How now Brown’s Vow – 12 months on

This week the Daily Record, a newspaper with all the self-awareness of a Labour MP in Scotland just before the last election staring at the oncoming headlights of the SNP freight train and thinking the bright lights are going to make them a star, claims that the infamous Vow has been fulfilled. It has been fulfilled in exactly the same way as my vow this time last year to climb Mount Everest. Since I am currently writing this article up two flights in a close in Barlanark, that’s a vow fulfilled. There’s even a furrow that’s been worn in my carpet.

Barlanark is at least up a hill, and so enjoys a position of prominence, which is a damn sight more than can be said for Gordie Broon and the Daily Record’s vow that if Scotland voted No we’d get “safer and faster change” giving us Home Rule and the nearest thing possible to full fat federalism.

What we’ve witnessed instead is Gordie Broon and his precious vow vanishing with even less of a trace than a wee puddle of pug pee in the afternoon sun. Which is also a fair assessment of the lasting consequences of the hagiographic commentary in the Mailesque fanboydom that passes for much of the mainstream media in the UK.

On the day after the lowest paid workers have lost £4.4 billion in tax credits, there’s a refugee crisis provoked by decades of Western manipulation and arms dealing in the Middle East, and while global warming continues unabated and the Pacific ocean is seeing the worst El Niño for 65 years, the UK media is obsessed by the fact that the new leader of the Labour party didn’t sing a song asking a god he doesn’t believe in to save a monarchy he doesn’t believe in which isn’t in any danger anyway. If it were possible to harness disapproving tuts from the media, the UK would have a limitless supply of renewable energy.

The truth is that if he had sung the bloody anthem, the same papers would be full of headlines denouncing the republican atheist Corbyn for his God Save the Queen hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter what he does, the papers are going to disapprove. If they’d devoted one hundreth of the vigour which they devote to denouncing Corbyn to a critical examination of Gordie Broon’s vow, the outcome of the independence referendum might have been very different. And that’s precisely why they didn’t, and a perfect illustration of how our media is a force for manipulation by the establishment and the powerful, and not a mirror to society. It is unfit for purpose.

However pointing out that the UK media is unfit for purpose counts as an attack on press freedom, at least according to the same people who think that they have the right to spout any auld pish in the papers but don’t think that the punters have the right to point out that it’s pish.

The UK media is repeating the same mistake with Jeremy Corbyn as they made with the SNP. The media demonised a perfectly middle of the road social democratic party, and actually claimed that it was just like the North Koreans, that it’s an irrational religious cult, that it brainwashes and abuses. Every action by the SNP, no matter how mild mannered or reasonable, provoked a howl of outlandish and outrageous outrage from the Daily Mailesque pug-pissers. And in so doing, the media destroyed any credibility that it once possessed, because if all you hear are hyperbolic denunciations of perfectly reasonable propositions, then you’re not going to listen to reasonable criticism of unreasonable actions. The media did this with the SNP, and now half of Scotland no longer listens to a word the media says. The Daily Telegraph could publish an expose of goat sacrificing by the SNP leadership to propitiate Satan, and half of Scotland would shrug its shoulders and go meh.

We’re now witenessing the exact same process with Jeremy Corbyn, only on steroids. He’s constantly referred to as “a left winger” even by the BBC, but they don’t describe Davie Cameron as a right winger, even though he undoubtedly is. If this keeps up, by this time next year, most of the UK will have ceased to believe a word that the mainstream media publishes – and ensuring that most people disregard them is probably the best public service our newspapers and broadcaster could provide, because that’s how irredeemably piss-poor they are. But saying that makes me an enemy of free speech, because free speech doesn’t apply to ordinary people on the Internet, that’s abuse.

But back to Gordie, who has been easy to miss. Gordie has been invisible for the past year, despite swearing blind on national telly, or more correctly on the news where we are, to a fawning interviewer, that he personally would guarantee the delivery to Scotland of puppies, cute kittens, tax powers, control over knitting patterns, and the TV remote control. He then vanished only to pop up pacing the carpet in doomed attempts to save the Labour party in Scotland and prevent Jeremy Corbyn’s victory during which he refused to answer any questions about the promises he’d made a few months before.

According to a recent opinion poll only a tiny proportion of Scotland’s voters believe that the Vow has been fulfilled. That’s the same proportion that includes Daily Record leader writers, BBC Scotland management, and the last remaining dregs of the Unionist parties in Scotland. It’s also the same proportion which believes that Elvis is alive and well and serving fish suppers in a chip shop in Methil, that the BBC’s Scotland 2015 is a programme worth watching instead of a documentary about the struggles of Norwegian wallpaper hangers, and that we really are Better Together with the Labour party.

