nightmare visions, they pay for it in the grief and death that come from a bonfire of red tape.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your compassion.

Up to labour away at a job that doesn’t pay. Crush your soul at a job you hate that barely puts food on the table. It will be okay you tell yourself. Things will be fine. Just work and work and don’t cause a fuss so you can keep that one pay cheque coming, the one that stands between you and homelessness because an unsafe home is better than no home at all. The paycheque that you juggle and stretch with the finesse of a circus act, one false move away from disaster. Avoiding disaster the only constant theme. The paycheque that just about allows you to buy a lottery ticket so you can fantasise of a better life, one where you can give the kids everything they want and need. But all you got was one odd number and no bonus. Defer the fantasy until next week, if you can afford to pay your two quid daydream tax.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your hope.

Waiting in the rain for the early morning bus to the warehouse where you work in the dark on a zero hours contract. You watch the expensive car go by, splashing the mud in the puddles. There might be a pension waiting for you in your late 70s if you live that long. That might even be before this damn bus arrives, with its fares that cost you an hour’s labour every day. Your kids might get to university if they do well enough at a school where the budget’s been slashed to the bone. They might even find jobs that let them pay down their debt. They might escape from the fate that consumes you, the never-ending slog, the hamster wheel, the knowledge that life is a exercise in lowering your expectations. The bus still hasn’t appeared. If you’re late again you might lose this job. Lose this job you lose your home. Lose your home you lose your dignity. That’s all you have left. There’s a price on dignity in this cold wet land where the only growth industries are foodbanks and tears.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your dreams.

The expensive car with its well upholstered seats is driven by a well upholstered man who voted for this, who helped it along, who’s happy with the way things are, who sneers at the idea that things could ever be different. He’ll be just fine. His upholstery protects him from the consequences of his vote. He’s got his magic money tree, it was planted by the bank of Mum and Dad and fertilised by their contacts then tended by networking. I’ve worked hard for what I’ve got, he says as he drives to the job that he landed because he went to the same private school as the guy who owns the business. I’m a wealth creator, he says as he pays his staff the minimum wage and looks forward to his bonus. He doesn’t buy a lottery ticket. That’s for suckers. He’s already won the lottery of life.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your aspiration.

Brexit is an opportunity, says the Tory politician. It’s an opportunity like a famine is an opportunity for rats and a plague a chance for fleas. Brexit is a chance to make a leaner meaner Britain, to rip up labour laws so that the guy in the expensive car can ponder his chances to make a few more quid on the backs of his workers. Cutting rights, cutting pay, cutting dignity. Dignity costs. You’ll be leaner, the state will be meaner. Brexit is a chance to make a better Britain, better for well upholstered men in well upholstered cars. Brexit Britain is better to blame migrants for your problems. It’s better to blame Europe for bent bananas than to blame the real causes of British decline. Better not blame corporate greed. Better not blame Tory xenophobia. Better not blame a lying press that deceives and cheats. Better hide away in insular ignorance.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your internationalism.

Public services reel and crumble. Atomised and broken, trade unions destroyed, society’s ties that bind untied and loosened. The disabled thrown to the wolves. The gulf between rich and poor grows wider than the gap between the late bus and the well upholstered car. It races off into the distance and leave the bus queue spattered in mud from the puddle. If you’re born poor you’ll never catch up. If you’re disabled you’ll never take part in the race. Society shatters and breaks open. The chasms open up and we fall down the cracks never to crawl out again. Chewed up and swallowed. The ashes of your dreams rise in the sky.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your solidarity.

£4 billion for Westminster palace. £400 million for Buckingham palace. £7.6 million in government funding for Wentworth House, the palacial home of Jacob Ree Mogg’s wife’s family. £5 million for the survivors of Grenfell Tower, no palace. It’s not a question of there being no money, it’s a matter of priorities. There’s quantative easing for bankers, billions conjured out of thin air. There’s grants and assistance aplenty, but only if you’re rich enough not to need it to survive. There is a magic money tree, at least there is for the rich and the well connected. But it’s not really magic, it’s just a cheap trick.

