Too wee, too poor, and too stupid for independence

The Labour party in Scotland is having one of its reviews again, like the one it had after the 2007 election, the one after the 2011 election, and the one after the 2015 election. Labour has had almost as many internal reviews as it’s got elected politicians left to do the reviewing. It’s got far more reviews than it’s got coherent policies to review. Labour in Scotland has seen more consultations than a doctor’s surgery during an outbreak of food poisoning, and considerably more diarrhoea. Never in the history of politics have so few bollocksed up so little for so fewer. If the party had put as much time and energy into ensuring that it was listening to the people in the first place as it expends on its reviews, it might not have needed to have so many reviews in the first place.

Every time Labour suffers an electoral humiliation it announces that it’s learning and listening and is going to consult far and wide. It’s always the same story. We’re listening. We’re learning. We’re going to be autonmous this time, no really don’t laugh. We’re going to be so amazingly autonomous that James Kelly will get his own wind-up key and will be able to do his impression of a clockwork drone without any help from central office. We’re so incredibly humble and things are going to be different next time. Swear to God and on my granny’s grave. And then nothing much happens and it’s back to the SNP bad business as usual which hadn’t stopped in the interim anyway.

The reason that nothing much changes is because on closer inspection Labour’s exercises in consultation always seem to turn out to mean that the party has asked a failed politician who has just got their jotters to ask some other failed politicians who have just got their jotters if they can think of a way of saying that the SNP is really, really, bad which the voters might actually pay some attention to. Unsurprisingly the answer is invariably, “Not really, but the SNP is really, really bad. And that’s a fact. Why don’t you make sure that Anas Sarwar gets re-elected, he might not help the party’s election chances, but at least the party hacks are guaranteed a good dinner. Mmmm banquet.”

Every election Labour receives a kicking that’s even worse than the historic kicking that it received at the previous election, and still the party is locked into the exact same pattern of self-destructive behaviour that led to it receiving the kicking in the first place. Screaming SNP bad even louder than the last time doesn’t count as renewal and renovation. The real problem is that the self-described party of the people always puts the party before the people. If Labour had cut its ties from the Westminster party and become an independent Scottish party which allowed its own members to make up their own minds on the topic of independence and campaign accordingly then perhaps it might have saved itself. Instead it poured a torrent of vehement and vile abuse on Labour for Independence and drove its supporters from the party while the party leaders posed for photo ops with Tories and told pensioners that they wouldn’t get a pension and told people in need of transplants that they’d be left to die in agony. Instead it’s Labour which is dying in agony.

The time for that has passed. It’s now too late for Labour in Scotland to pose as an autonomous party which allows members the freedom to express their own views on independence because none of the public believe a word it says. Labour’s problem isn’t a problem of policies, it’s a problem of credibility. It doesn’t matter if you have a new message if that message is being delivered by the same tired old faces that you didn’t believe the last time.

Labour’s pals in the papers are now touting that the Scottish branch office of the party may get the sort of autonomy that it has been claiming to have since Labour failed to win the 2007 election. Labour in Scotland may even become an independent Scottish Labour party, and Labour in Scotland may end up as a party that believes in independence for itself but not for the country it hopes to represent. In any event, the key word in that sentence is of course ‘may’. May is a word that covers a lot of eventualities, but it doesn’t mean any of those eventualities are actually going to happen. The atoms making up the body of James Kelly MSP may spontaneously rearrange themselves a form a human being with intelligence, wit, political nous, and charisma, and indeed there is a somewhat greater chance of that happening than there is of the Labour party in Scotland becoming a fully independent and autonomous party, but the chances are still close enough to zero as makes no difference.

If you wanted an illustration of the laws of karma you can’t do much better than to look at the Labour party in Scotland. It is in fact pretty much all that the party is good for. Having spent the last few decades telling Scotland that it’s too wee, too poor and too stupid to become independent, Labour has haemorrhaged so much support over the years that it doesn’t have a big enough membership base to fund itself, and is reliant upon tranfers of monies from the UK party in order to keep afloat. And it’s lost so many elected politicians over the years that it has long since gone through the bottom of the muddy puddle at the bottom of its talent pool and it’s reduced to touting the likes of James Kelly, Anas, and Jackie Baillie as big hitters. Intelligent and thoughtful young kids who were considering a career in politics once looked naturally to Labour as their first choice, no more.

