We’re not going to suck it up

This week we discovered that the Chilcot report found Blair guilty of taking the country to war even though it was very far from being the last option. We discovered that most of the Parliamentary Labour Party are venal careerists who put their place in the Commons before the good of the country. We discovered that even the Tories think Michael Govefish is a treacherous wee sleazebucket with the morals of a mantis.

And what’s the big story this weekend? It’s the mother of all arguments between Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May over Leadsom’s comments about who has the better uterus. Because apparently the state of your reproductive organs makes all the difference to your ability to become the most reactionary right wing authoritarian Tory leader that the country has ever seen. It’s the only organised labour that they approve of.

Andrea Leadsom thinks that being a mother is so important that she wants to strip other mothers of their maternity rights. The May supporting half of the Tory party are furious about the comments. Not the ones about removing maternity rights, they’re quite happy with anything that puts money in the pockets of businesses and makes working people weaker. They’re unhappy with the implication that Theresa May being less suited to be Prime Minister because of her lack of children.

Theresa May’s lack of children has no impact whatsoever on her ability to be Prime Minister, Theresa May isn’t suited to be Prime Minister because of her lack of humanity and basic decency. Andrea Leadsom isn’t suited to be Prime Minister because her CV is even more ficticious and fanciful than the Da Vinci Code, although that never stopped Iain Duncan Smith. IDS claimed he’d been to the University of Perugia when what he actually meant was that he’d visited there one weekend and had an icecream in the piazza with his missus. Andrea Leadsom is really fed up with all the criticisms of her CV. She didn’t have to put up with any of that when she was on tour with the Beatles.

It’s not just her inventiveness with her CV that makes Leadsom a frightening prospect as PM. She’s on record as stating her unhappiness with gay marriage. She wants to remove most employment rights. She also thinks that Scotland is a land of subsidy junkies, yet she’s determined that we sould continue under Westminster rule. After spending the last few months campaigning for the UK to leave the EU because she didn’t want to keep subsidising the rest of Europe, Andrea wants Scotland to remain a part of the UK so that she can keep subsidising us. In her dreams, at any rate. Her comments about motherhood are possibly the least objectionable thing about her.

Ruth Davidson tweeted that she is also childless, and like all childless people she has an equal stake in this country’s future as those with children. And Ruth would be entirely correct, although those same Tories like Ruth who were angered by Leadsom’s comments didn’t seem too upset when the Better Together campaign made similar comments during the last independence campaign about the childlessness of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. It was perfectly OK for spokesreactionaries of the Better Together campaign to make snarky remarks that neither Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon had a stake in Scotland’s future because they were childless. Ruth didn’t put out any angry tweets condemning the tactic. Funny that.

Theresa May’s supporters are positioning her as the moderate candidate. This is like claiming that Hannibal Lector is a moderate cannibal because he hasn’t devoured as many people as Sawney Bean. May would be the most right wing authoritarian leader of the Tory party ever, but then so would Andrea Leadsom. Whichever of the two wins, the UK is heading towards a nasty xenophobic right wing future, one in which it’s increasingly clear there is no place for Scotland except as a source of skilled labour, energy, and capital for London, and as a place to store the UK’s nuclear weapons.

Some in the Tory party, that would be Murdo Fraser, have published a paper saying that Britain needs to become a federal state in response to Brexit. Apparently we’re already the most devolviest country in the history of devolving, but now it seems that we can be devolved even more. This proposal is Better Together Mk II getting the Vow Mk II in early because the last one worked out so well for Scotland. Scotland would still be taken out the EU against its will. We’d still be dragged into illegal wars. We’d still be hosts to the UK’s nuclear dick waving missiles.  Tories don’t believe in federalism, only feudalism.

While the Labour party consumes itself with an attempted coup by the entitlement faction of the Parliamentary party, Davie Cameron (remember him?) has decided to bring forward a vote on the renewal of Trident. The economy is tanking, the pound is plummeting, millions face a precarious future because of the damage to the economy caused by a Brexit which no one in the Tory party had a plan for, but we’re still going to spend £200 billion on weapons of mass destruction just so British politicans can maintain the fantasy that they are important and influential actors on the world stage.

