The clear and consistent miracle that is Kezia Dugdale

Saturday was a day of wonder and portents, of omens and miracles, at least for the Labour party. First off there was the second coming of JC, which was rapidly followed by Kezia Dugdale’s miraculous conversion on the road to a press release. Kezia’s now so autonomous that she’s autonomous from things that she said just five minutes previously. Even things that she got written down.

The great Parliamentary Labour Party coup ended up being so successful that its intended victim Jeremy Corbyn ended up being re-elected by an even larger margin than he was the first time round. And that was despite the assorted machinations the plotters had engaged in in order to deprive likely Jezzamites of the right to vote. There’s Labour and its respect for democracy for you. And now the big boys and girls of politics, the people who kept telling Scotland’s indy movement that politics ought to be left to the professionals, have shot themselves in the foot and hoist themselves by their own I’m Voting Owen placards. But at least they did it professionally.

Jeremy Corbyn is now unassailable as party leader, at least for the membership. He’s still not capable of leading the Parliamentary Privilege Party, which is the party that most Labour members who get elected to Westminster automatically gravitate to. He promises a new politics, a different politics, a politics of change – although not where Scotland is concerned. The problem is that most of his MPs are quite happy with the way things are, thank you very much, and they’re not inclined to change their ways just because the membership says so. The muttering, the back-stabbing, and the undermining will continue, and the PLP will do all they can to ensure that Jeremy Corbyn remains unelectable while claiming that the reason they’re undermining him is because he’s unelectable. And all the while the Tories will run roughshod over our civil rights and take us out of the EU into a dystopian future of Bake Offs and Strictly and Olympic medallists because watching the telly is all that will be left to us.

The day after the Jezzaclysm the Labour right has been reduced to trying to make political capital out of the fact that Jezza’s left hand man Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said something unkind about a former Tory cabinet minister who built a career out of tipping disabled people out of their wheelchairs and kicking their crutches away. They prefer to attack one of their own over a question of tone and inappropriate verbal imagery that might cause mild upset to a rich and powerful and well connected Conservative, instead of attacking Tories who cause actual physical and mental distress to the vulnerable. Perhaps if they devoted just 10% of the energy and enthusiasm they display for attacking their party colleagues to attacking the Tories, then the Labour party just might be electable after all. You’d think that would be clear.

It’s not clear or consistent whether Kezia Dugdale thinks that Labour is electable, although Kezia is a model of consistency and clarity. She’s consistent in her ability to hold mutually contradictory ideas simultaneously. That’s what makes her leadership material. Jezza both is and is not capable of winning another election. The Labour party in Scotland both is and is not totally autonomous. Kezia wants elections to Labour’s UK shadow cabinet but not to her own Scottish shadow cabinet. Labour is both listening to the people of Scotland while simultaneously sticking its collective fingers in its ears and going lalalalalaSNPBad. There’s no inconsistency there and Kezia is absolutely clear about that.

The one thing that it’s clearly and consistently impossible for a Labour politician to admit to is the fact that they might have changed their minds. She once said that it wasn’t inconceivable that she could support independence if Scotland was taken out of the EU against its will but now claims there’s no reason for another indyref. Kezia wants us to accept that when she changes her mind she’s actually being totally consistent. It’s not Kezia who’s changed her mind, we’ve just changed our understanding of what she said.

She clearly and consistently pointed all this out to Gordon Brewer in an interview on the Scottish Politics Show on Sunday morning, where she expressed her disbelief that Gordon couldn’t understand what it was that Kezia clearly and consistently couldn’t understand while she pointed out that up is down, black is white, and James Kelly MSP is witty and engaging. It was like watching one of those cringe making YouTube videos where a skateboarder attempts to skate down a railing on a long flight of stairs only to land heavily on his bollocks, and then fall flat on his face writhing in agony, whereupon a wee dug pees on him and some guy steals his skateboard. Kezia would describe that as a consistently successful manoeuvre and then offer him a place in the shadow cabinet as her spokesperson on policy presentation and negotiating stairways.

Anyway, she continued, deciding to wade on through the quicksand rather than extricate herself from it, Jeremy said that after his reelection he wanted to wipe the slate clean, and that magically makes everything I’ve ever said up until this point disappear. So there. This is perfectly clear and consistent Gordon, and I’m not sure what your difficulty is. Whatever it is, it’s entirely your own fault, and not mine. I hope I’ve made that clear. Oh look, there’s a skateboarder with bruised bollocks who has just been elected to the National Executive Committee. He’s got a video on YouTube.

