The clock is ticking

So that’s it then. The sun has risen but the darkness falls. The nightmare has happened. The nightmare is here. Two Unions lie broken. Last night England broke the Unions, and chose for us. Chose to take us into the dark forest, chose to take us off the path we wanted to travel. England and Wales have voted to leave the EU and Scotland has voted to remain. Every single council area voted to remain.  The union is divided but Scotland is united, and here we are again, sitting at the back of a bus that’s being driven to a destination that we’ve said we don’t want to go to. We cling on as we drive off a cliff. We shout from the back seat but no one listens. We hold our heads in our hands and we weep in frustration. That’s the best of both better together worlds. That’s the price of Union. That’s the cost of selling our souls. It can’t go on.  Wind the clock.  Set the alarm. Waken.

It’s a price that’s too high. It’s a price that deprives Scotland of any choice and any meaningful say in its own destiny. It’s a price we cannot pay if we want to remain a nation. It’s a price we cannot pay if we aspire to be something better than we are. It’s a price we cannot pay if Scotland is to soothe its wounds and salve its conscience. It’s a price we cannot pay. It’s a price we will not pay. The clock is ticking on indyref2. The clock is ticking on the union.

Britain’s leaving the EU and Labour says it’s all the fault of the SNP. According to those Labour politicians who are not genetically programmed to take responsibility for their own cock ups, it’s the fault of the SNP for failing to rouse the populace to sufficient enthusiasm for Labour and the Remain campaign’s pish poor pitch for Europe. Scotland voted uniformly to Remain by a margin considerably greater than the margin that counted as a supposedly decisive majority in the independence referendum, but Labour couldn’t persuade its own voters to support Remain in the North of England. Everywhere across the UK, except in Scotland, the Remain vote was reluctant but the Leave vote greater than expected. And this, allegedly, is somehow the fault of the SNP. That’s Labour for you, getting its excuses in early while the clock is ticking on indyref2. Who’s side will you stand on Labour in Scotland? Will you stand with Boris and Nigel, or will you stand with Scotland? The clock is ticking.

Are you going to preach to us about solidarity Labour? About solidarity with a state which has rejected solidarity with the workers of Europe? About solidarity with those who seek to transform Britain into a low wage low rights economy drifting off into a damp and cold mid Atlantic, aping America without the benefits. It’s time to realise that solidarity is not suicide, that pooling and sharing doesn’t mean drowning, that broad shoulders can crush. Where’s your solidarity with Scotland? The clock is ticking on the Union.

Britain is leaving the EU and it’s taking Scotland with it. Scotland voted to Remain, but just as Scotland is getting a Tory government despite returning a single solitary Tory stuffed toy, and just as Scotland had to go through an EU referendum because of that Tory government, now we’re going to be ripped out of Europe against our express will. This is British democracy, no choice for Scotland. This is the best of both worlds that Better Together promised. These are the broad shoulders of Britain, carrying Scotland away to a place we don’t want to go, bearing down on us and crushing the breath from our bones. It’s up to us now to say no, to say no further, to say our voices count in our own land. It’s up to us to say that the clock is ticking.

We were promised a secure space within the EU if we voted to remain a part of the UK. Now we know that was a lie. Now we know that the Union was won on a false prospectus. Now we know that the jobs we were promised are not safe, the ships we were building will never sail, the democracy we were assured lies bleeding. Now we know that it’s not just the SNP who need to be held to account. Now we know the clock is ticking.

The Brexiteers crow that they’ve taken their country back from politicians that they don’t elect and who are unaccountable. But they have taken our country from us. They’ve consigned us to decisions made by politicians we don’t elect and who are unaccountable. Scotland in the United Kingdom lies prostrate and powerless. We cannot remain a part of a state in which we are permanently outvoted, outnumbered, outcasts from influence. A state that wants to retreat into a flag waving patriotism that’s inward looking and xenophobic. A state in which Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are heros. We need to set the clock ticking.

We weep for the futures that won’t come to pass. We grieve for the dreams that dissolve in the dust of UKIP’s desert of hope. We cry out for something better, but it never comes. All that looms before us are the grinning faces of Thatcher’s children, threatening the few rights we’ve managed to preserve with the flames of austerity and private greed. There is nothing left for Scotland in this bonfire Britain. We need to build beacons across the bens, warning and illuminating the way to a better future. We need to set the clock ticking.

