Creating a country that is fit for a dignified people

Yesterday I had the pleasure of addressing the crowd at a massive pro-independence rally in George Square in Glasgow. I’ve spoken to small audiences before, but never had to speak in front of thousands of people in the very heart of Glasgow. It was an experience I’ll never forget. It was a fantastic day, meeting friends and fellow campaigners, and the dug posed happily for photies in return for lots of dog treats. He had a ball, but then that animal works a crowd like a pro. During and after the rally there were far more pics tweeted of the dug than of me, so now my shoes and legs are far more famous than I am. Mind you, he did also mistake a marcher for a lamppost, much to my mortification. Sorry about that unwanted souvenir!

Well over 5000 women, men, children and dugs marched from Botanic Gardens down to join the more than 1000 already in the Square in order to show that despite the claims of the Unionist parties and press that there is an appetite for another independence referendum. There’s not just an appetite, there’s the ravenous hunger of a dignified people starved of dignity.

We are hungry because we’ve been fed a diet of lies by Westminster since the referendum of 2014. There’s no substance in a lie, no nourishment. Lies don’t sustain jobs, they don’t create the home rule that Scotland was promised. The Better Together campaign had a two pronged strategy to win the 2014 referendum for the Union, they threatened us with Project Fear, and they promised sweeties with the Vow.

Yet one by one all the promises and commitments that they made have turned out to be false. They told us that Scotland would get the most powerful devolved parliament in the world, and we got English votes for English laws and powers over road signs and some tinkering around the edges of the income tax system and the social security system that the Scottish secretary openly boasted was a trap for the Scottish Government. The Unionist parties don’t want to respond to the demand from Scotland for greater Scottish home-rule, all they want to do is keep on playing their party political games. They can’t help themselves.

They won by promising jobs would be safe if we voted No, but the jobs went anyway. They won by promising that Scotland would be a respected and valued leader within the UK whose voice would count, yet they’re imposing Trident on us even though all but one of Scotland’s MPs voted against its renewal. This is the same government whose Prime Minister when she was Home Secretary said that the possibility of Scotland’s MPs having any input into the UK government would be the biggest crisis since the abdication, but she’s quite happy to impose weapons of mass destruction on a Scotland which has overwhelmingly rejected them. That’s not respect, that’s arrogance.

They won by promising that our EU membership could only be safe if we remained in the UK, and now we’re being taken out anyway even though Scotland voted to remain in the EU by a much larger margin that it voted to remain in the UK. Brexit isn’t just for five years, it’s not like the many General Elections where Scotland doesn’t get the result it voted for but will have a chance to revisit the question in five years time. Brexit it forever. Brexit isn’t just a life sentence for Scotland, condemning us to a cold dark Tory future, cut off from the rest of the world in a xenophobic inward looking nationalist and right wing UK, it conemns our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations to the same despair.

They won by telling pensioners that it was only by remaining a part of the UK that their pensions could be safe, but just today the news came out that the Tory government is considering abolishing the so-called triple lock protecting state pensions. The UK can afford to spend over £200 billion on Trident, it can spend over £50 billion on a railway line from London to Birmingham, but it can’t afford to protect state pensions.

The next time there’s a referendum, and there will be a next time, all that the Yes campaign is going to have to do to counter any promises made by the Unionists is to retort “but you said that the last time and it turned out to be a lie.”

Yesterday’s march wasn’t organised by the SNP, by RISE, the Greens, or Solidarity. It was organised by a coalition of Yes groups which have kept going since the depressing days of late September 2014 and have been reorganising themselves over the past few months. The rally was a demonstration that a second independence campaign will not belong to the Scottish Government, it will not be Nicola Sturgeon’s referendum, it will belong to the people of Scotland.

Some on the snider side of the independence movement criticised the rally for its flag waving, although if one of them would like to suggest a symbol other than a Scottish flag that represents the entirety of the Scottish nation and everyone who lives in this country then I’m sure we’d be all ears. Scottish flags at independence demonstrations are not about triumphalism, they’re not a statement that Scotland is better than any other country. They’re simply a statement that Scotland is as good as any other country, that Scotland can aspire to normality, and that Scotland is, in fact, a country which has the right to determine its own future.