Kezia is also consistently clear in her view that no one is allowed to point out that she’s not always consistently clear, because doing so is abuse. Anyway, she is correct in one vital point. Kezia claimed that Jeremy Corbyn can’t unite Labour, and it’s perfectly true to say that he can’t unite all of Kezia’s contradictions. Not even the original JC is capable of that, walking on water and feeding the five thousand with a tin of sardines and a pan loaf from Asda is a breeze in comparison to making sense of what Kezia says. Her chances of raising Labour in Scotland from the dead however, are as near zero as makes no difference. Kezia is a miracle maker, let’s watch her make Labour disappear.

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Audio version of this blog article, courtesy of Sarah Mackie @lumi_1984


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52 comments on “The clear and consistent miracle that is Kezia Dugdale

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug The clear and consistent miracle that is Kezia Dugdale […]

  2. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Nice one WGD

    The first paragraph is a stormer.

    Notwithstanding Kezia in her branch office, the entire Parliamentary Privilege Party (©WGD) couldn’t run a bath nevermind a coup politique

    This Yoon dam of incompetence is going to have to burst soon. It will be very fetid.

  3. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    STV is running an online article that the Blessed Jeremy tried to block Kezia’s anointment by postponing for discussions it into the long grass

  4. The Herald is trying to take Kez down – doubtless following orders from above. Yer tea’s oot, hen – when you get a barely grammatical attack from Paul Hutcheon it’s time to hang up the saddle. So over to BetFred for prices on the runners and riders to be next ex-leader of the Tories. Oops. Labour, Labour, I meant Labour.

  5. She’s the perfect example of “Schrodinger’s Politician”.

  6. david bogie says:

    That;s just wonderful sir. You’ve made my Sunday, cheers 🙂

  7. xsticks says:

    Hi Paul, I hope you won’t mind me hijacking the comments to punt this:

    I’ve just watched Phantom Power’s excellent latest film

    I think it is the beginnings of the new media the we so desperately need. We need to get behind this and get it funded. They are at 31% of £18,000 with only two days to go.

    I’m going to flog this relentlessly and I hope others here will get behind it to. If Wings can raise 50k in a day then surely we can do this but it’s going to take a concerted effort. I hope you’ll help.

    PERSPECTIVE: “A series of documentary films covering Scotland’s journey to independence. Who is involved, what will our country look like, how will our economy work, where is our place in Europe? Exploring the big questions behind Scotland’s democratic revolution.”

  8. David Agnew says:

    Dugdales credibility is as thin as a watery soup that was made by boiling the shadow of a pigeon that had starved to death. I am literally watching someone drown in their own piss and finding that I simply have moved past the point of caring. I can’t even be moved to be angry about it anymore.
    Scottish labour are a like a clickbait article. Your face wrinkles in disgust breifly but then you move on to find something better to do with your time

  9. Alastair Gunn says:

    “If the facts change, then so does my opinion” is a perfectly reasonable concept … But I can’t help thinking that Kezia has it backwards? More a case of “If my opinion changes, then so the facts” perhaps?

  10. Itchybiscuit says:

    Is it only my imagination that I think that the more Unionist politicians lose the plot and comprehensively prove they’re unfit to hold public office, the more strident and abusive their Unionist supporters get? It’s almost like they see the writing on the wall for the Union but instead of pressing their elected leaders to get their finger out, they go full ‘yoonstorm’ on the supporters of independence.

    It’s a funny old world.

    • Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I agree with you, it is trench warfare defiance. That worked well in WW I

      Either that or a form of collective Stockholm syndrome.

      There is a Doctoral thesis in there.

    • Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Got it

    • Alasdair Macdonald says:

      I think there is an element of truth in what you say, in the context of the EU referendum result. The Conservatives had made no plans for the contingency of a ‘Leave; vote and simply do not know what to do. However, they are in power and, despite the Labour leadership election result, there are still not enough opposition votes to challenge them in Westminster, although, ironically for those of us who wish its abolition, the House of Lords is able to cause some flesh wounds.
      Essentially, they are taking the position that until something turns up, what they have they will hold and the media, the unionists and their acolytes simply use the politics of diversion: ‘stop this nonsense about independence’, ‘ what an appalling rap about Ms Davidson’, ‘Cybernats threatened Alistair Carmichael’, ‘Team UK’s triumphs in the Olympics and Paralympics, ‘Bake-off ‘going to Channel Four, without ‘Old Mary’ (as Kaye Adams called her), ‘Strictly’ starts its new series, NHS Scotland is ‘failing’ despite almost all the measures indicating au contraire, so that Ms D uses data on NHS England to attack, sticking union flag logos on haggis and kilts, etc. etc.

