Slaves to ukonomics

You want to know the price of the Union? Following the news that the infamous Glasgow Effect is a by-product of decades of Westminster inspired social engineering, a study carried out by Sheffield Hallam University has found that by 2020 Scotland is going to suffer from £1.1 billion worth of cuts to the social security payments received by its already battered residents.

Across the UK people who rely on state support in order to eke out a living are facing a total of £13 billion in cuts. Under the Tory-Lib Dem coalition, Westminster slashed £5 billion from the funds spent on housing benefit, under this government that figure is set to double. We have to do this to balance the books, says George Osborne, because the global financial crisis was caused by poor people and by the homeless. Meanwhile the incomes of the richest continue to soar because it’s unfair that a company director can’t afford a third or fourth holiday home. This is because of the fundamental Tory law of economics that says that in order to be encouraged to be more productive the poor must be whipped, but the rich must be cossetted. That’s ukonomics that is.

The areas worst affected by the new round of cuts will be the same areas which were assailed by the deindustrialisation which Thatcher employed as a deliberate strategy to castrate the Unions. In other words, after creating cities and town full of people suffering from ill health, disabilities, shortened life expectancies and curtailed life choices in an effort to destroy organised working class resistance to their rule, the Tories are now punishing the poor and the marginalised even further by cutting the pittance it pays to keep them in misery.

Don’t expect Ruth Davidson of the Ruth Davidson Holding the SNP to Account Vote Ruth Davidson Party to do any holding to account while any of this is going on. All Ruth is concerned about is a second independence referendum that’s not on the horizon. Besides, it’s her pals in the Tory party who are punishing the poor. Ruthie’s so relaxed about that that she’ll go and pose for a photo-op while sitting on a buffalo that’s driving a tank.

This is Scotland remember, and it’s only the SNP who need to be held to account, not the people who have their paws on the levers of macro-ukonomic control and who have dug their claws into the backs of the poor, the low paid, and the vulnerable. People who can barely take ten steps but who have now been assessed as fit for work thanks to the DWP’s changes to disability assessments aren’t able to make it to Ruthie’s photo ops. People are being forced to food banks, into desperation and despair, but as long as the Tories can pose for a nice photie and hold the SNP to account for Gaelic road signs, the press cameras can forget about the devastation that Ruth’s friends wreak on our society.

The cuts are UK wide of course, people in Liverpool and Manchester and Newcastle and Swansea are going to suffer too. That must be that pooling and sharing that Gordie Broon told us about. Doesn’t that make you feel great to be British? This is a country where solidarity means that we all get our throats slashed together. But not quite all together. Funnily enough the cuts are not going to be felt in the south and east, the regions of the UK where people are most likely to return a Tory MP. No doubt this is entirely coincidental. Places like Scotland and Wales and the urban areas of the North of England where people are less likely to vote Tory are going to bear the brunt of the cuts, and Glasgow is one of the 40 districts worst affected. This is of course a mere accidental by product of Treasury calculations. And if you believe that you probably also believe that Ruth Davidson posing on a tank for fan boys in the Tory press is actually a well articulated policy position.

Ukonomics means the property bubble of London, the yawning chasm between rich and poor, it means emigration from Scotland is presented as a Union benefit while benefits for the disabled, the elderly and the chronically ill are slashed to the bare bones of a starvation income. It means newspaper features about lifestyles where the well off and well connected pay outrageous sums for the latest superfood berry, handpicked by Peruvian grandmothers in a cloud forest in the Andes, while the poorest worry if they can afford a tin of beans in an E-numbers sauce and the self righteous tell us that things are so much worse in Chad or Syria so we must not complain. But we don’t live in the third world, we don’t live in a war zone. We live in what we’re always being told is one of the richest and most successful countries in the world. So why is it still crap?

The new Scottish Parliament gets underway properly this week, a parliament which can look forward to some limited powers over social security. The powers come as part of the deal which was grudgingly granted to Scotland by Unionist parties who were determined to deliver as little as possible of the frantic promises that they made during the last few days of the independence referendum campaign. The SNP has promised to use the new powers to restore housing benefit to young people, increase carer’s allowance, and improve the way in which disability benefits are assessed. But any increased payments made in order to ameliorate the cuts that are being enforced by Westminster will only have to come out of some other part of the Scottish budget.

