A crooked creep or a creepy crook

The United States goes to the polls tomorrow in the Presidential elections. This year American voters have as their next President a corrupt lying conniving con-man on the one hand, or a corrupt lying conniving con-woman on the other. Here in Scotland, as in the rest of the world, we’re following the events in the USA closely because whoever wins the election will have huge and direct impact on all of us. Although here in Scotland we do have the added interest that comes from us being used to having our fate decided by a deeply unpopular bucket of turd who was elected in a vote in which Scotland’s voice doesn’t matter.

It looks as though Hillary Clinton is narrowly ahead. She’s a deeply unpopular politician in the USA. She has a history of secrecy, of self-interest, and of changing her views to suit her audidence. She’s constantly mired in allegations of suspicious business dealings and corruption. The only candidate she stands any chance of beating is Donald Trump. Meanwhile Trump has a history of secrecy, of self-interest, and of changing his views to suit his audience. He’s constantly mired in allegations of suspicious business dealings and abuse. The only candidate he stands any chance of beating is Hillary Clinton. That’s why the vote is so close. In this US Presidential election the voters have a choice between a creepy crook, or a crooked creep.

There’s no point wishing for a third candidate to come through the middle, it’s not going to happen. It’s like hoping that the Lib Dems or the Greens can win a UK General Election. We’re lumbered with one of the big two. So we get to choose between one self-interested machine politician or another. In this respect the UK is the only country in the world with an electoral system which is even more dysfunctional than America’s, and even the rest of the UK has a political system which is more representative than Scotland’s. At least in the rest of the UK they get governments and EU-referendum outcomes that have attained a majority, even if in the case of governments, it receives a majority of seats on a minority of votes. In Scotland it makes no difference how we vote, we get the government our neighbour votes for.

The only thing that Hillary Clinton has in her favour is that she’s not Donald Trump. The only thing that Donald Trump has in his favour is that he’s not Hillary Clinton. Other candidates are available of course, but they’ve got as much chance of getting elected as the Monster Raving Looney Candidate does in a British by-election. Mind you, in these American elections the scary clown is one of the main contenders.

Not that Clinton is much better than Donald’s scary clown. She represents the very worst of American machine politics. She has the same cynical disregard for principle as her British equivalent. Clinton is a politician very much in the same rancid mould as Tony Blair. She’s hawkish on foreign policy and inconsistent on domestic policy. The only consistency in the political views of Hillary Clinton is that she’ll operate in the interests of the Washington machine and American big business interests.

The only consistency in the views of Donald Trump is that he’ll operate in the interests of Donald Trump. He’ll use the position of president to pursue his own personal agenda, and all those people who put their trust in him because they believed his promises on jobs will be sadly disappointed. For the rest of the planet he promises insecurity and uncertainty.

If Donald Trump becomes President half the world will take to fallout shelters for the next four years. While it’s perfectly likely that Hillary will start some small war in order to pursue her hawkish agenda, Donald is quite likely to start World War Three because someone was rude to him on Twitter. He actually asked why he shouldn’t use America’s nuclear arsenal. Trump might decide to invade Mexico when the Mexicans give him the same response as former Mexican president Vicente Fox when Trump demands that Mexico pays for the wall that Donald wants to build. The exact words of President Fox were “I declare, I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall.” He might nuke Scotland because we decided to build a windfarm offshore from his golf course.

Ultimately it’s because there’s a very real prospect of a Scottish independence referendum that I’d prefer a Clinton Presidency over a Trump one. Well, that and the fact that Trump is more likely to start WW3.

Trump’s opposition to Scottish independence will be personal, bitter, and visceral. He would make all sorts of overt threats to an independent Scotland, all of which would be motivated by his personal disagreements with the Scottish government and planning authorities and his ignorant refusal to accept the reality of climate change. Donald won’t want Scotland to become independent and will oppose our independence loudly and openly. And while there are very few people in Scotland who look up to Donald Trump as a voice of sage wisdom and reason, as President of the USA he would have a very real and threatening authority. The British media will make a huge play of his threats to undermine Scottish independence. And all because we have the temerity to build windfarms within view of his golf courses.