  11. Robert Graham says:

    I would fear for anyone’s sanity if they were in the company of Kezia for any length of time , and the scary part was her stoopid expression never changed at no point did she come close to being embarrassed she totally believed what she was saying over and over and over again , like the programmed Stepford wives maybe thats what happened to her while she was away , gee that painfull interview confirmed to me something is seriously wrong in her cross wired brain .

  12. Connor McEwen says:

    Wee Ruthie [ tanked up with bull from Conservative party HQ in London ] Davidson has got to make a runt of herself again [ runt with a C ] so the Tory press and BBC will try to use subterfuge to use camouflage so as not to stop her tank from rolling over Scotland. Tank Ruthie must be the next for faux pas’ to be highlighted again an again an again.

  13. Douglas says:

    Re. Kezia vs Brewer:
    The thing that struck me was not Kezia’s lack of consistency and competence -that, sadly is business as usual.
    The thing that stood out was Gordon Brewer’s approach. It was startlingly different to what I expect of a Scottish BBC employee dealing with Scottish Labour.
    Has Brewer lost patience or have the powers that be sent word that Scottish Labour is ‘fair game’? It clearly threw Kezia. She was expecting to get off the hook with evasion and pre-prepared mini speeches. It did not happen.
    Have the BBC given up on Scottish Labour, possibly in favour of a more direct unionist vehicle (the ‘not really Tory’ Ruth Davidson party)?
    If Brewer disappears for a bit it will be clear that it was simply a rush of real journalistic blood to the head, if not there may be a change in tactics happening (still Unionists though!)
    Thoughts anyone?

  14. Les Bremner says:

    “walking on water and feeding the five thousand with a tin of sardines and a pan loaf from Asda is a breeze in comparison to making sense of what Kezia says.” That is multilayered brilliance, thank you.

  15. Jan Cowan says:

    Poor Kezia’s time as leader is over. Let’s hope that the next Labour leader in Scotland supports Scottish independence. And let’s hope that’s very soon.

  16. I rubber necked this car crash of an interview today. Even Brewer gave up on her.
    I almost felt embarrassed for her; like when a mate returns from the Ladies in the pub with her skirt tucked into the back of her knickers.
    You all know that somebody’s got to put her wise, but no one wants to embarrass her.
    Her days are numbered.
    The nonsense about an autonomous Scotland taking a different stance than WM?
    That would do a lot of Good wouldn’t it?
    One MP against 230?
    It’s called the ‘democratic deficit’, Ms Guggs.
    Scotland never gets what we want; your Union makes sure of that.

    • Anne says:

      I just finished watching the interview and it was murder to get through.After eighteen minutes of waffling she still couldn’t give an example of how her party might do things differently than W.M. Chance would be a fine thing anyway.

      • Anne, what part of the title; ‘National Executive Committee’ does she not understand?
        Len McCuskey, Heid High Yin of Unite (sic) is all for the So Called Scottish Labour Party getting the oxymoronic ‘more autonomy’, but against the farcical notion that Dugdale or any future leader (and there will be many more ) of the So Called Scottish Labour Party getting to nominate an unelected member to the NEC.
        ‘National’ means UK wide, Ms Duggs.
        Has Carwyn Jones, leader of ‘Welsh Labour’ demanded parity with the So Called Scottish labour Party, for Wales?
        What about Norn Irn?
        Conference will kick this nonsense into touch, despite the NEC giving the quite preposterous notion the nod.
        I cannot see her surviving yesterday’s public humiliation. Labour at 16% and plummeting.
        I can’t find any stats on So Called Scottish Labour breakdown on the leadership vote.
        If UK Labour now boasts 600,000 members, are there 48,000 -50,000 in Scotland?
        I doubt that.
        There must be fairly accurate figures auditable available in the records of the So Called Scottish Labour Party vaults.
        We never hear Ms Duggs boasting about the Corbynmania surge in membership Up Here do we?
        Allowing this person to take over as Branch Manager was akin to chucking a packet of razor blades into a baby’s cot.
        It could only go horrifically badly.

