Bella Caledonia, a brief response

You probably know that last weekend Derek Bateman and I were the subjects of an article by Mike Small in Bella Caledonia. Mike attacked us for failing, in his eyes, to show sufficient criticism of the Scottish Government and the SNP. I felt that Mike’s article was unfriendly, unconstructive, unhelpful, and represented a fundamental misunderstanding of my position. I expect such attacks from Unionists, for it to come from another independence supporter was unwelcome, to say the least.

I wasn’t going to reply to the Bella Caledonia piece, but in the light of yesterday’s understandably vituperative rejoiner from Derek Bateman on his blog, I feel the need to make a brief comment.

Since the indyref I have made no secret of the fact that my targets are Scotland’s Unionist establishment and the Westminster parliament. The reason I do not criticise the policies of the Scottish Government or the SNP is the exact same reason that I do not criticise the policies of RISE or the Greens. Scotland’s online media operates in an environment in which we are heavily out-gunned by the Unionist mainstream in terms of resources, access, and public penetration. There is no level playing field, and I am not in the business of supplying Scotland’s one-sided Unionist media with ammunition.

When an independence supporter mounts a public attack upon another independence supporter, the only winners are the Unionist parties and their media friends. Unionist media outlets are all over such disagreements like a wet rash, and all of a sudden become surprisingly keen to offer a platform to the independence supporter making the criticisms. The Unionist media doesn’t do so because it wants to promote a more radical Scottish politics.  It does so because it sees a chance to weaken the cause of independence.

If Mike Small chooses to go down that road, he can do so without any assistance from me.  That is a ‘debate’ that he can have without me, and I will not be engaging with him further.

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84 comments on “Bella Caledonia, a brief response

  1. Fraise says:

    Lets see how his next crowdfunder goes. As his last one only made it over the line with help from S.N.P. supporters

  2. Mairi Jack says:

    Well said! Surely all independence supporters can see what the BBC and other unionist media are up to.

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  4. Mary mortimer says:

    Well said. Thought I was imagining things.

  5. Aucheorn says:

    Why start on each other? There are plenty of targets outwith the Independence movement.

    What is it with the Scots some could start an argument in an empty hoose.

  6. cirsium says:

    Well said, WGD

  7. Grizzle McPuss says:

    ‘There’s none so blind as those who will not see’…or agent provocateur Mr Small?

    I think we know.

  8. heathermclean19 says:

    Well said Paul, I’ve given up on Bellacaledonia since they started their attacks on SNP and their very obvious bias towards Rise. What they are doing is counter productive to say the least and will only let unionists in by the back door by splitting the vote! As your last blog so eloquently put it,
    ” We could discover that instead of producing a parliament with a strong and diverse pro-independence majority, that we’ve just allowed the Anas Sarwars and the David Coburns to crawl in through the cracks in the independence front. And if that happened we’d only have ourselves to blame for it.”
    There are a lot of pro Indy “personalities” who in my view are little more than opportunists, who are seeking election and a brand new career in politics, on the back of the recent referendum, and whose only policies seem to be ‘ providing a pro Indy alternative which will hold SNPs feet to the fire’ .
    In the words of Shania Twain ” that don’t impress me much”!
    The only way to be sure that independence is ever on the table again is Both Votes SNP!

    • Illy says:

      Fun thing to do if you feel you *must* post on Bella, after writing your reply, go through and replace all instances of “RISE” with “Solidarity” and see how much more you can get the editor’s hackles up 😉

  9. East Neuker says:

    I tried to argue politely in the comments section of Bella in reply to an unhelpful piece by a known, but unacknowleged, Rise supporter, and was told to “nod on elsewhere” by the editor…. What’s going down over there?

    • Illy says:

      What’s going on is that Bella’s editor has been completely suckered by RISE into thinking that they’re actually a viable party for this election, but that they need his help to get them over the line.

      The fact that RISE have no chance, and Solidarity only have one because of Tommy Sheridan, and that the SSP seems to *still* be doing their best impression of a monty python sketch, seems to have completely eluded him.

      Either that, or he’s sold out. He does have a column in the guardian now, after all.

