Internalised Scottophobia and self-inflicted rhinectomies

The Labour party has expelled a member in Glasgow because he said on social media that he intended to vote SNP at the election. That’s fair enough you might think, when you join a political party you should support that party and not tell folk you’re going to vote for someone else. Otherwise it would be like working for a sweetie shop and telling potential customers that soor plooms are really bad for their teeth and their health and they ought to munch on some healthy alternatives instead. In fact it’s exactly like that, as it is also true that voting for Labour’s Scottish soor plooms makes us toothless, and in excess can lead to a political diabetic coma. So it really is just as well that Scotland opted for the politically healthy alternative.

Anyway, this isn’t going to be one of those hand wringing articles about what Labour needs to do in order to win back voters. Although we’ve really not had enough of those had we? No, this is just a blog for pointing and mocking, because I’m one of those nasty and divisive nationalists that Daily Mail journalist Chris Deerin greets about in his offensively nasty and divisive articles. Deerin and his pals in the cosy wee testosterone driven clique of the Scottish media pack are now greeting that another journalist, Derek Bateman, has broken the omerta and has called him out for it. Apparently it’s wrong to criticise what a journalist writes, even when that journalist writes keech.

I’ve gone way past wanting Labour to get its act together, now I just want it gone for good, which in Deerin’s world probably makes me an enemy of freedom of speech. But then I understand that while freedom of speech gives a journalist the right to say offensive things, I also understand that it also gives everyone else the right to tell that journalist that they’re being a dickhead.

Chris Deerin writes articles that no English journalist could write because they would – rightly – be accused of racism, but just because you’re Scottish it doesn’t give you a free pass and automatic immunity from spouting anti-Scottish racism. It just makes you an Uncle Tam. Some of the most offensive homophobia has originated from the mouths and pens of people who are themselves gay – it’s called internalised homophobia. When you live in a society which denigrates and demeans gay people, you can take on those attitudes yourself. Social norms are contagious. Clearly you can get internalised Scottophobia as well, and it manifests itself in abundance in the tortured scribblings of the Unionist Scots of the UK media, living and working as they do in an environment whose social norms require that Scotland and its inhabitants are regularly demeaned and denigrated. They should be more objects of scorn and pity than of anger.

But back to Labour’s dickheads and the institutionalised self-harm that passes for internal Labour party politics. Apparently without any attempt to allow the expelled party member to have a say, a letter was sent to an individual in Glasgow South telling him he was out of the party because he’d stated on social media that he was going to vote for “the Scottish Nationalist Party”. The letter came from Labour’s “compliance officer” in Newcastle, who was clearly unaware that the name is Scottish National Party. And there was us thinking that Scottish Labour was totally autonomous and self-governing. Is that not what Jim Murphy assured us during the election campaign? But now we find out that members are expelled on the say-so of a compliance officer in UK Labour – and without any opportunity to defend themselves.

It’s certainly the case that party members shouldn’t be advocating support for other parties during an election campaign. The SNP wouldn’t look kindly upon a party member who was telling people to vote Labour instead of SNP. But there’s a big but, a butt that’s bigger even than some of the Scottophobic airses who write for the Daily Mail or the Telegraph. During the election campaign there were prominent Labour members who were urging people to vote for the Lib Dems or even the Tories in order to keep out the SNP. There was even a wee group of Labour canvassers in Perth who were assisting the local Conservatives. There were Labour candidates in these seats. Have those Labour people received letters from the compliance officer too? You can put money on the likelihood that they won’t have. It’s only SNPBad that is capable of provoking Labour’s knee jerk condemnation.

You’d think that a party that was losing its life blood more quickly than an extra in a Hammer Horror movie would look for a Dr Van Helsing instead of lying in a pity bath and slashing its arteries. Just how many members does Labour have left in Scotland? It’s not like they can afford to expel the few they have left. After the leadership election which lumbered us all with Jim Murphy, the party refused to release the actual number of members who had participated in the vote – and our supine and spineless media refused to pursue them on the matter. That would be those journalists who are immune from criticism. Instead they accepted at face value Jim Murphy’s insistence that the party has “around 20,000” members. And they had straight faces at the time.

Just a few days after Labour’s catastrophic performance in the General Election, Ian Bayonetting the Wounded Davidson stated in an article in the Scotsman that many Labour members in Scotland were not really members at all, and added that the real membership figures were “so low as to be embarrassing”. So it’s obvious that Labour needs to be engaging with its diminishing membership and discovering why they’re not inclined to vote for the party. Instead it just wants to indulge in a bout of self-inflicted rhinectomy to teach its face a lesson.

Meanwhile the Scottish media, if it wants to retain any credibility at all, must press the party to reveal its real membership statistics when it announces the result of its next leadership contest. But that’s about as likely to happen as Labour getting over its knee jerk SNPBadness and embarking on a collaborative and constructive opposition to the real threat – a Conservative government. Scotland has chosen the SNP to oppose the Tories, and now we’re choosing to build a new media as well.