  17. Patience is a Virtue says:

    ‘Never interrupt an enemy when they are making a mistake’….exasperated Gordon Brewer gave up trying to interrupt her consistently inconsistent waffle.

  18. WRH2 says:

    James Kelly, witty and engaging! I’m still laughing about that one. Paul, you really are stretching it a bit with that idea! Bhwahahahahaha!

  19. Morag says:

    ….”the second coming of JC”, love it! Scotland has to lead the way for the second coming of socialism for this disunited island! We have to show our neighbours the way back to our grass root aspirations, spoken by our own Keir Hardie. When Scotland obtains its constitutional freedom and economic independence to continue our (fragile) prosperity and maintain our hard fought human rights (EU), this will inspire our English/Irish/Welsh compatriots/comrades to embrace our common ideal of ‘equality’ for all. The SNP/Greens are speaking the language just now and leading the way for us in Scotland. Long may it continue and we have a store of olive branches, if not rowan.

  20. RIGHT!
    as long as we’re clear then!

  21. John Edgar says:

    Whether Labour in Scotland is in the doldrums because of Kezia, or despite Kezia, is a moot point!
    Labour in Scotland suffers from the Janus head, looking back and forwards at the same time while Scotland changes and they miss the flow.
    Labour in Scotland still are thirled to their UK past. The great nationalisation programmes that took away Scots industries and centres of excellence and londonised then through Westminster. It was for the good of the workers, but which workers? And Labour MPs from Scotland were still.
    Then Janus Labour looked forward. Scottish parliament. Yes, but only to stop the SNP, not for real devolution. Just a sop.
    Now, Labour north of the Tweed are declining headlong having been overraken by a party whose leader straddles buffaloes and the goon/yoon msm go into raptures. If that does not alarm Labour nothing will. But Labour saw nothing wrong in being better together with Davidson and Co!
    So, what now ?
    If it clings on to the forlorn hope, like Poor Henry McLeish, that salvation will come through Westminster and Corbyn and Labour, then there is no chance. Corbyn is an unreconstructed westminsterite centrist. No federalism there!
    One can only imagine that Labour north of the Tweed will fizzle out as its members and supporters move to other parties, groups and alignments.
    There is no UK Labour party any more. North of the Tweed, it is a remnant, a branch that is held in contempt by dahn sath Labour.
    Time to be really independence-Labour, Labour. But, alas not until the old lags of the past, and some of the young lags of the present move on.

    • david Agnew says:

      Kezia is simply a symptom of a much deeper malady afflicting Scottish labour. The illness is called Negative Selection. A process in which successive *Scottish* Labour leaders picked people based on their incompetence. Since these people often mimic their leader, they end up doing the same with those below them in the party, so they end up with a party packed to the brim with incompetents. Not just the MPs and MSPs but right down to the PR folk – every last one of them as completely useless as the people who came before them. Given enough time with no means of purging the ranks of dead wood, you end up having a grossly incompetent organisation.

      One woman does not a party make. But when that woman is surrounded by people chosen for being utter incompetents, then her performance is not that surprising.

      Is there a way to fix this? Why yes there is. Every last MSP, MEP, MP and their “media” people, would have to resign and pledge not to involve themselves in politics ever again. The party is then restarted by people with no association to the past. But how likely is that?

  22. mealer says:

    What a lot of havers.As if Jesus would go to Asda.

  23. Quite simply there is a way for the Labour Party in Scotland to become a force once again and that is to issue a statement saying, “We fully support the policy that Scotland should be an independent nation, and we will join with like minded political parties, and individuals, to achieve that aim”.
    I know, but the Jags are bottom of the league, again.

  24. hettyforindy says:

    Like a stuck record, Kez is the epitome of what labour now stands for in Scotland. Basically nothing.

    Labour should realise that it will be a very long time before they are ever in power, both in WM and in Holyrood.

    Regarding Scotland’s independence, siding with the destructive and despicable tories was the last straw. They take their orders from london.

    How many times Dugdale said ‘unite’ in the 10 mins that I heard, was getting ridiculous. Maybe she could change that one day to, untie. It must be what she really meant, to untie the shackles keeping Scotland in this destructive, backward so called ‘union’. But no, her large pay packet depends on her blabbing on about nothing. Like WGD says, a Stepford wife, to london labour and tories everywhere.

