Anti-social media

There’s been a fair bit of hoo-ha-ery on social media of late, at least so I’m told. Having recently decided that I’m far too anti-social for social media, or perhaps social media is far too anti-social for me, I’ve given up on Twitter and Facebook so am blythely ignorant of all the fighting. As an independence supporter you get used to nasty snash from the more frothing mouthed unionists, but when you have to wade through tweets telling you that they hope you stop breathing, you start to wonder where it’s time to smother your Twitter account. Then when you then start to get attacked by people you had fondly assumed were working towards the same goal that you were, logging on to social media produces the same kind of sensation that you get when turning over a rock in order to count the nasty wee beasties lurking underneath. I’d rather use my time more productively.

While I was reading up on Roman Britain as part of the research for a novel I’m planning to write, there was one almighty shit-fest on social media. The latest spat was sparked off by an article in the Sunday Herald, one of Scotland’s two pro-independence newspapers, wading into the second vote argument with all the finesse of a brain damaged elephant on crack. Personally I thought that the article was, to put it kindly, ill-advised and the argument it made didn’t stand up to closer scrutiny. Be that as it may, the thrust of the article was about how to maximise the pro-independence representation in the next Scottish parliament. The argument it made may have been more flawed than Jackie Baillie’s arithmetic, more specious than Daisley’s snarky grievance hunting, or more inane then Graph Boy’s comments on linguistic science, but it was essentially a contribution to the on-going debate about how best to achieve a pro-independence majority in the next Scottish parliament. It wasn’t an attempt to destroy the independence movement.

What the Sunday Herald’s article most certainly was not, was evidence of that Scotland’s pro-independence newspapers are part of a Unionist plot to undermine the cause of independence from within. Some people need to get a grip. Editors of newspapers make decisions about how best to further the interests of their newspaper, the audience it seeks to reach, and the causes it espouses, and sometimes they don’t always get it right. That doesn’t make every article that you disagree with part of an evil yoon conspiracy.

Ah, you might say, you would say that, what with you being a regular contributor to the National, the other pro-independence newspaper in the Newsquest stable. What I can tell you is that in the year that I’ve been writing for the National, they have never told me what I can or cannot write about, they have never censored me or silenced me. They did ask that I refrain from using swerry words and tone down the lower bodily function references, what with them being a family publication, and that’s fair enough. But they’ve never tried to alter, shape, or subvert any political message that I want to get across, and I know that is also the case with the other pro-independence commentators who contribute to the paper.

The National and the Sunday Herald are valuable additions to the armoury of the independence cause, and without them we’d all be a lot worse off. They give independence voices a platform and a reach that we’d otherwise not have and by doing so they force the Unionist mainstream to pay attention. I remember the early days of Newsnet Scotland, it was easy then for the Unionist mainstream to marginalise and ignore pro-independence voices. It’s far harder for them to do that now. The ever increasing howling of the yoons is precisely because the independence cause is getting heard and getting its message out, and in part that is due to having mainstream publications in the traditional print media on our side.

More than that however, by providing a regular source of income the National and the Sunday Herald allow independence voices like me to keep doing what we do. Blogging doesn’t pay well, it doesn’t pay regularly, and it doesn’t pay a guaranteed income. I’m immensely grateful to all the people who press the donate button at the end of each article on this blog, but it doesn’t provide me with a guaranteed income. Writing for the National does. Writing for the National allows me to continue writing this blog because I know that I’m earning enough to cover my basic living expenses. Otherwise I’d have to seek alternative employment. The only people that would make happy are my legion of critics on Twitter, the ones who wish that I, and the rest of the independence campaign, would stop breathing.

The bottom line is, if you want a pro-independence media in Scotland, you have to pay for it, and you have to accept that it’s going to be flawed and it’s going to make mistakes. It’s not always going to say things that we all agree with, it’s not always going to get it right. We’re all only human, none of us is perfect. Except of course the dug, who’s canine not human, and he’s quite content with a chew bone.

