The orangey bit in the middle

There’s an OrangeFest going on today, that will be Rebekka Wade celebrating her ex-boyfriend’s perjury trial collapsing. However when I first heard that there was to be an OrangeFest in George Square in June to celebrate an old Glasgow tradition, I thought “oh good, that sounds fun.” Just imagine, the entire square being taken over to celebrate getting a fake tan before spending a fortnight on the beach in Benidorm. The Square would be full of tanning booths and women with big hair and false eyelashes, and gay men of a certain age clutching copies of celebrity gossip magazines and bitching about Caitlyn Jenner and photo-shopping, but apparently I was mistaken.

It’s not going to be that sort of OrangeFest, the sort that could be fun for all the family, even though it’s bad for your skin and you’d be likely to end up with some seriously over the top nail varnish. This one is just bad on a whole different level.

This isn’t even an OrangeFest about fruit, it’s about fruitcakes. This Saturday, thanks to our supposedly right-on, progressive and forward looking Labour cooncil, the great city of Glasgow turns into a Jaffa Cake. It’s going to have an orangey bit in the middle.

It’s only fair, last year George Square was occupied by exponents of inclusive, migrant friendly, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-sexist civic nationalism, so now it’s the turn of the other kind of nationalism – the bitter, reactionary and exclusionary variety. And only one of them comes with Union flags. Somewhere deep within the twisted recesses of the collective mind of Glesca Cooncil, they think this is going to help the Unionist cause.

The independence movement has the Twitter hashtag #SexySocialism, and now thanks to Glesca Cooncil the Unionists have #SexySectarianism. The Unionists are forever complaining that the referendum has left Scotland divided and bitter, and now they’re going to turn George Square over to sectarian bigots in order to prove it. This couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the Orange Order supporting Better Together last year now could it? Hmmm?

The city faithers and mithers have given the Ludges permission to hold an OrangeFest in George Square because the last time that Unionists took over the Square it turned out so well, didn’t it. Well it did according to the UK media, who reported the assaults and violence carried out by Union flag waving extremists as “disturbances involving independence supporters”. But now the mass gathering of reactionaries has a cuddly new brand image which makes it all terribly progressive and 21st century. OrangeFest sounds like a family friendly citrus based sweet and sickly skooshy drink, the kind that makes your teeth fall out. So it’s quite an appropriate name really, as a well known side effect of Orange Walks is people losing teeth and feeling sickened.

For those people who take fitba seriously, the event was obviously organised to coincide with the return of the NewGers, who’re just the same as the OldGers, to the premier league. So that’s worked out well hasn’t it.

Apart from fans of the completely new fitba team that isn’t a new fitba team at all, oh no, except for tax purposes, the OrangeFest will be attended by the same kind of people who tend to shout things like there’s too many mosques. Yet tell them that you don’t like your city centre being taken over by bigots and they’ll be demanding that religious beliefs have to be respected. At least, their own religious beliefs should be respected, their track record on respecting other people’s isn’t too great. So not so much People Make Glasgow as Bigots Make Glasgow then.

The event has been organised in an attempt to improve the “outreach” of the Orange Order, because they’re just not intimidating and excluding as many people as they used to. Everyone will be welcome to attend and be educated, and Scotland’s Catholics will be welcome to come and be educated about anti-Catholicism. There’s going to be a catwalk display of haut-couture sashes and bowler hats, and workshops on the most stylishly appropriate footwear for when you’re up to your knees in fenian blood. Fashion lovers will also appreciate the styling tips for knuckle hair. For the kiddies there will be games of pin the blame on the Taig, and hunt the Cafflick.

Membership of the Orange Order has been in decline for decades. Their family friendly brand of bigotry, hatred, social exclusion and ill-fitting crimplene uniforms just don’t have the same appeal that they once did. Now they’re trying to claim that they should be allowed to use George Square because they’re an “ethnic minority”. The Orange Order have as little understanding of what it means to be an ethnic minority, or indeed any sort of oppressed minority, as they do of the malign effects of sectarianism.

They’re the cause of the oppression not the victims of it. They’re the problem not the solution. But then it’s most frequently the perpetrators who claim to be the victims. We saw that over the independence campaign when the Unionists tried to claim they were the victims of trollish independence supporters while being blind and deaf to the torrent of hatred and venom pouring out their own mouths. We saw it during the campaign about gay marriage when it’s those who didn’t want other people to have equal civil rights who were the ones complaining that they were being oppressed.

