The Spanish word for Schadenfreude

Petard, by, hoist, own, your. Arrange these words into a well known phrase or saying. It’s been a bad day for the Unionist parties. Remember how all those Unionist parties and their supporters were screaming to the rafters that there would be a Spanish veto? Well it turns out that they were right. It’s just that it’s not an independent Scotland that will be subject to a Spanish veto, it’s the UK’s Brexit. That’s what comes of giving Spain ideas about vetos.

The EU’s official reply to Theresa May’s Brexit letter has been received, and in paragraph 22 it says “After the United Kingdom leaves the Union, no agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom may apply to the territory of Gibraltar without agreement between the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom.”

This paragraph gives Spain what it said it wanted prior to Brexit, but which was ignored by a Unionist media that was far more interested in trumpeting a non-existent threat to veto an independent Scotland. It gives Spain an explicit veto power over any Brexit agreement that includes Gibraltar. That Spain was going to seek this explicit veto power was obvious to anyone who was paying attention. That doesn’t include much of the British media, and particularly not the Brexiteer branch which is now howling with outrage that their plans to take the UK into a dystopian neo-conservative tax haven have just run into a Spanish veto threat.

According to some reports today in the British media, the veto power that Spain now has to veto any Brexit deal that includes Gibraltar has come as a surprise. As I type this, the announcer on Sky News introduced a Brexiteer commentator and said that the Spanish veto seems to have caught a lot of analysts off guard. But it’s only come as a surprise to British nationalists who weren’t paying attention, and who were desperately trying to spin any statement from a Spanish official into a blow for Nicola Sturgeon while at the same time ignoring the things that the Spanish government was explicitly saying. Spain had loudly advertised its desire to seek a veto over Gibraltar, and it was very clear to anyone who had been following the statements of Spanish politicians instead of relying on what was filtered through the pages of the Express or the Telegraph.

The Spanish veto over Gibraltar won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been following this blog. Back in July last year I pointed out in this blog that Spain was going to veto any Brexit that included Gibraltar. Wee Ginger Dug 1, Metrocommentariat 0. I noted that the then Spanish foreign minister had stated that Spain would have the right to veto any Brexit deal including Gibraltar and that he said Spain would make it “clear that Gibraltar does not belong to the UK”. But none of the Unionist media outlets were interested, it didn’t suit their narrative that it was only an independent Scotland that needed to be worried about Spain.

In the cosmic scheme of things, Spain isn’t really particularly concerned about Scotland or Scottish independence. There is considerable sympathy for Scotland in Spain, even amongst people who are viscerally opposed to Catalan independence. Spanish people know that Scotland was an independent state for almost a thousand years before it merged with the Kingdom of England to form the UK. Scotland was in fact an independent state long before the Spanish state existed. In Spain’s view, Scottish independence can be managed, and as I’ve written numerous times in this blog before, vetoing Scottish membership of the EU would undermine the argument Spain has consistently made against permitting Catalan self-determination. Following Brexit, the Spanish government has made clear what some of us have been saying for a long time, they will not veto Scottish membership of the EU if Scotland becomes independent legally and constitutionally.

On the other hand, Spain is very interested indeed in the status of Gibraltar. The UK will not be permitted to waltz off into the Brexit sunset without coming to an agreement with Spain over the position of Gibraltar. The decision of voters in England and Wales to give majority support to Brexit gives Spain a massive advantage in future negotiations over the status of what’s called el Peñón in Spanish. That’s an advantage that Spain will press home to maximum effect. The Telegraph is suddenly outraged that Spain might wield a veto. They were pretty cheerful about it when they were claiming that it was Scotland which might be vetoed. Threats are just fine when they’re directed against Scotland. That’s the double standards of Unionism in full flow.

In other news, Theresa May’s cunning plan to block a Scottish referendum by claiming that she’s acting for the majority of Scots received a bit of a blow today. Is it OK to say “blow for Theresa May”? I have to ask seeing as how that’s a phrase you never seem to see in the newspapers on account of how it’s only ever Nicola Sturgeon that’s on the receiving end of them. On the day that Theresa received the official letter from Nicola requesting a Section 30 Order, an opinion poll was published showing that a large majority of voters in Scotland expect that it should be the Scottish Parliament which decides on whether and when a Scottish independence referendum should be held.

