Innovative jam 2.0

There’s been a visit! It’s a bit like when they say “there’s been a murrdurr” on Taggart, and when it’s a visit involving Theresa May it’s equally corpse like. Our Prime Minister is travelling to the small end of the weather map of her Precioussss Union on Monday, and according to the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, which is the propaganda arm of the Scottish Tories, she’s going to make Scotland a Brexit offer that’s so good there will be no need for a second independence referendum. And if you believe that then Gordie Broon has a vow he would like to interest you in.

Theresa’s on a charmless offensive.  Her new offer is going to be Innovative Jam 2.0. There will be a hint of some powers, temporary powers according to the advance reports. Because naturally what’s going to dissuade people in search of permanent sovereign powers for Scotland is a hint that they might be allowed on a slightly longer leash for a restricted period of time. It’s like hoping that a homeless person will give up striving for a home of their own because you’ve told them that you’re thinking about giving them the loan of a kagoule, for a limited period of time. It’s risible. It’s insulting. And it’s even more insulting to the intelligence of the people of Scotland that a supposedly serious newspaper is touting it as a substantial and meaningful offer.

But then we’ve had a lot of that of late. The barrage of Project Fear and Project Invisible Jam has got off to an early start. The Unionists are going into this new referendum in the knowledge that they could easily lose it, whereas it took several months of campaigning during the first independence referendum before the penny dropped that the Better Together campaign could lose. The Unionist parties are entering this second campaign at the fever pitch of hysteria with which they ended the last one. Independence campaigners should never take anything for granted, but it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that the Unionist campaign will collapse long before it gets to the finish line. When you start from hysteria and panic, where else can you go? The law of diminishing returns has already started to bite.

By this time next year they’ll be telling us that independence will cause an outbreak of bubonic plague, giant rats will take over our cities, and there will be a zombie attack – although to be fair a zombie attack is pretty indistinguishable from how the Unionist parties are behaving just now. No one will believe them except the trolls on Twitter who bear their Wings Over Scotland blocking numbers as a badge of pride, who will revel in each outlandish threat and retweet it with glee while assuring themselves that they’re Proud Scots.

Labour has already started to promise all the things it promised the last time round without the slightest shred of self-awareness that they told us they were in favour of all these things in 2014 and then they spent 2015 gutting the Smith Commission proposals. Their proposals for federalism are getting wall to wall coverage in a media that’s desperate for some jam since they know that the innovative jam 2.0 that’s on offer from the Tories isn’t much of a sweetener. All the Tories have to promise is the epic catastrophe of Brexit, and there’s not much anyone, even a diehard Unionist, can do to paint that in an attractive light, so they’re just pretending that it’s not really happening and that there’s been no change in circumstances to trigger a second Scottish referendum. They keep telling us that the economic outlook for independence looks uncomfortable, while ignoring what is by comparison the barren wasteland of Brexit that would make even Mad Max throw up his hands in surrender.

It’s the usual schtick from the Westminster playbook. Appease with a vague promise of something non-specific, then as soon as they get what they want they betray by claiming that whatever it was they were hinting about was never really on the table to begin with. It sounds like when a Prime Minister assured the people of Scotland that Scotland was an equal partner which could lead within a family of nations. Only as soon as the vote was in and had gone his way we discovered that it had really been all about English votes for English laws all along, and none of the promises were fulfilled.

It all sounds terribly like when a Prime Minister promised that a No vote would “open a way for all parties to explore together a lasting alternative arrangement which can enjoy the support of the whole British people.” That was Margaret Thatcher a few days before the ill-fated referendum of 1979, when Scotland voted 52% in favour of Home Rule, but the proposal fell by the wayside because Westminster had ruled that 52% didn’t take support over an arbitrary qualifying line. Thatcher took the failure of the Home Rule provision as a mandate to interpret exactly as she pleased, and for the next two decades the Tories fiercely resisted any suggestion that Scotland should have any say in its own governance. By a quirk of fate, 52% support in a more recent referendum has given another Prime Minister a mandate to interpret exactly as she pleases, and she’s interpreting it as resisting any suggestion that Scotland should have any say in its own governance.

May has interpreted a vote that we were told was about restoring the sovereignty of the British parliament as a mandate to allow her to embark on the greatest power-grab that the Prime Minister’s office has ever seen. She wants Parliament to pass a bill, her so-called Great Repeal Bill, that will allow her and her ministers to repeal or modify law by ministerial decree. She’s already tried to avoid parliamentary scrutiny of her Brexit plans, if this bill passes, she can avoid any scrutiny while she scraps EU measures like employment rights. That’s the real jam that’s on offer. It’s sweet for Theresa and the Tories, but bitter for the rest of us. Scotland will be left naked and exposed to the malice of the Tories.

