Solidarity is not submission

Jeremy Corbyn’s feet are hardly under the table and the UK media has already started a full scale onslaught on the Labour party. Democratic socialism cannot be allowed in the UK. It’s an insanity, cry those who believed in WMDs that didn’t exist and took the country to war on lies and tall tales. Madness, tut those who claim that austerity creates growth despite all the evidence to the contrary. Ridiculous, decry the voices which only believe in printing money to pay for bankers’ bonuses. Now the proper monstering has begun. The monstering before the leadership vote was announced was just the warm up act, the pet lizard to the full scale dragon. The English left is now discovering what it feels like to be a supporter of Scottish independence. The UK media asylum is roaring.

Corbyn supporters call on supporters of Scottish independence to show solidarity with them and their project. There’s no denying it’s a worthwhile project. There’s no denying it’s worthwhile and that it deserves our solidarity and sympathy. It makes sense for us to work together to counter the Tories and their assault on civil liberties, their destruction of social security and the shredding of the safety net that protects us all. It is good tactics to work together to resist the renewal of the obscenity of Trident. These are goals worth achieving, aims worth working together to achieve.

But what I’m not going to do is to give up on the goal of Scottish independence because some English leftists have suddenly had an epiphany on the road to Islington North. The underlying issues with the British state remain exactly as they were before. Turning the head of the behemoth to the left won’t necessarily change its course however much we hope it might. The momentum of the British state remains just as it has always been, headed straight off an austerity cliff.

The harsh but true reality is that more capable politicians than Jeremy Corbyn, with a more united party and under a more favourable set of political circumstances, have in the past tried to drag the United Kingdom kicking and screaming towards social justice and a more left wing consensus. And they failed. Let’s be honest here, the signs are not good.

Yet if you listen to some on the UK orientated left, all these issues must be ignored and we’ve all got to get behind Jezza. They come to us and demand solidarity with threats and insults. It will be our fault if their project fails, it’s the fault of Scotland that the English left is unable to succeed. So Scotland must abandon its hopes and aspirations and follow meekly behind the politicians in London who are so much bigger than we are, who see further than we poor benighted provincials are able to, whose British nationalism isn’t nationalist at all – and make no mistake it’s a national project because they’re not calling for a world government and the end of borders.

Sorry, but no. We’ve been here before.

Solidarity is not submission. Solidarity is not subordination. Solidarity is not surrender. True solidarity means that we all work together on our own terms in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. True solidarity would not demand that we drop all the projects and plans that the Scottish left has been working on for decades because all of a sudden someone in the Labour party thinks they’ve found a shortcut on the British Parliamentary Road to Socialism. We’ve all been down that road before and it always ends in tears, so forgive us if we refuse to suspend our disbelief just yet.

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters might have forgotten, or more likely never noticed, that when push came to shove the Labour party in Scotland stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories against the working class communities that gave birth to the party, but we haven’t forgotten. So don’t dare preach to us about solidarity. We remember the image of Johann Lamont outside a supermarket grinning at the news that its directors had claimed food prices would rise after independence – because Davie Cameron had leaned on them to say so. During that campaign the Labour party lost all right to stand with working class people and to articulate their demands and desires. It’s the Labour party which has to prove itself, not the Scottish independence movement. So we’ll give the Corbyn supporters solidarity – but it will be on mutually agreeable terms, not because it’s demanded of us as the entitlement of the Labour party.

In Scotland we have built a self-sustaining movement. Its steel has been tempered in the forge of political campaigns, it’s able to withstand the rocks and barbs of the UK media. We are building our own media networks, our groups, our communications. We have years of expertise in organisation and planning from the ground up. And we do all this in the teeth of mainstream media opposition, we do all this and we grow and we thrive.

And that brings us to the bottom line – we don’t need the Corbyn movement. We can continue on the road to achieving our goals without it. We can continue to strive for social democracy in an independent Scotland. And we will win. We don’t need Corbynism, it needs us. We don’t need Jezza’s support, he needs ours. Ours is not the movement which is reeling in an attempt to recover from an unexpected defeat. Ours is not the movement that fears it may never achieve its goals. That would be the Labour party. It’s the Labour party who are the supplicants here, not the Scottish independence movement.