As an independence supporting gay man who is of Irish heritage and who was brought up a Catholic, I’m sure I’ll be welcomed at the OrangeFest with open arms. Thank you Glesca cooncil for ensuring that this Saturday I won’t be coming anywhere near the centre of my own city. There are many thousands of others who feel that we will not be welcome or safe in the centre of our own city on Saturday.

This is the last nail in the coffin of the Labour party in Glasgow, a last Orange hurrah for a party that was founded to oppose and condemn discrimination and sectarianism. Labour has wrapped itself in the Union flag, and has strangled itself with it.

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73 comments on “The orangey bit in the middle

  1. Whitburnsfinest says:

    Ok, can someone explain this to me: why does the orange order still exist?

    Please refute these points in whatever order (heh) you want.

    1. King Billy died about 300 years ago
    2. Nobody is forcing Catholicism on anyone any more.
    3. Since when has ‘the sash my father wore’ been a good reason/excuse for anything?
    4. King Billy hated marching bands and parades. Please discuss, with reference to the Jacobite wars in their entirety, not just 1690 or 92.

  2. Irene Danks says:

    I’m hoping for either torrential rain over George Square or clammy humidity, followed by a localised thunderstorm. Watch out for stray sparks noo, wouldn’t want your Primark specials to get damaged now!

    • jdman says:

      I would imagine that all those shell suits in close proximity to each other rubbing up against each other an all, we might see a mass electrocution. 🙂

  3. I only cottoned on yesterday that this was going to take place this Saturday – (i don’t get out much). I find it incredulous in the 21st century that such a platform for 17th Century bigoted ignorance is to be hosted by the city of Glasgow. What a complete load of shite bollocks.

    Whoever is in charge at the City Chambers and allowed this to get the go ahead is an affront to humankind and to the history of the Labour movement and in Glasgow of all places. It’s an absolute disgrace.

    I don’t wish to tolerate sectarianism, never mind support it FFS.

    Yours, absolutely scunnered, West Lothian.

    • Illy says:

      My guess is it’s someone in Labour wanting to punish everyone who didn’t vote for them.

      Shame they’re all so bitter about democracy, when they claim to have waged several unpopular wars in support of it…

    • Brian Fleming says:

      Paul, I don’t think it’s 17th century bigoted ignorance, more early 20th century bigoted ignorance. All this 1690, no surrender rubbish has more to do with the partition of Ireland than to the events of the 17th century. The pope celebrated William of Orange’s victory at the Battle of the Boyne; he saw it as a defeat for France. All this 1690 stuff is a ‘romantic’ revival in the service of London’s divide and rule politics. No less sickening for all that.

      • Jan Cowan says:

        Had not thought of it like that, Brian but your “divide and rule politics” explanation makes sense.
        Fortunately we don’t have that problem in the North.

  4. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  5. Juteman says:

    Says it all.

  6. macart763 says:

    They could do nothing else really.

    They courted them and they bribed them. They waved a flag for them and gave them a narrative of societal hatred, a new target for their own special brand of tribal poison. But there was always going to be a price to be paid by Labour after the referendum and the GE. Win or lose it was always going to be a favour for a favour.

    If people have any sense whatsoever they will avoid Glasgow city centre. I know it goes against the grain. This is our country and our freedoms we’re talking about, but please folks just stay away from that square. The media WILL be waiting and they hardly need an excuse as it is to tear into support for independence.

    We’ve all got better things to be doing with the family, so let’s do that eh?

    • Saor Alba says:

      Spot on Macart. This is the price for the favour of their support for the ‘bitter together’ campaign.
      The utterly shameful Labour group have sunk to an all-time low, but they cannot escape the gaze of the electorate. Everyone knows why this was arranged.

      Basically, ordinary decent people are being shut out of the city centre on Saturday.
      However, your advice is Solomon-like in its wisdom. I hope everyone heeds it.

      • benmadigan says:

        i honestly think the best thing to do is to desert the city and show the Orange order they have no support among ordinary decent Glaswegians.-

        Use whatever local/community groups, clubs, associations etcare around to organise family and pensioner day trips – get the teenagers and young people out into the country or at least somewhere else for the day and early evening.

        The city centre traders/cafes/bars/restaurants will soon feel the draft of no takings on a usually busy saturday!!