If independence supporters want something meaty to chew on, they’re going to have to pay for it. I’m happy for people to consume my words for free, but I still have to eat and pay the electric bill. The same goes for every other pro-independence blogger, campaigner, and activist. The National is what allows me to keep blogging. I like blogging, and I don’t want to have to get a proper job.

If the National and the Sunday Herald are part of a Unionist conspiracy to undermine the cause of independence, they’re really not very good at it. The publications are helping to keep the cause of independence firmly in the centre of Scottish politics and public life. Silencing them only silences the cause of independence, and the only beneficiaries are the Unionist parties, the Westminster establishment, and their media friends.

Let’s leave the craziness to the howling yoons, where it properly belongs.

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51 comments on “Anti-social media

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    • G says:

      If the National and the Sunday Herald write stuff I disagree with I like to have my say, I still buy them and subscribe online. Bella and Commonweal have become partisan in promoting a party I don’t support (but hope do well) I still subscribe online. I’ve got no problem with arguments, differences of opinion so long as the bottom line remains the same – support for independence. A few folk get stuck in when the odd snider of an article is posted by those papers and websites and I don’t see a problem with that. In fact It’s natural. It’s necessary, people need to stay involved.

      The unionist plant thing is a minority view I hope but some folk definitely need to be able to show they can take a bit of flak when it is flying. Why put yourself out to be shot down by promoting one party over another and then greet when folk tell you to shove your point of view? It’s going to happen.

      Ideally, I’d like all the online media like Bella to stay apart from supporting individual parties. I believe Bella and Commonweal were more honest that way and commanded more respect. They could more convincingly argue that they stood apart from the fortunes of Scotland’s political parties but that is up to them and I am content as long as they stay faithful to the principle of Independence and they will still get my cash when I can afford it (and get a bit of stick when I think they are writing pish as well)

  2. sheena godley says:

    I agree with you ,I cancelled my subscription to The Herald when they sacked Angela Haggerty due to the complaints they received from RFC, I felt that a newspaper should never be held to ransom ,shouldn’t they report the news without fear or favour ? where was their Integrity ? however ,I re-subscribed when I read they were trying to hold the labour party to account over PFI . That might make me a fairweather friend except that I haven’t further cancelled my conscription over their mis-handling of Prof Curtice’s report .I prefer to think they misunderstood what he was saying . I don’t need to be coddled over my beliefs on Independence , I think we should be challenged , I just don’t want to be lied to or judged as an idiot for believing in self-determination . I want Honesty and Transparency
    For goodness sake , just be upfront so I know what I’m dealing with !!1

  3. The reason I look forward to your blog and articles more than most is that you always manage to put into words the half-formed ideas and reactions I have when reading everyone else’s arguments on Twitter whenever a contentious article or blog surfaces.

    My ‘favourite’ has to be the ‘I’m going to stop my subscription’ variety for precisely the reason you state – no publication is perfect.

  4. Morag says:

    My feeling is that Neil Mackay has genuinely fallen for this “you should all play Russian Roulette on the list vote with five barrels loaded” message. I think he genuinely supports independence, but is in the “more diversity” camp and one of the people who thinks he’s a lot cleverer than the rest of us to have realised the potential of the split-vote scam.

    His reaction on Twitter would seem to bear that out. Defensiveness, misunderstanding/misrepresenting/ignoring criticism, then picking out one isolated zoomer tweet to demonstrate to the salivating minor-party zealots that “SNPx2” proponents are all frothing-at-the-mouth lunatics.

    So he published the article, probably believing it was helpful to the independence cause as a whole. Why he thinks a bunch of Labour loyalists are so keen to see SNP supporters split their vote has not been revealed. Why he thinks people like Kenny Farquharson are approvingly endorsing the message I don’t know.

    So no, I don’t think it’s all some dastardly plot. I think it’s Neil Mackay being not nearly so clever as he thinks he is (and as I thought he was), and utterly unwilling to admit error.

