Unionist sheep bleat SNPbaaaad

The shine has come off the SNP, say people who’ve spent the past decade throwing mud and crap at the party in the hope that some of it might stick. The main result of this exercise has been to leave crap all over the hands of the mud throwers, and an SNP which sails on unperturbed by the ripples created by Scotland’s media pond life. Mud slinging is a dubious political tactic, consisting at base of the unconvincing and base selling point that we should vote for a unionist party because a pro-independence party is as sleazy as a unionist party.

It’s a tactic which is doomed to fail. Every time Kezia Dugdale gets up at Furst Meenister’s Questions to hurl some more dirt at the SNP, all she does is to remind us just how dirty the Labour party is now and has always been. There’s not a lot of mileage in accusations of impropriety directed at the SNP out of the mouth of the leader of a party which only a short while ago saw five of its MPs receive jail terms. Then there’s the goings on in Glesca Cooncil under Purcell, the sink of North Lanarkshire and sectariangate, the pauchles of Falkirk selections, and a litany of scandal and sleaze which long since ceased to be a series of isolated incidents and became an intricate macramé of mafiosos.

Labour in Scotland is not a political party tainted by sleaze, it’s sleaze with the occasional spots of politics. Scandal and sleaze is what defines them. Not that that stops Labour from trying to claim the moral high ground, when in fact all they’re doing is clambering on top a pile of corpses, most of which have been stabbed in the back by a former SLab MP. The result of this well known history of rankness is that when Kezia and her pals scream SNPbad, all the Scottish electorate hears is “See that SNP, they’re just as bad as we are.” It’s not a message that’s going to get any of their former support to return, but even though it’s a tactic that has been as successful as business selling pan scourers as toilet paper, Labour keeps scraping. They don’t know what else to do.

We’re told that it’s always important not to confuse the messenger with the message, and in the general run of things this is true. But in Labour’s case the SNPbad message is being delivered by a party which has a proven track record in badness. It’s like getting a warning about the dangers of organised religion from a Young Earth Creationist, or the Mongol Hordes railing against caravans on the A9. The message has no credibility when the messenger is guilty of far worse.

Another of Labour’s attacks died a death over the weekend when the director of T in the Park revealed his company had received financial support from the previous Labour Lib Dem coalition in Holyrood. For weeks now Labour and the Lib Dems along with the Tories have been trying to make out that the festival’s receipt of a grant from the Scottish Government was an atrocity on a par with the Massacre of Glencoe. Although that was carried out by Unionists and so was really just a bit of a misunderstanding and not in any way typical of Westminster’s historic attitude to Scotland, oh no.

Meanwhile, faced with a Tory government that’s demonising immigrants and dismantling the NHS, Labour chooses to attack the Tories by asking why Jeremy Hunt’s Chinese wife came to live in England. So much for the much heralded new politics. Corbynism has given Labour in Scotland the same sort of bounce that was last seen on a spacehopper which had lost an argument with Jim Murphy’s broken Irn Bru bottle. The SNP’s commanding lead in the opinion polls remains bright and shiny. It should be clear to even the most obtuse party leader by now that all the SNPbadness in the world isn’t going to do the Unionist parties any good, but it’s all they’ve got.

The only way in which the Unionist parties could start to make a serious dent in the SNP’s support is a way that’s closed to them. They’d have to start making a real commitment to the kind of devolution that they promised during the referendum campaign, and not the kind of devolution they’re currently trying to pretend is what they meant all along.

Oh but when we said home rule we didn’t actually mean, you know, home rule. We meant limited extra responsibilities over limited forms of taxation. And road signs. And no, don’t even think about getting your hands on the TV remote control. Now eat your cereal and go to your bedroom where the TV is set to the BBC and don’t dare imagine you can change the channel. What we really meant by the closest thing to federalism possible is whatever is going to advantage our parties, not what the people of Scotland want. This is still the game that the Unionist parties are playing, and it’s still the game that the electors of Scotland see right through.

If Labour wants to eat into the SNP’s support, it can only do so by attracting SNP voters back. That’s never going to happen if all that Labour has to offer is repeating ad nauseum that the SNP is as bad as Labour is. But then Labour’s real problem is that it’s so discredited that it could offer incontrovertible proof that it could give every person in Scotland winning lottery tickets, the ability to walk on water, the powder to turn base metals into gold, and most importantly of all, some actual real jam – but people would still not believe it.

All the SNP has to do is to be mildly competent and it’s still miles ahead of the competition. People are still going to vote for them no matter how much Unionist party sheep go SNPbaaad because they want to punish Labour and the Lib Dems and their proven record of incompetence, because they have no faith in the Westminster system, and because they want another independence referendum – and whatever your opinion of the SNP another independence referendum offers the people of Scotland the opportunity to wrest power for ourselves. Nothing Labour can offer is able to match that, no matter how many sheep bleat SNPbaaaad.

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20 comments on “Unionist sheep bleat SNPbaaaad

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  2. diabloandco says:

    Wonderful stuff – the blatant dishonesty of the Lib/Lab/Con and their media pals really gets me – but respite for my stomach ulcer of rage and my teeth grinding fury arrives in my inbox via you.
    Thank you.

