We’re not going back to sleep

The Scottish public will wake up to the SNP eventually, is the soothing mantra that the Unionist commentariat tell themselves so they can get to sleep at night. Soon, soon, it’s just around the corner. Won’t be long now. Won’t be long. Hush now Daily Mailster and don’t cry. It won’t be long until Scotland returns to the fold like the good sheep we want them to be. They’re mad cultists, those Scots, say the establishment Westminions as they pray for salvation by a Messiah who delivered Scotland into EVEL. They lie tossing and turning, praying for redemption.

But they have no gods and their precious few heroes sold their souls for an ermine robe and a seat on the board. Stop listening to the spin say the spiders casting webs of lies. Wake up to the SNP, wake up to the SNP, count the Labour sheep and dream. Do as you’re told. Do what we say. Listen to your betters far far away in a place that’s not parochial and inward looking like you are. Now watch this display of royal pagentry. Coo at the photie of Willnkate’s baby. This is the UK, you’re privileged to be a part of the best non-nationalist nationalism the world has ever seen. Watch the Dave and Boris show, Punch and Judy puppets fill the press while the crocodile of capitalism devours your future. Michelle Moan has a peerage, she’s one of yours, why are you not grateful.

And this, this miserablist vision of narrow prospects and greedy avarice, is the best it’s ever going to get. This is the UK. It’s never going to change. It ate your grandparents and it will eat your children. Be obedient. Be humble. Defer to the lords and ladies. That’s how the UK works, that’s how it’s always worked. That’s what makes Britain grate your nerves.

We woke up from the nightmare. We were asleep years ago, when we were soothed by the fairy stories and somnolised by the lullabies of Labour, as a nation went sleepwalking off a cliff into the chasm of despair. Just one more General Election, just one more Labour majority, and our numbers would come up in the lottery of life. Tony Blair swore it was true. It was a restless sleep, a fevered dream, enchanted by the magic of lies. The only numbers we see are the numbers of the dead in illegal wars, the numbers of the increasing debt, the numbers sanctioned, the numbers going hungry as they trudged to the food banks, that’s winning the lottery of Westminster life means.

We woke up in the summer of 2014 and we’re not asleep any more. We’re alive and awake to the confidence tricksters, the false promisers, the perverters of hope and destroyers of the future who abandoned Scotland in the cold dead vacuum of vowter space. Our eyes are open, our minds alert, our feet stand firm under an open Scottish sky, and the landscape lies before us for the taking. We didn’t go away that depressing September day, it wasn’t a defeat it was a pause for breath, a taking of stock, a call to redouble our efforts, the alarm bell that woke a nation. The 19th of September 2014 was the day that half of Scotland said – Naw, I don’t think so. Your card is marked. Yer tea is oot.

The people who call for Scotland to wake up to the SNP are the same ones who want us to return to our slumber. The want us to surrender to passivity, to accept powerlessness and revel in impotence. They have no answers, no solutions, just the constant cry that the SNP is bad. They call on us to cringe more, complain about Gaelic signs and Scottish news programmes, be the co-dependent in their addiction to power as a route to preference and privilege and enrichment for the few. The only strategy they have is the vain hope that by convincing people that the SNP is as shite as they are that we’ll return to their self-serving embrace.

They miss the point. We all know that the SNP has its shortcomings. We are not blind. We are not asleep. But we want transformation and change, an escape from the politics of poverty of hope and beggaring of aspiration. The SNP can deliver that. Why vote for Labour or the Tories’ promise to reshuffle Westminster’s stacked deck when you can vote for a whole new game with a new pack of cards. When the gemme is a bogey you don’t vote for those who want to keep playing by the same unfair rules. Why vote for mitigation and paying twice to make up the shortfall for Westminster’s Tory cuts when we can vote for a fair game.

Devolution was supposed to be a means for Scotland to forge its own path within the UK, not a sticking plaster on the stumps left of the legs that Westminster has cut from beneath us. The only choice they want you to have to is vote Tory to cut your own throat, or vote for Labour to hold you down while the Tories cut your throat. That’s British democracy. Progressive can only mean progress along the path that Westminster decides, the British Parliamentary Road to Socialism that ended in the despair of Blair. But Scotland is hacking its way through the uncharted growth of self-determination, and with every step we take we see a vision of a better country come more sharply into focus. So clear we can touch it, beautiful and shimmering in the light of imagination. All things are possible when you forge your own path, free from the blinkers of those who ride on our backs and whip us. We are climbing the mountain to a better life, and we’re doing it ourselves.