According to the poll, carried out by Survation, 61% of Scottish voters believe that it’s the Scottish Parliament and not Westminster which should have the right to decide. Theresa May’s high risk strategy of blocking a Scottish referendum looks like it’s going to end badly for her. By a very significant margin the people of Scotland believe that it’s their own parliament which should decide on a Scottish referendum, and they’re not going to look positively on an intransigent Tory party with just one MP and a mere 22% of Holyrood votes telling them that they can’t.

We’re only a couple of days into the Brexit process and already the fantasies of the Tories about facing down Scotland, and the fantasies of the Brexiteers about how the EU would fall over itself to give Britain everything it wanted have crashed into the hard brick wall of reality. Now where’s that Spanish dictionary, I want to look up the word for Schadenfreude.

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90 comments on “The Spanish word for Schadenfreude

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug The Spanish word for Schadenfreude […]

    • Alasdair Macdonald. says:

      BBC Scotland has actually announced that Spain has indicated that it would not block Scotland’s entry to the EU. Of course it was heavily hedged around with qualifications, that ‘Scotland’s entry could take some time’. The ‘back of the queue’ argument is clearly still to be plugged.

      Which will be the next state which, we will be told, ‘will block Scotland’s entry’ for fear of inflaming regional ‘nationalism’? In the past month I have heard both Belgium and Italy put forward. Any other suggestions?

  2. So far, it feels like laughing incessantly while hugging myself and birling round is a reasonable response. Hee hee hee hee hee!

  3. diabloandco says:

    Love it! Viva Espana !

  4. Thepnr says:

    I prefer Zugzwang. It’s when you must make a move but there is no move available that doesn’t make your position worse.

    There is absolutely no move now for the UK government to make that could make their case better and that has put out them in Zugzwang. They are losing and will soon be checkmated by a referendum vote supporting Independence in Scotland.

    We’re in the end game.

  5. William Bryan says:

    Daily Mail headline.Blow for May.Slapped down by the Spannish fly in the Brexit ointment.

  6. baronesssamedi says:

    Maybe this is May’s get out clause. In which case, well played her. (Much as it pains me to say that)

  7. Iain Davidson says:

    And let’s not forget that Gibraltar voted 96% Remain; 4% Leave in the referendum. As the phrase goes, “Laugh, I could have kissed the cat!”

    Ref :

  8. mogabee says:

    Now watch as media pundits go to great lengths to point out that Spain is not going to use it’s veto !!

    Boy, oh boy, I’m lovin’ this…

  9. Annie Martin says:

    Thank you so much Paul. I was feeling pretty down about everything and this has totally raised my spirits.

    This quote from Guy Verhofstadt is on the EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland FB page which I follow:

    “Scotland has shaped European civilisation, through iconic figures such as David Hume, Alexander Fleming and Adam Smith and still does so today by being at the forefront of defining and strengthening European values. We cannot afford to lose that.”

  10. benmadigan says:

    quietly, quietly Spain catches monkee – or in this case Gibraltarian Ape!!

    Apart from being annoyed at being out-foxed by Spain/the EU, Westminster seems to be much more upset about the risk of losing a Rock than NI or Scotland.

    • SmartBadger says:

      That’s because they don’t go on holiday or retire to Scotland or NI (or hide taxes there). Losing Gibraltar might actually affect the people who vote Tory! Of course, most people who vote Tory simply don’t believe that losing us or NI will affect them in any way – more fool them.

  11. orri says:

    Would this do?

  12. Iain MacEchern says:

    I have a feeling that TM will allow the Spanish full access to our fishing in return for continued control of Gibraltar.

  13. So I’m dancing and singing this around the kitchen with the dogs, making chilli con carne and channeling my inner Sydney Devine or even Al Martino ….