The Vow was never meant to be fulfilled. It was always an exercise in cynicism, a vague set of unspecified promises that could be spun as a substantial grant of real powers but which was hollow and meaningless. That’s what it was always meant to be, and in that sense, and only in that sense, it has delivered. It has delivered the bankruptcy of the Scottish media and the Scottish unionist parties. It’s also delivered the agenda into the hands of the Yes campaign, and it’s why one year on from the referendum which the No campaign won, we’re still here and we’re still on the road to independence.

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27 comments on “How now Brown’s Vow – 12 months on

  1. macart763 says:

    Damn straight we are Paul. 🙂

    I posted this in reply earlier on WOS, but it’s on topic

    Labour haven’t changed because of one man. They are still the same party they were last year and the man who is now their leader has been an MP for that party a good long while.

    On this day of all days Labour needs to be reminded, they owe the Scottish people a debt. Corbyn is the new leader and more importantly the inheritor of his predecessors debt – the VOW.

    Only 9% of Scots believe the vow has been delivered, or is in the process of delivery. That leaves a significant number of the population waiting on what happens next? The vow was broken the day after it was made and ever since then, over the space of the following year it has been disassembled piece by piece. If the vow is then perceived by the bulk of the population not to have been delivered then that leaves us with only one conclusion.

    In short, the result of the referendum was fraudulently bought.

    I can 100% guaranfeckingtee you that independence, a fully empowered Scottish parliament and negotiations between Westminster and Holyrood would have been well underway by this point. What we have today though, is a much poorer nation suffering under austerity ideology. A government causing untold pain and suffering at home and overseas with our name on the tab. Our overwhelmingly mandated representation mocked, ridiculed and ignored by our partners whilst they force their own agenda through the Scotland Bill debates. A government using the smallest of mandates yet the greater number of Westminster representatives to force unwanted or lacklustre legislation upon a ‘partner’.

    The political and meeja natives are growing restless. They know, as we do, the result was a fraud and they also know there will be electoral consequences. They just don’t know when and that is why project fear 2 has been pre-emptively launched. We have couch pundits, commentators and the usual sharks in suits queuing up knowing what’s coming next, what must happen when you break solemn promises to the public and undersign them. After all, the media launched and carried out this scam, the politicos undersigned it. They are all personally invested and involved.

    They owe the Scottish electorate and one day, hopefully not too far distant, we will be collecting on that debt.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Too right Mac, and we could do with less of the insults to those Members of Parliament we sent down in good faith from our forced on us erstwhile PM as well. They really do not understand what they are doing or they would stop it. They are actually destroying the Union they fought so hard to retain, but for me this cannot come quick enough.

  2. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  3. Guga says:

    There are, apparently, 39 newspapers published in Scotland, including the Daily Retard. Of that number, approximately 34 of them are English owned and English run, including the Daily Retard and the Hootsmon. They have editorial standards imposed by their English owners, and are never going to allow anything favourable to the SNP to be published. Their editorial policy remains locked into the New Labour (Red Tory) mindset.

    Then we have the English Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) which, despite its being funded by the television tax, also kow-tows to the Red Tory and Blue Tory mindset. This, incidentally, was well illustrated in the interview today with Dennis Skinner, and the comments made at the end interview by the EBC reporter.

    We cannot trust anything said or published by the English controlled media as they continue to try and berate and undermine anything that doesn’t comply with their Red Tory and (in England) with their Blue Tory mindset. I am quite sure that Goebbels would be proud of them. As he stated:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    We do have a bit of luck on our side with the advent of social media, and with excellent blogs like the Wee Ginger Dug. The Scottish people are sick of the blatant lies and propaganda from the English controlled media, and are turning more and more to social media.

    Long live the reign of the Wee Ginger Dug.

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  5. […] How now Brown’s Vow – 12 months on […]

  6. Iain Hill says:

    I have now abandoned BBC News, despite its outstanding record of impartiality. Farewell forever, Union Jackie and your fellow propagandists!

    Cameron was shown visiting a Syrian refugee camp. He was obsequiously allowed to spout his spiel unquestioned,
    about how people must stay forever in these squalid camps, and never darken our doors, because he was concerned that they might risk their lives, and their children’s, in the dangerous waters of the Med. Tears to a glass eye! (Background sobbing).

    There is a rational alternative viewpoint. “Look, chaps, here’s a splendid opportunity for a quick photo op, quick hop over to Syria, shots of me emoting with the locals, wildly satisfactory to the increasingly racist xenophobes on the back benches, and at a very minimal cost”

    Alas, there must have been a break in transmission, since I did not actually see whatever BBC pundit explained this to viewers in the sterling cause of balance and impartiality.

  7. Macart beat me to it – not for the first time!

    And it doesn’t get any better where you might expect some favours.