Welcome to Tory Britain, you’ll have had your consideration.

If you voted Tory, you’ve no one to blame but yourself. You voted for this. You voted to deprive your children of the chances you had. You voted to kick away the crutches of the disabled. You voted to turn your back on the world. You voted to demonise the migrants. You voted away your human rights. You didn’t vote to give Scotland a voice in Westminster, you voted to give Westminster a voice in Scotland. You voted for austerity. You voted for uncertainty. You voted for private greed. You voted for nightmares and sleepless nights.  You voted for a bonfire of regulations that ended in a bonfire, the wicker man for the greedy gods of Toryism looming over West London.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your say.

Scotland doesn’t want another divisive referendum, say the Tories as they build a wall between the haves and the have nots and make the poor pay for it. No more divisions, says the Conservative cant as it divides, destroys and dismays. Get back to the day job, the drudgery, the hard unrewarding slog. Get to the back of the queue. Be silent. Get back to your death trap and your sleepless nights. Do as you’re told. They crow, they trumpet triumphalism. They exhult in their gains. But they still lost. Their victories are hollow, full of sound and fury and resting on the backs of spineless politicians whose idea of standing up for Scotland is to stand to attention and obey when May barks an order. But they fought this campaign on one single issue, on saying no to another referendum. Yet Scotland still said no to the Tories. For all their strut and swagger, they lost.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your democracy.

Welcome to the story of Scotland. We didn’t vote Tory but we’ve got them anyway. Yet our hopes are still alive. Our dreams are still being dreamt. Our day will come, and it will come sooner than you might think. There’s no point in a Union that doesn’t serve the needs of one of the countries that form that union. Every cut that the Tories make, every life that the Tories shatter, brings the realisation closer that there is a better way. Tory Britain is the end of Britain, the pain we feel is the birth pains of a better Scotland. It’s coming yet. Unstoppable. Once you’ve learned how to hope it’s a lesson you can never unlearn. It’s within us. Disappointments have a beginning and an end, but hope is infinite. There is light and hope still, and there’s nothing Tory Britain can do to quench it. There’s a beacon of hope on the hill, a beacon of independence, and we’re heading towards it with our dignity intact. We are the tide. We cannot be stopped.

Welcome to Tory Britain. You’ll have had your United Kingdom.

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86 comments on “Welcome to Tory Britain

  1. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Keep holding on to the hope.

  2. Itchybiscuit says:

    Thanks Paul, as ever you’re devastatingly on point.

    We deserve better than this shambles of a Tory government led by an incompetent fool. Independence is the only way forward.

  3. astytaylor says:

    Thank you Paul.
    It’s coming yet for a’ that.

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  5. Eriador says:

    This is your best yet Paul.

    Thank you for your inspiration.

  6. MgtT says:

    This is great….I’m keeping this one

  7. AnnieM says:

    Fluffy saying again on the news tonight that he can’t see any reason for another Indyref before the next Scottish election in 2021. Why? The Scottish Government was democratically elected with Indyref2 in its manifesto.

    Sorry Fluffy, I know that you Tories don’t do democracy, but them’s the facts!

  8. scotvox says:

    Absolutely Paul. Couldn’t agree more

  9. Susie McCrae says:

    Beautiful, if heartbreaking, writing as ever Paul.
    I hope it’s soon 💛

  10. Tony L says:

    A powerful and heartfelt piece, but I look at the polls and the Tories still appear to have an advantage. Despite ALL they’ve done, many ordinary people vote for them. Why? in the name of the wee man, WHY?

    The top 10% I understand, it’s their way of life they want to preserve. In the last ten or so years, the real wage of the poorest has fallen by 10% while the income of the richest has risen by 110%. OF COURSE they’ll vote to maintain and preserve their positions of patronage and power. But what possesses ordinary working people to support these fascists?