There’s another tsunami coming in May. Another wave of wakefulness to wash away the lies, another ocean of awareness to drown the deceit. We’re awake. We are alive. We’re terrifying the Westminions and keeping them awake at night.

And we’re not going back to sleep.

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65 comments on “We’re not going back to sleep

  1. jimnarlene says:

    Absolutely bloody brilliant, inspiring and resolve stiffening stuff.
    Bravo! Paul, bravo!

  2. What jimnarlene said. You’re right: we’re awake now, and we’re not going back to sleep. The Establishment still haven’t realized this, that much is obvious. I shall now go and practice being an uppity Jock.

  3. Alistair says:

    Almost poetic. Gie that dug a bone!

  4. Great writing as ever. Keep these articles coming!

  5. Do they seriously think that we are going to vote for Kezia (who wouldn’t come third in a Kezia Dugdale lookalike competition if there were four candidates) JaBa the But, Ian Gray, Anas Sarwar, Jim Kelly, Neil Findlay, or Ruth Tank Commander ‘fair crack of the whip’ Davidson, Murdo Fraser, Alan Johnston, Prof Tompkins and Jackson Carlaw, or Oor Wullie, Tavish the Scott, and , no sorry, can’t think of the names of any of the other 3 Lib Dem hopefuls?
    The Branch Offices were deliberately crammed with Third Division politicos, failed councillors, in an effort to diminish the stature and quality of the Holyrood Administration. It has now come back to bite them in the bum. The SNP Administration id far from perfect, but they are moving in the right direction. Self Determination for Scotland.
    May 2016, then on to May 2017, before Labour Councils tie us into 20 year binding Arms Length contracts with their cronies, and cousins, are the next milestones on the way to nationhood once again..
    I favour 2018, for the Final Push…Unless of course Indignant, of Solihull, and There will Always Be An England , of Oxford vote to leave the EU in June….

  6. Rhian says:

    Superb!! Well shared!

  7. Saor Alba says:

    Magnificent Paul. Inspiring stuff once again. Heartfelt thanks.

  8. The voice of freedom on the winds of change

  9. Thepnr says:

    Like Rip Van Winkle many Scots have awoken from their long slumber only to find their rifle rusty and rotten, their dog missing and most everyone they knew dead and gone.

    Rip Van Winkle also discovered that King George III no longer ruled and that the United States was now an Independent country.

    Amazing what you might find once you open your eyes and wake up.

  10. Craig Evans says:

    Very well said; given the latest comments from certain ennobled Lords, they do still think we button up the back!

  11. Susan says:

    Very inspiring, thank you. 🙂

  12. Laurie says:

    Superb! A very crystalline summation of where things are at and yes, inspiring.

  13. Jan Cowan says:

    Brilliant description of British “democracy”. A joy to read. Thank you, Paul.

  14. Joy says:

    My goodness me you have an amazing way with words. Excellent.

  15. lanarkist says:

    Fantastically uplifting and empowering!
    After three hundred years of power napping we have lots of energy now!

  16. arthur thomson says:

    Great stuff mate. How I and others feel. Thank you for putting it into words.

  17. Thomas Barrowman says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  18. Rosie says:

    Powerful, poetic and inspiring. One of your best yet, Paul, and one I’ll come back to when I need uplifted. Thank you.

  19. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Super piece once again Paul – an excellent exposure of the affront that passes for democracy in the UK.

    On September 18th 2014 almost one half of Scotland did that which, according to the myth, could not be done – we prised hope out of Pandora’s box for the whole world to see.

    That kind of awakening cannot be put back in the box.

    Yes, it will take time, courage and patience but “it’s coming yet for a’ that”.

    • macart763M says:

      I think there was a profound change on that day, a mind shift in the population. I think Paul is right on the money, we do see the SNP warts and all, the difference being that what we see we do not find anywhere near as offensive as what we found in the other parties who have had control over the lives of generations of Scots.

      Better yet, the public have found that they can now use their politics and politicians to achieve a desired result, to affect their own lives and circumstance. On September 19th, 2014 the Scottish electorate discovered that through the process of the referendum they had become empowered and that no party, no politician was beyond their judgement.

      Those affected in this way are no longer inclined to blindly follow the lead or legislation of a self entitled political class used to an unchallenged parliamentary sovereignty. The blind and the deluded of party politics and the media insist that its all party political strategy on the part of the SNP, conning a vulnerable and intellectually challenged (cough) public.

      I wonder if the truth is beginning to dawn on some of them? That in fact its a motivated, politically aware and determined electorate who are directing a political party willing to oblige that electorate.

      Now if anything is guaranteed to give establishment politicians sleepless nights… it would be the thought of their very grumpy employers insisting they return to public service. 🙂

      • Steve Asaneilean says:

        Well said.