The irony is that it’s Labour in Scotland which can’t become independent because it’s too wee, too poor and too stupid. Scotland will prosper without them.

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49 comments on “Too wee, too poor, and too stupid for independence

  1. ABJ says:

    The thing is – if Labour actually got its act together, they have a chance of a real comeback in Scotland. They could become a genuine Scottish party, whilst still working in partnership with the England&Welsh Labour parties, and together propose a federal solution as a middle way between the Tories or the SNP.
    Or even a confederation of real nation states in a reformed Britain with a common currency zone and other links. The federal solution at least seems like such common sense I wonder what is preventing them. I can only suppose it is the UK Labour party forbidding it, or a handful of extremist UK nationalists that would rather see Labour die in Scotland than concede any more powers to Holyrood.

    • John Edgar says:

      Labour are unreconstructed westminsterites; yoons to the end. Slab yoons are worse. They have no clue what they stand for. Their HoL attendees are invisible. There is no middle way any more. Independence is the only real way out of the UK quagmire.

    • Marie Clark says:

      The thing is ABJ, that for me, and I daresay many others SLAB could promise the sun and the moon, and I would never ever believe anything that they told me. As the yanks would say, they’re a day late and a dollar short. Their time has come and gone, probably for good. Once you lose the trust of the electorate, it’s very difficult to get it back.

      By the way, wiz there no some big labour beast promising all that you suggest about federalism during the referendum. Wonder how that worked out then?

    • Saor Alba says:

      Not a chance in hell of that ever happening.
      I suggest you read Paul’s article again, but this time more carefully.

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  3. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  4. FM says:

    All of it is good, but that last para’ is a belter!

  5. gerry parker says:

    Shafts of wit from you Paul,

    Wafts of sh*t from the Red Tories.

  6. Macart says:

    They turned their backs on us when we needed them most. They put party and career before the needs of the people and worst of all, they betrayed us to the establishment they were created to fight.

    Two words – Labour Peer

    I was born in what was known as a Labour heart land and that IMO was the problem. Everything ‘belonged’ to Labour. Committees, councils and councillors, MPs and latterly MSPs with their constituencies. They beIieved it all ‘belonged’ to them, to the party. For they were the party of the people and what the party wanted, was what the people wanted?!?! We weren’t born in Scotland we were the property of Labourland.

    No, the reality was it was always the party. Just because theycame from a poor background and made good through a career in politics didn’t make them one of the public. It gave them NO right to impose their agendas and ideologies onto all. It should have made them a public servant. It should have made them speak on BEHALF of the public. Give US a voice. Instead they used our votes to speak for themselves. They used our names to make careers, to steal, to wage war and to play ‘the game’.

    The referendum was their last chance to shine and they chose poorly. They chose to alienate, to demonise, to denigrate. They chose to put at least half their country in harms way in the name of the party and the state construct they sold out to.

    They have nothing to say I would now listen to and nothing to say I would believe. If you wilfully put your own public in harms way then you are, by any measure, unfit for public trust or public office.

  7. As Macart says – like him I was brought up in a (Not) Labour heartland and even then – in the late 1970s and early 1980s – they ran the local council like a Mafia family – with all the skulduggery and nepotism that goes along with that.

    But John Smith said it was okay because (a) it was a local matter and (b) it wasn’t illegal.

    It was clear to me even then that they were only really about looking after the interests of the party and themselves not the people they claimed to represent.

    I mean ask yourself who was in charge when the schemes were built with poor quality housing and no facilities, stuck on the “out of sight, out of mind” edge of town?

    I don’t share ABJ’s optimism – I think in their current guise they are finished – or, as you put it Paul, their time has passed.

    • Brian Fleming says:

      Absolutely right about the schemes, Steve. My late father was a senior Glasgow Corporation civil engineer who worked on building most of them. I remember him telling me about the really good quality houses they had planned for Drumchapel, until at the last minute the money was diverted to someting ‘more important’ in the eyes of the Mafia running the City Chambers.

      • bettyboopwp says:

        Ever was it so. Voting Labour would just get folk more of the same; the same deals, junkets and, especially from the 60s on, some of the worst quality housing (compared to the decent efforts in the years before) and town planning imaginable. They made Scotland dismal, but, that didn’t matter because it was a cosy club for some and they couldn’t care less about the rest.