    The Brits don’t “do” revolution, not like the “Continentals”, those that it seems more and more people are openly despising, but they have it right. Will it take a Revolution to change course? Well, maybe in England; in Scotland all it takes the fucking balls to vote for your own country. (Apologies for swearing). Have we been so cowered that we can no longer believe in ourselves, despite what’s happening to friends, family, and even ourselves?

    The Proclaimers have it right:
    We fight – when they ask us; We boast – then we cower; We beg for a piece of whats already ours

    Well I’m sick of begging.

    • An analysis of who voted what seems to suggest that it’s precisely the people who suffer from Tory policies vote for them, while the really disenfranchised don’t vote at all. I was amazed last night at some of the online remarks regarding the demo outside Downing St, it was all so negative. I want to hear about more people taking to the streets!

    • It’s brainwashing Tony. Over 310yrs, and probably beyond. When you see a ward in Craigneuk voting tory, it really makes you wonder, considering how the same party devastated that community.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      Well said.

  11. Carol Smith says:

    Wonderful writing. Heartfelt, sincere and direct. Very well done.

  12. asklair says:

    Thank you. Such powerful writing and inspiring

  13. Daisy Walker says:

    And they did this… this.. Tory Inferno, while still in Europe, imagine what damage they can reap, once they pull us out of Europe and throw away our Human Rights.

    Bastards’ll burn down all our houses, for a quick buck.

    Rape Clause Tories and their Brexit Badness.
    Tory DUPes and their Bigoted Madness
    Watch the people burn and jump, burn and jump
    Cold light of day, you can hide the count
    Rape Clause Tories

    Brexit means Burn and Jump

    Utter shame on anyone in Scotland who voter for this lot, utter, utter shame.

  14. A paddy in fife says:

    Wow, absolutely perfect

  15. Jan Cowan says:

    Another great read! Looking forward to seeing you in Thurso on the 29th. Will Ginger be with you or is the long journey too much for him?

  16. Thank you Paul for expressing what is unspeakable and unthinkable.

    David Lammy is absolutely right – everyone and the police should be FOCUSED on bringing pressure to bear:

    on the contractor to answer the charge of manslaughter
    on the council to answer the charge of manslaughter
    on the government to answer the charge of manslaughter

    We’ll get to the heart of the matter then about what happens when politicians and their legislators de-regulate the function of the state (it was once called building control).

    Other than that its degenerating into a media circus concerning the Tory party and not the victims.

    Only justice can speak for them.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      I wish the torys are guilty of fraud murder child molestation and gun running all crimes to average Joe yet no prosecutions or arrests against the torys its sick no wonder i want Britain to die

    • Seph says:

      Not just the corporations, though; given the footage that recently came to light, if there’s any justice Boris Johnson should wind up in gaol over this.

    • Therapymum says:

      I hope they do get justice! But is that likely with a public enquiry, led by an Establishment judge, conducting an enquiry on the Establishment? Or is Grenfell going to be another Hillborough, with a 30 year wait for the truth? The Sun has already started the blame game. You couldn’t write this.

      • Guga says:

        There will be the standard conclusion to the report, i.e. “lessons have been learned”. However, no individuals or bodies will be held to blame, no heads will roll, and nobody will end up being gaoled for culpable homicide.

        • Robert Harrison says:

          That is the most likely outcome yes expected nothing less of English torys and there loyal dogs

  17. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Wonderful Paul… can I please print this out for ‘distibution’ to those who can’t or won’t see the light??

  18. smac1314 says:

    Paul, you move me more than any other writer. You bring tears to my eyes. Tears of despair at the strife so many face every day but also tears of hope that Scotland can be a better country. Thank you.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      That is exactly how I felt on reading this piece. But, oh, how sick and sad I am for my family and friends in rUK.