We need to reach out to our European friends. There is no future for Scotland in this disunited kingdom. There is no vision in the Westminster fog. There is no choice here for us. Our voices are lost, small, far and distant in the north end of the BBC weather map. We need to set the clock ticking on indyref 2. There is an escape. There is a way out. The rest of the United Kingdom has voted to leave the Union. We don’t need to follow.

Listen. The clock is ticking, and when it rings it will wake up a people.

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78 comments on “The clock is ticking

  1. Lynne Dixon says:

    As an Englishwoman in England, I’m weeping for my children tonight. Scotland has a chance to escape this evil mess. Please take it.

    • mumsyhugs says:

      Don’t cry Lynne – move here with as many of your family etc as you can muster and all vote ‘Yes’ in the next independence referendum!! You can still make your voice heard. Spread the word xxx

      • I honestly expected it to be rigged but it looks like England were allowed to vote democratically and thus show how insignificant that democracy is to both Scotland and Northern Ireland.

        Even though I was wrong about that, and I think leaving the EU is short term disaster, I think it is the best thing for Scotland as we do not have a good deal with the EU anyway, and the EU dictators needed to be humbled. Remember, these ass-hats were joining the anti-Indy scaremongery and lies. They were all too quick to tell us we would be expelled (but somehow rUK wouldn’t) if we voted to leave the UK. Now, you will see the truth, they will be desperate to have Scotland enter the EU and might turn their powers towards helping us leave the UK next time instead of hindering it.

        Today is a great day for democracy (in general), but potentially for Scotland too as we should again have the right for a 2nd referendum with one of the the biggest propaganda lies debunked (an Independent Scotland might not be welcome in the EU) bahahahaha.

        Next time Scotland, electronic AND paper backup votes, count both separately then consolidate AND publish the results on the web so people can look for their Social Security Number and make sure their vote wasn’t switched and we can also check against the deceased……..and either ban BBC, Sky and C4 or implement fast track prosecution laws where unfounded lies = jail time.
        See you in about 5 years EU, and I am sorry to say, you will not be getting tens of millions of pounds a day from us and 90% of our fishing quota next time but won’t it be nice to have an energy producer (renewable and fossil fuel) in your midst again 🙂

      • John Edgar says:

        Yes, Lynne,
        we welcome people into our country.

    • Janet says:

      Dear Lynne,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Indeed, Cameron has given us a mess. We will show the way and shine the light.


    • Peter Barjonas says:

      Such a bitter disappointment in the early hours. Great what a good nap can do. I feel the stirrings of excitement now as we depart on the final journey to freedom.
      This pensioner, notwithstanding our bad press, is convinced that I will witness Scotland’s independence. Believe, Lynne, and do all that you can. Why not try a good nap and see the difference!

    • Lynne Dixon says:

      Thank you for the generous responses, which don’t surprise me from such generous people. My roots are here (sadly in an overwhelmingly Leave voting area) so I’ll stay & fight, but wish Scotland well & hope to need a passport on my next visit 🙂

  2. brianmchugheng says:

  3. Scotty375 says:

    2020 vision!

  4. Squall Cloud says:

    I guess you guys got here ahead a me to tell the good news or is it bad news, auch well! This is literally now by all intents and purposes a true DISUNITED kingdom. Even Northern Ireland now wants a poll on the border with the rest of Ireland.

  5. Squall Cloud says:

    I have to say also, these are dangerous times in Scotland now and I don’t need to remind all that the tory’s in charge with no eu constraints on them is not a pleasant thought indeed.

    • With this result the English (mainly over-65s, again) have thrown Scotland to the rabid dogs of their fascist tories. They will waste no time in savaging us, as Cameron did with his EVEL speech, for our “disloyalty”.
      What’s going to hit us however will be much worse, a deliberate vicious attack on everything we hold dear, everything we have ever fought to keep.
      They will try to destroy us as a nation, as a race, as a proud people, a free people, as a problem, and as an enemy.
      They will restrict our movements, and our trading. They will make it impossible for us to sustain our economy, following the same plan which forced us into Union in 1707.
      Ever since then our attempts to escape their clutches have been swept aside in the most brutal fashion, and we have been reduced to pawns on their chessboard.
      It’s time to put a bit more fire into our opposition, to let them know we’ve had enough and are leaving.
      Freedom is never free, but we must make them understand that we are prepared to meet the price, and so must they.

  6. Tinto Chiel says:

    I think this is what Burns meant by the expression “an evil hour”, Paul.

    And The Rowling has spoken too, for God’s sake.