  8. Jan Cowan says:

    Yes, Labour for Independence was their last chance and their only offer was total rejection. And as you say, the brightest and the best head for the SNP so there is no hope left for the Labour Party in Scotland. With independence we may see another new start. Perhaps not.

  9. Sandy says:

    Your second last paragraph nails it, I think. Scottish Labour cannot become an independent party because they could not finance their activities with only 4000 members (max of 7000). I can’t see the Unions, even the Scottish rather than national ones, piling in to fund an independent Scottish Labour party in the state its in. They could, I suppose, become the political arm of JK Rowling.

  10. David agnew says:

    Scottish labour are now cartoonishly inept. They got warned in their last review that they were seen as “indistinguishable from the tories but less competent”. Ruth simply pitched her tent as the competent opposition to the SNP and actually took votes from labour.
    She campaigned to lose but not as badly as labour. All she needed was labour to keep on being a sub par Tory party. And to their credit, labour quite happily obliged.

    Safe to say then that the party will choose to ignore whatever this review says. Why not? They did it last time. A failed party is asking failed pols to own their failure and learn from it. That won’t work, as they are so face meltingly stupid, they lack the awareness to appreciate just how stupid they actually are. This is known as the dunning-Kruger effect. A cognitive inability of the unskilled to recognise their ineptitude and worse to grossly overestimate their levels of competence.

    Changing names will not fix them. Nor will pretending that they are automonous. They need a root and branch reform. By that, I mean the current crop need to resign. The dead weight needs to be removed. Dugdale should have ensured that new faces were on the list and that the dead weight were not allowed to sneak in on the list, and yes that would required Dugdale to stare down Sarwar and tell him to fuck off.

    But she didn’t. Because like the rest of Scottish labour, from mp to media commentators, they are so inept they cannot see what we see….

    The dumbest fuckers in the room.

    • Joe Kinnear says:

      The Labour party was a force giving popular legitimacy to the Union. It needs to die in Scotland – hopefully that’s what will happen to the Red Tories.

  11. John Edgar says:

    Are Slab awaiting Gordo to pace and stare at the ceiling with set jaw and pronounce, “My Labour, My Scotland, My Britain” say a few words about Keir Hardie and …… well that’s it really.

  12. Joe Kinnear says:

    Re the slavishness to the EU mentality among the SNP – of course it’s the cringeworthy cringe at work again even in the Indy camp. The sub-text of the SNP’s uncritical mania for the EU is that EU membership would have confirmed all of the benefits of the Union with England but with ‘indepdence lite’ (pish about a joint currency, the Queen etc). If Iceland can be a genuinely independent nation why the fuck can’t Scotland?

    It’s really dumb politics for the SNP to give tacit endorsement to Project Fear type arguments in the context of Brexit but then to deny them in the context of the Union. If it is ‘too risky’ for the UK to be a sovereign entity what the hell does that imply about Scottish independence?

    As an independence supporter I wish the SNP would actually engage their brains.

    • I Clark says:

      Looks like your comment is a response to a different article Joe.

      • Joe Kinnear says:

        Perhaps but the SNP are making a serious mistake in getting on board Project Fear mark 2 in the context of the absurd claim that the UK out of the EU would quickly resemble a 3rd world hellhole etc. After all if that is true how much more risky is ending a Union of 300 plus years? Incoherence for short-term political expediency is not a good strategy (cough, cough, Alex Salmond).

    • I’m not sure that’s the SNP’s argument ? I think it’s more about human rights , access to trade and free movement of people ? I’m not saying I’m right but they don’t really seem to be basing their argument for staying in around fear ? More the benefits of Europe ?

  13. Albawoman says:

    Slab have no respect for the electorate or themselves. The deadwood was given a state livelihood once again as they returned to grace Holyrood as list MSPs.

    They must know in their hearts that they are total failures pretending to be competent. It is not a useful way to live Slab folks. You are depriving Scotland of much needed support and the sense of a positive future.

    Young people see independence as the way forward. They need persons of integrity and quality ideas to assist them to achieve this aim.

    Slab are not those people.

  14. Jim says:

    I think they would argue that it is a case of ‘independence and interdependence’ within the EU, as opposed to subjugation under the Union.

