Altered State : part 3

The third and final instalment of Phantom Power’s documentary looking at the role of the media during the independence referendum campaign.

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  1. Brian Fleming says:

    I don’t understand how Derek Bateman can look into the camera and with a straight face claim the referendum was definitely fair and then say that’s democracy folks. He MAY be right, but there is a substantial body of evidence that suggests he is not right. I am myself not 100% sure the referendum was rigged, but I strongly suspect it was, using the postal votes. A little doubt wouldn’t go amiss, Derek.

    • diabloandco says:

      I’m with you Bill , even the point about the corporate media makes it unfair.

      Paul , sharp looking ,sharp minded – love ya!

    • Bill Dale says:

      Agree totally with Brian. That may well be democracy UK style, but it is not fair. I had personal experience of six young people (up to mid thirties) that I convinced to register to vote for the first time. When they went to vote, not one was allowed to vote. Unfortunately I didn’t find out about it till much later, but some were told they had already voted. Let us not underestimate the extent to which Westminster will go to preserve its power and majority share of our wealth.

      • Jan Cowan says:

        Totally agree with the above comments………and as for Derek Bateman’s final remarks! How depressing was that! Thankfully there are many more of us with enough spirit to push the depressed few towards our goal and on to Independent Scotland.

    • Phantom Power says:

      Hi Brian, I read this more as a reference to 1979 referendum which is widely regarded as a fix. I asked Prof John Robertson about postal votes and his only real issue with that was Better Together accessing postal vote information. Derek was very critical of how the No campaign behaved earlier in the series.

      • Brian Fleming says:

        Phantom, fair enough. My main beef with the postal votes was their being sent to London before being returned to Scotland for the count. That, allied to the extraordinary high postal vote uptake and in places radical difference in outcome between the postal votes and votes on the day, give me cause to suspect foul play.

    • Andrea says:

      Apart from the 100,000 complaints to the electoral commission including scrutineer concerns – the ‘media blackout’ that was supposed to be honoured wasn’t – so by no means could te referendum be considered fair.

  2. mogabee says:

    Watched this once, now going to start again at 1, and thereafter I will be sharing as far as possible.

  3. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  4. ScotsCanuck says:

    … enjoyed the video, very well put together. I also share the concerns that the Referendum vote was “free &fair”, the Ruth Davidson situation regarding her ability to ‘forecast’ the percentage of YES/NO votes cast on early voting has never been adequately explained and the counting official who was captured on video stuffing ballots into the NO receptacle without them having been counted as such after a fire alarm had been activated (several times), are just two examples of nefarious activities during Referendum …. and the Queens “think very carefully” intervention … and the “Vow” only days before the vote ? maybe in Stain’s USSR such would be considered “free & fair” but it sure ain’t my interpretation !!!

  5. macart763M says:

    Bitter sweet.

    Indy 2 and there will be an indy 2, we start from a place of certainty and carrying the advantages of history, time and events.

    I reckon Derek is right to say ‘that’s democracy’. As heartbreaking as it was, people voted for that result. Paul is right on the money to state that we light the blue touch paper when we know we’re going to win. The people we want and need to win this outright may have thought independence yeah, but not yet, or were made to feel fear through the intimidation and outright lies, or were convinced that the devolution package and the system would change if only we stick with it a little longer.

    That majority, is the majority we want to travel with us and it will simply take longer, not to convince them they were wrong, they’ll see and know this for themselves, but that they are wanted and needed. That the vote Westminster has shat upon from a great height, we will value and honour. That our vision has merit, or that Holyrood has encouraged the requisite amount of confidence in its handling of day to day government.

    History will show the establishment parties lied. Time and events have and will continue to provide the irrefutable proof. The good news, is that those people at second time of asking will take more time to listen, pay more heed to what we say, will be entirely approachable and open to discussion. They’ll have had a good long taste you see, of Westminster’s gratitude by this point.

    I do disagree with Derek on timescale though. I may have to accept the result of last year, but I’m damned if I’ll let it lie on the back of the past year’s events and the treatment a ‘grateful’ Westminster has visited upon my country and its representation. Depending on events and opportunity I’d easily halve Derek’s estimate and it may occur sooner than that.

    The only thing that will decide the kick off, outside of a catastrophic breach of the current status quo, is the people themselves. The precedent for independence by consensus is set. If we want independence, then all we have to do is tell our government THAT is what we want.

    So we better get busy and convince folk. Let’s do by action what Westminster promises, but never delivers. We help where we can. We provide aid to those that need it, clothes, food, contributions to charities. We hold out a hand to those that need a friend and when folk say I voted no last time but…. We listen and we talk them through it one question at a time. In short, we act as if we’re living in the first days of a better nation.

  6. benmadigan says:

    Thanks for this final episode Paul which I have reblogged here . Watching this part of the film brought back a lot of memories.
    Still – onwards and upwards as the saying goes!!

  7. Helena says:

    Great film, and very well put together. I too do not agree that the whole referendum was in fact a democratic process. It was on the surface democratic, but what was going on beneath that, I really suspect was anythiing but.

    If Derek is right, and we have at least 15 more years of tory rule in a country, ie Scotland, which has virtually no support for that party, then Scotland will be finished. No Indy, no Holyrood. That the tories could be taking power with little or no effective, genuine opposition, then this is a one party state, with actually only what, 36% of the vote or so, even in England, is to my mind extremely worrying. When the tories change the voting boundaries, it will be even less democratic.

    The tories have assimilated liebour and the lib dems, but what to do about the SNP? They will up the smears and false flag tactics in the next few months, because this is about more than ukok.

    We need part4 please, because to accept tory (of any colour) rule from afar for as long as we can envisage, for all that entails, smacks of an undemocratic regime with state run propaganda as a tool. Without our own, Independent Scottish tv news channel, it is clear that ukok will continue to lie about, stifle and supress the ideas and policies being implemented by the Scottish government. Not perfect but god help us should any of the current unionist parties get close to taking the helm.

    If Liebour are meant to be socialist, well, no thanks.

  8. scotsgeoff says:

    Very good video although I can’t agree with Derek Bateman about IndyRef being fair.

    The main reason for me that it wasn’t fair is this: if I trick a pensioner into buying something on their doorstep or con them out of money I am, rightly, considered a crook: any contract signed is therefore negated by my criminality. Herding pensioners into a church hall and scaring them with, let’s say, inaccuracies about their pensions is just crookedness on a larger scale.

    What is ‘fair’ about using misinformation and lies to secure votes?

    I could handle losing if I could see people had made an informed decision but when the likes of the BBC were spinning furiously in favour of Better Together to mislead people into voting a particular way is a disgrace (I would feel the same way if the YES vote had won this way).

    I wrote about this at the time if anyone is interested…

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