The new powers don’t prevent Westminster from lopping off a Scottish limb, they just give the Scottish government the choice of which limb is to be amputated. And now the Scottish Unionist media can concentrate its fire on criticising the Scottish government for its choice of limb, while ignoring the people who are demanding the amputations in the first place. The Scottish parliament doesn’t have control over the powers required in order to stimulate the Scottish economy and create jobs and growth which could prevent the need for any cuts in the first place. We’re still tied to a Tory agenda, we’re still slaves to ukonomics.

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42 comments on “Slaves to ukonomics

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug Slaves to ukonomics […]

  2. Lollysmum says:

    Para 3-typo ‘woring’ class

    I feel your pain through these words.

  3. FM says:

    Para 5 – marco economics.

  4. Please send this to Fluffy!!

  5. douglas clark says:

    “Spot the typo day”

    The Labour Parties late late manifesto? Now, that was a typo, surely ;-(

  6. Tinto Chiel says:

    “The areas worst affected by the new round of cuts will be the same areas which were assailed by the deindustrialisation which Thatcher employed as a deliberate strategy to castrate the Unions.”

    Just so Paul, though most people seem to have forgotten the vindictive and destructive actions of Thatcher were aimed at smashing opposition to her dire policies. The miners in particular had to be destroyed. The dreadful social consequences of course were just the icing on the Tory cake. Even a successful Orgreave enquiry could never minimise the great tide of human misery her attacks set in motion. Then add job losses in steel, car production (Linwood, anyone?), fishing, engineering, and so on, and on and on….

    “And now the Scottish Unionist media can concentrate its fire on criticising the Scottish government for its choice of limb, while ignoring the people who are demanding the amputations in the first place.”

    A statement everyone should remember when we hear The Yoons attack the SG for not doing enough on its pocket money while Tank Girl’s plutocrat friends continue to siphon off Scottish wealth down to the Great Wen of Londinium.

    See me? Pyoor raging, by the way.

  7. Dan Huil says:

    Time for strong measures from the SNP government. First: radical land reform, returning the land to all the people of Scotland, and no, or very little, compensation to the rich so-called land-owners.

  8. Macart says:

    Yeah, it’s deja vu all over again. Necessary austerity measures… (mutters fucking darkly), see under governmental clusterfuck that the population picks up the tab for.

    Successive governments from Thatcher through to Cameron have ALL practiced one and one only, economic strategy… trickle down. If the rich are doing well, so the theory goes, the poor will ‘eventually’ benefit.


    Manufacturing and industry all but gone and hundreds of thousands of people find themselves jobless as the country redirects its economy toward services and in particular the financial sector. The ‘rust belt’ is decommissioned in favour of ‘easy money’ and resource management (see also under ROB YOUR FUCKING PARTNERS BLIND). After all who wants to manage an economy in order to maintain a competitive industrial base eh? Its hard work that is. No, far easier to lose all those unnecessary tiresome tasks in favour of a magic money tree. What could go wrong?

    Centralize constitutional power and decentralize or lose altogether powers and responsibilities governing the welfare state. They’re also seen by the Conservatives and later New Labour, as heavy, not to mention expensive maintenance and really it’s only the pointless and the powerless who rely on these things. Besides, the economy by this point is almost fully geared toward financial services as a colossal 78% of the UKs economy is now non manufacturing based. The media is selling the narrative. Government and the corporate world are living in each other’s hip pockets. The right palms have been greased and peerages are being sold left right and centre. De regulation and absence of government oversight are working wonderfully for a tiny percentage of the population and then someone says those fateful words… ‘I don’t believe that’s worth what you say it is’ and an economy built on sand is washed away in a tsunami of false credit, exposed financial criminal abuse and catastrophic governmental ineptitude.

    Our taxes, our pensions, our futures wiped as if they never were. The Tories blame Labour. Labour blames the Tories. Both then blame everyone else and carnage ensues. Governments are forced to go back to the bank of the powerless to pay twice over for the monies greed ridden, corrupt and inept government lost in the first place.