Clinton will also oppose Scottish independence, but she doesn’t have the same personal stake. Although Clinton is quite likely to mouth platitudes similar to those uttered by Obama during the first independence referendum, along the lines of not wanting one of the USA’s oldest allies to be weakened, the truth is that she’s unlikely care one way or the other if she doesn’t think American interests are going to be prejudiced by Scottish independence. And since Scotland would be seeking independence in order to remain a part of the EU, opposition from the US is likely to be muted. Clinton will not embark on a full on campaign of overt threats not to recognise an independent Scotland, to bar us from membership of international organisations, to threaten us with a trade embargo, or to refuse to admit Scottish passport holders into the USA. Trump is quite likely to do all of those things.

So although I hold no candle for Hillary Clinton, I’ll be relieved if she wins tomorrow. A Clinton victory means Scottish independence is more likely to occur smoothly.

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53 comments on “A crooked creep or a creepy crook

  1. John Ericsson says:

    Those would be allegations rammed home time and time again by the Republicans rather, say, by somebody neutral

    They have had their poisonous effect if you are also playing false equivalence

    You would have thought Indyref taught us to look beyond the press coverage

  2. annelawrie says:

    In a country the size of America, are these really the best two they could come up with?

  3. Dougie says:

    “Well, that and the fact that Trump is more likely to start WW3.”

    No. Trump has business interests in Russia, hence the allegations that he’s in league with Putin. Hillary is World War Three for sure, because she’s said so (she wants to outface Russia by creating a new Cuban missile crisis).

    It’s lose, lose all round though. Trump is vain and stupid and will do what the Pentagon and Wall Street tell him. Hillary is just the slut who doesn’t need asked.

    I’m going to copy my dad. In 1936 he built an air raid shelter from an old water tank. It had to be rolled across several fields to get to our house. Everyone said he was an idiot and there would be no war with Germany, and even if there was, why would they bomb our wee village? But there was a war, and they bombed us pretty badly. It wasn’t long before there was an anxious queue outside his old water tank.

    Vote Jill Stein. Keep clean hands. And go build your shelter.

  4. John Edgar says:

    Yet, there is Trident, a supposedly independent nuclear deterrent while the Yanks hold the codes! A quasi HolyLoch US Polaris base. Would Clint (not Eastwood) or Don tolerate removal? Or would Trump in his ignorance accuse the Scots of possessing “weapons of mass destruction” and invade?
    Let us keep an open mind. How MayHem will react will be interesting. No doubt, rush across the pond with Kezia to proclaim the Special relationship anew and ask for help “rebellious Scots to crush” since Mundell and Davidson have failed.

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug A crooked creep or a creepy crook […]

  6. Macart says:

    Perhaps a one pound down change of address scenario might do? 😮

    More seriously I have a feeling that the outcome of this vote will determine how many other countries vote in the not too distant future, most especially in Europe.

    I certainly don’t envy the American public their choice this week. They’re a strong, resilient folk though and whatever happens, I wish them luck. I think we’ll maybe all need it.

  7. Clive Scott says:

    Must have missed something – what is it the Hilary has lied about, been crooked about etc? And what was all the ridiculous confection over an email server? Turns out nothing, zilch. However, have not missed that Trump is simply an arse unfit to hold public office of any kind.

  8. diabloandco says:

    I disagree with the idea that Trump will start WW3 , the far more warlike candidate is the ‘mis speaking ‘ Mrs Clinton of ‘ we came , we saw , he died tee hee’ fame.

    Like Macart I don’t envy the choice presented to the poor folk of the USA – how sad that money talks so loudly and that others can interfere and influence the result.

    • Yes – that was my belief too and I was rooting for Trump as the least likely to start a war, but the Dug has convinced me that Clinton would be better for Scottish independence.