  3. macart763M says:

    They are over committed Paul. They couldn’t back track on their narrative now even if they wanted to. They have to see it through to one of two eventual conclusions and if that means causing a massive societal train wreck as they do so, then in their eyes, so be it. Oh and by they, I mean the collective narrative of the three main Westminster parties, still joined at the hip where the constitutional issue is concerned regardless of their party political ambitions.

    Conclusion one: Their continued aggressive, negative campaigning and media manipulation stuffs a weary and brow beaten electorate back into a box marked apathy/here be dragons/abandon all hope and things return to the bad old days of the fox running the hen house. Their problem being that their fiefdom will be populated by a deeply resentful electorate and the clock will still be ticking down.

    Conclusion two (and the more likely): Their continued aggressive, negative campaigning and media manipulation alienates them further from what is fast becoming the new mainstream politics and community mindset in Scotland. The ‘box’ has been put into storage with a sticker saying reserved for bigotry/corrupt officials/careerists and assorted media sociopaths. The hens have cunningly built themselves an electric fence, have acquired ninja arse kicking skills at the local community college night classes and the fox is looking at several months rehab in traction. The clock still ticks down.

    There was actually a third option, but they’ve been offered that one several times and batted it away each time. It won’t be offered again so no point in mentioning it.

    Their choice

  4. diabloandco says:

    Just went down the list for a re-run of Altered Images – God you’re good!

  5. There is a genuine sadness for me here too Paul.

    Any effective democracy needs effective opposition. Yet what we have in Scotland bears no resemblance to effective opposition.

    Instead they want to find guilty someone who has never even been charged or questioned about anything and is no longer even a member of the SNP.

    They are apoplectic about this person having property worth £1.7 million – which, of course, is the average price of a detached property in the constituency of (Not) Labour’s only Scottish MP. But (Not) Labour in Scotland don’t do irony do they?

    Instead they want to slam the SG for daring to help out a festival to the tune of about 50p for each person attending it and which brings an estimated £10 million boost to the Scottish economy every year.

    The shenanigans of (Not) Labour councils over the years seems so easily forgotten by the current batch of (Not) Labour MSPs but not by me. I was there when the Monklands scandal blew up – cronyism, nepotism and unethical behaviour on an epic scale. That was 25 years ago and it seems that in Lanarkshire or Glasgow or Falkirk nothing much has changed.

    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own?”

    • macart763M says:

      It didn’t have to be like this Steve. Of the three of them Labour were given so, so very many chances by folk. Decades worth to be precise.

      We voted for them time after time to be our protector when they were out of number ten, to set things right when they were in. They did neither.

      It was as fast as their talent could exit the country to head for the bright lights and ermine, leaving their second tier to run the home shop (mainly into the ground). We practically begged them, because folk thought that was what they were created for. To bring home rule to Scotland, protect those who didn’t have a voice, the dispossessed, the poor, the minorities. They were to ensure our industries and working communities evolved and changed to suit the times, but remained ‘working’ communities. They did none of this.

      What they did do was aid in the mismanaged de-industrialisation began by Thatcher in her ‘get rid of the rust belt’ days. They got caught up in Thatcher’s dash to prosperity on the backs of financial services and the oil boom (free money) and trickle down economics. They used the Conservative bogeyman and SNP Tartan tory myth to cover their own deficiencies and lack of action to guarantee our votes and all the while continued pursuing those same conservative policies. The wooing of corporate patronage, continued over reliance on the FS sector, seeding and saturating every level of government from community level upwards with place people who behaved more like gangsters than public servants.

      They broke our hearts.

      They are now learning that what the people give you, the people can also take away.

  6. Willie John says:

    I read the line “See that SNP, they’re just as bad as we are” as “See that SNP, they’ll never be as bad as we are.” Much prefer that!

  7. BampotsUtd.wordpress.com says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  8. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Paul how the hell did you manage to NOT mention BBC ScotLab once!😨….

  9. Jan Cowan says:

    Well Paul, you’re the one to bundle them into their box and fix the lid on tight. Great stuff. Thank you.

  10. david agnew says:

    When you cut away at the dross to get to that kernel of truthiness, we can see that Scottish Labour has two major problems.

    The first is credibility. Their endless attacks always invite comparison. When held in the balance it usually goes against the hapless Scottish sub branch, or worse the slow dawning realisation that they couldn’t do anything except copy the SNP. This finds Scottish labour stuck in a dilemma that crippled the UK party in England. The UK party tried to imitate the tories but tory voters stuck with the real deal, not a plastic imitation. Scottish labour wants to tackle SNP from the left, but few believe them and besides, why vote for an imitation SNP when you can vote the real deal?

    The 2nd is the more crucial to understanding why they are in this pickle. They and the clowns of Better together actually used Britishness and the Union, as a wedge issue. Wedge issues divide – they don’t unite, it is why they are called wedge issues. Now it’s possible that Scottish labour really did think they had 80% of the vote and doing it that way could work. But when it became clear it was going to be within a gnat’s hair of being a 50/50 split – anyone one with a brain could see that using the UK as a wedge issue wasn’t going to be the smart play.