We’ve been here before, too many times before. The promises, the innovative jam 2.0, the appeasement, the betrayal that inevitably follows. And all in order to prevent the people of Scotland having a democratic voice, having the right to decide on their own future after the future that the Unionist parties promised us in 2014 was trashed by the Unionist parties themselves. The real reason they are terrified is because another referendum means that it’s their record which will be left naked and exposed. And Scotland will judge it harshly.

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51 comments on “Innovative jam 2.0

  1. mayhem monday 🙂

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  3. Rookiescot says:

    “and there will be a zombie attack”.

    This has me worried. Just how many Gordon Browns do the unionists have?

    • Waiting for Scotland says:

      The zombie attack is already underway. The question should be how many human beings are among them? People who can be reached. People capable of thinking for themselves.

    • diabloandco says:

      At least one too many.

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  5. Macart says:

    In case anyone is in any doubt, PM May is not coming to Scotland to offer any deals. That’s how the media will spin her visit of course, but the reality is far, far different.

    Theresa May is coming to Scotland to threaten. She is coming to Scotland as a PR exercise for the right wing press and she is coming to Scotland to delay and obfuscate. That’s pretty much it. She already knows that in Scotland, she and her party are about as popular as a fart in lift. She’s not coming to win hearts and minds. She’s not coming to save her precious, precioussss union through use of her winning smile and warm, fuzzy, compassionate tory nature.

    She is visiting in order to do harm to our democracy end of.

    She didn’t form a UK exit deal through consensus as promised (though what’s a tory promise worth in reality?), and she found she couldn’t simply bull her way to the negotiating table by ignoring the devolved parliaments. She needs the assets of the nation partners to bargain with and if the noise coming from the EU over the weekend is anything to go by on the issue of holding status pending referendum results, she knows that those assets are pretty much off the table at this moment.

    For instance, you can’t bargain away the fishing rights and territorial waters of a nation that disagrees with your exit strategy.

    Anyroads, the world and the nature of parliamentary sovereignty hasn’t suddenly changed overnight, or since 2014. There is no federalism, no extended devolution journey and no parliamentary or societal mandate for May to offer anything that is remotely believable as ‘a deal’ (see under VOWS).

    So be warned folks. There is one and only one way to ensure the Scottish electorate repatriate and retain the power to make significant change possible and that is as an independent nation state.

    Accept no substitutes and certainly no dodgy jam from strangers.

    • Therapymum says:

      Well said Macart. What you have said is almost exactly the discussion my husband and I had yesterday when we saw the media coverage. She wants it to appear as though she is being reasonable, when in fact it is yet another threat. The media will stridently spin it as SNP baaad whatever Ms Sturgeon says or does. Beware Tories bearing gifts!!

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Agreed 100%.

    • Weechid says:

      I’m worried that she will make it appear to be an offer that the SG would look churlish to refuse. I’d hate anything to scupper Tuesday’s vote.

      • Macart says:

        Heh. I doubt there’s much chance of that Weechid.

        Given the nature of May’s Great Repeal Bill and the nature of the parliamentary sovereignty she’s just gone to court over… that’d be a pretty shoogly peg.

        Worth remembering one of the great revelations of the SC case in December – the Sewel convention is essentially worthless. What is in Westminster’s power to gift, is also in Westminster’s power to remove. It’s a parliament and system of government that’s literally gone to court to defend it’s right to say ‘what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine’.

        They spent a year going through the Smith Commission and Scotland Bill debate farce to punish the Scottish benches and deny that Broon ever made a vow on their behalf. To NOT deliver significant power to the Scottish parliament.

        Then there is the nature of devolution itself, which again I refer back to Lord Keen’s submission and the gift of Westminster. Devolution has ALWAYS been a temporary loan of powers and responsibilities. So long as power remains in ‘the gift’ of another, then all powers are by the nature of that gift temporary.

        Oh, we know how the press will spin May’s visit, but what is also a matter of public record are the Smith commission proposals, the Scotland Bill debates, the settlement that Commons (not the Scottish benches) agreed upon and finally, the Supreme Court case, it’s submissions and outcomes.

