The wrath at Khan

I’m fed up, seriously fed up, fed up with metropolitan Londonsplainers coming up to Scotland and informing us that we’re a bunch of divisive racists for wanting independence. The real fascists in Scotland, the real blood and soil nationalists who hate immigrants, Muslims, and who espouse xenophobia as their policy of choice are far more likely to be found waving a Union fleg than a Saltire. The only people who were convicted of offences of violence related to the independence referendum were supporters of the Union, not supporters of independence.

The actual paid up members of fascist and extreme right organisations in Scotland are overwhelmingly opponents of independence. The people on social media who are most prone to telling others that they can’t be Scottish unless they were born in Scotland to Scottish parents are overwhelmingly opponents of independence. Those who want to remove EU citizens from the ballot are overwhelmingly opponents of independence. Those who hate on immigrants and long for an isolationist little country that harks back to a fantasy golden age where everyone was white and heterosexual are overwhelmingly opponents of independence.

Those metrosplainers who condemn the independence movement for its supposed divisiveness and racism never ever notice the great big beam in their own eye marching around their cornea with an Orange sash, a Union fleg, and a fascist salute in defence of Britain. Try and point out to them that of the two sides in the Scottish constitutional debate the one which has the real problem with xenophobia, intolerance, racism, homophobia and sexism is the Unionist side, and you will be met with howls of outrage at your utter gall in suggesting that supporting the Union makes you a bigot. How very dare you insinuate that ordinary supporters of the Union are creatures cut from the same cloth as members of Britain First or the Orange Lodge.

Yet the very same people will cheerfully slander the entire independence movement on the basis of an anecdote about an English person who went into a pub in the Western Isles and suddenly everyone started talking about him in Gaelic. Everything negative ever said to any English person in Scotland is evidence of a deep dark cancer that lurks at the very heart of the Scottish psyche, but the same remarks made in the English media about Scots are just banter, and it’s typical of thin skinned nationalists and their grievance mongering to take offence.

What Sadiq Khan has just done with his tired unthinking comments is to give succour to the real racists and bigots, allowing them to dress their xenophobia and hatred in a veneer of tolerance that doesn’t really exist. He’s given the real bigots an excuse to point at someone else as the problem instead of addressing their own behaviour. He’s excusing Unionism of its sins and distracting it from its own shortcomings.

The Unionists claim that the movement for Scottish independence is based upon anti-English racism because they have no substantive arguments. Instead they resort to stirring up the ancient prejudice and stereotype amongst some people in England that Scotland’s cultural distinctiveness begins and ends with a hatred of English people. All they’re doing is further weakening the last frayed bonds that tie Scotland to this dysfunctional state. They’re destroying the very thing they claim to be defending.

Anas Sarwar seized on Sadiq Khan’s words to demand what he called an end to Scottish exceptionalism. Yet no one is claiming that Scottish people are on the whole better than anyone else. The only people who say so are Unionists seeking a straw man to attack. People aren’t better than one another, Scottish people are not better than English people or anyone else. But the choices that people make can be better. And I will defend to the death the belief that choosing tolerance, choosing acceptance of difference, choosing to celebrate diversity is a better choice than choosing xenophobia, choosing insularity, and choosing isolationism. It’s British nationalism which chooses the latter, it’s the Scottish independence movement which chooses the former. That’s the choice that faces Scotland, and it’s not exceptionalism to want Scotland to make the better choice. It’s a matter of survival of everything that’s decent.

Wanting Scotland to make the better choice is racist and divisive according to the apologists for the racism and division of Brexit.

Obviously the way for the Labour party to regain its lost ground in Scotland is to insult everyone who has voted SNP. They’re polling a paltry 15% in the polls and having lost almost all their MPs they’re now facing the loss of all the councils they control. In an attempt to extricate himself from the very big hole he dug for himself, Sadiq Khan later clarified that he doesn’t think that supporters of Scottish independence are racist. It’s just that they’re indistinguishable from racists. So that’s OK then. Must be thon big beam in his Unionist eye getting in the way of his clarity of vision then. So how’s that wooing voters back from the SNP thing going for you Labour?