  14. liz says:

    Yeah I remembered your blog from last year and posted it up on twitter.
    The disbelief was palpable.
    WM is so arrogant they think they can do as they please.
    They’re so used to ignoring the devolved governments and getting away with it, mainly because of the subservient MSM.

    Hell mend them

  15. oldnat says:

    Damn you Paul!

    I only logged on here to find out what the Spanish word was!

    The EU have played this cleverly. Spain gets to veto any arrangement that they don’t like about Gibraltar, in return for (implicitly) not using the veto to scupper the whole deal.

    Damn clever these continentals! Pity we have to share this island with a country that continually selects morons to govern us as well as them.

    • weegingerdug says:

      The closest equivalent is regodeo. You can use it as a verb too, meaning, roughly, to gloat. As in Los independentistas escoceses se regodean despues de oír las noticias de que la Unión Europea joderá el Reino Unido. (The Scottish independence supporters are gloating after hearing the news that the European Union will screw over the United Kingdom.)

  16. Luigi says:

    Alas. It now seems that Empire 2.0 will no longer control the gateway to the Mediterranean. A 300 year old possession is about to loose its moorings and slipping away. And another 300 year old possession seems to be heading the same way. The silly BrexitNats have brought all this on themselves. The pain they must be feeling right now. My heart bleeds. 😉

  17. Ian says:

    I suppose Schadenfreude for EU issues is Schadenfreudeschönergötterfunken.

  18. Bill Hume. says:

    Honestly, ask yourself……can the news get any better for Scotland….or worse for Engerland.

    • Dave Albiston says:

      Oh yes, it can get worse. Trade deals are subject to veto. And not just by a country. The recent deal with Canada was put in jeopardy by Wallonia. Nobody has yet mentioned Northern Ireland. With the current deadlock, the Republic may well demand joint sovereignty.

  19. Alistair says:

    …and doesn’t Argentina have a veto over the UK joining the WTO in its own right….

    • Soutron says:

      Yes. UK needs unanimous agreement from all WTO countries, including Argentina. This is just the first of many kickings in store for the Brit nats.

  20. Arthur Martin says:

    Get it right roond them! They don’t like it up them Wee Ginger Dug. This slap down from the EU is glorious news and has made me tremendously ecstatic.
    What we need now is a few more of these blows to the saintly Theresa, and her right wingers will chuck all the toys out of the pram and insist on the hardest of hard Brexits.
    The Armageddon that they forecast for Scotland if we voted for Independence is coming to them as a result of their insane desicion to leave the EU and by god it’s gonna sting.

    Their misfortune is our opportunity and if the people of Scotland can seize it, Indy is ours. I am having myself a wee dram tonight in honour of Spain and the EU.

  21. Macart says:

    It would be shallow and petty of me to gloat or laugh at the position the Westminster government and the UK media now finds itself in.

    How and ever….

    Bwahahahahahahahaha….snfff….hahahahahahahaha… aaaaand HA!

    Four fecking years we’ve listened to he said, she said bullshit from every foaming mouthed, window licking, swivel eyed right wing commentator, conlablib policy gonk, uncle Tom Cobbley and all over a non existent Spanish veto to independent Scottish membership of the EU.

    When I clocked that first tweeted report this morning Paul, I damn near choked on the old brekkie toast.

    KARMA – accept no substitutes. 🙂

    • Douglas says:

      I wonder if this is actually very subtle work by our friends in Europe. Imagine them considering their negotiating position:

      We would REALLY like to put something that shows support for Scotland but we can’t interfere with internal affairs of a member state…

      I know!

      The Spanish are very keen to sort out Gibraltar and the UK Govt have been talking all sorts of rubbish about Spanish vetoes ofindependent Scotland keeping membership. Let’s keep the Spanish happy and show the UK what the REAL Spanish veto looks like… two problems one solution… no rules broken… neat.

      (quiet smiles and nods all round)

      • Macart says:

        The why of it? Who knows?