        Whatever May promises, up to and including diamond studded unicorns which fart rainbows, it can be easily and correctly filed under bin as far as the reasoning Scottish electorate are concerned.

        • Mark Russell says:

          Devious wee bastards, those legislative draftsmen in Westminster’s bowels. Makes you wonder who issues the draft instructions, what the conceal and why. Keen’s submission was sublime and a good lesson of never asking a question unless you already know the answer.

      • Saor Alba says:

        Their offers, no matter what, are given with forked tongue. Experience tells us so.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Exactly its been said by every representative of all the devolved administrations over and over again she will not engage with them, they all cant be wrong , you simply cant negotiate with someone whos only comments for days was brexit means brexit aye ok dear we hear the word what does it mean ?.

    • Saor Alba says:

      I am utterly shocked that the fishermen have fallen for the Unionist crap.
      They have been lied to and fooled by Unionist politician’s rhetoric. Shame on the Unionists politicians. If the fishermen are fooled twice – shame on the fishermen!!!! How the f**k can they be so stupid? The Unionists will use the fishing grounds are bargaining tools if they can. How many times can people be lied to and conned without wakening up to the situation and doing something about it?

  6. orri says:

    I wonder if Davidson will dance attendance? A final reminder that any attempt at independent thought or policy by the Unionist party in Scotland is subject to the whim of the person holding the other end of the leash.

    As is often mentioned there was a time in the past where the (Scottish) Unionist party gained more than 50% of the vote in Scotland. There fortunes took a tumble around the times of the Suez crisis resulting in their merger with the Conservative party.

    In emphasising the Unionist part of their name they might be harking back to the heady height of imperial glory. No actual attempt at a return to the paternalism that lay at the heart of their policies. An incredible dose of patronising though.

  7. Abridged Too Far says:

    Democracy-denying, parliament-ignoring tory tyrant Theresa Mugabe is coming to Scotland, to invite us to sup from her poisoned jam jar.

  8. Illy says:

    “Great Repeal Bill, that will allow her and her ministers to repeal or modify law by ministerial decree. She’s already tried to avoid parliamentary scrutiny of her Brexit plans, if this bill passes, she can avoid any scrutiny while she scraps EU measures like employment rights.”

    That’s far more dangerous than that. There is no requirement that any one law sticks to one purpose (and even if there was, that would be the first thing to get repealed).

    I’m just going to remind people that a similar bill was passed ~90 years ago in Germany, and leave it at that.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Frightening and disastrous!

    • Alastair Gunn says:

      Is this the point where I bring up the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 that was brought in by our wonderful friends in the Labour party? Between that and the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (gee, thanks again Labour!) the government of the day already has all the enabling acts it could wish for.

  9. Brian Powell says:

    My take is that T May’s offer will be enough for those ProudScots who are suffering a running stream of the dirahoo at the thought of deciding anything for themselves will grasp it like a bottle of Immodium.
    Another thought with all the talk of mandates, Labour are now trying to say that Scots have no mandate in Scotland. We sent 56 of 59 MPs to Westminster and UK Lab voted down every amendment that those MPs put forward for powers that would have given more powers to Scotland. (Powers that Scottish Labour are now saying the SG should exercise, thought they don’t have them!)
    And in Holyrood, though the SNP have more MSPs than ConLabLibs combined, they say they have no mandate for a Referendum.
    So Scots voted for huge majority of MPs and Majority of MSPs but Slab say they have no mandate to carry forward what we voted for.

  10. Marconatrix says:

    At the end of the day it comes down to the ‘good faith’ of the WM government and parliament, unfortunately a wasted asset. The only credible jam is the jam May has got herself in. Faced with a disasterous Brexit on the one hand and the end of the UK on the other, she’ll be lucky to avoid either and could easily be faced with both if Nicola gets her timing right.

  11. Macart says:

    Is it just me, or did Theresa May say absolutely nothing about anything in her speech? 🙄

    • weegingerdug says:

      No. It’s not just you. It’s the topic of my article for the National on Wednesday.

    • Now is not the time; the Scottish people voted overwhelmingly to stay in the UK in 2014. It was a once and for all decision for ever. I am repealing all Human Rights Laws by means of a Henry VIII wheeze and introducing an amendment to the 1935 Nuremberg Equal Rights Law, to include denying Scots a well as Jews Equal Rights.(Illy @ 9.13?)
      Worked for him, so it’ll work for me.
      Back in your box, Jocks. Davidson and Mundell will be watching you.
      Sam, today’s visit is a pointless farce.
      We go, and we go now.
      I will not seek anyone’s permission, especially that of an unelected foreigner, to grasp the Thistle of Independence.
      Brexit will unravel and with sudden impact.
      We strike while the Red Blue and Yellow Tories are at their weakest. Now, to the October ’18 timetable.