“No one is converted from No to Yes by waving a flag,” they said. And this would be true. It also misses the point. The point of yesterday’s rally was not to convert former No voters, it was to enthuse and engage existing Yes voters, to demonstrate that the Yes movement remains live, vital, and energetic. It was about giving Yes campaigners the energy, and excitement that we’re all going to need in order to campaign over the months ahead. And it succeeded in doing so in style.

Now the hard work begins. All across Scotland we need to get ourselves organised, we need to spread the message in our local communities. A better Scotland is possible. We have two choices in this country, we can sit back passively and hope that those Westminster masters who have betrayed us and lied to us on more occasions than it’s possible to count will actually come through for us one day. We can sit in the hopeless pit of Westminster despair while wringing our hands and complaining about the evil Tories, or we can do something about it. We can take our own future into our own hands. If we want a better Scotland we need to do it for ourselves. And we have the talents, we have the skills, we have the enthusiasm and the energy. We have what it takes to make Scotland a country that is fit for a dignified people. We can do this. And we will.

Audio version of this blog, courtesy of @lumi_1984

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33 comments on “Creating a country that is fit for a dignified people

  1. Dan Huil says:

    Another britnat lie exposed today – your pensions are safe with us – with pensions’ triple-lock under threat from Westminster.

    Well done yesterday, BTW.

  2. annelawrie says:

    Although the rally yesterday wasn’t to convert former NO voters, from comments on social media, I notice that some former NO voters joined the rally and enjoyed being welcomed and included as part of the YES movement.

  3. Jan Cowan says:

    Though unable to join you in Glasgow yesterday it was great to see the many wonderful pics on twitter – especially the final one of the happy but exhausted Ginger! Many thanks to all of you.

  4. Macart says:

    A superb turnout and yet spookily the silence throughout today’s media is deafening. I suppose they were looking forward to trumpeting Yougov’s latest poll over the weekend. Yesterday’s march kinda took the wind out of that sail, not to mention the fact that folk are well aware of Yougov’s pedigree by this point.

    It would have been hard right enough for Glasgow’s titles in one breath to have a dig at a lack of interest in referendums whilst several thousand folk were making themselves visible in the city centre. 😀

    Yet it goes beyond that. Other than the raging zoomers of the Mail and Expess and an honorable mention in the Herald, the event has gone near unremarked in most major titles and broadcast media. Must be a bit embarrassing for the poor dears after all the column space and airtime they’ve given the usual suspects on that ‘lack of interest’ narrative.

    Anyroads, Paul has hit the nail firmly on the head as to the point of yesterday’s get together. A statement of intent and a setting of the agenda. The next indyref will be as it always should have been – a people’s referendum. A referendum brought about by the people, for the people. And so long as the SNP are the current Scottish Government, then the electorate have a legislature willing to act by popular demand.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Well said Macart.

    • But, Macart, there were much more important things going on in the world of the Broadcast media, Herald, Record and the Scotsman, than a spontaneous gathering of thousands of Yessers, don’t you know?

      JK Rowling’s latest fairy story was published and some seriously psychologically challenged adults queued at midnight to be the ‘first’ to buy it.

      Headlines everywhere for Alistair Lord Flipping Better Together Darling’s dining party buddy are much more important than Scotland being dragged out of the EU against the ‘overwhelming will’ (well if Britnats can use such florid language, so can I) of the people of Scotland.

      We had a Yougov poll, again heavily calibrated to produce the ‘right’ outcome, ‘heralded’ by the Union MSM as proof positive that the citizens of Scotland want to stay with May’s UK, regardless, because there will always be an Engerland.

