Great British Weapons of Mass Destruction

So that went well. Jezza came to Scotland for a day to let us know how much he cares about us, and then went back dahn sarf. Although it’s not so much that he cares about Scotland, a country he scarcely understands, as he cares about rescuing the Labour party in Scotland from the deep pit that they are still digging for themselves. Give the Labour party in Scotland a helping hand, and they’ll only use it to excavate deeper.

“Left winger Jeremy Corbyn” as he’s described by a BBC which never utters the phrase “lunatic right wing extremist Iain Duncan Smith”, says that his priority is to win back votes in Scotland. It’s a bit late for winning back votes, Labour’s Scottish ship hasn’t just sailed, it’s struck an iceberg and is currently on the bottom of the ocean where it’s been crushed into insignificance by the weight of public disdain for all the crap that it was laden with, and its time-serving crew of careerists. Good luck with getting that ship underway again. The Labour party in Scotland is proof that crap doesn’t float after all.

And there were all those newspapers wanting to question the Labour leader on his statement the other day that he’d refuse to press the nuclear button. The revelation that their new leader was prepared to renew Trident, but unprepared to use it, made assorted Labour politicians do impressions of enraged baboons throwing monkey poo. So pretty much business as usual then.

Apparently being unwilling to commit genocide makes you unfit to be the Prime Minister of the UK. Mass murder is a Great British tradition in the same way as Bake Off but without the cupcakes and Mel and Sue’s arch presentation. This is one show in which being carbonised wins prizes, at least for colonialists and the City of London. Despite it being a defining feature of Britishness down the centuries, Great British Genocides isn’t likely to appear on your BBC screens any time soon, and it’s not because the likely contestants are all dead now. It’s because this is the Greatest Country in the World © John McTernan, and not in a nationalist way either. It’s not Great British to admit that there has ever been any Great British Wrongdoing. You could ask some Tasmanian Aborigine people, only you can’t because the British killed them off.

Despite, or more accurately because of, all this previous unpleasantness, it seems to have passed unnoticed by the mass media that we live in a state where it’s the guy who doesn’t want to kill millions of people whose motives must be questioned and who is regarded as dangerously unstable, and not the best friend of porkies who’s quite happy to turn entire populations into crispy bacon. Although of course, even he can only do that if he get the approval of the Pentagon, the independence of the British nuclear weapons system is as mythical as the impartiality of Reporting Scotland or a numerate Labour MSP.

But Labour’s right has got what it wanted. The renewal of Trident was sneaked through the party conference without being put to a vote. It’s now party policy even though Labour members didn’t get a say on it. All those enthusiastic young people, determined to have a say in how their country is run, Labour’s old guard is equally determined that they’ll be canvass fodder who’ll do as they’re told. Welcome to the New Politics, same as the Old Politics. The Great British underhand dirty tricks of Labour’s right means that future of the Great British Bacon Frier is safe, insofar as a weapon of mass destruction can be described as “safe”. All the Labour right needs to do now is to hang on until Jezza gets kicked out of office, and then they can go back to choosing a leader who will happily sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives in pursuit of brownie points with a far right wing American president. That’s the proper Labour way.

Meanwhile, Labour in Scotland and the tiny band of mutant Tories who have survived the toxic radioactivity poured upon their party by the Scottish electorate choose to play party political games instead of getting on with the serious issues that they say the Scottish Government isn’t getting on with, what with it being obsessed with another referendum and everything. Today’s Furst Meenister’s Questions was a disgrace.

I don’t recall any SNP leaders questioning previous Labour first ministers on the assorted misdeeds of dozens of Labour MPs, and demanding to know what they were going to do about it. Yet today Kezia 50% literate Dugdale was only interested in what Nicola Sturgeon may or may not have known about the private business interests of Michelle Thomson MP and was no longer interested in Labour’s oft-repeated claim that 50% of Scotland’s poorest children can’t read, and that 100% of Labour Holyrood leaders cannae count. She got slapped down by the Presiding Officer for wasting parliamentary time, but she ploughed on regardless in pursuit of some SNPbadness.

You’d think that she’d have been a bit more circumspect on the day that her colleague, the charisma free zone that is James Kelly MSP, was forced to apologise for breaching Holyrood’s Code of Conduct after running to the papers with a complaint he’d made to the Standards Commissionar against Alicsammin. The complaint was rejected on the grounds it was irrelevant and a waste of time, a bit like Labour’s front bench team in Holyrood.