        • fionan says:

          I think that is a very good idea Benmadigan. Remove the attention – if no one is watching them, nd no one showing any interest, that removes most of the kicks they get from their marches and displays of bigotry. And if the Glasgow businesses and merchants ‘feel the draft’, I suspect they will very quickly get on the backs of the council and get this type of disgrace stopped.

        • jdman says:

          I bet you Greggs do all right, they’ll be baking a double number of Greggs dummys! 🙂

      • macart763 says:

        Don’t know about the Solomon part, but folk stayin’ safe and grief free is always a good plan. 😀

        For a dancer below has a good suggestion on where people can go to have a day oot in the toon. Be nice to see one festival flourish with trade and good feeling, whilst the other is avoided like the plague. An international food fest where folk can enjoy the cuisines of the world, spend some cash, have a good time and spread a little good feeling.

        Tell me that doesn’t appeal.

        OK I’m no so sure the waistline can handle it these days, but all in a good cause. 😀

  7. Maureen says:

    I live in east lothian but love Glasgow . I worked in Glasgow many years ago and made friends with people from all walks of life. I’am disgusted with Glasgow city council for allowing this bigotry to take place. Hang your heads in shame Labour. Talk about going backwards, wise up Labour council this is the 21 century.

  8. mary docherty says:

    I just heard about it yesterday and I’m gonnie take my councillor and MSP to task.Cover it in whatever colour ye like we aw know it’s sectarian bigotry.B.rought up in the 50’s my surname held my father back from employment.He worked hard for the liebor party and chalked the streets for Manny Shinwell.Lost six children and fought for a NHS. Irish surname no chance.Times have changed but don’t understand why GCC have condoned this.Tick tock 2017!!!

    • ben lyons says:

      I experienced the very same thing, when I left school I went for a job and was asked what school I went to.When I told the employer it was st patricks
      he said no jobs for your kind.

  9. Margo Sharp says:

    Agree with all above. First I heard of this was yesterday via Facebook.
    For a council that’s mostly catholic, I find this totally abhorrent

    • jdman says:

      It doesn’t matter a shite if the council is mostly sikh!
      Turning George Square into a festival of tribal hatred is absolutely revolting, they should be ashamed of themselves, to claim that as a “minority” the OO have as much right to gather as any other minority is a travesty since a FoI request found the the OO have been granted the right to march much more than any other group and at a cost to the taxpayer of many hundreds of thousands of pounds, so remember (as I was once) when your held up by a policeman on a motorbike stopping the traffic while these “people” march past, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your paying for their right to freedom of expression!

  10. gavin says:

    Scotland will be properly free, only when the last troglodyte Labour cooncilor is strangled by the last orange sash, while the flute band slowly sink beneath the effluent, in the swamp they inhabit.
    Labour picked their allies. Hell mend ‘um.

    • leavergirl says:

      “Scotland will be properly free, only when the last troglodyte Labour cooncilor is strangled by the last orange sash, while the flute band slowly sink beneath the effluent, in the swamp they inhabit.”
      Oh right. Tolerance only applies to “us” — not to “them”! Gotcha. (Hate speech, anyone?)

      • Alex Waugh says:

        Sorry but, “If you don’t tolerate bigots then you’re the bigot”, doesn’t wash anymore. There are hundreds of LOO marches and mini-marches every year – they are more than tolerated, they are indulged. Can you imagine ANY other organization (never mind one that has a long and depressing record of their activities causing fights, damage, filth and division) getting permission for so many demonstrations? No? Neither can I. Freedom of speech has always meant that the ignorant and the hate-filled must also be free to speak but not at the expense of everyone else and most certainly not to the extent of entrenching an understanding of history which I can mostly kindly describe as sketchy. Furthermore, hiding behind Freedom of Speech to preach hatred and sectarianism is an abuse of that right and negates the abuser’s entitlement to it. I have the right to drive a car but if I abuse that right by driving drunk and possibly killing people with it my right is withdrawn.

        Let such people speak but afford them no public platform to the detriment of others. Let them rally, but in a space which is safe (for them and others) and which will not cause them to come into contact with those who are indifferent/opposed to their cause – Bellahouston would be fine.
        Let them march, but limit it to a reasonable number and publicise the dates so that people can avoid them. Make it a rule FOR EVERYONE that only one such organised public manifestation per month is allowed and make sure that the organisations concerned pay, in full, for policing – though how they will compensate victims of crime who suffer because police attention is thus monopolized elsewhere is a moot point. Make them responsible for their hangers-on and charge the organisers with any crimes they commit. Limit these marches and police the heck out of them.