  9. Peter Clive says:

    I think you draw a false equivalence. Hillary at least submits herself to the democratic process. Trump treats it as an extension of his ego, and is very much the proto-fascist.

    I’m with Nicola in her assessment of the situation:

    America is standing at the precipice:

  10. Vestas says:

    Sorry but I disagree.

    I don’t think Trump thought he had a snowballs chance in hell of being selected as the GOP candidate. He wouldn’t have either if the choice wasn’t between him and a christian fundamentalist who believes religious war is acceptable (Ted Cruz). To be fair to Ted, its his wife who is truly loony tunes (sociopathic IMHO) but he’s so far to the right himself that he scares Republicans. Think about that for a second. The alternative to Trump was more scary to right-wing nutters than Trump himself !

    Trump is a blustering fool who will probably be quite relieved when he loses. The military dealt with senile Ronnie, they can deal with Trump.

    Hillary on the other hand IS the establishment & Tony Blair took lessons from her & Slick Willie on corruption & shilling for despots/dictators. She’ll do a lot more than start a “small war” – the middle-east will be a firestorm as EVERYONE knows she’s Israel’s vote. Normally there can be some pretence towards the Presidents views but not with Hillary. AIPAC owns her & have for decades.

    I also think its far more likely that Hillary will be an enemy to Scottish indy than Trump. He doesn’t give a toss one way or another & anything he says is likely to have the opposite effect over here

    All Hillary will be interested in is where are the “British” nukes (SSBNs) going to go? Same as Obama was.

    It’ll be about turnout/early voting.

    Trump will get the turnout, Hillary gets the “early vote” (AKA postal votes). Hillary nudges it by under 2% on votes cast but a landslide in electoral college votes (ie states).

  11. Dan Huil says:

    Trump or Clinton? Good luck America. Just think if we had to choose between Davidson and Dugdale!

    • Now, Dan, that’s not even remotely funny.
      It reminds me of the Late Dave Allen joke. His wife bought him two ties for Christmas, As he dressed for Dinner, he donned one of the ties just to please his Everlovin’. As he descended the stairs to carve the turkey she looked up, a frown creasing her forehead:-
      ‘What’s wrong with the other one?’ she murmured.
      Sometimes, you just can’t win. The US appears to have Hobson’s choice, but not for the first time.

  12. maxi says:

    Both of them are owned and will be controlled by the same American /Isral special interests. Trump should be given a chance to walk the talk, but the murderous bitch of evil and her entourage has already been elected by our owners ,so don’t be shocked when she magically scrapes home in the (rigged voting).
    There will never be change without massive rebellion in the states.
    ps.And the same will have to happen here.

    • Brian Fleming says:

      I think your analysis is spot on, Maxi.

    • Shagpile says:

      You sound like an American Maxi. My feeling is the down ballot choice will be of greater significance to whoever wins the election. I do not share some of the fears expressed in the article or in the comments. Yes we can Obama couldn’t after all, and some of the siren voices from the sidelines are nuttier than the nutty policies on offer.

      If Mr Trump wins, there will be no wall which Mexico won’t pay for. He’s already chocked on that. There will be no withdrawal from NAFTA and so on… not unless there is a serious desire to damage the American economy. The concern for the circumstances of the collateral effect of globalisation… Seriously?

      Ms Clinton always was intended to be a shoe in as Democrat nominee by the party. Best choice candidate scuppered before the process begun.

      When the primaries started it was a joke. Whoever wins, it’seems not funny now. Two poor quality candidates, either of which may be destined for a single term in office. See, there is a bright side.

  13. Kangaroo says:

    Agree with you and others who see Killary as a WW3 threat.
    She will be charged with heinous crimes once Obama steps down and cannot pardon her. Then the whole corrupt mess will come crashing down along with our own corrupt elite.

    PS its not often I disagree with Wee Ging but this is one of them
    Try this fairly long video interview it will point you in the correct direction.