And with that in mind it’s the Corbyn project and its supporters who must approach the Scottish independence campaign with a damn sight more humility than some of them have shown so far. They can learn from us, because we have much to teach them. We can teach them how to organise, how to maintain momentum, how to thrive when the media hate machine is blasting against you.

But the Corbyn project has no right to demand that we surrender anything at all because if it wants us to give up on our goals and aims, to walk away from all that we have achieved over these past few years, then it’s up to them to prove that they are better than the alternatives that we’re creating for ourselves. They won’t do that by insulting us. They won’t do that with an arrogant and lazy assumption of superiority. They won’t do it by refusing to listen to the demands of the Scottish people.

They can start by getting serious about home rule.

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71 comments on “Solidarity is not submission

  1. Craig says:

    Well said, couldn’t have put it better myself.

    I am delighted that Corbyn won, it will help England but I still want to be free from Westminster rule and let us not forget, Corbyn doesn’t want to give Scotland more powers or see us gaining Independence, he is still the enemy of Scottish Independence

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      17th Mar 2015 … ‘New legislation to devolve Corporation Tax to Northern Ireland has been passed by the House of Lords.’. and Scotland gets from the Smith Commission on this = zero
      and with 56 SNP MPs following the May election wanting this and all voted down in The Commons – still zero…. sorry forgot road signs.

      During the Lib/Lab/Con Pact of the Referendum something about ‘Home Rule’ was mentioned (except Defence and Foregin Affairs) and ‘as near Federalism’ as possible … – again zero …but with the ‘Defence component’ enlarged that was not asked ask for.

      Why have zero, or crumbs or false promises. ..when you can have everything – Independence.

      The new Labour Leader does not appear to want to give more powers to Scotland or see Scotland gain Independence in democratic fashion [we have a number of MPs for that thankfully].

  2. nostressprague says:

    Nailed it once again Paul! When push comes to shove don’t think Labour will put Scotland first.

  3. junemax says:

    Paul you’re getting bolder and better with every article. Great, honest stuff. Keep them coming.

  4. alharron says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of people calling for solidarity with Corbyn and the English Left, to not snipe or carp from the sidelines. On the other hand, I also see people saying we shouldn’t bother trusting Corbyn, since he’s a Unionist who doesn’t think a second independence referendum would be “credible” and called FFA “austerity turbo-max.”

    My thoughts echo yours: Corbyn, and Labour, need us a lot more than we need them, but we have mutually agreeable goals. We’re not going to get anywhere with New Labour in Scotland still putting the SNP on the side of the Tories after they spent the entire 2015 campaign conceding to the Tories on austerity and nuclear weapons and neoliberalism.

    We’re willing to meet them halfway. It would be nice if they would too.

  5. […] Source: Solidarity is not submission […]

  6. Brilliant piece Paul. Articulates my thoughts exactly, but so much better than I could. Thank You!

  7. wendy smillie says:

    Spot on. Like Pictishbeastie, you’ve put into words what i’ve been thinking. But so much better.

  8. tartantights says:

    Briliant Paul You point out a few very uncomfortable truths for Corbyn’s fan club. These are truths they would really like to run away from but they can’t. Corbyn may be a decent guy but his attitude to Scotland stinks of self service and will fool only the gullible.

    This is a man who will never be Prime Minister and those who think otherwise are completely delusional. The truth is that he is being allowed to lead the Labour Party only because the establishment think he can bring Scotland to heel and calm the natives to sleep where they will remain for another 300 years.

    Unfortunately for him and his supporters this is doomed to fail because even though we lost the referendum something changed last September and that change came when a nation found its voice. So I say to Corbyn and his supporters enjoy this moment while you can you will never be this popular again. Scotland is not going back in your box and we are not going back to sleep. The sooner you realise this the better it will be for us all.

    Best Wishes
    Gayle X

  9. jimnarlene says:

    The Labour party is only interested in the Labour party, I do not trust them but, we may use them to achieve some headway, against the Tories, and further Scotland’s interests.

