The consequences of deceit

Auntie Annabel Goldie, fresh from smoothing down the hair and wiping the torn faces of the new Tory MSPs with a hankie damp with spit, has opined that Nicola Sturgeon thinks having a bad hair day would be a trigger for a second independence referendum. She then went on to blame the SNP for having that terribly divisive referendum in the first place. How very dare they, upsetting the cosy Unionist consensus with their democracy and public engagement and stuff.

If Nicola had a shred of decency she’d know that some questions should never be asked, because they are deeply upsetting to middle aged and elderly middle class Conservative net curtain twitchers who’ve been used to getting things their own way for all of their entitled lives. Questions like – Why should we continue to live in a nation which is run from London for the benefit of middle aged and elderly middle class Conservative net curtain twitchers?Questions like – Don’t you think it’s about time that Scotland became a normal country and took responsibility for itself and cared for all its citizens equally? Questions like – Should Scotland be an independent country?

Auntie Annabel wants the SNP to stop with the divisive democracy stuff and put all that silliness behind it. She wants them to accept the Tory hand of friendship and get on with things as they jolly well ought to be, sensible shoed and nicely turned out, governing the country in the interests of middle aged and elderly middle class Conservative net curtain twitchers in a golf club blazer sort of way. Auntie Annabel wants an end to all the nonsense, nonsense like working class people having views and opinions, nonsense like Scotland imagining that there might be a better future, nonsense like the silly notion that democracy isn’t just a spectactor sport with the unwashed masses watching the professional blazer wearers.

What Tories really mean when the pontificate on the need for conciliation and a healing of the referendum wounds is that they want the independence campaign to shut up and go away. The Tories want conciliation in the same way that both sides in innumerable armed conflicts say that they want peace, what they really mean is that they want total victory and the utter defeat and humiliation of the other side. For Tories, conciliation is a one way street, it means that the supporters of independence must reconcile themselves to the certainty of Tory rule forever and the Tories reconcile themselves to having everything their own way.

Maybe if Auntie Annabel really wanted reconciliation she might have phrased her own remarks in a rather more conciliatory manner. Instead she chose to imply that there can be no real justification for another independence referendum. It’s only the independence campaign and the SNP who need to be held to their word, not the Tories or the Union. It’s only the independence campaign and the SNP who need to be conciliatory and understanding of the sensitivities of the other side. The Tories don’t do sensitive, they do photo ops on tanks, Union flag waving, demonising immigrants, punishing the poor, and whisking away the crutches of the disabled.

But perhaps more than anything else, the Tories do rank repugnant hypocrisy. They complain about the supposed divisiveness of the referendum campaign but they’re the single party that has done more than any other to create and deepend divisions in society. The Tories thrive on division, they foster fear, they spread hate because it’s the dung in which their strangling weeds grow. They put forward pursed lipped motions decrying the Gaelic and Scots languages, because Tories can only prosper in a nation that is ignorant and afraid of itself and which flees from its own history and culture. They whip up fear of the foreign, seek solace in militarism, they encourage those who are getting by to blame all their ills on the poor so that the rich can benefit. They’re the party of selfishness, of I’m alright Jackism, the party that speaks of the enemy within. They’re the party of austerity and slashing public services, of selling off the state to their pals in the private sector. The party of 21 century slavery, ensnaring us all in debt and poverty so that a few can enrich themselves.

The Conservatives are a party which requires division, which digs the chasms into which the low paid can fall, which measures the widening gap between the haves and the have nots in terms of house prices and shares options for directors. And they’ve got the nerve to preach about conciliation. The Tories idea of conciliation is to say that they’ll only hit us about the head with a hammer twenty times instead of twenty two.

If the Conservatives were serious about conciliation they’d be offering olive branches to Scotland. They’d have fulfilled and exceeded the promises that they made during the independence referendum campaign. Instead all we’ve seen is a litany of Westminster failure, of deliberate contempt, job losses and the gleefully bouncing Fluffy Mundell announcing that the Scotland Bill was a trap. The Tories didn’t present an olive branch to Scotland, they offered us a cup of hemlock and then they act offended when we’ve refuse to drink deep and let our hopes die.