      I gave up on him over a year ago, occasionally went back in the vain hope that he’d changed, but no, he continues to disappoint.

      The fact that RISE have no policies doesn’t help them any, either.

  10. Papadox says:

    That needed saying Paul you are spot on. I abandoned bella when they started trying to undermine the independence cause for their own agenda, whatever that may be. United we stand.

  11. Marie Clark says:

    Well said Paul. I find all of this RISE anti SNP nonsense very disappointing. Why if these folks, and I include the greens in this, wish to find a place in the Scottish Parliament, why on earth are they attacking the SNP and not the unionists?

    I’ve held fire on all off this for a while now, but hell’s bells folks, come on. Whit in the name o the wee man dae they think they’re playin at..

    To me it’s all very, very dishonest. Away and find yer ain policies and have a go at the REAL enemies of Scotland, namely Labour, Conservatives and the ither yin. There sure is plenty to aim at there. These are the parties & the people holding Scotland back. There’s a lot of folk who are not SNP supporters, but most of us realise that they are they only party that can get us to where we all wish to be. In an open and free country, making all our own decisions about what suits us best. Plenty of time for a so called rainbow parliament after that. Although as I recall, the last time we had some of these socialist folk at Holyrood, they spent mair time fechtin amang thersels, than whit they were supposed to dae.

    Catch a feckin grip. SNP x2.

    • mogabee says:

      I’m with you there 100%..

    • Well put Marie Clark! I too have not visited Bella since the ref and they started with the ‘anti’ stuff! To many ego’s all vying for attention!! After we get a 3rd term and show WM we ain’t giving up THEN is the time for the rainbow to appear NOT at this crucial stage!! SNP 1 & 2 for me now.. we’ll see AFTER INDY what’s what with the prima donna’s !!!

      • Saor Alba says:

        You hit the nail on the head Sheryl. Too many egos all vying for attentiion.
        With you all the way Paul. Gave up on Bella some time ago.

  12. jamescaine709 says:

    Well said sir.

  13. Divide and conquer. Mr Bella has only been into politics for a few months and his naivety shines through in the article. He has been very rude to many of the posters disagreeing with his article.

    Mind you, he got an opinion piece in the Guardian this week…

    SNP x 2

  14. Steve Asaneilean says:

    As I said over on Derek Bateman, I gave up reading Bella sometime ago because of what I perceived as a change of direction.

    If independence is your ultimate goal (and it is for me) it makes no sense attacking the best (and probably only) means of achieving that goal.

    I am not and never have been a member of any political party but I happen to believe that, given all the factors over which it has no control, the Scottish Government is doing a pretty good job.

    Does that make me an apologist for the SNP? Of course not – and to suggest otherwise is the stuff of a bineuronal asynaptic moron.

    The SNP is not perfect and is in a degree of denial about some of the challenges Scotland faces.

    I think the current Health Secretary hasn’t really got to grips with the difficulties facing the NHS in Scotland – but the NHS in Scotland is still light years better than that in England and Wales.

    I think the SG’s land reform proposals are far too wimpy – but unlike the rest of the UK at least land reform is on the SG agenda.

    If I am unhappy about what the SG are doing I contact my MP and MSPS. I don’t blog about it or call other independence supporters or SNP supporters who disagree with me lapdogs, robots or apologists.

    But look at the record of SG and the many things it has achieved. Can anyone truly say that any previous SG or Scottish Executive has bettered that?

    So now is not the time to allow MSM to highlight disagreement or infighting.

    For a smart guy me thinks Mike is being pretty foolish.

    • strathedin says:

      I left my response to Paul’s blog before I saw your piece, Steve…and I’m struck by how similar our stances are…almost an echo, in fact! Let’s hope our approach prevails, and sense returns to the Yes movement overall… 😉

    • Macart says:

      In a nutshell. 🙂

    • tarisgal says:

      Well said! Just exactly what I was thinking and you put it better than I probably could have, thank you!

      I’m not a member of any party either. I don’t agree with the SNP on every policy they produce. And that’s okay. Who agrees wholeheartedly with ANYONE else?? But on the whole, I think that whatever policies the SNP put forward, it is pretty much because they are doing it for SCOTLAND and NOT for their own ends! And that’s what matters to me.