        Might very well be the case you outline. Regardless, it gives HMG one more headache from just the right country and at just the wrong time (so far as they’re concerned). 😉

  22. David says:


  23. John Edgar says:

    Well, there may not be a Spanish word for Schadenfreude, but the Norwegians have a word which is a “loan translation”: Skadefryd!
    How I smiled at the dug’s article. A real smacker!
    Nice to see the No 10-ites getting a taste of their own medicine in reverse. Never saw it coming?! They are incapable sd they think the world revolves round London and will be subservient to it. Now that the EU does not have to listen to the skweeming of No10 from the inside, it can be dealt with from the outside; the English and Welsh have put the UK on the outside looking in.
    No more veto by No 10 other than walking away with mo deal.
    It must feel nice to be suddenly reduced to a supplicant, chapping to be heard and being at the “mercy” of the continentals. Taking back control? Draw your own conclusions!!
    We in Scotland are going to suffer in the interim because of the antics of the Tories, Kippers and the English pro-Ukip working class.
    But not for long. How long can Dugdale and Wee Willie wax eloquently about the incorporating “union”?
    Scots voted to remain in the EU. Time for these yoons to put country first and accept the mandate Holyrood has to remain.
    It seems a UK mandate is more important, but these jokers have one MP each and a small number of MSPs in Holyrood.
    Take stock, yooners, yet number is up

  24. No, please, Missus, don’t laugh, it’s not funny. Titter ye may, but they might cancel Brexit.
    I see from the outpouring of shameless laughter here that we are all suffering from post Project Fear 1 syndrome. The mass bout of hysterical laughter will herald a blessed release.They have nothing left with which to threaten us .
    We have been subjected to 5 years of bullying and derision by ProudScotButs, and sneeringly categorised as wee insignificant country that the EU would not let join the club.
    And now this.
    Save our English Apes!
    Oh, stop, I’m in serious danger of cracking a rib, or cracking open a bottle of malt.
    Una Paloma Blanca at the karaoke tonight?

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Paul, you cracked it long ago but Jack, we must get out before they decide to cancel Brexit. I’m sure however that Nicola and her team have the future covered. I just can’t wait to be able to relax and enjoy our independent country. Not long now!

      • Marconatrix says:

        I’ve often thought that Brexit might hit the rocks, either accidentally or because TM had a cunning plan (unlikely, I know!) With this possibility in mind it’s imperative that IndyRef2 takes place at exactly the right time, but I’m sure Nikola knows that. In fact the best outcome for the whole UK would probably be for Brexit to fail, but NOT before Scotland is independent And Ireland well on the way to unity.

      • Muscleguy says:

        The EU will extract a price for screwing around with them like that and it will not be pretty.

        So in that situation we might well want out of this Union to join that Union on our own behalf as the EU will be feeling much warmer towards us, we voted to Remain so we will get a better deal than rUK will.

  25. Movy says:

    This is just terrific. Best laugh I’ve had for ages. I have been so down about the whole Brexit situation but now, as it unravels in spades? And as for Nicola’s letter? A class act indeed. And the poll. Thank you WGD. Will be seeing you in the flesh soon.

  26. Huguinho says:

    Catalunha is a region country entirely made by almost equal regions under the rule of Madrid(not Castela as it once was, turned into a region with the capital city being the same as the one of the country)… Scotland, along with Wales and Northern Ireland are perceived as being colonies of England and are effectively treated as such… hence the reason why Spain has no problems in supporting Scottish independence.

  27. Hi Paul, pure brilliant. I wanted to add a few suitable comments to an article about the “Spanish veto” but they are not allowing any comments, what a surprise! The article is worth reading just to compare the storyline with what they have said previously about Spain Vetoing Scotland. Anyway here is the link:

  28. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Here’s a bit of interesting thingy.. Pinched from a post on FB .. What ya think dug??

    Interesting point, n’est ce pas?: “Michael Forsyth clearly had read Lord Cooper’s judgement, and argued that the potential Scottish Parliament could pass a bill for independence and there would be nothing Westminster could do to stop it. Forsyth understood that in Scottish constitutional law and practice the Scottish Parliament would be empowered by the sovereign Scottish people, in a way Westminster never legitimately was.”