Just over two years ago the Tories could have practised the reconciliation that they preach and allowed a question on devo max on the referendum ballot paper. They refused, and instead decided to gamble on a yes no question to independence alone because they mistakenly believed that there would be a crushing victory for the Union and they could consign the independence campaign to a footnote in the history books. Then in the closing days of the campaign they realised the magnitude of their error and were forced to make all sorts of vague promises which they knew all too well that independence supporters would interpret as a commitment to devo max. Then they went back on those promises and instead of devo max they delivered what they themselves described as a trap. Now they’re complaining that the independence movement isn’t satisfied, they’re complaining about the consequences of their own deceit.

They’re learning now that there can be no reconciliation with liars, no one can trust a word that the Tories say. We’re not going away Auntie Annabel, if you really want reconciliation, the devo max ball is in your court. But the Tories don’t want reconciliation, they want us to give up and go away. And that’s not going to happen. As other Scottish aunties might say, hell slap it intae ye Annabel, because you’ve only got yourself to blame.

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53 comments on “The consequences of deceit

  1. Andimac says:

    Annabel Goldie…Annabel Goldie – that name rings a faint bell (Annabel?). Wasn’t she some minor political figure in the past? Not that her figure was all that minor, mind you. Nobody listened to her back then: why would anyone listened to her now. She’s right about these referenda being divisive though – just look at how the Tory-inspired EU in/out referendum is uniting her party. I just loved the outrage expressed when Farage the Nutter said there should be a 2nd EU referendum if there was a narrow “In” majority – apparently, that’s to be a “once in a generation” job too. Roll on independence – it’ll be like a sane man escaping from the asylum.

  2. katherine hamilton says:

    To speak of reconciliation in the context of a sexist and demeaning comment about the First Minister of Scotland, the First Minister of Scotland for f**k sake, says all we need to know about her, not as a Tory, but as a person.

    You’ve dealt withe Tories.

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  4. Good angry piece to a good angry audience. Amazing lack of talent in the current Holyrood opposition. No change there, then.
    Weel spake, WGD

  5. Movy says:

    I really thought that Annabel Goldie had more in her than to come up with such a cheap jibe. I am disappointed in her – and she should be in herself. In my opinion, she has made herself look stupid and ridiculous. What a shame. I pity her. As KH says above, that tells us much much more about her as a person.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Movy, I thought she’d more in her than to head for the HoL. So anything she says or does now is not worthy of consideration. As for her sexist comment regarding our FM……well that simply proves she’s of the last century.

  6. Dan Huil says:

    With every day that passes my contempt for britnats grows. They are truly disgusting.

  7. How dare you, it’s Baroness Goldie of Bishopton to you, she will have your head for this.

    You’d make a grant speech writer by the way.

  8. A big fat failure: never elected. Yet Goldie becomes leader of the Blue Tories, fails miserably yet again, hands the golden baton on to a younger version, jolly hockey sticks Davidson, and gets bumped up to the House of Lards, where, unelected, and resoundingly rejected by the people of Scotland, she makes law which affect our lives. I believe that she is Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Renfrew.
    Whit sort of feffing fascist state do we live in?

    Riddle me this, all you well off, middle class, accountants, lawyers, actruaries, insurance brokers, hedge funders,investment bankers, Uni Heads, and belted earls, and millionaire fairy story writers.who voted No and WATP Tory and Unionist.

    Is this the Scotland you want to live in? Unelected SE Establishment lackeys spouting this pish, and widely reported by an eager and willing Unionist propaganda machine ? 500,000 citizens living below the poverty line, 5000 more deaths per year than Liverpool and Manchester, foodbanks, Pay Day Loans from grubby Moneylenders at 1274%, charity shops, zero hours, £1.1 billion cuts to disabled infirm and poor children?

    I’m all right, Jack, and fuck the rest of you? Really?

    Is that really the entrenched position of our Middle Classes, and their Hullo Hullo Brownshirts, ably marshalled by WATP Professor Adam Tomkins, and The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser?( We didn’t elect either of these numbnuts either, BTW.)
    5 million people quelled into Blue Red and Jaundiced Tory submission by the wealthy, the privileged and ancient land grabbing nobility?

    Not any more, Goldie. You were a failure as a politician. ‘Way back Down South and leave us in peace.
    Our day is coming, when these Lords and Ladies will be a footnote, a collective laughing stock.
    The Red Tories, and the Jaundiced lying Tories are no better.
    Dugdale, Murray and Baillie outside the Scottish Parliament today, waving their placards. Insincere idiots.
    Nice game played slow.
    Money for nothing.

