That ship has sailed

One by one the pillars of support for the Union have been removed. Now all that’s keeping the UK up is the hot air of the Unionist parties and their media friends. The latest pillar of salt to dissolve in the crocodile tears of the Unionists is the pledge to build Type 26 frigates on the Clyde. During the referendum campaign we were told that 13 Type 26 frigates were to be built on the Clyde, but only if Scotland voted to remain a part of the UK. Then Scotland voted no and within months five of the vessels were mysteriously sunk and Scotland could only look forward to building eight of them instead of the originally promised 13. Now we’re told that a decision to build even the reduced number of vessels is to be indefinitely delayed.

Mind you, you can be certain that the contract for the ships will be trotted out as a firm commitment before the next independence referendum. And you can be equally certain that if Scotland is stupid enough to vote No again the ships will disappear in a puff of Better Together smoke the day after Westminster gets what it wants. Ships the the MoD promises to build on the Clyde are like the Flying Dutchman, mythical and doomed never to make it into port because they never get built in the first place. If you ever sight another Unionist leaflet promising their arrival you can take it as a sure fire portent of impending disaster. For the Union, at any rate. The promise of ships on the Clyde is the ghost of a Union, a bedtime story with no substance.

Scotland was told repeatedly during the independence referendum that the Clyde shipyards depended on MoD orders in order to stay open, and that only by voting No could we ensure that the shipyards had a future. Scotland voted No and the yards don’t have a future anyway. The shipyard workers were sold down the river for a Union fleg and a Tory government that Scotland didn’t vote for.

The shipyard betrayal is the latest verse in the dirge that mourns the burial of the promises made to keep Scotland in the Union. The only promise that Better Together made that they actually kept was that Michelle Mone moved out of Scotland, or more accurately, flounced out. Oh no. I tell a lie. They also promised that if they won the referendum they’d spend the next couple of years crowing about it and demanding that yes supporters respect the result. But that’s only because Scotland’s Unionists don’t know what respect really means. You don’t get to demand that the result of a referendum is respected if you don’t want to respect the things that you promised and committed yourself to in order to win the result that you wanted. That’s not respect, that’s a demand for slavish obedience.

Scotland doesn’t do blind deference any more. We don’t bow down before our imperial masters and give them carte blanche to do what they like. Respect cuts both ways or it’s no respect at all. If the Unionist parties expect us to respect the result of the 2014 referendum, we expect them to respect what they promised us. We expect no Brexit. We expect the nearest thing possible to federalism. We expect the 3000 jobs in the tax offices to be saved. We expect EVEL to be abolished. And we expect that none of those things are going to happen, so we expect no respect and we expect to give none in return.

That’s what Ruth Davidson doesn’t understand. She fought the Scottish election on the back of a buffalo and a promise that she was going to hold the SNP to account. But you only have the moral authority to hold others to account if you yourself have abided by your own promises and commitments. Ruth Davidson holding the Scottish government to account is like Elizabeth Bathory taking the moral high ground and saying, “Well yes, I might have slaughtered hundreds of peasant girls and bathed in their blood, but at least I’ve never received a parking ticket.” Our Conservative government that Scotland didn’t vote for is a stranger to morality, truth, or basic human decency.

Meanwhile Labour is reduced to pleading impotently for the Tories to play fair and then abstaining when it comes to a vote in the Commons. Asking the Tories to play fair is like asking the Russian Doping Test Agency for a positive drug test on a Russian athlete. But the burst balloons of Scottish Labour will always find some way of taking a swipe at the SNP in the process. Today on social media erstwhile director of the Better Together campaign was reduced to claiming that the SNP never wanted any frigates built on the Clyde anyway, as if that would make the Tory betrayal all OK even if it were the truth.

Mind you, not that you’d know any of this if you were relying on our national broadcaster or its privately owned competitor to keep you informed. Neither the BBC’s Reporting Scotland nor STV news saw fit to broadcast a story that undermines any residual trust Scots have that the Unionist establishment should keep the promises and commitments it made in order to defeat the case for independence during 2014’s referendum. Murrdurrs, fitba, the pishin rain and cute wee seagulls were all considered far more important stories. Reporting Scotland decided instead it was going to focus on how the Scottish economy hasn’t grown and how the lower oil price has screwed us, anything to help reinforce the message that Scotland is too wee and too poor.

Today’s news is just the latest in a long line of lies and betrayals. It’s now at the point where we can look on every promise of the Better Together campaign and state with certainty that it’s going to be broken if it hasn’t been broken already. It’s for all those shattered promises, all those commitments that lie in the dust, all the lies, all the deceit, all the breaches of faith and breaking of trust, that’s why we’re going to have another independence referendum. It’s too late to save the Union. That ship has sailed.