  10. tartantights says:

    Reblogged this on Tartantights's Blog and commented:
    Hey everyone As you know I don’t reblog posts very often but this brilliant post by the wee ginger dug deserves to read and read widely. It does however come with a trigger warning for supporters of the new Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as it contains some rather uncomfortable truths they would sooner run away from than have to face. Unfortunately for them however they will have to face them whether they like it or not.

    Love And Best Wishes
    Gayle X

  11. Saor Alba says:

    Brilliant post yet again Paul. You are one hell of a wordsmith.

    One of the most pertinent parts is
    “And with that in mind it’s the Corbyn project and its supporters who must approach the Scottish independence campaign with a damn sight more humility than some of them have shown so far.”

    It would be a fine thing to stand in solidarity against the Tories and I hope we manage to do this in Wasteminster. However, it is another thing altogether for us to be told that we should give up on our Independence quest now that the Corbyites think they have got it all sorted. There is plenty of fire and brimstone to come. We should know from experience.

    Scotland is done with being subordinated, being submissive and surrendering our rights to our own ideas and especially our right to self-govern. We have been lied to long enough.

    Then, most pertinent of all:

    “But the Corbyn project has no right to demand that we surrender anything at all because if it wants us to give up on our goals and aims, to walk away from all that we have achieved over these past few years, then it’s up to them to prove that they are better than the alternatives that we’re creating for ourselves. They won’t do that by insulting us. They won’t do that with an arrogant and lazy assumption of superiority. They won’t do it by refusing to listen to the demands of the Scottish people.”

    Wonderfully put.

    Saor Alba.

  12. Marconatrix says:

    So here IMHO is what JC has to do, seeing as he needs all the support he can get and “Politics is the Art of the Possible”.

    1. Separate Scottish Labour from Englandandwales Labour. They pretend to be a separate party, make it so! They can have their own policies and sink or (just possibly) swim, at the whim of the Scottish electorate.

    2. Once Ruk Labour has shed it’s withered Scottish appendage, for there will be few if any Commons MP coming for that direction for the foreseeable future, it can declare a genuinely neutral stance on Scottish independence. Accept that this is entirely a matter for the Scots themselves, I think that’s called ‘democracy’.

    3. With those two policies in place it ought to be fairly straightforward to come to an arrangement with SNP MPs at Westminster, forming a radical block against austerity, WMD’s etc. That, plus support in the country, might begin to chip away at Tory callousness, or at the very least amount to a credible opposition.

    He needs to be bold, and he needs to act quickly, otherwise he’ll be flushed down the toilet of history before you know it.

  13. Indy R says:

    Well said. It is imperative that voices such as yours are heard, to inspire confidence and negate the shrill rhetoric of a party disgraced, disjointed and disempowered. I wish Corbyn well in his efforts to inject some socialism into the rUK electorate, but first he will have to inoculate his own party from right-wing elitism. I fear the treatment will fail and a limb or two might have to go. Limp on with dignity, I say.

  14. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  15. Daisy Walker says:


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love it that you get angry in all the right places and then fire out that eloquence that takes their feet out from under them and leaves them crawlin away aw covered in their own nonsense.

    Before the Ref ’14, I had a woman from Dover tell me (after I asked what she thought about the upcoming vote) that she thought we were being ‘really, really selfish for abandoning them all to tory’s’ down south.

    I was too stunned to reply at the time (first time I’d heard that one) but on reflection, tis a bit like being over weight and expecting someone else to do all the hard work of the diet… even if they do, it won’t help you lose weight. And if the English don’t want a tory government, then they should stop bloody well voting them in. It’s not rocket science is it. Scotland is not their bloody vote/conscience.

    Anyways, rant over, one positive thought re Corbyn, and a reason the Establishment are totally agin him… they want another war.. Carpets tae bag an aw that. Plus a War puts Scot Indy 2 on the back burner. Can’t have the UK divided when the troops are on the front line now, very bad form.

    Austerity – it doesn’t half give a tempered edge to the decency, bit by bit, day by day, drip by drip.

    Aye Yes Fir Aw That.

  16. PQsCPRteam says:

    Been reading you in The Natinal Paul. This is your best to me yet !