    • hettyforindy says:

      Excellently said Jack, and a great writer is the WGD. Thank goodness for this site, being stuck at home quite a bit, this keeps me sane. I am surrounded by the types Paul describes here in centre of Edinburgh, and they really are the I am alright Jack mindset, many work away, in London, and send their kids to english boarding schools. I bet their kids will do their free degrees in Scotland though!

      • for the life of me, Hetty, I cannot understand how any Scottish Labour supporter, or Trades Unionist for that matter, can lend their support to a neo conservative, Tony Blair, war criminal, acolyte like Ian Murray, and the Dugdales, Baillies, and Grays of this world.
        English Labour has abandoned Scotland.
        The Union is dead.
        Socialism in England is on its knees.
        We must reassert our Independence now.

        • JGedd says:

          Jack Collatin, I think that the reason is, the residual vote for Labour is essentially right wing. They are the ones who did well, in a time when there could be ‘ a job for life’ and advanced socially, have bought their council house or have a mortgage and feel comfortable with the status quo, probably of retiral age with a good pension provision. They are as jealous of their place in society as any Tory.

          Formerly, these people would have become natural Tory voters as their personal situation improved, but Labour, moving to the right, was able to happily accommodate them. I have encountered these voters, usually strong trade union members, content with the Labour party (seen by them as the trade union party) protecting their interests. However, when it came to what we might call social issues, their views could be as conservative and reactionary as any Tory voter.

          The problem for Labour, is that these voters can now transfer their votes easily to the Tories. They would have been the ones who voted No in the referendum and their natural alliance is with other No voters. They perceive the SNP in the same way as the Tories do, as threatening to their position in the social order. Labour is now in the business of struggling to hold on to these voters while trying desperately at the same time to portray themselves as socially left-wing, an impossible position electorally.

          • J Gedd, you may have a point.
            I wonder what the Civil Servants in HMRC think, now that their jobs are being moved from Scotland to Crawley? Did they vote No?
            Despite Lord Liar Carmichael Of Portsmouth’s, and Iain ‘bayonet the wounded’ Davidson’s threats to punish shipyard workers if they voted Yes by moving MOD work out of Scotland (good Scottish ‘patriots’ that they are), we find that the Blue Tories have reneged on their promise, with not a whimper from the Red Tories,and the frigate contracts have been delayed and the order slashed, and £200 million refurb of Scotstoun by BAE will not now go ahead, threatening the jobs of the workers at Govan Scotstoun and Rosyth. Since the ‘broad shoulders’ of Cameron will not support our G&O industry, will workers still stick by New Labour, the Red Tories, or Jolly Hockey Sticks Davidson?
            The Daily Record nonsense today on the Cal Mac contract says it all.
            They are liars, and will do anything, sacrifice Scots workers’ jobs, just to stay on the gravy train.
            They are one down the food chain from grave robbers. Scum.
            The Blue Tories were roundly defeated the other week, coming a very poor second to the triumphant SNP. The Red Tories were consigned to also rans. We are still moving in the right direction.
            Next May, I doubt if the Tammany Hall Councils will survive.
            Then the police investigations can begin and these crooks thrown in jail.

  9. Dave Oh What says:

    Love it! Bowling club with blazer, club crest and pleated skirt! Cheeks flushed after a few ‘rozays’. Thought she’d retired and given us all a break.

  10. You should not have held back Paul. BG of B, a nonentity in the Scottish Parliament and now giving a title for what? Sadly this did not elevate her in the intelligence stakes and I think she was some sort of lawyer as well. What is it about Best to keep quiet and be thought an idiot… rather than………. HELP Ma BOAB

  11. Sue de Nymme says:

    Some time ago I went to the funeral of an old friend, Phil Gallie, a Conservative MP/MSP. At the reception afterwards Goldie, without asking or indeed even looking at those at my table, lifted one of our chairs and moved it to her group. Baroness? Lady? She has the manners of a guttersnipe.

  12. David Agnew says:

    you can’t talk to people who say with petted lip and clenched fist “whats ours is ours & whats yours in negotiable” The problem for Goldie is that there is no way out for them. The skillfully took on the mantle of no surrender and now realise that they can’t win over any yes voters this way. So we are the ones to have to surrender our hopes for the future to clasp the cold clammy dead hand of union.

    The answer is no.

  13. fin. says:

    your quite the motivator mr wee ginger dug. how v.true.

