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We all know that the traditional Scottish media is pants, and the Daily Record is the skidmarks. Today on page 10 the paper published a wee moany press release by Magrit Curran – the dangleberry of the Labour party – about a short piece I’d written in support of Natalie McGarry who is standing against Magrit in Glasgow East.

The paper did not see fit to contact me about the story, and describes me as “an SNP blogger”. This is incorrect – as I have said on this blog on numerous occasions previously, I am not an SNP member and do not write at the behest of the SNP. I wrote the piece supporting Natalie in a personal capacity. If the Record had seen fit to engage in the most fundilymundily journalism and contacted me instead of printing a Labour press release verbatim, they’d have known that. Och, journalism and the Daily Record, what am I thinking? Still, it’s hugely pleasing to know that I’m getting under Magrit’s skin, an enormous delight to discover that my words wound her.

Magrit thinks my words are patronising and insulting to the people of Glasgow East. Coming from a woman who has spent her entire career patronising and insulting the intelligence of the people of Glasgow East, and the rest of Scotland, this is pretty rich. But before going on to patronise and insult Magrit, here’s the piece I wrote for Natalie. You can judge for yourselves.

We have a choice before us with this election. Walk down Shettleston Road, take a stroll through Tollcross Park, and you can see the drawn faces of a people who have been abandoned, betrayed by those for whom aspiration means leaving Glasgow East behind, a place to be from not a place to be a part of. One choice is passivity, we can choose to sit back and bemoan the fact that Glasgow East is known for low life expectancy, for poverty, for substance abuse, for multiple social deprivation.

Passivity means that we can vote as we’ve always done, as our grandparents did, and sit back in hopelessness and despair, lost amongst the drawn faces in Tollcross Park – or we can choose to stand tall and shout. We can demand. We can choose to make our vibrant voices heard, we can choose to be loud, to be gallus. We can choose to be the proud grandchildren of those who created a movement for change, a force for social justice. And we can choose to do that again.

Here and now, we can start to create a future our grandchildren can be proud of, and Natalie McGarry is the woman who will be the voice of that future.

Not all politicians are the same. Natalie McGarry’s aspiration is be a part of this community, to be of it not from it, to carry its message to the corridors of power, to speak truth and be an agent of change, an agent of social justice.

This is a time for change. This is a time for making a difference. This is a time for grasping the thistle of the future. Be the change, be the difference, make the future. Scotland’s future rests in your hands, in your vote and voice. Be active, be a force, be a strong voice.

Dare to hope.

Vote SNP, vote for Natalie McGarry.

Magrit thinks it’s insulting and patronising to point out that people who suffer the effects of her misrule and the misrule of the Tories are pained and damaged because of it. She’s the one who campaigned in order to keep Scotland at risk of Tory rule, she’s the one who danced and clapped as Davie Cameron prepared his EVEL speech.

Running to the Record to complain about my words is a sign of her pathetic desperation, a risible attempt to manufacture sympathy for herself on the backs of those whose benefits have been sanctioned, who walk the cold and hungry miles to a food bank, who wrap themselves in blankets because they have no money for the meter. Those are the people Magrit should be fighting for, but no, she’d rather complain to the Record that someone from her own constituency, someone who unlike her actually lives in the East End, has dared to point them out to her. That’s why Magrit is a hypocrite. Away with you Magrit, back to yer big hoose in Newlands.

Magrit says that the people of the East End need hope. She says I insult them. How dare you speak to us about hope. We do have hope for the future Magrit. We are hopeful of a future that doesn’t have you in it. You are a barrier to progress, a blockage that needs to be flushed out and flushed away. You are the voice of a sclerotic establishment that promises a privatised sticking plaster on the gaping wounds of a community whose soul your party has ripped out.

But now the pressure is rising. Magrit can feel it, she can feel it about to burst and take her career with it. So she runs to the Record with her whiny press releases. And when Magrit is flushed away the cheers from Glasgow East will be heard all the way to Westminster. No one here wants you Magrit. You can trust me on that one. I live in Glasgow East, you don’t. I talk to real people who live here, you live in the manufactured bubble of press releases and media events attended only by party hacks. You know nothing Magrit, but even you in your place of ignorance can feel the tremors of the earthquake that’s coming.