  17. PQsCPRteam says:


  18. Peter Clive says:

    Similar to thoughts I had before the result was announced …

  19. mealer says:

    I don’t want my country to be run from London,England.Mr Corbyn thinks Scotland should be run from London,England.That makes him an imperialist.I don’t like imperialism.I don’t wish him well in his efforts to keep Scotland under London rule.He can GET STUFFED.

  20. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Labour would rather leave us all here in Scotland a complete wasteland with a destitute population, than see us prosper in an independent nation…
    Labour HATE Scotland.

  21. diabloandco says:

    I knew there was something nagging at the back of my mind. I had been too taken up with the dreadful treatment of the man by his opponents , the Tories and the different media positions on how best to spike democracy.

    You have clarified both my delight that the one ” they” didn’t want became leader and the disappointment that that one feels it necessary to hang on to Scotland for grim death.

    I am left wondering why he wishes to and , if he is the “honest ” man he appears to be , will he articulate his reasoning.

    Great piece!

  22. macart763 says:

    Couldn’t agree more Paul. 🙂

    A cracking post.

  23. Dave Hansell says:

    The key problem for those coalescing around Corbyn and rejoining the Labour Party in huge numbers is the insurmountable gap between themselves and the wider constituency which they represent, and the PLP. The easy bit has been achieved but Corbyn and the small group of MP ‘s from his wing of the movement are now effectively prisoners of the Blairite’s who will sit back, bide their time, and do everything they can to undermine the project from within.

    Decades of constituency candidates and MP’s, selected and vetted by the Blairite cuckoos and parachuted into seats means their is no depth within the PLP for any attempt to save the Labour Party from the grip of the establishment that is the British State. The majority of the PLP, and those within positions of influence within the local constituencies are mostly placemen and women hand picked for their slavish adherence to the neo liberal project.

    Already Corbyn has had to give ground, not just in having to rely on MP’S who will spend every waking minute keeping the Labour Party as a neo liberal pro nuclear supplicant of the USA in his Shadow Cabinet but also joining the Privy Council.

    The strategy will be to manoeuvre towards an outcome designed to show there is no alternative. The civil movement which makes up the Scottish Independence initiative would be wise to help this project as much as they can whilst keeping them at arms length by not getting subsumed back into the Westminster bubble.

  24. Luigi says:

    No doubt, BBC Labour will try to push the Corbyn bounce and entice Scottish Labour defectors to “come home”. There are so many problems to this cunning plan, however. Aside from the ferocious onslaught from the Tory press, which is just swinging into gear, the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon have a fairly happy support at the moment, making pinching back voters all the more difficult. The big issue for Corbyn is independence. He really seems to be way behind the curve at the moment. Consider the SNP voters that Crobyn could target:

    1. Hard Yes, hard SNP (the diehards – forget it).
    2. Hard YES, soft SNP (recent Labour converts).
    3. Hard SNP, soft YES/soft NO (traditional rural SNP voters – hate Labour).
    4. Soft YES/soft NO, soft SNP (very few of them IMO).

    Group 2 would be the obvious target for Labour, but the big issue for those voters is now independence – very hard YES and unlikely to be persuaded to return to Labou unless Corbyn offers something close to devomax/federalism as promised in the vow. The signs ae he has’t really given it much thought, but if he continues to resist constitutional change, he can forget this group. The early signs are not good. Corbyn needs to catch up quickly.

    Group 4 has some potential fruit, but this group is relatively small and will require powerful persuasion – they will not change quickly.

    Group 1 will be unchanged b anything that happens in Labour.

    Group 3 will probably be even less likely to vote Labour with a leftie at the helm.

    Tactical voting b Scottish tory and LibDems, is hardly significant and now less likely with Corbyn in charge.

    In summary, if Corbyn ignores or trys to resist the constitutional aspirations of Scotland, he can forget Scotland.

  25. Oneironaut says:

    Someone really really REALLY needs to send Corbyn a link to this post!
    Just so he can start off with no illusions about where he stands in Scotland.

  26. Matt Seattle says:

    On Solidarity – Robin McAlpine’s memorable phrase was “Solidarity is not a suicide pact”.

