In the land of the mad the sane are crazy

Amidst the claps and cheers of Tory MPs, Britain is at war again. A few months ago SNP MPs were castigated for clapping in the Commons chamber, but it seems that it’s fine to clap as long as you’re clapping bombing raids and war, as long as you’re clapping the militarism of the British state. In the British parliament you can applaud inhumanity and combat, but not a young MP’s humane and compassionate speech. Clapping is only wrong if you’re Scottish secessionists who want to rescue their country from the farcical charade of Westminster. Clap. Clap. Crap. Crap.

The MPs applauded because Britain is at war again. A dead Syrian child on a Turkish beach provokes outrage around the world, but a hundred dead Syrian civilians killed in British bombing raids is an acceptable level of civilian casualties. The British state has decided that their lives are worth risking for its self-importance. David Cameron’s self-esteem is more important than a life unlived, more crucial than a life cut short. The pride of Britain counts for more than the beating heart of a Syrian child, more than the twinkle in the eyes of lovers under the moon, more than the grief of a mother and father. Britain will do its bit to create chaos and then our politicians can strut the world stage on the backs of the dead.

But Britain is only doing what the British state defines itself by. Britain is defined by war and its establishment needs war in order to justify its existence. All this has happened before, all this will happen again, a merry go round of murder. A nation which defines itself by its military prowess, by its obligatory public fetishisation of pride in its armed forces, by its need to “stand tall”, is a nation that can never know peace. Like an alcoholic who crawls out of bed and reaches for the bottle, the British state needs war in order to feel normal.

Just one, just one more sip, just one more bombing raid. I can give it up whenever I want. Just one more and then I’ll stop. Honest, you can trust me, I’m the British state. Have I ever lied to you before? Iraq? That was just a misunderstanding. Just one more war, and then I’ll stop. One more, until the next one. I need this. I’ve thought it all through this time, no really I have. Just one more war and all will be well. Until the next one. You need me to have wars for you. I’m the British state. Why aren’t you proud of me?

Britain will always be at war. It’s good for business. Today the defence companies reported that their share prices soared like a Vulcan bomber. But we should call these companies what they are. Companies whose business is the production of means of killing and maiming human beings are not defence companies. They’re offensive companies. And the British state keeps offensive company.

War is the normal state of being in the UK. When our statepeople stand in the Westminster parliament and say that Britain needs to go to war because the UK must live up to the expectations of our allies, they’re saying that Britian must go to war because Britain has always gone to war. When right wing commentators say Britain must go to war because Britain is a warrior nation, they’re saying that Britain must go to war because we’ve always gone to war before. The only justification required for war is that we’ve always been at war. Past wars justify future wars in a never ending cycle. War justifies war.

For the British state the purpose of war isn’t to achieve peace, the purpose of war is to promote the British state, to make Davie Cameron feel good about himself. Without war, without combatting a threat – real or imagined – the British state has no purpose. So we get more wars so that the people don’t see the British state for what it really is, a lethal parasite that sucks us of our children and our resources, that bleeds us for its own aggrandisement and tosses us aside when we’ve been bled dry. There’s always a food bank for the servicemen who serve no more.

This war in Syria is a war that can’t be won because victory can’t be defined. You can’t bomb warped ideas out of existence. You can’t defeat madness with madness. What’s the exit strategy? What counts as victory? Who is going to destroy ISIS? There are no answers to these questions that the government doesn’t want to answer and the media doesn’t want to ask. Our government and a large segment of the Labour party repeat the same mistake that the UK’s establishment made in Iraq and in Libya, they don’t learn, they never learn. Yet the media claps and cheers along with the braying politicians. We’ll keep going down the same bloody road to catastrophic chaos, but we’ll do it with a union flag amidst appeals to patriotism and that makes it all alright.

What exercises our media on this shameful day when Britain once again drank deep from the trophy of destruction is not that we are at war without any clear idea of how to define victory. What they’re upset about is that Alex Salmond said that Hilary Benn’s late pacifist father would be birling in his grave after Hilary gave an impassioned speech to justify a bombing campaign that is incapable of delivering peace but can only deliver destruction. And all of a sudden the Westminions discover a sense of moral outrage, angry on behalf of a rich and well connected warmonger whose feelings they claim have been hurt by someone who is opposed to a senseless war.