  14. They know just what they’re at. Their entire 2015 Westminster election campaign was run on appeal to Englishness, and if it were not for the possible consequences I’d be ROFLMAO about how this concept has come back to bite then in a Brexit vote that they thought would be a walk-over for them, on this, one of the few times when their interests and those of the peoples of the shortly-to-be Former UK happen to coincide

  15. mealer says:

    Its time to scrap the House of Lords.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Independence will rid us of the House of Lords.
      The rUK can then do what they want with it.

  16. Frank BOYD says:

    WGD you are easily the best and most prolific commentator on Indyref and the political situation in Scotland. You really do know the spirit of this movement. My thanks.

  17. smilingvulture says:

    Have a feeling I’d understand the Union better,if I walked into The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, located in East Lothian Muirfield.

    A Labour seat

  18. Black Rab says:

    The consequences of deceit are many fold and eventually will lead to the unionist chicken being plucked and standing in the mud. Eventually. All knots are found in the comb.

  19. Macart says:

    Just to be absolutely crystal clear, the Conservatives are friends to none and never have been. Annabel Goldie was apparently well thought of cross party amongst politicians. Happily I’m not a politician and all I see is another Conservative.

    They don’t govern for all and they never have. They govern for themselves.

    Used to be they’d merely manipulate and rob the public blind. Of recent times they’ve expanded their horizons and they’ve betrayed friends, allies, peers and partners. They’re equal opportunities politicians you see. They’ll stab anyone in the back for personal advantage.

    To say I hold Conservative ‘values’, their system of government and their practice of politics in utter contempt is understating the issue. What they have done to the peoples of the UK, the changes they have brought about in society through their naked manipulation and demonisation of significant sectors of the population, all for personal gain, is beyond appalling. It is sickening.

    If there is division in our country, ‘auntie Annabel’ need look no further than a mirror for the cause. Though I doubt she’d lose much sleep.

  20. andygm1 says:

    When the Romans wanted to take over a country, they got the local big wigs in their side and bought them off with money, and local power.

    Westminster did this with Scotland and Annabel Goldie and her ilk are the recipients of its largesse. It will always support them to the hilt for they are the base of its own power. That is why they have such an outrageous sense of entitlement fit they are entitled, sometimes literally.

  21. andygm1 says:

    DOH! ‘For’

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  23. James Kanogo says:

    A great piece…

  24. I saw the Muirfield item on the news tonight. Was the Spokesman a Scot?

  25. Global Nomad says:

    You know there is one thing that I have been contemplating for a wee while now and that is, once the Tories have privatised everything and there is nothing left to sell, what will they do?

    It scares me to think that a large number of the population will die as there will be absolutely no chance for the poorer within our society to afford to go to hospitals, doctors, etc.

    We will be too busy trying to continue to make ends meet and whilst I understand that is the case for many now, it will only get worse as the years roll on.

    The irony of all this to me is that, without us feeding money into the treasury with our taxes, the establishment is literally cutting off its own supply.

    If things don’t change soon, then I genuinely believe that the UK will see a revolution/uprising from the working classes (I don’t believe in saying lower/middle/upper as it is a stick which has been used to brainwash us for generations).

    By working classes, that means anyone who earns up to the 40% threshold. Some people here may think that people who are earning up to 40k a year are all voting tory because they have the funds to stash cash. Sadly that is not the case. When a person reaches that threshold it usually means you are having to work that much harder to attain it. The balance between work/life takes a serious battering and for what, to earn pennies for doing more work – What is the point???

    Sorry, went off on a tangent there.

    Great article though Paul, gie the dug a scratch ahin the lugs fae me.

  26. Superb dissection once again Paul – Tories, warts and all (well, in fact, just warts).

    Nicola needs to call them out at every opportunity.

    Talking of which, good on John Swinney on Good Morning Scotland yesterday morning for calling out BBC Radio Scotland for not telling the truth. He really took them on and challenged them about their reporting.

    It’s about time the SNP took the gloves off when it comes to interviews with the BBC.

    By the way, for those who haven’t seen it yet, three excellent paragraphs from an article on OpenDemocracy last week that neatly sums up the situation for (Not) Labour in Scotland:

    “Significantly, such a pragmatist strategy would probably mean accepting that Labour is finished in Scotland, and coming to some kind of arrangement with the SNP. Let’s be real here – there is no foreseeable way in which Scottish Labour can come back from oblivion. What has happened in Scotland is quite complicated, but easy enough to grasp. For now, most Scots don’t want independence – they want radical federalism. But they also want to be represented both in Holyrood and in Westminster by an unambiguously social democratic party. They do not trust Labour to be that party in Westminster or Holyrood, and it would be insane to expect them to look down south at the antics of the Parliamentary Labour Party and to come to any different conclusion.