Labour continues to cling to its dreams of a Britain that will never come to pass, saying its ritual prayers of exorcism against its imaginary demons while the real demons devour it. Labour is talking with the Tories about forming coalitions in certain councils in order to keep them out of SNP control. They dance with the devil rather than face up to the realities of Scotland’s choices. They tell us that we can chase the federalism fairy when its own leadership has no interest, never mind the other UK parties. Labour in Scotland insist that Scotland can remain a part of the UK and the EU while their own party leadership in Westminster has surrendered any pretence of representing the interests of those who voted to remain and the Tories run rampant with their xenophobic plans to rip up the post-WW2 settlement and destroy the welfare state.

Then some clueless Londoner comes up to lecture and insult ordinary Scots on how we’re doing politics all wrong because wanting independence is the same as racism, and gives Labour in Scotland a convenient distraction from real ways in which it can get out of the mess that it’s made for itself. No wonder there’s so much wrath at Khan.

Audio version of this blog post, courtesy of Sarah Mackie @lumi_1984

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50 comments on “The wrath at Khan

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  3. diabloandco says:

    Spot on!

  4. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Well said Paul! You have definitely hit the nail straight on. I wish I could use this as a speech during the IndyNew campaign trail! Won’t plagerise though! Please keep going at full tilt Paul. Give Ginger a pat from me!!!

  5. jaffamcneill says:

    Let’s not get too smug here. The mote in Indy’s eye is it’s legion of “anti-zionists” spouting anti-Israel and anti-Israeli rhetoric at every chance they get, peddling their genocide and apartheid lies, and having nothing proportionate to say about oppression elsewhere in the world, against e.g. the Rohingya, Yazidi or Tamil peoples . And in case you’re in any confusion this is officially anti-semitism:

    We need to get our camp in order and shut these bloody racists up.

    • GW says:

      You’re on the wrong site … Take your poison somewhere else.

    • Muscleguy says:

      Nice snide defence there. Nobody can ever say anything about Israel or Israeli policies and actions until every single other problem in the world is fixed first.

      Think about that, that makes Israel so bad, so intractable it is easier to fix Burma or Sri Lanka than the mess they have made of the Levant. Nice tactic.

      BTW if it is anti-semiitc to criticise a government and it’s actions then it becomes anti-Israeli to take every Jew everywhere to task over what that govt does. This is the flipside of this attempt to pretend that somehow the Israeli government are ultra special snowflakes unlike any other government anywhere else.

      You disgust me.

      • Dave Hansell says:

        Indeed. This is an approach which sees even Jewish critics of Israeli Government policies, supported by right wing racists sections of that society, accused of anti semitism. It’s the level of augment one finds in an infant school playground.

    • mogabee says:

      I’m embarrassed at your level of “argument”. See this “Indy” you speak of, bring his/her vile thoughts and words here so we can decide for ourselves whether you have made the correct assocciation with the Independence movement.

      I suspect you are a all talk, nae action.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Using the word “official” does NOT make the definition legitimate. Perhaps it is you who is confused over this and the language you use is very inflammatory – always a dead giveaway.

  6. Waiting for Scotland says:

    For Unionists, all nationalism is evil…except British nationalism. The corollary being self determination is evil…except British self determination. It goes far to explain how these folks can condemn the Scots as whinging scroungers while at the same time praise our contributions to the greatness of the United Kingdom. Duplicity, thy name is Unionism.

  7. Derek says:

    Maybe there’s also, as you put it, a “stereotype amongst some people in England that Scotland’s cultural distinctiveness begins and ends with a hatred of English people” because they need to define us in terms of themselves. Their world revolves around them and if we don’t want to be in the UK with them it can only be because we hate them.