        This is tit-for-tat. I can just imagine the conversation in GCC -“We’ll show those bastards. We’ll let the Lodge have their ‘Freedom’ (sneer) Square. That’ll teach them to not vote for us” Er.. yes, it will. Enjoy your last brown envelopes boys and girls for at the next local elections – you’re out!

        However, back to my original point: would we let a para-military group hinder the free movement of people through two major transport hubs? Would we let the KKK, BNP, PIE or ‘We hate Gays/Blacks/Women’s Rights/Muslims/Jews/Indy Supporters commandeer the centre of a multicultural city and sound off right beside the most upmarket shopping area in the city and next to a major railway station, from which many a bemused tourist will no doubt emerge, blinking, into the Orange glow? Oh, I forgot, GCC just did.


      • gavin says:

        I suspect I am much older than you, of a generation which was more open-eyed about the reality of things. I have many friends and drinking companions of the “orange” persuasion. Inevitable in East Ayrshire. I went to ‘Gers games for years. I have been out on the town during and after major Orange marches in Cumnock.
        There is nothing to be tolerant about. It is a mob mentality hate fest, fuelled by alcohol, nothing else.
        It is meant as a triumphalist marking of territory, of us Proddies over the Papes.
        Republican marches are every bit as bad.
        Its why the marches in N Ireland are such trouble, with neither side willing to be “tolerant”. Strange, eh ?

        • leavergirl says:

          Building bridges instead make so much more sense to me. Else, you open yourself to “divide and rule” tactics from those not friendly to your cause. Since you know these people, which parts of their tradition make sense, which parts can be used to create some common language? Remember, the challenge of creating new kind of politics cuts across all political spectrums. Save your ire for the real culprits: the liars, fraudsters, and abusers of public trust, in government and elsewhere.

        • benmadigan says:

          actually many of the 4.000 odd orange marches in Northern ireland go ahead with no problems, Admittedly there are major problems with some others – mainly due to orange intransigeance in refusing to accomodate local residents’ views.

          In my honest opinion 4,000+ orange marches (walks?)in NI are 3,900 too many. I don’t know the numbers for Scotland but the numbers for NI can easily be found in the parades Commission Annual Report See here for one example.

          The whole Orange marching thing is totally out of control and they should not be permitted to comandeer towns and city centres.

          Let them be allocated a sports stadium or an isolated stretch of road where they can march round and round, up and down to their hearts’ content for as long as they wish – watched and applauded by everyone who appreciates this type of thing – without inconvience to anyone who isn’t interested in such displays or to local shops and businesses

          • leavergirl says:

            Someone on Bella said that these stats mislead, they count minor “marches” to the train station when they are going to another event, etc. If I remember it right.

            • benmadigan says:

              leavergirl – the link refers to the official stats that are presented in an annual report (as demanded by law) to the House of Commons, Westminster.
              To which orange order members and supporters declare they are loyal.
              The figures are not exaggerated or fudged.
              A cui bono?
              Why would the legally constituted commission lie?
              Would the orange order benefit ?
              Would the UK MPs?
              people who doubt these statistics are people who do not want to believe the evidence in front of their own eyes.
              Do you recognise denial coming into play?
              I am sure you do and I am confident you recognise the underlying reason for it!!!

              • leavergirl says:

                Ben, they were not saying the stats were fudged. They were saying that minor events were counted as marches, and so the numbers look outrageous. In any case, I am waiting to see if the coppers keep their promises. Viz their letter to the Order.

                • leavergirl says:

                  Ben, here is the exact quote: “I think the number of marches, 500, may be misleading. Orange marches involve local lodges staging a march before going by bus to participate in a bigger march/rally. The local marches, which are often repeated in the evening on their return, involve a comparatively small number of people and commensurate disruption.”

      • Anne Roberts says:

        In slight mitigation, that quote seemed to be paraphrasing the word so of the late great writer James Cameron, who to his first journalism job on the Sunday Post. Following all his experience there of bigotry and hypocrisy, he wrote “Scotland will only be free after the last Church of Scotland minister is strangled with the last copy of the Sunday Post”. The person who posted the comment to which you object may have been clumsy and should perhaps have made clear he was paraphrasing, but I can see where he was coming from.