    And if the SNP lose two constituencies in my region to the Conservatives (on the back of a unionist tactical vote) and then Labour get the list seats the SNP would have won if the list vote had held up, I for one will not forgive him.

  5. mogabee says:

    I kinda agree…but sometimes you just feel like there are too many trying to kick away the feet of that shoogly stool you’re clinging to for dear life!

    I was going to cancel my SH order but now I’ve calmed down I’ll keep it on for a little while longer.

    Definitely not giving up social media/twitter though…”cold dead hand”..and all that 🙂

  6. mike bain says:

    sad to see you taking this line, paul

  7. Alba Laddie says:

    A very thought-provoking piece, Paul. The corollary to it though, is that the yoons are now using social media more as they realise that the pro-Indy movement is gaining a lot more traction on Facebook/Twitter as more and more people ignore the shrill browbeating of the dead tree press and BBC shortbread.

    Lesley Hinds, for instance has proclaimed Labour as the anti-austerity party on FB (with no sense of irony whatsoever given her record on the trams and now the £2m tram enquiry) and now has the petted lip because people are challenging her…

    I stay in fertile bitter together/UKIP-lite territory in bungalow-Ville on the east side of Edinburgh) and “yoon craziness” here extends beyond the pages of the Edinburgh Evening News; and they don’t need social media to voice their farage-esque xenophobia, trust me on that one.

  8. Dan Huil says:

    Sorry, won’t be buying the Sunday Herald again – and not just because of last Sunday’s edition. Will continue with the National.

  9. Robert Louis says:

    A good article. I think the real problem is, that indy supporters are so familiar with media betrayal, it is easy to rise to things such as this. I did. Sad to say, I remain to be convinced by the SH following this. I’ll be looking next sunday.

    This two votes nonsense, is just becoming one almichty stramash, and I would guess outside our wee political anorak bubble, makes no sense to most people. It helps unionists. The unionists want to divide and conquer. They want to weaken the SNP vote, and cause division within the pro indy supporters.

    Only a big SNP vote scares the pants off London. Nothing else will do.

  10. Cloggins says:

    Never understood the attractions of facebook, and always had an irrational dislike for twatter – so I can tell you from experience, yes it is possible to keep yourself well informed without ever descending into the maelstrøm of opinionated halfbakery or autoinflated buffoonery. Just read this blog, it is all you need.

  11. Macart says:

    I’d say the SH and the National are more like the press that should have been. I won’t agree with everything they say, but I would read most of what they have to say knowing they’ll give something more reflective of your own views a shout by turn.

    At the end of the day if you have a mainstream presence, you either use it, or lose it. If our message is out there on a shelf for folks to pick up, then its out there and that’s surely the object of the exercise.

  12. Paul, You are indeed between a rock and a hard place.

    I took the Herald for fifty years (I’m sixty eight now)and it was with the heaviest of hearts that I no longer subscribed. I recall as a teenager on the ‘Blue Train ‘ commute from Clydebank to Queen Street, perfecting the art (by watching older wiser HS readers) of folding the broadsheet into manageable ‘quarters’, in order to do the X word, and so on, on a cramped crowded commuter Choo Choo.

    I have nothing but fond memories.

    Not now.

    In my view, it has deteriorated so badly since Independence became a viable and inevitable outcome,

    I have in my shambling messy piles of Reference material, the first 5 issues of the truly momentous National, plus the GE Results Sunday Herald pullout, with NS and the Fighting Fifty Six standing proud against a backdrop of the Forth Railway Bridge, and the map of SNP Yellow Scotland as the centre fold.
    I recall the joy when the National began publication, and the Sunday Herald backing a Yes vote.
    It was a candlelight of hope held aloft to counter the raging bonfire of malignant threats, bullying, and down right lies, churned out relentlessly by the vast majority of scribes and broadcasters Up Here.

    However, both the Sunday Herald and National are owned by an American Corporation.