    But I agree that the SNP are backing themselves into a corner on this one, just as they did by committing to keeping sterling and the Bank of England during the indyref. What bargaining power would an ‘independent’ Scotland have in negotiating with the EU on fisheries policies, for example, if we have already committed unconditionally to membership along present lines?

    • Joe Kinnear says:

      As we can see from the Eurozone any currency union involves a massive loss of sovereignty over a vital area of policy making. Any currency union will inevitably be dominated by the needs of its biggest member (in the Eurozone by German interests/concerns), what’s more that loss of sovereignty is a structural feature of such unions and thus they are profoundly anti-democratic by nature. Witness Greece, or what will happen in Spain if the anti-austerity left wins power.

      The best case for Scottish independence is the simplest one. Democracy. Sovereignty – the power of the people to democratically shape their society – is paramount within a fully democratic polity and is best excerised at the only appropriate scale which is the nation state. That is the people of Scotland are the best and only people to decide the future of Scottish society within a maximally democratic polity. No-one with an IQ above room temperature can honestly argue the direction of travel within the EU is toward greater democratic control and accountability.

      It’s incredibly dumb politics for the SNP to (1) endorse the mood music of project fear mark 2 and (2) to suggest that Scottish sovereignty is their possession to hand over the the EU or the Bank of England etc., because Salmond thinks it’s a good answer to a difficult question.

      The SNP need to intellectually take Scottish sovereignty seriously. Bashing Westminster or the Labour will only get the independence case so far (everyone that would vote SNP is probably on board now – what about those that might be biddable on independence but bulk living in SNP land?).

      Is anyone in the SNP even thinking seriously about these issues?

      • Jim says:

        The ‘drive for independence’ is supposed to launch ‘in the summer’.

        We will find out then if there is any thinking going on at all.

        • Joe Kinnear says:

          Based on the SNP’s incoherent stance on the EU and Brexit (too risky etc Project Fear mark 2) I have my doubts about the leadership having anything approaching a functional intellect between them. As you say we shall see.

  15. Sholehah says:

    Really Great Explanation,, LOVE This!!

  16. MI5 Troll says:

    I know why the Labour party in Scotland has died but I still find it hard to get my head round the speed of how quickly the dinosaur fell. There is no fight in them and no coming back now. (By the way Dug you are running the wrong site. That English chanty wrastler and inferior writer, Col. Stuart Baxter is boasting of how he has pochled Β£1,000,000 off the zombies at that “Swingers over Scotland” place. Next thing he’ll be marrying J.K Rowling).Bye for now!

    • John Edgar says:

      Yes, MI5 Troll. I, too, was mystified at the decline and wipe out of Slab in such a short space of time.
      One minute they were “crowing” in 2014 about bayoneting the wounded and less than a year later wipeout and one MP! Real shift!
      Totally, unprecedented in Scottish politics except forms the Tory wipeout in 1997! (and the Tories are still wiped out despite the wmsm – Westminster msm.
      How do we account for this? A real puzzle – the better together scheme doing the Tories business and then Gordo getting booted with EVEL by Cameron, then what? The vow was minimised and then I wonder if many Labour voters saw what being in the union really meant. Gordo and Darling and Alexander off to work for the “banksters” and picking up big bucks- good for trickle down economics to the plebs!
      Interesting times.