  14. J Galt says:

    My own assessment is that I’ll be heading for my nearest Nuclear Fallout Shelter sooner with Hillary than with Donald – possibly only a few months sooner – but a few months is a few months!

    By the way where is my nearest Nuclear Fallout Shelter?

  15. mjack says:

    Dunno, if Trump wins the choice for Scotland is Tories for years with Therisa May, leaving the single market and EU and Trump backing the Better together2 camp or fuck them all and go our own way! That could be the choice.

  16. Eilidh says:

    I am not a big fan of Hilary but think it is high time a woman became president of the USA . The whole email situation arose because of her sheer arrogance. However I do think she is being held to a higher standard by the media than any man would ever have been. If a man had a private server for email then ran for president I doubt there would have been half as much drama. Trump is a total scumbag not too mention a total psychopath who thinks he could get on well with Putin.{A charming man/psychopath who thinks it is fine to bomb aid convoys or drop all sorts of bombs on hospitals and children in Syria without any attempt to avoid them). Something has to be done about Putin he is totally out of control. Obama made a big mistake in letting him away with so much. Putin and Trump in alliance would be great together both raging pyschos who have no respect for human or civil rights. They could form a partnership with strong echoes of the past do the names Hitler and Stalin ring a bell. If I was American I would be voting for Hilary despite her many flaws. I doubt either would strongly support Scottish Independence. If Trump gets elected I will be hoping the warp drive gets invented darn quick so I can get the hell off this rock. I had a bad feeling about Brexit not sure which way things will go in the USA

  17. hettyforindy says:

    We have nothing, no oil especially, ;-(. so either way it makes no difference. (Fantasy).
    Basically, the 1%, whoever the fcuk they are, ( are they human?) will win it for the US election.

    For little bitty Scatland? Well, we are too small and insignificant to even register on the world political map according to many. That will be decided on whence we decide to attempt to go for self determination, again. Domination, is how the US and their little bitty Yookay, operates, and that all depends on what they want, like, anything really.

  18. hettyforindy says:

    oh, and excellent article, especially love the title!

  19. Guga says:

    America, and its politicians, remain the most corrupt on the planet. Clinton is not only a war criminal, but she is also a “bought and paid for” candidate and is in the pockets of the military, industrial complex, the banksters and even foreign governments like the Saudis. It is she, not Trump that is very likely to start World War III. This is the mad bitch who wants to invade Iran, who is breaking international law, along with the war criminal Obama, by, among many other things, having American troops in Syria, and who has talked of imposing a no-fly zone over Syria. If she tries to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria, does she intend to shoot down Russian aircraft who are there quite legally? Does she really think the Russians will stand by and do nothing, and allow the Americans to shoot down their aircraft? Is it not the case that the use of nuclear weapons will come to the forefront of American actions.

    This corrupt cretin has regressed to the McCarthy era of American politics with her inane, lying claims about the actions of Russia; blaming the Russians for, among many other things, of hacking American computer systems. There is, however, no mention of the NSA and its tame poodles in GCHQ, hacking into computer systems and telecommunications of every other country in the world.

    The Americans and their former, current, and future war criminal presidents and their cabinets appear not to realize that people all over the world are sick to death of them invading, annexing, corrupting and exploiting countries all over the world, and murdering literally millions and millions of innocent people?

    The so-called “exceptionalism” of the Americans is nothing other than their own delusion that they are yet another “master race”. They should take a lesson from history and realize that all empires eventually crumble into dust, as will be the case with the Americans (and the sooner, the better).

    • Macart says:

      I think the point is that whoever wins, the world loses. Both candidates are more than capable of starting major conflict for different reasons. Neither are fit candidates for the position and the saddest day in American politics is about to begin.

      America’s choice is apparently between greed or hatred and there’s nothing the rest of the world or indeed the American voter can now do about it in the short term. What we all hope for, is that there is a longer term for the American public to ensure that such a dark day in their politics is not repeated.