  19. Robert Harrison says:

    Honestly this might be very cold but if England dies as a nation because we went independent im not going to care 1 iota there arrogance bigotry and downright contempt towards others mainly to do with pointless things like race creed or religion disabilites nationality even being stright or gay is a country that deserves to die empires are long gone its been 70 years since the nazis and no one wants to rule the planet though brute force anymore time those southerners moved on or just die out like the aztecs did because they got left behind

  20. Brilliant piece of writing. But, what saddens me is that today I spoke to someone who feels sorry for Theresa May, ‘after all that fire wasn’t her fault’. Someone else described her as a ‘humanist’. They say the abused come to love their abusers.

  21. Macart says:

    That’s a keeper and the clock IS ticking.

  22. ockletycockletywitch says:

    Definitely your finest piece yet, Paul. There are tears on my cheeks as I’m typing this at the utterly bleak but completely accurate picture you draw of life in the UK for the average Joe. There is hope for those of us lucky enough to call Scotland home but my heart bleeds for those trapped in rUK – where is their hope?

  23. What of those in the rest of the UK ? Well let’s see…..

    Many of them vote tory and so this is on them – every disabled person who has died after being found “fit for work”, every working person who can’t feed their family, every unemployed person called scrounger and reported to the DWP for having a flat screen TV they bought before they lost their job, everyone who died in Grenfell Tower last week. This is on them.

    Many of them voted UKIP and so this is on them – every minority group abused, shouted and sworn at, blamed for all the ills of the country, accused of terrorism, accused of smelling different, looking different, sounding different. This is on them.

    Many of them don’t vote at all. This is on them.

    Many of them think it’s up to them to decide how we in Scotland govern ourselves and live our lives, both in Scotia and in the wider world. We don’t tell them how to live but they think they have a God given right to hate us, belittle us, lie about us, rape and pillage us but refuse to let us leave. This is on them.

    And the rest ? Well, when they speak out, act out and bloody well VOTE OUT the people who make the rUK the Gothic pit of despair it is, maybe when they realise what Alba has been up against for over 300 years and help us defeat it, we will hold hands across the border and be truly free.

  24. RabMacPhoto says:

    Reblogged this on Shots & Thoughts and commented:
    This. Exactly this; an honest, searing account of life in Tory UK:

  25. liz g says:

    Thank you Paul
    I am currently working on a young man,who has a very great deal of respect for his elderly father.
    And is a very nice respectful laddie….who thinks he knows how the world work’s and the reality is his auld Tory dad’s reality.
    Being on a zero hours contract only says to him … it’s no where ye start it’s where ye finish…..and he is adamant hard work will reap rewards.
    The big horse in animal farm comes to mind…..
    Anyhoo… thank you, that’s the words I need , I think to get through to him
    …..”he hasn’t learned how to hope”….it doesn’t have to be like this.
    Wish me luck….if we all convince one is my mantra!

  26. Therapymum says:

    Oh Paul. Speechless. Thank you.

  27. Ron Birrell says:

    Thanks Paul, great article.

    Those of us in the Independence Movement have been slow to provide a vision for the future – we have allowed Unionists to push us into arguing about short-term matters. What currency on the day after Independence? How will the Navy be divided up on Independence Day? Etc, etc. What we have not been very good at is saying ‘ In twenty years time we want Scotland to be a high wage, high tax social democracy, characterized by good public services and everyone contributing a fair share, as opposed to the Tory vision of a low wage, low tax society where the State is shrunk to the smallest size possible, and all public services prtvatised.

    We must start to provide hope that things could be different, and better.

  28. daveyone1 says:

    Reblogged this on World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum..

  29. For a dancer says:

    You say it all so well. Can this really be happening?…sadly yes.
    We need to keep it alive. Thanks Paul.