Ruthie Davidson, who can now safely get on tanks again after the polis announced they’d not be pressing charges over she revealed voting patterns in the referendum before polls had closed, has claimed that knowledge of Michelle Thomson’s alleged activities was widespread. Although if that was true you really have to wonder why Ruth and her pals didn’t bring it up during the election campaign, because it’s not like they’re averse to slinging some mud, just like they’re slinging it now. The truth of the matter is that it’s Michelle Thomson’s solicitor who has been allegedly involved in dodgy practices, no Michelle Thomson, and the Edinburgh MP voluntarily resigned the party whip until the allegations could be properly investigated. Ruth didn’t resign the party whip even though she herself was being investigated by the polis for something she admitted live on national TV.

We’ve got playground politics pursued by people who have their priorities backwards. This is Scotland in the Union. Being in favour of weapons of mass destruction is no help to Labour or the Tories in Scotland, all they’re destroying is themselves.

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31 comments on “Great British Weapons of Mass Destruction

  1. Thepnr says:

    Keep holding their feet to the fire WGD. Great stuff.

  2. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Spot on as usual Paul.

    On the subject of British atrocities it was pleasing to note the final acceptance by the British Government of the horrors of their suppression of the Mau Mau a few weeks ago.

    Anyone who has not yet read it should read Britain’s Gulag by Caroline Elkington – get your local library to purchase it and have a read.

  3. Jan Cowan says:

    Glad your break didn’t last very long as it was good to get your view on today’s news. Your ability to slot these “politicians” into their rightful position is incredibly satisfying. Anger dissipates. Thanks, Paul.

  4. Stay angry, Paul. Your better when yir angry.

  5. Liz S says:

    Where are the Lib Dems in their condemnation of Ms Thomson. Usually Rennie jumps on any SNPBAD bandwagon.Not heard his opinion on this anywhere !

    Perhaps he thinks she should be given a ‘SECOND CHANCE’ if it is found that she was guilty of any impropriety/direct involvement or as he likes to say ‘MADE A MISTAKE’.

    Bet he wishes he’d kept his big mouth shut re Carmichael fiasco then he could do what he does best and act all righteous and indignant and join in the SNPBAD never ending bandwagon like the other hypocrites.

  6. macart763M says:

    You don’t turn into a giant green rage monster when you’re angry do you? 😀

    Today was car crash politics at its best.

    There wasn’t enough butterkist on hand to go round. The establishment parties and most notably Labour, lurched from one gawdawful foot in gub calamity to the next. As for Ms Dugdale’s and Ms Davidson’s complete tandem brainfart and waste of their constituents time at Holyrood? I couldn’t believe it was happening even as the report was coming in.

    This is the Scottish parliament, the place to put questions to the first minister on the day to day governance of Scotland. What on earth did they think they were doing? Are they so desperate to point score that they ignore the duties they were elected to perform? That the needs and concerns of their constituents come a poor second to their party political agendas? Complete and utter madness.

    Their tribal politics have gone too far. That parliament is our house of government. If those children can’t or won’t grow up, then it’s time they lost their toys and were sent to the naughty step for a permanent time out. Oh and no milk or snack at break time either.

    If they’re going to act like stroppy weans having a rant, then that’s how they should be treated.

    • Fillofficer says:

      Do they think nobody is watching their pathetic charade on TV & judging them on it. Petty, primary playground stuff unbecoming of a democratically elected representative. “Did you see our MSP on TV – wasn’t she intellectually & morally superior to us mere mortals” defo NOT. Totally embarrassingly cringeworthy – all the time. Never constructive or even accurately informative. Just sheer amateur. We deserve so much better. Come the revolution……

      • macart763 says:

        Oh I think they’ll find folk are watching very carefully now. Initial reports from all by elections so far don’t appear to be very good for Labour.

        You can’t treat people the way Labour have in Scotland and not expect an eventual backlash.

        People warned them for years, begged and pleaded with them to turn back from the road they were headed down and pay attention. The party believed they knew better than the people. They effectively telt us to sit doon and eat wur cereal. Oh and gie us yer vote because wur no conservatives and SNP BAAAAAD!

        The referendum has changed all that. It exposed parties for who they were, it educated and empowered an electorate.

        No party should ever underestimate or take for granted an educated and aware electorate.

        Hell hath no fury like a people used then scorned.

        • fillofficer says:

          its the unbending electorate I’m uneasy about. hard to quantify & historically significant

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  8. I wonder how many KL replies you are going to receive?

    It’ll be like a mini Spartacus. I’m KL. No, I’m KL. No here I am. I’m KL!!

    I jest, of course. This site attracts people of a higher calibre than, well, thon Unionist politicians at FM Questions, that’s for sure..