  25. Just watched Neil The Bricklayer lie through his teeth to the ‘bru’ers and sisturs’ at Conference about ten minutes ago.

    Admittedly he was unprepared and wasn’t scheduled to speak. it showed.

    Apparently it was the SNP who ‘privatised’ the WI Ferries.
    They also scrapped 130,000 college places. (Perhaps he should speak to college lecturers about all the shitty wee irrelevant courses designed to keep the unemployed figures down in the New labour days.)
    The SNP have taken the 5% Tory cut to LA’s and more than doubled it to 11%. Wrong, so wrong.
    It was Alex Salmond and NS who sacked 70,000 LA workers.
    Our NHS is on its knees. No it’s not.
    One thing he said that was true.
    You can’t eat a flag.
    The workers of Lerwick and Cornwall are in the same boat, apparently, and Unity is strength. Usual piffle from a discredited party
    A ripple of polite applause, followed by a wee woman arguing that public expenditure in London projects( Crossrail) increases Land Value, and that’s a good thing, because Labour would introduce a Land Tax.
    Xrist on a bike !

    I don’t know if I’ve missed New Labour Kezia and her retread of 1p in the £ tax increase, and 5% tax hike for the rich yet. A year and a half ago she was all for Ed Miliband’s Red Tory £32 billion in Austerity cuts to the poor, the ill, the low paid.
    Has she now joined Rowley and Findlay on the Militant Wing of the Marxist Co-operative?

    Nice try, Findlay, but no cigar.

  26. Scott Courtney, Chief Strategist , Fight for $15, at Lab Conference, 15.40 to 15.58.( BBC Parliament)
    Now that’s what I call an inspiring speech!
    There must have been not a few Red Tories squirming in their chairs.

  27. I just caught the Clear and Consistent Dugdale (16.00hrs) at the LabConf. (Subs, feel free to use this)
    See that Nicola Sturgeon, whit’s she like?

    The usual moaning diatribe about the BAD SNP. The usual vacuous nonsense about a ‘fare Scotland’, the So Called Scottish Labour’s ‘progressive’ policies. You’ll remember them; the ones that were rejected by the ‘democratic will of the Scottish People’, in May.

    Labour has been listening, not.

    The £15 billion Black Hole got an airing, college places slashed, passing on Tory cuts and doubling up, ‘transcends’ really means ‘abandons’, Nicola Sturgeon threatens to ‘divide the country’ again, a wee go at Ruth and the Tories, and getting dragged out of the EU.

    This to an audience whose members voted between 65-70% to Leave the EU.
    She was on a roll.

    As the cameras panned across the audience during the wee ripples of applause intervals, it was clear that many in the hall were not inspired to clap such claptrap.

    She got a wee peck on the cheek from Corbyn, and Watson (the Mafia Kiss of Death?) as she sat down to less than rapturous acclaim, although the So Called Scottish Labour Party delegates managed a wee faint cheer.

    She intends to propose the same tax increase package at Holyrood, aware that the Scottish electorate voted her down, just so that she can shriek that the SNP, backed by Ruth’s Tories, slapped down the So Called Scottish Labour Party’s ‘progressive tax hikes to ‘hard working Scottish families’,
    Well, I’ve got news for you, Ms D; so did the Scottish electorate.

    Some may observe that the woman is either a simpleton, or she needs help.
    I couldn’t possibly comment.
    I have no doubt that many in the hall were comparing Dugdale to Sturgeon.
    I have a sense that if Nicola had a flaky and joined Labour, that Dugdale’s Reign of Error would unceremoniously be halted.
    Jenny should rehearse her acceptance speech. She’ll be getting the call from Millbank Towers any day now.

    • John Edgar says:

      Jenny who? Interesting, the source of the call in the blogger’s insert: Millbank Towers. Is that dahn sath?
      I thought Slab were now autonomously autonomous? And were not driven by Labour, English or UK.
      Funny how there is Welsh Labour and Scottish Labour but never English Labour! Oh, I forget, they are UK Labour!! England and the UK are synonymous. Incorporated are the Scots and the Welsh!! Not united!
      Sadly, with one MP from north of the Tweed in Labour, who is not shadow SoSfS, I do not think he is noticed. With EVEL the former lobby fodder of the 40, could not influence much. Better together, alright.
      Where does Kezia Dugdale go from here? Where does third party Labour, incorporated Scots Labour go from here? Recent poll puts them at 16%, Tories at 21% and SNP at 50%.