        Who’d have thought that in a democracy ordinary voters might actually want to be heard?

      • david agnew says:

        It was a profound shift. Labour foolishly politicised the referendum, thinking the yes vote could never get higher than the SNPs then 20% share of the vote. But the issue was bigger than that, and crossed party boundaries. Having identified themselves so completely as the parties of Union, where were these people of yes going to go, if not the SNP.

        Even now, they simply cannot comprehend the magnitude of the error they made. Making empty threats and demands of yes voters to give up and then getting angrier when it falls on deaf ears. They have not the first clue as to how to repair the bridges they so recklessly burned. They don’t know how to reach out to yes voters anymore. The bettertogether campaign ensured that can never happen. They can wrap themselves up in Union jacks. Put up all the bunting they want. Have silly banners declaring themselves as United Scotland in Union. At the end of day, they can’t go back nor can they go forward. They won barely and it cost them too much.
        It was the argument they never wanted to have. They did not want folks to consider banal unionism in the cold light of day. Its that awkward moment when you realise that what you thought was a “settled” will turns out to be only half and the other half is just as settled in their conviction that the union should end.

        Keeping Scotland in the UK cost them the relevance of British politics in Scotland. Amazingly the unionist parties and by extension the UK media, have simply not got around to realising a simple truth. This need for independence is bigger than the SNP. It was never about the SNP. It was never about Sturgeon or Salmond’s ego. They are seen as the vehicles for change. It also helps that they are seen as competent in government.

        Insulting the electorate has never been a clever move. But not understanding what it is you are actually fighting is far worse.

        • Your last two paragraphs says it all David.

        • macart763 says:

          I reckon by this point the movers and shakers, the thinkers, are aware of the catastrophe they have brought upon themselves. The rank and file however appear blissfully unaware in their party political tribalism, still focussed on their narrow world view of politics and how it should be practiced. Yet still, they have no answer, no resolution to their problem. They cannot reach us, for they cannot undo what they have done, or unsay what they have said. They have left themselves with nowhere to go but onward in their own self destructive narrative.

          If this year and next go as expected however, the penny should drop with a resounding ‘KLANG’ for all parties involved.

  20. Martin Heritage says:

    Spot on Paul. Top stuff. . . .

  21. John Edgar says:

    The Telegraph revealed today that DC and The Senior Tory Toffs are going to cull the local Tory associations, I assume UK wide, make them merge and strip the chairmen/women of powers. This is to curb dissent in the ranks of the anti EU associations. I wonder if this has filtered through to BBC Scotland and that they are asking the Tories north of the Tweed for comment. It looks like the Senior Toffy Tories see their local members as mere forelock-tugging oiks who have to do what they are told. What with EVEL and culling in the ranks, are the Tories north of the Tweed now feeling “better together with pooling and sharing”. Or do they still not see the English elephant in the room? Perhaps the sole Tory Secretary of State for Scotland is not aware of this either? “First the Tories came for the Unions, and their local members said nothing, and then they came for them!”

  22. gavin says:

    Morningside Muppet Murray is off to Canada, to see how they do it—well fancy that–Keir Hrdie wanted Scotland to have Dominion Status, just like Canada, though I doubt if Mr Murray is interested in Keir Hardie.
    What he might be interested in, however is
    a.-Cameron stuffing even more of his Cronies into the Lords.
    b.- Cutting back the number of MP’s from Scotland, Wales and N England and increasing those from southern England.
    c.- Passing legislation to curb the ability of the Unions to fund and support Labour.
    d.-Increasing control of the BBC—the news might as well be the David Cameron Show.

    The Morningside Muppet may think he has a sinecure for life, but he should look at the way the winds blowing, as should the rest of Scottish Labour—-they will be out of power for good, if the Tories have their way.
    Keir Hardie had the answer—-Home Rule, which is now called independence.

  23. Albawoman says:

    Thank you once again excellent almost lyrical writing.

    Just finished chatting to twenty three year old niece who lives with her partner and young son in very pleasant social housing in Surrey. She tells me that her rent could be raised to £1,200 per month from its present £600.pm.

    This she tells me is part of ‘Pay as you Grow ‘ policy from the Tory government. Orwellian or what!

    • hettyforindy says:

      That sounds like a tory plan to remove social housing from the low/middle earners and either sell it off and/or rent to the very wealthy. Greedy, lying, scheming immoral barstds. Maybe people should be asking who it was that paid for the housing to be built all those years ago, it most certainly was not the tory party and their pals.