    I’m shocked, but proud Scotland stayed gold.

    The FM should now initiate discussions with the EU to hammer out a fast-track process to become the successor state in the event of a successful Indyref2.

    And next time, Project Fear will have fired all its shells.

  7. paulmclem says:

    Reblogged this on .

  8. Macart says:

    Powerful and heartfelt Paul.

    A not unexpected result and now there will probably follow some not unexpected consequences.

    TBH and in my heart of hearts, I had hoped that England would reject this course. Yes, I know that would have extended our own union plight, but what I fear comes next I would wish on no one. The pound has already plummeted some 9.5% overnight. That is going to have a near immediate effect on the economy in a country already suffering under the weight of austerity economics. The next budget should prove the general route of travel. I’m betting that route is going to be somewhat rocky.

    With the reality of a Brexit that pretty much makes it a clean sweep for the catastrophic failure of every single pledge and assurance made by HMG/BT throughout our own indyref. No broad shoulders in times of economic hardship. No guaranteed job security/opportunities. No ‘devo journey’. No security for pensions. No guaranteed place within the EU.

    Where does that leave us?

    Hopefully, a damn sight more enlightened as to the reality of UK government than we were 21 months ago. I’d also like to think a damn sight more aware of our place within this ‘union’ and finally, more aware of the opportunities to change our path.

    If folks weren’t thinking about those differences before, then the result today should start to focus some minds out there.

  9. Another spot-on commentary.
    Things look dire.

  10. John Edgar says:

    Project fear has fired all its shells; good point. All the positive reasons for being in the EU the Scots supported, and were not affected by the scare stories, yet the Tory remain campaign through fear highlighted ironically the benefits of the EU by remaining, so we in Scotland are claiming the democratic right to remain!!
    Will the EU now be in touch with the Scottish government to confirm our right to remain? They were not very positive towards us in 2014, being very little yoon mouth pieces claiming we must stay in the UK to stay in the EU!! The Euro-Brits have now been dished by the Englander-Brits; (never trust a yoon from dan sath), now they can approach a Scotland where every local authority area voted to remain in the EU.

    • Sandy says:

      As well as having no arguments, who will credibly lead project fear 2 (or is that 3?)? Brown? Darling? Boris? Farage?

  11. Jon in Chicago says:

    Here comes your second bite at the apple. Please, don’t fuck it up this time. Rach na h-Alba! (I pray Google Translate didn’t screw that up; apologies if it did and I’ve inadvertently slagged off half the country…)

    • FM says:

      I appreciate your wishes, but! What happened? Immigrants? Is that ‘wot won it? As an utterly committed Indie I am shocked at this! YES this helps us, but dear God is this what we have become? BoJo and IDS have been empowered! I despair.

    • Marconatrix says:

      According to (online dictionary) :
      ¨rach a dhìth¨ die off, waste away, perish, go to rack and ruin …
      Possibly rather than wanting to see off Scotland a little encouragement might be best in this moment of confusion : Siuthad a h-Alba! (?)

  12. Mark Russell says:

    With exquisite synchronicity, today also marks the anniversary of Bannockburn..

    • Hugh Bryce says:


      Bruce and The Wallace
      They laid doon there lives,
      Fighting for Scotlands
      Sons daughters and wives.
      Fighting for freedom
      They gave there aw,
      And The White Rose O’Scotland
      Will no fade awa.

      For hundreds of years
      We’ve been under the yolk,
      Till’ Salmond fae Lythgae
      Stood up and he spoke.
      He spoke aboot freedom
      For yin and for aw
      For The White Rose O’Scotland
      Will no fade awa.

      He stood and he raised
      Independence again,
      Spreading the word
      Throughout City and Glen.
      Fae the isles tae the borders
      He told them aw,
      That The White Rose O’Scotland
      Will no fade awa.

      Independence grows closer
      With each passing day,
      With Nicola Sturgeon
      Leading the way
      ,Tae bring freedom and hope
      Tae yin and tae aw,
      She’s The White Rose O’Scotland
      And she’s no gan awa.
      Hugh Bryce

      • Marconatrix says:

        Well I find that very moving … but then I´m probably sleep deprived and actually at that stage of irrational (?) optimism. Things are all shuck up and mebby jist mebby a few log-jams will have been freed up, Scotland, Ireland, a more democratic EU? Maybe even a political shift in England, no probably not, but I can happily pass on that one …

  13. Macart says:

    Cameron has stepped down. Gone by October and the party conference.