  29. Robert Graham says:

    Oh I wish I had seen this when the news was on in the background, up pops Sara smith closely followed by Jackson the car man, I couldn’t be arsed turning up the sound as the noise of the washing machine on a fast spin seemed preferable to the wining of these two, that’s what the Aussies say when a plane lands from London you can still hear the wining a hour after they turn the engines off, they don’t half love the poms .

  30. stewartb says:

    But what will the people of Gibraltar now do – what will Westminster permit them to do – given the scale of their support for remaining in the EU? Another referendum – ‘not now’ of course – on their constitutional status once the BREXIT deal is known?

    Any insights, Paul? You’ve been right so far!

  31. JimW says:

    Gibraltar agreement for access to Scottish fishing waters, anyone ?

    • Muscleguy says:

      This is why May doesn’t want even a sniff of a Scottish IndyRef during the negotiations. When she tries to trade away our fishing rights the EU side are going to give two related answers:

      1. You cannot guarantee continuing ownership of them because the Scots might go Independent and take them with them.

      2. If we wait they will come with iScotland so why should we deal with you over them?

      • CapnAndy. says:

        Was going to say the same thing. I suspect they had hoped to use the fishing rights as a bargaining chip. Thanks to Nicola, that’s now off the table.

  32. Jamie MacDonald says:

    ‘Scotland won’t be able to join the EU cos Spain will ve-‘

    KAA-BBOOOOOMMM!!!!! -Splash..

    Now how sweet is that silence..

    Ya dancer.

  33. Juan P says:

    It’s funny to us but try raising this with a supposedly soft no voter in an attempt to persuade them to vote yes next time around. They won’t give a shit.

    It doesn’t matter to them and it won’t change their minds on Scottish independence.

    They’ll just say ‘aye very good but what currency would we use and anyway the oil is running out’

    No matter how catastrophically fucked up Brexit becomes I’m still not convinced that watching the tories make tits of themselves will be enough.

    Sad as it may seem I think we need Labour to do so catastrophically badly in May that they have their own Corbyn moment and elect a leader in Scotland that is at least neutral on independence.

    • stewartb says:

      Juan P, I think this may be important here.

      In every opportunity our leading, Indy-supporting politicians have in terms of media exposure, they need to recognise from this day forward that it is not enough to rebut, to argue against Unionist lies and misrepresentations, but to get off the back foot and begin to ‘FRAME’ the debate differently. The work of eminent US professor of cognitive science, George Lakoff is relevant.

      Based on his assessment of Trump’s campaign tactics, he argues that ‘fact checking’ and refutation are not enough – will not be effective in changing views – if communicated within the same ‘frame’, i.e. your opponent’s frame.

      If interested, see this short video for starters. It is also relevant to our campaigning on the streets and doorsteps!

      • Juan P says:

        Cheers for this.

        Just had a watch and certainly a tactic that would be worth more mps/msps and activists trying.

        I’ll give it a whirl myself.

      • Robert Graham says:

        Thanks for the link , One of Trump’s media men and i suppose he is not everyone’s eh cup of tea but to see this guy take out BBC interviewers one by one is choice ,
        Even Andrew Neil was on his best behaviour when he was up against him .
        The tactics he uses are very simple he goes for the presenter he makes it personal,
        He establishes the presenter and the organisation he represents are biased from the outset this ,even without presenting any evidence .
        Thereafter all the questions are batted away with the same answer , well you would say that or is that a question or just your opinion , do you want to conduct this interview with yourself or can i be allowed to answer .
        I cant see why the SNP want to try and be civil to BBC Scotland clearly unionist supporting staff , they are no friends of the independence movement so should be treated as such the Enemy .

        • Well said, my sentiments​ exactly. Accuse the Britnat interviewer of bias at the outset. When asked for evidence, pull out the ready made dossier. One of these dossiers would be provided to every SNP or Yes spokesperson or politician. The detailed evidence would include, date and source of the bias and evidence to refute.
          This would be a very thick dossier, and the Britnats would quickly become sick at the site of it.