Magrit’s panicking now, and in her panic she reveals herself as a woman bereft of poetry, absent from any finer feeling, lacking in compassion, and a stranger to the truth. The only thing Magrit has ever felt any passion for is her expenses claims and her public standing. We’re going to take those things from her.

It’s not that the blood is slowly dripping out of Magrit’s career, it’s spurting from the jugular and she’s drowning in it. Tick tock Magrit, just two days to go. The pale and drawn face will be yours. The lost and lonely figure will be yours. Focus group that.

You’ll have many years ahead of you to enjoy your obscurity Magrit. But you won’t enjoy it anything like as much as we will.

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66 comments on “For the Record

  1. smiling vulture says:

    margreet replying is a bully bullseye

    well done

  2. katherine hamilton says:

    ABSOLOUTELY brilliant. She and the rest can go to ****.. I was Labour all my life (61 now). No more. Just no more.

  3. hektorsmum says:

    Firstly Paul, how dare they copy any of your work to put into THEIR comic. As a serious journalist, a professional they are entitled to A) contact you before using any of your work, and B) pay you for it.
    Having seen the work of the Magrit, her abysmal record in voting in the interests of her constituents, having known both of Natalie’s parents I know who I would be voting for, because anyone raised by her parents is a good person and will not forget who she is representing,

    • weegingerdug says:

      Legally you can quote passages as a critique without breaking copyright law. I don’t have a problem with that. I do have a problem with them printing a Curran press release about me without deigning to speak to me about it.

    • Bill Gardner says:

      Could you also tell the future for Jackie Baillie? Perhaps a future in the new Helensburgh Waitrose awaits her?

      • david agnew says:

        i can picture most of them getting on a train & heading down south. They will try to find cozy labour seats somewhere in England. I can picture others trying to become councillors. Scottish labour strike me as being a party that aspires to mediocrity. A few might even try to re-invent labour, even break away from the UK party. The real losers will have a go at being “journalists” and writing the sort of swivel eyed pish that got their party well and truly telt. They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing and so are doomed to keep repeating their mistakes. Like the Scottish conservatives the will find themselves on the wrong side of history and be content to stay there.

      • James Barr Gardner says:

        Perhaps she could get a job in the bakery department, she could eat up all the scrap, looks as if she is already in training for it!

  4. jimnarlene says:

    Well said. Magrit’s P45, will be in the post shortly.

  5. gavin says:

    ” I have lived in the East End all my life” –except for the 20 years where she lived in a villa on the leafy ‘burbs of the South Side.
    Pair Magrit, she just canny help frae wee fibs. Its a Labour foible, you see.
    Next up, she will be on the phone tae Clerkin, see if they cannae get a wee street party goin’, like yesterday–catering by BBC Scotland of course.
    See that agit-prop. Good stuff, when your stuffed, and have zilch !

  6. macart763 says:

    Well said Paul.

    We’ve seen the media and Labour in action over the past two years and its not been good. What they’ve done, what they’ve said, can never be unsaid. They have misrepresented, intimidated, mislead and othered their own electorate. For the sake of personal and political agenda they’ve willingly caused hurt to their own folk and THAT is unforgivable.

    We already know they can sleep at night over their actions. They’ve shown neither remorse or even the slightest hint of let up in their narrative. They have shown a complete disregard and lack of care for their own society. They have earned only one thing from Scotland’s electorate in this period, our complete indifference.

    When they pass, who will care? Who will protest? Not many I’d think. We’ll be too busy trying to repair the damage and build something better. We deserve better.

  7. Albawoman says:

    If I were Magrit Curran I would be on my knees apologising to her constituents particularly to their children and grandchildren. All those wasted years Magrit. Dark night of the soul to come.

  8. Bamstick says:

    Very well put.
    You could say exactly the same things about ALL of the current Labour in Scotland MP’s.
    And down where I am the Liberal Democrate MP.

  9. A Meringue says:

    Congratulations are in order. Anyone that annoys Magrit to this extent deserves a medal.

    I hope that the extra publicity in the Record draws more folk to come here and read your valuable words. (Waves, says hello!)

  10. Ellis Lawrence says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. nobody reads that rag any more anyway.

  11. Frog_Whelk says:

    I have no idea why I imagined that as a rallying-the-troops speech on a desolate battlefield by James McAvoy standing on an Irn Bru crate. One day, Hollywood, one day…

  12. John says:

    I am an SNP supporter but this a bit much. ” spurting from the jugular” ?? Please lets have a bit of dignity.