  14. MI5 Troll says:

    Scotland votes remain(Check). England votes leave(Check). Significant change in circumstances(Check). Tories in chaos(Check). Labour in chaos(Check). OK, we are not there yet but unlike Mr and Mrs Cameron- Mr and Mrs Troll are allowing themselves a little smile this morning.

  15. John Edgar says:

    Ruth Davidson? Kezia Dugdale? Willie Rennie? All they can do is to repeat the positives they said Scotland would gain if we remained in the EU and they will have no argument against Idyref2. The vote for remain in Scotland was overwhelming. Labour in Scotland can only go one way – down if they campaign against indyref2; if they can break away from Labour dahn sath, they might get their party back. Their comrades in England and to a lesser extent in Wales have opted for the UKIP message and have deserted. Scotland has deserted Labour and the Conservatives and the LibDems all Westminsterites – the cause of this referendum.
    They will not be able to call on their former EU-UK friends for help in fear spreading about our place in the EU if we left the UK as the UK has now left the EU!! Irony indeed.
    Business in Scotland and foreign companies based dahn sath might see prospects in relocating to a Scotland in the EU.
    Again, Scotland has voted overwhelmingly against the decisions taken dahn sath. UK partiesand their voters in Scotland must reassess their “attachments” to the parties of (now departing) Cameron, (about-to-be -challenged ) Corbyn and “invisible” what’s his name leader of the LibDems.
    One gets the feeling, listening to Corbyn after the result, as he speaks in his monotone, dry and lacklustre fashion when interviewed, that he is “glad” of the Brexit. He has not taken on board that his supporters etc have deserted the party dahn sath on Brexit!!
    It is noticable that the separate English result for Remain and Leave has still to be announced. What percentage of people in England voted for Remain and for Leave. The MSM keep giving separate figures for the other three nations, but not for England – only the UK result!!
    Where does all this leave Darling and Brown? Still working for the banksters, no doubt?
    But when we had Indyref1, Labour in Scotland had many MPs, they were the establishment. Now like the Tories in Scotland and the LibDems, they have one each!! They are slowly slipping off the radar the yoons!
    We shall see!!
    Nigel Farage for the House of Lords and shoed democratically into a post in the Cabinet? What about EVEL now?
    For IDYREF2 we now have a prominent base line where SCotland has diverged dramatically from England. We can draw attention to that. We have been taken out of the EU against our vote and against the promises of the Better Together group in 2014!!
    Time to take control of our country from Westminster and its set up as a first step. The broad shoulders and pooling and sharing clarion calls sound hollow with the pound and markets reacting to Brexit, or RUKxit.
    All we need is Osborne’s emergency Brexit budget to compound our weak position within the British regime.
    Maybe Gordon Brown is working on an other vow, pledge or whatever.

  16. Dan Huil says:

    Eton mess, anyone?

    • John Edgar says:

      What a mess! Did her Majesty “purr” when she heard the result? Or did she purr when Cameron announced his resignation? Did she berate him for causing a constitutional crisis in the year of her backslapping celebrations? At 90 the msm were trumpeting the UK and Britishness, now all has collapsed and the English main parties are in crisis. Except Corbyn, no one seems to have alerted him to the problem; but he was a closet brexiter anyhow. He was first out of the blocks to call for Article 50 to be implemented and calling for safeguards etc.
      It was Schadenfreude to see Cameron’s cockiness shattered and destroyed. The attitude of this smug Etonian has led to his downfall, even his negotiation style and tone at the European summits and Council of Ministers was woeful and condescending. Pride comes before a fall. His former European counterparts will not be shedding a tear I am sure??!
      Team GB/UK, the union with Scotland is coming apart.

      • Janet says:

        Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn didn’t realise Euroref was underway. Someone should have wakened him. Twat.

        He’ll be gone soon, along with working rights.

    • Squall Cloud says:

      Yes please.

  17. Elizabeth56 says:

    I hope Nicola brings us the hope that we desperately need. The electorate of Scotland can do no more. We returned an SNP government, we put 56 MPs in Westminster and we have wholeheartedly voted to stay in the European Union. I can’t see what more we can do to show we need our independence. We need hope for a way out of this mess and we need it now. I hope our first minister is strong and makes it clear we are now in a situation to move swiftly to independence.

  18. Now’s the day, and now’s the hour.
    Tremendous tempered comment, Paul
    The Scottish Government, initially via our 56 WM MPs should immediately open talks with Europe.
    WE voted to Remain.
    I’m damned if I’m going to be ruled by Boris IDS Gove, and Lord Farage.