Having sold off all the institutions and nationalised companies that once informed a sense of Britishness, there’s nothing left to Britain but a hollow shell, and it’s filled with high explosives. The media bangs on about a British identity because there’s nothing left to a British identity but the bang of bombs and the claps and cheers of careerists in the Commons. Wave your flag, cheer the troops, it’s the Great British pageantry of death. If you oppose war you’re a terrorist sympathiser. In the land of the mad the sane are crazy.

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44 comments on “In the land of the mad the sane are crazy

  1. Maureen says:

    Well said Paul. Very heavy heart last night and still upset. This UK is rotten to the core we must leave. All those lives means nothing to these warmongers, may they burn in hell.

  2. jimnarlene says:

    Pretending to be important, it’s the Warminster way.
    Not in my name.

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  4. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  5. diabloandco says:

    Just deeply saddened by this evil being visited on the innocent.
    And bloody angry at the Labour MPs who are bleating about being called ” nasty names” while men , women and children burn and die.

  6. Saor Alba says:

    You have defined Britishness absolutely clearly Paul. That is exactly what it means to be British.
    Unionists wanting to fight and hate the ‘other’.
    We see it in Northern Ireland. We saw it in George Square when the Unionist yobs gatecrashed. We see it on the slopes of a certain re-invented football club. We see it in Wastemonster amongst childish plebs from Eton and so forth. Clapping and cheering for death. That’s what they have become. These are the “Deatheaters”.


    I was extremely proud of Alec Salmond yesterday. His words were from the heart.
    He has the class of a proper statesman.

  7. fillofficer says:

    & so when england is bombed soon (& it will) by its own subjects (as in france) there will be no finger pointing at the scots. except the red tory, yellow tory & blue tory. let the games begin

  8. robert graham says:

    hilary benn should have been sacked before he tried to take his seat , in full view of his pals in the tory party and while they were still cheering him on , that would have shut the fecker up , along with the gutless cowards behind him, labour party what ever happened to them sank without trace

    • Lizzie56 says:

      Can anyone tell me why Benn was allowed to sum up. He is not the defence secretary and he was not representing the majority MP’s views in his own party. Corbyn must have know that he would make such a speech as he is an excellent orator. We had two summing up speeches for the same side – it was ludicrous. A complete lack of leadership from Labour who’s MP’s must feel very let down as must all how opposed the bombing. The should have let Angus Robertson or Alex Salmon sum up. But why would they do that – bad SNP. At least they would have given the opposition a voice.

  9. Bill Hume. says:

    I’m so depressed. Why can’t we break free of these nasty, nasty people?

  10. benmadigan says:

    Sincere compliments Paul. A truly great post.
    I was talking to a top-level European professional today who said in different words “War is the normal state of being in the UK”
    So people outside of the UK recognise what is going on.

    With regards to Hilary Benn’s motivations for his speech – maybe there are patricidal Freudian undertones, maybe he wants the title his father renounced, maybe he wants to be a great statesman, maybe the Tories made an offer he couldn’t refuse – whatever . . . .
    He appeared as the quintessential Englishman who cannot /will not understand the non-English point of view of other inhabitants of this UK.

  11. You have excelled once again Paul.

  12. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Many and sharp the num’rous ills
    Inwoven with our frame!
    More pointed still we make ourselves
    Regret, remorse, and shame!
    And man, whose heav’n-erected face
    The smiles of love adorn, –
    Man’s inhumanity to man
    Makes countless thousands mourn

  13. Jan Cowan says:

    I find Hilary Benn’s behaviour absolutely shocking. The other Tories know no other way but he doesn’t have an excuse. He enjoyed a superior upbringing.

    It’s fortunate Tony Benn has already gone. Imagine how heart breaking it would have been for him.

    I watched Tony Benn’s last interview in order to sooth my anger. He was a great man.

  14. macart763M says:

    Well said Paul.