  30. Lizzie55 says:

    Amazing. You have described the uk exactly how it is today. In Scotland we have hope,for something better, we have hope for independence. I often wonder who the hell votes Tory. I only wish the snp had ran their campaign along the lines of the sentiments and words in your blog. They would have given people hope. Afterall that’s how elections are won especially now and we all need hope. Have you had a word with the first minister because she could do to see the dire situation in Scotland the way you see it. I hope for everyone’s sake she does not abandon infyref2, we need it and not just because of Brexit.

  31. Fillofficer says:

    Staggeringly accurate & honest assessment of this depraved & inhumane government Paul. That’s a vote winning oration for our FM to adopt/adapt. It can’t be long now, surely

  32. I believe that’s fits ca’d a toure de force. Now if you could just get Bobby Dylan to set that to music.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      That’s exactly what it is – a tour de force. I wish I could find ways to spread it as widely as possible around the whole UK.

  33. steelewires says:

    Your writing, Paul, get better and better. This is an article that stirs my passion. I’ve just watched another video by Naomi Klein. It’s well worth watching and provides the background for Thatcher and for coup attempt, and move closer to totalitarianism, by the May woman in her recent snap election. This was another attempt to use shock to advance her right wing programme. The video was made in 2009, but it’s still enlightening.

  34. Tom Bennison says:

    There’s a big change coming. From the information that is now coming out about how Tory MP’s vote, very shortly no-one with a conscience will ever be able to vote Tory again. Political points scoring? Yes, everything now has to be challenged. We just need a little time for re-eduction, hopefully without increasing the death-toll. And then those who died so horribly in that bonfire of red tape will not have died in vane.
    This scum will squeal, and they will lie, and more desperately as time goes on, but they are nearly finished, for good, and that makes me very happy.

  35. tom nicholson says:

    wonderful writing, tears of hope on my face for Independence for Scotland..

  36. Harporius says:

    Thank you very much Paul. That was brilliant and heart-breaking.

    I find some consolation in the communities, people from all over the world, rushing to help their neighbours. The police officers running towards danger. Fire-fighters risking their lives and mental health for us. Even the wee girl, who survived the Manchester attack at the Arianna Grande benefit, scared but bravely determined to see her idol, even as her mum fretted. The doctors, the nurses.

    There is still love. There is still compassion. We’ll be ok.

  37. Arthur thomson says:


  38. KlokTok says:

    Holy fecking hell, that’s brilliant. It screams to be a greats speech. I’d love if there was a powerful video of this, to spread far and wide. Anyone good at visuals? I’d happily record this for anyone wanting to make a video.

  39. I think this is the best commentary on recent events I have read. If only we could sit every Tory voter in Scotland down and make them read this article, force them to see the consequences of their narrow minded, self satisfied actions. If only . . .

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      I couldn’t agree more. There should be a way to force every Conservative voter in the UK to read this, but especially those who so badly let Scotland down by voting in 12 new Tory MPs!

  40. Today, I am no longer a European.
    May, Johnson, Fox, and Davis will see to that.
    The way my mind works, at dire times like this, I fall back on apocalyptic opening lines from some of England’s finest literature.

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

    War is peace
    Freedom is slavery
    Ignorance is strength.”

    “A squat grey building of only thirty-four stories. Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State’s motto:


    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”

    We are entering ‘the Season of Darkness’, this muggy June morning.
    God, or whoever or whatever the centre of your belief system, help us.

  41. Macart says:

    Take it you’ve seen the news from my old stomping ground of Finsbury Park, Paul? Pretty damn grim.

    This, on the day the UKs Brexit settlement team gets told to go play with itself in twenty seven different languages. It’s own seat of government is one stupid incident away from meltdown.

    • Many of us have warned them, Sam
      The storm clouds have been gathering since Cameron agreed to a EU Referendum to fend off his own Nasty Party backbenchers and UKIP.
      We all recall Treeza May’s vans urging illegals to go home.Farage, Nutall, and our very own Phat Phuk, Coburn, spreading lies and inciting racist xenophobic unrest and violence.