      I find it so very arrogant for those who disagree with my take, to suggest I’m an apologist, a ‘nat’, one of the ‘sheeple’ and divisive… I’d love to know where they get the idea that their own political stance is the right one?! Their arrogant attitude of ‘we can call the people what we like if we couch it in ‘intellectual’ dressing so it looks like we’re being clever’ only ensures I won’t vote for them even in the list. I want Independence. I want it more than anything I’ve ever wanted! They don’t convince me that that is THEIR intended goal. So – I shall vote #BothVotesSNP to ensure I get where I want to be!

    • Brian Watson says:

      It was well said that the perfect is the enemy of the good( Voltaire) . I’m not in complete agreement with SNP but they are our best hope for an independent future . Let’s stick with SNP X 2 for now and leave Professor Curtice to confuse his undergraduates with his dismal sophistry.

  15. Margaret Tees says:

    Well said

  16. Wee Jonny says:

    It’s shite like this that always remind me o Sillars ‘Stupidity on stilts’ pish fay a couple o years ago.

    I watched him on a panel when he was sayin it and I was screamin to myself “Shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up!!!” coz I ken’t that the next day the papers would be full o “Blow for Salmond as former SNP Deputy……” and “Blow for Yes side as heavyweight Yes campaigner……..” And we got enough o that shite aridee withoot anybody on oor side geein it oot as well.

    That’s no to say that we should just lap up everything the SNP say. But, if there was anybody sittin on the fence aboot independence then somebody like Jim, we him being a Yes heavyweight coulda made them make their minds up by putting that wee bit doubt in their minds.

    Same here we Bella.

    Nay need eh say.

    It’s SNP fir me.

    • bjsalba says:

      I wonder why the MSM give Sillars such prominence. It is after all almost quarter of a century since he was deputy leader of SNP.

      • Wee Jonny says:

        I think it shows their fear that they’ll jump on anything that anybody that was/is linked to any part of the Yes movement, especially the SNP and run and run we front page splashes screaming “We were right all along. Even their own are turning on them!!!”

        Pish on stilts.

        It’s SNP for me.

  17. muttley79 says:

    I have yet to hear a viable political strategy from the left who support independence on how to convince those who voted No in 2014 to vote for independence in the future. Admittedly a fair section of No voters will never vote for independence. The answer from RISE and the Scottish Greens appears to be that they should mostly attack the SNP. I find this baffling to be honest. I suspect their reluctance to voice a credible strategy is that they are well aware that those who voted No are more conservative, and more fearful of change, than those who voted Yes, and hence they know their politics and policies are not well suited to this task of persuasion. Hence, you have the rather surreal situation where the pro-independence left wing and radical parties are attacking the largest, mainstream pro-independence party, while largely ignoring the 55 per cent who voted No. How this helps the desired move and progress towards independence is anyone’s guess. From what I have witnessed it is only the SNP from the Yes campaign that is trying to reach out to those who voted No in 2014. Even Kezia Dugdale has tried this equivalent from the No side.

  18. Hana says:

    Bella lost he place some time ago. Gave them another chance, failed. Don’t know where their going. Common sense tells you. Independence first. Party politics after. I think of Rise etc as hangers on, looking for a career. We will all have plenty to say after Indy, now is not te time. Told you your blogg hit the spot. Thank god we have you

  19. I left Bella some time ago, largely for the same reason others have mentioned here. I get really pissed off by so-called supporters of independence castigating the SNP government for shortcomings that are in fact reflections of the fact that we are NOT independent. It’s just like Kez & Co. bleating on about “SNP Cuts” “SNP Cuts” “SNP Cuts”.

    Can we keep our eye on the ball please, here, our minds on the main objective, let those nasty rough boys go outside and fight if they must…

  20. whiterabbit says:

    When I think about Bella Caledonia, at least nowadays, the term sleeper agent & agent provocateur immediately spring to mind. The same with R.I.S.E. These people are out to spoil the chances of an SNP majority Government or even a Pro Independence Government by letting Unionists in through the back door. In the late eighties/early nineties I meet dozens of them at college. Idealists, yes, fools?….definately. They have changed there tune over Scottish Independence…at least they appear to be?

