New books! The Collected Yaps volumes 3 and 4

frontcovervol3Last year I published the Collected Yaps of the Wee Ginger Dug volumes 1 and 2, covering the period from when this blog first started in October 2013 until the independence referendum of September 2014. The books sold amazingly well, so well in fact meant that it meant I didn’t need to do an official fundraiser in order to keep doing this blog as my full-time job. There’s always the donate button at the bottom of each blog entry, at least those I write myself, and donations are always welcome. Although some people are incredibly generous, and earn my eternal gratitude, I can’t keep going on donations alone.

It’s that time of the year again, and once again instead of doing an official fundraiser I’m publishing volumes 3 and 4 of the Collected Yaps of the Wee Ginger Dug. That way you’re getting something concrete for your cash as well as allowing this blog to keep going.

Volume 3 covers the period when the independence movement regrouped and regained its strength and sense of purpose, while volume 4 covers the Westminster General election of 2015 and its aftermath. Each volume is over 300 pages long and after publication will retail for £11.95 each, or £23.90 the pair, plus £4 P&P. That’s over 600 pages of doggy wit and wisdom that you can read in the bath safe in the knowledge that if you drop it in the water you’re not going to electrocute yourself.

frontcovervol4The books are currently at an advanced state of pre-publication and I intend to self-publish them in July. In order to get some idea of how many copies to order from the printers I’m now taking pre-publication orders for the bargain price of £21 the pair plus £4 post and packaging. All copies will be signed by yours truly, and stamped with the Dug’s paw print. Or if you want a rare and collectable unsigned copy, just say so!

Signed copies of volumes 1 and 2 are still available for £25.90 per pair including P&P. All four volumes are available for the bargain price of £40 for the four plus £4 P&P, a total of £44. Also still available is Barking Up the Right Tree, the anthology of articles for the National which is published by Vagabond Voices publishers. Details on how to order that book are given below.

Please do not send any money just now via Paypal (although donations are always welcome). To submit an advance order just send your name, address, and details of which volumes you wish to order and how many copies to I will keep your details on file and will send payment instructions when the published books have been received from the printers, which all going well ought to be early to mid July. You will be able to pay by Paypal, cheque, postal order, bank transfer, or cash.

Donate to the Dug This blog relies on your support and donations to keep going – I need to make a living, and have bills to pay. Clicking the donate button will allow you to make a payment directly to my Paypal account. You do not need a Paypal account yourself to make a donation. You can donate as little, or as much, as you want. Many thanks.

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Signed copies of the Collected Yaps of the Wee Ginger Dug volumes 1 and 2 are available by emailing me at Price just £21.90 the pair plus P&P. Copies of Barking Up the Right Tree are available from my publisher Vagabond Voices at price just £7.95 plus P&P. The E-book of Barking Up the Right Tree is available for Kindle for just £4. Click here to purchase.

6 comments on “New books! The Collected Yaps volumes 3 and 4

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  2. Marconatrix says:

    ¨… rare and collectible unsigned copy …¨ Now that´s thinking out of the box. You ought to be in marketing — LOL!

  3. Macart says:

    Right! Time to see what’s down the back of the couch.

  4. Sue de Nymme says:

    When is the book launch? I enjoyed the other two, and I assume that you will be doing the same again in the Yes Bar.

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