Labour’s suicide pact

Every time you think that the Labour party in Scotland might just possibly see that there’s a glimmer of a path to redemption, it ties a red white and blue flag over its eyes as a blindfold and preaches to Scotland about solidarity with people who never manage to demonstrate any solidarity with Scotland. Which would be bad enough, but the only solidarity that Labour in Scotland actually demonstrates itself is solidarity with the Conservatives. Despite the fact that Labour’s solidarity with the Tories in the Better Together campaign resulted in the near destruction on the party and the annihilation of its Westminster contingent, they’re about to repeat the same trick in a future independence referendum. As a party Labour has become addicted to self-harm.

During the last independence referendum, Labour vilified those of its supporters and members who came out in favour of independence. Labour for Independence was publicly accused of being an SNP front organisation despite being set up and run by long standing Labour members who had no connection with the SNP. The smears of the party hierarchy were repeated in the media, and Labour for Independence was given no chance to defend itself. After the referendum, it was made very clear to those independence supporting members by the triumphalist Unionists that there was no place in the Labour party for them. Now there’s the prospect of another independence referendum, and Labour is repeating the same narrow minded mistake.

Kezia Dugdale has been on a course in the USA over the past few weeks, where she seemingly learned that it is in fact possible for her party to make its impossibly bad situation even worse. Returning from her trip, she’s tripped into the Brexit debate with a trippy intervention. Whereas the Scottish government wants to explore all the possible options which allow Scotland to maintain its EU membership, Labour has already decided to rule out the option which has the best chance of securing it. Brexit, says Kezia, is not a reason for independence.

Mind you, Labour, or at least the part of it that Kezia represents, doesn’t think anything at all is a reason for independence. Kezia wants Scotland to snap on the dog collar and be dragged out of the EU against our will with Westminster holding the leash, because solidarity, and because reasons, and because isn’t Owen Smith a great leadership candidate. Although in this analogy it’s Westminster which is the bad puppy who craps on Scotland’s pavement, and Scotland who has to live with the mess. Yet again, Labour in Scotland shows itself to be not a party of Scotland, not a party of defending Scottish interests, but a party which wants to complain on the sidelines about the SNP while allowing the Tories to get on with the business of destroying working class opposition to their rule.

After all, says Kezia, not everyone in Scotland voted to remain in the EU, showing an amazing degree of concern for the rights of a minority which Labour failed to show to the far larger minority which voted for independence in 2014. Some minorities are more important than others, and the minorities that permit a veneer of justification for the maintenance of Westminster rule are the most important minorities of all. In fact they’re so important that they’re even more important than the majority.

Interestingly this major new policy announcement wasn’t made by Kezia along with her deputy leader Alex Rowley. It was made by Kezia alongside Jackie Baillie. That’s the Jackie Baillie who supports Trident renewal on the basis that it creates a bazillion jobs in the Helensburgh area. According to Jackie, Trident isn’t really a weapon of mass destruction, it’s a means of ensuring that there are more jobs in Helensburgh than there are people in Helensburgh. But then as far as Jackie is concerned arithmetic is one of the creative arts.

Just a short while ago the deputy leader had said that he thought that it was perfectly justified of the SNP to hold another independence referendum given the circumstances. He also said a couple of days ago that he wanted the party in Scotland to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn, and released a statement to that effect on the same day that Kezia called on Jezza to quit. Kezia’s bid to stamp down on anything independencey amongst her party colleagues is yet another instance of the infighting in the party leadership. The fighting and disputes which characterise the Westminster party are fully evident in the party in Scotland too, not that the Unionist media in Scotland has bothered to question the party leader in Scotland about them.

Effectively what the Kezia/Jackie faction of the Labour leadership in Scotland have done is to rule out any serious attempt to resist the Tory Brexit. Faced with a choice between an independent Scotland that’s a part of the EU, and a Scotland outside the EU that’s a part of the UK, they choose dependency. They choose submission. They choose to deny the majority which voted to remain a part of the EU.