    Ian Dunt, Editor of, is on a real roll of uneducated anti-Scottish rhetoric at the moment. This from a couple of days ago:

    “The feelings which made last year’s Scottish independence vote so passionate and remarkable were not difficult to decode. Nationalism took a back seat to anger with the Westminster elite – so much so that ‘Westminster’ itself became a term of abuse. There was a sense that the system would never provide a safety net against Tory austerity policies, that Labour had become hopelessly lost and failed to represent the interests of its supporters. The failure of Westminster was a Trojan horse for nationalists who care about nothing but nationalism to present their project as socialism.

    Corbyn’s victory addresses every one of these concerns. He is the archetypal outsider. Sure, he was in parliament for over 30 years, but every one of them was spent battling the consensus. He can’t be painted as a Westminster robot. He will oppose Tory austerity every step of the way. He offers the single best chance of stopping the seemingly unstoppable march of the SNP towards a victorious independence referendum, because his very existence as Labour leader falsifies their entire argument”

    With friends like that…(as they say)

    • Janet says:

      With Corbyn, therein lies the electoral danger to our project.

      North of the Border, he will be presented as real Labour, to sap the rise of the SNP.

      But the party that he leads cannot win in England. Nor will the wealthy elite let him win.

      I see that the “politically neutral” Metro is now in full anti-Corbyn rant each day. And yet it is distributed via normally Labour leaning quangos such as Lothian Buses and the health boards.

      They were happy to distribute the Metro last year during indyref. Are they still so comfortable?

  8. Maureen says:

    Well said Macart.

  9. Beautiful writing, Paul. Absolutely.

    Spotted this homograph for all you word geeks out there?
    for ‘Mailesque fanboydom’, read Mailesque fannyboydom.
    just sayin ken.

  10. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Even if you you believe The Vow exists (other than in the cutting room of the Daily Record) its opening line is ‘the Scottish Parliament is permanent….’ [i.e. the Plague of Boils forewarned by Lord Smith] …because it is not permanent…and this despite even Lord Smith’s best efforts.

    Today in Parliament the PM challenged Angus Robertson (A. R. at the second time of asking of the PM in trying to get a straght answer to a simple question on The Vow) – the PM then asked A.R. which specific part of The Vow haven’t we delivered on…i.e. his implication being it has been delivered in full.

    Well a good breakdown of what has Not been delivered on regarding etherial ‘Vow’ is in today’s National -so perhaps at the next PM Question Time, a copy can be taken from the Commons Library and displayed .to the House . and the following question raised of the PM:-

    So as you recently told the House PM … you maintain The Vow has been delivered. in full.. so then.. the Scottish Parliament IS permanent…Yes? … get his confirmation on this and then get him to put it in writing. and move on to the next line of The Vow and so on.

    Yes …lets improve the standard of questioning (and answers) at PMQT …

    Then the one final question – can you show the House the original Vow document?

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Sounds good to me, Patience is a Virtue, for mine is running out.

      Thanks, WGD, for another excellent article.

      • macart763M says:

        I wish I could say it was tomorrow Jan, but we need a wee bit more time. 5% on average over the year and the past two significant polls showing 8%. We still need more time to convince the independence ‘not yet’ vote and we can’t allow either a reactionary press or an uncaring Westminster government to either rush or dictate the timetable.

        We’re doing it, you’re doing it. We just need to keep talking and reaching out with an open hand. 🙂

        • Jan Cowan says:

          Great to know the young folk, in the main, are with us. So independence can’t be all that far off! But you’re right, Macart, it all takes time and we must have patience.

  11. benmadigan says:

    “If it were possible to harness disapproving tuts from the media, the UK would have a limitless supply of renewable energ” – Paul at his best!! .
    Great sentence and great article!! Keep on going Paul and the Dug

  12. Keith Hynd says:

    Thanks for that Paul. I remember Gordie coming to my home town Cowdenbeath after the 19th Sept last year. He didn’t come to wander the High Street in some sort of victory parade, no, what he actually came for was to wander the High Street asking the folks to sign a petition. A petition to tell the WM government to fulfil the VOW. I lost count of the amount of people that told him to “get tae f**k” and “I thought you were the guarantor” He reduced his own hard core Labour constituency to an SNP stronghold. Labour are politically and morally corrupt,

  13. mealer says:

    There are two possibilities.
    1) The vow has been fulfilled.This is the maximum amount of Devo we can ever have in the UK.
    2) The vow has not been fulfilled.

    The Daily Record and the Prime Minister say the vow has been fulfilled.We must therefore assume no further Devo is possible.Thats our lot.Take it or leave it.

  14. hektorsmum says:

    Whilst I have no problem with your blog Paul as always you have it dead to rights, my wee Hektor has a really big problem with the constant calling out of Pug this and Pug that, he wishes you to know that he has not pee’d anywhere except where Pugs should pee since he was a nipper and as a lad about to celebrate his eighth birthday he is not a pug pisser.

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