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      Could it be ‘Kezia’ trying to order 50 copies?

    • Oneironaut says:

      Sounds about right for a remix of an Eminem song…
      “Would the real K.L. please stand up?” 🙂

      About halfway through the Wee Ginger Books right now, and I have to say, it’s actually better reading and probably more convincing than the Wee Blue Book was.
      Anyone thinking of buying thousands of copies and organising a huge campaign to distribute them all over the country anytime soon? 😉

  9. gavin says:

    When we see Kez and Ruthie at the peak of their faux outrage, we should remember the “Dreyfus Affair” and the railroading of an innocent person because the ruling class and their tame media thought they had a scapegoat. It should also ring a bell that the story broke at the same time as Carmichael’s humiliation. Curious.
    I am not up to speed with Thomson or her business ethics, but Dugdale accused her of “profiteering” at others expense. It would seem obvious that Thomson could not have set the price for any sale, so if she had not bought some other person would have.
    Nor am I aware that it is the practice of Labour politicians ( at any level) to sell their property at the same price they purchased at. Is any profit they make, not also “profiteering”?

    • Saor Alba says:

      Great point Gavin, but I’m not sure either wee Kezia or Ruthie would understand it. Logic is beyond their ken. They are both still trying to cope with sums.

    • broadbield says:

      Is any profit they make, not also “profiteering”? – Ask Lord Flipper.

  10. Itchybiscuit says:

    A member of the SLab front bench decides to buy a new house in a nicer part of town. They spot a property in a very nice area which is selling for 30% below market value. No-one else seems interested, the survey comes back clean – it’s all structurally sound. So what does our SLab politician do? Do they make an offer at the asking price or do they take the seller aside and say ‘I’m going to pay you 30% over your asking price ‘cos I’m a nice person’?

    I think I know which way that transaction would go in reality…

  11. wwilmawatts says:

    Ken Livingstone?

  12. Micky Ross says:

    KL must be code for Kez 50. In the Roman Numeral sense of course. Which also explains her favourite rapper – “50 Percent” I assume…

  13. andrewgscott says:

    Can you imagine if the person being tracked down had initials KD and not KL. 🙂

  14. Maddie McCance says:

    Hi can someone who can write a good sharable article post one explaining how the renewal of trident still remains Labour policy. Very much reading that and wonder if you could help. The media again put a spin on it by telling the truth – it had not been debated at conference but they failed to point out it had not therefore been removed. My journalistic skills are nil. I would really appreciate a well written piece to show friends who don’t believe me that it is still policy.

    • The Scottish Play says:

      Macduff: O Xxxxland! O Xxxxland!

      Malcolm: If such a one be fit to govern speak: (a wee bit of a silence) I am as I have spoken.
      Macduff: Fit to govern! No, not to live. O nation miserable! With an un-titled tyrant bloody-sceptered,
      When shalt thou see thy wholesome days again….?

      For reasons of safety the name of a Country has been redacted from the above text as being too terrible to mention lest it summons up the spirit of its Baaaaad nationalist inhabitants.Speak not of this Land ever again (and you thought the mention of Macbeth was bad luck).

      Our in-depth reporter gleaned this exclusive interview when the man in tune with all things Xxxxish was recently spotted on a rare trip north in Xxxxland’s capital city:-

      Would you press the button? …’nup’ …..a good honest answer
      Do you like babies? … ‘yes’ a good honest answer – a bit lacking in detail, leaving us wanting a wee bit more
      What are your views on Xxxxland? …. he says not a lot
      On Labour winning north of the Border (maybe the border with Essex) … Birnham would (or similar)-it was difficult to hear.. there was such a throng
      On Xxxxland’s independence ..he says not a jot.

      Well that was worth waiting for…. lets talk about more important things than the party formerly known as Labour now.

      • The Scottish Play says:

        Puddocks and apologies … missed an x out there out of Xxxxish – just as well I never used the real word …

        • macart763M says:

          Notice the Corbyn bounce fell flat on its wossiname after his wee visit SP. Six out of seven SNP wins and the seventh an independent.

          I’m willing to bet his, McDonnell’s and Kezia’s clusterfudge week of soundbites were a big help in that arena. 🙂

          I don’t think that after this latest strategic brain fart anyone is now in any doubt where they stand with Labour’s new heid bummer.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I’m writing an article about that, and other Labour inanities. Should be ready late this evening.

  15. mixagemme says:

    I am KL! Kmick Lflynn.

  16. arthur thomson says:

    Another great post. Thank you. I have saved it up all day so I could read it tonight! Worth the wait.

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