Just another manic Fundilymundily

Following from a disastrous weekend, Jim Murphy has had a manic fundilymundily. On one of his megaphonic irn bru crate assisted standabouts in Glasgow, yelling at passers by who don’t give a toss, he was met by an equally small group of independence supporters yelling at Labour politicians and activists who don’t give a toss either. And Eddie Izzard was there too, for extra glam and star appeal. Although for some bizarre reason Eddie thought that extra glam meant doing what was, to be fair, a pretty good impression of Johann Lamont. Some handbags were drawn at dawn – or at least before noon – there was allegedly a bit of shoving, there was definitely a spot of yelling, and it was the Smugurph’s egg moment all over again, this time with lipstick. Help help, Jim’s being oppressed and underdoggy. Vote for him out of sympathy.

How very dare the punters not stand in silent reverence to listen to the words of the Rev Jim, for Jim preacheth the path to salvation. At least the salvation of his career. Indeed in the last few days of the campaign saving Jim’s career is what Labour is all about. Jim and Wee Dougie and Magrit. The rest of the Labour party is being left to its own devices. This is why Jim has been banging on about another fundilymundily referendum, he’s hoping to attract the support of Tory voters in the Mearns. Only the Tories can save Jim now. Jim doesn’t do irony, so it’s just as well that the rest of us do.

But instead of quiet reverence and grateful oohs at how convincing Eddie is at impersonating Johann, there was carnage. This is what happens when people stop listening to Labour you know, the very fabric of the universe unravels and chaos results. 30 Labour activists and four protesters are capable of bringing civilisation to its knees. Jim is all that stands between Scotland and the ravenous horde of a campaigner seeking a Subway moment. Although he did bugger off in a car as soon as the telly cameras had got some close up photies to make the crowd look bigger than it really was. So he didn’t do that much standing up. Jim’s job is done as soon as the BBC cameraman says it’s a wrap. And not the sort of wrap you get in Subway.

Jim was delighted as it distracted attention from the fact he was fundilymundily humiliated by Ruth Davidson in Sunday’s debate. The Action Krankie prefaced her remarks with an apology for being about to use unparliamentary language, and all over Scotland ears pricked up in the eager anticipation that Ruthie was about to call Jim a dickhead. But as it turned out she only called him a liar to his face. Which is just fair comment and considerably milder than what everyone else calls him, and all across Scotland ears sagged and people went “Och, is that it.”

“How very dare you,” replied Jim, offended that someone had said out loud what everyone has been thinking for years, like a man with a bad toupee who’s just been told that he’s wearing a lovely hat. Although he was even more offended that the Tory voters in the Mearns might be listening to Ruthie and not to him.

However the real highlight of the debate was Jim’s invention of a new word, no one is very sure what the word means, but no one cares. Very little that Jim says makes any sense anyway, but for the first time in his career Labour’s branch officer manager has actually made a positive contribution to Scottish public life. But by fundilymundily all was forgotten as the telly moved on to carnage rioting and outrage. Some Glaswegian people got shouty, and this is news. And, brace yourself, someone dropped a placard. No really. That’s littering that is, and that’s a crime. It’s a national disgrace.

It was Sean Clerkin who was giving Jim a run for his expenses claims in the shouty department. It is news that Sean Clerkin is shouty like it’s news that the Kardashians are botoxified attention seekers. Sean is indeed the Khloe Kardashian of the independence movement. Sean is best known, indeed is only known, for his confrontation of Iain Gray in a Subway sandwich shop in 2011. In an attempt at a sequel, Sean decided to confront Jim Murphy outside a subway station, megamouth to megamouth. Sean has also done his shouty demonstrating thing against the SNP, with whom he’s had a number of run ins. This won’t prevent the UK media from demanding that Nicla apologise for his behaviour.

According to the BBC, a minor outbreak of subrammyness, far less threatening than the scenes you’ll see outside just about every nightclub in the city on a Saturday night, was “absolute chaos on the streets of Glasgow”. This is the very same broadcaster which saw fit to describe the real violence and assaults perpetrated on Yes campaigners by baying Unionist mobs of fascists as “disturbances”. So not absolutely chaotic then.

However fundilymundily’s rammyette, according to the Scottish media, eagerly seeking something to discredit the evil nationalists, was the worst outbreak of street violence since the Siege of Constantinople in 1453. That one saw the collapse of a civilisation as well, although to be honest, describing the Labour party in Scotland as civilised is a bit of a stretch. Admittedly, so is describing them as sentient.

There has been a depressing litany of bad behaviour on the part of Unionists, bad behaviour which has actually resulted in real violence, court cases and convictions. There has been nothing comparable from the nasty nats. Yet the media focusses almost exclusively on the shoutiness of only one side, and it’s not the ones with a real track record of violence or spouting hatred. That’s what happens when an establishment is under threat, it lashes out, but its lashing out is entirely reasonable because the establishment – by definition – takes it upon itself to define what is or is not reasonable. In a desperate attempt to save themselves they’re trying to re-run the referendum campaign and whip up a few Tories to save Jim’s skin.

It’s not going to work, the establishment’s fundilymundily days are numbered.

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34 comments on “Just another manic Fundilymundily

  1. Brian Nicholson says:

    It was Iain Gray in 2011, not Ian Davidson.

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  3. macart763 says:

    Tryin’ to pull another eggy mess wiz he?

    Transparent, desperate and stupid. Since the chaos in the streets didn’t result in loads of guys piling out of vans shouting hup, hup, hup, hup, I’m guessing the chaos wasn’t really all that chaotic.

