Making a vow

Well here we are. It’s been a long slog, but at last the Jockalypse day of judgement has arrived and we get to send the Unionist parties a message that they can’t miss. This time the message needs to be the last post.

Politicians are always waffling on about messages, but the best message to give them is a kick in the nads and to separate them from their cushy careers and their expense accounts. Get them where it hurts. If each of us had a penny for every time that a Labour careerist had told us their party was listening and changing there would be nae bloody national deficit and we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now.

We’ve heard it all before. Scotland keeps sending messages to the Labour party. 2007, 2011, and every time it was the same. Labour was listening. Magrit Curran would write a report that never saw the light of day. The party would have a period of reflection. The problem is that the Labour party thinks a period of reflection means looking at themselves in a mirror and telling themselves they’ve still got it, that they’re still sexy, like a middle aged man holding in his beer belly and carefully combing his hair to cover up the bald spot.

Then Labour decided that the solution to the problem was to give us more of the problem, and elected Jim Murphy as leader. Presumably on the principle that if you’re in a hole what you really need isn’t a ladder it’s a JCB. Jim, a man who thinks integrity is a description of stone chipping. Shonky fly by night cowboys who turn up on your doorstep offering to relay your driveway have more integrity than Jim. If he does manage to save his own seat, he’ll do so on the back of Tory votes. Tories feel comfortable with Jim. That tells us all we need to know about Jim and his approach to politics.

Thursday is the day when we get to tell the Labour that they’re not god’s gift to political gorgeousness. They’re clapped out moronic rip off merchants, long past their sell by date, a mugging dressed as bams. Sexysocialism is to be found elsewhere. Labour is not a party its founders would recognise however much it tries to claim the mantle of Scottish radicalism. Labour betrayed that heritage and turned its back on it, turned its back on the communities that gave birth to it. It’s trading on a false prospectus, offering to relay our driveway.

Labour needs to go. It acts as a barrier to progress, a blockage in the way of Scottish self government, because when faced with a choice between what Scotland wants and what’s good for the Labour party, Labour always chooses the second. Always. It’s the only principle they’ve got. Labour thinks it is the people’s party and so whatever it says or does is for the people. But the people have walked away. The people no longer want to know. Labour is left squawking alone like an unwashed bampot with a shopping trolley shouting abuse at a phone box, an embarrassment that we quickly walk by without eye contact.

The clock is also ticking on the Lib Dems, the Tory enablers, the draculettes. Many of those who voted for them last time did so in order to keep the Tories out – and look what the party did next. Going back on their promise to resist student fees was a minor betrayal by comparison. Danny Alexander acceded to the post of George Osborne’s little minion with an unseemly pleasure, more Tory than the Tories themselves.

The clock was also supposed to be ticking on the report into the Frenchgate leak – remember we were supposed to get the results of that before the election? That’s an alarm that has remained strangely silent. Funny that. It may yet save Alistair Carmichael’s koala arse.

This is the election where the main Westminster parties have done their utmost to keep the punters out of politics. We’ve seen one carefully staged press event after another. We’ve had the farce of a so-called people’s party holding meetings and not inviting the people. All of them, Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems, all of them tell us with their carefully staged press events that we are not invited to the party. Vote for us, they say, and you can stand on the outside with your nose pressed against the window. Vote to be excluded. Vote to be shut out. Vote to be held at arm’s length.

Why should we trust a political party with our futures when it won’t even trust us to be in the same room as its representatives? Why are they surprised that we are turning en masse to the only main party which actually welcomes the company of ordinary people? The contrast between Labour and the SNP has been striking. One goes out into the streets and meets the people, the other hides behind closed doors and relies on its friends in the press.

On voting day Scotland has its second date with destiny within the space of a year. This time it’s personal. This time we have the opportunity to show the Westminster parties that when they promised real change in the final days of the referendum campaign, a No vote did not mean they could return to short-changing us. They forgot that they are supposed to do as we say, and in their power and arrogance came to believe that we should do as they tell us. They are not the power in this land – that would be us, those of us who don’t get invited to the carefully orchestrated press events. It would be those of us who Magrit Curran didn’t speak to when she wrote one of her Labour party reports.

Let’s make a vow of our own. Let’s vow that henceforth we will not be taken for granted. Let’s vow to eject those who have let us down. Let’s vow to teach Labour what pandafication means. Let’s vow to make Scotland’s voice heard loud in the corridors of power. Let’s vow to be the power in this land.

A wee note: There are very strict laws about what can be published while the polls are open. From the time that polls open until they close at 10pm it is illegal to publish any exit poll or anything that can be construed as an exit poll. I will keep comments open during the day tomorrow, but please do not publish any informal exit polls from your area or say how the vote is going where you live. You can go that after 10pm. Thank you for your understanding.

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39 comments on “Making a vow

  1. WRH2 says:

    Great post Paul. Let’s get out tomorrow and vote for the only party that will fight for Scotland. Vote SNP.