  34. Dave Hansell says:

    Perusing the online website of the Gibraltar media the thought has long occurred that Spain may well have to move extremely rapidly to exercise such a veto as it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Gibraltar will voluntarily jump ship and put two fingers up to Britannia.

  35. Andy in Germany says:

    Oh brilliant. The Entitled toffs of Westminster are discovering a situation where they can’t just demand and expect everyone to tug on forelocks. They haven’t had this problem since boarding school…

  36. smiling vulture says:

    a neil,marr,bbc,barroso where the fcuk are you

    a caravan park gibraltar

  37. FergusMac says:

    Paul, would the Spanish government offer Gibraltar a “Hong Kong” type solution, of almost total autonomy as long as the Spanish flag flew beside the Gibraltar flag? Would the Gibraltar people go f

  38. FergusMac says:

    Sorry, computer is playing up. The last sentence should have read “Would the people of Gibraltar go for it?”

  39. Andy Anderson says:

    I remember your past blog’s on Spain’s comments. What a nice piece of news. Viva Espana.

  40. Dinna_fash says:

    Oh sh1t, where they going to put trident now, after Scotland hoofs it off our territory?

    • CapnAndy. says:


    • Talking about Trident. After we vote yes, we should tell Wangland that whatever the Gers figures say is Scotland’s deficit, you pay it for us. That is to say that, we will charge them rent for the rusting nuke subs at both Faslane and Rosyth, to the value of the Gers deficit until they move them.
      We would quickly see the Gers figures singing a different tune then.

  41. Davy says:

    Spotted this last night, I laughed so much I am sure my ba’s dropped for the second time. Hell mend them its what they deserve.

  42. John Edgar says:

    The msm commentators are pointing out that May did not mention Gibralter in her Article 50 letter as subconsciously Gibralter is not part of the UK. It is a colony. Ergo, she fell right in it.
    If MayHem can without trying make a faux pas like that at this stage, what next?
    No 10 kens noo!

    • Les Bremner says:

      Did she mention the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands?

      • Huguinh9 says:

        The Channel Islands and Isle of Man are not part of the EU (and they have health and social security with mane other EU countries)

  43. AAD says:

    I think May and the Brexiteers will sell out everybody and everything (e.g.Scottish fishermen, farmers, Scotland and Gibralter) in order to keep the South East of England in the manner to which it has become accustomed.

    Lets get Scotland out of the equation.

    I will admit to laughing out loud at the indignation of our leading Brexit cheerleaders.

    (ps does anybody know what has happened to the WOS website?)

  44. AnnieM says:

    I couldn’t get into WOS last night, but OK again today.

  45. Robert Graham says:

    Thanks Paul for alerting us to events from Europe without the Mayhem media slant on them , I have been watching the Propaganda starting to emerge this morning , how this story will be altered , spun , twisted out of recognition in favour of Mayhems unelected Regime should be a joy to see , the contortions this bunch of Liars will go through to present yet another LIE .
    This be a good time to throw some more logs on the fire , keep the Tory mob busy , I hope the SNP are thinking up some Mischief , just for a little amusement , ha ha keep em busy .

  46. J Galt says:

    The Spanish should invade the place and return it to it’s rightful owners.

    What are that shower in London gonna do about it – the Royal Navy has hardly got two frigates to rub together these days!

    • Huguinho says:

      Some enlightened gent has suggested that the could nuke Spain over Gibraltar..

  47. John Edgar says:

    In The National, April,1, a certain Lord Boswell, Chair of the HoL EU Committee, said it was “unfortunate that the Prime Minister’s letter to Tusk, triggering Article 50, made no mention of Gibraltar….”
    Just “unfortunate”?
    What world do such people live in? That is a cataclysmic error!
    The wheels ate beginning to come off May’s teflon status. The lady who avoids questions in the HoC when it suits her, the lady who was for remain and now is beginning to look careless and slapdash.
    But it goes to show how the hubristic approach to No 10 Brexit is revealing that the cards are held by the EU.
    Now the little Britishers are becoming shrill. Gibraltar is an after thought to No 10.
    However, as the dug said, the Spanish veto was good to hit the SNP, strange that those who wanted remain in Holyrood and who now support out, the goons, took glee in using the EU Spanish to hit Scotland after it voted to remain!!
    No 10 said it did not want to reveal its hand, it has been thumped even when there was nothing in its hand re Gilbraltar.
    Perhaps the people of Gibraltar now see they are on the margins. If they were forgotten about after the long delay in invoking Article 50, what next?