      Or Baroness Ros Miriam Altmann’s ‘thinking the unthinkable’ (ironically coined by Frank Field when he was ‘enfant terrible’ in Blair’s and Brown’s Neo Con New Labour Government) by proposing that the triple lock pensions guarantee be scrapped and state pensions pegged to inflation or the Retail, or is it the Consumers’, Price Index?
      She thinks that increasing State pensions by 2 1/2 % is unaffordable you see.

      That would be the basic state pension of the incredibly generous sum of $119.30 per week.
      Hands up all those who can live on £119.30 per week?

      Not Baroness Altmann, it seems. She’s made her pile through the ususal SE Establishment route

      Classic Establishment Figure.

      First Class Honours at London University, then like so many UK Establishment Figures, on to Harvard for indoctrination and another degree, then she ‘took a good job in the City, working for the Man every night and day’. Chase Bank, then Rotheschilds, then out on her own, as a ‘pensions’ expert, then Invited onto TB’s Team by flatmate Lord Falconer because she was making such a fuss about Gordon Brown not underwriting company pensions of workers whose firms were allegedly doing a ‘Maxwelland raiding the pension funds, then on to the Lib Dems, and ultimately, until Cameron got the boot, as a promoted Tory Baroness last year, the Tories’ Pensions guru under IDS’ DWP.

      The UK State Pension is roughly sixth bottom of the EU state pensions league, worth a pitiful 1/3 ‘replacement’ income of the average wage, whereas those countries in the EU, that bad bad EU, that the Three Mexiteers, Boris, Liam, and David, will force us to leave,has state pensions of 50% of average earnings and upwards.

      Besides, worry not, the Unified Pension was introduced in April.
      £155 per week!
      But that’s it.
      No more top up of the weekly pension due to Graduated contributions or increments.
      And you’ll need 35 years’ insurance contributions instead of 32, and possibly not get it until you’re 67, 68, 70?

      Wow, or something.

      Of course, if you’re a woman, you’ll have to work until you are 66 to get it. A decade ago it was 60. Women in their fifties spent most of their working lives toiling under the impression that their light at the end of the tunnel was their 60th birthday. WE couldn’t afford that and Trident, and tax dodges for the rich could we?

      Frank Field’s ‘thinking the unthinkable’ , work ’til you drop’, push the pension age up and up, until we die in harness; and now this.
      A wealthy year old baroness telling us Proles that the UK can’t afford a rate of $119.30 a week?
      The man who is head to head with Phil Green and the missing BHS Pensions hundreds of millions? Oh, the feckin’ irony.

      A Newbee Tory Baroness is now ‘selling the unsellable’. The UK cannot afford to pay pensioners £119.30 per week?

      But the tin lid for me was Wullie Rennie, fresh back from his holidays, getting a headline in the HS, ‘accusing’ NS, yet again. The usual non fucking story from the terminally ill Herald.

      The leader of an utter failure and disgraced political quorum, and they barely managed five, gets banner headlines by the now ridiculously State Owned Unionist Propaganda machine.

      The City Chambers shut down the webcam as 7000 good folk gathered in support of Independnece, Better Together Black Ops were caught on the hop and didn’t have time to infiltrate the crowd on Saturday with Union Flag waving agents provocateurs, so there were no scuffles, or pitched battles for which to blame the Yes Movement. There was barely a police presence.

      Nothing to see here, move on.
      Why are we surprised?

      WE voted 56 SNP MP’s into the Lions’ Den, NS and the SNP are returned to Government for a third time, yet, Wullie Rennie dogging it with humping pigs in a trough and the ridiculous Ruth Davidson astride a bull are newsworthy, yet the truly remarkable event, 7000 peaceful YES walkers on a Saturday afternoon gathering in the middle of Glasgow, gets buried.
      Next time. I venture that the Bully Boys will be out in force.
      We can’t have all this peace and love nonsense again.
      We need a bit of sectarian loyalist violence to sell Dead Tree Scrolls after all.

      Great turnout, and a joy to watch, a credit to the peaceful democratic Revolution Up Here.
      Now’s the day, Scotland.