    There are only two ways this can go now. Either independence is coming down the track very soon; or the SNP can be persuaded, at least for the medium term, to do what most of their voters actually want, which is to park independence for the time being and to support a radical progressive government at Westminster, while administering most of their affairs from Holyrood. There is no other option on the table. Of course it would be politically impossible for the Labour leadership to admit this publicly – they can’t admit that they have given up Scotland. But Labour members and supporters would do well to accept this reality.

    Again, I realise this is anathema to many Labour tribal supporters. But I ask you now – all of you Labour supporters who sneer whenever the possibility is mooted of a ‘Progressive Alliance’ between Labour, Greens, Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats – what is that you think is different this time? What is that you think has changed, that means that your preferred scenario – Labour winning a parliamentary majority without first completely selling out – is actually on the cards now, for the first time in over a century?”

    • Ahem, Steve,

      ‘For now, most Scots don’t want independence – they want radical federalism. ‘
      I think that you’ll find that ‘most Scots’ want, no demand, Independence now.

      At least 45% of us will brook no argument about Federalism or Home Rule, or Devo Max, or any of the other mealy mouthed watered down Smith Commission lies bandied about by Brown and Co.

      WE are fighting for full blown Independence; a people’s velvet revolution.
      I want nothing to do with Westminster soon.. No ifs, no buts.
      Saor Alba.

      • Hi Jack – quote not mine (hence “quote marks”) and I don’t agree with that bit. But thought the overall sentiment (coming from a Labour source effectively) was interesting.


        • I sensed that, Steve.
          Last week Mcleish and Co were peddling Home Rule as the way forward for New Labour. That died a death.
          Death by a thousand cuts. Somewhere is a Vapour filled backroom, the Branch Office Heid High Yins must be close to crossing the divide.
          Labour for Independence is not far a way now.

  27. John Edgar says:

    The yoons are flummoxed. The two -party system, a fix between the sense-of-entitlement types is kaputt. People like Goldie just wallow in the past. They hang on to a system which is not set in the firmaments, it is not self evident. It is people who have changed politics in Scotland and the yoons are set in a time trap.
    The generational shift will finish yoonism. Then Scotland can focus on its own body politic. The yoons will change. The Tories were agin Holyrood and proportional representation, as were Labour. Now they have had to accept it. The yoon parties in their English heartlands, and they are English parties, are at war as their sense of entitlement has been challenged by the EU. Old imperialistic notions of superiority – wanting to lord it over others – keep bobbing up. The EU has made them aware they are not “top dog”, no matter what the Telegraph spouts.
    The remnants of the old yoonery are a blubbering blob in the HoL. More yoon Lords than MPs!!
    Pensioned off in the last bastion of irrelevance.
    The Goldie outbursts are sanctimonious. If things get worse for them, and it will, it will turn to outright nastiness. Their Last Stand will be to charge the SNP and other groups who want independence with terrorism, extremism and the like, termed anti-British activities and sentiments.
    The windsorama elites will drop hints and the veil of impartiality will drop.
    It happened in the dying days of Empire after the British Empire surrendered at Singapore to the Asiatic Japanese imperialists.
    The Tory divisions in England over the EU are the final denouement of this. The Brexiters, Engxiters to be more precise, cheerled by the Telegraph, are the last bastion of this relic of imperialistic think.
    Go online to the Yelegraph today and read bit about the new Quern Elizabeth class of aircraft carrier. It is full of sentiments like “they do not like it up ’em!” Aircraft diplomacy has replaced gunboat diplomacy. Sad souls.

  28. Iain Ross says:

    Well we all know what they are like but for me it feels like we are shouting in a vacuum.

    The Tories and all the Unionist cronies in the media now just crow about the “most powerful devolved parliament” in the world and that the SNP need to “stand up to the plate” and “use the extensive powers” instead of just complaining. While at the same time trying to do a complete hatch job on any member of the SNP they can get their claws into or on any SNP policy that might be falling short.

    And that seems to dovetail in with the fact that lots of Scots just don’t seem to care, I hear them everyday at work moaning about “boring politics”; it is like they are happy in their cage as long as they have Strictly Great British Bake Off Sat night telly, take aways, cheap drink and their two weeks in Spain.