  24. macart763M says:

    Outstanding Paul. 🙂

  25. xsticks says:

    “There’s another tsunami coming in May. Another wave of wakefulness to wash away the lies, another ocean of awareness to drown the deceit. We’re awake. We are alive. We’re terrifying the Westminions and keeping them awake at night. And we’re not going back to sleep.”

    I have to admit to having a snooze now and again 😉 Inspirational stuff MR Kavanagh. Hat doffed. Again.

  26. The Scottish Play says:

    ‘Their precious few heroes sold their souls for an ermine robe’ ..then fly. and mingle with the. epicures.

    ‘We’re alive and awake to the confidence tricksters, the false promisers, the perverters of hope and destroyers of the future who abandoned Scotland in the cold dead vacuum of vowter space. Our eyes are open, our minds alert, our feet stand firm under an open Scottish sky, and the landscape lies before us for the taking.’

    Tha thu dha-rìribh!

  27. scotsvote2014 says:

    May 2016 will hopefully be a resounding success for Scotland’s only political party (exc Greens) but I really can’t wait for 2017 and the destruction that will hopefully be wrought on local authorities. If we can get local authorities humming like the Scot Gov we can really get some traction on real, tangible changes. Local devolution and local taxes. One thing at a time though 🙂

  28. Saor Alba says:

    SNP x2 in May.

  29. douglas clark says:

    That was gob smackingly articulate in a way no Yoonionist has ever been.

    If I ever falter, if I ever waver, I will come back and read this. And all doubts will be cast aside.

    Did I mention it was really, really good?

    Thanks man.

  30. […] …why politically, I am the way I am? Well this post by wee ginger dug, pretty much nails it. We’re not going back to sleep […]

  31. K1 says:

    Aye, an eloquent summation of how it is and a complete delight to read Paul…that’s it, right there. We’re gonnae run the bastards oot of office and literally show the world how it’s done…Scots style.

  32. Robert Graham says:

    OK the SNP get a majority in May then what ? , we have today Scots & English Lords ( Vermin in Ermine) as they are better known Questioning the Settlement agreed between the Scottish & English Governments for that’s what it is ,a more or less a English Government in an English Parliament , we are only there to observe and make up the numbers it’s a pointless exercise , even Mrs Thatcher pronounced when the Scots send a majority of MPs to Westminster that are not in favour of the Union the game’s up , why are we not making preparations to leave ? , firstly by replacing all the heads in the Civil Service ,the Courts and Legal profession ie all associated Government departments that look upon Westminster as their ultimate masters and the Scottish Government who we vote for as more or less an irrelevance , look how many UK Government Ministers have refused to appear before Committees in the Scottish Parliament they don’t give a F/K about our Parliment even refusing to make it Permanent by yet again voting down the proposal , what will it take for these brain dead idiots who voted NO and stole the future from so many Scots kids to just once consider others rather than their own selfish interests .

    • Black Rab says:

      Nice. I Love it.

    • hettyforindy says:

      Good comment. It will either happen gradually, or, very spontaneously, with all that comes with that. Would still not be surprised if wm try to dismantle Holyrood when the SNP gain even more seats. They will say it’s a security issue, tanks sent in.

      Hopefully it won’t come to that, lots to play for with our election, though I am sure those S of the border will be saying, what election? They will get a shock when their gravy train hits the brake sharp, and takes the much more forward looking route, on the newly laid down track, all paid for by the Scottish people.

      Then it will be bye bye to the dysfunctional, bullying so called union.

  33. punklin says:

    “vowter space”- genius! Thank you.

  34. Sandy Thomson says:

    One of your very best. We are all privileged to have you on our side.

  35. MI5 Troll says:

    Brilliant,that really is biting the balls of their project fear. Keep chewing Dug!!

  36. hettyforindy says:

    Excellent piece, thanks again Paul. No time yet to read comments, always a joy, but whenever I think of Labour, especially in Scotland, I think to myself, Labour, keeping Scotland poor since…

  37. Tinto Chiel says:

    Paul, you manage to articulate feelings most of us, in our rage and frustration, simply struggle to. This post, and your demolition of the HoL and Forsyth in today’s National, deserve the widest possible audience: tonight’s Reporting Scotland perhaps?

    How aboot Naw?

    Whenever I am subjected to this apology for a programme in someone’s house or in a pub, I think, “If the French had had television in the Forties, this is what Vichy Vision would have looked like.”

    Some superb comments on here too (the usual suspects: you know who you are). Inspiring.

    • carthannas says:

      “If the French had had television in the Forties, this is what Vichy Vision would have looked like.”

      Brilliant, wish I’d have thought of that. Just sums up the whole quisling, Uncle Tom, parcel o rogues etc meme in one elegant sentence.