    They were what I would call at the time…..”Freedom for everyone, except the Scot’s”. We and our culture/history were a special kind of derision, almost blind hatred, Freedom for South Africa, (Yes,) Freedom for Tibet, (Of Course) Freedom for Palestine, (Definitely,) Freedom for Ireland,(A No-Brainer) but when as a naive schoolboy I innocently asked what about a Free Scotland? (I was in a returners class of mainly adults in their 20’s and 30’s, who having failed my O’ Grades, I then went on re-sit them at the College 15 miles away), I was derided and told to, “away and pu flooers”, or “come back with something sensible when I grew up/grew pubes/balls dropped”. Oh these adults had a lot of answers to questions I had not even thought about, but in reality knew an awful lot about nothing and nothing about everything. Maybe their offspring have joined R.I.S.E. to ensure a Unionist majority this time round. Bloody Armchair Marxists.

  21. Ealasaid says:

    That needed saying. Thank you WGD.

  22. Well said,the the msm are looking for anything however small to attack the Scottish government.It is a must we remain together.There ultimate aim is to keep supreme power at w/m.Not a union of nations,but,a one nation state.

  23. like many others i too read bella at the time of the referendum but have long since ceased to do so. I remember filling in a questionnaire after the referendum on bella and basically said at the time that i thought they were a u39to f hreuitnv;kj v huntjtv ;htv htu;nthqpiuthi thu3nt;h3c3j1;3 c ghr ch34cth3ui4pth3i hu34ipnto3mvo[5imvo t3io[tu3ptm]p3]3itu3iut0 and that they obviously hadn’t been in the political desert for the vast majority of their lives.

  24. Dave Thomson says:

    Many of us have found ourselves in the same position Paul, ” fellow indy supporters having a cheap shot at the SNP, and trying hard not to get involved in a pointless stushie, when there are bigger and more important fish to fry. Most of the time you manage to haud yer wheesht but some people just have to be taken down a peg or two.!! Great work please keep it up.

  25. Flower of Scotland says:

    I too am very disappointed with Bella.
    Thanks for that WGD.

    I think they find their next crowdfunder difficult!

  26. Robert McColl Millar says:

    I’m not an SNP supporter (a bit too right for me), but I will refrain from publically criticising them and will continue to vote for them until the genuine possibility of a citizens’ democracy in Scotland is present.

    • Black Rab says:

      Agreed. The time for Scotland to debate these and any other issues is on the first day of Scotland’s Independence. Let’s put the ball in the back of the net and then we can discuss our options later.

      • Black Rab says:

        Think that came from Bill Shankly when he was approached by one of his strikers and asked what his options were inside the box. Shankly responded by telling him to put the ball in the back of the net and we’ll discuss your options later.

  27. strathedin says:

    Very well encapsulated, Paul. I have often suffered similar accusations of failing to highlight perceived failings of the SNP, and your reply essentially covers my response. There are issues I have with the SNP, but I choose to raise them directly via email, rather than advertise them on Social Media. For me, regaining Independence is the ultimate goal; once achieved, Scottish Politics, and parties, can and will find their own level. It can be difficult biting one’s tongue at times, but I lean toward Macchiavelli in that the end justifies the means…it does help that in the SNP leadership, and in what I’ve seen of the new input also,,,the vast majority appear to be made up of honest, decent, principled folk…despite attacks and smears on them by the MSM. Keep up the goo work… and I’ll continue my Direct Debit 😉

  28. Wullie says:

    Beware these wee parties demanding your second vote. If they enter the Scots parliament they will be easily turned to the unionists cause. I view them as nothing more than unionist labour plants, a dangerous situation if the parliamentary result is tight.
    The unionist want Scotland defeated, swept off the face of the earth and out of history forever. Give your second vote away just make sure it’s for the SNP.

    Border first. Then we will have to be extremely careful who we elect to represent our country and our people.
    SNP x 2

  29. K1 says:

    Needed said in the eloquent and direct manner you have stated.