    Better yet, the Conservatives capitalize on the situation ousting the last incumbents and use them as the sole whipping boy whilst they take Thatchers original ideology and run with it to new extremes of wealth disparity. New waves of narrative and media manipulation are employed to demonise and marginalize significant demographics of the UKs population in order to deflect, divide and retain power.

    These pricks literally have the public turning on each other whilst they take every soul in every corner of these islands for every penny they can.

    Does anyone other than the most deluded fucking halfwit believe they are governing wisely, or with the best interests of ALL of the population in mind?

    What part of ‘these bastards are unfit to govern’ is not clear by this point? How much more do they have to do to people before the message finally gets through?

    It does not have to be this way.

    • Saor Alba says:

      As you say Macart, only deluded fucking halfwits believe the Tories are governing in the best interests of all. Also, in Alba, the same deluded fucking halfwits fail to recognise the good government in Holyrood since the SNP took charge. These halfwits do NOT want to hear the truth and simply attack in personal terms or with distractions. Hate is not easy to view.

    • Guga says:

      In essence, the “trickle down” theory of economics mean that the rich get to piss down on the poor from a great height.

    • maxi says:

      Very well said…Now you know why they are taking the guns away from the general public.

  9. Tinto Chiel says:

    “What part of ‘these bastards are unfit to govern’ is not clear by this point? How much more do they have to do to people before the message finally gets through?”

    Yes, Sam, but the question could be rephrased, “Would we be independent now if we had had a MSM in 2014 which better reflected Scottish opinion?”

    It all comes back to the propaganda of Vichy Vision and the Dead Tree Press.

    What’s going to change before Indyref2 to counteract their dire diet of lies?

    • Macart says:

      The answer to the first question is easy – YES we would be independent with a truly reflective and representative media.

      The answer to the second question is just as easy – Nothing – in terms of the media. They will not and cannot change. There is no Scottish owned MSM, only Scottish franchises of establishment press. If there is to be a change it will come from us and no one else.

      Its a war of attrition at this point. Who will last longest and who has the stronger will? The media and their backers, or the independence movement?

      They may have deep pockets and a big megaphone, but that’s a resource of diminishing returns these days. They failed to prevent a third term for all their efforts and now there are only two hurdles left – The councils and a second referendum.

  10. Diane says:

    What worries me, as I said to Paul on his wee soiree to Edinburgh last week is, despite all this shit going on, we still don’t see support for independence rising above 50%. What is wrong with people? Do they just accept it after years of acceptance because it’s just how it is. Can’t decide if that makes me angry or sad.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Many people who might support independence do not vote as they don’t see the point, overwhelmed as they are by abject misery and poverty.

      We have to reach to them and somehow get the message across that it is important that they register to vote and use that vote.

  11. mary docherty says:

    Well said!! Friends blind daughter taken to Atos for work assessment assessor held up four fingers and asked how many could she see !!!! Swerry words!! where’s the msm???

  12. hettyforindy says:

    Excellent article Paul.

    Of course, every penny removed from the poor, by the UKok government, is income lost in local ecomonies, and also money taken away from already over stretched councils. Services are then more crucial but can’t be sustained, and ill health means more pressure on the NHS.

    The Scottish government, have to somehow pick up the pieces, while the well paid yoons scream at them incessantly for not doing enough. It’s a disgrace, and austerity is an attack on the people, ie, those who through no fault of their own are in some way dependent on a few crumbs from the state.

    How on earth did we get be in such a mess, where the unionists in the UKok government, represent only the rich, and themselves. How they sleep at night I just don’t know. The rich represent the rich, and have totally taken power, it is in effect a totalitarian state right now. They even have some tory’s own private company counting the votes!

    The yoons in the Scottish parliament, condoning the cuts, are an utter disgrace to Scotland. May they rot in hell.

  13. Sandy says:

    Great comment Macart. Ever considered writing your own blog? Maybe you could cover for Paul when he’s on holiday? 😉

  14. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Leopards don’t change their spots.

    Tories – party of the rich, for the rich, by the rich.