    • jamie macdonald says:

      Agreed, EU summit soon..(next week)? We should send our best to make our case in this instance, see what the EU offer us- put it to the people to test the water on a second vote for indy.. see the front o battle lour..!

      • A new Scottish currency tied to the ECB.
        Certainly a border will be needed between us and England.
        Continuing membership of the EU guaranteed.
        Freedom of movement and work throughout Europe.
        Human Rights, Employment Rights assured.
        Westminster and the Holy London Empire of Imperator Boris Primus have no power over Scotland whatsoever.
        All our Revenue and Income Administered by the Scottish Government. You can stick your Barnet formula where the sun don’t shine.
        A member of the largest Free Trade block in the world.
        ‘Pooling and sharing’ our security, defence, and Human rights with 500,000,000 fellow Europeans.
        EU Research Funding for our Universities to continue.
        Russia or North Korea will think twice about invading.
        We won’t have to listen to the utter pish that Davidson and Dugdale have come out with today. Truly a Double D of extraordinary proportions.
        I could go on.
        Today it starts.

  19. Steve Asaneilean says:

    What happened yesterday is a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of what happened on 18/09/14.

    Those who advocated a No vote then cannot abdicate responsibility now.

    Davison, Dugdale and Rennie are all culpable.

  20. Andimac says:

    I was looking at one of the BBC’s maps on how people voted. The bottom bit for Brexit was all blue but the top bit was completely yellow for Remain – it looked like two separate countries. Oh, wait a minute…

  21. Macart says:

    Game on. Holyrood to begin preparing legislation for indyref2.

  22. mary docherty says:

    Great moving piece…Tick Tock !!!

  23. diabloandco says:

    I am left a little dazed and bemused by events and am totally unsure of how I should react. On the one hand I see my country united and on the other I see it didn’t matter , because as ever ,the English vote rules the day.
    The cheesy grin on my physog comes from the viewing of the once smug ,sneering and so sure of themselves having egg all over their faces.
    The frown comes from not knowing where it all leaves us.

  24. Dave Hansell says:

    Given the rosy picture about the future of England currently being touted by those who campaigned for an out vote England is in need of an appropriate National Anthem for the new situation

    1. On a summer day
    In the month of May
    A burly bum came hiking
    Down a shady lane
    Through the sugar cane
    He was looking for his liking
    As he roamed along
    He sang a song
    Of the land of milk and honey
    Where a bum can stay
    For many a day
    And he won’t need any money

    Oh the buzzin’ of the bees
    In the cigarette trees
    Near the soda water fountain
    At the lemonade springs
    Where the bluebird sings
    On the big rock candy mountain

    2. There’s a lake of gin
    We can both jump in
    And the handouts grow on bushes
    In the new-mown hay
    We can sleep all day
    And the bars all have free lunches
    Where the mail train stops
    And there ain’t no cops
    And the folks are tender-hearted
    Where you never change your socks
    And you never throw rocks
    And your hair is never parted

    3. Oh, a farmer and his son,
    They were on the run
    To the hay field they were bounding
    Said the bum to the son,
    “Why don’t you come
    To that big rock candy mountain?”
    So the very next day
    They hiked away,
    The mileposts they were counting
    But they never arrived
    At the lemonade tide
    On the big rock candy mountain

  25. I think Chris Cairns heart breaking portrayal of a candle (of hope) being snuffed out by a hand, wearing Union-Jack cufflinks, on 19 September 2014, was just re-lit at dawn this morning by Hamish the lion’s paw. I can see it just fine.

  26. Rats are leaving the sinking UK ship. News breaking that Morgan Stanley Bank to move 2000 investment jobs to Dublin & Frankfurt.

