A wee blog break

Just a wee note to let you know there won’t be any updates to the blog for a few days because I need to process all the orders for the book. I’ve been inundated with orders, far more than I had anticipated. The books were delivered this morning and are currently sitting in a huge pile which occupies almost all of my spare room.

Now I need to sign all the books, stamp them with the paw print, package them, address them, and get them sent out to everyone who has ordered them. It’s going to take me longer than I had thought, so if you’ve submitted an order, please be patient.

If you’ve not ordered your books yet, there’s still time. Send your order request to weegingerbook@yahoo.com and I’ll email you with details on how to make payment. You can pay by Paypal, bank transfer, cheque or cash. Signed copies of both volumes are available for a special price of £20 plus £4 P&P within the UK.

Alternatively, you can come to the book launch at the YesBar Comedy Club at 14 Drury Street Glasgow at 7pm on Monday 28 September. Admission is £22 and as well as signed copies of both volumes, also includes a donation to a refugee charity.

Normal blogging service will be resumed as soon as I recover from the writer’s cramp I’m getting signing all these books.

20 comments on “A wee blog break

  1. Ken McDonald says:

    We’ve given you a full page ad again in this months issue. If I get them before saturday you can have a pile for the soirée

    Well done you !

    yours aye



  2. WRH2 says:

    Looking forward to seeing the books but understand how much work it’s going to be and this stuff always takes more time than anticipated. It will just be even more of a treat when they arrive. Best wishes for the launch and I hope the Dug enjoys himself!

  3. Jan Cowan says:

    Can the boy himself not help with the paw prints?

    Delighted you’re enjoying so much success. You certainly deserve it.

    No great rush. Will enjoy the books all the more when they do arrive.

  4. Paul – I tried to pay mine with my paypal account but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to comment that it’s a book order or to put my mailing address. Clearly I am not doing it right.

    Any advice anyone for a gaikit eejit like me?

  5. So glaikit I can’t even spell glaikit properly!!

    • mogabee says:

      Email your details to Paul first with order he will reply.

      • I did that bit okay but when I tried to pay on Paypal using the email address Paul gave me there doesn’t seem to be a box to put in my postal address or the fact it’s a book order.

        Think I will juts send a cheque tomorrow 🙂

        • Bill Dale says:

          Steve, PayPal adds your address below a box for comments when you pay with PayPal. I had previously used PayPal to send cash to Paul so it does work. My transaction went through just fine. Have you used PayPal for other transactions? Hope you get it sorted out.

  6. June Stewart says:

    If you need a hand I would be happy to help !!

  7. Thanks Paul. Got your email will process payment tomorrow!! Looking forward to reading!! Woof to the dug! X

  8. benmadigan says:

    great, well-deserved success with your books Paul. Best wishes for the launch!

    We’ll still be here when you get over your posting and packaging, big night and writer’s cramp!!!

  9. xsticks says:

    Dinna fash yersel. Paul. We’re a patient bunch.

    Glad to hear you’ve been inundated, serves you right! 😀

  10. fillofficer says:

    hope ye dont get cramp wi aw that proper writin, he he

  11. Catherine says:

    Bon courage! xx

  12. Gone and posted my payment to your address Paul.

    Like Steve couldnae find space to give my details and book order info on bank transfer.

    1st class posted today but not sure if it arrives tomorrow or Monday.

    Will be over the moon to get my books anyway.

    Canny wait.

  13. macart763 says:

    Just in case you missed this Paul:


    Bad briefing or deliberate misinformation?

    Either way this fella wants to lead Labour and presumably become PM of the UK. Not a great start, has to be said.

    On a different and happier note. Looking forward to tomorrow night and a break from boxes? 😀

  14. Bill Hume. says:

    Thank you Paul, I enjoyed meeting you at the book launch last night. Meeting your ‘mammy’ was a bonus.Of course, the highlight was patting the “wee ginger fella”

    Regards and respect,
    Bill H.

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