    Sorry but when you voted No this is what you were voting for – or at least conceding it might happen.

    Don’t ever say you weren’t warned.

    I am sick to death of rich boys telling the poor it’s their own fault and the only solution is to exacerbate the poverty.

  15. Andimac says:

    They can’t help it, because they’re Vicious, Inbred, Loathsome, Etonian, Conservative, Unionist, Nasty, Tofffee-nosed Scum – that’s my INITIAL thoughts anyway.

  16. Saor Alba says:

    The third f must have got stuck Andimac.

  17. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Project Fear not, ..BBC news just in…….

    ”Ms Sturgeon’s SNP won its third consecutive Holyrood election on 5th May, but finished two seats short of an overall majority.
    Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie was the only MSP to stand against Ms Sturgeon.
    Ms Sturgeon, who won 63 votes to Mr Rennie’s five, is now the official nominee for Furst Meenister, to be confirmed by the Queen.
    During the vote, 59 members abstained, backing neither candidate.
    Despite the Liberal Democrats finishing fifth in the election after winning just five seats, Mr Rennie said he wanted to underline the fact Ms Sturgeon will lead a minority administration.”

    Well credit to Mr. Rennie, who at least had the guts to put himslf forward, unlike runner-up Ruth who maintains she is going to hold the SNP to account – but in her fist act, failed to put herself forward.

    As for Labour – well Labour abstaining – is that really news.

    The Greens already flexing their muscles perhaps.

    The simple arithmetic is that if this is a ‘minority government’ as we are constantly told in the MSM, then if only 5 can be bothered to vote against the leader of the ‘the bad SNP’ (and have to assume Willie voted for himself) and the rest can’t be bothered to represent their constutuents (or in the new inclusive Parliament have the maganimity in defeat to acknowledge the clear victor with an overwhelming mandate), then it should be plain sailing ahead.

    If 63 seats is a ‘minority government’, then thats fine, put a big underline under it, just to underline the vote that just happend though – you lost 63 to 5.

  18. arthur thomson says:

    We’re in for another tough year. It saddens me to think of the lives blighted by the greedy bar stewards who are living off the fat of the land.

    Like others I alternate between sadness and anger when I think of those Scots who are apparently satisfied to put their blinkers on and avoid seeing the obvious advantages of independence. But then I quickly remember that for generations the Scottish people have been taught to be helpless. Taught to view themselves as members of an inferior community. Subjugated to the point where they didn’t even dare to hope for better. And then deceived and exploited by the chancers in their midst who preached the gospel of international socialism while they pocketed the crumbs that might have mitigated the worst of effects of those who believe they were born to rule. Put into that context it is nothing short of incredible that half of the population now see independence as the way forward.

    The local government elections lie ahead. Another opportunity to engage and raise confidence. Confidence is the key to independence – in all things.

    We who are already committed to independence need to show by example by having confidence in ourselves and each other that we will never give up. Whatever obstacles are put in our way, we owe it, above all, to the vulnerable in our community. To the people who don’t have the means to create a decent life for themselves at home and can’t up sticks and follow the money because they have nothing to negotiate with. That is what the benefits of independence mean to me. The chance for all Scottish people to have a decent quality of life.

    Heads up and let’s fight the Thatcherites and their heartless and abusive chums in the other Scottish Tory parties, every inch of the way – successfully.

  19. william heath says:

    The debate will continue until hell freezes over or Scotland is free.

  20. My trusty old desert boots are quite literally older than Douglas Ross, one of Ruth Davidson’s list of Tory Boy failures (lost Moray) who was their Front Man on last night’s Scotland 2016 waffle and ‘A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away’ whitewash item on the :-

    “History politics and vulnerability:
    explaining excess mortality in Scotland and Glasgow.”

    David Walsh, co-author of this shocking indictment of quite deliberate Batter Together social. economic and political maladministration of Scotland and West Coast Scotland/Glasgow by successive Unionist Tory, Labour, and Collaborators Lib Dems since the ‘Forties, was excellent in summarising the report’s findings.
    Successive Westminster Governments, Scottish Office, and Unionist Local Authorities deliberately wrote Glasgow off in particular, Scotland in general, by underinvestment, deindustrialisation, and sheer and utter neglect by politicians out for themselves and their under instruction by their SE Masters.
    My desert boots have been around the block a few times. Mr Tory Boy Ross hasn’t.