    Concur with other posters sentiments regarding Bella.

    If the Indy vote is split due to this transparent power play to gain entry intae the parly by the utilisation of the Unioinist handbook of smearing and pissing off huge sections of the Indy movement wi this approach. Then I’m not sitting back to watch the ‘business as usual’ type of politics that has toxically infused the debate in Scotland for generations. We will have effectively ‘holed’ our own movement.

    We are where we are because of the SNP’s majority. We get no further along the road to Independence by splitting into factions right before one of the most significant elections Scotland will ever have in determining how much further we can go.

    Want to see the ‘most politically engaged’ people in the UK switch off?

    Vote against the SNP because they are not the most ‘radical’ party, we’ll become a ‘one party state’, the parly ‘needs a good opposition’ and all other the other sound bites we’ve heard from the Unioinst mainstreet since May last year.

    Now the exact same rhetoric from Bella, especially btl…sickening.stuff.

    It’s enough tae turn ye aff altogether just before an election….hmmm.

    SNP x 2 or…we’re fucked

  30. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  31. K1 says:

    Paul, I posted a comment accidentally filling in the ‘name’ field wi ma email address, (fckn kindle), jist delete the comment if you’ve nae way of editing out my email address. Ta 🙂

  32. George Gilchrist says:

    You’re absolutely right in what you say Paul. I started to have major misgivings with Mike Small at Bella sometime ago. The final straw for me was his bitter, twisted, and factually wrong attack on James Kelly regarding our list votes. James explained our voting system so clearly that a primary school kid would understand it. Not so for Mr Small, he failed to fully grasp it. I wonder about his true intentions I’m afraid.

  33. brianmchugheng says:

    I always read the Wee Dug, but never really respond. This article gets my thumbs-up. Some of the individuals who were prominent in the Ref on the side of Yes have clearly lost their focus in my opinion.

    The RISE folk should take a wee trip down memory lane to a time when we didn’t even have the SNP in competent government… It was a lot bloody worse back then.

  34. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

    Westminster and the establishment unionist parties are the true issue. Its not as if we need another degree of fucking difficulty in the problems facing the Scottish electorate. I for one do not want to see a Scottish government forced to work within the devolved settlement, constantly offsetting and mitigating damaging legislation.

    Scoring points and attacking friends for the sake of party politics when we don’t have a parliament to call our own is sheer madness. FFS, without control of our own economy we’re still dancing to devolution’s tune, to the tune of a state that doesn’t give a crap about our population or our idea of democracy. They are however, more than happy to see us tear strips off each other.

    Makes their job that much easier.

    We can do it their way and play at politics and ‘radical’ change in our pretend parly, with its pretend powers, or we can work together and look for the fastest exit from this nightmare.

  35. John says:

    Got it spot on Paul , I really do not know what has happened to Bella in the last few months , something has definitely changed . I think they have been got at !

  36. brianmchugheng says:

    …I should add that both the Left and Right equally lose pragmatism in degrees, the further left and right they go.

    Pragmatism is what will win it in the end.

  37. Jams OD says:

    Agree with most of the posts above. Bella has taken a rightwards, authoritarian turn. The last straw for me was the revisionist and anti-Syrian propaganda piece which came right out of the mainstream establishment’s anti-Putin handbook. Small did not take kindly to criticism of this article. As I pointed out to him, it’s no wonder that his Wikipedia article is in danger of being deleted as not being of continuing interest.

  38. says:

    mikes lost the plot and all credibility read my run in with him below

    also read about mike is chapter 12 of link below the writer is a big yesser and retired school teacher and oap and highlights his dealings with bella

    the reason the SNP is not criticized is they are doing a sterling job so far also its vital that we unite under the one party rise are wrong they should have waited till we got indy then created a manifesto the only socialist group a would back would be Tommys due to his input and hes advocating voting snp rise to me are wrong and if you point it out academically you get blocked they are all about selling things and donations career activists and as for bella a wont go there as a like to stay classy when commenting with fellow yesers !