Audio version of this article, courtesy of @lumi_1984


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32 comments on “That ship has sailed

  1. jimnarlene says:

    We should expect to be shat on, at every opportunity by Westminster; and it’s professional lickspittle Scots, in the media.
    But now, I hope nae, I expect Scotland will seize and demand it’s freedom; finally joining the world, as an ordinary country, that seeks to help and nurture it’s populous, while holding out a friendly hand to other nations.

  2. Magnus Gardham, ‘Political Editor’ of the US Owned Ultra Right Wing Herald Union, is at it again today. An unattributable quote, made up by Gardham himself to manufacture a SNP BAD piece of pish,is their most read story according to their online blurb. The Dog Whistlers’ Gazette.

    ‘In a radical departure from the rhetoric of the 2014 vote, a leading SNP MP admitted that going it alone would require “painful” budget cuts. ‘
    Manufactured mince from a tired old hack.
    In other news, a Senior Scottish Labour insider warned this reporter that most of their members will campaign for Independence this time. Honest. Don’t take my word for it. A senior Scottish Labour insider says so.
    Is Gardham really that desperate that he can’t even be bothered doing journalism any more? Just highly paid anti Scottish propaganda for his neo liberal US and SE Establishment Paymasters?
    A Tory MSP admitted today that the MSM were exclusively Unionist. Hold the Front Page !
    Paul, they have gone back on every promise, every vow, and then some, and BBC Scotland, and our Dead Tree Scrolls conspire to hide the truth. Better Together lied, threatened and promised the earth, just to drive through a NO Vote.
    Not this time.
    I will be bollock naked exposing their lies, as well as everything else, on the roof of George Square next time.
    Surely that would at least make Jackie Bird’s ‘And Finally’, unless a salmon poacher is being tried on the same day, that is.
    Our print and broadcast journalists should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    • Over on WoS, the Rev cautions against attacking individual hacks by name. No more Mr Nice Guy. I say it as I see it.
      I admire Stu’s reserve nevertheless.
      I’m too old to be manipulated by our MSM anyway.

    • maxi says:

      Jack, there is no shame here,as there is only gangs theirs and ours.Most of the footsoldiers in the no camp don’t have the intellect to survey whats on the table for a free from westminster Scotland. Even guys who were yes in 2014 are rabbiting on about That Sturgeon is a racist and im not voting for her again, so you can see we still have a long way to go to keep even the dimmer of our flock on side.Its got to be all hands on deck for the next and probally final battle for our independence.The media and the strutting of the downing st crew make my blood boil as watch then treat us as feeble serf’s.I would make all no voters pay for medical prescriptions and education for them and theirs if they are so in the mood for unionism.

  3. lanark says:

    It has puzzled me for a long time why Scotland is unique among all the nations on Earth that it is unfit and unable to govern itself.

    However, if during the next referendum, the majority choose to trust the likes of Gardham, Brian Wilson, Galloway, Brown etc then we really are too stupid.

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  5. OOPS Brent Crude closed at just over $46,00 a barrel today and while the price is going up and down a little the median progress is upwards… wont hear that on the BBC

  6. Jean says:

    On fire Paul…why can’t peeps see the truth? Are we really just talking round and round amongst ourselves? How can we bypass the media?

  7. David Agnew says:

    Every YES voter knew the Union parties were full of shit. It’s the NO voters who need to see this and know that they bought a pig in a poke that didn’t even have a pig in it.

    As for the MSM and their latest SNP=BAD wheeze. The problem is that its all bullshit. They sit around and tweet to each other all day. Blow smoke up their arses, then print the resulting brainfarts as news.

    They are literally pissing in their pants. We are living in the last days of the union folks. It’s going to be ugly and painful I suspect. But it is dying.

    They didn’t win in 2014. They got a stay of execution and time is running out.

  8. Scots Wa Hey says:

    Cameron promised a £200 billion oil bonanza for Aberdeen but only with a No vote never seems to get mentioned thought winners were supposed to keep promises

  9. Andimac says:

    BBC and STV – what do you expect from arses but shite? Trouble is the folks who voted NO last time still watch them, just as they still read the same arsewipe rags, so they don’t know what’s really happening. Unless we find a way of enlightening them, I’m afraid (and I mean it literally) that they’ll vote the same way next time. People’s capacity for ignoring the truth when it’s uncomfortable or even disastrous should never be underestimated. I remain hopeful but not confident.

  10. Iain says:

    I’m surprised Jakey Rowling hasn’t chipped in a few pounds to build a couple of frigates. Right-wing rich people often get a buzz from being associate with military hardware.

    • lanark says:

      Maybe even JK, bigoted though she is, has realised she won’t sell as many books if most of the people who read her books (children) are vapourised by all these deterrents.