    When I dwell upon what the legacy of the No vote it is really bothers me. It annoys me that the greedy and fearful always seem to win out, it is not supposed to be this way!

    Where do we go from here? I don’t see how we move forward and my worst fear is that the energy of the Yes movement shall just seep away just like the Unionists want and it shall be back to business as usual trapped in a bad dream……

    • Andimac says:

      Iain, I agree entirely. Many, probably most, people are happy with the bread and circuses. It was ever thus. I think it will be an uphill struggle to keep on the road to independence, but it’s a worthwhile struggle. History shows that revolution, radical change, social justice, better conditions, etc., etc., are not won by “ordinary people” but by enthusiasts, intellectuals and activists. That’s not about to change anytime soon, I’m afraid.

    • Robert Graham says:

      yes sorry to say i agree with your comment over the life of the next parliament we will see the daily drip drip backed up by a media whose only aim will be to undermine any effort at competent government by a SNP faced with an industrial scale deluge of total misinformation and sometimes downright lies , the current Cal-Mac non story just one of many to follow , a depressing prospect for all independence supporters , oh well at least in the Tory opposition in Holyrood we have a clear target without a dumb useless Labour shield as in Kezia & Co .

    • Dan Huil says:

      “Where do we go from here?”

      Well, I don’t know about you, Iain, but refusing to pay the bbc licence tax and refusing to buy britnat newspapers gives me some comfort – also internet sites like this one gives me hope. I pass on pro-indy website addresses as often as I can.

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      Where do we go from here? …something to look forward to …the polling booth on 4th May 2017…in numbers never seen before.. if you have an incling for any of the following reserved powers – but how can that be? – there are surely very few reserved powers? in ‘the most powerful deloved parliament in the world.’

      Reserved powers:-
      Decisions (mostly about matters with a UK or international impact) are reserved and dealt with at Westminster.

      UK Foreign Policy

      Social Security
      Financial & Economic Matters
      Constitutional matters
      Immigration & Nationality
      Monetary System
      Common Markets
      Some transport
      Data Protection
      Medical Ethics
      Equal Opportunities

      Looks like our opportunities have to be managed at present by others – for our own good, clearly some are more equal than others.

  29. Tedious Tantrums says:

    Is it not the Brit Establishment we are fighting? The same as it has ever been for hundreds of years? They have far too much to lose. These silly little politicians or the dreadfully inept second raters are their front line. Like Annabel but not like Ruthie, like Boris not Dave or Gideon and as for fluffy and his son, well best left…

    The BE have most of the cards. They’ve had and used them to ensure their own, their families and there fellow BE’s. Nothing allowed to be lost or if so just for a short time. Their arrogance, greed and contempt helping to support a structure which is way past its best, limping and teetering on the brink.

    It will take time for them to go. We almost did it. Stealth won’t work. People. Only people will make it happen. I worry about dying before independence is achieved. Many others similarity I’m sure.

    Onwards and upwards.

    • Dan Huil says:

      Quite right. Just remember how far we’ve travelled in the last few years. We will get there; Scotland will regain its independence.

      • Just keep your powder dry, lads and lassies.
        They are slaters feeding on dog shit.
        To them the world is dog shit.
        Well, we know better.
        Goldie just about sums up their crooked little world of privilege.
        Yet she can’t become a member at Muirfield.
        I hear she makes a neat cucumber and cress sannie, though, but, mind.
        Ruth will ‘bully off’ at Holyrood by exhorting us all to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, no doubt.
        The Tories. Reward the rich, screw the rest of us.

  30. Robert Graham says:

    I haven’t read what Annabel has said and the comments regarding her supposed views on Nicola Sturgeon made me think that this doesn’t sound like her usual measured tone , I can only presume she has been got at by Ruth the mooths nasty wee propaganda unit that is being driven by Cameron ,
    Gloves off Nicola forget the niceties go for the Throat , give them the respect they deserve , and let’s see who Labour backs against the Tories .

  31. J Galt says:

    Lets analyse the “Tory Revival”.

    The terminally declining Working Class Orange Vote has gone home to see out it’s dotage

    There has been a bit of tactical voting mainly in the South East and Edinburgh.

    The “Leader” sits in an utterly unsafe seat her “victory” the result of tactical voting only (how very different from the situation in Nicola’s seat!).

    That they’re crowing about this shows how desperate they are.

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