    ‘Course the fact that everybody and their granny had a press release to hand was pure coincidence? Oh jeez.

    If you see anyone in the street wearing a red rosette just give them a wide berth. If folks want to protest, then get yer bums doon tae the polling station May 7.

    That’ll be protest a’plenty.

  4. barpe4 says:

    Yon Cook from the BBBC is a total disgrace – and to think Nicola shared a helicopter trip with him! Was she de-loused afterwards?

  5. smiling vulture says:

    The first tweet of violence was from a BBC reporter

    He couldn’t back it up with pics or evidence

    meanwhile his tweet goes round the world

  6. Clive Scott says:

    Just keep voting SNP at every election and vote by vote powers will come to Scotland until one glorious day we will have our country in our control. The day after there will be no BBC Scotland and no-one will be buying the unionist rags (the people that buy them now will be dead or gaga in 15 years time). The “proud Scots but” propagandists at Pacific Quay will flee to their fetid spiritual home in London and we will never hear or see them again. Oh happy day!

  7. fillofficer says:

    only 3 more cunning stunts to go, then he’ll be oot oan his erse

  8. Maureen says:

    So what about the “Nasty Nat” doing the shouting- where is his freedom of speech? Is freedom of speech dead in Scotland? The answer is no as long as you support Labour.

  9. Maureen says:

    Clive, I will be 66 this year and have voted SNP for 20 yrs or more. I Pray I will live long enough and be of sound mind to see Lady Alba back in the hands that love and care for her.

  10. Dan Huil says:

    Spot on again. It will backfire on Murphy, MacTernan and the Labour party in Scotland. I hope and expect tomorrow’s front pages of the unionist press to give this “riot” massive publicity. More backfiring. They just don’t get it.

  11. Tony Sisi says:

    Millionaire Eddie Izzard with Million £ in Expenses Jim Murphy….Millionaire Russell Brand with Millionaire Ed Millibank….Millionaire Steve Coogan doing a Party broadcast after Millionaire Martin Freemans appeal to labour voters….do these plonkers know ANY poor people?…us Scots just love it when you Labour lot show off your friends to the Scottish people…Its a thrill us getting to see all these millionaires and I’m sure its a great vote winner…for the SNP.

  12. diabloandco says:

    I thought the person with Murphy was just an unattractive Labour wummin’ – imagine my surprise when the truth was revealed!

    I do wonder what he was doing here ,I thought he wanted to be Lord Mayor of London – didn’t think he was aiming for the Provost of Glasgow.

    Thanks for putting the ” chaos in Glasgow” into howlingly funny perspective.

  13. […] Just another manic Fundilymundily. […]

  14. Dinna_fash says:

    Great article and bang on the money.

    Saw Ruthie earlier sookin another cone on a remote beach somewhere, far from the madding crowd looking rather pleased with herself and credit to her she didnae half put James F(undimundilly) Murphy to bed wi a hot erse last night.

    • jdman says:

      Woohahahahaha, noo thats funny, trouble is he might get a taste fur gettin his arse tanned aff Matron and ask her tae shove ower on her (list) seat.

  15. Weegiewarbler says:

    As my pal Craig on Facebook pointed out – and I quote “Anybody noticed that every time there’s “Chaos and violence” in Glasgow … Jim Murphy seems to be there? I’m no Maigret but if Police Scotland are looking for a common denominator ….” jist sayin like

    • jdman says:

      I had to look at that twice weegie, I was thinking whats in it for Margaret to stick Mr Hi Jumpy in to the polis, then I thought oh?

  16. gavin says:

    A man in a skirt, and a man wi’ a Pterodactyl heid, meet an anarchist. All armed with megaphones !
    In Glasgow in broad daylight !
    Why would there no’ be a rammy ?
    This is a stonking election. I doubt I’ll ever see its like again.
    I want a wipe-out, but Smurph will be missed.
    He is like a human cartoon figure on acid.

  17. scotsgeoff says:

    The BBC are (still) a disgrace.

    • barpe4 says:

      But how the hell do we do anything about them? Apart from not buying a licence and not watching their output.

      • Tris says:

        We can’t. But we can refuse to buy their licence and watch them. If they become unrepresentative in Scotland, not by their output, but by our uptake, we will surely be able to argue for some sort of broadcasting responsibility for our our country.

  18. Jan Cowan says:

    I don’t understand why Murphy had Eddie Izzard in tow. I can’t think of anyone less likely to attract back the Scots Labour voters. Strange choice. As I don’t watch TV any more I missed the “absolute chaos”. But if there was a lot of shouting Murphy would fit in nicely. A bully usually shouts the loudest.

  19. Neil Anderson says:

    Oh FFS. (I would have written For Fuck Sake but this is social media and that would have been rude). As a resident of Barrhead (commiseration notes on the backs of £10 notes always welcome) it is my very great pleasure(?) to be able to claim that I hail from a town which has both Sean Clerkinashian as a fellow Burrheedyin and James Francis Murphy BA Politics (Failed) as its’ MP (but not for much longer). My therapy starts on May 8th, wish me luck.

  20. Funny that. I remember when The Socialist Party of Great Britain had their rallies on a Saturday afternoon in what was then called Royal Exchange Square. They were a fairly Hyde Park corner sort of affair. There were more people attending that event than the Labour automatons yesterday. Yet,I don’t remember coming home to the Media saying there was a rally in Glasgow yesterday, or that there was chaos in the streets. The EBC North Britain outpost must be devolved.

  21. John Robertson says:

    You don’t need to watch the media – you can see exactly what happened here:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6X3rD0shvM – courtesy of the famous Empire guy 😉

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