  48. arthur thomson says:

    I just had a look across at Craig Murray’s blog on this subject. Interesting piece by Craig and scathing comments from unhappy Britnats. Worth a look.

    Whatever the outcome, I hope it gives the Britnats that queasy feeling.

  49. bedelsten says:

    The outrage being expressed by the msm is, perhaps, an attempt at deflection. Deflection from being found in the cludgies with trousers round ankles, trying to pull the door shut with one hand whilst trying to hide their huge new direction with another, the pages of jerk of the month’s centrefold fluttering to the ground. And they didn’t see it coming. (hmm, we seem to have wandered into a previous blog).

    What, exactly is the fuss about? If the EU so chooses, a solution will be found. But the likelihood of solution being found which benefits the UK (or what remains of it by then) proportionally decreases to the volume of noise coming from bars and sabres being rattled. Anyway, the msm is looking at the rock through the wrong end of a telescope. For a different view,

    Barely has the ink dried on the Article 50 letter to Donald Tusk and the first bump in the road, navigation hazard or area of turbulence has been encountered. There will be many more. Mayhem’s tendency to ‘if I told you that, you would know as much as me’ (the riposte being, ‘we would still know FA’) will start to look amateurish and childish compared the EU’s more open attitude to reporting progress – which is pragmatically inevitable given the leaky nature of the EU institutes.

    However, hopefully, this is all academic and Scotland will have voted to remove itself from its colonial status before much more time has passed.

  50. Waiting for Scotland says:

    It occurs to me that a petition to the UN would be a wise next step for the Scottish Government. The right to self determination is a first principle of the UN.

    A legally elected government with a specific mandate to seek independence in the circumstances we find ourselves in clearly has a case. Denied by another government, whose sole intent is to use its power over our nation to negotiate with third parties, for undefined benefits, likely detrimental to the Scottish peoples interests. A nation held hostage by the desires of an implacably hostile political ideology that does not accept our sovereignty, or our national status and is clearly intent on withdrawing what government we do have.

    We would have a sympathetic audience. The world witnessed the farce that was the Better Together campaign in 2014. Their cynical use of the EU itself to thwart the people of Scotland’s aspiration for independence, was despicable.

    There is growing sense of inevitability among World opinion of the logic of the emancipation of Scotland from the United Kingdom. I have noted an increasing tenor of acceptance for the premise. It is reflected in the discussions of international financial and economics forums, in the press and in other media. A sympathy that “now is the time” for a realignment to occur.

    In summary, the logic goes that a portion of the British Isles retaining a foothold in Europe is the best solution going forward. It provides the means whereby the Northern communities of England can share in the wealth that always arises in border regions between two nations. It allows the English and Welsh, and the Unionist colony in Northern Ireland, to maintain a land bridge and gateway to Europe, and also a means for these same communities to retain EU regulation within the internal market of the British Isles.

    England and Wales can then move to a differentiated relationship with the EU that will satisfy both parties. A happy result is that the Northern Ports of England will flourish as supply chains realign. This would spread the wealth more evenly across the remaining UK and lead to a revival of the economy.

    Another unintended and happy consequence is that this will allow the principal of free movement to be easily controlled. It is akin to moving the existing customs border of England from the Channel to the Scottish Borders. This would do much to calm the fears of the residents of Southern England.

    It is clear for the moment that the squires, pensioners and old English yeomanry have revolted. They are mightily pissed off. I don’t blame them, really. It is of course their own government that is ultimately responsible. It is to their own establishment they should direct their fire. Not the EU. Now that they have chosen to leave the EU, perhaps they will wake up to this fact.