    • John Edgar says:

      Who is next and where to? I understand the Scottish Government prior to Brexit/Engxit had begun to make contact with EU officials and leaders. A positive response from them, as the European press has been reporting today, see Herald, and moves could begin to attract investment into Scotland. When will the EU car companies quit dahn sath? And the other companies using dahn sath as a jumping off point for access to the EU markets. We have been europafreundlich, as many in the German press have reported today, for many years and the good will we have built up could be put to good use. It was good to see the EU press using Scozia, Schottland etc instead of the England misnomer we have had to put up with for decades.
      Someone pointed out in the next Indyref2 who are the separatists and the narrow nationalists now? Not the Scots after the EU vote to remain. The Brit-rump in the present UK!! How things have changed. Cameron gambled and lost and has put Her Majesty’s realm in danger. I wonder what Her Britannic Majesty said to him today? Will he reveal it as he did about the “purring”? The EU leadership are demanding a quick start to leave, so we had better get in contact quickly with Brussels so that one can obtain guarantees and support for our continuing in the EU.
      With the pound in free fall, it was interesting to hear Nicola Sturgeon broach the issue about the Euro?! And all those pundits who exhorted the UK to remain for good positive reasons, it will be good to see them now supporting us in Indyref2, as ,no doubt, they must be truly scunnered with their erstwhile “friends” who used them to do down Scotland in 2014. I believe Cameron was one who even had Putin lined up to put his ruble’s worth in. Now Cameron is passe. I wonder if he would support us in going for independence to enable us to enjoy the benefits he said would accrue if we remained. Irony Irony!!

  27. May I take this opportunity to apologise for something?


    It’s now clear (if it wasn’t after the last Euro Parliament vote…and the last imperial parliament vote…and the vote for our risible ‘Assembly’) that the occupation and colonisation of our land which has gone on for so long has now completely taken over our minds as well, and we have become nothing more than a fringe area of western England. I mean, a ‘Leave’ vote nearly as high as England’s, FFS! We are finished as a genuine nation, and it’s time we gave up the pretence. It’s too late.

    You, I’m very glad to say, now have a great opportunity. Seize it. Seize it with both hands (and a prehensile tail if you have one handy) and get out of this foetid swamp of a polity. Go forward, re-join yourselves with Europe and the world and propser, socially, culturally and economically. And (if I live so long) it might give me a better place to bolt to when the full effects of yesterday’s vote become apparent to all bar the most deluded down here.

    March on, Scotland!

    • Bill Hume says:

      No Nigel, never give up hope. A resurgent Scotland, free from Westminster will focus a few Welsh minds. It’s just going to take a little longer for my Welsh brothers and sisters to catch up.

    • Marconatrix says:

      At least the main Welsh-speaking areas went for Remain. I might have expected them to be the most xenophobic. Diddorol iawn!

  28. muttley79 says:

    Britain’s leaving the EU and Labour says it’s all the fault of the SNP. According to those Labour politicians who are not genetically programmed to take responsibility for their own cock ups, it’s the fault of the SNP for failing to rouse the populace to sufficient enthusiasm for Labour and the Remain campaign’s pish poor pitch for Europe. Scotland voted uniformly to Remain by a margin considerably greater than the margin that counted as a supposedly decisive majority in the independence referendum, but Labour couldn’t persuade its own voters to support Remain in the North of England.

    I heard that Ian Murray was blaming the slightly lower turnout in Scotland, compared to the rest of the UK, on the SNP. They just cannot help themselves, everything has to be blamed on the SNP, no matter how ludicrous and barking it is. Labour have completely lost the plot. They are so committed to British nationalism that you would think their brains have been programmed to do the whole SNP bad routine, no matter what the circumstances are. Epic fail.

    • Ian Murray is a political joke.
      He and Dugdale, and their Edinburgh crew, are toast.
      Nobody is listening to them. They are pathetic bunch of losers. Tom Harris, loser extraordinaire was on TV this morning rejoicing about the result.
      Labour in Scotland. Fantasy land.
      Yet our MSM will continue to big the Unionist up.
      What will it take?

  29. Alan says:

    Timing is everything. As England swings even more to the right and the economy starts to tank as a result of Brexit, and BoJo and company are exposed for the stupid wee boys they are, the support for independence will grow. The cautious voters who voted no last time will be more likely to vote yes this time because choosing to stay with the fucking shitstorm brewing south of the border won’t be the safe and conservative (small c) choice.

  30. Andimac says:

    Well, it’s been served up to us now, the dish of the day – Full English Brexit. I think we should make it very clear that we didn’t order it, it’s the unhealthy option and we’re not going to swallow it. We’d prefer something that’s better for us and we’ll go for the serve yourself option. I’ve certainly got an appetite for that!

  31. Dave Hansell says:

    Brexit voters on local BBC radio this afternoon phoning in saying they voted out to give the political class in the UK a bloody nose because they are so out of touch.

    Seems the traditional Labour heartlands are blaming the EU for the failings of our own Westminster politicians in general and their own Labour cultists in particular.