Instead of resisting the Tory Brexit, Labour wants us to accept it, and demands that Scotland spends yet more of its limited budget in an attempt to ameliorate the damage that the loss of EU funding is going to cause to investment in our communities and infrastructure. Labour wants the Scottish government to use its borrowing powers to borrow the money, but when you borrow money you’ve got to pay it back with interest. Naturally they don’t say where the money to repay the loans is going to come from, but you can bet your bottom euro that if such a fund was to be established that Labour would be the first to complain about the supposed SNP cuts in other areas of the Scottish government’s expenditure that would be required in order to pay for it.

Labour does this while denying Scotland the ability to grow its own economy, because that can only be done by a Holyrood which has control over all the levers of tax and spend – in other words the parliament of an independent country.

Meanwhile we can see the dire effects on Scotland of remaining a part of this mismanaged and misbegotten Union. For all that the Unionists shriek that Scotland would be poorer than Greece if it went independent, a report issued this week shows that wages in the UK have fallen by an extent matched only by near-bankrupt Greece. The income of the richest in the UK has continued to increase at the expense of the poorest. So much for those broad shoulders. So much for pooling and sharing. So much for the best of both worlds.

This is the UK that Labour wants Scotland to remain a part of. This is a UK where the Conservatives enjoy a 16% lead in the polls, tearing apart what remains of the tattered fabric of social cohesion while Labour tears itself apart. This is a UK where the chances are that we’ll have Conservative governments for years and years to come, doing untold damage and completing the conversion of the UK into a low-wage low-rights authoritarian tax haven for the rich. And Labour’s solution to this is to squeak like a mouse and offer a sticking plaster on an amputation while blaming those who seek an escape from the mad Tory axemen and women. Scotland has no use for a Labour party that prioritises the interests of the British state above the interests of Scotland. We’ve already got such a party, they’re called the Tories. Kezia Dugdale’s announcement on ruling out an indyref is a solidarity pact with the Tories, and a suicide pact for her party.

Labour can vote for its own demise if it wants, but the rest of Scotland won’t be following suit.

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45 comments on “Labour’s suicide pact

  1. The Vole says:

    Reblogged this on Tim Morrison.

  2. uno mas says:

    The Labour Part in Scotland are like rabbits caught in the headlights of an onrushing vehicule.

    They know in their heart of hearts that it´s going to end very badly for them but they just can´t summon up the strength in their wee legs to jump.

    Oh how pretty those bright lights are!

    And look the´re getting closer!!

  3. Colin says:

    Labour and the Tories are just two cheeks on the same tired, old , saggy arse.
    The BBC is the stinky bit that lerks just below, always there to cause a stink when needed.
    Hope as many people can make it to the March on Saturday in Glasgow.
    Time to get everyone fired up and ready for the final push towards our rightful place in the world.

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      To be fair the Conservative cheek is now somewhat bigger than Labour’s,, the two do seem to conjoin from time to time to make some rather unpleasant noises and together make quite a considerable arse..of everything.

      Yes… I guess it must be about time to dust off those Yes badges and take wander into town.

    • Saor Alba says:

      The Lib Dems are the hole in the middle of those two cheeks.

  4. Albawoman says:

    Welcome home Kezia. Thanks for all your support and jolly good ideas. We all missed you. Are you off again soon.? Fingers crossed!

  5. And DOG said let there be shite and there was shite

  6. Scott Abel says:

    Sorry but as a party member and a continuing member of Labour for independence (I was national organiser during the yes campaign) part of this article is wrong, none of us were forced out or made to feel unwelcome, people left of their own accord yes but no one felt that they had to leave by anyone in the party.

    • Steve Bowers says:

      Good point, well made, are you finding former NO voters crossing over to YES yet ?