If Scotland remains in this dysfunction that passes for a Disunited Kingdom we’ll be nothing more than a glorified carpark for weapons of mass destruction. Labour wouldn’t be in any position to oppose it even if they were disposed to. So if Scotland is under constant assault from an uncaring Conservative government, and when the Labour party is willing to protect us they’re unable to do anything, and when they are able to do anything they’re unwilling, then just what is the point of remaining a part of the UK?

Labour always used to tell Scotland to suck it up and suffer under Tory rule, reminding us that in a few years time we’d have another General Election and a chance to get rid of them. But Labour is going to be as useless in five years as it is now, and Brexit is forever. We’re not going to suck it up, and we’re not going to suck up Trident either.

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41 comments on “We’re not going to suck it up

  1. …and there was me back then saying, ‘that a NO vote was a vote for a Tory party in perpetuity’. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Not much more to add to that.

  2. aitchbee says:

    ‘Michael Govefish is a treacherous wee sleazebucket with the morals of a mantis’

    I think that’s quite insulting to mantises frankly, who are fine, upstanding members of the community by comparison 😉

    • Guga says:

      Yes, that was really insulting to mantises. A more appropriate description would have been a devious, treacherous sleazebucket with the morals of pond scum. Furthermore, mantises are far better looking than that little creep.

  3. Dougie says:

    The real clue to how Murdo fraser thinks is in his press release “this way the UK can keep its territorys” there is no Scotland to Unionists it’s a “territory” a region one that doesn’t have the democratic powers of the Isle of Man or any German or Spanish region Unionists don’t want extra powers for Scotland *as smith commission confirmed *
    Even those who were bought to sign the act of Union asked to leave in 1714 to be told by speaker “we have caught you, and we will keep you”

    • John Edgar says:

      Fraser’s proposal is light on detail and uses the word “federalism” as a catch phrase. But there is a “flaw” in his draft. Where England and a proposed English parliament as separate from a UK parliament, he does not say! But here is the catch: ” that would leave a de facto English parliament sittting WITHIN the House of Commons AT CERTAIN TIMES.” So the elephant is still in the room. No separate English parliament and a UK parliament. Also, within his model, it seems that the English FM would be the English PM? And presumably, Uk/English ministers with your EVEL would have dual function. So, no English parliamennt with same powers as Holyrood or Wales or Northern Ireland! A mess! It still enshrines English hegemony within a supposed federal structure!
      There can only be three “f” words for this: “Fraser’s Foney Federalism””.

  4. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Brexit; the renewal of Trident; Mrs Loathsome as PM (perhaps).

    Even Sir Nicholas seems to have done a 180 and was almost encouraging a push for independence yesterday.

    The tide is coming in on the UK.

  5. maxi says:

    It is a constant battle of intellects at work here in Scotland,as the more sensible part of our society try to make a clear common sense case for the future of ourselves and our families, whilst the unioniste numpties are on the march with their big drums and their attempt at musical fluting.
    What is wrong in our country that we have to put up with pointless sectarian strutting and bad karma when we really need to stick together more than ever.

  6. […] Source: We’re not going to suck it up […]

  7. Macart says:

    That British Bill of Rights was worrying before, but with the prospect of May or Leadsom driving such a bill? Its downright fecking frightening. An intelligent ideologist and a, well, less than intelligent ideologist. They’re believers in the Conservative project and there is nothing more dangerous or deeply disturbing than two empathy free zones in charge of your human rights and your economic well being.

    Happily, Scotland doesn’t require a leader or a government. We’ve got a pretty good First Minister and her government is competent and experienced. A safe pair of hands. The only safe pair of hands in the UK for some time now. Better yet, all we need to do to get shot of the threat of May/Leadsom, Brexit and wipe the slate clean on a hat load of broken or fudged pledges from indyref1, is simply give them permission when they ask us… Should Scotland be an independent Nation State?

    Instantly no Brexit (we chat about that at our own leisure), your human rights protected, you get the government you vote for and bestest of all no threat of present or future Tory governments.


  8. BampotsUtd.wordpress.com says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  9. Angry Weegie says:

    You forgot Scotland’s other role as cannon fodder in WM’s illegal wars.

    • Guga says:

      Our ONGOING role as cannon fodder since our annexation in 1707!