  38. TheBabelFish says:

    Reblogged this on The Babel Fish and commented:
    Eloquent and passionate. If you harboured any doubts that some of the best writing these days is coming from the new media, this piece, perhaps the best yet, from one of the Babel Fish Blog’s favourite fellow bloggers, will put them to rest. Enjoy.

    • Brian Fleming says:

      Aye, it is possibly the best yet, and that’s saying something. Tremendous writing.

  39. Another Scotland is possible….and soon.

  40. AYEMAN says:

    “This is the UK. It’s never going to change. It ate your grandparents and it will eat your children.”

    Absolute brilliance from The Dug! It sums up 300 years of Scotlands’ place in this “equal” union and is horrifyingly accurate when you consider the disproportionate casualty rates suffered by Scots who served in both World Wars.
    You should copyright this Paul before some entrepreneur makes a fortune putting it on mugs, t-shirts, keyrings, car stickers etc.

  41. Sue de Nymme says:

    Paul, that is a superb piece of writing.

    We now have nine weeks to sway the undecided and the disillusioned, and create a definitive and unstoppable Holyrood. I will be in the Largs SNP Office on Saturday to volunteer for whatever is needed.

  42. Dinna_fash says:


    Didn’t read all the comments so sorry if this has already been posted

    Debate on Human Rights Framework: Scotland


    Possibly the most important debate concerning Scotland to date

  43. jdman says:

    And THIS is why…. this is why we remain, and these words should be hammered into every thick-headed no’er in Scotland until they get the message,

    That’s why they keep me muzzled and on a chain, in case I get my hands on one of those,…. those …lovely people who exercised their right,

    Sorry I lost it there,
    I’m ok

    • I know, John. I share that rage.
      I had another explosion of anger last night when I learned that after its closure, the plant at Ravenscraig was dismantled, crated up and sold to China to produce the best quality steel in the world there instead of Lanarkshire. No hard evidence as yet provided by seeing as they were able to keep McCrone buried for 40 years, I absolutely believe it. Little Mo is about to pick up the iron and banjo psycho Trevor with it!

  44. Just catching up. Busy, out campaigning. For me, once again, it’s summed up by seeing Michael Fallon, U.K Defence Minister, telling us uppity jocks this morning that the next generation of Trident at Coulport/Faslane is going ahead, and the we should all be grateful for the “thousands” of jobs it’s going to bring to the local area. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there supposed to be a vote at Westminster before this matter can be decided?
    It’s this arrogance that leaves me fuming, especially where weapons of mass destruction are concerned. For this obscenity to be on my doorstep, which in the case of an accident would render a huge swathe of Scotland uninhabitable for generations, and cause millions of deaths, is unacceptable. And yet we are stuck with it, despite most Scottish people wanting nothing to do with it, probably for the foreseeable future.
    When we do gain independence, the removal of Trident should be our first priority, because I don’t want my great-grandchildren growing up in the shadow of such a dangerous obscenity.

  45. lanark says:

    Wonderful article. We will not go back to sleep, although Anas Sarwar is going to do his best to make us nod off.

    Labour destroyed itself in he bitter together campaign, I read Joe Pike’s book recently and I had no idea of the extent of the input of Brian Wilson to Darling’s campaign. A very bitter and twisted individual who despises the country he was born in.

    A brilliant quote about our grandparents, I am damned sure this corrupt entity isn’t going to have my children as well.

  46. Deely Cumming says:

    Brilliantly written words from the heart.
    We are most assuredly not going back in any confined or shackled vault to appease punch n judy…
    Fae B19 WOF

  47. Brilliant words of wisdom,i’m nearly in tears,beautiful.

  48. Brian says:

    I’m almost ashamed to admit that it took me 67 years to wake up, but wake up I did, in 2014, and I’m wide awake still. I’m amazed by just how clearly I see now. I shook my family awake too, and we all voted YES, and all voted SNP in May. We will do so again this year.
    It’s thanks to powerful blogs like this that momentum has not been lost.

  49. Flower of Scotland says:

    Inspirational read from you. Not feeling great but this made me feel so much better!
    Thank you!

  50. chicmac says:

    Your blog is on my bookmarks tab, but I missed this until someone posted in Wings comments. So here is my reply there:

    ‘superbly insightful, laying the truth bare for all but the truly unsaveable to see.

    Up there along with Alan Bisset and Jimmy Reid and employing that undefinable yet discernible and seemingly peculiarly Scottish poetic style where in metre and cadance the rhyming of truth takes precedence.’

    Would just add, it should have been in the National IMO.

    Now where is that donate button?

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