    • weegingerdug says:

      Fair enough. The impression given to those of us outside the party, when the likes of Anas Sarwar went on the telly and accused you of being an SNP front organisation, was that you were made to feel unwelcome. Happy to be corrected.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Glad you still feel wanted Scott.

    • andygm1 says:

      In fact my son left to join the Greens in October 2014 and Musselburgh Labour are still pretending he’s a member.

    • heathermclean19 says:

      That may well be the case that none of you were forced out or made to feel unwelcome, but it certainly isn’t the case now as Allan Grogan, former Labour for Independence leader is discovering! Having left the Labour Party in disgust after the referendum, he joined another socialist party, but has since tried to rejoin the Labour Party in support of Jeremy Corbyn, but has had his application turned down! He is definitely being made to feel unwelcome!

  7. […] Wee Ginger Dug Labour’s suicide pact […]

  8. Iain Patterson says:

    Excellent piece Paul. I think the Branch Office will go for the Norwegian Model – The Monty Python Norwegian Blue.

  9. Macart says:

    Yeah, getting a bit fed up with the whole ‘no justification’ line.

    So let’s just recap on why Brexit would make an independence referendum JUSTIFIABLE all on its own.

    Firstly because the Scottish electorate voted to remain a full fat member of the European Union. Not the Norwegian version of EU lite, not the reverse Greenland version (which sounds decidedly kinky), but full membership. That means MEPs, voting rights, 40 years accrued membership rights, ECHR privileges, free trade and travel, CAP subsidies, EU investment across all sectors, ALL of it. Oh and that would be on a vote of 62% – 38% and remain winning across every electoral ward.

    Secondly and I would say equally as important, because almost two years ago a central plank and assurance given by both HMG and Better Together was guaranteed continued membership of the EU. You cannot in one ballot assure the Scottish electorate of continued membership and in a second ballot, against the express wishes of that electorate, remove that membership without expecting significant consequences to follow. It is an electoral and ethical betrayal of the wishes of that electorate and the outcome of the first referendum.

    One example. One single example amongst the many in the past 23 months and the most catastrophic economically and constitutionally. The bout of self serving power plays and self harm which the UK government embarked upon in this five star clusterfuck of idiocy will have a real and lasting impact on the lives of the entire population.

    A specific model of Scotland’s place within the UK construct was sold to the Scottish electorate in 2014. Pledges and assurances were given. Not one has been kept to date. Not a single solitary one.

    Something politicians should perhaps remember. ALL ballot results are CONDITIONAL. They are an agreement, a covenant between the political system and the electorate. The result is only as good as the winning side’s word and delivery of pledges and assurances given.

    So, no justification?

    Aye, right!

    • The Scottish Play says:

      Will the line stretch out to th’ crack of doom

      (just a few reasons for calling Indy Ref .2 – …..,,,,,,,,at the appointed hour):-

      The numerous untruths of the 2014 Independence Campaign as put forward by the No camp, including:-

      1. Listening to Scotland’s wishes: (a good recent example might be for instance 58 out of 59 Scottish MPs (including all Liberal, Labour and SNP representation) opposing the renewal of Trident. and only one Conservative votes in favour, clearly then Trident gets devolved to Scotland as ‘we are listening’ really hard.

      Even Margaret Thatcher was of the opinion that when there was a majority of Scottish MPs supporting Independence … the game was up!

      The emptiness of the Commons (save for the SNP) and a few others in important debates

      2. Westminster voting down all amendments to the Smith Commission

      3. Missing the opportunity to hold a Constitutional Convention (this too voted down)… the Act of Union, to put it politely, is not fit for the modern ‘democratic’ age.

      4. ‘Nothing is off the table’ in terms of devolved powers to Scotland ..

      Yet N. Ireland gets devolved Corporation Tax and not Scotland … ‘Divide and Rule’…? surely not!… (it is rumoured however that Scotland now has some of the devolviest road signs in the world).