    I am delighted for my friends in England that they have someone they can support but Marconatrix (above) has the right idea imo – separate SLab from the UK party and let it sink or swim. I think McTernan, McDougall and Darling did a pretty good job of finishing off Labour in terms of its relevance to Scotland. For those who find the SNP too centrist there is RISE, for those who find the SNP too left-wing there are the Tories. This leaves SLab with no function that I can discern, and if McTernan isn’t an actual – not even closet – Tory, I don’t know what he is.

  27. As others have said another cracking post and spot on – you’re on fire!

    The key phrase for me is that we don’t need “Corbynism”.

    And lest we forget Jezza said no more indy refs and no more tax raising powers so unless he prepared to concede both of those the I am not interested.


  28. Brian Powell says:

    Nicola Sturgeon offered solidarity long before Corbyn came along, in Westminster and Holyrood.
    In Holyrood Labour stood with the Tories, in Westminster it was meet with sneers and disdain.
    What we did, we did it here, we did it with our own leaders, with a whole collected movement.
    We have masses of ‘Jeremy Corbyns’ and ‘Jennie Corbyns’ in Scotland, they’re in the Yes movement.

    The seesaw of Westminster is a waste of our efforts. We can change Scotland for ever, any UK Lab leader can only alter the ‘UK’ for a Parliament.

    Keep in mind Atilee in 1946, as soon as Lab won the GE the promise of Home Rule was forgotten, the 1952 Scottish devolution petition of 2 million signatures forgotten, 1979 the fixing of the Yes devolution vote, 1997 the very reluctant devolution, the 2014 Smith Commission, Labs absolutely minimal powers ‘offer’. The meaningless cynical Vow.

    • Brian Powell says:

      And on the Smith Commisssion etc, poll shows only 8% think substantial powers will be delivered but Scot Lab, along with the ToryLibdems, saying it has been delivered.

  29. Liz S says:

    Brilliant piece and hits the nail on the proverbial head. Everybody loves a winner, no more so than Ms Dugdale and Mr Murray who now give their allegiance to Corbyn and expect Scotland to follow.

    Lets forget who they did and didn’t support pre leadership result and just move on. Labour never seem to learn do they. They expect Scots to follow Corbyn and forget the debacle of their leadership election campaign and the way their own members questioned and demonised him as did you Ms Dugdale.

    Even now, prominent members of their party run to the back benches to live in eternal abstention throughout his reign.

    I would say to any wavering Scots voters, let’s wait and see how much ‘the party’ is behind him when it comes to how they vote at WM on the renewal of Trident .

    Also Mr Murray and Ms Dugdale you are about to see what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the savage beast that is MSM. Walk a mile in our shoes and perhaps then you will be able to empathise with what it feels like to have a constant barrage of negativity thrust upon you.

    I, for one, have no sympathy for you, as what goes around comes around.

    Welcome to our world .

  30. Paul, you often manage to articulate something I feel very deeply in words that I am unable to summon. Hats off to you, this is an excellent summary.

  31. Luigi says:

    Brace yourselves, folks. There will now be a BBC Labour astroturf campaign kicking off in Scotland, with plants appearing all over the radio and TV, saying how they voted YES in 2014 and/or SNP in 2015, but they really like Crobyn and are now going back to Labour. BBC Labour will be trying hard to create an impression that large numbers are returning to the fold. Don’t fall for it. And don’t worry! It’s the oldest trick in the book, and I’m pretty sure that events down south will rapidly pull the rug from this cunning plan.

    • Liz S says:

      Luigi, it;s started already but not on BBC but STV.

      Last night they spoke to fowk fae Falkirik who voted yes but because of Corbyn may go back to Labour. And I accused Labour of never learning !

      I too,am sure we will be drip fed the ‘fact’ that people are returning to Labour because of the Corbyn factor Duh !

      Ms Dugdale, I am sure , will try to capitalise on this for next year’s elections at Holyrood, as she is an opportunist politician if ever there was one.

      There are none so blind as those who, cannot and will not see.

      May the wee Ginger Dug help and guide those who are in danger of losing their way ! Again ! Doh !

      BTW still to place my order for your much anticipated books Mr K , I better get a move on !!

      • macart763 says:

        Show solidarity with is one thing. Getting into bed with, is quite another and that is something those folk should remember.