    I am not cynically naïve. No matter that one basic driver of the SH and the National Pro Independence stand is to sell ‘papers to the ’45’ (and rising), it hardly redresses the balance in the MSM Up Here, and beyond.

    It beggars belief that at least 50% of the citizenry support Independence, and upwards of 80% want, nay demand, at least Home Rule, yet the MSM remain so steadfastly Unionist.

    Our media is as balanced as putting Nicola Sturgeon on one scale, and the pile of bricks from the walls of Gordon Brown’s PFI schools on the other.

    I cannot bring myself to contribute to a foreign company’s profits any more.
    I am not cutting off my nose to spite my face. We shall win the day, despite the nonsense churned out by the press and broadcasters.

    You are an essential outlet for pro Independence voices, as is WoS, Bateman and others.

    I shall be voting SNP x 2, as apparently will my nearest and dearest. Remain in the EU. I care not for the ‘tactical’ voting argument.

    I wish you all the best with your Roman Britain novel.

    To paraphrase Caesar’s Gallic Wars.

    Omnia Caledonia divisa est in tribus partibus.

    The Blue Red and Yellow Unionist Tories: the Loony Dexter; and those who are committed to restoring our Scottish Parliament.

    Write where you can, sir.

    Who can foretell how long the stance of the National and Sunday Herald will last?
    One thing; there is no need to anguish over it. You have a living to make.

    I’ve just made a big pot of Scotch Broth. I’ll send you round a flask full.

    Nil carborundum.

  13. davidmccann24 says:

    Well said Paul. As I have opined many times on FB, what is the point of independistas talking only to themselves?
    As someone who has spent a lifetime in newspapers, I know how difficult it is to please everybody, especially those who hold strong political views.
    Of course newspapers get it wrong at times and when they do, it is right that we hold them to account, as was the case in this weeks Sunday Herald.
    But how stopping buying a pro indy paper helps the independence movement is something I cannot understand.
    The unionists meantime rub their hands in glee.

    • Davidmccann24:
      I’ve just dipped into today’ HS. Of the ‘top twenty’ stories, 7 are about the latest ‘Ranjurs/ Cellick clash, and 2 on a sleazy wee ‘celebrity’ threesome smutfest.
      HS is now a travesty of its former self.
      We who support independence indeed hold ‘strong political views’.

      A whole ‘range of political views from far west to far east, and all points of the political compass in between.

      The glue that holds this Pro Independence broad church together is the expectation of Self Determination, and soon.
      Yes, Ruth, (I know that WGD is required Unionist reading) I appear to be ‘beneath myself’ in persisting on campaigning for Independence.

      Once Independence is achieved, political parties will represent a range of ideologies, aspirations, and beliefs again.

      SNP x 2, despite the sophistry served up as an argument for ‘tactical’ voting in our so called Free Press.

  14. Steve Wood says:

    Fair point Paul. I have to admit that in my anger at the story at first I fell into the ‘reverting to old form’ conspiracy theory mode of thinking. But in the cold light of day and reason I accept your view on the matter. I just hope that the SH also learn from this.

  15. Darren Ferguson says:

    My problem is not just with the complete misrepresentation of Curtice report but then quite frankly Neil’s attitude once he (&leasky defending him) was found out.

    The article was eviscerated by both James Kelly & Wings, quotes provided from Curtice yet still Neil was playing the special snowflake card and this was happening at the same time Bella has started to burn it’s bridges with SNP Supporters.

    Every blogger,reporter, editor, BBC propagandist has the right to believe in what they want, but we are allowed to disagree and take them to task for it.