  17. I argued the other night in Sharkey’s Bar, Annagary, Donegal, that if Johnny Speight hadn’t written
    ‘ ‘Til Death Do Us Part’, and Tony Booth hadn’t been cast as the Scouse Git, and made enough money from the show to send his daughter Cherie to Uni where she met Tony Blair , who up until then, although the son of a wanna be Tory MP, wanted to be a rock star or a priest, then Young Blair (encouraged by the Love of His Life ) wouldn’t have followed a career in politics, and New Labour, Peter Mandelson’s brainchild, following the Kinnock Disaster, and the untimely death of John Smith, might not have happened. Add Gordo the Clunker and the real life Malcolm Tucker, Alastair Campbell to the mix, and New Labour was born. It’s SDpeiohgt’s fault. The Butcher of Bahgdad is down to Johhny Boy.
    Brown, who believed that he was heir apparent to Smith, was sidelined, and Tony Blair was shaped and moulded into the leader of the acceptable face of New Socialism, the version of which expunged any notion of socialism from its philosophy for ever.
    Illegal wars, academy schools, renew Trident, privatise the NHS, a bung of billions to Big Business’ wage costs in the form of Working Tax Credits, ‘light touch’ deregulation of banks, the US pet poodle. Ah, New Labour, Old Tory.
    Dugdale, Murray, Gray, Lamont, Lords Reid Foulkes Darling MacConnell, and the rest of the money grubbing New Labourites are merely Red Tories.
    The Labour Party died when John Smith left us.
    All this talk of an Independent Party up here is risible. I note some posters on here are touting Federalism’ a la Torrance, or the Clunking Broon.
    We demand independence. Nothing less will do.
    To paraphrase WATP Professor Adam Tomkins, and the Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser, and their Loyal Sons of Orangery, ‘You can stick your Federalism up your arse’ .
    We are taking over the reins. England will be a friendly neighbour, hopefully within Europe, and that is it.
    No more revenue pouring South. No more Mundell as High Commissioner. No more fucking Lords and Ladies.
    Labour in Scotland has died. Sarwar’s pakora and Aloo Gosh will not feed and fund them forever.
    The evil that men do lives after them, the god is oft interred with their bones.
    The Labour body politic is dead, but the corpse still stinks.

    • Would that be the John Smith who was a QC and lived in a large detached house in one of the most expensive streets in Edinburgh whilst serving as MP for one of Scotland’s most deprived communities?

      The same John Smith who, as leader of the party, said “nothing to do with me” when the members of his party running Monklands District Council, in a report commissioned by the party by Prof Robert Black QC, were accused nepotism and sectarian discrimination?

      Mr Smith was a good politician and a decent man – but I am not convinced he was “the greatest Prime Minister that never was” as he is so often portrayed. Indeed he’d probably have been the first to say that himself.

      I would suggest the death of “Scottish” Labour started long before Mr Smith’s untimely departure.

      • Joe Kinnear says:

        John Smith was another mediocre Unionist SLAB hack. The mythological qualities of this man are precisely that – myths. He was not the cause of SLABs decilne nor would have been the saviour of Labour in Scotland.

      • bettyboopwp says:

        Agreed. Always thought of him as a champagne socialist and probably responsible for giving TB enough oxygen to self-promote and ultimately do evil globally.

        • Whoa, Guys. I’ve reread that which I wrote. I was merely using Smith as a political milestone, honest. Edit: Any vestiges of Old Labour died with John Smith. Ok?
          Je suis desole, mes braves.
          You may recall that Kinnock before Smith banished the Hattons of the far Left from Party Conference during his Labour Councillors ‘dashing around Liverpool in Taxis handing out redundancies to council workers’ bellow.
          Then he tripped on the seashore…
          Labour, post Wilson, was in decline, right enough.
          Mandelson, Blair, Brown, and latterly Alastair Campbell ditched Labour completely and presented the Red Tory ‘aspirational’ to the world, and Solihull, Lincoln, Harrogate, and Doncaster, lapped it up. Up here we did too. Not any more.
          When Dugdale bums that her party gave us the NHS, it is simply not true.

          The Real Labour Party did that.
          Red Tories gave us nothing but a United Unionist Laissez Faire Imperialist Elitist Oligarchy in London, who have failed Scotland miserably and cynically for 50 years now.
          No need to rearrange the chairs after every GE. We’re all money grubbing Tories now!
          They all sing from the same grubby little Holy London Empire hymn sheet.
          Today’s vote on internet security just about does it for me.

          They are all Better Together right enough.
          They don’t even need to pay lip service to voters in Scotland any more. They have gravitated to their natural (flipped) homes, Darn Sarf, London Town.
          I for one do not have a problem with that; it’s a step in the right direction.
          BTW; I am sixty eight, and not set in my ways, believe me.
          Get those WMD out of my feckin’ country now!
          We need out of this Union now.

  18. “It’s SDeioght’s fault?” Cheez.
    Never type when you’re fizzing with rage.
    No Federalism. No Devo Max. No Unionist Scotland Bill.
    Independence; the only way now.