  11. For a Dancer says:

    There is a celebration of international food and music in Queens Park Arena on Saturday 12-5pm. This is a low key but good fun multicultural event and makes a very good alternative day out as well as being a way of showing your personal distaste for the Orangefest. Worth a thought!

  12. Sue de Nymme says:

    Haud the bus, people. Some of you are saying that it should be banned. I thought that the tone of this site, especially the last two blogs, was to allow freedom of belief and, therefore, freedom to be public about those beliefs.

    Under whose rules will it work? Who will decide who can and cannot hold a public gathering? Will you feel the same if a gay pride march is banned?

    • Illy says:

      Which group has a long and well-documented history of beating people up on their “walks”?

    • benmadigan says:

      see my suggestion for stadiums and isolated stretches of road above Sue.
      The Orange order have the right to march/walk/parade around – but not to inconvenience ordinary decent citizens enjoying their saturday in town
      Orange Order marches are not protest demonstrations, commanding respect because they are taking a stand against some form or other of injustice

    • jdman says:

      How far would you take the right to freedom of speech Sue? maybe you would extend a warm welcome to the neo Nazis of Germany, or maybe hold out the hand of friendship to ISIS, with freedom comes responsibility, something those hate filled people know very little about

  13. E Jenkins says:

    As an openly gay man, you most certainly wouldn’t be welcomed in the mosque either. Islam is extremely exclusive.

    • Sue de Nymme says:

      As a long term Christian, who now is a Spiritualist, I am always comfortable in the company of my Muslim fiends. I do not find Islam exclusive.

      • Sue de Nymme says:

        OK, that was not a deliberate attempt at humour. I meant ‘my Muslim friends’!

        • E Jenkins says:

          Try visiting a mosque as an openly gay man. Sharia has the death penalty for homosexuality.

  14. Jomac says:

    There is surely a vast difference between a march promoting bigotry & hatred & one promoting love & equality?

  15. Fiona says:

    @ Sue de Nymme

    What beliefs?

  16. Gary says:

    Yup! Agree completely. But who thinks letting these nuts have a full day in the city centre and a march is a good idea? Everywhere they go there is violence, between themselves and innocent bystanders. The organisation should be banned.

  17. morvenm2014 says:

    They’re entitled to their beliefs, however irrational they may be. What they shouldn’t be entitled to do is march through public spaces in paramilitary uniform in order to intimidate other people.

  18. benmadigan says:

    Reblogged this on the and commented:
    gret piece Paul – so many comments refer not only to scotland but also to northern ireland. This blog has posted so many times about the nefarious influence of the Orange Order on local politics – your article is just one more example.It is apseudo-military, power-hungry organisation Pity no one in northern ireland is prepared to stand up and be counted like the 18,000 + glasgow citizens who signed an appeal why does the orange order still exist?
    Furthermore as one of your commenters asked:

    Since when has ‘the sash my father wore’ been a good reason/excuse for anything?

  19. benmadigan says:

    re-blogged here paul. thanks for a great piece . hope some of your readers will look at some other posts about the orange order that can be found on the mirror

  20. Felpen says:

    This is the same GC that don’t allow any st Patrick celebrations in Glasgow every year!

  21. Mark says:

    My understanding from a certain Mr Hyde, a Grandmaster no less and one of the organisers, says his “people” will be doing most of their own stewarding, to keep the Police Scotland bill as low as possible! this bile was spoken on the Radio Scotland phone in this morning. This “event” can only tarnish our lovely city.

  22. Ewan Munro says:

    So on saturday I’m going to go out of the house and turn east to go to the Meadows Fesival in Edinburgh. If the weather’s kind it’s a lovely day out 🙂

  23. Grizzle McPuss says:

    To Glasgow City Council:-

    There’s nothing wrong with keeping Rottweiler’s or Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Just make sure that they’re muzzled (bite prevention) on a lead (in case of bad behaviour running amok)…and oh, if planning on taking them into public places, make sure to clean up their crap behind them.


    Otherwise, strut your thang man if that’s your choice of ‘best friend’. Can’t see many outwith your group wanting to come along and pet your pooches as they’re seen as a breed apart, but hey, if this is the price of the all inclusive club…?