  8. ewenart says:

    Dear, WEE GINGER DUG, thanks for your accurate article, which speaks so vividly of our Alba/Scotland’s opinions, attitudes etc. My family’s philosophies are echoed here! “You are no better than anyone else – we are all equally normal!”, cheers, Ewen Morrison.

  9. Hate is such a strong word, and I usually hesitate to use it, but the Labour Party in Scotland reserve a special place in my vocabulary – as an erstwhile supporter I now want to see them annihilated for their duplicity and failure to speak for the ordinary Scottish citizen rather than scrabbling around trying to justify their own existence. I want them to go down, and guid riddance!
    Independence will come but we need to be like Wallace and Murray on Abbey Craig* and bide our time for the right moment to come, as surely it will. I trust in Nickla to judge the right time.
    * I’ve been reading Andrew Fisher’s treatise on ‘William Wallace’.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Duplicity of the Scottish Lords when the Union was instituted and duplicity now as each Unionist party tries to maintain it.
      Labour have utterly abandoned ordinary people and have prostituted themselves to the Tories. They are indeed a slightly different hue of Tory with little significant difference. They are utterly disgraceful and deceitful, with very few exceptions.

  10. benmadigan says:

    Excellent article Paul. This sentence really hit home!

    “of the two sides in the Scottish constitutional debate which has the real problem with xenophobia, intolerance, racism, homophobia and sexism is the Unionist side”,

    You certainly nailed it there !

    The same applies to Northern Ireland where Orange Lodges also play a major detrimental role.

  11. Clive Scott says:

    Mr Khan will be loving the attention. Best to look skywards, shrug, and work to get the SNP vote out in May.

  12. Duncan says:

    With permission can we all send this to labour, especially Khan. Be it by post or email he needs to see this and know just how wrong he is. Get a full viral campaign going. We simply cannot stand for these kind of comments from someone so high profile. He cannot be allowed to just come up here and call us all racists when his own party is just rolling over and doing nothing but pandering to ukip and the Tories with Thier prejudiced anti immigration policies (which his own party boasted about wanting to introduce in order to appease the bigots and win their vote). Scottish nationalism is not and has never been about excluding anyone be it on grounds of race,colour, religion, nationality or otherwise and khan knows that.

    I respected khan deeply, he overcame a huge challenge to become Mayor and I used to feel sad that I left London just after he took office as he would surely have changed many things in the city. However I no longer feel that way. If he can come up with ridiculous things like he did in that speech then he is simply not fit to be in any public office. Instead of supporting a cause which stands for everything he does (Europe, pro immigration, openess, a new way of politics, inclusion and outward looking) he has gone down the ‘SNP bad’ route to get a few cheers. To think many in the SNP openly supported his bid for mayor, only for him to come here and make such revolting comments about our movement.

    He’s as bad as the rest, Westminster mentality through and through. Thinking he can lecture Scotland how to think. He promises so much but will out party before London and will deliver nothing. We have seen his true colours.

  13. Either Khan is as clueless as you say, or his motives were more subtle and his target someone else. I think this was actually an anti-Corbyn ploy, sacrificing Scottish Labour Councillors (who may have been in for a beating, anyway) for an excuse to attack Corbyn over Scottish Council Election results in a few months time. By which time, this will have blown over and Corbyn will be responsible.

  14. Dougie says:

    Sadiq Khan is either a stupid cunt or an unprincipled cunt. However these taxonomies are difficult to apply when examining vaguely defined entitiies like Labour.

  15. Di says:

    Today a Unionist told me that the SNP was racist and then went on to tell me that because I supported remaining in the EU, I must be descended from an Irish immigrant! Go figure!

    • Saor Alba says:

      It will do no good trying to converse with such a petty, parochial and small-minded person, who obviously inhabits a medieval world and wallows in his/her own spiritual and contemplative poverty. Hatred is the name of the game with such a person, who will have their Bronze Age myths, superstitions, childish wishful thinking and complete lack of intellect. Reasoning is not easy for such a person and it is not too difficult to see the hatred, bigotry and racism in their comment.
      You are the one with dignity. My hat is raised to you for not responding to this person.