        Mr Corbyn has been a Labour MP for quite some time. Right through the very worst excesses of their recent history. Or in other words, and to make the point more current yet, whilst we were being savaged by his party north and south of the border Mr Corbyn’s support for democracy in action was awol.

        Another well researched read to be found here in Wilderness of Peace devo files:

        Mr Corbyn would be good for England’s progressive left if given the chance by England’s electorate. It would also benefit his case if he came to the SNP with a spirit of cooperation and compromise in mind as regards voting intent in Westminster. How and ever going back to a Labour fold with a man who requires a road map to find Scotland never mind consider its status as a partner would be… a poor choice. His world is clearly already outside his front door in Islington.

        • Well wan things for certain he better no be reading the Road Signs or he,ll end up back in North Islington, He’d need tae get tae Gretna tae see ah Scotland sign, ah but thats in the North. See whit ah mean Macart.

          • macart763 says:


            His one and only appearance interviewed on Scotland 2015 during his whirlwind campaign tour. Safest to say the fella looked fairly lost and out of his depth discussing Scottish politics.

  32. hektorsmum says:

    Whilst Mr Corbyn struggles to hold onto what he won he is in no position to even offer the hand of friendship as it may be struck off. He is a Metropolitan MP, I doubt he has much knowledge of Scotland and our travails so I doubt we even feature on his radar.
    We offered solidarity to have it thrown back at us why bother again. Let us see if the voting pattern changes and they start voting with US. A great post Paul as always, wish I were half or a quarter as good with words.

  33. Solidarity Solidarity Left Left Left, fuck this fur a game of Socialists, ah hiv ah date wie ma Tailor canny be late fur ah fittin its Armani ,an you,s fekers ur peiyin fur it,noo git in step you,s you,s sheeple.

    Any thoughts on this great Socialist Kezia.

  34. Guga says:

    The so-called “Labour” party, including their Branch members in Scotland, are Unionists. They have no intention of ever agreeing to Scottish independence. Like their fellow Tories, they know that they need to keep Scotland to save the failed English state from bankruptcy. Just like their fellow travellers (the Blue Tories), the Red Tories are liars and charlatans, and cannot be trusted.

    The Labour left are also full-blooded Unionists who want to hold on to Scotland to try and get the numbers to allow them to form a government in the English parliament (and to save the failed English state). They will also lie and cheat to prevent Scotland breaking away. This lying and cheating will include propaganda from the MSM trying to convince Scots that they should return to the Labour Mafia fold, and for the Scots to remain as a forelock-tugging colony of the English.

    Yes, we can, perhaps, utilise the support of Corbyn and company to try and prevent the Tories from grounding the poor and impoverished into the dirt, but we must not trust them as they will sell us out at the first opportunity. In any event, Labour under Corbyn is unlikely to survive too long as they have too many Red Tories in their ranks who will do their best to undermine them and ultimately overthrow them so that Labour can return fully to the Tory fold.

    We need to watch our backs, as the Labour left have very sharp knives, just like both the Red and Blue Tories.

  35. If anyone is in any doubt how the “Corbynistas” feel about Scotland and about how ignorant they are about the political earthquake that has happened here and continues to rumble on read this tripe from (the section on Scotland towards the end if you want to skip the rest):

    It’s quite insulting at a number of levels and displays an unbelievable level of ignorance and arrogance.

    Are we seriously expected to get together with this lot to fight the Tories? Really?!

  36. Alex Waugh says:

    The day Scotland can ever again trust any Labour party of any sort is the day it cleans house: fires McTernan, Darling and all the other scumbag twisters of facts, spinners of tales and tellers of lies; campaigns to abolish the HoL – and means it; charges Blair with war crimes and returns to the principles of its founders. Then, and ONLY then, do they have anything to say that Scotland need listen to. Till then, they can kiss my blue and white Scottish arse shortly before fucking right off! The Party of the People? Aye, right. I am a moderate, middle-aged, middle-class woman but I am righteously fed up with this shower of entitled Islington wankers.

  37. Alison McIntyre says:

    Hi Paul Brilliant analysis as ever. Are you going to the rally on Saturday? Alison (cybernat 61) x

  38. J says:

    I still don’t trust Corbyn. In any case, he’s not Prime Minister so he can’t offer anything. He’s been remarkably quiet on the Scottish constitutional position!