    The Sunday Herald had a watershed moment in the PPP/PFI scandel yesterday. They ripped labours blarite heart out and stomped all over it. I wish Neil had come out and said we got played either by the ERS or the journalist who wrote it(big ties to Anas Sawar) with regard to the votes story. It would have been a storm in a tea cup but he defended it all day and night. We had bigger fish to fry with Murdo Fraser’s sectarian tweets. But as the song goes:

    “If wishes were changes
    We’d all live in roses
    And there wouldn’t be children
    Who cried in their sleep”

    • jacquescoleman says:

      Excellent riposte and dissection of Mackay’s (and MacWhirter’s) stance on Sunday. He is clearly NOT the sharpest of tools since he accepted the output of ERS without checking the antecedents of the promoters and added a little ‘sauce’ to Prof Curtice’s thoughts without checking with him.

      And the question of gaming the second vote has been analysed ad nauseam by people who know far better than the SH what the voting system is all about. And Wings and James Kelly showed very simple examples of the results of attempts to do so. Thus it was naive in the extreme for Mackay (and McWhirter) to think he had come up with some brilliant “new idea”. Maybe instead of always trying to pour scorn on intelligent blogs they should read them. They will at least learn what is going on in the wolrd around them.

  16. J. R. Tomlin says:

    The anyone said the Herald article was part of some Unionist conspiracy, I sure didn’t see it and I *am* very much on social media and twitter.

    As a matter of fact I was one of the people who rather challenged the (very nice) Sunday Herald editor, but not because of some imaginary conspiracy that no one was talking about. I challenged the assertion in the articles that Prof Curtice was taking a certain position although that was not backed up by any quote from the good professor. The editor said that I and others who said the same thing were wrong but I never found any quote that justified what was a rather questionable assertion. I do hold newspapers I respect, which I do the Sunday Herald, to a certain standard. Frankly, that reporting did not meet the standard I expect. They do hear from me when that is the case. No newspaper is perfect any more than the people who run them.

    • jacquescoleman says:

      I agree. I didn’t read anywhere on Twitter that the SH was part of “some Unionist conspiracy”. And anyway the YOONS haven’t got the brains to organise such.

  17. Clootie says:

    I’m just not sure about the SH.
    The old fable about boiling the water slowly and the frog stays put springs to mind.
    They captured a strong pro Indepence readership but have recently slipped in a few “misleading” articles which can have little purpose other than to damage the movement.
    The most recent article was a blatant distortion of the truth.
    I will give it until my subscription comes due….but at the moment I have my doubts.

  18. What a balanced individual you seem… 🙂

  19. Hana says:

    No. I cancelled the National some weeks ago, miss your writing, but won’t reorder. Will rely on Twitter and your blogs to keep me going. Find everything else too confusing, and dare I say. Devious. Hope you realise some people really do have their own agenda and it’s nothing to do with what’s good for Scotland.

  20. bjsalba says:

    I used to think that I might become a Green voter after Independence. Funnily enough it was reading more about them in the National that brought me to the realization that, apart from a desire to protect the environment, I don’t share many of their goals and that much of their ideology is not really practical. I would never have got that from the MSM.

    I’m happy with my centrist party, so I’ll be voting SNP X 2.

    • jacquescoleman says:

      At the moment the Green Party is more interested in trying to gain power by any means possible than in its basic policy. And why not? Little can be achieved without power.

      Currently it is using Independence support as one of its main levers to try to open the door to power, and I am dubious about whether its support is REAL. And that view has not been dwindled by the utterances of some of its adherents who are most definitely anti-SNP.

  21. Mr Colin Spence says:

    Thank you dug. Just how I like blogs, succinct and to the point. This one prompted me to donate to the dug. (and I’m a tight fisted bastert)

  22. Cadogan Enright says:

    Wrote to the Sunday Herald saying I would not renew when subscription runs out.

    However I do listen to the Dug

    However the unutterable shite on the Electoral Reform (labour) that is on Wings at the moment makes you want to scream.

  23. J. R. Tomlin says:

    For a discussion by someone who *was* on social media for the small brouhaha, I suggest checking out I hope James Kelly doesn’t mind if I quote one of his sentences because it accurate sums up my feelings on the matter (which I’m sorry but are quite misrepresented by the dug whom I very much like, but like all humans-not dugs-he sometimes gets it wrong). The entire blog post is worth a read.