      Gove is on the news this morning, and Hammond yesterday, confirming a Hard Brexit is the Tory Plan.
      Out of the single market, customs union, no freedom of movement, out of the European Justice system, and our EU friends and colleagues are bargaining chips.

      Meanwhile AnneM in Spain waits and wonders…

      In Finsbury Park, Yet another meaningless death by a nutjob, this time a white supremacist psycho, as the temperature is set to hit 32 degrees in the SE of England.
      Hubble bubble toil and trouble.

      Of course Davidson has disappeared off the map. She’s not backing May any more is she?

      Mundell hugging a fish and calling for the UK to remain within the CFP, while Gove is declaring to the world and its weans that the Tories are going to win back our seas and fishing beds.
      Where are Kezia and Wullie this week? Are they backing NS’ proposals for an alternative EU Path for Scotland yet?
      Getting ready for their summer holidays?
      Meanwhile England is in flames.

      • Where are Ruth, Kezia and Wullie Jack? That’s easy. They are in hiding, waiting for their orders from the new second-in-command at the Scottish Office, Lord Ian Duncan. That’s once he has been briefed by the chief Tory collaborator in Scotland, Muddle.

      • AnnieM says:

        At least Annie in Spain and all the EU citizens/friends who live and work in Scotland have hope on the horizon with independence. English friends are facing a very bleak future.

      • Macart says:

        Every single bit of it completely avoidable Jack.

        Politics as it is practised… etc.

        Successive UK governments over decades have been so very dishonest with their populations. Their respective campaign narratives and their practice of politics are the rotten root of the problem. Even the best of the current bunch in Westminster cannot help but politic in blind ignorance and yes I’m looking at Mr Corbyn and his ideological and party stance toward Scotland.

        And he’s arguably the best of them.

        It’s all coming to a head today and in my view we should have no part of the fall out.

  42. Deelsdugs says:

    Phew…that’s from the heart Paul…
    We will rise above this.

  43. Aucheorn says:

    I could use all the overused superlatives about this piece of writing, but I wont.
    I’ll just ask everyone to share this everywhere and at every opportunity, Facebook , Twitter, conversations, work places, anywhere you can.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      Agreed. I even printed it off for my “apolitical” husband to read! Rest assured I will be quoting and sharing every word as often as I can.

  44. Brian Fleming says:

    Wonderful writing Paul. The pedant in me just has one irrelevant quibble. Wasn’t it STRAIGHT bananas the EU was blamed for? A true Brit could only possibly eat curved bananas.

  45. mary docherty says:

    Phew …!!!!

  46. I watched Brewer’s Sunday Politics.
    Apparently the Tories 13, SNP 35, equates to the Scottish People wanting to get on with leaving the EU on Tory terms, and we don’t want a second Independence referendum, so there.
    If anything this insignificant little man isis closer to the border between functioning as a human and completely losing it than he was before he was swept to a resounding victory by the Borderers.

    Brewer and the Usual Suspects, Paul Hutcheon of the Brit Herald, and some Lib Dem Lassie whose name will always escape me, because, well, basically she is a nobody in political terms whose opinion I would value less than the chap who cleans our windaes, peddled the ‘take Indyref 2 off the table’, until at least 2021, or never.

    Sunday Politics Scotland is an amateur joke now.

    Brewer, you let Mundell chunter on like the nervous unsure not very bright wreck he appears to be.
    We are being forced out of the EU against the will of the Scottish People, and all Brewer could bang on about throughout the programme was Indyref 2, time to bin it.

    What a feckin’ waste of my licence money.

    Nice little earner as usual for the visiting Unionist hacks: Christ this is my money they’re using to thwart Scotland’s will! (Me and an exclamation remark. Now you know how pissed off I am with this corrupt little Unionist Stockade in Pacific Quay.)
    There will be Indyref 2 by April 2019, Mr Brewer, Mr Hutcheon.