      • Just shows you how out of touch that I am with Labour’s shenanigans. They moved their HQ from Millbank at the start of the millennium. Queen Anne Street near WM now?

        Can’t be bothered looking it up.

        Millbank is a tower block in central London.

        Corbyn has been re-elected, but at what cost to the Labour Party?

        That’s two bruising battles he’s had with the New Labour spawn, but they were wars of attrition, Pyrrhic victories.
        The party is diminished, and holed under the waterline.

        Dugdale is not helping. She should stand down.

        The original Greek King Pyrrhus, of Epirus, famously fought the Romans twice, and won, but suffered heavy casualties.

        When congratulated on his victories he mused:-

        “If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined.”

        If, as is likely, the Blairites, and that includes Dugdale, Murray, Gray, Baillie, and most of the hangers on Up Here, send a third expeditionary force to bring Corbyn down, there will be bloody carnage.
        Not only Corbyn, the Blairites, and So Called Scottish Labour, but also the UK Party will be ‘utterly ruined’.

        Jenny Mara is a So Called Scottish Labour Party list MSP who has kept her head down-ish recently.
        A Lady in Waiting, I’d venture.

        • John Edgar says:

          I had forgotten about that move too!! Amazing how old names, like old Labour linger on. Who bothers to keep up with Labour-UK these days?
          If Kezia goes, how many changes has Slab had since Dewar?
          Perhaps, the UK, aka English Labour will cut adrift from Slab.
          Two sinking ships are worse than one to steer!
          When a “so- called” socialist party backs Trident because it provides jobs, then the ‘left’ are in need of a rethink!!
          If that is all the pro-Trident unions can champion, with a sop to multilateral nuclear disarmament , then it’s time to Scexit!

          • John, the So Called Scottish Labour Party voted at Spring Conference not to back Trident renewal, although their leader, KD came out as pro Trident.

            The UK Labour Party has now ‘parked’ the Trident issue, therefore current position maintained; pro Trident.

            However Corbyn and his Marx Brothers are not only agin Trident, they are CND activists

            ‘These are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have more.’ That other famous Marx, Groucho.

            Dugdale argues for ‘more autonomy’, a nonsensical concept, which is nevertheless repeated by the Brian Taylors of the MSM Unionist Propaganda Wing, as though it actually made sense

            She actually cited So Called Scottish Labour Party’s divergent policy from UK Labour on Brewer’s Skewer on Sunday, as an example of ‘more’ autonomy.
            Some would say that she’s a lame brain.
            Some would say that she is mouthing arrant nonsense, treating her audience as poorly educated Proles.
            Either way, she is a disgrace to the Labour Movement.

            There is a Final Battle looming.

            Dugdale is a New Labour Blairite.

            She is just back from 5 weeks neo liberal indoctrination in the US , the route taken by all New Labour neo conservatives since Blair went and sat at Clinton’s feet hero worshipping the Cigar Man and his ‘Third Way’.

            I refer to Labour in Scotland as ‘the So Called’ Scottish Labour Party, since there is no such animal as the Scottish Labour Party.

            I am applying the MSM’s editorial policy to this self proclaimed, but non existent Scottish Labour Party, as the Media applied to ISIS: the ‘So Called Islamic State.’

            Dugdale is the ‘leader’ of a Labour Branch Office, but she holds a diametrically opposite view on Nuclear disarmament to the people she is supposed to be leading.

            Corbyn, likewise, ‘leads’ a Party which supports nuclear proliferation, while he marches with CND to Ban The Bomb.

            One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest?

            Latest polls show Labour in Scotland down to 16% support. I wonder why?

            Yet BBC, the MSM, and the howling baying SNP BAD mob of Unionist columnists and bloggers, soldier on, disregarding the madness of Corbyn, Dugdale, and the slow and painful death of the Tribe That Lost Its Head.

            Self Determination is inevitable now.

            • John Edgar says:

              Last sentence. Spot on.
              Trouble is, would a Labour party remnant north of the Tweed in an independent Scotland be capable of survival?
              Or would the remaining members and supporters have to reinvent themselves anew?
              Where would that leave the “British” Trade Union’s north of the Tweed?
              No doubt. All post independence parties would in many ways realign after the stifling hand of “Great Britishism” is removed.