    Sadly, I would tend to pay more attention to the views of my boots than this lad.

    I am being ageist, because that was his defence.

    His parents were children when all this was happening, so it’s not the Tories fault. Must look forward, not backwards. That would be the £1.1 billion that Ruth Davidson, WATP Professor Tomkins, and The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser are cutting welfare and disability payments by every year, young Ross? The Tory answer to fighting poverty. More poverty.

    And then we have the Rise and Rise of Anas.
    No Attainment Gap for Sarwar’s kids? Private education; good socialist that he is.

    If memory serves, we booted him and the Feckless Forty out of office at the UKGE, because Ed Miliband’s New Labour Party walked arm in arm through the Aye Lobby with the Blue and Yellow Tories in January 2015, approving a £30 billion package of ‘Austerity’ cuts, comprising £12 billion in cuts to Tax Credits, Disability Payments, and Housing Benefits, and £13 billion in cuts to ‘non protected’ Government Departments, public services, and vital public service jobs ,and, oh yes, and £5 billion in tax hikes, but not for the rich, who had their tax bill cut by 5%.

    Anas held a big banquet, and appeared miraculously on the Labour List, and now is the unelected spokesperson for Labour on BBC, their expert on poverty and maladministration? FFS.

    How many times do we need to reject these people before the BBC give them a platform?
    Sarwar blamed the SNP for ‘nearly ten years’ in office and for not sorting this out.
    He is as much a babblemouth idiot as he ever was.
    Unelected, back front and centre, an enemy of the people in the electorate’s eyes. Yet there he is, talking shite, on Auntie Beeb.

    Bob Dorris of the SNP , whose Maryhill constituency actually voted for him,made up the trio for David Henderson’s post Walsh interview ‘debate’

    Sarwar and Ross want to work ‘together’ with the SNP to resolve 60 years of Unionist treachery.

    End of piece. Consign under, ‘bullet dodged’.

    BBC Scotland, whit ur they like?

    Next stop on the Road to Independence, the LA elections in the spring of 2017.

    Sex Scandals?
    The Dead Tree Scrolls at their puerile worst.
    Any sex scandals involving journalists ? That would be fun.

    We are marching inexorably towards Independence.
    There is no doubt that The Unionists are scraping the bottom of the talent barrel, when the tongue of my desert boot talks more sense than a Tory Dim But Nice BBC Spokesperson.

  21. Edit:
    insert ‘stop giving’ :-

    ‘How many times do we need to reject these people before the BBC ‘stop giving’ them a platform?
    I need to edit more than rant on these posts.

    Where was Man of the People Harvie last night?The greens and Libs not invited?

    As an aside:- Why does Scotland 2016 opening credits include Corbyn, Cameron, and the very distant fifth palced Also Ran Rennie, but no Patrick Harvie?

    Has the programme been unofficially retitled ‘ UK Unionist Right Wing Broadcast 2016’ ?

  22. mogabee says:

    People may wonder why there is not more anger around, but it’s important to realise how fearful very many are who languish in low paid/part-time/zero hours/ jobs.

    How many of those most affected by “austerity” cuts are terrified of losing what little they have and ending up on the unemployed lists?

    How demoralising would it be to be in that position?

    They are the ones we need to speak to and for. They don’t want to rock the boat. How fucking awful is that position to be in?

  23. Iain says:

    What I never understand is how the likes of Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale and their predecessors managed to convince themselves that their bosses in London took them seriously or even considered them as equals worthy of consultation rather than instruction. Maybe Davidson and Dugdale haven’t really convinced themselves, but being aware of their own limitations, are happy enough to play handmaidens to their superiors. If that’s the basis on which their careers are based, it’s a bit demeaning for them. Especially when they could actually be in charge of their parties and work to implement their principles (if that’s an appropriate word).

  24. Iain says:

    The above should end “ an independent country where they might stand the chance of power.”

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