      5. Everything bar Defence and Foreign affairs devolved – all hot air…. though on Defence .., the whole Trident fleet is now devolved to a very small part of Scotland maybe this is what was in mind when this promise was made (see also Listening to Scotland’s wishes above)

      On Foreign Affairs… the Scottish Government has already taken on the mantle of Foreign Affairs (and with the full with the approval of the Scottish Parliament with Liberals and Labour also voting in favour of this) for Scotland to hold discussions in Europe to promote Scotland’s cause on ‘matters EU‘…. but the media does not seem able to comment much on the importance of that.

      6. Financial stability? , not much of that recently (though perhaps we now have the empirical evidence that the world does not come to an actual end when the UK leaves the EU, so Scotland leaving the UK (and Scotland being the basket case that it is (and before anyone takes that the wrong way …. that is irony)…..
      we have all seen the various reports … and certainly on this side of the fence Scotland is more than capable of making a far better case of running things than our recent Conservative UK Chancellors/bankers -and of course the EU debacle of the Conservative Party’s own petty in-fighting / making – not really in the ‘national interest‘ at all ……(one nation Conservatism?!)

      7. Job security, in shipbuilding, oil industry and elsewhere …. … facts and data do not show that jobs have been safeguarded by Westminster in Scotland.

      8. Enhanced national security – admittedly there have been no alien (outer space) invasions to date under Better Together
      (although the current PM’s attempts to hold back immigrants whilst as Home Secretary e.g. Immigrants ‘Go Home’ signs on vans could in one sense be interpreted as actual failure by the No camp to hold back aliens (and frankly not very welcoming or sympathetic to immigrants)…

      9. General Election Result (May 2015) (Scotland):

      SNP = 56 seats
      Conservatives = 1 seat
      Labour = 1
      Liberals = 1 seat

      Scotland not voting for a ‘Conservative’ Government but having Conservative (and historically Labour) policy imposed on it due to proportion of votes in Scotland versus rUK – even if all 59 MPs vote in a particular way, they can and frequently are steamrollered by other Party’s voting.

      [see 3. above].)… the Act of Union is not fit for the modern ‘democratic’ age.

      10. Scottish Parliamentary Election Result (May 2016):

      SNP = 63 seats
      Conservative =31 seats
      Labour= 24 seats
      Greens = 6 seats
      Liberals = 5 seats

      63 + 6 = 69 (pro-independence parties); is greater than 31+24+5 = 60, and indeed 63 is greater than 60 for the media that so loves to talk about ‘minority administrations‘ rather than the mandate clearly expressed by the electorate.

      And the best one of all….
      10. Scotland being an valued member of the Union – one word sums that up ….the day after the result of the 2014 Referendum,….. EVEL

      Well ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’ (‘EVEL be to him that evil thinks‘) and indeed ‘Nemo me impune lacessit’ may well be just around the corner.

      and most recently (but not the only reason by any means to go for Independence… see first all of the above)…

      11. Scotland’s best way to guarantee continued membership of the EU being to
      ‘vote No‘ in 2014. and all Scottish Constituencies voted by majority in favour to Remain in the EU……yet the UK-wide vote (we are told) to Leave is what’s best for Scotland under the Union… the ‘democratic’ deficit exemplified.

      well how is that going then ?….. remind them of anybody??!…..

      No !?

      12. Will the line stretch out to th’ crack of doom
      …….. Another yet?

      …the Scottish Council Elections May 2017.

      • Macart says:

        Westminster will be Westminster SP.

        It was never in them to behave as a partner, a constitutional, political and cultural equal. That list? Is the reality of the ‘United’ Kingdom.

        We’ve earned the right to be better than this and we CAN be better. Just not together in political union.

      • grumpydubai says:

        Well summarised! Needs to be put out to all Scots to simply show them facts and to remind them of our motto

    • mealer says:

      Very well put.