              • Bugger (the Panda) says:

                Post Indie, my own preferred structure of Parliamentary democracy would be on without the 2 or 3 large parties model. Something of a Scandinavian hue with a number of smaller parties elected under a system of proportional representation to allow the likes of Tommy S, Eric Joyce, Pensioners Advocates as well as Children’s, Disabled and more.

                The original concept of Holyrood as a Lib dominance. Consensuallity went out the windae when the SNP did the impossible and won a majority. The mask dropped and a Westminster Punch and Judy culture became the opposition norm.

                Within the SNP there is an embarassment of tale and potential Leaders of small focussed parties who would need to come together in groupings to pressurise and became parties in coallition, real ones, not lackeys.

                Take time it would and I see no space or place for the Westminster wedded dinosaurs’ style of biff, bang wallop pseudo democracratic Westminster model of Pinky and Perky politics.

                • Bugger (the Panda) says:

                  Second paragraph should read “a Lab-Lib permanent dominance”

                  tale should read talent

                  All this would need a sea change in thinking from the incumbent Yoon Benefits List MSPs? Jackie Baillie, Murdo Fraser, Jim Murphy, Ruthie and Wee Wullie?

                  They need to develop the ethos of serving the people of Scotland, not themelves and not foreign masters.


  28. I’m making the dinner. Roast chicken, mashed creamy potatoes, and a thick caramelised onion sauce, for the aficiandos.

    As I peel the New Potatoes, my mind wanders back to LabConf, the Reckoning.

    It must take a huge amount of hutzpah, hubris, bass neck, cheek, out of body psychosis, to stand before a Labour Conference with Dugdale’s record, and try and sell yourself as the Future of Labour in Scotland, while arguing that the So Called Labour Party in Scotland needs to be more autonomous and get a free pass on to the NEC because Jeremy Corbyn must share the blame for the Death of New Labour in Scotland.

    Her constituents didn’t vote for her’,she got in the back door as a list MSP.

    She was leader of the Party which recorded their worst Holyrood defeat ever.

    She was Jim Murphy’s deputy when the ‘hard working people’ of Scotland turfed out the ‘Fecking Forty’ Labour gravy trainers.

    She openly backed Smith, clearly asserting that if Corbyn won, then Labour would lose the next UK GE. At least 61% of the audience backed Corbyn, and even more backed leaving the EU.

    She has risen without trace from being a SpAd to Lord For Foulkes Sake, and was elected to high office by a tight little So Called Labour Party group of 70% of activists, the number of which seems to vary between 5,000 and 17,000.

    By any standard of measurement, she has been a ‘disappointment’.

    Yet for some reason, she struts the stage at Liverpool, and talks the talk, walks the walk.

    If I were an English delegate, I’d completely write off Scotland following this call to arms from the repeat offender.

    I am at a loss to know why so many Up Here still stand by New /So called Scottish Labour. I really am.
    Dinner’s up.

  29. BillyT says:

    I watched the Gordon Brewer interview and it was a train wreck in terms of a huge pile up of contradictory statements. It will be 19 minutes and 27 seconds of my life I will never get back.

  30. punklin says:

    Did you notice incidentally how Kezia D responded to Victoria Derbyshire by saying of course I stick by my earlier statement supporting Owen Smith against Corbyn because it was written down..?

    “If only people wouldn’t write down the things I say, I could deny it all!”

    Thank you, Paul.

  31. While Sally Joffre, and those old dinosaurs,Simon Pia, and Robbie Dunwoodie, on The Union 2016 were trying to poo poo the notion that Dugdale’s career is now behind her, Bernard Ponsonby over on STV was taking up where Brewer left off.

    He referred to her more autonomy, Corbyn can’t win/ can win, Dugdale undemocratically choosing a ‘Scottish’ delegate to the NEC, crazed stance as ‘Doublespeak.’

    He gave up at the fourth time of asking. What happened in 24 hours that made her now think that Corbyn could win a GE?

    Simon Pia thinks that Conference is going to vote through the proposal that Dugdale and Corwyn Jones can put unelected placemen/women onto the NEC.

    Not if Rhea Wolson, referred to by Dugdale, and who replaces Johann Baxter on the NEC, has her say.

    Like a PFI school wall, Labour is crumbling and crashing to earth spectacularly.

    The 40% who voted for Smith, are not going to go away. Nor are 170 odd Blairite MP’s.

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