    • Angie says:

      I also had a ‘conversation’ with an OO unionist a few weeks ago. His take on it was that the SNP were jumped up *insert sweary word* looking to get the IRA vote. I did block him but was left feeling disturbed by the absolute hatred he held for Yes voters. His type will never change but what will they become after Scotland becomes independent.

      • Saor Alba says:

        My comment above applies also to you Angie.
        You are the one with dignity, not this poor excuse for a human being.
        You cannot expect any reasoned comment from such hateful and vile personages.
        When Scotland becomes independent, then they will still be the same, but will have nothing to rally round. Their “glorious fleg” will be no more and perhaps then we will be on our way to ridding ourselves of this cancer.

  16. Macart says:

    I think you’ve said it all for us Paul and couldn’t agree more.

    Khan’s drivel was aimed at a specific audience. It was done deliberately, callously and with zero regard for fallout. I’m sure he reckoned he knew exactly what he was doing, just not the scale of the idiocy.

    Mayor of London steps into Scotland’s independence debate…. Uh huh! ‘Course what London stands to lose to an independent Scotland won’t have crossed his mind I’m sure.

    He’s succeeded only in shaming and embarrassing himself, his party and his city.

    Well done to all of that Mr Khan.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Hear, hear Sam.
      Khan has just mislaid any integrity he had and lost any respect many of us previously had for him. He appears no better than the duplicitous creatures we are all familiar with and have to deal with in the 3 Tory parties up here.

      • Jan Cowan says:

        Whether deliberate or not Khan deserves to lose our respect. But when will the LP learn that lifting raw politicians from London to Scotland does not work? They end up appearing totally ignorant. Perhaps a course in Scottish politics before hand might help.

        • Credit where credit’s due. Even Ol’ Andra on Sunday Politics eviscerated Dugdale and invited her to distance herself from Khan’s and Anas Bananas’ ‘racist’ slur on half Scotland’s electorate. She didn’t of course, so The Neil lad slaughtered her on her People’s Constitutional Convention and Federalism.
          England didn#t know until today the Dugdale was dictating UK Labour Policy on the Constitution.
          Hang On A Minute ladled into Iain Submarine Gray later on.
          They really are floundering fools now.

  17. dgm242 says:

    “..Those metrosplainers who condemn the independence movement for its supposed divisiveness and racism never ever notice the great big beam in their own eye marching around their cornea with an Orange sash, a Union fleg, and a fascist salute in defence of Britain.,,” As long as we are beholding to monarchy, kirk and their role in UK pseudo-democracy then we shall inherit their lunacy and poison

  18. dgm242 says:

    “…Those metrosplainers who condemn the independence movement for its supposed divisiveness and racism never ever notice the great big beam in their own eye marching around their cornea with an Orange sash, a Union fleg, and a fascist salute in defence of Britain…” As long as we have AoU, the role of the kirk in democracy and the Monarchy and its Defender of the faith well we cant be surprised by division based politics and commentary

  19. Doug says:

    I’m sorry but Khan just reflects my experience of dealing with people of all cultures, races and backgrounds who have no sources other than the UK media reports on Scotland.

    I had the very unpleasant experience of travelling back from Glasgow the other day on the train, and hearing two tweed clad gentlemen (clutching the FT and Daily Mail respectively) having a conversation about how it was much better in the old days, when even poor people gave binmen their Christmas presents, and then much later – on daylight saving – how they could join Scotland and ‘it was like 100 years ago. Apparently this is fine. I called them out.. they responded it’s a ‘private conversation’ (even when you bray it at full volume all over a crowded train). They literally could not believe that anyone would object.

    • davidbsb says:

      I had a similar issue in the Doctor’s waiting room last Christmas. In the end I exploded at the stupid Yoon talking the usual guff – below the MOT breakfast Nembutal on the telly above her head.