  10. John Edgar says:

    Kezia and Baillie, the two jokers in (S)Labour.
    Arch yoons and not very bright with it.
    As the branch party sinks even lower in status, what next?
    It would not surprise one if these two jokers out of cussedness would support a reduction in Holyrood’s powers because it would deny the SNP.
    It would probably never occur to them that their party might come into government again at Holyrood.
    But they are not the brightest kids on the block.
    How will they react if Corbyn is re-elected at head office? Roll over and knuckle under?
    The end is nigh for the branch. Mind you, did not labourites in 2015 try to convince their own supporters to vote Tory to spite the SNP. Maybe that will be the cry of the duo soon.
    Or will they like the Hungarian communists in 1956, who called in the Red Army from Moscow when Nagy took power, call on Westminster to act in Scotland to defend the union by military intervention to put down the elected government at Holyrood? These two are predictably unpredictable and unprincipled.

  11. Iain Patterson says:

    It’s a great irony that if the Branch Office were to promise a “near as damn it Federalism” (as in the previous promise and vow), they might just survive.
    But naw – they’re sure to go fur the deid parrot.

  12. jimsayers28 says:

    he me thinking the red torys were dead but they will not get planted

  13. Jack Docherty says:

    ‘No justification’ – we’ll hear lots more of this as we move forward – and more. Linked to this will be the cry that throughout 2013 and 2014, the people in Scotland were well aware of the very real possibility that a future referendum may drag us out of the EU. Thus, they were well aware of the circumstances in which they were voting during the independence referendum. However, there is a major flaw with this line of argument. If the people of Scotland were well aware of this possibility, then it must be the case that the Better Together campaign was also well aware. But, none the less, Better Together strongly argued that the only way Scotland could be guaranteed membership of the EU was by voting ‘no’. Although unionists will no doubt try, the argument cannot cut both ways.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Yeah I saw that an hour or so ago. Quite remarkable.

      • Macart says:

        As a starter for ten, no too bad. Its something we need to see more of.

        • Although he makes a strong case for a Yes Alliance, and not just ‘the SNP’ versus the Red Blue and Jaundiced Tory Unionists, there is a powerful faction within the SNP Party which will be campaigning for Independence this time which was lacking during the 2014 campaign.

          56 very capable and life savvy Westminster MP’s who, I assume, will be in the MSM’s face during the next Referendum. They’ll be hard to ignore, even for Reporting Scotland.
          There will not be a repeat of the 100 Labour MPs marching up Union Street to the strains of the Star Wars theme and the megaphone exhortation from the rickshaw rider to ‘Bow Down To Your Imperial Masters.’
          On the Unionist side there will be no Murphy, Darling, Brown, Iain Davidson, and the ‘Fucking Useless’ forty Labour WM Failures.
          Ian Carmichael will excuse himself, as he has done since the Tory Administration bedded in Down There. He has disappeared off the map, content to pocket his £74k p.a., plus expenses.
          He won’t be visiting Portsmouth this time and assuring the citizens Down There that if Clyde and Rosyth ship builders vote YEs, then he will ensure that they lose their jobs as punishment and the Portsmouth yards would be ‘best placed’ to build the frigates. WE all know what happened there.

          There will be no Osborne, Clegg, ‘effing’ Cameron, the Alexander Bothers, Balls, or Miliband to threaten Scotland with total destruction and a bloody bayonetting of the wounded. I doubt that we would want to use the pound, which is of course as much ours as theirs. But for one, I will not die in a ditch if we have our own currency following a five year transition period using a floating , some may say sinking, pound.
          CU, border controls, a ten year wait to perhaps be accepted as a member of the EU, wages at Greece levels in this pooling and sharing UK, Trident billions, and according to the polls, a Blue Tory Ultra Right Wing Little England Westminster Government doling out our pocket money for the next 15-20 years, and let’s not forget, Nervously Mumbling Mundell as our Viceroy.