      • Macart says:

        The UK can however afford to spend on:

        Foreign adventures – Billions and counting (no final tab in sight)
        Trident (£200bn)
        Tax breaks for high earners
        HS2 (£42bn)
        Westminster refurbishment (£7bn)
        Pay rise for MPs (11%)
        Corporate welfare (£93bn)

        But care for our elderly, NHS, unemployed, sundry public services? Not so much.

        They say they cannot afford… I’d say their priorities are somewhat skewed. Then we have the state and society our politicians and our media have created. I saw this section of a letter quoted on twitter and thought, the more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s well worth pasting here:

        ‘Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that “all men are created equal.” We now practically read it “all men are created equal, except negroes” When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read “all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.” When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretence of loving liberty’

        Abraham Lincoln (1855)

        The UK of Brexit and the USA of Trump’s presidential campaign sprung instantly to mind of current times and events. Is this Better Together? Is this what some people voted for?

        It all comes back to this Jack – What kind of country do we want to live in?

        • Indeed, Macart.
          Ruth Davidson’s ‘aspirational’ Ultra Right, or Willie Rennie’s collaboration with any Unionist party, or the quite frankly alarming cesspit that is Dugdale’s Labour.
          There is no choice now but Self Determination and a concomitant realignment of the political spectrum Up Here post Referendum 2..
          Better Together is up and running once more, of that there is no doubt.

          The MSM will go into overdrive when WM finally gets back to business late September.
          In the meantime, Scottish journalism will consist of the daily tribulations of the Mighty Ranjurs and Sellick, big tits, and ‘TV Celebrities’ ‘ shenanigans.

          This time we need to be word perfect on currency, Scotland’s true worth, income, expenditure, the future of oil, gas , renewables, membership of the EU, trade with Brexited England and Wales, the Scottish Defence Force, passports, border controls between us and Wengland, and so forth.
          Amazing turnout on Saturday at the end of the Glasgow fair.
          My loins, such as they are, are stirring.
          Bring it on.

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug Creating a country that is fit for a dignified people […]

  6. John Edgar says:

    The Dug has said that the UK/GB is kaputt. The Labour party north of the Tweed, to which generations of Scots were “loyal”, is in decline and its branch representative, Kezia Dugdale still bleats on about the Union. Ir us about to split with the Smith and Corbyn camps at each others thrapples, so to speak, each claiming the rights to the “title” of the party.
    So the old bastion of britisherism in Scotland is receding fast.
    The Tories north of the Tweed, have pushed Labour britishism into third place at Holyrood; that is an indication of how far Labour has sunk and Yet Labour in Scotland still do not want to go independent!!
    When some of its representative applaud Trident because it “creates” a few jobs in Helensburgh, then one can only cry with despair at the state of Labour in Scotland.
    Henry McLeish has seen the writing on the wall and called for ir to go I dependent from London, but he is too late; like too many labourites, he should have called for that earlier. He said the move for independence for Scotland was too ” soon”??
    A dumb response if ever there was one. Never gave a grounded reason.
    So, if we do mot throw off the shackles of Westminster before Brexit, then you can expect even more destruction of Scotland.
    Labour’s raison d’être seems to be that we remain thirled to Westminster even if it means never having a government we vote for. That is no surprise. They were the dominant party in Scotland, Donald Dewar used to anguish over Tory governments when Labour were in a majority in Scotland, but the English vote counted for more.
    So, no change there.
    When the UK/GB sinks after Brexit, Labour in Scotland will still see the Union as our saving grace!! As they wave their copies of Gordo’s book, My Scotland, My Britain, they will sink into oblivion.
    Makes one weep.
    Schadenfreude at last!

    • Connor McEwen says:

      Ah but Wheeshtminster wages who cares. BBC isnae aw bad Have a look at ” Yes Minister, Compassionate Society ” fur a wee change

  7. Mammy says:

    Headlines in “Scottish Sunday Mail ” front page and two inside pages about poor guy engaged to a poor rich girl who nearly lost several millions of pounds ten years ago.Get a grip .There was a large rally in Glasgow of some six thousand people (all of them well behaved) and not a word. The news papers do not want anyone to know this – so let’s drum up some stupid story of no importance and these thousands of Scottish people will go away. Well mr Editor no chance.Ignoring us is not the answer.