  39. Sister Anonymous says:

    Obviously your policy is your policy, but surely it’s better to criticise those you agree with rather than biting your tongue? If i call out the orange order or Scottish Labour i’m not betraying Unionists or unionism. And if anything i think it might help the Yes cause if you start debating. I know a few folk who are put off by what they see as your hive mind mentality. It’s a constitutional debate we’re in, not a culture war

    • Jacqueline Gallacher says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Hasn’t even Paul himself questioned his local constituency candidate in his blog about his lack of support for gay rights and said he wouldn’t be voting for snp in the constituency. I think that is very healthy.

  40. […] Source: Bella Caledonia, a brief response […]

  41. Gmail says:

    Well said fella.

  42. Pietro_McM says:

    Well said, Paul. As an ex-pat, looking in from Europe, I’ve been following most of the indy blogs, since shortly before the referendum. So, I read the Bella piece and did wonder what the author was up to.

    Seriously? Is it a bit of SWP-like, loud mouthed belligerence, promoting a mini-party like RISE, by putting down the opposition, or some good old fashioned self promotion, the chance to get some better paying exposure in yoon stream media, like the pseudo-lefty Grauniad? It’s not got much to do with promoting Independence.

    As for the ‘hive mind’ accusation. Having watched Bitterthegither, Tories, Labour and LibDems in lock-step, with their Project Fear Campaign, I’ve already seen the hive mind. It told me to shut up and eat my cornflakes.

    Keep up the good work, WGD.

    • Sister Anonymous says:

      Wasn’t calling you a hive mind. I know you aren’t. Equally, i know a lot of unionist folk do see you as one.

      P.S- If Jeremy Corbyn tried to walk in lockstep with me i’d bloody deck him :p

  43. Saor Alba says:

    SNP x 2 in May.

  44. Tinto Chiel says:

    I’m over sixty and had a life watching the Left splinter themselves on the head of a pin, riven by opportunists and Establishment plants.

    I’m the last to join a hive, thanks.

    Seen division a million times before, so I’ll be voting SNPx2. Any reduction in SNP seats will be the Ultimate Unionist Dividend.

    Once we are independent, we can all go rainbow. And I regard myself as a socialist, but not the bourgeois type I encounter on BC.

    Well said, Paul, and many others here who have articulated deep misgivings about BC’s insufferable right-on and divisive, self-indulgent political purity. Never have I regretted so much voting SSP on the list vote for the first Scottish Parliament elections.

  45. davidbsb says:

    I suspect the main barrier the SNP has to a successful Holyrood result is voter complacency. Many people will assume its a done deal and may stay at home. I don’t feel there’s any threat from RISE or Solidarity in my ward. I have been knocking doors for months, and while I got some Solidarity last year for Westminster, I have not encountered anyone this time out.

    Labour still has a hard core support. There are pockets of Conservatism. I get the odd UKIP ( in both senses! ). But too many many people think that the SNP are just the same as the rest, and lots of people have told me they would not vote.

    Apathy is the enemy, not RISE.

  46. MalkyMaddo says:

    seems to me its best summed up like this………SNP is the strongest voice for independance,you may or may not agree with all their policies,the time for voicing your opposition to them is after we gain independance………until then,Solidarity,Rise,and any other pro independance vote is playing into unionist hands…….let’s get free and then vote for the government we deserve

  47. brianmchugheng says:

    From comments above… I think those, who are concerned with voter apathy, have either been watching the BBC or reading the Daily Record. My experience in recent days indicates to me, that this will be a ‘Quick election’.

    I think there can certainly be election fatigue among voters… but I can’t see that affecting SNP voters any more than folk who voted Labour like a football team in the past, cos they didn’t like being on the losing side.

    No complacence… make sure your family & friends get out… but most of all chill and enjoy. ☺


  48. Robert Louis says:

    Very well said. It is clear as day, this is about divide and conquer. Either those responsible are exceptionally naive and are being ‘played’ without realising it, or they are willing stooges. It is one or the other.

    I used to like Bella, but noticed disappointing changes following the referendum.

    I learnt long ago, before wings or Bella, that you need to take care in the sincerity of what people say and do – especially with regard to Scottish independence.