    Benn’s speech was pure hypocrisy having only a little over a fortnight ago claim that the case had not been made for bombing and that the ‘focus for now is on finding a peaceful solution’. As for Westminster? What can you say?

    It was all so tragically predictable. As you point out above the line, there was always going to be another war and another and another. Is this what Scotland wants? Is this the legacy we leave our children and their children? Is better togetherness about leaving a legacy of future hatred?

    All but two of Scotland’s representatives voted against this folly. Our country’s representation was ignored. Scotland’s electorate were ignored. The UK, including Scotland, goes to war.

    Families struggle, kids starve, our disabled are victimised by the state, our budgets are slashed, our devolution settlements are rigged to cripple our economy and parliament, but we can find the cash to go to war and leave our children and future administrations, whole new generations of enemies to fight.

    Heart sick and frustrated.

  15. Eddie says:

    From Wikipedia: “…former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook wrote of the relationship between BAE, then known as British Aerospace, and the government in his book The Point of Departure: “In my time I came to learn that the Chairman of British Aerospace appeared to have the key to the garden door to Number 10. Certainly I never once knew Number 10 to come up with any decision that would be incommoding to British Aerospace”.

    It’s been made quite clear that although Britain’s input to the bombing in Syria will be minor, it has been justified by saying that these new British missiles that they’e trying to punt is going to be something special. The Brimstone missile that they are all going on about is made by a consortium which includes Bae Systems who’s share prices have soared over the last few weeks. Who really gains from killing innocent people?

    • Saor Alba says:

      I’ll wager Mr Cameron and his cronies on both sides of the House (Blue, Red, Yellow and Purple) gain something. This is British triumphalism.

    • Saor Alba says:

      However, you are correct in your implication Eddie. The big, tax-avoiding friends of the Wastemonster Government gain. These are the REAL “scroungers off the state”.

      At the moment, I am reading “The Establishment: And how they get away with it” by Owen Jones. I would suggest that this book should be widely read and you will begin to see and understand what is really going on behind the mist of of lies, subterfuge and propaganda that we are being fed and have been fed for decade upon decade on a daily basis. I thought i knew already, but my eyes have been opened further. If those who voted ‘NO’ in the referendum can be persuaded to read this, then I am convinced that they will see the futility of the so-called union. I would recommend it to all our readers on this site.

  16. Hazel Smith says:

    A great post Paul. Utter madness down there. They have opened up another can of worms from which there will be no going back.. I was so proud of our Scottish MPs at the debate.

    • Saor Alba says:

      It has already been said by a proper wordsmith, that it makes no sense to “cure madness with more madness”.

  17. Helena says:

    Great once again, thanks. I have seen lots on twitter and fb, war supporters complaining that the clapping was about Benn’s speech not the vote. Well duh, same bloody thing given he was making a pro war speech.

    Sickened by the lot of them, absolutely disgusting. I hear that ITV did not have the sound up on their propaganda news so people couldn’t hear the cheers!

    SNP MP’s a class above, with integrity and honesty.

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  19. I wish the MPs would actually read this blog post, or indeed have a look through all of these blog posts- as they might actually see themselves for what they are. It’s sad. Really sad. And they represent the people (they don’t actually but that’s their job description).

  20. Andrew Scott says:

    Always good but tbius is superb

  21. david agnew says:

    “This marriage of pop psychology and bombing lionizes war on the cheap, and it increases our country’s addiction to strategically counterproductive drive-by shootings with cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs.” – excerpt from an article written by Chuck Spinney in 2013 when the US began its air campaign against Assad and ISIS. link here –

    also a recent one written by patrick cockburn

  22. arthur thomson says:

    I and everyone else keep saying how your most recent piece of work is the best and most important Paul and it has just dawned on me that there is a logical reason for this. It is because the issues you are addressing are the issues that are critical at the time and you have the ability to get right to the heart of those issues in a relatively few words. You have done it again and again and in doing it you have consistently given back hope to myself and others that there is a way forward.

    Thank you.

    In common with others I am sickened at the thought of the innocent people who are going to be hurt by the British state.