  8. The Scottish Play says:

    The…’banners flout the sky and fan our people cold.’

    Had the media chosen to cover to event ‘properly’ on the ground, a significant point of interest, to any journalist worth their salt (but witnessed by those, including tourists along the route and in George Square) would be the number of English St. George’s cross flags plus Welsh dragons and others on display – within the 400,000+ English people who have chosen to make Scotland their home -there is clearly much support for Independence (i.e. derived from their actual experience of living here)… and despite from time to time the best efforts of the media to stir things up to try perhaps suggest animosity betwixt the people of Scotia and Albion… the perfectly normal co-existence of these banners in the same field of battle illustrates very well that…Westminster and the Act of Union and the enshrined democratic deficit enacted within …. Is the problem.

    Experience to date since Sep 2014, most significantly (in terms of the the Act of Union) was the establishment and enforcement of EVEL (just how exactly is Scotland supposed to reject such an arrangement under the Act with only 59 MPs?) and recent events re. EU Referendum vote leaves little logical option but to pursue to a logical conclusion…. Independence.

  9. diabloandco says:

    Good to hear , see and read you and lovely to meet a happy dug.

  10. Lorna McGowan says:

    Join the group in your area.

  11. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  12. manandboy says:

    After next year’s Council elections, and with the help and cooperation of the Indy parties -together with the SG and the new Councils – what is to stop the sovereign people of Scotland from organising IndyRef2 .

  13. Clive Scott says:

    Pity the march did not finish with a rally/blockade at Pacific Quay.

    • It was the week-end, Clive. Pacific Quay was shut. There is no news in Scotland at the week end. ‘The news where you are’ is too expensive to report at the week end.
      Besides, Sheriff Courts fining poachers and drunk and disorderlies only sit during the week.
      Nothing happens in Scotland at the week end. Have you just noticed?
      Scotland is on a five day week according to our Unionist Broadcasters.

  14. Marconatrix says:

    Not sure if this belongs here or to the previous post regarding media bias. A link in a comment over on Wings led me to this Daily Mail report on the march, nice pics but the commentary laced with a dubious? poll result that they´d probably kept in hand to pour cold water on just such a joyous event :

    However I then decided to have a look at the comments on the original site, which involves Googling the headline. TBH I really was shocked. The comments seem to be an almost unrelenting tide of anti-Scottish and often outright racist hatred. What in the name of the WGD have we done to deserve such anger and venom? Is this part of the general xenophobia being whipped up in England? Are we foreigners in this wonderful Union of ours now? Is it all just a not-very-subtle way for Our Rulers to find scapegoats for their own failings. For the UK being the most unequal nation in Western Europe?

    Of course it could all backfire, much as Brexit already has, and lead to the English demanding we be thrown out. Should we then be pleading to remain, ¨do anything but please don´t throw us into the brier patch!” 🙂

    • Macart says:

      Y’know most titles in the UK media are led by corporate/political compromise and the bottom line, but the Mail? The Mail occupies a very special place in meejaland. They are exactly what it says on the tin ideologically.

      They are racist, right wing and reactionary so we don’t have to be. They pander to the very worst elements in the UKs society because that is their belief system. They are the epitome of what they believe to be ‘British’ Nationalism and they really, really do not do outward looking, inclusive or tolerant. They encourage the same values in their readership to boot. Never a truer word said than ‘you gravitate toward the title which best reflects your own nature’. Many Mail readers, like the Mail column writers… scary folks. 😮

  15. Charlotte Rampling says:

    >>it can spend over £50 billion on a railway line from London to Birmingham

    You let yourself down badly there. If you’re against lies and misinformation then you should not stoop to them yourself.