    We had one chap from Brinsworth saying he never expected his vote to prevail and, after hearing direct from his own offspring how gutted they were and the testament of an earlier caller who is an ex pat working in Spain explaining how his job, pension & life is now turned upside down, conceding live on radio that now being in possession of more information not available prior to the vote would today vote to remain.

    Meanwhile, a lady from Donny who voted out complained how out of touch politicians are on the back of an incident in which she complained to then Labour leader Millibars, a local MP, about the impact of illegal drug houses in the town was fobbed off on the grounds she was not actually one of his constituents, pointing out that Eds constituents are effected.

    Yet the bulk of Labour MP ‘s continue to deny to themselves and the electorate the reult of their own hubris. We has local MP Angela Smith aligning herself with calls for Corby to consider his position due to the rejection by the traditional corps labour heartlands when it wide boy Johnson running the Labour remain campaign and their own elitism which is switching off their supprt.

    Quite how Corbyn can campaign effectively when he has to constantly watch his back for these puerile student level back stabbers is beyond their ken

    Meanwhile that slippery lying toad Farage suddenly comes out, after the vote is in the bag, with the statement that this £350 million a week not will necessarily go to the NHS.

    There is a petition on the parliamentary website for another vote along the lines of requiring a percentage threshold to take us out which earlier today crashed the site because it was getting 1000 votes a minute and currently stands at over 141,000, so parliament has to debate it.

    All in all a real mess and a failure of the political establishment of shop GB which is now holed below the waterline and going down like the Titanic.

    • 50% of the registered voters? 46 million? 23 million required to take UK out of Europe? Now where did I hear that before?
      The argument that Brexit brings back control to WM should have been enough to convince even the least politically aware Brexiteer that Boris and Nige were lying through their implants.
      It was a Tory Government that brought about the Austerity Package. Foodbanks, zero hour contracts, pay day loans at loan shark rates of interest.
      The argument that immigrants were placing an intolerable strain on the NHS, GP Practices, Schools, and Housing fails to take into account the fact that Nick and Dave, then Dave on his own were slashing 100’s of billions from public services, government departments, and 500,000 public service sackings, while rewarding the top earners with an additional 5% tax cut,
      Pre Corbyn, during the Red Tory Miliband Farce, New Labour walked arm in arm with the Blue and Jaundiced Tories on a cold January 2015 Tuesday night through the Division (sic) lobby to vote through a £30 billion Austerity package.
      £12 billion in cuts to Welfare Disability and Pension payments, £13 billion in cuts to ‘non protected’ Government Departments, and an unspecified tax hike of £5 billion.( I note that the tax on my House and Contents Insurance has increased.)
      NHS England was charged with making £30 billion in ‘efficiencies and savings’, that’s cuts in jobs and services to thee and me.
      The Bedroom tax, Scotland paying its share for HS2, London Crossrail, London Sewers, Heathrow’s Third Runway, Trident renewal.
      Brussels did not do this to us.
      Westminster did. Westminster is a ‘sovereign’ Parliament.
      Did Blair ask the EU ‘s permission before he invaded Iraq? Of course he didn’t
      BoJo’s ‘take back control’ is a nonsense of course.
      Westminster is to blame for the crisis in the NHS, the lack of affordable housing, school building, and privatised Virgin Health Centres.If WM had invested in health, schools , housing, and so on, rather than blame the flood of Johnny Foreigner, Remain may just have edged it yesterday.
      The Holy London Empire is consuming itself with greed and corruption.
      Half a million to buy a first time buyer flat? Are they mad? Half a million?
      We must approach the EU with proposals to remain following a successful second Referendum.
      The question this time can legitimately be:-
      ‘Should Scotland become an in dependent nation and remain a member of the EU?’
      There is no time to lose.
      If I were heading of to Cork, I’d start from here.

  32. Bill Hume says:

    Another fine piece, Paul. We in Scotland owe you so much. You have inspired me, made me angry (at the doubters I should add), kept me afloat after Indyref and made me laugh and cry in equal measure. More power to you and the wee hairy ginger one.
    We do, indeed, live in interesting times.
    Tick tock indeed.

  33. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  34. Tinto Chiel says:

    Nigel, never give up, as Bill said.

    The SNP has gone from nowhere to everywhere in a short time.

    And look at all the Old Welsh place-names in Scotland south of the Forth-Clyde line.

    A home from home, and I noticed that North Wales, apart from Anglesey (holiday home syndrome?) was Remain.

    Nil desperandum.