      “They are hardy, intrepid, accustomed to a rough country, and no great mischief if they fall”

      General Wolfe on the Highlanders in Canada.

      “What better ways to rid one’s enemies than in one’s service”

      Prime Minister Pitt on raising the Highland regiments for cannon fodder

      • lanark says:

        And yet they continued to join up in their thousands. We were the most brainwashed nation on Earth. Some still are but they are getting fewer in number.

      • Angry Weegie says:

        Yeah, heard that one before, and similar comments were made in WW1 when proportionally more Scots were killed than those from any other country.

  10. Andimac says:

    Hail, Hail, Freedonia!

  11. The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser, and that other political reject, Kezia Dugdale are flogging Federalism for England’s (oops, the YooKay’s) ‘territories’ yet again.
    We’re a ‘territory’ in The Queen’s Eleven’s eyes, like Hull tyre man, Scotland is part of England.
    This is the death rattle of the shrinking band of Unionists Up Here. Offer the Sweaties anything, give them nothing.
    We are to have the next generation of Trident forced upon us by the 85%.
    WE are to suffer £1.2 billion in cuts to our health welfare and social budgets to pay for the illegal proliferation of WMD.
    We are to be dragged out of the EU against our express will.
    We are to have an unelected Far Right Wing Tory PM foisted upon us, a party which was roundly trounced last May Up here, and whose pathetic little excuse of a SoS cowers in Edinburgh, under his desk waiting for it all to blow over, and Little England finally reasserts itself as a world power.
    Well, we’ve got news for all you Better Together Political Failures.
    We are leaving your pathetic little Union.
    We are not a ‘territory’, or a ‘region’. We are Scotland, a sovereign nation, a country, state in waiting.
    The English Parliament is in ruins, but carry on regardless, business as usual, despite the Fall of the House of Westminster.
    It is clear that an Independent Scotland is the only solution now.
    As an independent state within the EU we shall thrive, and at long last be free of the Westminster yoke.
    The Scottish citizenry is election weary at the moment. Yet we must prepare now for Independence Referendum II, to be delivered within the two or three years timetable of England exiting Europe.
    The sheer arrogance of Murdo Fraser and Kezia Dugdale is beyond belief.
    What episode, what election result, in the past 18 months do they not understand?
    They are political failures, by anybody’s standards.
    Yet like pebbles lodged in my flip flops, you still manage to be get on my goat.

  12. cuddyback says:

    Superb post, Paul, and i reckon that:

    “Her comments about motherhood are possibly the least objectionable thing about her”

    is a masterpiece in damning with faint praise. Funny that.

  13. Kenzie says:

    Excellent piece which should be read in conjunction with the Tariff Advertiser’s latest offering. Powerful stuff.

  14. brianmchugheng says:

    All politicians of every party are to blame for this mindset. Whenever one of them says “To help families”, they should be challenged on why they are discriminating against all the people without families.

    It is no different to any other discrimination.

  15. Robert Graham says:

    This morning on the Andrew Marr programme we had a fat f/n ignorant Tory MP who is in charge of the Andrea Loathsome campaign for PM say Andy Murray was not Scottish but British aye feckin right pal if he happens to lose he is Scottish as has every single other Scot when they lose any contest these bas/fcks cant get their heads round the fact that other people who are not f/n english inhabit these Islands the TV almost went out the window and the Language would have made a docker blush apologies to dockers for linking them with a scabby Tory piece of vomit inducing slime and thats being nice .

    • mumsyhugs says:

      Aww come on Robert – don’t hold back man! 🙂

      • Robert Graham says:

        sorry about the language but any more time spent in the clutches of Tory England and their psychopathic born to rule attitude i suppose brings out a whole mix of reactions , i have never fathomed why people south of the border voted this government into power and why people up here were so blind as to totally miss the opportunity of a new horizon a different way of doing things this 2014 result is continually thrown in our face , lets hope these folk waken up to what is happening around them the Tories treat the ones who voted NO the same way as the people who voted YES like dirt on their shoe Thats if they think of them at all ,we dont matter never have .

  16. lanark says:

    Didn’t Boris say that a Pound spent in Croydon counted for more than a Pound spent in Strathclyde ? (local government reorganisation passed him by it seems).