  19. AAD says:

    I don’t believe that Tony Blair was ever Labour. I believe that the Tory party, realising there would be little left for them after Thatcher was dragged screaming out of Downing Street, got together and chose Blair as their Trojan Horse to ensure the Tories stayed in government. Who cares what the party in government is called as long as someone with Tory interests at heart is doing the business in Downing Street for them? I don’t think I’m paranoid………

    • bettyboopwp says:

      Nah, not paranoid! What passes for government in the UK is just the junior management for those with real power.

    • Joe Kinnear says:

      Read Tariq Ali on ‘the extreme centre’ – it’s a worldwide phenomenon. Essentially the idea of TINA (there is no alternative to neoliberalism) but you can have in blue or red if you so please.

  20. John Edgar says:

    If Slab has not much money and few members, how can it survive as a functioning unit? In terms of people, how can it function and gain in experience. One MP, a dwindling number of MSP’s – fewer than their former better together pals and former so- called grandees or big hitters and klunkers off the scene or occasionally pacing stages and uttering apocalyptic sounds with terrified visage!
    Apart from the paucity of personnel, Slab have been out of power in Holyrood for ten years now and a further four to five years in the doldrums awaits them. Their pool of experience at ministerial level is shrivelling.
    Not a very promising scenario. They have more Lords than MPs nodding about. Mind you, for their blue Tory counterparts at Holyrood, they have never held office and they have one MP too and the usual bunch of Lords. The LibDems are now behind the Greens at Holyrood. So,the branch westminsterites are a motley crew indeed. But at least they are all equal at the bottom. The wmsm just feeds them all articles and cheer-up lines to keep them in their delusion.
    So, where do they go after the result of the EU referendum if there is the Schadenfreude scenario – Scottish yes keeps England no in the EU against EVEL or Scottish yes is stifled by UK/English no and the will of the Scots is thwarted by a government and a party at Westminster it did not vote for?
    These are troubled times for the yoons, but for Slab, the once dominant party in Scotland it must be crippling. Still the red tories and the blue tories and the LibDems – the blue tories side kicks at Westminster of yore are all better where they are – together in the doldrums.
    Slab must rue the day they went in with their arch enemy – the tories

    • Joe Kinnear says:

      Ideally ambitious Scots will gravitate to the SNP as the only game in town. If indeed the majority of those that make up the Scottish political class see their path to significance/power via the SNP and independence then it will happen. Previously such people thought the only game in town was to be a player at Westminster, hence their bovine self-serving Unionism and desire to join ‘UK’ parties. Hopefully the parasitic scum that are SLAB are in a political death spiral.

  21. hettyforindy says:

    Surely Scotland is in a unique, bizarre situation right now? We have our own parliament, with very limited powers, all said and done. The Scottish National Party, with a majority vote, doing their damnedest to make Scotland a better place in which to live, while in contrast, the unionists attempt to stifle lives, to undermine the hopes and dreams of a people who have been so beaten down, told they are just useless and in no way fit to run their own country or their own affairs, for hundreds of years!

    Yet, at the same time, the SNP, have a massive majority of MPs in Westminster, sent there by the people of Scotland, while we are shackled to a dysfunctional, corrupt union, and yet, who makes most of the decisions regarding Scotland’s interests? Even when it comes to the EU, we are hardly represented.

    Any unionist party in Scotland, a branch of a much bigger party based in London,
    is just a token, and they cannot be anything like autonomous. It is all quite messy now, and can it be compared to any other country in what is actually going on? Probably, if you take extreme cases, like the US orchestration regarding what happens poiltically in South American countries. Except that they control those in power in those countries. Not so in Scotland, at present.

    Scotland has a party (the SNP) which the majority of voters choose to represent them, in Holyrood and by way of necessity, in Westmonster. No matter, look who is in charge, look at who takes Scotland’s revenues, do the majority of the people in Scotland want that? Look who decides on weapons that we are foced to have, based in our country, potentially armageddon causing, disgusting weapons.

    Why on earth are the unionists in Holyrood so damned intent on keeping Scotland shackled, at any cost, it only indicates one thing, they are all the same, the UKOK branches, completely controlled by the London UKOK government.

    Labour, now reduced to an empty shell, makes you wonder really about their intentions going back a long way, certainly regards Scotland. The houses (rabbit warrens) that they built to keep the poorest out of sight, are a clear indication of their contempt for the people of Scotland. Westminster at the helm, liebour allowed to steer and put up their pirate sails to keep the jocks in check.