  49. JimboJimbo says:

    I gave up on Bella ages ago when they started censoring comments that did not suit their (then) unknown agenda. I don’t know what kind of Scotland they envisage when they consider it fine to use censorship as one of the means of getting their message across. If they are afraid of open, honest debate then politics is not their true vocation in a country that prides itself in defending free speech.

    Also; I object to them coming over all indignant because SNP voters refuse to “lend” them their second vote merely on the grounds that they too support Scottish independence. Let them give us their policies, tell us of their ideas for Scotland’s future and ask us to give them our votes on merit, not on the grounds of ‘just because we’re a wee tiny bit like the SNP’. Why give your vote to a party on that basis when you intend to give it to the party which can do more good and wield more power with it for the benefit of all of Scotland’s people?

  50. Saor Alba says:

    Bella has developed “a sense of entitlement”.
    Now where have we seen that before?

  51. Well said. Keep the eyes on the prize.

  52. Marconatrix says:

    Seems to come down to arithmatic really. The SNP believe in (a) Indy, (b) democracy and (c) honest and effective administration. Therefore they need to be pushing for indy while keeping the mass of the voting population behind them, all the while doing their best to run the country effectively with one hand tied behind their back by WM.

    They must be a broad church catering to the wishes and needs of the bulk of indy-minded Scots, and most of these will not be wildly radical, either left or right or lean to any other extreme position. They have to hold the confidence and support of the middle ground, that big boring bulge in the centre of the bell-curve.

    Now if they lurched to the left (or right even!) they might pick up the support of a few extremists, but at the same time they would lose many more supporters from the other extreme which would be moving in towards the more densely populated centre.

    All told it´s a tricky balance to hold, and credit where it´s due, their balance has been brilliant so far. It´s really a case of ¨please don´t shoot the pianist (he´s doing his best!)¨.

    As for all these ´radical´ types, many are professional rebels who will always find some windmills to tilt at. Their whole personality and raison d´être is based on being opposed to something, being really really brave losers. If they ever won their cause how would they cope? What would they do with their lives?

    Many will hopefully grow out of it, though some might need therapy. At the end of the day ¨politics is the art of the possible¨ (remind me who said that).

  53. daibhidhdeux says:

    Bella was (almost?) always a nest of coat-trailer, Trotskyite/pseudo-anarchist/faux leftistl/ragtag-and-bobtail opportunists of the worst order; and there are a few others about who would betray Scots democracy and the re-independence movement for the sake of their own vanity, pocket, and cause of the British state.

    They are ultra-infantilists. The kind of weans who foot-stamp and bawl and roar for immediate attention and satisfaction of their whims and idle fancies.

    Still, it is most useful to see them flushing themselves out albeit at this critical point (which is, in and of itself, most curious).

    In the interests of transparency, I once, a long time ago,wrote two (?) short, minor articles for them when they seemed to sustain an open, balanced editorial policy. These were unrelated to the Scottish re-independence struggle, and before their nascent trend became clearly apparent.

    I rarely have contact with them now for, like some of the posters above, I believe them to be riven with agent provocateurs (altough, at that point, Mr Small seemed very personable and may still be a LinkedIn contact of mine – I rarely consult it now).

    Mr Tommy Ball’s blog offers some useful insights.

    Thank you, as ever, Dug, for your reflections rooted in integrity as well as to those who post here and express their moral principles in a rational, fact supported fashion.

    SNPX2 agus x Caber Feidh agus Saor Alba

  54. Jan Cowan says:

    Bella’s a great disappointment. Dithering will get us nowhere. Fortunately you’re here ,Paul, to help keep the show on the road.

    SNP X 2 is the obvious and only way forward.

  55. Norma Slimmon says:

    Bella told me off for swearing! Bunch of cunts! Extra gravy bones for WGD for this!

  56. […] a meme going about just now that I don’t like. It isn’t about the choice of which party you vote for – I’ve made my opinion on this matter clear, and […]

  57. whiterabbit says:

    Unless I’ve read this wrong Bella is advising the working class in England to abstain from voting on the 23rd June to give both Boris Johnstone and David Cameron a bloody nose. WTF is that all about?
    Oh, and the usual SNP bad with a go at Nicola Sturgeon as well.

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