    Inundated with the confusion of peoples gathering this past decade, in increasing numbers, along the border region between the existing entry ports to England and Europe, has pushed the locals beyond endurance. The growing population has created severe tensions on issues of immigration, stressed public services and available housing. None of these was designed to handle the numbers in such a short timeline. This was the primary cause for the self harm that is Brexit.

    The customs border between Europe and the British Isles does not have to be at the shortest point. The logic of using our geography as a strength means we can have our cake, and eat it too. It is a paradigm shift whose time has come.

    • Waiting for Scotland says:

      An Independent Scotland could extend the franchise of free movement to the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland within the British Isles. A customs union within the internal trading area of the British Isles would allow Scotland to use both the pound and the euro.

  51. brianmlucey says:
    “(Spanish foreign minister was)Asked directly whether Spain would veto an independent Scotland joining the EU, Dastis said: “No, we wouldn’t.”

    But Madrid is keen not to fuel Catalonia’s desire for independence. “We don’t want it [Scottish independence] to happen,” he said. “But if it happens legally and constitutionally, we would not block it. We don’t encourage the breakup of any member states, because we think the future goes in a different direction.”

  52. John Edgar says:

    There is a contradiction at the heart of No10. Fallon, Minister of War, the man who always sees two Russky planes flying in international space as “encircling” the UK, has said in his poodle status alongside his US counterpart, that UK defence priorities lie with the US and mot Europe. At dame time paras now under threat due to budget cuts are on the borders opposite Russia with other EU troops.
    What is going on?
    Is he trumpeting his own policy? Does MayHem know what is going on? He also berates Nato members about need to spend more! While costs rise!
    I suppose we will hear more of Fallon’s features and follies in the near future. The Atlanticist is aping Gove and Farage.

  53. John Edgar says:

    Just hit the Guardian on-line a moment ago. Alfonso Dastis, Spanish Foreign Minister said Spain would not oppose an application by an independent Scotland for EU membership!
    No more needs to be said!!

  54. emilytom67 says:

    They will sell out NI and its Orange Order “loyalists” if and when it suits them make no mistake,they can,t/won,t/don,t see it,puzzling or what?

  55. Macart says:

    Willie Rennie and perfect timing…. bwahahahahahaha!

    Oh, the meeja as well. Outstanding whataboutery and whatiffery overload. Four years of a bullshit narrative blown out of the water. All of those column inches, screeds of half arsed, spun to buggery bubble commentary, projection and politically compromised editorial sunk without trace.

    Alternative media 2 Mainstream 0

    Not been a good week for the poor dears.

  56. John Edgar says:

    Don’t mention the war Aaron Banks is quoted as saying Brexit was a “war.” Another person from the House of Relics, Lord Howard, has implied that May would go to “war” to defend Gibraltar like Thatcher did for Falkland!
    I suppose he means attack Spain. Would that not mean Spain could call on Nato members to defend it from attack?
    The Spanish are not talking about attacking Gibraltar or taking it by force, or taking it at all!
    Britnazs are learning the hard way that once out of the EU, the benefits of the EU are not applicable. No veto any more, no skweeming any more or handbag waving.
    Unintended consequences. The phantom Spanish veto against Scotland is now dished and squeeking Rennie’s timing about “veto” in the Sunday Mail is shown up.
    You could not make the latest round of “war” hysteria up!
    The Britnasties are really being shown that the EU has the last word. Irony abounds. Scotland and Gibraltar voted to remain in the EU!
    What next in the saga? Conscription to con the country into defending the Rock? Fly in the Ghurkhas, the Boy Scouts and the BB?

    • John, they are just plain insane.
      Collectively they are behaving like Hitler and his gaggle of certifiable madmen.
      England is ruled by maniacs now.
      And Willie Rennie is a despicable Scotland hating liar.
      Madness walks the streets, unchallenged by the Dead Tree Scrolls and the Yoon Propaganda broadcasting machine.

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