    But we have to keep going and I am encouraged that, for the first time in my lifetime, Scotland’s representatives are being seen to stand together, almost in unanimity, in public opposition to war, impoverishment and corruption. I am encouraged too that our representatives are clearly working to a plan that seeks to adopt the best, most civilised, practises in their efforts to do so.

    Sadly it is not enough to help the innocents in Syria today but if we each do all we can to promote support for an independent Scottish Government then we can positively influence what happens in the future.

  23. Luigi says:

    Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. As law-abiding Oceanians, it is our duty to fall into line and support this perpetual, heroic effort. As for humanity? As for the other side? Don’t be silly!

  24. dereklouden says:

    Our world gets more Orwellian every day. No animal shall kill any other animal WITHOUT CAUSE. I’m wondering if the Bible will get re-printed soon in Cameron’s image? “Thou shalt not kill – unless they’re asking for it.”

  25. Sue de Nymme says:

    Less than a month before Westminster decided to maim, traumatise and kill children, the BBC transmitted a Dr. Who episode against killing innocents. Here is an excerpt.

    “You don’t know whose children are going to scream and burn. How many hearts will be broken. How many lives shattered. How much blood will spill…..”.

    The full text, from the Radio Times, is here. I commend it to you all.

  26. carthannas says:

    Pìos sgrìobhaidh air leth sònraichte Paul. Absolutely brilliant. What a pity you weren’t able to deliver it in response to the drivel spewed out by the twerp Benn.

  27. fergus gillies says:

    Your last two posts have spoken for all of us. Thankyou.

  28. John Hilley says:

    Truly wonderful post, Paul. A war-addicted state, a failed state.

  29. John Hilley says:

    Truly wonderful post, Paul. A war-addicted state. A failed state.

  30. Electric blue says:

    Thank you once again for expressing my thoughts so clearly and eloquently. I wish your articles were front page everywhere. They are definitely thought provoking and should be read by a very wide audience.

  31. Ken Waldron says:

    Superb Paul! Aside from bombing foreigners there is only one other thing left defining “Britishness”, but you can’t base an national identity solely on talking about the weather….

  32. Guga says:

    “Britain will do its bit to create chaos and then our politicians can strut the world stage on the backs of the dead.”

    That is one of your most telling statements yet, WGD, and it fully illustrates the mentality of the English parliament; not forgetting that, as they trample over the corpses of innocent women and children and old people, they will be cheering, clapping and waving the Butcher’s Apron.

    Now we have the situation wherein the majority of people in Scotland, and others in the rUK, who oppose the wholesale slaughter of innocents, are now classed as “terrorist sympathizers” by Porky Camoron and his ilk. This double-speak by Porky looks as if it it taken right out of Orwell’s “1984”. It does not appear to be a slip of the tongue either, as can be seen by the English government sponsored leaflets being circulated in London about how to spot whether your child is being “radicalized”. They inform people that, among other things, signs of the said “radicalization” to look out for include your children showing a mistrust of the Main Stream Media, and, importantly, disagreeing with the government’s policies!

    This attitude of classing anyone who disagrees with the English government and their puppet MSM as radical terrorist sympathizers also reminds me of the policies of the Nazis, and the next logical step of such fascist attitudes is to round up all these “enemies” of the English government, and transport us to concentration camps, “for our own good”.

    The sooner Scotland breaks away from this malign system, and regains its own freedom, the better.

    Saor Alba.

  33. Robert T says:

    Paul would it not be possible to get the fellow who does your illustrations to compose a sketch of the exact horrors you speak of, e.g. camoron and fellow warmongers literally strutting on the backs of the bodies of, women, children, elderly people, holding the union flag, with a speech balloon coming from the morons mouth saying ” This is done in your name to protect YOU ” with all the rest of the warmongers having a speech balloon shouting, hurrah, hear hear, well done. This may illustrate further the graphic horror that these supposed representatives are happy to vote for.

    It may also show the people of the union why the SNP are right to vote against these horrors, and that the current government and their supporters are willing to commit atrocities rather than STOP THE FUNDING, and STOP THE SUPPLY OF WEAPONS TO ISIS, which would be far easier to do BUT that would entail showing backbone and exposing the parasitic regimes that are profiting from this misery

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