    What they achieved as did the other unionist parties, was to drive people into the SNP camp. They have no way of winning back these people they lost. They have no way forward. No way to reconcile yes voters to accepting the vote and shutting up and eating their cereal.

    All they have left are the smears and the carping from the sidelines. You know…the very thing they used to drive that wedge in good and deep. The very thing that cost them all but one of their MPs.

    So it is rather odd to see this once great party, simply not getting it. Simply not understanding the scale and depth of the brutal beating the took from the electorate. They’re like monkeys throwing their own shit around. they are cartoonishly inept. belligerently imbecilic.

    They are Scottish labour. That is their crime, it is also their punishment.

  11. hektorsmum says:

    Excellent and I was moved to say this morning before I know who Will Straw was that all the young Tories looked like Tories, but then Labour are just the Tories who buy their own furniture.
    I was wondering how getting together with the Tories over Europe will work here given it did wonders for the Party since the Referendum.
    I seriously think that Blair and Brown on any campaign may bring that campaign down in England. England probably will now vote to come out of Europe because of it.

  12. Liz S says:

    SLab….. demonstrate the ‘grasping at straws’ style of politics.

    Corbyn may state there will be ‘transparency’ under his leadership but the only thing that is ‘transparent’ is that nothing has changed in Scotland.

    Dugdale and Baillie display the yawn ! yawn ! ‘business as usual’ style of SNPBAD rhetoric , which Dugdale had stated would NOT be the case under her leadership . Perhaps it will be Dugdale ‘carping on the sidelines’ next May if she continues to orchestrate the collective shit shovel she has endorsed .

    Also would be wise if they could be cohesive re ‘The Vow’ . I mean Brown is on the loose stating not ALL been delivered in the Vow after Labour MSP branch office minions ( and their Tory and Libdem pals in BT) stating it had been delivered. Duh ! Who do the voters believe ? The saviour of the Union or his wee pals in the branch office .

    Mixed messages yet again par for the course.

    If SLab do not know why they have lost the voters in Scotland by now then perhaps they should reflect on their own shit throwing style of politics.

    Or perhaps the snide biased MSM reporting which OMITS information they deem either damaging to Labour/Tory parties or any news that could be deemed supportive/positive of SNP, creates sensations on non stories to support SNPBAD and television networks that reinforce the SNPBAD message and pander to the politics of fear and lies.( We also have the demented ususal suspects on Twitter whose continual onslaught of SNPBAD tweets are par for the shit stirring course )

    Much is said of needing an effective opposition in the Scottish Parliament which I too believe is important , however my previous paragraph demonstrates the need for an effective opposition to the biased anti SNP media and ineffectual politics as demonstrated by SLab and BT pals .

    One daily paper and one Sunday paper pro Indy ain’t enough to stem the continual shit shovelled by gutter journalism in true British Bulldog fashion.

    SNP/SNP next May .

  13. Liz S says:

    Oh and also perhaps SLab should think about taking their collective arses of their high moral seats and open their eyes to the real enemy of Scotland ……their pals in BT, the WM Tory party, a ruthless goverment determined to ensure we return to a society where the rich shall inherit not just the earth but 21st century Britain and beyond.

    It would be nice to have some cohesive collective SLab attacks on the real villians in politics today instead of hiding behind the branch office mentality so desperate to hold onto their seats in Holyrood.

  14. gavin says:

    BBC Engerlund has now started its coverage of “The Referendum”.
    Oddly there has been no mention of “separatism”, “narrow Nationalism” or any other confusing “isms”.
    Wall to wall Anglo’s talking to each other. About their various forms of British and English Nationalism.
    What happens when they vote OUT and we vote IN?
    The BBC will try to avoid THAT scenario. As Scot’s don’t seem to exist on their political, or news or sports shows.

  15. All empires come to an end, thankfully. What’s left are 2nd and 3rd tier politicians that want the wages that their old bosses had. The people wouldn’t trust them to run a tap, never mind a country.

  16. gavin says:

    New date set for Alistair “lyin’gitgate” trial.
    Wait for the new SNP reallybaaaad “scandal” on that very same day.
    No doubt there will be a shockhorror “Salmond ate my goldfish” or some such in the Daily “30sec to doomsday” Record, amplified and repeated ad nausium by the BBC.

  17. Mor says:

    The smart move by the unionist parties after the referendum would have been to acknowledge the democratis deficit caused by the over centralisation of power at Westminster and commit themselves to rectifying this by creating a federal UK like Germany has.

    That way they could have wrong footed the Independence movement for a decade or so and maybe even satisfied the people of Scotland in the long run.

    As we know they chose instead to rub our noses in it and so Westminster will live to rue the day they threw away the only opportunity they ever had to persaude the Scots to stay within the UK.

  18. Ealasaid says:

    Paul, what can I say! Spot on and as eloquent as usual!

    The Referendum and the aftermath has opened a lot of eyes. The people can now smell their power through backing the one Party that that listens to them and sticks up for them.

    Not enough backed them during the Referendum and they are now seeing the results of that. But it is not too late. There can be a second chance. They know what to do.


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