  2. Bob Donald says:

    Outstanding again. I’m really glad you can can articulate what I’m thinking but can’t write down. I’ll send a donation once I’ve calmed down enough to concentrate on reading the three wee numbers on the back of my credit card. (I’m either going to have to get glasses or memorise them one day soon). Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks, Paul. Enjoy tomorrow – fingers crossed re-Curran ( we’ll be thinking of you when that one comes in )

  4. benmadigan says:

    great article paul – as usual – best to all the scots tomorrow – get out and vote and help get your friends and neighbours to the polling stations if they can’t manage it on their own!!!

  5. macart763 says:

    Well said Paul and it really needed saying.

    We’ve asked, we’ve pleaded, we’ve begged for change. We created parties to represent our interest who then chose to represent their own. No change came.

    We gave them power and privilege. We gave them responsibility and reward. We gave these bastards our trust and put our lives and futures in their hands. They repaid all these gifts with patronage, corruption, scandal, greed, corporate compromise, societal disenfranchisement, public manipulation and criminal ineptitude.

    Still we gave them time and opportunity to change which they squandered in their arrogance. In the past forty years we’ve learnt a bitter lesson and a fundamental truth. Parties don’t initiate change, people do.

    So starting tomorrow, let’s make some changes.

  6. captkirk040 says:

    Lets just hope that Mi5 dont fiddle the votes like during the indy ref and that the people of scotland remember how we have been treated during and after ther referendum they “vowed” devo max and damn i hope we make sure that they will have to actually deliver on it lets hope that tomorrow will be the start of something better, i know how im voting how about you guys?.

    • Tsar Nicholas says:

      it’s difficult to fiddle the actual voting on the day. However, the postal ballot is definitely open to distortion. An English judge recently said that the postal voting system was wide open to abuse and worthy of a banana republic. Maybe that’s why Bliar and his cronies introduced it.

  7. Scott Bamford says:

    Have you seen this yet, another wee ginger dug that will make you smile.

  8. jimnarlene says:

    I just hope, we have woke the feck up and rid oorsel o the blight, that is slabber. For yinst in 308 years, hiv a fekin voice, wan that says gerritrichtupyez. We want tae be listened tae!

  9. FergusMac says:

    At the risk of breaking Napoleon’s wise dictum, “Never interrupt the enemy when they are making a mistake”, the thing that strikes me most about the Labour Party is its visceral, blinding and all-consuming hatred of the SNP, the Party that dared to challenge and then end Labour’s automatic and eternal right to the gravy train. Fortunately, Murphy, Curran and Co (she whose IQ is a comfortable Fahrenheit room temperature) are making the mistake of ignoring equally wise words from Michael Corleone – “Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement”.

    Their total failure to face up to their defeats in Holyrood, and their act of faith that the people will come to their senses and return to Labour, without any sensible strategy on Labour’s part doesn’t help, but, I repeat, they are paralysed by their own debilitating hatred, and their inability to understand that we Scots rather like the SNP.

    It’s comeuppance time tomorrow – thir heids is up the lum, and thir erse is oot the windae.

  10. Michael Neil says:

    Written with scalpel. Burny fire fibs exposed. Shovels required early 08/05/15, to bury the fetid corpse of SLAB. Best of luck to all prospective SNP MPs.

  11. David Agnew says:

    What Scottish labour did was fool themselves into thinking anyone who voted labour in 2010 was a “no” voter. When they realised that this was not actually true, they decided to keep on monstering yes voters anyway. They spent 4 long years trying to prove the Yes campaign was in the pockets of the SNP. All the while they stood with tories, campaigned with them, went to their party conferences and even walked arm in arm with them. Never at any stage did they consider the repercussions. What they actually achieved was to gift the SNP almost more than half of their vote to the SNP. At some point you would have thought the other shoe would drop and they would realise what a catastrophic blunder it had been to go with Project Fear. But no, they went and picked Jim Murphy, a shouty mouthed rightwing nut. He then picked the men most responsible for Project Fear and these ass-hats decided that “Project Fear 2: the return of the pish merchants” was just what the doctor ordered.

    Scottish labour are for the want of a better turn of phrase – arseholes. Pure and simple. An entire party of assholes with absolutely no comprehension whatsoever, that what they were doing was simply reinforcing the SNP vote

    The Scottish and English MSM also have to get some pelters here, for their quite disturbing obsession with polishing the turd that is Scottish labour. That’s when they weren’t talking out of their own arseholes about what a threat Scots not voting for a Westminster party was.

    I would also like to make a special mention for a certain type of No voter: The proud Scot but…brigade. These people with their concerns with Scotland’s invented feebleness, saw this nation portrayed as a beggar living off the fruits of other peoples labours. They also allowed the term “Britishness” to become a pejorative term. The thing that makes them so proud, nothing more than an insult. So Mr and Mrs Proud-Scot thanks for that.