    • weegingerdug says:

      According to several sources, the UK govt’s estimated cost for the HS2 line between London and Birmingham is £42.6 billion, not including a further £7.5 billion for the cost of the trains themselves.
      For example –

      Meanwhile the Guardian reports that the budget for the line is £55 billion – so I was being generous in only quoting £50 billion.

      • Sydthesnake says:

        nice bite back WGD, let’s not let facts get in the way.

        • Perhaps ‘Charlotte Rampling ‘ is Blair Big Mag in drag.
          Better Together’s wee team of anonymous shit stirrers are out early, aren’t they?
          HS2 runs from London via Birmingham to George Osborne’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’, Manchester, right next to his constituency, then ‘cross Pennines, to Leeds, collectively described as the ‘North of England’, (Fuck you, Newcastle, Durham, Carlisle, Barrow, Lancaster) then back down to London, the epicentre of the Brit Universe.
          Of course now that Osborne’s been elbowed by May, let’s see how the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ notion lasts.
          The measly lying cowards who hide behind Charlotte Rampling’s name, are beneath contempt.

          Britbernats, and pathetic snivelling little cowards every one. Come out come out, wherever you are, last of the dumber whine.
          How to win the argument? By lies, threats, and bullying, while hiding in the bushes.

          • Charlotte Rampling says:

            >>The measly lying cowards who hide behind Charlotte Rampling’s name, are beneath >>contempt.

            Seeing as you at least understand it goes to Manchester, then perhaps you should have seen that describing it as a line from London to Birmingham was incorrect?
            An apology perhaps? Or perhaps you’re too far beneath contempt to apologise?

            >>Fuck you, Newcastle, Durham, Carlisle, Barrow, Lancaster

            Please research what ‘classic compatible’ services are. They’re the HS2 trains that will serve Glasgow and Edinburgh, Newcastle etc.

            • Are you Big Mac in drag?
              Nobody listens to anonymous Unionist trolls, whoever you are.
              You aim is to clog up forums with mindless twaddle.
              HS2 is heralded as a fast track to and from London and the risibly described ‘North’ of England., initially from Birmingham to London, then, extended to the Powerhouse Manchester, then across the Pennines to Leeds, then back down to the Death Star, the City that consumes all that comes into contact with it, London.
              ‘Classic compatible’ services, my ass. It is calculated that cities like Aberdeen and Dundee will lose hundreds of millions in business if and when England ever builds HS2.
              Why am I even talking to an anonymous coward?
              Peddle your glass beads and shiny mirrors elsewhere, ye pathetic Unionist Brittergnat; or
              are you a team of Britnats clacking deep in the Better Together cellar?

              • Charlotte Rampling says:

                Ah yes, anyone who expects fellow independence supporters to adhere to the same standards of accuracy and rigour that they demand of others just HAS to be a ‘Britnat’ don’t they?
                Seeing as you lack the most basic maturity to admit that you were wrong, I’ll leave you to hurl more toys out of your pram. You don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with fulfilling all the stereotypes that actual Unionists attempt to portray us with?
                Oh, and by the way, HS2 doesn’t go across the Pennines.

        • Charlotte Rampling says:

          >>let’s not let facts get in the way.

          Here is a fact: HS2 is not a line between London and Birmingham. Unless, that is, you think the Borders Railway is a line between Edinburgh and Eskbank.

      • Charlotte Rampling says:

        Wrong. London to Birmingham is Phase 1. The cost you quote is for the entire line, which includes Phase 2, to Leeds and Manchester.

  16. Liz S says:

    Great article, tapadh leat. Nice to meet you in Sat. I’ll send you a picture of us with the Ginger!

  17. Bobbzie says:

    If we invert the ‘P’ in Rampling, then we possibly arrive at the right station in terms of your waffling.

    HS2 will involving carving up even more of the landscape, untold complications to an already oversubscribe road system, compulsory purchases that destroy domestic lives and introduce yet another railway network that will naturally fail (beyond the first flushes) to deliver anything remotely close to a normal service thereafter for a variety of highly imaginative reasons.

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