  20. Tom says:

    One of your worst Paul, sometimes its better just to say nothing.

    And Eildh’s comment above is the most ridiculous thing I’ve come across on the internet for a very long time. corporate media trope Bingo, full house. Chronic full-spectrum dishonesty.

    • Eilidh says:

      It is my honest opinion and not in any away influenced by mainstream media which I don’t read or watch. I can however see the parallels of history and strangely am capable of critical analysis Enjoy Trump as President unfortunately an awful lot of people across the world won’t.

    • A good read, Sam. One thing; the author seems to think that we have to overcome a ten point gap to attain Self Determination. Surely a 5.001 swing would do it?
      A thoughtful piece, neverthe less.
      ‘The utterly useless’ Jeremy Corbyn just about sums up Labour’s dilemma.
      I shall be using ‘Self Determination’ from now on. The Unionists should find it difficult to oppose ‘self determination’, surely?

      • Macart says:

        Not too shabby for an outside view, but the author also neglected to mention that the gap initially was over thirty percent and this was a huge concern in the BT campaign those final weeks. Other than that, a pretty fair summation of events and outcome.

  21. Juan P says:

    I disagree with one aspect if this article namely that it would help the independence cause if Clinton one.

    The majority of female no voters think the sun shines out of hilary’s arse. If she wins and speaks out against Scottish independence they will take heed.

    A President Trump wouldn’t change any yes voters minds but he might dissuade some soft no female voters from supporting the union the second time around.

    • Ex Pat says:

      You are right about the female voters. Can anyone explain why they are so delighted with Hillary Clinton, but not equally so with, say, Theresa May?

      Is it just relentless Muppet Stream Media saturation coverage for twenty years. Sort of like reading every day in the Daily Heil about royal baby this and royal family that??

      • maxi says:

        EP,remember we all see the world around us with our own eye’s and” WE ALL SEE SOMETHING DIFFERENT”. It also depends on how you have been brought up and how much wisdom you have absorbed from your own personal life experiances.
        We now have an internet which lets you challenge main stream madia views, and hopefully helps us all to make sane and proper decisions regarding our families and the future of the rest of the planet.
        Its not rocket science to realize that globalists don’t have the the working classes interest at heart at anything they do or have done.
        ps.Think of your children if you are struggling to do the right thing.

        • Ex Pat says:

          Thank’s for that. An observer here, not a participant, in the sense of getting an actual vote.

  22. Rhisiart Gwilym says:

    Independent – and glowing noticeably in the dark, Paul. Not really the independence you want, is it? The serial war-criminal and domestic-criminal/treason-traitor* Messalinary seems marginally more likely to give you that.

    * Study Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog archive for more on her literally-treasonous behaviour, as well as the simple racketeering criminality of the Clinton Foundation.

  23. I was with you right up to the bit where you said: “While it’s perfectly likely that Hillary will start some small war in order to pursue her hawkish agenda…”. There’s too much disregard for small nations, and the lives of the people that live in them, in that sentence. If the slaughter of people in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Honduras amounts to a few ‘small wars’ in your eyes, then you shouldn’t be too surprised if the the people in those countres see Scotland as a small nation, where the fate of the people who live there is of no importance.

    Having said that, I see that Trump has shown deep animosity towards Scotland and Scots, just because he hasn’t got his way. He may indeed see presidential office as payback time and do everything in his power to prevent Scotland achieving the independence it deserves.

    Nevertheless, I feel Scots have far more to worry about should Clinton get into office. ‘Some small war’ will pale into insignificance if she decides to start ‘some small war’ in Ukraine, Iran or any of the other many countries the U.S. neocons have their eyes on.

    Small nations seeking independence and self-determination should learn to respect other small nations where independence and sovereignty are being threatened by colonial powers.

    • Sandy W says:

      I’m not sure that Hillary is a big fan of Scotland either. As I recall, she was very annoyed when Kenny MacAskill was planning to release the Lockerbie bomber and doubly so when he reminded her that Scotland was a different country and didn’t need to follow her ‘order’ to keep him in jail.