    The politically neutral “Metro” has been full of anti-Corbyn articles, so he is in the firing line. Any bets that he’ll last beyond Christmas?

  39. Marconatrix says:

    Corbyn is no doubt a Good Thing for England, but as has been pointed out he doesn’t have a clue regarding Scotland, and in any case can only hope for the leanist of electoral pickings here.

    Surely to any Scot ‘Corbyn’ brings to mind ‘Corbie’ + ‘bin’.

    Do we have a cartoonist in the house?

  40. liz says:

    Brilliant artilepaul and sums up exactly howi feel.
    A certain part of me despairs because there are soft Yes/ previously Lab supporters who will never stop fantasising about a socialist UK.

  41. liz says:

    Sorry, thick fingers, ‘article Paul……

  42. Ah’ve said it afore, and ah’ll probably say it again, Paul, this is yir best yit.’

  43. Cag-does-thinking says:

    I keep coming back ot say this is yer best yet. Probably not but it’s up there. A great and incisive analysis of the British state and the problem that Corbyn or anybody else who isn’t a rabid privately educated son of daddy now high up in media has is that this is the way the state and media are now constructed is going to make his job impossible as we thought it would.

  44. James Hammond says:

    I disagree with some things written here but I’m hoping this is a positive, supportive place to post my disapproval without being treated like a feminist at a gamergate convention.

    full disclosure, i was born and grew up in and around Walsall. for those who don’t know that puts me in the middle of everything in Britain and yet next to nothing of particular importance (unless you count Wolverhampton… i sure as anything don’t).
    I suppose some of you think that makes me “english” though truth be told I’ve never, ever called myself that. hopefully no one here thinks my opinion is compromised due to a series of lines drawn on a map.

    “The English left is now discovering what it feels like to be a supporter of Scottish independence”

    only if you think independence is a left/right issue, imo nationalism is a very right wing issue.

    “The UK media asylum is roaring”

    and so are nationalists like yourself.

    “The harsh but true reality is that more capable politicians than Jeremy Corbyn, with a more united party and under a more favourable set of political circumstances, have in the past tried to drag the United Kingdom kicking and screaming towards social justice and a more left wing consensus. And they failed.”

    NHS anyone? pensions? Last i checked i don’t live in the city of Rapture from Bioshock.
    Yes, I’m aware we (as in all of the British people) don’t live in Denmark or even Canada but we are closer to that standard than most.

    ” So Scotland must abandon its hopes and aspirations…”

    the people of Scotland are not a hive mind, there’s divisions everywhere. Sassenach and Tcheuchters anyone?
    a better, fairer country is what Corbyn has promised everyone (Sturgeon wont offer me that). does that sound like abandoning hope?

    “Sorry, but no. We’ve been here before.”

    past results don’t equal future outcomes. you sound like Blair talking about Corbyn, that’s not a good look for you.

    You know what, I could go on. But I think the truth of the mater is Corbyn could have spent every second of his life fighting to help you and it still wouldn’t have been good enough. ’cause you suspect he doesn’t support the independence that you’ve convinced yourself will fix every social ill in Scotland.

    and what you think is best for Scotland must be the truth.

    ’cause otherwise you’d have to treat independence for what it is; just another set of pro’s and con’s that are unique to the individual.

    • Daisy Walker says:

      Dear Mr Hammond,

      Thank you for your comments, I found them inspirational… so much so that in relation to your comment,

      “full disclosure, I was born and grew up in and around Walsall. for those who don’t know that puts me in the middle of everything in Britain”,

      I went and had a look at a map of Britain.

      Mainland Britain is some 622 miles from top to bottom. Walsall is indeed about in the middle of the country when it comes to east – west dimensions, but, unfortunately for the rest of your comment, is 164.3 miles north of Portsmouth on the south English cost.

      In order for Walshall to be in Middle of Britain – it would in fact have to be somewhere about 311 miles north of Portsmouth.

      164.3 puts it firmly in the lower quarter.

      The rest of your comments were pretty much pants too.

      Kind regards, good luck with the map reading skills in the future.