      I was embarrassed at myself. I thought it was rude to intervene in a private conversation. But in the end it is probably better if we who know what is going on do take issue with foolish yoons. For there are other’s present in a train, or in a queue or in a doctor’s. And some will be glad you called the yoons out. And others will learn that the yoons are talking guff.

      Many people are wilfully ignorant. Many more are kept that way by a corrupt media. We have a duty to speak the truth.

  20. Saor Alba says:

    You are quite correct Doug. It is not a private conversation when you can hear it.
    I sense that these two chaps would not understand that, however.
    Reasoned thought can be difficult for some.
    “Empty vessels make the most noise”.

  21. Dougie says:

    Open letter from MI5 to WGD:

    I’m sorry, none of what you say matters. We tell lies, carefully constructed lies. Many people will know we are lying, especially when you help them to see it. But we are not in dialogue with you or your readers. We are speaking to people beyond, who don’t read your blog or anyone else’s blog.

    They are large in number. They believe what we tell them to believe, because everywhere we have respectable voices. You do not have a respectable voice, even if they knew you existed. We only need a few people to believe our lies – not a lot, not a big number, but still we can make big numbers. Remember that in 2014 50% of your citizens declined independence? Half of your population were persuaded to engage in an act of self harm! Wasn’t that utterly outrageous and impossible? We were very proud of that outcome.

    Our asset, Sadiq (second name escapes me for the moment) was sent to Scotland to tell lies, part of an ongoing programme. In the usual pattern, most people will not believe him, but some will, and that is all we need. That, and a good grip of the postal vote, will preserve the colony.

    Dream your dreams. Hope the dog is well.



    • Couldn’t agree more Dougie. A number of years ago I became, unwittingly, involved with the same organisation you name, I was on the “right” side of the law by the way, and the manner in which these faceless people rode roughshod over Scottish law was astounding. They achieved the result they desired, and those who could have objected said nothing. Not that it would have made any difference anyway. That was made quite clear to all of us by our “superiors”.
      On the Khan speech, isn’t this just part of an ongoing package that began with the first Scottish Referendum campaign, continued during the E.U Referendum, and will become even more vitriolic once we enter Indyref2.
      Speeches, and comments of this nature are just a way of giving free rein to the extremists to attack all who support an independent Scotland. And since this theme will be fully supported by most of the M.S.M, I really do fear for the safety of all of us who are out on the streets at the moment campaigning in upcoming council election campaign.
      And when Nicola announces the date for the Second Scottish Independence Referendum, the opprobrium that will rain down on us will be like nothing seen in these isles before. If we think its bad now, just wait.

  22. John Edgar says:

    Khan’scomments were , yawn yawn, cauld kail het up. Another pop up from dahn sath.
    After Copeland, Jezza says he will fight on. A great Slab and Lab comment! They always say that or something like it.
    It must be clear to the branch that the brothers and sisters are sliding down the same slope as they did in 2015. But instead on anguish, and calls from the floor to face reality,they stick their heads in the sand.
    Labour for Indy is their only hope of survival as a meaningful party in Scotland. Kez’ big dream, federalism, aka Vow2, is unrealisable and risible. Dahn sath no one knows what English regions are! And without a Labour government at Westminster, all is in vain. Even then, the results of Vow1 do not inspire confidence. Add in the EVELdominated HoC and the reactionary HoL towards all things Scottish, then Kez’ great crusade is a chimera.
    The yoon- goons are a model to show what is befalling the Labour Party dahn sath. Demise.
    What is Jez going to say in Perth? A damp thundering tirade against the Tories and “fight on”!
    What the branch has not grasped is they do not count dahn sath, not even as lobby fodder in the HoC any more. A minor entity from the last dug out in “North Britain”. Fancy being outvoted by Ruth’s despicable Tories! If that does not focus the mindset of Slab, nothing will!!
    Even dahn sath, the old two-party system is over! Whither Labour when they are wiped out dahn sath by the Tories and Brexit hell!