    James said: “It really is SO disappointing to see an editor who we know is a decent bloke resort to this sort of distraction technique, especially given that the criticisms that have been made of the Sunday Herald are perfectly legitimate – overwhelmingly legitimate, in fact, given that no less an authority than Curtice himself has confirmed that he didn’t say people “should” switch to the Greens or RISE on the list.”

    I agree that Neil is a decent bloke but journalists are infamous for being defensive when told they’ve misstepped and that seems to be the case here. No one who doesn’t see a conspiracy behind every doorstep thought it was a conspiracy. It was a case of a newspaper simply doing a rather poor job.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I think if you read my article here I do in fact agree that the newspaper has done a poor job in this instance.

      And for clarification – I have actually had certain individuals saying to me directly that they believe the National to be a Unionist front.

      • jacquescoleman says:

        I’ve seen some tweets like that from a few conspiracy theorists too. But it is a huge step to go from there to claiming that there was a huge “hoo-ha-ery” on twitter about Indy supporting newspapers being part of an anti-SNP conspiracy theory. I didn’t see any of those tweets although I did see many rightly criticising the SH for its stupidity. Maybe like the SH editor you are just wrong this time?

      • J. R. Tomlin says:

        I read your article. I don’t comment without reading first. If you read my comment I do in fact agree that there are some people who see a conspiracy behind every doorstep. But that was not what the criticism of the Sunday Herald article was about and I saw none of what you mention on twitter. But I think on this I’ll just agree to disagree. It doesn’t seem to me to be worth an argument. 🙂

  24. I have to say that the confusing article in the SH has made a lot of people including myself pay more attention and research the two votes issue in more depth and I am glad to say that it has resulted in more clarity and support for SNP x 2. It’s an ill wind etc.

  25. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  26. arthur thomson says:

    As with many others, I’m sure, I put a lot of store in what you write Paul – and I’m not easily impressed. So I will think about what you have written here and I will seriously consider looking again at the National.

    I’m sure you can understand that those of us who are long standing SNP members are very pleased with what the SNP has achieved, are naturally protective towards it and don’t take kindly to what we perceive to be unfair criticism or apparent attempts to undermine it. As to conspiracy theories, well just because we’re a bit paranoid ……………..

    I wish you success with your novel writing – I’m sure that there are a lot of yoons out there who reckon you are well experienced at writing fiction! They wish.

  27. says:

    the best thing for Scotland is both votes SNP people can write what they think and feel even if its not what a said thats there choice its vital we send a loud message to the westmonster that we want a fair system via the SNP manifesto and its only the SNP that can deliver this, small socialist party’s mean well but they will have no affect ,a yellow map will send a shiver down the pig abusers spine ,as for the herald and national bottom line is they are msm so they will always give others a platform they are better reads than the others and at the end of the day political action is better than words and the SNP have been active getting a good deal for Scotland ,politics is a card game so lets deal the snp a strong hand with both votes ,with the eu ref we could be facing indy sooner than we think and the torys have been well cutting so a lot of no voters will be yes ,the south of England will vote leave due to being feed msm prejudice for years it will be like the GE the south will decide it and that will trigger a ref 2 so that gives the snp a stronger hand if we both votes snp thats my take on it all !

  28. Alex Waugh says:

    As an experiment, I tried Twitter for a couple of weeks. It became clear very quickly that there is a vociferous and very poisonous minority of twats on it who have no interest in reasoned argument – though how you were meant to do that in 160 characters was always a bit of a puzzle – and who are only there to make vicious comments and shout “fake account” at anyone who dares to contradict them. I decided that it was a thoroughly unpleasant environment to be in and buggered off, never to return; my tolerance for aggressive, ill-informed snash being quite low.
    I admire anyone who can wade their way through the shite there for the sake of a good cause but I’m afraid I’m not one of them. I left playground bullies behind half a century ago and have no desire to engage with them again. In fact, I wonder if it might not be a good idea for all sensible people to walk away from it and leave yoon frothers like ‘History Woman’ and the battier members of the nationalist side to shout their hatred at each other in an essentially empty room, especially now that they have more characters to do it in and can give even freer rein to their lunacy. There seems to be little point in even trying to argue rationally with the clearly irrational – better to marginalize them. Before long,Twitter will collapse under its own weight of nastiness, like the MSN message boards did.