          Ruth, Murdo, Jackson, Kezia, Rowley, Rennie, and Scott are third rate Branch Office bench fillers; jumped up councillors, the majority of whom couldn’t hack it in the real world of politics. Indeed many of them were failures at constituency level, and only survived as list add ons.

          Their principal function at Holyrood is to undermine the Parliament, to gum up the works, to do and say anything other than admit to the bleeding obvious, that Scotland has changed, that the Union has betrayed Scotland post 2014, hence the overwhelming pro-independence votes at the UKGE, and the Scottish GE.
          Our MSM grow daily more laughable and sinister in their attempts to deny the universal truth.
          England and Wales, that new ‘Union’ is going it alone, and Scotland is Remaining where it is, a vibrant nation in partnership with our European neighbours, facing outward on the world,a proud independent nation in charge of our own destiny.
          Can you imagine Better Together reforming, and Blair Mac Dougall’s not inconsiderable frame filling out teatime screens being interviewed by Brewer, Campbell, Fraser, Magnusson, or Bird, spouting the same old lies and threats, given the cataclysmic betrayal of the past 22 months, and England and Wales, the new Union, about to withdraw from the world?

          • Macart says:

            One vote at a time Jack.

            In the wake of the 2014 vote, all it took was time for the BT campaign and the Westminster system to make the case for the dissolving of the political union.

            Mr Joyce will not be alone in his decision and our hand must be out and the welcome genuine.

            • Thank you for your calming hand on my agitated shoulder, Macart.
              The parables of the Lost Sheep and Prodigal Son come to mind.
              Fatted calf rather than weeping and gnashing of teeth.
              I’ll get there, honest.

    • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

  14. David Agnew says:

    I have not a morsel of fuck to give for Scottish labour and its travails. It had plenty of warnings, it chose to ignore them. It had plenty of chances to get its shit sorted out, but chose to do nothing.
    It got punked by the tories, not once but several times. It used its contacts in the press to pass off its collected brainfarts as news with which to attack the SNP. It thinks taxing Scots to mitigate austerity their party supported in WM is a winner. It thinks that doing the same to mitigate the brexit that it did fuck all to stop is also a winner.

    How in the name of the wee man, can you be wrong for so long, on everything and still not see it?

    It was comprehensively defeated in 2015 but decided to ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen. It campaigned to lose in 2016 and managed to lose to the tories as well as to the SNP, but still the Baillie smirks?

    Jackson Carlaw has asked them again to take the tories side and you just know the useless bastards in labour will do it. Labours own report warned them that they are seen as less competent versions of the conservative party. They ignored it, but Ruth Davidson didn’t. Davidson cuts a ridiculous figure in Scotland, but she still saw that she could grab votes from Scottish labour…and grab them she did. But still, labour cannot see it.

    It is simply knuckle dragging levels of stupid…but at the end of the day, it chose to be this.

    It’s not that it can’t see it. It knows only too well.

    But it simply doesn’t care, because in their tiny little minds they still think we’ll come hame to labour. Its their sense of entitlement to that vote that is killing them.

  15. Sorry but i’m labour supporter and have always wanted a free scotland. …you can actually be both you know …just like in germany,the CSU separates it’s self from her Sister Party and bigger one CDU. …CSU is in Bayern. CDU for the rest of Germany …

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      ‘have always wanted a free scotland’……. we therefore share common ground and a common objective.

      I voted Labour to ensure the establishement of the Scottish Parliament… I, (and reckon many others here) are not even in any political Party… but share that common goal…. we just need to gain (or borrow!) a little more.momentum….to finish what has been set in motion.

      • John Edgar says:

        That is right. Labour were the interim link to a Scottish parliament and government ( they did not use the term government,though).
        Now they are passé. No longer useful in their present state as ref Tories, yoons, who choose Westminster above Scotland with permanent Tory governments.
        All that remains is for the branch to be pruned and its members, voters and supporters to align themselves woth an appropriate independence party, group, movement and achieve the final goal.
        Sovislism will never come through Corbyn’s centrism within the English incorporating union. He is a westminsterite. Londonisation is the result with Trident et al in train.
        Even if Corby goes, the resultant new Blairite clone will offer more of the same.