  23. steelewires says:

    It amazes me that the Labour Party, which began as a movement for the rights of low paid workers, by workers, has evolved into the party it has become. Labour Lords and Baronesses! Can you imagine an early 20th century coal-miner, who had become and MP, accepting such a title, exchanging his coveralls for an ermine fringed robe? Can you imagine him voting for a millionaire who had never done a day’s labour in his life to be the Party’s leader?

    The Labour Party was infiltrated by the wealthy. Why would working class people vote for Tony Blair, a man who has no idea of life in a council house, never had to live on a weekly wage that just enabled him and his family to survive, went to Fettes College, to be their leader? Why would someone like Blair join a LABOUR party? To infiltrate it, turn it into an instrument to support Capitalism and a trickle down economy, maintain the Tory status quo!

  24. Smug, patronising, pseudo urbane, feigning ennuie when challenged, the self satisfied mayor of one of the great cities of the world, the world FFS, smirks at Toodle Oo The Noo on camera, and describes the reaction to his smarmy murky evil little smear on the Scottish electorate as ‘mock horror’.
    I’ve just watched Dugdale’s Rallying of the Troops on I Player. I wasn’t going to, but frankly I thought she couldn’t have been as bad as the tweets and posts made her out to be. I was right. She was much much worse.
    This woman needs psychiatric help.
    Her psychotic hatred of Nicola Surgeon is quite frankly alarming.
    The 45-60 year olds in the audience, the Movers and Shakers of the Branch Office, sat arms folded, brows furrowed, shoulders slumped, quite obviously fed up with their leader. She hasn’t long to go now.
    The SNP had apparently made a mess of everything, and 220,000 Scottish Children are in poverty and illiteracy because of their policies, which, ahem, Ms Dugdale shrieked, Nicola Sturgeon stole from her!
    Oh dear.
    Ian Murray was sitting at the top table, the man who joined his Red Tory colleagues, arm in arm with the Blue and Yellow Tories, and voted through the Charter for Budget Responsibility in January 2015, cutting welfare payments by £12 billion, cutting essential public services, and sacking 500,000 public servants to ‘save’ another £13 billion, and awarded the rich a 5% cut in their income tax.
    That would be the same vile Nicola Sturgeon who, during the televised leadershiop debate in the run up to the UK GE 2015, condemned the Red Blue and Yellow Tory cuts, demanded an end to rob the poor reward the rich ‘austerity’ cuts, and advocated a modest £118 billion investment is creating jobs, supporting infrastructure projects, and ending the politically engineered impoverishment of our least fortunate citizens.
    Cameron, Miliband, and Clegg, were having none of it. Cameron boasted of £29 billion having been ‘saved’ during the Coalition parliament, and promised even bigger ‘savings;’ when the Tories got back in, with not a hint of dissent from Kez’s precious Leader at the time Tombstone Miliband, the racist of Immigration Mug fame.
    That would be that Nicola Sturgeon, Kez?

    It is she who has plunged 220,000 Scots children into poverty is it?
    Or was it that wee rotund man sitting at the end of the table on stage with you?
    The non Nationalist chap who wears Union Jack suits on occasion, but not so much now.
    Jackie Baillie is heading an Industry think tan?
    Gordon Brown is going to co host a Constitutional Convention along with Kez on Federalism; but not for another three years yet, in 2020.

    In the interim Labour Branch Office want to have a ‘conversation’ with me, which may require a Ouija Board soon given my advanced years.
    It got better. Despite having their arses skelped last year for advocating a penny in the pound tax rises, to pay for, well, you name it, Kezia wants to increase Child Benefit for all, one of those Universal Benefits which Lamont, sitting beside Frank the Pieman in the far from packed hall, slated as ‘something for nothing’ rewarding the rich, or some such, just shortly before Kezia and Mags stabbed her in the back, and JoLa blew a Branch Office gasket.
    Jackie Baillie, Gordon Brown, Ian Gray, Johann Lamont, Frank McAveety, James Kelly, Alex gods. These are the fresh new faces Kezia promised us?
    Mr Khan, fuck off back to London. I choose not to be polite or diplomatic. Take your tawdry little opinions back down the motorway. You’ll know when you are back in England when you have to pay a toll to get through the Tyne Tunnel, one of the boons of being ‘Stronger Together’.
    London is a town..with a cathedral. Scotland is a country.
    No comparison.
    Labour is Scotland is well and truly over.
    Jackie Baillie/Industry? Jeezo.
    What a sad little Conference.