      • AAD says:

        Is it legal for WM to use a legal device of Henry VIII? That was pre-Union of the Crowns, let alone the Union of the Parliaments. His legal system has nothing to do with Scotland.

        • Alastair Gunn says:

          I believe Jack is referring to so-called “Henry VIII Clauses”?

        • Jan Cowan says:

          Good point, AAD.

          • Sorry, guys. I really need to start editing my rants. Firing from the hip may be great therapy for me. Nevertheless, I need my brain to keep up with my typing on occasion..
            What was the point of May’s visit North? There was no way in the world she was going to Bute House.
            A wee syndicate room in a Glasgow Hotel just about sums up the farcical visit to repeat the Now Is Not the Time Precious Union Shite.
            And Bird, Toodle Ooo The Noo prattled on as though there was something worth reporting.
            BBC PQ, home of the Yoon Propaganda Machine.

            WM will barnstorm through the Great Repeal Act on Thursday.
            From then on, Human rights, Employment Law, Maternity Leave, Sickness leave, Unfair dismissal, Trades Union Legislation, and so much more will rest with the Blue Tories Down There.
            Liam Fox has already announced that he will use the ‘Henry VIII Clauses’ to dump most of the current legislation. Government Ministers will take away our rights without recourse to that nasty democracy business getting in the way.
            Madness and evil stalks the land.

      • Macart says:

        If folk weren’t worried enough before, they should be now.

        That enactment of the ‘Henry VIII powers’ the use of the GRB is a precedent, not a one time only deal Jack.

        She’ll be handing Government Ministers and future Prime Ministers those powers from that day forward. Unaccountable and with either the lightest or no scrutiny at all, legislation which affects the fundamental rights of every soul under that parliament’s reach.

        The peoples of the UK have no written constitution limiting the powers of parliament to protect them from political excesses.

        They have no idea what they’ve done.


  12. Movy says:

    She definitely said absolutely nothing about anything in her speech. Just vacuous nonsense. A totally pointless exercise – which, no doubt, we’re paying for through our taxes. But, hey, this is building a consensus for the ‘precious, precious Union’.

  13. It is unnecessary to hold a referendum. The global standard for a country’s independence is simply this – The ‘Elected’ First Minister of Scotland calls a national assembly of all nationally elected Scottish politicians. The aforesaid national assembly votes on independence and the resulting vote determines the state of the nation.

    Here are the numbers – SNP MSPs – 63 SNP MPs 54 Green MSPs 6
    All others total 62. Result 123 to 62 for indepenence – Scotland declares independence unilaterally and waits for the UN to recognise this result. (There is a UN resolution affirming this right –

    The above is how MOST nations form an independent country there is no need for a
    referendum at all.

    Most obviously and according to Scot’s Law the people of Scotland are sovereign. If the people are sovereign then their democratically elected representatives are sovereign and as the UK is a treaty of Union the Scottish representatives simpy call an end to this ‘treaty’ and end this ‘Union’.

  14. Walter Hamilton says:

    Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.

  15. Robert Graham says:

    the suns oot does that mean shes away ? . did i miss anything ? ok i guess not . eh what exactly was the point of her visit i haven’t heard , usually these things are accompanied with the announcement of squillions of inward investment if we ,and that is usually the nub if we do as were told ha ha aye right dear been there before it wont work twice .no really it wont .

  16. The Scottish Play says:

    Stands Scotland where it did?

    …well apart from the news we all heard at Christmas about Hurricane Oil, but is now on BBC Scotland today:-

    “The discovery is significantly larger than the average find in recent years, which has been about 25 million barrels.

    However, it is still a fifth of the size of the Forties field, which contains about five billion barrels – of which approximately two billion have been recovered.

    Hurricane discovered oil in two wells which sit about 30km apart.

    The company believes the oil they found forms part of the same giant field”

    So yes that is a field more than 30km in diameter.

    – so = more woe for Scotland, basket case economy, god help it of the price of oil were to even rise, it just could not cope, and will hardly yeild the Tresury anything in revenue anyway.. so no need to bother…. no news there, sorry even mentioned it.