  24. Johnny come lately says:

    Whilst I don’t condone bigotry in any shape or form it is a dilemma as to which groups have the right to congregate in large numbers and who makes the decision. Perhaps the middle solution would be to allow The Orange order to march as many times a year as the oraganisation wishes, whilst making sure that they themselfs foot the bill for policing and other associated costs. Perhaps this would at least curtail the number of marches and the size.
    As for GCC. I’m sure the reason this was not allowed to be discussed at any length is because Mathison and his ilk knew that they would not get support for it to go ahead. It seems The Labour party in Scotland just can’t stop shooting itself in the foot.

  25. JaceF says:

    Orangefest – Bring your own bottle!

  26. macart763 says:

    WGD in the National on Smith fudge is a must read folks.

  27. Anne Roberts says:

    But the really good news is that the weather forecast for Glasgow on Saturday is total crap – wet and VERY windy. Hell slap it intae them… 😈

  28. Luigi says:

    It seems that Glasgow’s Labour council didn’t quite get that blunt message from the people on May 7th. Not content with seeing their MP colleagues all but annihilated, they seem to be hell-bent on destroying their dwindling army of MSPs and councillors in Scotland as well.

    Well good luck to them, I say. Let the buggers have their march. Let them express themselves. But if any nutters step out of line and threaten the public, the police should come down very hard on them. Based on the massive disappointment experienced at Fir Park last Saturday, I suggest the police cancel weekend leave and borrow some water canon from Boris, just in case things get out of control and they decide to trash their own YES city. Remember Manchester 2008.

    My concern is that the council may use any trouble as an excuse to ban further independence marches in the city.

  29. Albaman says:

    Aye macart 763,
    ‘Twas a good read, in my minds eye, I imagined one of our new M.P.s using that as his,or her “maiden speach”, now that’s something I would have loved to hear, and see the reactions!!.

  30. Political tourist says:

    Couple of points, the talks about this event have been on going since last summer.
    There’s also a “do” in the city chambers on Monday night.
    The Labour Party has had a relationship with the OO since the old Unionist Party/Progressives died out about 40 years back.
    Remember Labour had 79 out 83 councillors for about 25 years.
    So the OO had to work Labour.
    Labour got the councillors and the OO got their parades.
    The SNP have now upset that wee arrangement in the last few years by running the show at Holyrood and now having 56 MPs.
    Those living in Glasgow’s East End know all about OO parades, there can 3 different parades on Saturday and Sunday for 6 months of the year.
    Btw, your average Labour councillor was terrified of the OO.
    Well, would you like to cross these guys some dark night at an isolated community centre when your holding a surgery.
    And the brothers turn up with a form for a parade that includes 36 flute bands in your area on a Friday night.
    Aye right on brother, how can i help you.

  31. ben lyons says:

    Heavy rain and shite is forecast

  32. kat hamilton says:

    cant believe glasgow city council actually santioned this bigot fest. what merit do these neandethals bring to civilisation. ive had the delight only recently to experience their marches at 9.20 on a saturday morning passing my house in full drum mode. where does it say they can disrupt residential areas, traffic to a standstill to allow them to pass through. surely our taxes shouldnt be paying for any policing of these events. let me know where i can vent my annoyance to any official that will listen. surely tourist must think that scotland is a backward, cave dwelling exisitence in allowing these morons any support whatsover. take a bow gcc.

  33. Andrew says:

    Bang on, the final flourish. Roll on 2017.

  34. jdman says:

    As part of their outreach program they apparently asked some guys over from America to run a recruitment campaign here! 🙂

    Prior to our first night out with the wings crowd in the Counting House, being a pleasant evening the wife and I sat on a bench in George Square, and while we sat enjoying the warm breeze two (it has to be said ) rather fit young ladies came sashaying across the Square who had shall we say “questionable” tans, as they passed, my wife in her inimitable way said loudly, “that’ll be the orange walk then” I nearly went into the light. 🙂

  35. There has to be some mileage in this thought regarding the OO people being part of ‘us’ and that in an independent Scotland ‘we’ just can’t put our collective heads in the sand and ignore ‘them’.

    So, in the solid interests of compassion, tolerance and understanding here is my proposal. It involves a choice. Yes, you can continue to walk drunkenly up and down streets playing 17th century war-like music at no insubstantial policing costs to the majority of honest burgers, but only ON CONDITION:

    1. That everyone in the OO legally agree to undergoing a year-long course of privately-funded psychotherapy. Or, should finances be too tight:
    2. Attend mandatory twelve step meetings of bigots anonymous.

    Problem solved.

  36. Political tourist says:

    Wind and rain is the forecast.

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