  13. Anne Lawrie says:

    Redundily Fridily tic toc…

  14. Well said Sir!!

    Normally you need to yank the chain twice to flush away those ‘awkward lumps’ that are just about ‘around the bend’…but on this occasion, I think just one tug on the system come the 7th will away with the Curran problem.

  15. broonpot says:

    Straight to the heart in so many ways. As ever – inspirational. Thank you

  16. Lesley McNeill says:

    Hi, i am at work so if I use Facebook or any other public medium I will be dead. It will be a slow dead as my husband is my boss so the tongue lashings will be endless. Anyhow, I enjoy your writing. Your passion and frustration come through very well.

    Sent from my iPad


  17. Lesley McNeill says:

    And the rest should read,

    Thank you for your well coordinated rants. Keep it going.

    For the first time ever I will be voting SNP a shift from Labour, in a Labour stronghold. I voted YES in the Referendum and unfortunately our area lost. We live in hope that this time there may be a change. I vote not only for myself but for my children, grandchild and a bump. No matter if I am in the minority I won’t give in and follow like a little sheep. I am Scottish and proud.

    Lesley McNeill Sent from my iPad


  18. Rod MacKay says:

    Yon woman is a waste of oxygen.

  19. Marie Clark says:

    Well done Paul. I’m so pleased that you have annoyed Magrit to this degree.

    Hopefully, most of them will collect their P45’s on Friday. Labour has held Scotland back for so many years. Time to get rid.

  20. J says:

    Scottish Labour is nothing more than a corrupt semi-secret society, dedicated to serving the careers of the few. Good riddance to the lot of them!

  21. Andrew Brown says:

    Paul, Labour have no concept of honour (or of any other virtue as far as I can tell).

    I hope you get your revenge on Friday when with any luck we’ll all wake up to discover that Ms Curran is looking for another job – not that she appears to have done anything resembling work for some time.

    Revenge isn’t just a dish best served cold – fried, boiled, poached or fricasseed it’ll taste just as delicious.

  22. Brilliant Paul. I love it when the dug bares his teeth and points them in Magrit’s direction.

  23. Al Eddie says:

    Well put, Paul.
    I don’t live anywhere near you but I despise that ugly parasite every bit as much as all of you in Glasgow East…

  24. Bill Hume says:

    Ouch!! You need a sign for your door.

    “Ignore the dug, but beware, The owner goes for the jugular”

  25. Robert Llewellyn Tyler says:

    So, let me get this straight. You don’t think a lot of Ms Curran, then?

  26. Maggie Myles says:

    Thank you for that. Beautifully expressed and believe me, we in the East of Scotland will be cheering at the top of our voices when Magrit is shown the door. X

  27. Wee Jonny says:

    “Magrit Curran – the dangleberry of the Labour party”.
    Oof, Hud that Mags.
    Excellent as always Paul.

    John – as far as “having some dignity” goes, fuck that! Magrit, her party, her friends in bettir the githir and near every news outlet have called our First Minister, her party and anyone who disagrees with them every name under the sun, yet we’ve got to say nothing as we don’t want them to think bad of us?! Well too late.

    Where’s the dignity towards us and our democratic choices?

    It wasn’t that long ago that we were getting telt no to use the 45 logo by some on the Yes side as it might’ve been deemed divisive. Well watching what you say gets you nowhere and that’s exactly where Magrit and her pals would like us to stay.

    Magrit has taken the people o Glesgay and Scotland for mugs and we’ve just got to take it?
    And when she’s no happy she runs to the Record? Ha what a prick she is.

    Just look at that pish with Main Stream Murphy and Izzard. Pages and pages linking a couple o ranters to the 106,000 strong SNP members and the SNP itself yet where are the headlines about the monkeys fay the O.O. attacking the SNP office just last week?

    The lies about Nicola and the French Ambassador?

    Bruister Coburn’s “Abu Hamza” gag?

    There’s a million more examples.

    This is why I love Wings, WGD and contributors such as Macart, Manandboy and loads of others . They shoot fay the hip and tell it like it is. Some may not like the way it’s said but I do.

    Can you imagine where we’d be if we never had them? Magrit would still have a job come Friday. (😖shudders)

    Keep ’em coming Paul.