    • jdman says:

      its like the last 40 years never happened
      still wearing bellbottoms I see,
      the cheesecloth shirt though hmm ?
      British nationalism good Scottish nationalism baaaddd

    • david agnew says:

      The truth of the matter is that we’re drifting apart. Been drifting apart for a long time. The pleasant fiction of the union depended not only on its sheer banality (re:Colin Kidd “union & unionisms) but that there was no public space for that debate ever to happen.

      It’s too late for that now – You can’t put it back in a box because there never was a box. What was there was an inability for Scots to actually say what they felt about it. Now they have and frankly these people who voted labour all their lives decided the party no longer spoke for it.(myself included, will not accept the status quo any longer. i will not accept the table scraps which my nation has to ask permission to take. Sick and tired of my nation contributing to this union but being painted as a sly scrounger.

      No more of that.

      Scottish labour are no more than opportunistic weather vanes. Corbyn alone will not remove from our memories all the shit that party has pulled since it lost in 2007. The sheer swivel eyed dishonesty of that party was sickening. Asking us to put our faith in labour because Corbyn is now leader, is like asking a nation to coldly consider chugging down a cold cup of vomit because you put chocolate sprinkles in it.

      Scottish labour and Better togethers greatest achievement was to destroy labours hold on Scotland and make the SNP the pre-eminent political party in Scotland. A party that once could only command a 1/5th of the vote, now commands half. The price to keep Scotland in the union was the irrelevance of British politics.

      Does that sound like a union to you?

    • Liz S says:

      Re your “You know what, I could go on”.

      Best not to, we have heard it all before Blah Blah Blah Blah and Blah.

      Kind Regards and have a good day.

    • Liz S says:

      Mr Hammond

      Re your “You know what, I could go on”.

      Best not to, we have heard it all before Blah Blah Blah Blah and Blah.

      Kind Regards and have a good day.

  45. Trust them, trust them? I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. And that includes Corbyn. According to Nana Smith on W.O.S, he, along with nearly half of his shadow cabinet, voted with the tories on welfare and benefits sanctions.And only yesterday, apparantly 49 Labour M.Ps sat on their hands during the division on the trade union bill, and so the Government won. They will never change. They will never put the people of Scotland first. Never, under any circumstances, have anything to do with them.

  46. Fillofficer says:

    I wouldn’t get too concerned aboot the new labour leader. Just how long do you think he’ll last. Longer than millipede, fundilymundily, dug(dale) eh? I canny see it. He’ll be gone b4 Christmas I bet ye !! Then the predicted masses who have briefly abandoned SNP in mistaken hope will come back wi their tales between their legs, just in time for the May elections. Don’t ye think ?

  47. arthur thomson says:

    A really important post. Thank you.

    Only full, independent, self-government ensures that generations of Scottish children will live in a country whose government is dedicated to their wellbeing. That is obvious to anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed into believing the unbelievable. It would be obvious to Corbyn if he chose to look at the situation objectively.

    But he isn’t objective about it and he never will be. He is a better together socialist. Only time will tell whether the impact of his emergence will be positive or negative for the independence movement. At this point in time – based on his ignorant comments about Scotland to date – I am expecting that only his ineptitude will work in our favour.

  48. rehmat1 says:

    The ‘Jewish Chronicle’ say Corbyn may have won the Labour party but it’s the end of the story.

    “After five years of the deeply damaging, fractious life with Ed Miliband, many in the Jewish community will see his successor as some one who they are even less likely to be able to work with,” Marcus Dysch said.

    BBC has predicted that Corbyn would be kicked out of leadership within one year. It also called Corbyn election as “disaster”. David Cameron, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Blunkett Kinock all made fun of Corbyn supporters – suggesting they need “heart transplant”.

    Dan Hodges, David Cameron’s favorite British Jewish columnist, compared Corbyn with American dumb politician Sarah Palin. He also claimed that the Labour party died on September 12, 2015.

    The best joke came from Labour MP John Mann, chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism. He has called-upon “antisemite Corbyn” to fight antisemitism at all levels.

  49. jdman says:

    now THATS what you call a blow dry. 🙂

  50. Maureen says:

    Spot on Paul- Hi Alex. With all the way on that one.

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