  11. Macart says:

    Yesterday’s news really didn’t come as much of a surprise to be honest. What started out as a strong possibility during indyref, became over the period of the immediate aftermath a strong probability and with the events of the past few weeks an inevitability.

    Respect is a word Westminster government has used often in the past few years, from ‘respect agendas’ to ‘respecting results’. As Paul points out though, it is a coin that is earned and make no mistake in the post indyref period neither HMG nor the leadership of the Better Together campaign have done anything to earn the respect of the Scottish electorate.

    They reneged on every pledge or assurance they made to the point where the media barely even even attempt to spin a defence of their collective actions anymore. In reality what could they say? They lied. We helped them sell the lie and we’re awfy sorry, but really you should ‘respect’ the result anyway? I mean THAT is the reality of the situation.

    Thousands of jobs lost. Pensions under threat. Our devolution settlement a joke. Our representatives and our democratic choices ignored. Our parliament’s permanence acknowledged only at the sufferance of Westminster. Our population on the verge of being taken out of the EU against its express will, with very real, very present economic and constitutional consequences and now one of our last remaining yards betrayed and left with an uncertain future.

    So no, no I don’t think respect is due either HMG or Better Together’s campaign.

    We can change this.

  12. diabloandco says:

    In my ignorance I looked up Elizabeth Bathory – not a great way to start the day ,put me off my bacon buttie.

    Having glanced at the Herald article by Mr Gardham yesterday , I wondered why anyone employed him as a journalist and why we couldn’t have articles by Paul Kavanagh , Stuart Campbell ,Peter Bell , Macart and many others in our newspapers.

    They would set Scotland alight .

  13. I see Ruth Davidson is trying to take on our First Minister on Twitter, presumably from her holiday hiseaway, on the deferred BAE Frigate order, and failing miserably.
    If we follow the Unionists’ logic, that Holyrood has no remit over reserved powers like Defence, what the feck has it got to do with parish councillor Davidson anyway?
    The SNP, on the other hand, is a UK Party, and NS the leader of 56 Westminster MPs, and speaks with UK wide authority on all the other ‘wee things’ that the Unionist Branch Offices Up Here studiously avoid.

    Potholes, broken toilet seats, and fizzy drinks in school tuck shops is their stretch.
    Of course many Unionist MSP got in on the list vote so they don’t even have a surgery to deal with local and national issues on behalf of their constituents, who showed most of them the door on the constituency ballot.
    They don’t even have ‘constituents’. Money for nothing and your kicks for free.

    But Ruth Davidson is a ‘rising star’, according to the BBC UK luvvies, and can dip in and out of any issue that takes her fancy, in preparation for a safe seat in an English by election, or perhaps be crowned Baroness Davidson of Mounted Ox in the next honours list.
    Meanwhile Scottish ship workers face the sack. I’m sure that she’ll send the Yards’ Unionist Shop Stewards a post card: ‘Wish you were anywhere but here’.
    NS has thrown more than Davidson Dugdale and Rennie out of the road to get to a fight.

  14. Aucheorn says:

    The coffin of the UK will sink of it’s own accord, there’s been that many nails hammered in to it.

  15. I caught Ian Murray, whose best friend needs to tell him that he must go up a collar size before his face balloons that much that his collar cuts off the blood supply to his brain and his skull explodes, while channel twirling on the radio this morning. BBC Radio Jordanhill of couerse. England will cease trading with us apparently; he was word for word ‘line to take like his Better Together partner Blue Tory Ruth Davidson:- ”Why would we turn our back on our biggest trading partner?’
    No we wouldn’t. Are you listening, Journos and broadcasters?
    No we wouldn’t. Isn’t it time you started pulling up Unionist automatons on this?

    We shall still be trading with England and its Territories. Nobody but the ProudScotsBut Unionist numbnuts Up Here is ‘threatening’ us with financial ruin.
    England will need all the trade it can muster in a few years time.
    But Murray threatens us with punishment and financial ruin by his real Masters, the Xenophobe 17 million English isolationists.
    Time the press slapped this nonsense down.

    Vote YES and we’ll destroy you. The Mighty Ming has spoken !
    What utter pish.

  16. Ruth’s Twitter exchange with Nicola was disingenuous and was nothing more than an attempt to divert attention away from the question Nicola had asked – as Nicola rightly pointed out.

    The White Paper produced by SG in the run up to 2014 was quite clear as follows:

    “If in government in an independent Scotland, we will prioritise the procurement of four new frigates”

    And it was quite clear these would be built on the Clyde.

    But STV and BBC chose to follow Ruth’s example and ignore this commitment – because, of course, it doesn’t fit with “SNP Bad”.

    Plus ca change…

  17. Alastair Gunn says:

    The UK should be a position whereby this sort of thing isn’t an issue, because it wouldn’t occur.