    Given that Scotland has it’s own political party, with a majority of SNP MPs in Westminster, and more votes than the yoons put together in Holyrood, Scotland
    is being held back, by the union, and the yoons in Holyrood, red, yellow and blue, all of them having no qualms about that being such an undemocratic system in which to exist.

    We need out of their dysfunctional, undemocratic union, as soon as possible.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Amen to that.

    • Hetty, well said.
      We have a FPTP system at WM, where the Tories are in power with less than 25% of the electorate voting for them, and unrelentingly pushing through neo liberal beliccoe Empire building socity destroying policies which further enrich the Haves, while making the rest of us pay for it.

      First time buyer in London needs half a mill? Oh the pain !
      The SE is once again devouring itself, and ultimately the Crash will come, and we’ll all have to pay for it, as interest rates hit double figures, negative equity pollutes the SE, and if we hang about in this corrupt Union, that is.

      Remember ‘pooling and sharing’, Better Together’, and all that shite? Curran Darling Brtown Mundell and the Feckless Forty Red Tory Gray Train passengers?
      Never again.

      Our utter disgust at the lies, broken promises and EVEL was reflected in May 2015’s GE.

      We kicked them out on their arses, big time.

      They managed one MP each Up Here, yet Mundell is Master of all he surveys, the nobody that was Murray is ‘Shadow’ SoS, and Liar Carmichael continues to coin it in for doing nothing for another five years?

      The filibustering during the Scotland Bill Debate, and Lord Iain Lang’s HoL Scotland debate, are just two examples of our Unionist chancers laughing at democracy.

      I have observed before that I recall our Geography Master noting that Scotland and its Isles had a greater land mass than England, yet only a population of 5 million as compared with England’s 50 million plus; and that was 55 years ago.
      No change there.
      We have been socially and economically herded into little clusters by The Establishment since 1707. No more.
      We played their FPTP game, and returned 56 SNP MP’s on a manifesto that includes ultimate Independence and an ongoing commitment to putting the needs of the citizens of Scotland First.

      There are only three Unionist MP’s Up Here, who are quite frankly not very capable,yet the Unionist agenda dominates our MSM , and the SNP caucus in London, and the SNP Government Up Here marginalised, hounded, harassed and vilified at every turn.

      I don’t believe this Trident Poll. It is simply not true that over 65’s want to retain it.
      I am in that silver group, as are many of my friends and relatives. I can safely say to a man and woman that we want these obscenities removed from our country. Now !
      The poll was clearly rigged.
      The Political system in the UK is about to reach critical mass. The China Syndrome is nigh.

    • bettyboopwp says:

      This conclusion of this paragraph was evidenced in the results in the Holyrood elections: “Why on earth are the unionists in Holyrood so damned intent on keeping Scotland shackled, at any cost, it only indicates one thing, they are all the same, the UKOK branches, completely controlled by the London UKOK government.”

      The Yoonie parties and voters got together and voted for London.

  22. twathater says:

    I am beginning to seriously doubt the intelligence required to work and make decisions within the EU, this morning on daily politics it was announced that further to the success of the agreement between the EU and Turkey to stop or stem the influx of migrants and refugees to the EU at the TINY amount of 5 Billion Euros and visa free travel for Turks within the Schengen zone. The EU intelligentsia have decided in their ultimate wisdom, to extend this fantastic ( working or not ) idea to more Middle Eastern countries and African countries.
    They are proposing to GIVE ( Or Bribe ) African and ME countries with money and visa free travel within Schengen to dissuade and stem migrants attempts to get to Europe . Their belief is that if they give the money to these countries, and the relevant governments spend it on infrastructure and making the places better ( aye right ) the migrants will be happy with their new things ( provided that the dough will not end up in somebody’s bank account ) and they will not seek the promised land or the streets paved with gold.
    WTF the Turkey deal hasn’t worked, they are just finding and using different routes, we will never stop this onslaught until politicians realise that we cannot accept everyone, multi culturism and integration are creating massive problems. STOP BOMBING THESE COUNTRIES AND CONTRIBUTING TO THIS PROBLEM, MIND YOUR OWN F****** BUSINESS , LET THEM DEAL WITH ISIS IN THEIR OWN WAY

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