  29. Jim Fraser says:

    Oddly enough, social media could have been used quite easily to defuse this row almost as soon as it got started. The nub of it was the paper’s writer (and pretty large headline) putting words into Prof. John Curtice’s mouth that he simply didn’t say. And would never say, since his reputation depends on not saying such things. I don’t think anyone believes Neil Mackay is a Better Together fifth columnist, but rather than ‘clarifying’ the mistake his reporter had made with a wry raised eyebrow tweet he insisted on taking the line of ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’.

    Which was just daft, since anyone could see (including John Curtice himself in an e-mail response to the lad in Bath) that what was reported (and trumpeted in the headline) wasn’t what the Prof. had actually said. This knee-jerk defensiveness from print journalists towards mere interested online voters extended to an Evening Times reporter I hold in high esteem admonishing me to: “Please don’t waste my time with this nonsense. You have to be *really* zealous to see an issue here. Don’t think serious people entertain this Wings-style junk analysis.” Blimey, I was telt and no mistake. (We’re still friends.)

    Of course people get it wrong from time to time. When they do, using the social media might actually lead to a simple solution.


  30. Norma Slimmon says:

    I am also having a break from social media following a fallout with Owen Jones, whose knee jerk defensiveness and accusations against some SNP voters were intolerable to me. I have also sacked MSM. Every party has frothing mouthed, face painted with the party colours loons but all this conspiracy stuff is lame. Keep yer heid and vote how you want. Thank you WGD. I enjoy your writing very much

  31. A novel on Roman Britain. Oooh, that’s exciting!

    Is it about the Ninth? Tell me it’s about the Ninth!

    Can’t wait to read it, whatever it’s plot!

    The Romans in Britain is a part of history which has always fascinated me.

    The recent tv series, ‘The Last Kingdom’ was set in buildings two or three hundred years old even then, built by Romans, which the local tribes inhabit, like cuckoos but never replicate. Utterly fascinating!

    My uncle who is a retired plumber always said that the Romans were more advance than us apart from ‘electricity,’ which if they had discovered, humanity’s evolution would have jumped thousands of years ahead of itself.

  32. hettyforindy says:

    I buy the National, and read online, but it does not always give the reality of the SNP’s record of achievement. It does though criticise the unionist parties, which no other paper does in Scotland.

    No paper however, should be attempting to steer votes one way or the other with misleading information. The electoral reform guide which came through the letterbox, gives very minimal information, even then it was hidden in between the junk mail.

    Yes we have become probably a bit paranoid because the establishment is capable of stifling the democratic process, by using the mass media. They would not do it if it wasn’t effective and many will be taken in by the confusion coming out daily, about the voting system.
    The HS and the National are better than nothing, we need papers that are not just SNP bad on a daily basis.

    Nothing is guaranteed re May5th, but the real question is, how democratic is the process? People have been being told on the doorsteps apparently, that it is illegal to give both votes to one party, ie the SNP, by liebour and tory canvassers, just like they told pensioners that they would not be able to access their pensions at the P.O. before the indy ref and much more. Anyone remember the huge power cuts btw?

    Going to deliver more leaflets today, and buy my National. We have to have SNP x2, or forget Scotland being a modern, forward looking country, and of course independence will never happen then.

    The SNP are doing an amazing job, against all odds and having to repair the utter mess which Slab left us with.

    I was thinking of a unionist win scenario, and how they would destroy Scotland very very quickly. SNPx2 only way for Scotland.

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