    • Sandy cuthbert says:

      Sorry but you cannot achieve an independent Scotland by voting for Labour. Vote for your party after Independence has been achieved. Labour is a Unionist party – full stop. Labour is a party that has looked after itself and it’s own members ahead of Scotland. Says it all really.

  16. Steve Asaneilean says:

    “The income of the richest in the UK has continued to increase at the expense of the poorest…this is the UK that Labour wants Scotland to remain a part of”

    Slight correction/addendum if I may Paul – “this is the UK that Labour helped to create”

  17. Andimac says:

    Dugdale and Baillie, Scottish Labour’s Laurel and Hardy, but without the laughs – except maybe at them.

  18. bedelsten says:

    It is possible that the proposals – the Post Brexit Action Plan (link below), as mooted by Jackie Baillie, have not been fully thought through. If at all. Niver! Let’s pretend, briefly, that [planned? / unplanned?] infrastructure spending is brought forward and a support fund is established and that these are funded by an increase in taxation or increased borrowing which, eventually, amounts to the same thing. What, then, are the consequences of this? While still part of the UK single market a) a flight of businesses from Scotland and b) a reduction in central funding.

    Talk about shooting oneself in the foot – while simultaneously opening mouth to change feet. That went well then, didn’t it?

    And, we see that: “Labour stands with the majority of Scots who want to be part of the UK and the EU – we won’t give up pursuing those options but protecting jobs and public services must come first.”
    In other words, they will give up pursuing the option of Scotland being in the UK and the EU and follow whatever party line is dictated from darn sarth.

    But it is all just empty posturing. The Scottish Labour Branch Office Accounting Unit has, with fatuous nonsense such as this, no chance of influencing Scottish Government policy. It is just noise. The same effect, with a higher information content, can be achieved by sticking your fingers in your ears and going ‘la la la’.

    A link to Grimms Fairy Tales

    • Like Govan, Scotstoun, Rosyth, HMRC, and the 500 odd jobs at Faslane, Jackie. Or the 500, 000 public servants that the Tory Lib Dem collaboration ‘saved’ while the Red Tories stood by saying nothing? Not even a peep from Corbyn the Red Red, if memory serves.
      Dugdale, and Baillie are just too silly for words.
      The Blue Tories would return to Victorian Values: ‘It’s the rich that get the pleasure, it’s the poor that get the blame.’
      What a feckless bunch of losers, the Unionist Branch Officers are.
      The Edinburgh Finance Sector will be wiped out at a stroke when England and Wales Exit the EU, and London’s International Money Men hightail it to Dublin and Frankfurt.
      Standard Life, RBS, and the Loan Sharks will indeed head for the Holy London Empire, under instruction from their SE Establishment masters. Edinburgh will become a Waste Land.
      Scotland will become a grouse shooting, stag hunting, links golfing theme park for the English Establishment.
      Won’t be fooled again.

  19. Papadox says:

    SLAB are about to unfurl their replacement flag for the old red one which is being retired. I believe it’s to be all white with a brown skid mark. That should show their true colours, it has been supplied by their londinium conservative and UNIONIST paymasters. Their new anthem will be roll me over, and do it again, boss.

  20. Chris MacLeod says:

    Thanks for your wonderful articles WGD.
    Just wanted to highlight that even Nick Clegg now thinks there are strong grounds for a new Scottish indyref.

    At a New Statesman event in London on Tuesday he said “The Leave vote is a drive-by shooting against the Scottish people… Difficult to argue against 2nd ref” (This was in response to a question about Scotland in the light of the Brexit vote and the Trident vote.)

    He also referred to the Scottish indy movement as a “benign kind of nationalism”

    Do you think anyone has told Willie Rennie and Alistair Carmichael?

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