  17. Eilidh says:

    Cruella May came,she saw and offerred feck all. Her intransigence and arrogance are astounding.Meanwhile Labour are whistling in the wind with their certain tests must be met on a Brexit deal mince. That lot are totally useless

  18. Wonder why May bothered to come! A ten minute speech, no questions allowed, a meeting with Nicola which produced nothing but more frustration for our FM and then back off out the back door (tradesman’s entrance) to Westminster. Talk about a whistlestop visit. Maybe she just fancied a change of scenery on a nice day – doesn’t seem any other reason.

    • hettyforindy says:

      There was a reason alright. It was to bully NS and Scotland. Why else would Scotland be in their sights? Do we know what was said? I think we will be finding out this week, even today. Will Nicola Sturgeon be forced to backtrack on a vote for Scotref#2?

      What is May planning and plotting, it won’t be pretty. Now that billions of barrels of oil has suddenly been discovered, which they, the yoons have known about for years, it is going to be a bit trickier all round. They will be like one of those dogs that have jaws that lock on, grrrrrrrr.

  19. Jan Cowan says:

    Maybe she realised she should be in N.Ireland.

    • benmadigan says:

      she didn’t visit NI – maybe because there was nobody for her to talk to except her friend James Brokenshire, SOS for NI.

      And apparently no return to Direct Rule – which, unlike the Scotland Act, was legislated out of existence in 2006

      Hint as to the future? Is NI just not on Britain’s radar as it starts its Brexit journey?
      Is that what “a seamless, frictionless border” with the republic of Ireland means?

      Bye Bye NI?Been nice knowing you Irish?

      • Illy says:

        I keep saying NI is going to cause them more trouble than Scotland.

        Maybe they don’t care, because they know how to deal with bombs in London, but they don’t know how to deal with a democratic movement?

  20. Saor Alba says:

    Realisation is NOT something she is capable of.

  21. Mark Russell says:

    That’s you lot telt. “Not now, you’re ours, what’s next, you’ll see”.. Feel the love!

    The “great power” Mrs May adores is exactly the reason Scotland should get the fuck away from Westminster asap. Power corrupts, as it always has – only it was largely concealed before, now it suppurates from every stinking hole. Britain has always “punched above its weight” – therein lies the problem. A rotten playground for perverted vanities all dressed up in ermine and gold. Give me a break.

    Small is undoubtably better; true unto yourselves. Go for it. Take to the streets. Make yourselves heard. This ain’t once in a generation; it’s once in a lifetime. Make it count.

  22. orri says:

    As it turns out part of her journey was to visit the Police Scotland headquarters for their anti-terrorism unit in relation to a planned joint exercise in October alongside forces in the north of England. Conveniently illustrating the need for cross border cooperation whilst implying that’d vanish after independence no matter how stupid an idea that would be, From the leader of the party that brought us Brexit a stupid cutting of of ones own nose to spite ones face shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

    Conveniently paints May as having some ability to issue orders to the armed officers in Scotland. Prior to a vote on a second referendum might be seen as a political gesture equivalent to saying that whilst London and England should carry on regardless Scotland should show solidarity with them and abandon any notion of independence. Being too overt about it would be far too obvious.

    I’ve a small suspicion in the back of my mind that the reason for Glasgow being the venue for Monday’s meeting was to minimise May’s exposure to the faintest hint of danger. I think her bottles gone. An ongoing suspected terrorist attack in London and she’s in a car and off despite the fact that doing so might possibly expose her to sniper fire or a planned attack. Get off the plane at Glasgow Airport, Head to East Kilbride for a controlled speech in front of a captive audience ordered to clap. Head to Glasgow for a word with the police. Then on to a short meeting with Sturgeon before heading back home. Done and Dusted.

    On the other hand I was watching a Penelope Keith thing recently where she described Edinburgh as Scotland’s Royal City with no mention of it being our capital.

  23. emilytom67 says:

    Can anyone think of anyother country in the world populated by 50% of s—bags,kneebenders/quislings who lack so much in pride for their country who have no confidence or bottle,only one that comes close is NI tho not a country,see the co-relation.

  24. Robert Graham says:

    Pretty sure i saw labour in scotland branch voting against EU Nationals having a vote on Indy ref 2 they wouldn’t do that would they ? . Then again its Labour we are talking about anything goes .

  25. Del says:

    Teresa’s largesse extends only as far as giving Scotland its own circumscribed version of her Great Act ‘Henry VIII’ laws so we can claim back all these troublesome EU laws into Scots law. Then the doors will snap shut so she can treat Scotland and England identically in changes thereafter.

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