  28. JGedd says:

    I, too, hope that Curran and the rest of that ilk are out on their ear come Thursday. It is so typical, however, that they run to their media confederates to respond for them. That is always what they have been able to rely on, that their media chums will take charge of the narrative for them.

    They themselves are intellectually lazy and bereft of ideas but the media spinners have always managed to create something out of nothing to cover them – a tissue of lies here, a fig leaf of innuendo there. ( Witness yesterday’s storm in a teacup of St Enoch Square. Labour set it up and the media collaborators did the rest for them, with false outrage and misrepresentation.)

    Let’s hope that on Thursday the electorates in Scotland see through the Emperor’s imaginary clothes at last. I’m a nervous wreck. I’ll be watching the results come in from behind a cushion.

    Keep on giving Curran laldy. I’m glad your words are penetrating her thick skin.

  29. handclapping says:

    The SSPCA will be after you if you keep on feeding Ginger bleeding hunks of Magrit. Its not healthy for a dog!

  30. pj says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Take her crap in the Rancid as a compliment. She’ll no be doin’ too many more ‘press releases’.

  31. Cag-does-thinking says:

    When they do the movie about this election, when we all pass into history, I sincerely hope that this speech will be played over the final telling moment before the battle is joined with pencils and ballot boxes.

    Inspirational stuff and not a wasted word.

  32. Albaman says:

    Aye Paul,
    There is plenty others in the Scottish part of the Labour group/party who deserves your “assessment”!.

  33. Dinna_fash says:

    Can’t see what Mrs Curran has to complain about, she’s not even mentioned in your article.

  34. Jan Cowan says:

    She must be very afraid, Paul and we must all keep up the pressure. Not long to go now! Thanks for your uplifting blog. Always a joy to read.

  35. Jim says:

    What we have here is, the MSM and the two political parties that see it as their birthright to have one of their leaders elected as PM, are trying to remove the validity of the wee ginger dug as a serious commentator on the utter shite that passes for politics in this Union of Unequals.

    They did the same with Wings over Scotland; forcing Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to disassociate herself/itself from that website during the referendum; more fool her and them.

    Due to the scripted Jim Murphy rally yesterday, Sturgeon has capitulated to pressure and suspended two members for nothing other than to appease the media and the other political parties.

    They are trying and with some success, to remove, the only alternative we have to the propaganda machine that passes for unbiased media reporting.

    Please do not let them get to you and keep visiting these sites and support them financially if you can afford to as the alternative, well you know……

    • Alex Waugh says:

      I hope against hope that Ms Sturgeon is just ‘playing nice’ for the duration and that, after Thursday, she will finally let rip and hand them all their character; especially Curran, Smart and Murphy, some of the most poisonous individuals ever to waste air. I’d pay to see that

  36. Jim says:

    The paper did not see fit to contact me about the story, and describes me as “an SNP blogger”. This is incorrect – as I have said on this blog on numerous occasions previously, I am not an SNP member and do not write at the behest of the SNP.

    Do you really care so much if they think you are an SNP blogger that you need to distance yourself from that party; if so you are being manipulated to conform to their way of thinking?

    I am proud to be an SNP supporter and if they don’t like it then they can go …. themselves!
    I hope many more people are of the same mindset.

    • Saor Alba says:

      It is the terminology that is important here. Paul is not a member of the SNP. Therefore, the description is not accurate. It is another case of labelling.

  37. Maureen says:

    Well said everyone. Paul brilliant as usual. This woman and the rest of the so called Labour Party deserve every thing coming on 7th. As for the Record (stopped buying it 20 yrs ago) I hope it goes the same way as Labour. I also live in the east of Scotland and will be jumping for joy when she gets her P45. Worked in Glasgow a long time ago, you all deserve so much better.

  38. mearnsgeek says:

    Loved this article which fits with a sudden vision I had the other day when leaving the local B&Q:

    Magrit Curran – double-glazing saleswoman.

    I can just see her, hassling the public on their way out.

  39. mama roof says:

    I read your blog and Wings avidly and share/recommend them to the world and his mother. I rarely comment but I’d just like to say thank you. You write wonderfully well, clever, inspiring and very, very funny. Thank you again.

  40. Ewan Munro says:

    Well done Paul for poking hard enough to make Magrit try biting back…

  41. […] Wee Ginger Dug is living on a strange planet. Now a National contributor himself, his cataclysmic blog blast at Magrit Curran’s comment in the Record deserves a prize place amongst the great political […]

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