    If you do not have the skills and nous politically to see this, then you should quit political commentary, unless of course, you are merely Unionist hacks, bought and paid for, and feck ‘the democratic will’ of the Scottish People.
    SNP 35, Tories 13, Labour 7, Lib Dem 4.
    Who the feck won this election?
    Off to have lunch. Brewer, grow a pair, and stop acting out Tory nonsense on the telly.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      Now, now, Jack. Think of your blood pressure. I obviously didn’t see the programme in question but I can see how it made you lose your legendary cool! I hope you enjoyed your lunch.

      • AnnieM says:

        I didn’t see the programme either, but The Herald has made my blood pressure soar with this today!! Fluffy has always pissed me off, but he’s getting to be a real pain in the backside now. What is this second defeat that Nicola fears? What was the first one?


        • ockletycockletywitch says:

          Fluffy lives in La-La Land, methinks! What an unmitigated arse …

      • And now we have another abject Tory failure, Ian Duncan, ‘elevated’ to the Lords despite being rejected at the ballot box, to rule over us in the Scotland Office.
        My desert boots are older than he, yet, if this is ‘the democratic will of the Scottish people’, we voted to be ruled over by a Dim But Nice Bools in the Mooth Tory Boy. I must have missed that box on the electoral ballot paper.
        You’ll be telling me next that Rangers may field a team of eleven Catholics next season. What? What’s that you say?
        Has anybody told Murdo Fraser that his blessed RFC has morphed into ‘the Pope’s Eleven’ now?

        Thanks for asking, Wendy.
        Lovely smoked ham on wholemeal bread with dark dark tea, shared with the Beatific Vision who has agreed to tend for me in my old age, whenever and if ever that happens.


        BBC Scotland insults the licence payers’ intelligence with this manifest Unionist drivel.
        My jets remain cooled.
        Paul Hutcheon, the ‘people of Scotland’ do not rely on you to filter their views over the Ethernet. I know you and The Gang read this excellent blog.
        You come across as a foll mouthing Ruth Kezia and Wullie soundbites for them.
        Bisous, Wendy, AnnieM.

  47. Alba woman says:

    An excellent piece of writing filled with hope. Boy do we need it. The Tories are a disgrace to humanity. Folk vote for them because they agree with their view of life,for the masses, as cold and difficult( except for the elite who have transcended such suffering). Control of the peasants has always been the Tory way and so it is today.

    Class Drawbridges and barricades were raised again with the arrival of Margaret Thatcher. My father, born in 1908 into a mining family, said in 1979 ‘The working class will have to batten down the hatches the Tories are back’.

    Terrible suffering in England. Cold hearted responses.

  48. pussy nancy says:

    Thought provoking stuff Paul. Great piece.

    So….here we are again, another day and yet another terrorist attack in London and News24 on a loop.

    Is it just me or does anyone else see a pattern here?
    Every single time, every time the Government is in crisis, up pops another terrorist attack and loop news.

    Westminster Bridge attack: Date of Holyrood vote for Indeyref2. – Loop News.

    Manchester: Tories being hit badly in the GE polls after an ill-received Conservative Manifesto.
    Cut off date for voter registration. Loop News.

    London Bridge: Ultra fast response time in London City Centre, dampening the issue of 20,000 police job cuts.
    Loop News.

    Grenfell Tower fire: ,Government lost majority in GE. DUP support negotiations taking place.
    Poor Government\Council response after the event. Failure of Theresa May to meet with families of victims.
    Money not getting through to survivors.
    People calling for her resignation. Loop News.

    Finsbury Park attack: Theresa gives support speech outside No.10.
    Brexit negotiations commence. Loop News.

    I hate being forced to think like this but sadly, I wouldn’t put anything past them. They are beyond redemption!

    • Annie Martin says:

      With all that has happened in just a few short weeks, you can’t really help coming up with conspiracy theories.