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26 comments on “Internalised Scottophobia and self-inflicted rhinectomies

  1. The Vole says:

    Reblogged this on The Orkney Vole and commented:
    Ah – it feels nice to be chasing after someone else for a change.

  2. David McDowell says:

    “our supine and spineless media”
    Speaking of which, here’s something everybody needs to read, especially the greetin’ faced sock puppets themselves:

    • weegingerdug says:

      Everyone should read that book – and not just because it was written by a mate of mine and I get a mention in it.

      • Jan Cowan says:

        I agree. It reveals the BBC total bias and disregard for the truth. We should all be aware of the dishonesty dished out in an effort to retain the “Union”.
        Thanks, Paul, for yet another excellent article. Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been so thankful that you’re writing FOR independence! The others haven’t a single journalist fit to compete against your skill with words and ideas…….and I’ll bet they know it. We are extremely fortunate.

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  4. Bill Hume says:

    An ‘Uncle Tam’………………I know more than a few of them, just didn’t know what they were called.

    Until now.

    Thanks Paul.

  5. Morag says:

    Mhairi Hunter pointed out that in the unlikely event of someone noticing that an SNP member had remarked on Twitter that they were voting for another party, they most certainly couldn’t be expelled unilaterally by letter. Every member has a right to a hearing and to put their case to defend themselves before being expelled.

    Labour seem inordinately high-handed and dictarorial. What if the member in question lived in my constituency, and like my next-door neighbour who is a core Labour supporter (I don’t know if he’s a member or not) gritted his teeth (a bit) and voted SNP in an attempt to get Mundell out. Sounds like a defence to me.

    But then, if you’re just expelled by letter with no opportunity to defend yourself, too bad.

  6. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  7. leavergirl says:

    Sounds like Labour continues to shoot self in foot. Amazing.

  8. Albawoman says:

    WGD you are so in contact with folk in Scotland. Many thanks

    I wonder about the media and Scottophobia. Why do they think being so biased reflects at all well on their profession? Why do they appear to despise their own people?

    The GE Labour Party campaign was all smoke and mirrors. In my area there were few if any local Labour activists. There was very little canvassing. Street stalls were a ten minute stint by the MP and a couple of councillors. They moved from area to area to give the appearance of some activity. On the day of the election Labour used phone banks.

  9. Skip_NC says:

    That linked article by Ian Davidson was fascinating. His observation that, at one time, Labour had representatives in residents associations, community groups and trades unions shows how far the party has fallen. It now seems to exist solely as a vessel for political chancers. Thirty years ago, when I did the supermarket run early on a Saturday morning I would often bump into the local Labour councillor. We would argue politics all the way round the store – robustly, but with a civil tongue. I have been away from Scotland for far too long but would be willing to bet that simply would not happen now. How very sad.

  10. jimnarlene says:

    As I’ve said elsewhere Labour, exist not to help the poor and the vulnerable but, to keep them poor and vulnerable. They have lost their sole and way, a stake must be driven through their vampiric hearts, so the left can start again. Labour R.I.P. you’ll not be missed, nor mourned.

  11. Saor Alba says:

    “Scottophobic airses”.

    I love it.

  12. Steve Asaneilean says:

    We are used to (Not) Labour hypocrisy. This is merely the latest example.

    You are correct Paul – if (Not) Labour was being consistent in sticking to its own rule book it would have thrown out all those members who told (Not) Labour voters to vote something other than (Not) Labour to keep the SNP out of certain seats.

    The fact that they have not exposure the move against this one member for the rank hypocrisy that it is.

    There can’t be much room left for any more nails in that (Not) Labour coffin lid.

  13. Steve Asaneilean says:

    “exposes” not “exposure” – damn this Samsung mobile malarky.

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  15. Genevieve Heather Roberton says:

    I thought this was a free country what happened to free speach

  16. Sam says:

    ‘During the election campaign there were prominent Labour members who were urging people to vote for the Lib Dems or even the Tories in order to keep out the SNP’.

    Ah, the irony, the irony of how lifelong enemies can become friends if you allow yourself to be ruled by nothing but negativity. In 1997, the Labour Party expelled Professor Steve Bruce for urging Gordon voters to vote tactically for his namesake Malcolm in order to keep the Tories out. Didn’t see them making any conspicuous moves to stomp on United Against Separation’s similar urgings to stop Alex Salmond this time round.

  17. jester1970 says:

    In airdrie the local SNP branch are doing almost exactly what Labour have done in this article, if for different reasons. Dissent must be silenced, alternative thought must be rooted out out. Less Scottish National Party, more Stupid Nasty Party…

  18. Richard Jenkins says:

    I will donate but how do you feel about commenting on the Welsh paradigm in comparison to the Scots? We are some way behind you as the English press machine has a greater hold of our population. We do not have a Welsh national paper worthy of the name! Can you and your countrymen help?

  19. Maureen says:

    Well said as usual Paul. Was going to comment on Mr Deerin but the man’s not worth it. Good luck to the people of Orkney you deserve it.

  20. Gary Scott says:

    Should it not be ‘Scotophobia’ or maybe they all just hate me personally? Pedantically yours etc..

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