    • Robert Graham says:

      as usual a good post Paul has put up . as for the noise in the background thats known as Labour in Scotland , i think you have more or less covered my thoughts on this lot , its difficult to put into words how to describe a party who simply cant bring themselves to tell the Truth .
      I watched three different clips this morning of Labour in Scotland mouthpieces , the more i watched the worse it got , from Kezia deigning what Mr Khan said that what was there for all to see , then Grey remember him of the Subway hide-in , trying to explain Federalism despite having no backing from his own party , god thats a winner .
      then we have comments from some delegates , Christ by this time i was loosing the will to live , then some arse it might have been some union guy saying yes we will overcome the SNP austerity , oh f/k i give up i truly despair this mob ever being elected to anything , i wouldn’t let them cut my grass . that would be difficult as i dont have any , decked to lot years ago .

    • scrandoonyeah says:

      Please don’t pop your clogs just yet, we need your passion and controlled rage. Our day in the sun is coming, along with the beautiful soft rain that is tomorrow

  25. Jan Cowan says:

    Jack doesn’t hold back. Wise words from a wise man.

  26. Clapper57 says:

    Below is a copy of something I posted in another Indy blog site :

    Apologies if already been said but ‘divisions’ in society have always existed and I am sure will still exist in the future in politics,religion,sex,age,culture and class etc.

    The world is and most probably always will be divided and it extremely disingenuous to imply directly or via inference by some Cack handed comparison that nationalism via the SNP is in any way comparative to racism.

    If Corbyn and co do not refute Khan’s warped and self serving interpretation of Scot’s seeking self determination then one must conclude they too are instrumental in generating an even greater division through alienating and condemning a legitimate political party and its followers.

    It may have escaped Corbyn’s notice, probably because of the divisions that exist within his own party, but ‘this country’ as he calls it, which I assume he means ‘Britain, is currently VERY divided via both Brexit and politically.So it is duplicitous to lay the blame for division upon Scotland and the people who support SNP and independence.

    If Corbyn and Khan knew anything, which I am doubtful of, about Scotland and it’s politics then they would perhaps be more mindful and wary of endorsing such negative messages and unbelievably for them not to expect any backlash is both naive and very much out of touch with the reality of the real differences that exist between Scottish and English politics.

    I suggest they get their own house in order rather than dabble in matters to which they are being willfully misled and ignorant of thanks to Dugdale & co’s misleading and divisive information and partisan agenda.

    I give you Copeland….Stoke was NO victory as Nuttall was a proven Tube of the highest order and a monkey with a Red rosette could have seen him off…..perhaps a monkey did ?

    • Clapper,
      Kezia and Ruth and Wullie are fed up with ‘divided’ Scotland.
      We should all just shut up and let them do anything they like to us, like they have done for the past 310 years.
      Why can’t we see that this is what ‘Together Stronger’, ‘Better Together’, ‘Down on your knees and avert your gaze from His Right Royal Plonker Mundell’ means?
      See; if we just do as we’re told, there will be no more ‘division’, and ‘fratricide’, and ‘Ulsterisation’ can be avoided.
      The pin headed logic of these numbnuts fails to disappoint.

  27. […] Source: The wrath at Khan […]

  28. Col says:

    Thinking about our independence day celebrations in the future, it should be a day which holds at its very heart our core values of tolerance and helping those who need it in our society.
    Standing up for human rights both here and across the world. We see what the politics of selfishness and blame have done to our nearest neighbour and other countries where greed at the core of the political class threatens years of hard fought rights and support systems. We will lose so much if we lose a second referendum. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

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