Journey to Yes, N°7

The latest instalment in the estimable Phantom Power’s Journey to Yes video series.  Erin says Yes. As more Scots who voted No to independence reconsider their decision, we follow their journey to Yes and self-determination for Scotland. Unlike UK General Elections and Brexit, 16 and 17 year olds were empowered with a vote in the Scottish independence referendum. Erin was 13 at the time and was still too young to participate but would have voted No. Erin found herself caught up in the post-indyref fightback and became an active member of the SNP Youth movement. She represents a new generation of politically aware young activists who demand greater representation in Scottish politics. Erin talks about aspects of youth vote in Scotland, opportunities, barriers and how vital it is that young people engage in decisions that will shape their own future. Erin will be 16 this September and is voting Yes at the next independence referendum.

If you’d like to share your journey to Yes – get in touch. Send an email to


13 comments on “Journey to Yes, N°7

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  2. Marconatrix says:

    Also over on Wings with comments …

  3. rivet71 says:

    One of the best yins yet

  4. Macart says:

    The future’s lookin’ bright.

    Tick tock 🙂

  5. Well done, Erin, the next ‘generation’ of the Scottish electorate.
    So much for the ‘once in a generation’ lie.
    The next generation has found its voice.

  6. Janet says:

    Welcome aboard, Erin.

  7. john edgar says:

    The future is Erin!

  8. robert harrison says:

    shes said it clear why yes must win erin and her generation is the ones that must face the consquences if no wins again and no one deserves scotland being suppresed by a english dominated westminster goverment when scotland could be so much more with the same powers as any other independant nation already has

  9. Andy in Germany says:

    First thought: Erin is freaking awesome. I hope there will be lots more like her.

    Second thought: I’ve been in Germany for her entire life.

    Maybe it is time to come home…

  10. Kat hamilton says:

    We’ll said Erin…how I wish many older voters had your foresight and wisdom..unionism is the past, and self governance very much the future direction…many pensioners should think of Erin and their grandchildren, hope will have been trampled and distinguished for good if it’s another negative outcome after Indy 2..please let’s talk to the retired, elderly as they are crucial to our success…

  11. Macart says:

    Just been to see Paul do one of his talks. Superb!

    Can’t suggest strongly enough that if you get the chance, get yourself along and listen to what he has to say.

    Oh, and d’you know whut? The dug is bigger than you’d think. 😉

  12. Robert Graham says:

    well done Erin , a lot of adults would have struggled to get the point across that you made so clearly .
    Now back to the mission , the dominoes are starting to fall , with the Spanish confirming what Paul has been saying for yonks there will be no objection , and expect a real tussle over Gibraltar .
    The recent rise in voting intentions now accepted as being 50/50 if not more for “YES” demolishes the Unionist constant mantra off no one wants another referendum , So can we expect fluffy to shut the f/k up now and as his party keep saying ” get on with the day job ” .
    Like f/k they will lying goes with the territory for all Unionists whats another Lie who cares they witl still get full support from the media , although the BBC are in a fankle of how they present bad news for their precious Union i still dont know if their website has even acknowledged the STV 50/50 poll or as usual they just bury it ignore it as they usually do . .

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