    But for Scottish labour. I have a special place in my heart for you. It was usually reserved for the conservatives. But I have evicted them and placed you there instead. You, your party and your politics are shit on the heel of my shoe. Tomorrow I am going to scrape you off, open the windows and get the smell of your stupidity out of the room.

    Scotland is going to kick you square in the nuts tomorrow. It’s richly deserved and long overdue. Want to know how it happened? Take a look in the mirror, the answer will be staring you back in the face.

  12. Marconatrix says:

    Time for some spring cleaning, I think. And no more brushing stuff under the carpet. A good shake out is needed, and let in plenty of fresh air. Though it may take a while for all the bad smells to disperse. C’mon folks, this time we need to do the business …

  13. steve allan says:

    A message to SLAB: As you sow so shall you reap. The people of Scotland have seen through your lies, tomorrow we go forward with hope and a desire for change, something you abandoned a long time ago. You replaced it with expense accounts and a sense of entitlement and you will pay the price

  14. Marie Dunbar says:

    What would we do without you to keep us going? THANK you and the dug.

  15. douglas clark says:


    THis is perhaps too early to say, but you have kept me sane through the post referendum loss, through the renaissance and right up to tonight, when a victory, nay an annihilation. might be in prospect.

    Dangleberries indeed!


  16. Sheila Dowling says:

    Paul, thanks for this and all you do.
    Make sure you all vote!

  17. Johnny come lately says:

    I’ve just started a new job. I can give Margret Curran a few hours cleaning Work every week should she be looking for a bit of extra Cash after the election.
    I hope this helps.

  18. diabloandco says:

    Brilliant and uplifting .

    I get the general derogatory idea but may I risk asking what “shonky “means?
    I’m not from these parts originally and I hivnae a clue!

    Hope life is treating you well!

  19. Luigi says:

    Good luck everyone, and thanks to WGD for so many amazing articles, and of course the many people who help keep this blog going. What will happen will now happen. There will be some disappointments today, and also some great surprises. Such is the nature of the beast. This is not the last battle, but it is a major step on the way. We take whatever the result and move on. The war goes on, our enemy is knackered, and we will win eventually if we stay the course.

  20. gerry parker says:

    Well done once again Paul. I’ve been out and voted already and will be on duty at a polling station at various times during the day.

    I hope the voters in Glasgow East have now woken up, and I’d be overjoyed if Coatbridge did too.

    It’s been a long haul, thanks for keeping us sane, and giving us a laugh at the same time.

  21. Sue de Nymme says:

    Inverclyde’s SNP candidate posted this on Facebook yesterday. It encapsulates the fundamental differences between SNP and Slab / Con. He uses the words ‘team’ and ‘dignity’.

    Whatever the outcome I know my team have worked incredibly hard and we shall continue to work until 10pm tomorrow night. Win or lose we have conducted ourselves with dignity and we shall continue to do so. My thanks to you all, I shall never forget and always appreciate the opportuity you gave me.
    Love and respect…….Ronnie

  22. macart763 says:

    Enjoyed the piece in today’s National.

    Have a good one Paul.

  23. 50+. oh please let it be so.

    I never want to hear MacDiarmid’s ‘all is dead here,save stupidity,’ ever again.
    Thank you Paul. All you guys in the alternative media have kept the rest of us alive. Thank you.

  24. Close to The Edge says:

    Thanks Paul

  25. xsticks says:

    Thanks for all the laughter and the tears. It has been a pleasure (and sometimes painful) journey you have shared with us all. Love and best wishes to you and the dug. Made a wee contribution to help keep the dug fed!

  26. brewsed says:

    Deerie Me, it’s going to be a long day. And a long night I suspect.Tick Tock

    Many thanks to Paul and the dug for all the hard work. Great words in the National – “beware the tides that march”, “four hoarse men of the Jockalypse.”,fundilymundily excellent stuff.

    If, as is possible – and it is what we hope for, the SNP have a significant input at the hoose by the Thames, there will be a torrent of abuse, lies and misinformation forthcoming from the usual sources and there will be an even greater need to for vigilance.

  27. hektorsmum says:

    Let us hope and for those who do, pray that tomorrow we will be watching Labour, do not care which branch, tearing themselves to bit. In some places they have had control for a century and done absolutely nothing. Curran, words fail me, fortunately they do not,you.
    I see her minions stuck the locks on Natalie’s headquarters this morning, but they were open again by 7.30.

  28. John S Warren says:

    Boris Johnson’s attempt at tabloid witticism with “Ajockalypse now” has now rather met its match; the decisive riposte is your telling description of David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage as “the four hoarse men of the Jockalypse”.

    A hit, a hit; a palpable hit.

    I can only doff my hat.

  29. Ken Waldron says:

    Many thanks Paul for keeping us sane with your wonderful eloquence.
    Now…let’s gub them!

  30. Like everybody else Paul, I would like to thank you for helping me through the days after the 18th. They were indeed dark days, but even then, your words made me laugh, something after the result I didn’t think I would do again. So once again thanks.

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