      • ockletycockletywitch says:

        I thought it was just me … I was getting ready to make myself a tinfoil hat ……

  49. […] Source: Welcome to Tory Britain […]

  50. Robert Graham says:

    A very thoughtful piece Paul ,and whats really sad its true, maybe we are just too placid in this country not quick enough to show our discontent , in other countries we would have seen riots , an example (the poll tax ) introduced in scotland a year before the rest of the country , totally and absolutely illegal under the terms of the act of Union , what happened here the only person that cared enough to do anything was Tommy Sheridan , while the sheriff officers sat quietly compiling information to descend on the non payers when they saw their chance , what did labour in scotland do f/all as usual .The poll tax was ended as was thatcher ,due to riots in england not scotland ,we tried to be nice and orderly , look what happened all the non payers got an even bigger bill for their show of defiance , sometimes being cooperative dosnt work , just like independence do we wait until the english get pissed off enough to tell us to bugger off ,? .

  51. Andy Anderson says:

    When will indyref2 be?

    Nicola said ages ago when the Brexit talks agreement is known. The trouble is we have known that the talks will not include trade agreements as there is no time. The EU will allow a three year extension after the March 19 date. So does this mean five years. This is how it seems to me.

    Where’s the whisky.

    • Annie Martin says:

      There won’t be any extension if they throw their dummies out the pram and walk away with no deal, which is in no way beyond the bounds of possibility given the way things are going at the moment!

  52. JGedd says:

    I agree with Paul’s heartfelt piece. The view from here would make a dug weep. However, despite what was so apparent to us of how ruthless (no pun) the Tories were and how inept and shameless the Tories were in WM and in Scotland, why were people in Scotland prepared to give them their votes?

    In England there does appear to have been something of a resurgence in the anti-Tory vote and resistance to the MSM’s propaganda. But Scotland? Really? There is no escaping the fact that appalling as Tory policies were, many voters in Scotland were seemingly comfortable with voting for them. I have to admit that I am less than comfortable living with that knowledge. These people scare the bejasus out of me and they make me deeply uneasy about Scotland’s future.

    I wish someone could explain what happened in Scotland in that general election because quite frankly I feel alienated from those who voted that way. I really do not understand them. If I were two or three decades younger, I would be contemplating fleeing abroad.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      I think three things happened to the Scottish vote, JGedd: – fishing, farming and land-owning. All three of those groups have a reason to suck up to the Tories and/or to want out of the EU rather than in. And they are the main players in the areas that returned Conservative MPs. Sickening, especially as most of them are in for a rude awakening, one way or another!

  53. Loop News: BREXIT , BREXIT, and more Brexit… great diversion from actually governing? Watch ‘House of Cards’ or the ‘Handmaidens Tale!’

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      “great diversion from actually governing” – Absolutely! And you are right to draw comparisons with ‘House of Cards’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. The trouble with recent Westminster governments is that they take these (and also ‘1984’) as blueprints rather than as warnings!

  54. The worst enemy to Scottish freedom is those “Anglicised Scots” – who cant’ wait to get themselves on the House of Lords benches. They view themselves as English first and Scots second. Its not the English mostly how are the enemy to Scottish Independence, but those grovelling on the gravy train of patronage. Good examples – Ruthie tank lady herself of course, Neil Oliver, Liam Fox, and many many more! The great Irish poet W B Yeats, who wrote of Ireland’s Easter Rising belonged to the Protestant, Anglo-Irish minority that had controlled the economic, political, social and cultural life of Ireland since the 17th century. Most members of this minority considered themselves English people who happened to have been born in Ireland, but Yeats was staunch in affirming his Irish nationality….
    He wrote of Irish legends and heroes. After the hanging of the rebels he returned to Ireland and wrote –
    ‘A terrible beauty is born…I write it out in a verse -MacDonagh and MacBride and Connolly and Pearse/ Now and in time to be… Are changed, changed utterly…..’

    The Tories thinking is to attempt to suppress other cultures

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