    If so, put their bloody Trident missiles in Croydon then.

  17. Dan Huil says:

    Right to highlight the hypocrisy of Davidson and others about Nicoal Sturgeon’s childlessness during our referendum. Hypocritical britnats.

  18. Albawoman says:

    It continues to seem that our children are more expendable than children in other parts of the creaking ( polite ) UK.

    Jeremy Corbyn cannot whip his MP’s so Scotland’s children, our little pieces of gold, will, once again, be placed in the front line.

    Why do those who voted no not realise the import of that decision upon their own and other children?

  19. John Edgar says:

    Meltdown dahn sath continues. Some Tory and Labour pro Europe are in discussion about “forming” a “Centre Party’, no word about the LibDems,; Shirley Williams speaking about this. What will it be called? TorLab, LabTor ?
    Angela Eagle to challenge Corbyn and claiming Corbyn must have nominees or he cannot stand! Corby to sue party if this happens. North of the Tweed, Lord Foulkes, Kezia’s “mentor”, attacks Deputy Leader of Labour in Scotland, Rowley and journalists claim Leadsom is the Tory Corbyn.
    What a mess! Brexit/Engxit/Welxit has led to country dahn sath being in turmoil politically and economically.
    Where does Labour in Scotland fit in to all this turmoil? Kezia is in the USA for re-education; ie how to think like an atlanticist and say Russia baaaaad!

    • Steve Asaneilean says:

      How about just LaboraTory?

      • John Rdhar says:

        Very good. Now I see that Theresa May is going to save the Union by appealing to blue collar working class Scots . She sees Ruth Davidson’s ” success” in the STories’ last result as indicative of STory revival.
        A group including Ming Campbell have come up with another federal plan to save the Union now that the SNP and pro independence parties are on the move in Scotland again.
        It looks more comprehensive than Fraser’s Foney Federal plan, but there is no detail and it is like Gordo’s vow, none of them can effect it. It still would mean we are subject to Brexot/ Engxit/Welxit. And qe voted to remain.
        Sorry chaps, the Westminster chappies have blown it.
        Cameron has by his folly mot “saved” the Union but “daved” it, if you pardon the phrase.

      • John Edgar says:

        Steve, LaboraTory makes me think. The phonology of the word can be changed. If you take the “b”, which is a bilabial plosive and sound it as a bilabial fricative, it turns into a “v” sound and so the word sounds like “LavoraTory”.

      • Bill Dale says:

        Almost, Steve – my vote would go to LavaTory 😉

  20. Macart says:

    Angela Eagle mounting a leadership challenge…

    And they claim Corbyn is unelectable. FFS!

    Seriously? The whole coup is utter bullshit and then some. Ms. Eagle is about as electable as one of my ginger kittens and nowhere near as cute. This whole coup is about ideology, the soul of the Labour party. One member one vote, or PLP rules the roost. Its about left versus right, principle versus the compromised, nothing more, nothing less.

    I’m no fan of Labour as anyone who knows me will attest, but I’ll respect Mr Corbyn for his conviction if not his constitutional ideology (sense of direction). No, I don’t think he’s leader material, but he IS the man to reform the Labour party in England IMO and ten or fifteen years down the line his reform of that party will produce someone, perhaps a team, with the potential. THIS is what Labour badly needs… REFORM, REPURPOSE! The other lot? They produced the likes of Blair, Brown, Murphy et al. We know exactly what they are and no I’m not saying it in polite company. The kindest description would be freeloading sociopaths in charge of an election machine. What they are not, is in service to the public.

    So please before the Labour rebels go bigging up Ms Eagle any further, spare a thought for those members of the public who actually do joined up thinking. Ms Eagle is no more electable, no more a prospective Prime Minister, no more a leader than anyone else in the current crop.

  21. Alba Laddie says:

    Can everyone stop referring to Johnson as “Boris”? It kind of bestows a folksy, benevolent term of endearment on him akin to “Cilla” or “Strictly”, when the reality is he’s a nasty piece of work who’s caused untold damage and now walked away from.it, much like a Bullingdon boy would trash a restaurant and have mummy and daddy pick up.the tab for such a jolly wheeze…

  22. shemorvena says:

    Mayday, mayday get us out of this disunited kingdom

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