    The RN has said, on multiple occasions, that it needs 23 frigates or destroyers to meet the tasks that the government of the day has set it. It currently has 19, and from the looks of things that might end up falling to 14! (Though doubtless the government won’t change the number of tasking!) However if we made it 24 (simply because the numbers work out nicely that way), the UK could be banging out a new frigate or destroyer every year which would keep the shipyard (and associated supply chains) busy and would probably reduce the overall costs. (We might even manage to win the occasional export order for a change!)

    So figure on 10 AAW destroyers, and 14 ASW frigates built D, D, D, D, D, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, D, D, D, D, D, F, F, F, F, F, F, F. Give them a pretty serious mid-life upgrade at the 12 year point and either flog them to a friendly power at 24 years or sell them for scrap.

    But why did I mention all of that? ^^^^^

    Well actually it does have an impact on an independent Scotland. Said independent Scotland is extremely unlikely to have (or even need) a navy big enough to support that kind of building programme. So what does the shipyard do the rest of the time? There’s a somewhat limited market in exporting warships (but Blohm + Voss seems to have much of it sewn up already), which only leaves building them for rUK. Now I’ve certainly got no problem with that, but during IndyRef2 the UK government where pretty adamantly against it – they may have been lying, but what if their not?

    As a final note, if I was in charge of procuring shipping for a future Scottish Navy then I’d take a good hard look at the Absalon class the Royal Danish Navy has. ( A nice and flexible design! Not saying we should copy it directly, but certainly the concept bears thought. Maybe ditch the LPD(A) that the White Paper talked about and build an extra Absalon-alike instead?

    • Alastair Gunn says:

      Hmm … Just realised that my post could be read as a diminishing Scotland’s chances! Didn’t meant it that way, it was more a comment on the UK’s normal sub-optimal way of doing things, with the proviso that Scotland will have to think/work hard if it wants to avoid doing the same but more-so in this particular area.

      • brianmchugheng says:

        Diversification. Where the skills are, they will be in demand. Ships, Ferries, bodies for wind turbines, even bits for bridges and civil engineering works.

        It is a different world now, where technology and flexibility is required. Build the skillset and you build the capabilities.

  18. mumsyhugs says:

    Loving the broadcast option Paul! Hurrah!!

    Another wee suggestion – how about putting a note up at the top of where folks can go and hear you speak, as I know eg you’ll be in Elgin and Forres over the next few weeks, but I’m sure others would be interested in meeting you. A wee kind of calendar of coming events. 🙂

  19. broadbield says:

    Breaking News….quoted on Bella!!

  20. Somebody called ‘Torcuil Crichton’ is at it again in the Daily Ranter. The mythical £15 billion deficit and the ‘SNP ‘s own figures’. We’re doomed , Cap’n Mannering.
    Here we go again. Project Fear and lies.
    Of course when ‘GERS’ pops up in the DR ,it confuses some of the Faithful no end.

    I was meandering through the internet and alighted on this feeble rag by chance.(I was looking for John Oliver’s US show on youtube.)
    I’ve never had much use for this Daily Bums ‘n’ Tits mince. But then again I’ve never been stranded on a desert island without toilet paper.
    We are too poor, MR Crichton?
    You really really believe that?

    Some may venture that only a blithering idiot would suggest that Scotland, our country, this vibrant resource and people rich, historic nation, could not thrive as an independent nation.
    Apparently you believe that we would go down the financial plug hole if we don’t continue to allow Mundell and the Westminster Blue Red and Jaundiced Tories to continue doling out our pocket money when England’s Green and Pleasant Land hauls up the drawbridge, slams the portcullis down, and Boris Johnson makes plans to retake the Empire from the duskies.
    Mr Crichton’s alternative to Independence?
    He’ll be hightailing it South PDQ to beat the masses of Unionist refugees clogging the A1and the M74 heading for the ‘land of milk and honey’ that is the New Empire.
    LIke the Charge of the Light Brigade, Scotland, where ‘Remain means Remain’, should be led kicking and screaming into the Imperial wilderness of New Little England, as their hapless colony, or ‘Territory’, as The Queen’s Eleven unelected Tory Murdo Fraser calls his native land) . ours, not to reason why, ours but to do and die, for presumably queen and country, that country being England.
    GERS is a fiction, Mr Crichton. Rather like your scribbles.

    • Iain says:

      Torquil Crichton is the archetypal Highland and Island conformist. They’re ten a penny, sadly, and have moved into a bright glamorous world peopled by famous individuals like themselves. This type is a dyed in the wool Tory, often lurking around in the Labour party.

      • It’s the tired old £15 billion deficit that gets me, Iain.
        It takes a special kind of hatred of your homeland to lie like this and belittle its fortunes maliciously at every turn.
        I’m sure his mother’s proud of him.

  21. The Scottish Play says:

    But in a sieve I’ll thither sail….

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