    • @TC,

      Just for the sake of accuracy, only Gwynedd went ‘Remain’. All the rest of the north went Farrago, with the percentage for Exit being generally higher the closer you got to the border. Only five council areas went ‘Remain’: Gwynedd, Ceredigion (presence of two Unis there might have helped), Cardiff (by a mile), Vale Of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire (these last two very marginal). The ‘traditional Labour heartlands’ of those fabled Valleys went completely Farrago, some of them by huge margins (Blaenau Gwent, regularly bailed out by EU funding when Westminster and Cardiff couldn’t be arsed, 62% Out).

      The trouble is, Plaid has become increasingly a ‘mini-me’ of Labour in the last decade or so. What we need (but what, I’m afraid, we are unlikely to get) is an avowedly civic-nationalist party and movement, and one which is not – as Plaid has been since the mid-80s – afraid even to utter the word ‘independence’ in public.

      • Marconatrix says:

        Nigel, can you throw any light on the attraction of UKIP/Leave in the valleys, at first sight it makes no sense. I can only guess that they´ve had it with Labour and don´t see any attraction in their ´shy´ Nats. A desperate vote of protest??

        • wrt the ‘Leave’ vote in the valleys, it may be simply a protest vote: Labour has treated the people of those areas with the same sort of shabby, taken-for-granted contempt that they have shown to the people of Glasgow, and this might have been seen as the opportunity to say “A pox on all your houses”. However, it is noticeable that the ‘Leave’ margin was generally highest in the eastern valleys (Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen, Caerphilly) and lowest in the west (RCT, Merthyr).

          As far as the Kippers are concerned, I think again that it may be partly a protest against Labour, but it seems a bloody peculiar way of doing it. I mean, if you want an alternative to Labour which reflects the supposed traditional left-leaning values of your community, voting for a bunch of extreme-right plantationers seems an odd way to behave. You would have thought that virtually all anti-Labour protest votes would have transferred to Plaid: unfortunately, not only is Plaid’s organisation and profile generally somewhat weak, it has to counter three or four generations of Labour propaganda portraying Plaid as far-right and concerned only with the language. And so it is that people can be heard saying things like, “I’m not gwonna vote Plaid, mun! They’re racist, sep’ratist ‘n Faaaascist, and they wanna force the langwich down our kiddies’ froats, aye!”…and then they go and vote Kipper in the last Euro-elections, the imperial parliament elections, the elections for our glorified county council and now this…

          Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that – for all the fable and legend – most people in those valleys are now not merely anglicised in language but in attitudes too. They are closer (psychologically speaking) to England than you are. They get their version of the world from media which are even more unrepresentative than Scotland’s: owned and controlled from outside, and with an attitude which is thoroughly provincial and is little more than a parrotting of the London Line. Hence the Kippers getting far more media coverage than Plaid (or even the LibDems). And that Farage is a real character, innie?

    • Marconatrix says:

      IIRC I read on a Welsh blog that Anglesey/Ynys Môn was on a knife edge, and isn´t there an RAF base up there?

      • Lowest margin for ‘Leave’ of all the areas: 1.8%. I’m not sure if RAF Valley has ever made much of a difference electorally – it’s a Labour/Plaid swing seat, and has been for 30 years. An increasing proportion of incomers from England might have had some impact, though.

  35. Eli says:

    I am disgusted by last nights result.I hold the Labour party in England responsible to a large degree and of course the Tory twats.Farage and his mob are basically a right wing English National party.My two brothers both living in Scotland and Snp supporters voted leave one because of Immigration the other because of Eu interference in fishing quotas.Cant beleive they fell for media propaganda. In the end their votes did not matter nor did the votes of the whole Scottish nation. Even if every registered voter in Scotland had voted remain it would have made absolutely no difference. This isnt being part of a union its been ruled by a dictatorship.Our only hope is another Indy Ref that we absolutely have to win.Right now I’m so depressed I feel like emigrating

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      Patience is a virtue. You can’t go, you will probably now need a visa! – your vote is now needed for Indy Ref2 ! Stick around, it will not be boring.

      As stated by WGD ‘We need to build beacons across the bens, warning and illuminating the way to a better future.’

  36. petergroves says:

    Please do not lose sight of the fact that only 37.5 per cent nationwide voted to leave. Parliament has no mandate to open negotiations to leave the EU – and anyway, the referendum result is not binding on it.

  37. arthur thomson says:

    A brilliant post Paul. Thank you.

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