  24. John Edgar says:

    Maybe the Chinese will stop financing the American deficit once and for all? And the Westminster deficits? What happens next?
    The danger is , irrespective of the President in the White House, a country in relative “decline” – which it is, and a Trump who wants to make it great again, and we can surmise what that means, that the powers in charge become reckless and irrational.

    • Shagpile says:

      Indeed. The US is only the world’s biggest economy as disposable income is included in the stats. Strip out that part of the calculation and China is. History has shown that “empires” rise and fall.

      The US economy might catch a cold if the Chinese economy sneezes, and if that happens we’ll have problems of our own to deal with. Point being… a president Trump would be picking the wrong fight in his trade war, if his rhetoric was matched by action.

  25. ‘What this country needs, what every country needs occasionally is a good hard bloody war to revive the vice of patriotism on which its existence as a nation depends.’
    Ambrose ‘Bitter’ Bierce

    ‘I should welcome almost any war: for I think this country needs one.’
    Teddy Roosevelt in 1897, four years before he became POTUS in 1901.
    There’s nothing new under the sun. War is big bucks for the Global giants.

    As Bernie Sanders observed, why spend $6 trillion on going to war, when $1 trillion would fund jobs for youngsters, upgrade infrastructure, revive the US economy?
    He was of course sidelined.
    It matter not who is Commander in Chief.
    The Money Men will run the US, as normal.

      • It never ceases to delight me that ,while the hacks of the Dead Tree Scrolls seem determined to substitute cut and paste ‘will say’ Unionist propaganda for proper journalism and commentary, quality writing like this piece still survives and thrives in the Ethernet.
        Free speech persists, despite the Establishment’s best efforts to stifle debate and promotion of the alternative argument for Scottish Self Determination.
        I am old enough to remember the panic when Barry Goldwater made his bid for the POTUS.
        Coca Cola and McDonald’s won’t allow Hillary or Donald to blow up the world, and that just about sums up who controls the US, and frighteningly the world. There’s no profit in nuclear winter.

        You may recall the Coca Cola jingle:
        ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.’
        ‘Freedom and Democracy,’ US of A style.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Thanks, Sam. Certainly worth reading!

      I would not like to have to make a choice between Clinton and Trump. I just feel sorry for my American friends and thankful that we have Nicola to steer Scotland towards our independence.

      • Macart says:

        Apparently the site responsible for Canadian immigration was crashed overnight due to heavy traffic.

  26. Skip_NC says:

    I think you are being too pessimistic about a third party candidate coming through the middle. If Evan McMullin wins Utah, it is possible that no candidate will have a majority in the Electoral College. In that case, the decision goes to the incoming House of Representatives – one vote per state. Republicans may well choose McMullin, especially if the Democrats see the writing on the wall.

    Granted, this is an unlikely scenario, but to dismiss it completely is to misunderstand the US electoral system.

  27. Macart says:

    Trump presidency very likely.

    I’m all 2016ed out at this point.

  28. Eilidh says:

    Yep he has won.Today I despair of the human race.2016 the year the fascists won first Brexit then this.The thought of Trump with his hands on the nuclear codes terrifies me.I am trying to work out the furthest point from the USA so I can emmigrate there maybe Antartica but wait the poles are melting so that’s no use

  29. John Edgar says:

    Scotland voted to remain,do not forget! We defied the Anglo-Welsh exit trend.
    The imponderable is this: How will the May regime at Westminster react to this?
    Farage and his cronies will be “trumpeting” the great world trend. Do not be fooled or worried by that.
    Perhaps, it is time that we distanced ourselves from the US in global terms. NATO may no longer be our sole shield and defender.

  30. Dan Huil says:

    So the folks of the USA tell the establishment politicians and the establishment media to get lost. Soon the folks of Scotland will tell the Westminster establishment and britnat media to get lost.

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